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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - November 27, 1884, Albion, Indiana * .......... ....._ ^ "^jilftlllls^ ___________ ' ß TWO nOLMRS:! YEAR, ^SEww to «3a« TLàXk»", Xjat "CbìM COxljpm ie*mlL 'vrla.m iiJxmy ^Ay.*' _________:_, _^______ Al ..... VOL XHI NO. 10. ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, NOVEMBER 27. 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX NO. 49. It is prpbabi* that Ohio, in the near fatnre, will abolish her October elections. WATCiiMAN WHATOFTHENiailTI It is prpbabi* that Ohio, in the near fatnre, will abolish her October elections. T« yooDgert^b« rf tt. next ^^ ^^^ ^ ^ ^^ congress is Robert M. LaFollette, of Wisconsin, who is bat 28 years old. He is a repablican. — THE * BEST TONIC. ? Tbb owdleine. oombiniiigr Iron with pure VCgeUbte tonics, quiclcly and comnktely Vmm PiBpapatiu Mf«MCion, %VeakHe«m IMJM« Mm4. bZrIs^CUII» aud Perm, Uttowji^inf remedy for Diseaset of the Iwldacsw £ivcr« It is iitroloable for Diseases peculiar to Watamn, ud aU who lead sedentary livM. It does not lAture the teeth, muse lieadacbe,or nmdiioe oemstlpatlon—otAir Iron medicine* do. It cnrielMa and purifies the blood, stimulates the ap^te, aids the assimilation of food, r^ Ueves Heartburn and Belching, aud strength» ens the moscles and nerres. . . ^ For Iittermlttent Fevers, Lassitude, Lack ol 4e.. it has no equal. The «enaine has above trade mark aod crowedrediineson wrapper. Take nootbet. ••«•wtoka Hmwi CTBMICAI. GO, aALTIKOItB. South Cabouva planters are alarm* »ed at the prospective exodus of negroes from that state. Intimidation and bnll-dozing are bearing fmii Mr. cuevkuun) will probably resign the governorship of New York aboat the first of January, prepan-tory to entering upon the duties of president on the 4th day of March, 1885. A FEW HINTS R» ÏÎ^ iOB Til£ OSE OF For ConsUpa Dose. —Tb mové Ot* tow« tU getUly. 2 to 4 PiUtt thoroui/khj, i to 9 PiUê. Experience wiU decid* U0 yroptr uose ¿H tack dUê, For Constipation, or CosUveiMM, BO CMaady Is so effcctivo as Atkb's Piua Th«r iBsare regular daily action, ud (•> More the bovela to a heallhy conditioii. For Indl^eatJon, or I>]rspep8ia, ATSK'S riixa are inTalnablo, aud a sure cure. Doart-bn», I.o«s of Appetite, Fool Stommdi, Flatolcncy, Bizxlncss, Head* •^e, KnaibBess, Siausc», aro ttU relievaA and earod by Avl'ii's Tills. . ' InXJTcr Complaint, BiUons Dlsordent •sd Janndioe, Aveu's Pili.s should b* gitrea In doses larga euou^U to.cxcite tb* liver and bovcb, and retuoio iousUpation. ▲s a elcansing modicluo iu tUo Spring, theae Pixxa are unequalled. ^orma, caused by a morbid condition oC ^o bowels, are expelled by Uicso Piujl Brnptlona. Skin Diseaseii, and PllM> Cbe rseoHot Indigcsiiou or Coi>«Upation, are «Bred by the use of a vmt'a Pills. pw OoUto, take Avek'3 Pili.« to open tbe pores, remore loflaniuiatory eecrction*, ■ad allay Uie fever. for Dlarrboca and D.Tocntcrr, caused by ■nddan eolds, indigostible iou.i, vu-., Avcu's Puu an tbe tmo remedy. Shaamatlani, Ooat, Kcr-n.l|^!n, nnd BfUflm.ttftan result from digc^liTe dcrau^c-aéat* or eolds, and disappear rn removing ttw outt* by tlM oie of Avr-R's Pills. TtUttora, Dropay, Kldnry ComplnSntr, •Bd other disorders eaosed l>y debility or otetnaetion, are eared by ^izr'b P;lls. ■■ppt—l<m, and PaiaAil Mcnstrn»-tfoB* bM« • Mi« and ready remedy ia AVER'S PILLS. Fall dlraeÓoBf, la varlooi ìMasptgi», a» «eaeeay ««eh package. nKPAKK%BT Dr. J.C. AyerLowell, Matt. SoldbjraUDmcgUta. Let It be fMever remembered that the GHIG/LOO & HO&Tff-WESTEBH mATT-.'WA.'sr Is Um best sod shortest route to and from Cbl mgft and Gonuell mulbi (Omaha), and that it Is pwtencd by sU well posted tmrelen whea . pMSiiag tool ' WATCiiMAN WHATOFTHENiailTI Twenty'four years ago—on the 4th day of March, 1860—the demooratio government at Wadiington. The republican party, th«i wholly untried in naticmal affairs, assumed the direction of the government