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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - November 13, 1884, Albion, Indiana i-í H THE BEST TONIC. ^ Tliis medicine, combining Iron with pure TCKetable tonics, l'area pare «ear Impar undN« mfâtoK remedy for Diseues of the I m4 lÀrar. It is an . It is inT«luable"ft)r Diseases peculiar to tVomen, and all who lead sedentary lives. It does not injure the teeth, cause headacbe,or pmdoee constipation—otter Iron medicmes do. It enrich« and purifies the blood, stimulates the api^te. aids the aasimilaUon of food, re lieves Heaitbura and Belching, and stiength-eos the moacles and nerves. , , , . For Intetmittent Fevers, Lassitude, Lack of Energy. it has no equal. The genuine haa above trade mark a^d crossed redoes on wrapper. Take no other. a-tewteto MWWB CBBaiCAL COn BALTtHOBE. ■!>■ Y ALL ODDS EQUIPPED RAILROAD IN THE WORLD. i'BM I^t it be forever remembered that the CHICAGO dc NORTH-WESTERN Is the best and shortest rout^ to and from Chi eago %ud Council Blufls (Omaha), and that it is preferred by all well posted travelers when passsiuK to or^f roni ¡alifoma ail CoUo. It also operates the best rovitf and the shortest route between Chiago and St. Paul and Minneapolis. Milwaukee, Lacrosse, Sparta. Madison. Fort Howard. (Green Bay,) Wis.; Wiona. Owatonna, Mankato, Minn.; Cedar Kapids, l)es Moines, Webster city, Aigona, clnit^ii, Marshalitown, Iowa, Freenort, Elgin. Utx-kfurd. 111.,are among Its 800 local stations on its lines. Among a few oi the numerous points of superiority enjoyed by the patrons of this r.»ad, are its DAY COACriES, which aie tlie finest that humau art and Ingenuity can ereate; its PALATIAL SLEEPING CARS, m liici» are nnKlels of comfort and elegance; its PAl.ACE DRAWING ROOM CARS, which are unsurpassed by any; •od its widely celebrated Xorih-Western Dining Cars, the like of which are not run by any other road anywhere. In short, it is asserted that it Is the BEST EQUIPPED ROAD IN THE WORLD. All points of interest North. Northwest and West of Chiciwo, business eentres, summer resorts and notedhunting and flsliing grounds are accessible by the various branches of the road. It owns and controls over 5000 miles of road snd has over 400 passenger conductors contin oally caring for Its millions of patrons. Ask your ticket agent for tickets via this route AND TAKE NONE OTHER. All leading ticket agents sell them. It costs no more to toavel on this route, that gives first-class accommodations, thaa it does to go by the poorl) equipped roads. For maps, descriptive circulars and summei resort papers or other information not obtaina able at your local ticket office write to the Qen'l Pass. Agent. C. & N.-W. R'Y. I0eOW-lJ-'85 CHICAGO, ILL. KING'S EVIL Wai the name ionnerly given to Scrofu^ because of a superstition iliat it cuuiJ bo cored by a king's touch. The world ii wiser now, and knows that SCROFULA can only be cured by a thorough purifica-tk>n of the blood. If this is neclectcd. the (Usease perpetuute.s its taini throuKli fWMg'rtfcm after generation. Among its miier symntoniatic developments aro EesMna» Cfataneous Erupttons, Tu-xaortcBMla, Carbuncles, Erysipelas, Parmeat ITloera, Kervous and Pliy-•ImI CoUivae^ etc. If allowed to con* tiaae. Bh—i—ttswi. Scrofulous Ca-tarA, Kldncgr and Liver Diseases, Talxmolar Coasumption, and vsrl-ouotlm daanrotts or fatal mabdies, are pwd—d^TL Myers Sarsaparilla Mfk§marpotm^ and tdwtui rdiam Uoc&pmrfyin^wtedictne. It Is tw effect-nri tm absratfre tiiat it eradicates tnm flM fjstam H«radltaiy Scrofula, and tte khdred polmis of contains diMsnes and nateury.. At tiie same time it en-Vldies and vitalises Um bk>od, restoring kiMlthtel aetkMi to the vital or^ns and nsfofwating the «itire system. This great Regenerative Medicine of the «nuine Hmdunu with fdloio Dock. StO-lingidt the Iodides of Potasaium and MroUt and othw ingredients nf great pi>-ymej, «»efull/ and acicntiiically com-Bwnidad. Its formula i« frt-iK*r»ily Icnown to llM medwaU profession, and the be»« ti^nMaas constantly prescribe AYEB's BAMlAraBUXA as ao Absolute Cure PerdlSseases caused by the %'it!st1on of flw Mood, tt Is concentrated to the high-«St pnetieabie degree, far beyond any •Unt pivparation for which like effects an claimed, and is therefore the ebespest, M wdl M tiM belt blood «¡MilBlteVOKld. i^pei'^ teimiiarllia mraaiDn ' mmmm ■MiJLisr? licli M It Se! THAT IS WHAT THE COUNTY BOARDS OF CANVASSERS OF NEW YORK ARE TRYING TO DETERMINE. The Count Commenced on Tuesday, AND WILL CONTINUE FROM DAY TO DAY UNTIL COMPLETED. UNTIL THAT IS DONE THERE IS NOTHING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO DO BUT WAIT. REPUBLICANS FEELING CONFIDENT OF SUCCESS, DESPITE THE DBMOCBAT-10 BLUSTER AND BRAVADO. EMINENT LBOAL COUNSEL ON BOTH SIDES ENGAGED. IN THE NEXT ISSUE OP THE NEW ERA WE HOPE TO BE ABLE TO GIVE THE FI If Ali RE81JI.T. may