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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - November 6, 1884, Albion, Indiana •: " ' 'i ^ SmBVìf -íi^sWlilS« • , A^Jí* 1 - . iré / TWO DOLLARS A YEMR. ''Svw to tla.* Xjteie; Xj«t tlx« Olxips :e*mliX •'vrìamaem t2x«3r ^^y" —.— ^-^íTi-..:-----------------,..... IX á^BVÁjtCE. VOL XIII NO. 7. ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY. INDIANA. NOVEMBER 6. 1884 NEW SERIES. VOL IX NO. 46 GENTS' FURNiSHTNO GOODS. HATS, GAPS. TEVHK% TAÓStS» RO. WE CTVE rr XJP!no WE DON'T; YES WE DO; DO WE? WELL, NOW DON'T WE! INDIANA JOINS THE SOLID SOUTH. New York, up to Latest Advices, Gives Blaine but 640 Majority with a few Districts to hear from. BUT FRAUD WILL CHEAT US OUT OF THIS PLURALITY WE FEEL ASSURED. We have delayed our paper lor one day, hoping to be able to give the correct returns from the election, and to record a victory for morality and republicanism, in the triumphant election of Blaine and Logan, but we must confess that the outlook does not point to such a resiilt. In consequence of frauds upon the ballot, such as were Dractioed in this county, Indiana has been given over to Bourbonism, and the very latest returns indicate that Kew York will follow in its wake by the same means. Up to goine to press Blaine^s majority in that state is but 640, with twelve districts to hear from, and as tampering with the returns have already been practiced, such methods will bemused until the honest plurality won by the lepublicans of the Empire State is wiped out. < But despite the humiliation we feel at havmg a man of Cleveland's character in the White House, GENTS' FURNiSHTNO GOODS. HATS, GAPS. TEVHK% TAÓStS» RO. •ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*01PH Giüli! •ooooooooooooooooooooooooc DOOO*is now in full blast with an entire stock of«c^which comprises<=>s. CL0THÌN6. 0Hats & Caps- N R N I S H I ^ -Trunks& ValiseS GENt QOODS,O^We will sell them CHEAPER THAN ANYBODY EVER SOLD THEM IN ALBION BEFORE, and we Guarantee you a Fit or no Sale. OT7Z% GKD03DS .A'R.Ti rrEWIIEIE!We will Save you 25 per cent on Every ÜOLLAJEÓ ITOTJ BTJIT- ■^TsTE -A.IM TO SALEASE EVERYBODY.Call and see our Stock before purchasing elsewhere. You will be convinced if you call and see our goods.Men Suits, Youths Suits, Doys Suits, Children s Suits, OVERCOATS f0y?fl^£/?K50i)K.ATVERYL0W PRICES ■m REMEMBER THE PLACE—Ctapp'. Building, Albion, Indiwa.HIRSCHFIELD & PERITZ. HAKOWABB, UNWASI, SIOTKS. KTO—J. i. UIBUN. •tz ^ ii -Ci TiÉr; il lolilfi Cout; Blaine, 94; CaUcins, 04; Keator, 97; Braden, 97; Vought, 97; Mc-Means, 91; Piper, 99; EimmeU, 96; Bartuec^ 93; Dr. Gi«en, 96. nCBBT. ^BQ«, 66,0allD]i8, edi Kmkat, 19, Bndeo, 59; Gair, 81; Yongbt, 80; IfeliMiia, 48; Piper, 88$ Kimmell, 108; Bortner, 74; I>r. Gim, 74 SUEEAM. Clvvéland, 7, Gray, 1; Keator, 5; Btraden, 1; Oacr, 5; Voag^ 2; Oreeo, lor tivadUfOTt 27; Biper, 10; Ely, 4; Bortner, 10; Br. Oie^ 5. Saine, 61; OaUài», 60 ; Kmkat, 61; Bndeii,64; Otatr, 58; Ym^ 57; Ifellei^ 60; ndl, 58; Bortner, 68; Br. CSeveiand^eSi Qm% 68; tmofi 08; lioe»49; QeiñmMi Aklie]e,61; Qnen, Inamaer, 64; DaTia, 68; E^, 61; SegpiMyiir, 74; OutuaoDB, 68. ift'nBBW» Clenààaà, 67; Ìàxtj^ I»; Um, eO; Koe, 1^7; Mw, AMA, 68; ALU». Oe^elaiid, 106; Qray, 71; Lowry, 94; No«, 6Í1; G«:ber, 99; Aichele, 71; Gr«en, 118; Davis, 62; Ely, 108; Sepaaníf 49; Garromone, 107. 8W4H. Blaine, 1; Galkina, 21; Keator, 19; Kváen, 80; Gerber, 10; Von^t, 20; IfáSCeaiuL 8kFipar, Si Kiim^ 1; Bfifiliar, 47; Dr. Qtéeo, 5. Auu<n. ntàm 81; OaUdiia, 80; Ketffcor, 22; Bném, 57; Garr, 4^, IñoNlgiit, 46; Ifetfeua, 10; IMa, 20; My, 19; Boflnir, 58; Dr. Qieeii, 84. pnd^ tqr Qttflial .. ......«.I Piper CionuniBsloner '(rap).................. i.. Kiramell r « .....................U Dwiggins, the prohibition candidate for governor, received 52 votee in the opnnfy. * St John received 47 votes for president Batler received 97 votes for president The total vote cast in the conniy was 59ia Fete^n for poseenting attorney, is elected by several hondred majority. Up to the hoar, going to prens vre are 9ot advised as to the joint representative, with dianoes in ivm of Thompson, reimUioan. ' It vriU be seen thai in spite of the moat streanoiui ^orta of the democracy, and tiieir aUies, and what looks like the most ban^lao^d fraud in voting men who war» not Jtegal vol«» iajhe ooonly, our ei^it«eoiin> tWiet la eleetbdfcyhandaome ma-jOfUMB» «ic^ «ar eandidbte for tfmw, Odab MffMaans, one ci fhe best aaii on tiia tifikat, and a 'fíüSfíT*: -.-SA«. J ....... the beat man on tba twkM, and a gaUmlaoIdicr. Om thing iao^rtain, ^ tba iegal voten of tha aoonty aaid in mMMtU iMgéy ilr, IfnlffiiMMiit lhair ohoioTSr mar, and U wiIl . Maia to h^ hm imut. TIOS IS CAtUand wheat is low, but our prices onSTOVES ill TINWARE,will more than equal the LOW PRICES of wheat and oats.. rrV Ah'. - ^ » ! • U' «^DO N'T LOSE ANY TIHjE, bat come and get the benefit offered at thè ^ITEW BARDWiBE ALBION. INBU3ÌÌ. T. T. T. TOWIAlt at y» r Ì ;

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