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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - September 4, 1884, Albion, Indiana Ätw iïè- ►îii»-' TWO DOÌLdRS A YE:IR. • to tSxe lAne; 31idt tlxe 03aJ.p« FaJJL -wlLore tlxesr ADVuiJi'CE. • VOL XII NO. 50. ALBION, l^OBLE COUNTY, INDIANA. SEHEMBER 4, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL LX NO. 37. GREATER THAN PARTY. Extracts from Blaiue'a Letter of Acceptan<%. We seek the oonqaests of peace. WHERE HENDRICKS STANDS. i r GREATER THAN PARTY. Extracts from Blaiue'a Letter of Acceptan<%. We seek the oonqaests of peace. A tree ballot is the safegaard of of republican institütion& 01 PB G T Lli - Li I He who oorrnpts suffrage strikes at the very root of free government The strength of the Republic is increased by the multiplication of land-lolders. Something New for Everybody! Experiment in the industrial and financial system is the country's greatest dread, as stability is its great boon. Our Entire Stock is Exclusively Citizenship of the Republic must be the panoply and safeguard of him who wears it. m It is a good land which the Lord our God doth give us, but we can f' u: ents' ants' ents ents' furnishing 'urnishing urni^hing urnishing r ii oods, ats oods, ats oods, ^ ats oods, .ats k '>japs, aps, aps, aps, Trunks, Valises, &c. We will sell thcni 25 PER CENT LESS than ever before sold in Albion. You are all invited to come and examine <^oo(ls before purciiasing elsewherg We are always ready to at pleasure whether you buy or not. I. AND OBLIGE, Hieschfield & Peritz. Y ALL ODDSEOUiPPED lAILIOAl IN THEWOILD. ^Best Ixit it be forever remembered that the CHICAGO & NOETH-WESTERN Is the best and shortest rout« to and from Chi-caijo juMi Couiiell Bluffs (Omaha), and that it is preterred by all well posted travelers when pai^ssinK to or from •laHor&ia a&l Wo. It also operates the best route and the shortest rout« between Chiago and Si. Paul and Minneapolis. Milwaukee, Lacrosse, Bpart^ Madisou. Fort MowmxL (Ureen Bay^,) Wis.; Wiona, OwaUinna, Cedar Kapids^ Des M<iiiies, Mankato, Miun. Webster city. A Hon. John B. Thompeon. .. . clintim, Marshalltuwn, Iowa, Freeport, Elgin, Kocicfurd, 111., are among Its 800 local stations on Its lines. Among a few of the numerous points of superiority entoyed by the patrons of this road, are its DAY COACHE8, which are the finest Uiat humau art and ingenuity can create; its PA LA TIAL SLEEPING CA^, whicli are models of comfort and elegance; its PAI.AGK DKAWlN(i KOOlf CAR8, which are unsuriiassed by any; Mid its wt<tely odebn^ Jiorth-Western Dining Cars, the like of which are n<^ run by any other road anywhere. In short, it Is asserted that It is the B^ BQUIFPKD BOAD IN THE WOELD. All points ofJt^rest North. Northwest and West of C!hiciu|^tesiness centres, summer resorts and noted hunting and fishing grounds are aecessible t^ the various branches of the road. It owns and contn^s over 5000 mites of mad widhasover400 passMiger conductors contiu-, m^y cirlDg for its millions of patrms. Ask nur ticket iwent for ticket via this rmite AND TAKE KONE OTHER.^All leading ticket «i^ts sell tiiem. It cost« no more t« travel ou this route, that gives firstrclass accommodations, than it does to go by the poorly eojolpped roads. For maps, descrii^ive circulars andsummei resort p»pers or ot^r information not obtaina-able at your local ticKet ofBce write to the Geal Pass. Agent, C. & N.-W. BT. 10eOW-lJ-'8& CHICAGO. ILL, Hon. John E. Thompson, who has received the nomination for joint rep resentative of the counties of Elkhart, Noble and DeKalb, was bom in Wayne county, Ind., Sept 20, 1828, and came to this county in early life with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Thompson. He is one of our most prosperous farmers, owning 13(i acres of land in Jackson towhship. He was first elected to the State Leg islature in 1858, and again id 1872, 1876, and 1880. In 1860 he was elected county commissioner. Sepi 19. 1861, he enlisted, and was mustered into the service as Ist sergeant of Co. K, 30th Indiana volunteers. In January, 1863, he was made the captain of his company, in which ca pacity he served until the company's term of enlistment expired. Among the many battles in which he partici pated during the war may Iw men tioned, Pittsburgh Landing, Stone Biver, Liberty G«p, Chicamaugft, and Loo^nt Mountain. He also took part in the siege and capture of Cor inth and Atlanta. His regiment was mustered out of the service Septem Administrais Sale. Iven Uiat the undersii Nottee is admin istrator ot lateofNoMeooiini ite ~ aoe ■signed, e^ate of Peter McMeaus, _______i «mits, deceased, will sell at pub- illi|fcaf Iris lafe resilience, about two and luia «n« sootli-east of Wolf Lake, on na^M, ai^ other fiurm iraptements, of boM. Mdvairioiis mat 8«]« to eomneAM at to listing eott, S eows, 1 bòli, l'steer, 6 mlil. 1 two-taone omu plow, i Baia.