The heritages it received from the dono-(oatic party w«re the broken down industries of the country, an empty treasury, and a gigantic rebellion of the slaveholding states pf the Union. All the public offices were filled by men in sympathy with the retiring administration and party, and many of them in secret if not open sympathy with those who were in armed Henry Wabd Bebchkb recently Iagainst the very govern-spoke to empty benches, in lecturing they professed to serve. It was at Hartford. It is weU that a pro ««^er such circumstances as these feased teacher of men, who excuses "lat the republican party came into the grossest immoraUties of men, I»™ i»» ^ treason lurked in sliould be given to understand that P^*^ places, whUe every department a virtuous people do not care to be ^^^ government service seemed to instructed by him. | ^^ honey combed with sympathisers with those who had taken up arms It is said that the defeated demo-{against the government To meet cratic candidate for congress in the bnd clieck the growing sentiment of Tenth district—Wood—will contest secession in the south—to replenish the election of Owen, who was elect- the empty vaults of the treasury—^to ed by the republicans by a majority revive the dead and drooping indns-of 300 or 400. "Our Bob," can be tries of the nation, and to weed out counted on as doing his level best to the disloyal in the government ser-unseat the successful man. cokabessman Steele was re-elected to congress in the Wabash district of this state by 54 plurality, over Maj. Kidd, the democratic candidate. To defeat Steele, a prohibition candidate—Please—was put in the field, who received 1,234 votes. Kidd has notified Steele that he' will contest bis seat I vice were the first things that demanded Uie attention of the republican executive—the martyred Lincoln. All this was accomplished in due I tima Wise legislation by a repub-i lican congress revived our dead in-I dustries, raised vast armies for the defense of the nation's life, and pro-i vided the means to carry on a four I years ilar, that in magnitude surpassed anything that the world had ever before seen or known. The rebellion was put down—the Union of upcm the country in 1861, is again in the ascendant, and, as in those dark days bef<»e the war, the section that was in open hostility to the government, and in its efforts to disrupt the Union desolated thousands of loyal homes in the land, is again in a position to dictate the policy of the government, and make their dictation effective. There is nothing chewing in the outlook for the future of our country, but disasters are threatening. Qod grant that they may not again culminate as those that preceded them did when the democratic party went out of power in 1861.__ A MYSTERY EXPUiNED. Henry B. Hess, who resides near North Webster, in this county, brought to this office a stone ring that was found on his farm under a black walnut stump that was about four and a half feet in diameter. 'Die ring was found four weeks ago last Sunday, and had been whittled out of soft stone. In pulling oat the stump the ring was found under one of the roots. It is for a large sized finger, and the peculiarity and interest centers in the fact it bears the date 1621. If it was really made at that time, it is quite a valuable relic. ■Waraaw Indianian. We can readily explain all the mystery there is in this little matter. When Samuel J. Tilden was a young man just starting out in political life, he wandered out into the wilds of The Leading. Clothing House in Indiana. ''LITTLE JOE. THEj® E i •OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO« irr oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo« Overcoats, Overcoats, Overcoats! Suits, Suits, and Suits! We have just received a large line of made up and trimmed in very best of styles Hemdbicks, in his speech at Brooklyn, says the democratic party is in favor of free government and per-petual Union of tbe states. It