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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - November 20, 1884, Albion, Indiana •.■ÍC.v't iPií'^Vr''', ■V . r B: * TWO DOLLsiRS :í YE^R. VOL XIII NO. 9. remedy far Diaeaaetortlie -THE BESTTOmC. Tbii BMdicine, wrtilnli^ Iron with para mmlNca ' Itiaui iMe fat Diseues pecnlUr to Womaa, aad all who ]e*d BedenUrr lives. 11 does Mt iiyare the teeth, cftose head«ehe.Qr pmdDoe fXHMttpfttioii—oMer Jnm medieima do. Iteniiflheiutd porifla the blood, rtimnlatet the apMtte. aids the eedmllatiMi of food, le-Uevee HMnboni and Bdching, and strength-rem ^ mnsclM and nerrea. For latenilttent Ferea. Lassitude, Lackd Enersy, ^^ ^ I»* i>o cquu. niej|«»iiiie Jiaa above trade mark at^ croMed ledUBcaon wiain>er. Take nootb«. «■Wie*!. COb. ■ALTIMBI, ■» V^t^le Siciliaa HAIE EENEWEE «as tha fm prqinratioD perfectly adapted t» •ore disessci ^ th« scalp, and the lint soo* MSifol restorer of faded or gray liair to its batnral color, growth, and youihiul beauty. It lias had nauy Imitators, but louo Lave so fully met all the rcquiiciiicuts iiccuful for tin: proper treatment of the Lair aiiU scalp. liAi.L'« UjLlK Ueneweh has Blendily grown la furor, and rprcad its faiue aud usciulnesa to erery «jiuirter «f the g'.obe. Its UJ^i'aral-leled Miccess caii bo .attributed to but on» cau^; the etitire fu'jilmLUt of iU jiromiuu proprietors Iiave often been surprized ^t tlic rcccli't of orders from iciuute countries, where tlu y liaJ never m&de au elfort for iU iutrcdoction. The use for a short time of IIall's IlAia lti;Ni:\vj:K wonderfully iui;irorts ^tlie per-SOiial upi>earauec. It cleanse» the scalp from all iutpuritios, cures all buiiiun», fever, and dryiititis, aud thus prcvciiU l>:<'.th)css. U Btiuiu*.iites the weakened glaiid.-:. aud enable» them to push forward a new :iiid vigoroua gro-.rth. The effects of this ariicla are uoe transient, like those of alcoho'i'.e prepnr»> tious,bttt remain a long time.vUdi luakea Us ass a matter of economy. BUGEINGEAM'S DTE wnm rmm WHISKERS mn ekaage the beard to a natural brown, •rUadi,asdairtred. It produces a i<eminueitc •eler that will not wash away. Coiisistiut; of • tfi^ preparation. It is applied without FBZPAREDBT EF.IILL-I CO., Saslma, S.E Md by aU Dealers in JaedieiiMa. fOB ALL THE rOEKS or gOMtalow. Uercnrial, mmá Blood Disorder«. the heM renMsly, beeanso moM aaarehiae and tboKoagh l>tood.parifler, IS Aym's Sarsaparilla. ■alilftfll i •l.aia hottie«,«!. MOM-BB8IDBNT NOTIOB. t^tote ol Indiana, NoUe LooiaDobois, County, ss: loOe Moble Ctrenlt Court ) Na vm. of NiMe OoDnty, V Comjdaiot to In the State of Indiana. ) cancel inortc»«e IS rr KNOWN, tbat on the anh day aC OcUMmt, ISBt. th« above named ptaanM. ....... - ' BCaevkil mmmtÊÊÊitrmon, showing that said d^naéi Lb#i Mbola la BOta retient of the Stato HiÊmÊ aad that said «etk>n li In retattoa ^ «Me^te-irft: To cancel and àkH^ÊKW»^ VOwTtoouvoBK. aaki defendant above 1 to iMteto notifled the fllimr^ pea*- mmL DtC!iSR]>SSI8:{!SGS&!lii: « % XÁaxe; X^ CmS^rn Wm31 wiiere th.«3r May.' IJÍ :ÍDr:íJfCE, ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY. ÍHDIANA, NOVEMBER 20. 