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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - October 16, 1884, Albion, Indiana m •«s» ti-;- m TIFO BOLEES A YE:>ÍE. ^XZe-^ to tlxe XA-no; Xjet t3a.« 03xip« Fall tliezr VOL XIII NO. 4.ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, OCTOBER 16, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX NO. 43. GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS. HATS, CAPS. TRUNKS, VALISES. ETC. • ociooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo<K)ooo() o 01 PRIffl CUB ! a OOOOOOOiXMJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO • is now in full bkist with an entire stock of Snowed Wer! It Bitktift su Stai ment of intereet in the glorious straggle, and as sure as the morning of the 5th day of November comes, so snre will it record the fact that free-trade and democracy are buried out of sight, and forever. SPECIAL TRAIN. P ^which comprises— ® ^ * T S I CLOTHING. Q Hats & Caps.iz ^ U R N I S H I •• =Trunks & ValiseS goods, I^We will sell them CHEAPER THAN ANYBODY EVER SOLD THEM IN ALBION BEFORE, and we tarantee you a Fit or no Sale. A special train for Cromwell, to the Keator meeting on Friday night, will leave Albion at 6 p.m., sharp.— l^^Remember the data A FORMER CITIZEN OF ALBION, Speaks in Praisa of the Black Eagle, Illinois--Gen. John A. Logan. of IMUD OTJTl 0-OOI5S -A-I^E ■J .1 ilLl n TO THE TUNE OF FROM 20,000 TO 30,000 MAJORITY! THE DEMOCRATIC We will Save you 25 per cent, on Every IDOUI^JiJEl "Y'OTJ BTJir- r^TT^ -Ä-IM TO lE^LEASE IVERYBODY.: Call and see our Stock before purchasint^r elsewhere. You will be convinced if you call and see our goods. Men Suits, Youths Suits, Boys Suits, Children's Suits, OVERCOATS FOR EVERY BODY, LOW PRICES. REMEMBER THE PLACE—Clapp's Building, Albion, Indiana. HIRSCHFIELD & PERITZ. HARDWARE. TINWARE. STOVES. ETC.-J. J. MARTIN. Every citizen of Albion remembers Lieni A. L. Stoney, a former resident of this place, and who entered the service of his country as Ist Lieut Co. B. 12th Ind. Infantry, from Noble county, and as gallant a soldier as ever entered the service. From May, 1864, to the close of the war Lieut. Stoney was on detached duty at Gen. Logan's headquarters, and in a recent letter to the LaFayette, (Lid. Journal, refers to the manner in which his old commander is being assailed, and recites many incidents that came under his observation which show that Gen. Logan was above all the petty jealousies with which so many of the generals of the war were afflicted, to the detriment of the cause. He cites the manner in which Logan assumed command of the army of the Tennessee after the death of Gen. McPherson, and by his great generalship won a victory when defeat seemed inevitable; of how he was ignored by the military authori ties and quietly took his old position at the head of the 15th army corps without a murmer or a complaint ever escaping from his lips. He details another incident in which it came to GOOD-BYE, GROVER, THERE the knowledge of the general i^at a The First Voters' Club of Albion, desire to return thanks to Mrs. Wm. M. Clapp tor the use of her room last Saturday night, and to the ladies who generously. waited on the table and cleaned up the room afterward. Also to the citizens who so generously provided provisions for the occasion. Hbbman Lanq, Sec'y. Most Certainly a Specific. •Infallible" and "specific" are rouud, strong terms for a remedy, especially for those determined and painful diseases—^Rheumatism and Neuralgia. But Athlophokos seems to deserve them. Says Rev. Wm. P. Corbit, Pastor George Street, M. K Church, New Haven, Conn.: "I wish to say that for Inflammatory Rheu^ matism Athlophokos is infallible, suffered for two months the most excruciating torture. Was almost instantly relieved by Athlophokos. If there is a specific for the disease Ath lophoros is most certainly it" IS SICK UIÍTO DEATH! TK IS Cif ffl YMK and wheat is low, but our prices on STOVES TINWARE, will more than equal the LOW PRICES of wheat and oats. m^DOIH'T