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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - October 2, 1884, Albion, Indiana î^flg TWO DOLMRS A YE:ÍR. «'SCe-^ to t3a.« X^iXL«; Xjat t3x* Olxips f^eill ^ey IJii ^ÍDVAJÍCE. VOL XHl NO. 2. ALBION. NOBLE COUNTY. INDIANA, OCTOBER 2. 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX NO. 41. HOW MANY KNOW? WJTO IS TOM HBNDRIGKSt W. WELKKR. ATTORNEY-AT-UW and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, Indiana. Q^OfHce up stairs in Glapp's Block. HOW MANY KNOW? yonn GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, HATS, CAPS. TRUNKS, VALISES. BTC. la ttiese days of campaign viitiper-ation and lying, and those democratic attempts to ooostract monntaiDs oat of mole-hills, let men of sense stop and think! Bead the whole Fisher & series of letters and then yourself what is there in them ? Mr. Blaine is nobly vindicated by their publication! How many know— 1. That the Little Rock & Fort Smith Railroad bill passed both hoas-es of Congress nnanimously. 2. That Mr. Blaine's riiling on it was right and jost and could not have been withheld in honor. 3. That when it was made he did not have the acquaintance of a single person interested in the road or instrumental in promoting the passage of the bill. 4 That he alluded to his connection with the bill after his interest in the road had been obtained. 5. That the bill was a declaratory statute merely, not granting lands nor reviving a dormant or lapsed grant, and conferring no original nor substantial rights nor benefits. 6. That the investment was a losing one. 7. That Mr. Blaine honorably shouldered all the loss and restored his friends every cent they had invested in the bonds on his representations. 8. That in the letters addressed to Fisher he said he had done the friends of the bill "a service without knowing it" 9. That instead of obtaining a favor through the managers of the road he suffered a pecuniary loss. 10. That his ruling as Speaker was in no sense caused by his interest in the road, but was six months antecedent to his obtaining a share in it 11. That he did not rule in favor of the bill (which passed both Houses unanimously) because he was inter-ed in the road, but becamo interested in the road because his attention was directed to it during the passage of the bill through Congress. 12. That the land-grant was simply restored to the State of Arkansas, which conferred it upon the road. 13. That the justice of the bill continuing the grant and the rightfulness of Mr. Blaine's ruling in point of law have not been disputed from that day to this, uid cannot be. The American people possess an inherent abiding love for fair play and as surely as election day comes, will tell these slanderers at the polls what their opinion is of this species of campaign warfare. «I'm Just Good for Nothing." Perhaps that terrible headache of yours comes from a disordered stomach or livw—or both. In any case, it unfits you for business or pleasure. Th^ is nothing in the world so good as Parker's Tonic for this common affliction. The name of this famous medidne by no means indicates the range of its curative power. All diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys yidd to it You run no risk. The Tonic is sure to help you. Its 0(Hnponti<»i is wholly original and scientific. No intoxicating qualities. Nothing else '^is just as good." Now THAT it has been proven be-y(Hid question that Isaac P. Gray, donocratic candidate for governor of Indiana, was the head-center, or **high-muck-a-mack" in a lodge of Know-nothings, at New Madison, O., that gmitlem^ has quit lying about Jamea Q. Blaine beiug a member of ihatofder. Everybody knows that this is a campaign lie about Blaine's ooimeetioD with that order, but an ex-change asaerts that Cleveland is a know-Dothtng now; alway^has been, tad alwaya will be. Ex-Gotooob Cobksll, of New Totk oaya that *'Orover Cleveland has f, i^mom dmaoo at being prasident X have oi bnildiog a mannoii in the mooB. Mr. Blauie succeeds Arthur as rare ae the sbur^ come with nightfrii I speak by the card." »ooooooooooooooooooooooothmkkwooooooooooo 01 PMCE ciuffi ! THE ttARRm POSTOFFICE AFFAIR. DEMOCRATS HAD UID THEIR PUNS TO STRIKE A BONANZA. BUT THE BE^T UID SCHEMES OF MICE AND MEN GANG AFT AGLEE. e ooooooo<>oooooooooc)oooooooooooo<Kiooooooo • is now in full blast with an entire stock ofAND NOW A DEMOCRATIC MAIL CARRIER STANDS OUTSIDE WJTO IS TOM HBNDRIGKSt.A-ixd. Q-aa.a,-ws a r'ile. "HTs. Hats & Caps.z; =which comprises— CLOTHING. NrnishiI* QOODS, ziTrunks & ValiseS D^We will sell them CHEAPER THAN ANYBODY EVER SOLD THEM IN ALBION BEFORE, and we Guarantee you a Fir or no Sale. OTJTl C3-OOr>S il TD Mili! We will Save you 25 per cent, on Every IDOXJlij^TÒ ITOTJ BTJir- ^IM TO I^LEASE EVERYBODY.: Call and see our Stock before purchasing elsewhere. You be convinced if you call and see our ^oods. will Men Suits, Youths Suits, Boys Suits, Children s Suits, oy ERGO ATS FOR EVERYBODY.LOW PRICES. REMEMBER THE PLACE—Clapp's Building, Albion, Indiana. HIRSCHFIELD & PERITZ. HARDWARE. TINWARE, STOVES. ETC.