1884.NEW SERIES. VOL IX NO. 48. The CKwhen Daily News last said: parties, at Benton, have e people of that burg and lyieiniiy up to more tiian an ordinary of excitement during the past Iweek or sa A few nights since sev-[eral men .were seen around Benton, bat the next morning they had dis-ppeared, leaving the evidence of [their night's work in the yard of the |(dd mill site in that town, where they made a large excavation in the 'earth 12 or 15 feet deep, and then ithey had carefully filled it up again, ^e citizens, imagining some crime ~ been committed, threw the same out again, but found nothing, en Tuesday night last five strange Imen were again seen repeating their {labOTs of the few nights before, only working on a litQe larger scale, and |in the morning they were gone. The »ject of their search is a mystery, they are working for a prize idi tradition says is imbedded in e earth at that point, namely: An tradition has been handed down the people of that section, coming the Indians, that not many feet the earth on the old mill site, there a lead mine, and on several occa-ions cranks have heard of the matter, becoming enthusiasts, dug for e lead, but never found any. Now, pa^es who were there Tuesday were no doubt cranks with the ie object in view. We think the Nem is in error in lying that th«w is a tradition hand down from the Indians that there a lead mine in thi^ vicinity. We there for a pwiod of nearly years, fhxm the time the Pot ie Indians roamed over that to a little more than a decade and this is the first we ever of there being such a tradition the original owners of the Whatever may be the motives these strange characters, it is clear us that they are not seeking a lead <m the strength of any Indian We can only suggest that it is that they may be honest pro-ibitwnists who were led into the ipport of the prohibition party thai Cleveland, who, in mortifica at the mischief they had wrought, disposed to crawl into their holes piúl the tude in after th«n. Again, they may be like Dr. J. P. late of this county, who, y^u» idien a dtizem of Benton, dream three nic^ts in sncceanon that a Mttain point on a farm ownec w, a pot of g(dd was buried, am, pidi and shovel labored dili igsi^^ for seveqpd days in search of the hidden treasure. These men may be dreamers of that charader. THE eONtraiACY MUUNtT ■■l. tUlNE. field Bepublioan, a chip ofiP the old block, whose father publicly accused a prominent public man of dishonesty, and th^ privately wrote him that his heart and his home were opra to him as of old, and that he was compelled to abuse him in print as a matter of business, was too good to support Mr. Blaine. Mr. William R Vanderbilt, the two hundred millionaire, who said of his management of his railroad property, "the public be damned!" gave $150,000 to the Damocratic corruption fund. He was too good to support Mr. Blaine. Mr. Carl Schurz, who was charged by Hon. George W. Julian with being the tool of the Northern Pacific Bailroad Company while Secretary of the interior, and who accepted a po sition with a large salary from the president of the company he had favored by certifying to a false statement con<»ming the acceptance of a section of road, was too good to support Mr. Blaina The editor of a New York newspaper, who made his money by a whisky speculation when a clerk of a congressional committee, was too good to support Mr. Blaina The men who wreck railroads, who fatten o£F enormous fees as lawyers, eating up estates which are unfortun ate enough to be thrown into court; court officers who pocket thousands of dollars for a few minutes' work as awyers," were too good to support Mr. Blaina Men who eat up the substance of banks, leaving mourning depositors and betrayed confidants were too good to suport Mr. Blaine. Men who had been given certificates of character by juries of their peers that would ruin forever anybody else than a. "lawyer," were too good to support Mr. Biaine. All the Pharisees, all the "holier-than-thou" hypocrites, all who had