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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - August 28, 1884, Albion, Indiana Tiro DOllARB Â YEAR. ^ISmvr to tla,* I-laa.«; X-et tax« Clxlp» S'aJLl iSajvy May." I^' ííDVyl^fCE. VOL XII NO. 49. ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA. AUGUST 28. 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL IX NO. 36. THE WOMAN SPEAKS. A DEMOCRATIC UE NAIUO. 01P nri J G T JUl/ J IIUI Something New for Everybody! Our Entire Stock is Exclusively W: ents' ^ ■Purnishing ents' H Jurnishing ents' I lurnishing ents' umishing ■^oods, - ■ Tats ^ 0 oods, ^ ats 1 ■foods, 1 ats ^ l\ -^oods, " ats ^ Vii "^aps. aps, aps, aps, Trunks, Valises, &c. fl^'We will sell them 25 PER CENT LESS than ever before sold in Albion. You are all invited to come and ex-amine goods before purchasing elsewhere. We are always ready to at pleasure whether you buy or not. rXDlsT'T IFOE/GET THIHÎ KITTLE ^OE PP AND OBLIGE, Hirschfield & Peritz, AN IIIIIEN8E GATHERING. Tke Canp Hre» Blazing and the Republl-cam 9l Mobl§ Oouaty Enthusiastic, as WitaitssMi at lha Convention 0« Thursday. A Riaging Spooch by our Next Congress-RUM, Thoron P. Keator. The repablican gatherings that have been held ihis year in all parts of the state have been notable ones from the fact that greater interest sad enthusiasm are manifested, and greater ont-poiinngs of the people taira place than in previous years, lids shows that the people are alive to the great question at issue in the eanvaas, and are determined that the IP democratic party with its free trade I platform and record shall not be permitted to come into power to cheer the hearts of English mannfacturers, at tiM same time Ininging mm and poverty, if not absolute starvation to t^ American wwking men. At the ffpmk gathering at Borne City on the 14th inst, this increased interest in the affairs of the state and nation, was clearly indicated, and the unlook-ed for out-pouring of the people to ^ oar county oonventi(xi on Thursday last showed that there is to be no flagging this year on the part of all. UraaUy when there is a full ticket to be nominated, and a half dosm candidates for each office to urge oat their freinds, but a few hundred pet^le are This year, lKnrev«r,with but one office over which lÊmB was esqaeeted to bo any contest •ft «a, tfae eart side of the courtyard «if WbÊgiJfy a sea of lues, as viewed im tiie flskform. After the aomi-mriieiw««» made, Hon. Theron P. Kmàatf * repoWioan candidate for far âè fmlUh IHitncI, was introduced to the audience and made a very able and convincing argument in favor of the republican party and its policy of protection to American working men as opposed to the democratic free trade doctrines which, if carried out, would reduce the laborer of this country to the condition of the poorly paid, poorly fed pauper labor of Europe. The speech was well received, and Mr. Lowry, the democratic candidate for congress, will have to look to his laurels, or the prize he has been seeking for a lifetime will slip from his grasp at the close of his first term. We cannot close this account of the meeting without saying that the Lig-onier, Avilla and Wolf Lake Bands, the Ligonier Drum Corps, and the Glee Club of the the latter place enlivened, the occasion with cheering music. The Glee Club is composec of some fine singers, and th^ songs ^'brought down the house." Dbiiocbats seem to take great pride and satisfaction in the cartoons oi Pucky favorable to Clevdand, and chnekle or&r them with no little rel ish. Let them turn back the numbers of that paper to March, 1883 and they will find the following opin ions expressed in that sheet: "Governor Cleveland is incapable of a broad, just view of affairs." '^Governor Cleveland is a man who has deliborately flown in the fat» oi justice and public opinion." *K}ovemor Cleveland is a man who has joined tiie monopolirt organization and has taken the first d^ree in thdr lodge." "Governor Cleveland is a man wiio will not be the governor of the state a rtate t^ wuits a govenuir THE WOMAN SPEAKS. Poor Maria Halpin's Statements. She AfBirms the Story of Her Wrongr's. To a citizen of Buffalo who held a conversation with Maria Halpin before she was spirited away from New Bochelle, New York, she made the following statement in regard to the charge that are made against Grover Cleveland: "I was employed at Flint & Kent's when Grover Cleveland persistently sought and fiiudly made my acquaintance. I was not as stout as I look now, being tall and slender, and it is wonder that I endured all I suffered in the years from 1874 to 1877. My child, Oscar Folsom Cleveland, was bora September 14, 1874 Grover Cleveland is his fatìier, and to say that any other man is responsible for his birUi is infamous. The attempt to connect the dead Oscar Folsom with me or my boy, of which I hear, is cruel and cowardly. I had but a very slight acquaintance with Oscar Folsom. It does not seem possible, after all I have suffered for Grover Cleveland and my boy's sake that the attempt will be made to further blacken me in the eyes of àie world. No one knows the extent of my sufferings. After my child was taken from me I begged Cleveland on my knees to let me have sight of my baby. He was immovable. I found where the boy was, and one day I rushed in upon his keeper, snatched him up and ran away before they could stop me. My sufferings subsequently, my fruitless efforts to have him (Cleveland) fulfill his promise of marriage, his neglect of myself and child, my abduction and violent treatment by his hired tools, are truthfully but only partially told in the Buffalo Tele, graph of July 21. It would be impossible to cover events that made up those years of shame, suffering and degradation forced upon mebyGhx)-ver Cleveland." W^hen informed that democrats were giving out that a statement would be made by her exonerating Mr. Cleveland, the injured lady drew herself proudly up and said: "Me make a statement exonerating Grover Cleveland! Never, wo^d rather put a bullet through my heart" She said she could not truthfully make any such statement, and Grover Cleveland