must '««^red, an^after twenty-four have been republicans, then, who b«»" «o^«"» waged a w«r against the Union from » «««i^ t"™®^ ^ P»' 1861 to 1865. Is this the same^y"««^®' disloyalty was Hendricks who, at that time, was in favor of establishing a north-western confederacy ? Babtholdi's statue of "Liberty Enlightening the World," is to be shipped to t^ countey in May. It was the intention that it should be erected* in the harbor of New York, if money could be raised for that pur-1 provided with the means to meet all posa An exchange says that *tbe demands due from the government, moneyed men of New York, it is un- and the credit of the nation is not ex derstood, are not friendly to Liberty, celled by any nation of the globe, and refuse to harbor her or so much With forebodings as to the future, as give her a foothold at the outside | those in control of the business in of the harbor. New York voted for j terests of the country ask; "Wateh Cleveland." fostered and nurtured until it culminated in open, armed rebellion. [ In what condition is it given into I their hands f In the defeated party j are no disloyal hearts. Peace reigns supreme in all the land. The industries of thé country are in a flourish I ing condition, and honest labor is not I without its reward. The treasury is lim aid CdiirÉ. It alio opetatet the best route and tbe shortest route between Chiago and St, Paul and Minneapolis, WIb. ; Wion% Owatonna, Mr BapMsri^ Moiaes, cliQtoo. MarshalltowB, ItoiMloadatMMniiioBltollBes. ^ TOaSciE&S,wliST^^e finest ^______SScfofiiraio ansarpsssed byaay: Jfmrik-Wtstirn Dining Cars, IAO IK THE WOBLD. talent Hoitìi, Nortiiwest aai «C.CM«aw, fsiaess een^, summer i«. A MMkaa^ and Utting gromids ara SBiSFlie ieil^ braaeltes of the road. ma- am miles oi raad inemis man what of tlie night?" The answer brings no hope • to them, or to the toiling millions who depend upon them f<Mr work and wages. The freedmen of the south—those who were once slaves but now free men in name, and who have been de prived of the most sacred right of freemen, that of the ballot, as they seethe party that made them free and gave them the great birthright of American citizenship, go down in defeat, ask in appealing tones **Watchman, what of the nightr The answer is that the party that tried, to disrupt the Union and eafcab It aoimds like the utteraned ofj li^ slaveocracy in the southera dttnocrats in puite beUum days, when fbalf, is ag^ to the front, and that we hearthe Oindniurti envelop the fu- The Chica-^ Tribune of Saturday gave an indication of the prospects for the future in respect to the business interests of the countJ^, when it said that 'Sports of lieavy rednc-ti<xig in the nnmber of operatives, thai many of the manu* ccmoemèd will itdy, come from Boston, Fall Biver, Pittsburg, and other centres. The outlook for the winter ia mot a «pecUdly attractive ooe to the skilled wicvking dasses in the east" UVU0 lU MU3 UU1UM3 and of thai factnri^^^^pta close down^BEánii ing that noühinijr should now be said or done to offeii| tìie south. That is wliat demoiacata'iaid prior to 1860, for the sim]^ xeaboa Ihi^ then as rtare of the froedmen in the south. The old floldiar of the Union army I —the man whiá^ left all that was dear ^ home ties and assoeiaiioiiB, to fol mm the ac lid aoulh dietatod the pd-1 low the flag of his oountey wherever icy tfai^ norÜMin denoeraii flhoald I it might lead, aad who mlltered tha pQnae. An tfai old aoeiMs eoaotod I hacdshipB of a fonr years war, and in thcae other di^ nliaii the mill I faced daath upon flaldadrenohed with roled ilw pMd ^ âM Itt^^wo» I ilM Uood of hi^ and by paraoiial Yktefia acmght to|aie oiilkA miglii Uta, with daep ad jlir tba fftia of ika intjUtaliaba toba Mpmlkéñl tu. fil>.jtoirttiflììliaatiidwd attd ia»«m*■te; <*WitèiuMtt^ iMlo ìàm fMolfa ndiana, and became smitten with the charms of an ancient arrow-maker's daughter among the aborigines, and thinking it would add to tbe strength of the