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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - September 18, 1884, Albion, Indiana p iSli' ' > is':--¥ iSli' TWO DÖLMES A YBäS^ '^mm^ to taa« KftMV laa^ caxipe apsoi t2a^ IJÍ :iDVAXCE. .VOL Xli NO. 52. ALBION, NOBIE COUNTY, INDIANA, SEPTEMBER i8, 1884. NEW SERIES, VOL IX NO 39- m «AY niEY ME 6REETE0. GSNTS* FURNISHING QOODS. QA1S, CAPS. TOJI^, YAUSP. WO. DBUGS. MEDICINES. MAOHINS OILS, EIO. ; ■■ . / m «AY niEY ME 6REETE0. á. BmMda UmfM Ammi IM il^ tá Há WftfM fer T«« Nowb, M it Om ti D« Wa lltfMMC«. GSNTS* FURNISHING QOODS. QA1S, CAPS. TOJI^, YAUSP. WO. / ^PhoniM A. Hendriclra and Gen. Ma A. hoguk are the oandidateB Om Iwo gratt pntifls for ▼ace prad-Both have traveled over the eomilxy eadenntdj «inoe their nomi-iwtiiTnff. and the mannm in which iii^ an leoeiTad is a preUy good index to the feeiingB of the people to-waid the politieal principlee ihey wpruBCDi Wherever Oen. Logan goes <miti(Mis await him, while about all that is heard when Hendrioks tntels is the diek oi^the conductor's pnndi as he defaces his ticket The latter leosotly visited Toledo and in veteming to Sodianapolis would be detained m Ft Wayne a couple of hours, idiere he expected a grand re-eeptaoii. Bow he was received is told by the Ft Wayne Gazette as follows: HioD. Tom Heodricks, candidate for viee^prasideiit of the United States on tiie Cleveland ticket, was in the dty yesterday afternoon, enronte to Indiaiiapol& from Toledo, where he haiangned a ffni*)^ crowd night before last ICr. Hendricks .had telegraphed to leading lif^ts here that he was to be in the dty, bat none of the faithful wsembled to greet their next 'Srice-presideDt^ and the **favorite son," so Mir. ^odricks walked about the platform disconscdately and stepped into tiie licKinnie restaurant where he was nibbling at a ham sandwich when Judge Bra^enridge, who had been ratting in Supt Iaw's office, arrived in Jiot ha^ having hoard that Tom was in town. Mr. Hendricks rather sarcastieally asked the Judge where the other loisal celebrities of the p^y were, and the Hon. Joe smiled a sick ly smile and said he would go right and see. Then Qovemor Hendricks was left in peace to devour his bread uid meat Ifr. Hendricks waited at least two hours for a train but not one of the '^rodc-rooted" came around to eee him, ttod Inting his lip in some chagrin he slid out and on to the capitol city, llkis may be set down as the boM democratie snub of the year.Bests at Bsrosisttra. "Bj OeoEge! I knew that raw snap was coming the other day; felt it in my bonea Bheumatism beats al' the barometers," he said. But ba rometers are the cheapest in the end. Ifereary in a glass tube is safer and more sciraitific than add in the Teins. Get rid of yonr xfaeumatism by usin^: Paxksr's Tonic, and trust the Signa Service men to predict changes in the weather. The Tonic has restored the limbs of many a rheumatic sufferer to their natural uses. It is pleasant, porvasive and powerful Tbb Vinoennes Commercial says that it An prove that the following ooDversation as to d«no<a«tic prospects d eanying Indiana, took place betweeo Goi. Hanson, candidate for Henteoant governor on the dmnocrat-ic tidcet, and Senator Yocnrhees: *<Wbai do yoa think of the pros-pe^r asked Hanson. "«Well, I think weeaa hardly cany the State." **I don*t think we will «ther," repUed Ifmson, kxddng as glum and blue as he Isii 'The Blai»e-Sentinel matter is ymj disoonraging for us and will kae OS many votes!" Oh the 0th day of September, the ItidiMii^wHs SmUmel said that *Ue damocwrfa h«ve diseoversd that the people want free trade, and it is on fatk thai ksoe tluit they are going to win Hie eieeliaii in Indiana." Let the mm of IiMHana who believe that American labor should be protected maks a note of this, and vote against Hie parly lliat boaate of its determiii «Hon to degrade American labor to Hm level of that of Euope. oiPMi; I im DBUGS. MEDICINES. MAOHINS OILS, EIO. HARD Something Hew for Everybody! We are receiving this week the nl M ot Iw Consisting Exclusively of P' U: '^loods, - oods, 1 roods, i loods, " llats ~ ents' ^ "numishing ents' 1 Jumishing ents' 1 lurnishing ents' ^ umishing Trunks, Valises, &c. PER CENT LESS than ever before O^TWe will sell them 25_____ sold in Albion. You are all invited to come and amine goods before purchasing elsewhere. We are always ready to mm at pleasure whether you buy or not. JDOIST'T