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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - October 9, 1884, Albion, Indiana mmfê TWO DOLMRS YE:iR. "Hew to tla-e XAxxe; I-iet tlxe Clxip« S^all -^isrlLere tlxesr la^y" VOL. XIII NO. 3. ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, OCTOBER 9, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX NO. 42. LOWRY USHED. WELKER. AHORNEY-AT-UW and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, Indiana. Cft^Offlce up Stairs in Glapp's Block. ELDING PBICKETT, GRAY, A KNOW-NOTNINC. HIS NOMINATION A DIRECT INSULT TO FOREIGN-BORN CITIZENS. ROMAN CATHOUCS NOT TO BE ENTRUST. ED WITH OFFICE. Tke Fearful Oath He Took, and Adminlt-istered to Others of His Confederates. A Sworn Statement. GENTS' FURNISUING GOODS. HATS, CAPS. TRUNKS, VALISES, KTO.01 P lllß O 0000«KHM>00000000000<K>0<K>OOOOOOOt)0000000O cmii ! o ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo < Thinking that his past record as a Know-Nothing would not be unearthed, and that he could make a point against James G. Blaine by charging the latter with being connected with the Kennebec (Me.) Journal when that paper was an organ of the Know-Nothing party of the pine tree state, Isaac P. Gray, democratic candidate for Governor of Indiana, entered the canvass in this state, and unblushing-Ij" chained that Mr. Blaine had been a member of that order. The falsity of this charge, Mr. Blaine has made dear by showing that he was not con nected with the Journal at that tima Now, however, it has been established by the swam statement of some at the best citizens of New Madison, O., that Mr. Gray, himself, was the head-center of a lodge of know-nothings at that place, and as such took a solemn oath never to support for any office in this countr}', a foreign-born citizen, or a Rcftnan Catholic. The man who thus solemnly vowed, is now before the people begging for the votes of German and Irish-American voters, and trying to curry favor with the Catholics of Indiana. As to his connection with the order, here is the sworn statemont of a prominent citizen of New Madison, Ohio, which might be supplemented by a number of others. Mr. Bacon's affidavit is as follows: State of Ohio, Darke County, ss.: Before me, A. L. Northrop, a notary public in and for the county aforesaid, personally appeared Goo. Baoon, who being duly sworn, deposes and says that he is fifty-seven years of age, resides in New Madison, in the County and State aforesaid; resided here in 1854, 1855 and 1856; was well acquainted with Isaac P. Gray, democratic candidate for Governor of the State of Indiana; was initiated into the order of know-nothings at Green-yille, in 1854, with and at the same time as Isaac P. Gray; that said Gray was one of the charter members of the know-nothing lodge of Now Madison, and chie^of it during its existence here, voting for th^ ^ow-noth-ing state, county and presidential tickets daring those years, as was then nnderst»^ George Bacox. Sworn to afid subscribed to, this 18tix day of September, A. D., 1884. A. L. Noethbop, Notary Public, Darke Co., Ohio. The oath which he took, voluntarily, when he became a member, is as follows: "You, of your own free will and accord, in the presence of Almighty God and these witnesses, your right hand resting on the Holy Bible and cross, and your left hand toward heaven in token of your sincerity, do solemnly promise and swear that you will not make known to any person or pOTSons any of the signs, secrets, mysteries or objects of ^s organization, iinless it be to those whom, after doe examinalaoa or lawful information, ycm shall find to be members of this Qi^nization in good standing; that is now in full blast with an entire stock of CENt Hats S' & Caps," =^which comprises^ CLOTHING. Q f Ü R N I S H I ^Trunks & ValiseS GOODS, LOWRY USHED. A. P. Edgerton asks Congressman Lowry Some Very Pointed Questions, which He Artfully Dodges. O^We will sell them cheaper than anybody ever sold them in albion before, and we Guarantee you a Fit or no Sale. OT7S. O-OOIDS ÂL TO IM M! We will Save you 25 per cent, on fvery ITOTJ BTJIT- to i=>lease everybody.: Call and see our Stock before purchasing elsewhere. You be convinced if you call and see our goods. will Men Suits, Youths Suits, Boys Suits, Children s Suits, oy ERGO ATS FOR EVERY BODY. LOW PRICES. REMEMBER THE PLACE—Clapp's Building, Albion, Indiana. HIRSCHFIELD & PERITZ. HARDWARE. TINWARE. STOVES. ETC.