—A ere^ at urn ITXITT, Dakibl Mauav, Attcttoneer. kJ«.».UM. 36 3 ber 29, 1864, when Captain Thompson returned to his home, The above record is an honorable one, and we cannot conceive of a better one. Evmy farmw, as well as every soldier, ought to see that the name of John E. Thompson is on his ticket, as Joint Representative. We were in the battles mentioned, and every comrade who was there knows that the survivcns are entitled to al! reasonable d^nands. A vote for Thompson is a "tdbe for pure li^sla tion in the State of Indiana.—Qoshen Time». Mr. ThompB(»i is a legislator of ripi experience, having represented Elkhart county tat tiiree <»r four terms in the lower house of the state legislature, and ia fullj infiurmed on all opflstioiis affectii^ the interests of the state. maintain our heritage only by guard ing with diligence the source of popular power. Consuls should bo commercial sentinels encircling the globe with watchfulness for their country's interests. The (^ricultural interest is by far the largest in the Nation, and is entitled in every adjustment of revenue laws to the fiiret cci:8ideration. The law does not interfere with what a man believes; it takes cognizance only of what bo does. Religous liberty is the right of every citizen of the Republic. The South needs capital and occupation, not controversy. The institutions of the United States rest upon the intelligence and virtue of all the people. The people have the right to the most efficient'agents in the discharge of public business, and the appointing power should regard this as the prior and ulterior consideration. Labor is indispensible to the creation and profitable use of capital, and capital increases the efficiency and value of labor. Indianapolis Times. (governor Hendricks said, in his Saturday night speech, that he stood where he did in 1854. Of course he does. He is a bourbon of the purest type. He opposed every important event that has contribute to freedom and to make this country great since he las been in public life. He was in favor of slavery and its exetension. He supported the fugitive slave law, which made every manna slave-catcher. He opposed the war and every measure ^at was calculated to secure an early triumph of the Union arms. He favored a Northwestern Confederacy. He opposed conferring any rights on negroes not allowed to slaves. He opposed the amendments to the Federal Constitution to prevent the payment of the Rebel debt and to pension Rebel soldiers. He opposed the present system of banking, etc, etc. If he was not a member of the Sons of Liberty his friends were, and he never condemned their treasonable action, but defended them when they were arrested and labored assid-ously for their pardons after they were convicted. What good measure for the benefit of this country has he ever proposed? What has he ever done to place loyal people of this country under obligations to him ? When and where did he ever expose a wrong or corrupt act on the part of a Democratic official ? Did he ever raise his voice or propose to reform the civil service in any way ?. —"I have both used and sold Prickly Ash Bitters for a number of years, and think it the best bitters made for Biliousness, Liver Complaints and for toning up the system," so writes W. H. Cole, Druggist, of Joplin, Mo. A single trial of this remedy will convince any person of the truth of the above. 34ml —If yon ace tired taking the lazi^ 4)ld-fBi^iwii} gripiitt pills izy Car-i^a litäo Xiver Pilk ud take some comfort, A man ean*i stand Wages are unjustly'reduced when an industrious man is not able by his earnings to live in comfort educate his children, and lay by a sufficient amount for the necessities of age. Radical and Triumphant. Wheat will not grow on rocks and the human body will not maintain its health and vigor unless it can digest and assimilate food. A disordered or torpid stomach means disease in organs other than itself. Rheuma tism and troubles of the kidneys, liv er, lungs, heart and nerves can only be cur^ by revitalizing the blood. No known remedy equals Parker's Tonic in its power to do this. It has the highest record