be allowed by tíie courts. When it 18 considered that there are 712 election precincts in the city, that the vofcM for the thirty-six Electors mast be polled separately, and that tiie coant also includes a long list of leg^ative and local of&ces, it is not nnlikely that the canvass will exhaust the entire term of thirteen days which the Canvassing Board may lawfully demand. After the count shall be finished the board will have five days within which to send the returns to the Secretary of State. The people must continue to curb their impatience and await the result placidly. The Tribune will not undertake to give it before the count is finished, and any other nepspaper here or elsewhere which shall pretend to know before that time how the State has gone will deceive its readers and will be entitled to no credence whatever. Republicans can afford to wait, because they are unanimous in their desire that the Electoral vote of New York shall be awarded to the candidate who has the lawful plurality of the popular vote. If democrats exhibit signs of irritation at the unavoidable delay it will •be because they are disposed to have and to hold the State regardless of the legal ascertainment of the actual plurality. There seems to be an impression among the democrats that, because the vote is close, the State must be theirs. That does not follow. It is precisely because the vote is close that it must be scrutinized vigilantly, counted and recounted if necessary, in order to determine which party has cast a plurality." On Wednesday it said that "there is better feeling in the city to-day on both sides. The police have made ample arrangements to meet any ordinary mob outbreak. The democrats have lost measurably by their rapid attempts to inflame popular opinion in advance of official judgment It will probably take several days at least to completely settle the official count so far as even the face of the returns is concerned. In 1850 there was a very close election in this State between Horatio Seymour and Washington Hunt It took two weeks for them to determine the official result Hunt was declared Governor by a majority of 252. although Seymour and his friends had, with all the persistency of the Cleveland people, claimed the State by 1,200. In 1854 there was another close election. Maron H. Clark was elected over Seymour, by a majority of only 309. When George H. Hos-kins ran for Secretary of State a few imtil the result is finally and officially announced. The vote in New York is altogether too close for either party to claim the State with absolute certainty. This is not the time for inflammatory speeches, but good citizens should be prepared to await quietly and calmly a peaceable settlement of the question by the proper authorities. My fear is that if a single gun be^fired by either party against the other in any of these demonstrations it might endanger the federal Union. I think everything should be done to allay party spirit instead of inflaming the public by speeches such as some gentlemen have thought proper to deliver in the last few days." THE NEXT CONGRESS. Ihe Leading Clothing House in Indiana. LITTLE JOE: The Republicans Will Control the Senate and the Democrats the House. The count of the vote of the state of New York was commenced on Tuesday by the aevwal county canvassing boards, and is now in pro-Emin^t legal counsel have been retained by each of the parties to direct action. Boeooe Conkliog serving the democrats without pay» in that capamty, while William M. Evarts is employed by the republicans. Mr. Conkling is the better politician, but in legal attainmenta and ability is not the equal of Mr. Evarts. In each of the several coun-ties of the state legal counsel is engaged, and their proctjediugs will be directed by these gentlemen. In regard io the count the Chica go Tribune of Tuesday said tiiat "The most important notice we can serve on The TribuneTB readers this morning is that they cannot reasonably expect that the progress which slnU be made in tlieoount to-day will enable them to arrive at the zemli Such an impressiaii pravaib nnior* tniitttely, and it should be comMkMi •levetypcsai 1a the dly of How Yorkthe Bo«d tA iUiiMiiMii scarcely do xsncm than organise Washington Special. From election returns now received a pretty fair estimate of the status of the next Congress can be made. Later returns may, of course, make some changes, but the chances are that the Senate will stand 41 Bepublicans to 35 Democrats, and the House 184 Democrats to 141 Bepublicans. The above, if the returns now hold, will be the complexion of the Senate during the first two years of the next a£ninistration. The republican senators whose terms expire at the end of two years —^that is, on March 4, 1887—are: Miller, California;Hawley, Connecticut; Harrison, Indiana; Hale, Maine; Dawes, Massachusetts; Conger, Michigan; McMillan, Minnesota; Van