a sore head or a raw back, all those whose petty natures were in revolt against a man whose genius and ability made him great despite their ma-icious envy and back-biting, were too good to support Mr. Blaina The list might be extended indefinitely. These are some of the influ ences against which Mr. Blaine had to contend, in addition to the entire Democratic party, made up of the solid South, which now rejoices over the supremacy ai those whose hands bore the Southern flag," and of the coppwheads of the North, led by Thomas A. Hendricks, who, eight years ago, George William Curtis said should never be elected to preside over a government he did bis »est to destroy. Thilt against such "a conspiracy for plunder and spoils," aided by the Pharisees, hypomtes, the envious, the little-souled great The Leading Clothing House in Indiana. % ? '^LITTLE JOE>**THE £ 01P liX in m •ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo«cin 1 ! •oooocoooooooooooooooooooooeooooooooooooeOvercoats, Overcoats, Overcoats! Suits, Suits, and Suits/We have just received a large line of:iCLOTHINC,ismade up and trimmed in very best of styles GENTS'g^A very large line of^ n ' 1s GOODS. :it Lowest Prices and best of Styles. Our line of HI-^TS cSC O-A-E^B is very largre.PR/CES TO SUIT EVERYBODY. TRUNKS VALISES IN GREAT VARIETY,' l^JTe are hound to undersell everybody in our line, because our expenses are light. i^We guarantee everybody a good fit \ or no sale. Goods warraitted as represented or money will be refunded. Everything sold atROCK BOTTOM PRIOEa W^We guarantee to 8:^1 VE you 25 per cent, on every dollars worth e guaraì..^^ -- „----— _ , of goods you buy of us. Try us and be convinced. l^Wt thank all our customers for past favorsy and we hope ev-everybody will patronize us in the future. l^Bon't Forget the Place,, Old Clapp Building, ^ITolOXi, IlXd- HIRSCHFIELD & PERITZ. T. POPHAM & CO.,—PmLADKLPmA, Pura. PAPU A M'Q ASTHMA specific . rUr nAM o astama specific l!!lllinil]l3illlllllilllHtilHliIIilil3IUl For the Cure of :isthma. ESTABLISHED IMA.**^ pTckage FBEE T. POPHAM> CO., Prop's., PMIaddpiiia. INSTANTLY RELIEVED. MlOMli I^Do not tall to try this splendid preparation if you have difficult tneathlng frm^ _ feYer, or Chronie BronetaitlL It is a pleasant inhaMng rttntag going at <me6 to the diseMo; remoTtag the mueos or phlegm, relaxing thelQbtiltng of the chest, pnundting tion, and ^ving ^mediate " " ' ' ~ dniggbta everyiniere. and •ad w^om iBfiMiaptdto Journal. lir. Joseph W. Harper, jr. WSiiaiB Curtís, master did noi support Hr. Blaine be-Ifr. nttne did not gif» ^ lli»piililkiti0iioCl^ Mi, 'ém In CoogrssÉ." Ss» VilUiii'liiÉiir tonfOQ&toiir men, the devourers of widows' houses, the malcontents, the AduUamites of all sorts, conditions and circumstances, backed up by the filthiest scandals and libels that ever disgraced a campaign, Mr. Blaine should be defeated by a plurality of less than a thousand votes is, and will always remain, a marvel in political history— the pwat tribute to a man's popular rtnmgth, mcnral courage and consummate leadership thé world has ever seen. Only a mind and heart small and mean enough to be too good to rapport him can see in the result saything less than this. ▲ GhPSfti DinooTery. Wt, Wn. Thomas, ot Newtcm, la., 'Ky lAÙ baa been serions^ MméûonAfoK tmmáj-ñf I and positive relief in every case. up In Uu^b<MW8é - • is ¡É! li! E^DOi^r YOU KNOW MEÍ IS MY JÍÁMJS/ I WOB* AT »tAí^M-flPáCíWT:«-^ Àt » the I Old t School t Buildiàg. "V.I RÏ - Narcolinel t . • » . J. -L- ;

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