everywhere. As it is well known, the New York Independent^ the leading religious paper of the country, went off with the independents in support of Gro ver Cleveland. It has now investi gated the Buffalo scandal, and finding the diarges true, com^ out in a pow erful editorial demanding his with drawal or removal from the ticket It declares that "the attempt now to force such a candidate upon the peo pie would, in our opinion, disgrace the party v^ch nominated him, and the whole nation if he should be elected." ____ In regard to the Sentinel libel snit, the Indianapolis Journal says that "it is claimed by some Democrats that the libel suit against the Sentinel cannot possibly be brought to trial until after the election, and that it was for this reason that Mr. Blaine instituted proceedings in the federal court Concmiing the matter, Dis trict>Att<miey Holstein says that the federal court is virtually in session all the time, and the jury can be call ed tc^ethor whenever needed. The case can be tried as soon as the Sentinel desires, and if there is any delay it will not be tàe fault of Mr. Blaine." Cael ScBips now : '^ndriclra is a patriot and a statesman." Hen* drieks eigM years ago: '".Qial ly-Owl mvarn.'* WHERE HENDRICKS STANDS. Hebe is the utterance of Jim iBlaine, the man who has the instinct of manhood sufficiently developed to defend the honor of his family when assailed. In a conversation he re cently said: "I am utterly indifferent to the aspersions by political adversaries of myself in^vidually; but if any one dares to carry campaign zeal to the extent of reflecting on my family in the slightest degree I will not leave a stone unturned to obtain legal redress, if I carry the matter to the extent of my financial resources. I have lived for many years as a husband, a father and a grandfather. I defy any living being to put a finger on an act of mine involving my domestic relations that I would not have proclaimed to the entire country." tariff question is the paramount issue in the cainpaign of this year. The tariff plank adopted at Chicago was intended to be so worded as to catch the coon coming or going. Ben Butler told the convention at the time that it could not be satisfactorily explained. Now read the letters of acceptance of Cleveland and Hendricks and you will find them as silent as the grave on the greatest question at issue in the campaign. There was no equivocation or evasion, in the utterances of the republican platform or the letters of acceptance of Blaine and Logan on this important ques tion affecting the labor interests of the country. CoL. Wright, a life-long democrat, and founder of the Vevay Democrat, cannot support Col. Gray for govern or. An Answer Wanted. Can anyone bring us a case of kidney or liver complaint that Electric Bitters will not speedily cure? We say they cannot, as thous^i^ of cases already permanently cured and who are dally recommending Electric Bit ters, will prova Bright's disease, diabetis, weak back, or any urinary complaint quickly cored. They par< ify the blood, regulate the bowel^ and act directly on the diseased parts. Every bottle raarantoed. For side at 50c a botUe by Hoston & Mcden. Qc Qc Uj Uj CO k Uj CD AND BUY THE SEASONABLE GOODSAgnew's Cough Balsam! THE BEST REMEDY KNOWN.éô's Tiie iters! THE BEST AND THE CHEAPEST. OUR OWN MAKE. NO AGENTS 10 PAY. GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH OF«^ ABSOLUTELY PURE DRUGS 1 I^-AJIIiTTS AND BI^/TJSIIES. ^w-^-Ä-CSIiTB OII-iS Öfe„CORRfeCT WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.'^ >1 C) =0 S Co Co Co s et) s i3:"crsT03sr & -mloubhst, -Ä-LBIOiT, rfcTID. n LLED PLOWS! RED JACK EL TIFFIN, [dUp Ujfp Curtis And others Constantly on Hand. T- 3D.GiRIOiCIESRiY CANNEDGOODS, ELKHART FLOURETITE 0-ÔJSr3DIES. ETO. Ail Brands of TOBACCO on Hand. Give me a Call when wanting Groceries of any kind. S. X. -W^IBID.Farms and Town Lots for Safe. The undersigned will sell the following F-A^Dbs/CS arLca. TO-WIiT I-OTS. LOT NO. 46, In the Original Flat of Albion. Tbe WORDEN DEN HOUSE and a TWO STORY BRICK BUILDING are situated on this lot. LOT NO. 3, Denny's Addition to Albion-Op Main Street. LOT NO. 5, Harvey's AddlUMi to Albton-On Hazel Street. LOT NO. 4, Prentiss' Addition to Albion—On Hazel Street. LOTS NO. 114,115,120 h 121, Original Plat of the Town of Albion. FARM—In York and Jefferson. This Farm Is located in both ttie Townships named and is widely known as tbe "FRBS< \ MAN FARM." '«•li. , ;

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