LOSE ANY TIME, but come and get the benefit offered at the NEW EARDWm ALBION, INDIANA r T. T. X^-A^XIIT- Mobs than cme hondred convicts have been pardoned in New York by Gtover devaland mnoe his nomii»-tum for tli9 prondency. The cheap-«■fc wsy Yotes em be secured. —^Pnn^ reU^ in side headache, ilirfinnii, nnueft, oonsfcipiitioiif pain in ttM n^ eke., gmraotoed to those ip^CMtet'slittfe liver FiUa One piS a iom, 28c._ 42inl Go ASD m» Jmam 0. filaine at Afllnmioa Monday. Buckisn's Arnica Sdv*. The Best Salve in the world for Cots, Braises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rbeum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi tively cares Piles, or no pay required It is gaarantedd to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Huston & Holen Card of Thanks. W. WELKEB. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, Indiana. ^.Office up stairs in Clapp's Block. Ij^IKLDINQ PBICKETT, ••••••Attoraey-at-Law,:::: Albion, Indiana. Office on York Street, directly West of Court House lyi rpHOS. B. FELKNER, 22ti. FIRE! LICHTNING! CYCLONES1 Protect Your Homes AGAINST FIBE, LIGHTNING. CYCLONES, —= BY a POLICY OF =— ilNSURyklNti ^ FRANK CLAPP, 1 who represents the following BELIA-1 I BLE INSURANCE COMRA.NIES; | NORTH AMERICAN Ins. Co., Philadelphia, Pa GOXTIKEXTÁL^ Ins. Co., New York City SPRINGFIELD F. & M.^ Ins. Co., Spr ind field, Mass. MTNñ:^ Ins. Co., Hartjord Conn WAS NO HALPIN IT. -o- OHIO RESPONDS TO MAINE AND VERMONT. -o- THE FmG OF REPUBLI-C:iNISM STILL m FES A GAIN OF POUR GRESSMEN. CON FRANK HURD, THE FREE TRADER, DEFEATED. WEST VIRGINIA IN DOUBT, BUT PROBABLY DEMOCRATIC BY A SMALL MAJORITY. .A. a-XiOiaiOTTs Tncrroia-s-- ALL.CAN01DATES USE ABNOLD'S PATENT^ mnXEADY CUT ELECTI01Í STICKERS. Just before going to press, 11:30 a. m., we received tne following telegram in regard to the result of the Ohio election: Gahbett, Ind., Oci 15, 1884. J. P. Prickett—Our Columbus pie estimate majority at from 17,-to 22,000. We gain four congressmen. P. Bicknell. The most hotly contested political fight ever known in the state, has closed with the above results, and Ohio wheels into line as a republican state with a majority that means at least 30,000 in November for Blaine and Logan. One year ago the dem ocracy carried the state by nearly 13,000 majority, and the change in that brief period carries constema-tion into democratic camp. Vermont, Maine and Ohio have spoken in no uncertain tonea, and say as plainly as acta can say, that Blaine and Logan are to be t^ liezt preadoot and viee-inremde&t of the United States, if repnbUcaos elsewhere do a» wdl as the noUe men of jrtetee contraband that they captured was in reality a white man who had been sold into slavery by his own mother when a child, and Lieni Stoney avers that never in his life has he heard such impassioned eloquence as flowed from Gen. Logan's lips as he denounced the great wrongs that this man had suffered. In closing his letter, Lieut. Stoney says: "To those who served under Gen. Logan, it is not surprising to soo and hear of the grand ovations and receptions that he finds wherever he goes; nor is it surprising that the soldier lays aside his political affiliations and comes to the support of him who won their affections while in the army, and later was the first to issue the order setting apart the 30th day of May to honor the noble dead and strew their graves with flowers."«I'm Just Good for Nothing." Perhaps that terrible h^dacheof yours comes from a disordered stomach or liver—or both. In any case, it unfits you for business or pleasure. There is nothing in the world so good as Parker's Tonic for this common affliction. The name of this famous medicine by no means indicates the range of its curative power. All diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys yield to it You run no risk. The Tonic is sure to help you. Its composition is wholly original and scientific. No intoxicating qualities. Nothing else "is just as gw)d." PHŒNIXJSA Ins. Co., Hartford, Conn QERM^ÍN :^MERIC:ÍN^ Ins. Co., New York City CLAPP BLOCK J OBDKK^ BECEIVKD AT THIS OFFICE. The democratic commissioners oj Fairfield county, Ohio, tore down a republican stand erected in the court yard at Lancaster, from which Mr. Blaine was to speak. The outrage shows that the democracy would suppress free speech if they had the power, and that it isn't time yet to let "the rascals in." Ln it te remembered that Har pen's Weekly that is now heartle^y caricaturing Mr. Blaine, was also en gaged in the same diexepntable busi neiB wl^ Linooln wi^ president, prase&king that gi^eat and good man and' an luUBiieling ty NDMNä^ Ins. Co., Indianapolis, Ind FRANK CLAPP, â.£.B10N, llfD. Attorney-at-Law,::-: Albion, Indiana. Office up stairs in John D. Black's New Block. ^ILLIAM T. OREEN, M. D- ziPHYSICIAN ¿ SURGEON.ZI ^^OfBce over Huston ft Molen's store. ALBION,.................INDIANA D R. PICKBTT, HOMEOPATHIO PHYSICIAN, Vegetable Sicilian HAIR EENEWER mi the first preparation perfectly adapted to cure diseases of the scalp, aad the first suo-oesaful restorer of faded or gray hair to it* uatural color, growth, and youthful beauty. It has had many imitatui-s, hut uoue hare so fully met all the requirements ueediul for the proper treatment of the hair and scalp. Hall's ilaia Reneweu has steadily growo In furor, and spread its fumo and usefulness to every quarter of tho globe. Its unparal« leled success can bo attributed to but om cause: the entire fulfilment of ilt promitet. The proprietors have often been surprised at tho receipt of onic-rs from remote couu-tries, M licre tiiey had ucvcrnuuleau effort for iu iutrodttcliou. llio use for a short time of ITall's Haib Ku.newkr wonderfully improves the personal appearance. It cleanses the scalp from all impurities, cures all Imniors, fever, and dryness, and thus prevents baldwss. It stiniu'intes the weakened giiinds, an^nables theia to push forward a new and vigorous growth. The effects of this article are not transient, like those of alcoholic prepar». tions,but remain a long time, which makes Iti me a matter of economy. BUCKINGHAM'S DIE vob thb WHISKERS Will change the beard to a natural brown, or black, as desired. It produces a penuanont color that will not wash awny. C'oiinistiiiRof • Single preparation, it is applied without trouble: PREPARED BY B. P. HALL i CO., Kastna, K.I. Sold by »11 Dealers in Medieincs. FOB ALL THE F0BM8 or Berofulom. Merenrlalt aaA Blood Disorders» tho lient remedy, beeaase tbo inoiit aearebiiig and thorougli btottVpurillor.fii Ayer^s Sarsa^ariila* goUtf aUDnwiMii #1,1 Special attention given to chronic diseases and diseases of women and children. Office on Main street, 3d Door East of Bank, Albion, Indiana. 27yl DENTIST Ligonier, Ind. ^»Filliííq Tkbth a Spbcialty. Worden Post, No. 205, G. A. R. Regular meetings second and fourth Saturdays In each month. D. A. SCHAFF, COM. 8. R. EASTERDAY, ADJ'T. WM. TRUMP, Quabtsbhastbb. JVOETH STAR LODGE, No. 380, fOmÊk I. 0. 0. F. ALBION, INDIANA. Regular nMelings every Tuesday evening. £. L. Tsbgabdkn, N. O. J. CocKLKY, Sec'y. Xeetla. 1 Teetli 1 GEOBGE E. JOHNSON. SURGEON K^b DENTIST SpMial attention given to both SuboioaIi and Thbbapuktical. treatment of all diseses of the mouth and associate parts. Office, £ast Main Street. 2yl T77"ILLIAMS HCOUSE. Albion, Indiana, RJCHABD WILLIAMS, Proper. This House is entirely new—is of brleic. and is com^etely furnished throughout. Good Sample Rooms for commercial men. Main Stbkbt, South op Coubthovsk. ____vTnTyl GAI^E W^I Are now prepared to do Carriage, Buggy and Wagon Biacksm¡thing & Horseshoeing. Special attention civen to zPAINTING and REPAIRINGz Buggies, Top, SigO-Painting, &c. &c. &c. . _______jember the place (old school boUtl- l^l^mer Hazel and Liberty str^, Albion. S. SL :03iT ITEW BIR^ICK Livery & Feed-Stable. CABRIAOES POB BU8IMB88 OB PIJKA817BI; SAMPLE WAQONS FOB OOMMSBOUi; XKR, AMD GENTLE TEAMS FOB tJ^i^y, TERMS REmHABLEl Barn on J^trsan Si., MortHot Court How«, i ^ AI«IOir,ciíM ;

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