-J. J. MARTIN. [From Ft. Wayne Gazette.] To the Editor of the Gazette. On the 21st instant I cansed to be published in the Daily Gazette of this city, the following open letter to Judge Robert Lowry, the Democratic candidate for congi-ess in this Twelfth district: open letter to the hon. bobebt lowby. Fort Wayne, Oct 21, 1882. Hon. Robert Lowry. Sir—You are the Democratic candidate for congress for this Twelfth congressional district. Permit me to ask you as such candidate, expecting the votes of the Democrats, fear questions, to which for my own government and perhaps that of others, I respectfully request a reply through the press at your earliest convenience: 1st. Do you believe that every duty on imports is incorporated with the price of the commodity, and ultimately paid by the consumer, with a profit on the duty itself as a compensation to the merchant for the advance of his money ? 2nd. Are not these duties tax^s which increase to the consumer the price of everything imported, subject to the duty, aad whicli also increase the price of like commodities to the same extent, if produced or manufactured at home ? 3rd. Do you believe it is right for congress to make a tariH—or a tax— except for "revenue only 4th. Would you in a caucus or otherwise vote for speaker of the house of representatives for a "protective tariff" advocate, such as the Hon. SamuelJ. Randall, for iii3tance? Yours &C., A. P. Edoerton. My purpose, plainly enough shown, was to get Judge Lowry's opinion upon the tariff question before the public, and in such form as to be acceptable to all sound Democrats who believe in a tariff for 'Revenue only." I expected Judge Lowry to answer the first and second questions "Yes," WELKER. jerton. Wayne, Ind., Oct 27, 1884. AHORNEY-AT-UW and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, Indiana. Cft^Offlce up Stairs in Glapp's Block. ELDING PBICKETT, .••■•••Attorney-at-Law, Albion, Indiana. ifflce on York Street, directly West ol Court House lyl HOS. B. FELKNER, :..: Attorney-at-Law, Albion, Indiana. Office up stairs In John D. Black's New Block. !tf._ "YyiLLIAM T. GREEN, M, 1>- PHYSICIAN & SURGEON.= ^a»Offlce over Huston & Molen's store. ALBION,.................INDIANA Election Notice. BY VIRTUE OF A PRECEPT to me. directed from the Clerk of the Noble Circuit Court, a copy of which is hereunto annexed, 1 hereby give notice that, on the tlrst Tuesday after tiie first Monday in November. 1884, the sanie being the 4th day of November, 1884, there will be a general election held at the usual places of holding elections m the several townships and voting precincts of Noble count}', Indiana, for the puritose of electing the oiScers mentioned in said precept. SAMUEL BRADEN, Jr.. Sheriff Noble County. Special attention given to chronic diseases and diseases of women and children. Oftlce on Main street, 3d Door East oi Bank, Albion, Indiana. 27yl öfe-fillino Teeth a Specialty. THE STATE OF INDIANA. I Noble County ss: f I, Merritt C. Skinner, Clerk of the Noble Circuit Court of the State of Indiana, do hereby certify that at the general election, to be held the lawful places oi holding elections in the several townshU)8 and election precincts In Noble county, on Tuesday following the first Monday TiS IS CiPAffl Yi and wheat is low, but our prices on STOVES 1: TINWARE, will more than equal the LOW PRICES of wheat and oats^ He may in the canvass are sufficient evidence of his opinions on all political subjects; and if the voters want to know what he thinks they must come out to hear him. Now I, and other Democrats, want his opinion upon this only really important political question on which he would be called upon to act if he were elected to congress, in a form more certain and reliable than can be furnished by the varying and inconsistent declarations upon the^tump, which can be preserved only through the uncertainties and treacheries of in November, 18»t, to-wit: NOVEMBER 4, 1884, the following officers are to be elected: PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS. Two Electors of President and Vice-President of the United States, for the State at large, and one Elector in each of the Thirteen Congressional Districts of the State of Indiana. STATE OFFICERS. Governor ot the State of Indiana. Lieutenant Governor of the State of Indiana. Judge of the Supreme Court for the Fifth District. Auditor of State. Secretary of State. Treasurer of State. Attorney-General of the State. Superintendent of Public Instruction. Iteporter of Supreme Conrt. DISTRICT OFFICERS. Representative to (ingress for the 12lh Con gressional District of Indiana. Prosecuting Attorney for the 35th Judicial Circuit of the State of Indiana. Senator In the General Assembly trict composed of the counties of Noble