FOI5.C3-ET TIX^l KITTLE ^OE pp 4ND OBLIGE, Hirschfield & Peritz. •i Wan«*' is what Oea W. liliu eailed the deiaoQrats a few ©eo^ge is nofw a politieal —ThoeeaidiappjpflBBoiisiilioaiif imftammnemmtm and ^rapepsis äMMMeCHlii'BLitlieKerfeFlUa, iiriTfsiMljr iaridmp- BOOK« OF THK Bkpubucam StatbCrktrai.Committkb. INDIAKAPOUH, Sept. 1, 1881. To the Bepublicans of Indiana: The election will be held Taesday, November 4, 1884. No one can vote at that election who is not then twen-ty-one years of i^, and who was not a resident of the St«te on the 4th day of May, 1884, and continuously a resident of the state from that time on to the time of voting. In addition, he must have been a resident of the township on and after the 5th day of September, 1884, and a resident of the voting precinct on and after October &th, 1884. Do not forgeC these date». There will be many changes of residence in this State after the 5th day September. We recommend to the Bepnblicans to report these moves to the Chairman of the County Committee, giving name, politics, and residence, both past and present Let every republican be on [the alert, and we will win the victory. Jhol C. N^, Chairman. L. T. MiCHBNn, Secietary. TssKew York Sun (dem.) that*'hqpe was shattered when Oro-irar Cleveland was nominated. In that n<nninati<m the party manageiB at <%icago decided that a Democratic Prssideiit dbould not be dectedin 1884. Had they taken Bayaid, Thur-man <x Randall tiiere would have been no attempt cm Ifir. Blaine's pert to raise the tariff to the eontrolf of the eampaign; bat with Mr. deve-Umid it has becxnoe natural and easj; and the final remit is gndaaUj be-eaming leas and less proMemataeaL" jAxn MoKanoir, ehairmaa of the Clevihiid and HwidrHilBs dub at Ko-kxmo, has o(»iie oiiilpr .Bi||im Logan. Mk 11 it « pgoniUittit iii-tornsy at Kiotottd Must Have Some More. There is no indecision about the action of Athlophobos in Bheumatism and Neuralgia. It is direct, speedy, efficacious, safe. Patients are encouraged from the beginning of treatment Bev. Samuel Porter, Crete, Will Co., ni., writes te say: "A few weeks ago, and before Mrs. Porter commen^d to take Athlophobos, she could not walk a foot This nuwning she walked four rods without help. It is a most valuable medicine and we must have some more of it" FARMERS! If you have to buy Drugs and Medicines go to luta I leu's Drig Store! AND BUY THE SEASONABLE GOODS A TAMMANY OHISiF TALKS. A Savage Slichem With His War-Paint On. Corruption Stalking at the Door of the Bzecutive Maiudon. He Asks to be Ostracised firom Qood Society if He Cannot Prove It. Scafhlng Speeclx. Agnew's Cough Balsam! THB BEST EBMBDY KNOWN. rtn's Tiic iters! THE BEST AND THE CHEAPEST. OUR OWN MAKE. NO AGENTS TO PAY. c »-YOU GET YOUR MONEY'S WOBTH OF.^ ABSOLUTELY PURE DRUGSl BIS/TJSIIES. OII-S CKCX3.A.S». ISfe^CORBECT WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.-«» f>l KCTJSTOlsr <Sc l^aXJBJN, -Ä-XjBIOiT, IÍT3D. HARDWARE, TINW^ARB, STOVES, ETC. HILLED PLOWS! for ^ RED JACKET, TIFFIN, EeslMp CassaJjp Ms And others Constantly on Hand. T. ID- GROCERIES, CANNED GOODS. FINE CANDIES. ETC. Tammany had a meeting in New York one day last week, at which senator Grady, who was a delegate to the Chicago convention that nominated Cleveland, and who did all in his power to defeat that nomination, made the following charges against the democratic candidate for the presidency: "I rise principally for the-piurpose of Bftyiiig to yon that I have taken no side in support of or against any candidate, nor will I take sides nntil Tammany Hall, in its meeting of its general committee, has spoken. I am involved in no deal, nor am I engaged in transferring any vote other than my own. I never was in the market in a political campaign, and I don't propose to go in now. I shall act, in the selection of a candidate, as my notions of honesty, uncompromising, fearless manhood and sterling, nnadulterated Democracy dictate. As I understand it, the resolution before the committee calls for the appointment of a sub-committee to declare Tammany's position. When that declaration is made I shall try to show those who masquerade to-day under the name of Democrats that they have proved themselves to be enemies of the five millions of men who make up ihe party. I have no desire to dictate hera I shall go before the general committee and give the reasons that actuate my course, will follow to the