Wyck, Nebraska; Sewell, New Jersey; Miller, New York; Sherman, Ohio; Mitchell, Pennsylvania; Al-drich, Rhode Island; Edmunds, Vermont; Mahone, Virginia; Sawyer, Wisconsin. It is not regarded as probable by democrats here that they can secure enough of these for the term beginning in 1887 te change the complexion of the Senate, and both parties expect it to stand with a republican majority of from four to six through the next administration. The result in Illinois as to the 1^-islaiure was most unexpected, and it will give a democratic successor to Senator Logan. The trouble seems to have grown out of the decision of the national committee that Bepre-sentative Davis renominated in Chicago, ought to give way to a contesting nominee. This was really because he had been hostile to General Logan. He was very popular and the feeling over the matter in bis district extended to the Legislative ticket, and has probably cost the republicans the Legislatora Overcoats, Overcoats, Overcoats! Suits, Suits, and Suits/ We have just received a large line of =iCLOTHINC,i= made up and trimmed in very best of styles ^A very large line ofC3 n gents' mmn goods, :4t Lowest Prices and best of Styles. Our line of HZ^TS óC C-ÉÍ.FS is very large PRICES TO SUIT EVERYBODY. TRUNKS ^^ VALISES IN GREAT VARIETY. ^^We are hound to undersell everybody in our line, because our expenses are light. guarantee everybody a good fit or no sale. Goods warranted as represented or mon-eg will be refunded. Everything sold at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. t^F« guarantee io S:i VE you 25 per cent on every dollars worth of goods you buy of us. Try us and be convinced. thank all our customers for past favors, and we hope ev-everybody will patronize us in the future. ^^Don't Forget the Place,,^ as A Boaidof Sapsrviaonto eondool Û» eoani Tho law givoa ten ^ja wUk-inwbiflkloMp^Maflio eanviü of hko fofeaa» and ttno «ddilkMiàl di^ years ago against Clarkson Potter he was elected by only 290 votea Yet so fair and careful are the election laws in this State that there has never been any ground for just dispute after the official result was declared. In view of all these facts the Blaine Republicans can well a£Ford to wait with patience the result of the in-vratigation of the count of the ballots in this State. Mr. Blaine's chances are certainly as good as Mr. Cleveland's, while those who know most about Uie Republican management think them vastly better. The Indianapolis Journal says that Hon. Joseph E. McDonald was shown a dispatch from A. P. German to Chairman Hend«son to-day, and had the Idlowing to say in r^ard to the political situation: "I think that proclamation of Mr. Barnum calling upon democrats everywhere to fire guns and in other respects treat the elactioii of Clovdand as a srttled foot waaaU wrong. I think, abo^ that thoM waa no warrant for aa endiiikge OM^^ralnllitovy meai^^ boAwaon CSeivvland and Beodridn, and tint it woold W beon bettor if Kaino had noi —it jmynmaaaga tnnonneiiig tha balief tbaitbe nptUtkmrn had cai- —Pbickly Ash Bitters is an unfailing specific for all complaints arising from a derangement of the functions of the Liver. It purifies the blood and infuses new life into the invalid. Pains in the side, general uneasiness, loss of appetite, headache, bUious attacks, &c., are sure indications that a corrective is needed. Prickly Ash Bitters is especially adapted for these complaintt«. It arouse a torpid liver to action and restores it to a healthy condition. The democracy ran two candidates for mayor of New York. The Tam-manyites and the regular democracy each had candidates. Mr. Grace was chosen over Kelly's man, and now the Tammany sachem swears that Grace shall not be seated, as he is not a citizen of the United States. Grace claims that he will be seated without question. Round trip tickets will be sold from Chicago to New Orleans during the Ghreat Exposition, at 125. The Saintjohns played into the hands of iàe Donijolms at the last election. HcHiest men who love principle will cut loose from a party that panders to the success of a candidato of OlevolaQd'« moral character. Who «he result in New York was in áonbti '^Mven-mnle-Bamum*' ap pealed for HKmejto seeore an honest «oioai Oopiai^Mi fiallei abroad in Old Clapp Building. -A-lToion, Ind.. HIRSCHFIELD & PERITZ. T. 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Bam on Jefferson 8i„ North of Court House, -{ } ALBION, IND S3D. BlTGHaB, Z»xop*r. 1 Dr. A. W.CSJSSi- AMnuCAN '^mbbicak Inniiciiv. ■-iiniiwit. Thts Uniment is calculated for IntenuA i M external oae in colic, ciwlera mortÊÊi in the Bomach, etc., it is a sure soceess aii destroyer indeed, it is exeeediniely vataalife in aeuraigla, rbeamattu pains, Iwulies. Knmlna. BoreneM: in all eases wken Unim«n& îm ;

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