and La-Grange. Joint Rei)resentative in the General Assembly for the District composed of the counties of Elkhart, Noble and DeKaib. COUNTY OFFICERS. Representative in General Assembly for Noble County. Sheriff of Noble County. Treasurer of Noble County. Recorder of Noble County. Coroner of Noble County. County Surveyor of Noble county. County Commissioner for the 1st, or Southern District of Noble county. County Commissioner for the 2nd, or Middle District of Noble County. - Witness my hand and the seal of ■I SEAL, y the Noble Circuit Court, affixed --at Albion, this 4th day of October, A. D., 1884. MERRITT C. SKINNER, Clerk Noble Circuit Court Worden Post, No. 205, G. A. R. Regular meetings second and fourth Saturdays in each month. D. A. SCILÄ.FF, COM. S. R. EASTERDAY, ADJ'T. WM. TRUMP, QUARTBKMASTBR. I hereby ccrtify that the foregoing is a true of the original precept. SAMUEL BRADEN, Jr., Sherlll Noble County. copy FIRE! LiCHTNING! CYCLONES yea will hot cot, carve, piinl^ paint, stamp, staili or in any way, dii^Üy or indirectly, expose any of the secrets or objects of this order, nor gaffer it to be done by others if in your mwer to prevent it, anless it be for official in-B^eticni', tii^ so long as you are connected with IMs (»rgamzation, if not regularly dismissed from it, you wQl in all tàinp politi<»l or sodai, so far as this or&r is conoeméd, com-with the will of the majority, exprened in a lawfol manneor, it may eonflu^ with your per-pv^erenoe, so long as it does not eomBot with the gssM state or MbatdiaaU eonalitiiiioas, the oonsti-tiilKp of fhe UniM SMes of Ameri-et, or ttuit of Uie abile in wMdi yon■ad lluii yoa wiU Qoty^ nrader fliseemshpeiik i^aleéw^ ioiow- ^DON'T LOSE ANY TIME, "but come and get the benefit offered at the kew eakdwaee :-: albion, indiana. T. T. ingly recomxxtônd an unworthy x^r-son for initiation, nor suffer it to ^ done if in yonr power lo prevent it Ton furthermore promise and declare tìiat yon will not vote, nor give yoor infioence, for any man for any offix» in the gift of the people unless he be an Am^can-born ciiken, in favor of Amencui-boni <àtiz«» ruling the eoon^—nor if lie be a Boman Gath die, imd that 70a will not nnder any etremmrtanoe« expose the name of any member of tibis order, nor reveal the «SD^onoe of aodh an ocganizatioa. To all the ÈangfÂs^ j<m bind your self, nnder the no less penalty of thai of being expelled from this order of having yonr name posted and enlated i^Miighont the different councils of the United Statra aa a pexjiur-&c and as a traitor to Qod^ yonr oonn-try, and as bdbg unfit to be employed, intnuted <xr oonntmiaiMMd or sup-p<»ted in any business transaotimu; as a perscm totally unworthy the oon-ftd^Mse of jgood m«i, ana as one whom the finger of Mom dundd mvt point—80 help yon Qod.*' —Tbb Nbw £ba in dub« of for ItSOiMrjreBr. Protect Your Homes AGAINST FIRE, LIGHTNING.^ i^^ND CYCLONES, —^ BY A POLICY OF =— INSURANCE frank clapp, who represents the following RELIABLE INSURANCE COMPANIES: JiORTH M ERIC:/ijm Ins. Co., Philadelphia, Pa COXTIMEMmL^ Ins. Co., Kew Yoric City TRimFIELD F. ¿è M.^ Ins. Co., Sprindfield, Mass picKErr. HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, DENTIST Ligonler, Ind. J^ORTH STAR LODGE, No. 380, g^OBb I- 0. 0. F. ALBION, INDIANA. Regular meetings every Tuesday evening. E. L. Teegabdsn, N. O. J. CocKLEY, Sec'y. Teetl^ 1 Teetli 1 GEORGE E. JOHNSON. SURGEON DENTIST. .AJlloion., XxxdAekaa-a. pimi.'il attention Riven to both Sttboical and Thkbai'UBTical treatment of all disesesof the mouth and associate parts. Office, East Main Street. 2yl 'TTT'ILLIAMS KCOUSE. Albion, Indiana, EICH ARD WILLIAMS, PropV. This House Is entirely new—is of brick, and is completely furnished throughout. Good nleteiy Sample Itoonis for commercial men. Maiu Stuekt, South of Coubtiiousb. __vTnTyl —t— Are now prepared to do Carriage, Buggy and Wagon Biacksmithing &. Horseshoeing. Special attention given to zPAINTING and REPAIRING! Buggies, Top, SigO-Painting, Blc, &C. &.C. __ place (old i^n^ycomer Hazel and Liberty streets, Albion s, k:. B:o2Kr:K3LiB. BOBINZ88 or CONGRXSa. The Hon. Frank Hnrd, of Ohio, Lad no snch fear for be trusted his friends and defied his opponents with his opinion^ and tho^y honorably won bis eleotion. This oonrse is declined by Jndge MTM:^ Ins. Co., Hartjord Conn. PH(EXIXJ&i Ins. Co., Hartford, Conn. Ins. Co., Jiiew York City, Ins. Co. Indianapolis, Ind Livery & Feed-Stable. CARBIAGE8 FOB BUSINESS OB PLEASUBS; SAMPLE WAGONS FOR COMMEBCIAL MBN. AND GENTLE TEAMS FOB LADIES. REASONABLE! ;

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