far end, wherever may lead, the course I have b^un, because I began it for conscienoe sake alone. If there be a man who forgives his enemies, I am one, not one who follows my enemy through thick and thin, returning fire for fire until one or the other goes down. I have no personal grievance with Gbvemor Cleveland. I shall talk from the rec • ord, and I will ask to be ostracised from all decent society if I cannot point to corruption stalking straight to the door of the executive mansion, knocking at that door and coming out of that door with all that oarmption sought at the expense of the people; if I cannot prove that bribes, known to have failed in the Assembly in 1883, were placed so near Mr. Cleve-and, that if he does not have the money, he can get it at any time—if ~ cannot prove it, th^ I am not what I profess to be." Thirk are a few unprincipled and, wholly irresponsible democratic newspapers in Indiana tha# would have I their rea^s believe there was some truth in the slanderous article published against Mrs. Blaine by the Indianapolis Sentinel The Louisville | Courier-Journal (dem.), investigated the miitter for itself, and it now says: all be true which is charged, that whidi remains is the best dis-ereditable act laid against him. But I it is not true. It is a vile falsehood, and its real object is Mr&, not Mr. Blaina Mrs. Blaine is a noUe, hi^-minded woman, has made her hus- j band a good wife throngh more than | thirty years, has presided over a j happy henne, and the sole effect of this alandrar, aa far as it can have ray | effect, is to mortify her and wound a. h<Mis^ld of innooent ¿hildroo. In I tliifl respect it is the baae^ and foulest job of soonndralisiii thai evari foand its wajr into an AmeKioan canvass, and henoe we have II, aad an lioiiest demoisrai» lave dif-owned if* SOLOMOH OlarocHi oo» of the al-«oiiiiy*Bfcr thepiaiiitiff inihe Blabi^ flBtoanaker libel Miii»is sni hia tbiii b(oa|^t upott UumU Hie muneritsd abiiae of the Stoateiel 6IRI0ICIEIRIY <3-=aEB-0=0=B=S3-X:B=S=, CANNEOGOODS, ELKHART FLOUR BmsrE O-AJCiTDrEIS. E5TO. .b) 0 t All Brands of TOBACCO on Hand. Give nfie a Call when wanting Groceries of any kind. p" a P- S. X. •W-ÄuKE). -A..' V ThoueondB Say 9o. Mr. T. W. Atkins, of GKrard, Kan., writM: never hesitate to recommend yoor Electric Bitters to my cus-tcnaers, th^ give entire satis&ction and are rapid sellers." Eleetrio Bittern ave the purest and best medicine loB^wn and wiU poaititely cure kidney md If^ complaints. Parity the ■blood aad xegolato the bowels. No fmSkf can affoird to be without them. Tbaf win aavehnadzed« of doUaxs in doetoeabil]eeTerr/e«t<. SoldatSOi « <Tubn the rascals out;' thetreas ury is overflowing with money," cry democratic speakers. Thi^ might, without fear of contradiction frvnn the records, say, also, that when they went out of powcv, they did not leave a dollar in the treasury. CoL. IsAAo P. Qbay, demoeratie ean-didale tor governor, was a membei of a Know-nothing Lodge at New Mad son, Oya proof adduced seems to be ooodtuim —Take care of your Liver. A great number of the diseases to which mankind are liable arise from a disordered condition of this organ. Keep it in a sound and healthy condition and you can defy disease. Pbicklt Ash Bittebs are especially adapted for this purpose, being composed of drugs which act on the Liver, giving it tone and strength to withstimd malaria. Afteb quoting an article firom Tme New Era in regard to Bob Lowry^s congressional acts in unseqi^ng republican members who were dearty entitied to their seats, the Ft Wayne Gazette says: Mr. Lowry's time was so mudi taken up in bouncing Bepublicans from their seats that he had no time to devote to his own constituentp. This will account for the fact that he could not secure the additioiud ap-propriation forourgovemmaat build« ing. The Sentinel claims that he did secure an additional amount of $75,-000. As it is not found on rec(»d this additional apprcqporiation must really be in his mind's eye. Mr. Lowiy can easily substantiate &e faet if there has been an additional amount api»opriated. - The amocmt was approved by the but if it passed the 1 so reported. As to test case in which UM. each an innocent and hand, aocoiding to 'W^m a will SI^ Bfr. Peelle will I» id j triot to mi^e som^B wiU inform the peo{je of tUs < what a lamb-like man Mr. homtf feallifla. r üü ;

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