would not dare ask her to humiliate herself agdn that he might enjoy honors and wealth, while on his account she was exiled from kindred and friends, patiently waiting for death to end her misery. She then went into details of what she had suffered from 1874 to 1877, at the hands of Cleveland or his agents, that would melt a heart of stone. Her statements are fortified and corroborated by facts known in the case, and by circumstances and records bearing upon that eventful period of her lifa A Great Discovery. Mr. Wm. Thomas, of Newton, la., says: "My wife has been seriously effected with a cough for twenty-five years, and this spring more severely than ever before. She has usee I many remedies without relief, and It is an old maxim that "whom the gods mean to destroy, they first make mad," and judged from this stand-point the democratic party of the state and nation are in imminent danger of entire annihilation. Mad- being urged to try Dr. King's New Discovery, did so, with most gratifying results. The first bottle relieved her very much, and the second bottle has absolutely cured her. She has not had as good health for thirty years." Tri^l bottle £ree at Huston & Molen's drugstore. Large size $1. Democrats attempt to shield Cleve land from censure in the Maria Halpin affair by saying that he magnani mously acknowledged the paternity of the child to save the reputation of his friend, Oscar Folsom. Now comes a <x>U8Ìn of the latter who says that "Idenounce as infamous the attempi; to father upon my cousin, Oscar Fol som, the ill^timate offspring of Maria Halpin." who knows the law, bat not a lawyer, OOB who will be the champion of this right of the pe(^le aiall hazards, asU not the ena¿axe of numopcdista." —Snbsficilw for^B Hsw Saa. —"I have both nsed and sole Pbicut Abh BnriBs for a numbor of years, and think it the beet bitters made fear Bflioosneis, liver Com pUdnta and for timing iqpthe ^stem, •0 wsileB W. H. C^ Dm^iis), JopBn^ Ma A single trial of th iflme^ will ooninnoe any peraon tlMlniftoKlMaboTOk 84iia A DEMOCRATIC UE NAIUO. Wtth Defeat Already Staring Them In the Face, Nie Demecraey are Becoming Desperate. And Nothing Is Too Despicable for Them to Resort to, to Stem the Tide that Is Overwhelming Them. •Anything to Beat Grant." ness rules the hour in the democratic camp, and in the very throes of des->eration nothing is too despicable or vile for that party to use in the endeavor to defame republicans and republican leaders in the campaign. Impelled by this spirit of madness and total disregard for truth, the Indianapolis Sentinel struck at the lonor of James G. Blaine, his wife and children, and now repents in sackcloth and ashes when it finds that that grand representative of American citizenship is as ready to defend the honor of those who are dear to him, as he had been to defend and uphold the honor of his country The Sentinel will not do so anymore, and none but those journals who have no standing or influence, and are totally irresponsible, dare to repeat the original slanders of the Sentinel Mr. Calkins, republican candidate for governor, has not escaped the slanders of these political madmen, and they recklessly engage in a warfare of mud-throwing that can have no other effect than to injure those who engage in it A cock and bull story was concocted and published in airthe "small fry" journals of this part of the state last week, to the effect that Mr. Calkins had demande<3 of a postmistress at Westville, Indiana, a contribution of $12 to the campaign fund of 1882, and upon Mr& Duncan, the postmistress, refusing to contribute, she was removed, and the place given to one of Calkins' followers. In regard to the matter Mr. Calkins has made the follow statement: 'The facts are that in August, 1870, Mrs. Duncan was appointed coming from another state, and the appointment was made without the knowledge or consent of the patrons of the office, she buying out the former occupant She cUscharged the duties of the office fairly well, but she had in addition to the office a small millinery and dress-making shop, a stationery store, and was a skilled taxidermist, which occupied a large portion of her time, leaving the office to unskilled and inefficient help, causing more or less complaint; and in some cases complaints were sent to head-quarters. She also had 3 able bodied sons-in-law, who were able to take care of her had she not been healthy and strong and perfectly able to take care of herself, and after having the office 13 years it was thought advisable to make a changa The present occupant was a widow with 3 children of tender years, one a nursing babe and the other two in the neighborlvx>d of from 3 to years of age. Her husband was a wounded soldier and died from the effects of his wounds. The postmis tress ^orself is very frail, in poor health, and with 3 children has no means except a small house and lot for which her husband paid 1400 and on which was a mortg^e of $150. As far as the assesmoit is concemec i she probably did receive a circular letter as aU the other officers did, and as a matter of facA I understanc she did pay $10 of the $12. When the removal was asked for I refused to act until the money had been returned to her, which was done by Aaron Jones, the diairman of the oongressicHial committee, and her money cot no figora in her removal whatever. Mrs. Idler makes a com petent offixsec and those who at the time favored Mra Dimcan now say that they would not have Mr& MillerHARDFARMERS! Qc g Ss CO CD If you have to buy Drugs and Medicines go tolustra S MÚ Irig Store! AND BUY THE SEASONABLE GOODSAgnew's Cough Balsam! THE BEST REMEDY KNOWN.ÚÚ Tonic Bi THE BEST AND THE CHEAPEST. OUR OWN MAKE. NO AGENTS TO PAY. I^YOU GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH OF.^ABSOLUTELY PURE DRUGS 1 I^^^lsTTS AND BK/TJSHIBS. asuC^OBŒLTB OIXiS CUB^A-E». ^CORRECT WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. >1 O ao O Co •>1 Co Co •>1 C^ HTJSTOIsr <Sc 2sd:031jElIfT, .A-X-BIOiT, laiTID.LIVER miLLEDfLQWSl fíED JACKET, TIFFIN, Udep Cassai;, Ms And others Constantly on Hand. T. s. 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