-J., J. MARTIN. IIS IS ClffH YM and wheat is low, but our prices on •a TINWARE, STOVES will more than equal the LOW PRICES of wheat and oats. lose any time, but come and get the benefit offered at the NEW BAEDWAEE ALBION, INDIANA. T. T. Examine the records of the two great parties in the past, and you will find the repnblican party has always been the txue friend of the laboring man. By its tariff policy it protects I^r of all kinds, and by its wise acts every poor man can secure a hörnest^ on the pnblic domain. Thb Bot. Dr. Howard Crosby has abandoi^ Cleveland. Too mndli of a libertine to be placed the head of a great naticm of 000,000 of petóle. —Those unhappy persons who suffer from nervousness and dyspe^a should use Carter's Little Nerve I^s, which are made expressly for sleepless, nervous, dyspeptic sufforera Price 25c., all druggists. 38ml The country was flooded last week through democratic newspapers with statements of tho most damaging character against Mr. A. H. Phillips, postmaster at Garrott, as to bis withholding mail matter belonging to patrons of that office; especially of democratic newspapers intended for persons in that vicinity. Knowing the disposition of democratic jorunals to magnify anything of a damaging nature toward republicans, and especially republican officials, we refrained last week from doing more than simply stating that he was accused of crookedness, and awaited develop-ments. The Garrett Herald gives the grossly exaggerated statement made by democratic newspapers, and then gives the facts as they exist, as follows: But there is another side to the question, and we will endeavor to give the facts in the case and let our readers form their own conclusions concerning the matter. Louis J. Genglor, the mail-carrier, a "leading Democrat," as the Auburn Courier styles him, was patted on the back, and promised some recognition at the hands of the party, if he, as an employe of the postal service, would act the part of a detective and watch Mr. Phillips' movements. He had a good opportunity to put those papers in tJae waste basket, if he so desired, as he frequently assisted the postmaster by piling tho paper packages on the safe. The fact that those German papers, all in one package, addressed "Garrett, Ind.," is self-evident that they were not thrown into the waste basket by Mr. P. in order to defraud the subscribers. If Mr. Gengler, as a sworn officer, knew those papers were there he should have informed the postmaster, and not acted as a "cat's-paw" for Sprott, Merica, Hazzleman & Co. But then they told him there was "millions in it" for the Democracy, and he was foolish enough to believe it. The Auburn ragman makes his ap pearance in Garrett, and in bis rounds —not as a detective, but as a rag-peddler—purchases a sack of waste paper at the postoffice. What makes these "leading Democrats" so eager to get hold of that sack ? They "smell a mice." The package is there—they know it, and up goes the cry "turn the rascals out" T. S. Merica, Township trustee and teacher in our school has a bam, and to it the ragman was directed, and the sack was opened in the presence of T. S. Merica, W. J. Frederick, Louis J. Genler, sworn mail carrier, F. M. Bacon, J. P., and Henry Sherlock, the ragman. Out comes the package, off goes the wrapper. "I told you so," exclaimed one of the spies. "We've got Alec now—send the news to postal headquarters immediately. We are the reformers— 'turn the rascals out' " "This is a grand scheme for campaign purposes." "Gengler, you're a brick,and we don't know how we could get along without you—to do our dirty work," the latter part of the sentence being spoken aside in stage fashion. Mr. E. K Bearss, postoffice inspector of Indiana, and the Deputy U. S. Marshal came to Garrett Saturday last and made the necessary examination concerning the charges prefer red by the "bam-committee," against Mr. P. and found nothing of a criminal character, and Mr. Phillips, not withstanding the put-up-job for campaign purposes, by the Democratic At a meeting at Hamilton where Mr. Hendricks aired his views, a card bearing the following summary of his record was distributed among the audience: 1. Before the war he was in favor of making Kansas a slave State and extending slavery over the Northwest 2. During the war he left his church because the minister preached a loyal sermon. 3. He bitterly denounced Lincoln's Abolition war. 4. He said the enlistment of the "niggers is an insult every proud man will resent"' 5. He assisted in organizing treasonable secret societies; one in Butler county. 