democratic party, and farther his rising political prospects. Bought an alliance with the tribe by proposing marriaga To gain favor in the eyes of his coppered colored charmer, he whittled out this ring and presented it to her with the offer of his leart and hand. Both were rejected, and in the bitterness of this, his first great grief, he dog a hole in the sand and buried the ring from sight, as he supposed, forever. Sammy had been living upon walnuts for some time, and had his pockets full of them, and while filling up the hole where he had buried the only evidence of his blasted hopes, one of them fell into the loose earth, and grew to be a tree, under the stump of which tbe buried ring was found. Samuel J. Tilden went back to New York disappointed man and lived a bachelor even unto this day. A Lawyer's Opinion of Interostto All. J. A. Tawney, a leading attorney of Winona, Minn., writes: "After using it for more than three years, I take great pleasure in stating that I re l^ard Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, as the best remedy in the world for coughs and colds. It has never failed to cure the most severe cold I have had, and invariably relieves the pain in the chest." Tri^ bottle of this sure cure for all throat and lung diseases may be had free at Huston & Molen's. Lai^e size $1. GENTS' g^A very large line of^g r s :ît Lowest Prices and best of Styles, Our line of C.A-IPS is very large. PRICES TO SUIT EVERYBODY. TRUHKS VALISES IN GREAT VARIETY. ^^TWe are hound to undersell everybody in our line, because our expenses are light, ^^^e guarantee everybody a good fit or no sale. Goods warranted as represented or money will be refunded. Everything sold, at ROOK BOTTOM PRIGES. J guarantee to S:>i VE you 25 per cent on every dollars worth }f goods you buy of us. Try us and be convinced. ^^ We thank all our customers for past favors, and we hope ev-everybody will patronize us in the future. l^BonH Forget the Place,, ^ Old Clapp Building, ^IToxora., IrLCL HIRSCHFIELD & PERITZ. T. POPHAM & CO.,—PmLADKLpmA, PEKW. miwmm POPHAM'S iliSSi v ¡niiihiiMUiniiiiiiiiyiniiisiiysiiiiyii : For the Cure of sisthma. \ ESTABU8HED er-TBIAL ^CKAGE FREE...... T. POPHAM h CO., Prop'«., Philadelphia. ,ration if ___________________ It Is a pleasant inhalln __^^ disease; removing tbe mucus or phlegm, relaxing the tightning of the ch< tipn, and giving immediate and positive relief in every case. Put up In dhigglsts «verywhete. The n^pco tote in the south is-sappressed as effectually as if it^did not exist The soutiiem states have about forty members of congress who are elected on the Iwsis of the negro voto, but which never materializes. An equal number of electoral votes 'are cast by that section, based upon the popular vote of the freedmen who are not permitted to wield the ballot aa fi^mi^ This is why there is a solid south. Two hundred and fori^ eight fail urea in Uie United States for the week following the election of Oleve-lànd. Manufacturers, many oith«^ araooly.-nmmngon half time to pi orders, while others are dintliiig ^bwn autizdy. The outlook ia far from dkaaring, yet these are thè *<goodtiniaÉ'* that weca to follow demoeraftie viotQiy. for tlia ooraiiig in-bfdii adiaii Qsofir I ilia Mat in iho manden- Äi nr'Do nolfail to try this splendid prej Fever, or Chronic Bronciiitfs. INSTANTLY RELIEVED. have dlAcult brettüilng from AMMwiStaf ----aealicíltba lexpeetotm» MkSrMMby going at once to of the chest, prom. ' large boxes, oeSMSms lo! Ii! 13fJ)0S'T YOU KNOW MÉf IS MY XäMEt isr-EHVT BI&iok: Livery &Feed-Stabla OÁBBIAGES rob BUSINESS pb SAMPLE WA(^8 TOB COMMEBCIÀL XBK. AND OBMTLE TEAMS FOB LADII8. I WORK AT At X the X Old % School x Building. Narcoline! Narcolinel Hhr «M ÏUiilaw Sxtractim o(- TERMS MA80IHABLEI Barn on Jefferson Sii, NortbofCoartHóoie. o AUUOIT, IHH^ sao. S33bTO>XriS3, SPscepí^ ■ Ml« Of Kaniiy Btbekt Mm« FAI». AM«rafe«M0.il«H«ittlb ;

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