6. He denounced Lincoln for issue-ing the Emancipation Proclamation. 7. He was one of the three senators to vote for a proposition that colored men could not vote unless worth $250. 8. Such was his notorious traitorous record that Indiana soldiers hissed him off the platform at a banquet to General Sherman. W. WELKKR. ATTORNEY-AT-UW and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, Indiana. Q^OfHce up stairs in Glapp's Block.jlielding prickett,.•.••••Attorney-at-Law,Albion, Indiana. orace on York Street, directly West ol Court House lyl ipHOS. K. FELKNER, :■••••• Attorney-at-Law,:••••: Albion, Indiana. Ottico up stairs in Jotin D. Bliick's New Block. 22ti. -yyiLLIAM T. GREEN, M. D- izPHYSICIAN & SURGEON.Z: Sa^Offlce over Huston & Molen's store. ALBION,.................INDIANA An End to Bone Scraping. Edward Shepherd, of Harrisburg, HI., says: "Have received so much benefit from Electric Bitters, I feel it my duty to let suffering humanity know it ' Have had a running sore on my leg for eight years; my doctor told me I would have to have the bone scraped or leg amputated. I used, insteiwi, three bottles of Electric Bitters and seven boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve and my leg is now sound and well" Electric Bitters are sold at 50c a bottte and Bucklen's Arnica Salve at 25c per box by Huston & Molen. The American people know that until democrats, themselves, publicly ventilated the immoral record of Gro-ver Cleveland, republicans had not said one word publicly about it Democrats and independents declare that chastity is not one of the virtues that should be a requisite of a presidential candidate. If this doctrine is endorsed by the fathers of innocent daughters, and the husbands of virtuous wives, then, indeed, has the great republic entered upon its decline. All over this broad land, wherever there reposes the body of a dead soldier, annually the living men and women who yet honor the brave boys who gave their lives to tlieir counry, meet to strew flowers upon the Iwly mounds beneath which lie the remains of the heroic dead. It was Gen. John A. Logan who suggested this method of paying respect to the memory of our country's defenders. D R. PIOKBTT. HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, Special attention given to chronic diseases and disease« of women and cliildren. OiEiice on Main street, 3d Door East of Bank, Albion, Indiana. 27yi NTIST Ligonier, Ind. a^fillino Tkbtii a Specialty. Worden Post, No. 205, G. A. R. Begular meetings second and fourth Saturdays in each mouth. D. A. SCHAFF, COM. 8. R. EASTEBDAY, Adj'T. WM. TRUMP, quabtkrmasteb. JSrORTH STAR LODGE. No. 380, 0. 0. F. ALBION, INDIANA. Regular meetings every Tuesday evening. E. L. TBSOARDEN, N. O. J. CocKLBY, Sec'y. TootlCL 1 Teetli. I GEORGE E. JOHNSON. SURGEON ^Hk DENTIST I ^lloiozx, I3a.d.lsi3a.a.. Snmial attention Riven to both Surgical and thkbapukticai. treatment of ail diseses of the mouth and associate parts. Office, East Main Street. 2yl ■T;:^ILLIAMS DHCOUSE. Albion, Indiana, RICHAED WILLIAMS, Proper. Hon. William Dorsheimkb, a democratic congressman frcnn New York, called the Morrison tariff bill "a first step toward free trada." This is the bill Uiat Bob. Lowry worked and voted for, yet ho is now trying to convince the farmers that he is not a free tnte FIRE! LIGHTNING! CYCLONES! Protect Your Homes! AGAINST FIRE, LIGHTNING^ Kft^ND CYCLONES, —^ ^ POLICY OF ^— INSURANCE ^ FRANK CLAPP, I wlio represents the following RELIA-I BLE INSURANCE COMPANIES: KORTH AMERICAN Ins. Co., Philadelphiay Pa. Ins. Co., Xew Y orle City. managers of Auburn and Garrett, is handling mail matter for all classes aa usual, whilst Gengler stands outside and wonders why he did not see him-8elf«as others see him. Dakota Illustrated. A 82-page paper descriptive of tiie Koriliw^ Mid Far West and a Ooun-ty map oi Dakota s^t free for 2-cent stamp. Send your address to A. V. H. OABPKirrBB, General Agent, Milwaukee ^ 4(M SPRINGFIELD F. c Ins. Co., Spriìidfield, Mass. Ins. Co., Hartford Conn. PH(EJ^IXj&Ì Ins. Co., Hartford, Conn. americana Ins. Co., Xew York City, Ins. Co., Indianapolis, Ind This House is entirely new—is of brick, and completely furnished throughout. Good pletely Sample Booms for commercial men. Main Stbkkt, South of Coubthoubk. v7n7yl GARRip^WS —X- Are now prepared to do Carriage, Buggy and Wagon Biacksmithing & Horseshoeing. Special attention Riven to iPAINTING and REPAIRING! Buggies, Top, Sign-Painting, &c. &c. &c. „.Bemember the place (old school bnild-inliJCorner Hazel and Liberty streets, Albion, Ind. S. SSI. ^OliTlSLlLiSl. liTElW BK/IOK: Livery & Feed-Stable. CARRIAGES FOR BUSINESS OB PLBASUSE; SAMPLE WAGONS FOB COMMERCIAL MEN. AND GENTLE TEAMS FOR LADIES. , -J ■ ;

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