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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - October 30, 1884, Albion, Indiana -I TWO DOLMRS YE:^R. "3EIO-W to tla.e X^ltie; I-et tixe 03aJ.ps FaJJ. w33.ero ttL&y VOL XIII NO. 6. ALBION, NOBLE^ ^COUNTY, INDIANA, OCTOBER 30, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL IX NO. 45. J^ W. WELKKR. NATIONAL REPUBLICAN TICKET. LOOK OUT FOR ''ROORBACKS." GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, HATS, CAPS. TRUNKS, VALISES, KTO. J^ W. WELKKR. AnORNEY-AT-UW and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, Indiana. A^Offlce up stairs m Clapp's Block. P^IKLDINO PBICKETT, •• ■• • •• Attorney-at- Law, ■• •• ■• ■• Albion, Indiaka. once on York Street, directly West of Court House ly] iJlHOS. B. FKLKNEK, •••••••• Attomey-at-Law, : Albion, Indiana. Omce up stairs lu John D. Black's New Blo< k. 22tf. "yyiLLIAH T. GREEN, M. D- ^PHYSICIAN & SURGEON.iz Statk at Lakoe—Milo S. Hascall,oi Elkhart; John M. Butler, of Marlon. First District—James C. V'eatcli. of Spencer. Second—William B. Roberts, of Sullivan. Third—John (i. Berkshire, of Jennings. Fourth—William D. Ward, of Switzerland. Fifth-Marshall Hacker, of Bartholomew. Sixth-^osiah E. Mellett of Deiaw.ire. Scverith—Thad. 8. Rollins, of Msu-lon. Eighth-El ias S. Holliday, of C)!iy. Ninth—JamesJM. Reynolds, of Tippecanoe. Tenth—Truniau F. Palmer, of White. Eleventh—James F. Elliott, of Howard. Twelfth—Joseph D. Ferrali, of I^Grange. Thirteenth—L. W. Rovse. of Kosciusko. ^^Ofllce over Uustoa & Molen's store. ALBION,.................INDIANA D R. PICKETT. HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, SpMial attention given to clironir diseases and diseases of women and children. OfHce on Main street, 3d Door East of Bank, Albion, Indiana. 2Tyi ^Best Y ALL ODDS EQUIPPED IÄILIOÄD III THE WORLD. I^titbe forever remembered tliat the CHICAGO & NOETH-WESTEEN Is the l)est and shortest route to and from Chi cago and Council Blnifs (Omaha), and that it is preferred by all well posted travelers when passsing to or from ttriia a&l Uo. It also operates the l)est route and the shortest route between Chiago and St. Paul and Minneapolis. Milwaukee, Lacrosse, Sparta. Madison. Fort Howard. (Green Bav,) Wis.; Wiona, Owatonna, Mankato, Minn.; Cedar Rapids. Des Moines, Webster city, Algona, rlinton, Marshalltown, Iowa, Freeport, Elgin. Rockford, 111.,are among its 800 local stations on its lines. Among a few of the numerous points of superiority enloyed bv the patrons of this road, are Its DAY COACliES, which are tlie finest that human art and Ingenuity can create; its PALATIAL SLEEPING CARS, which are models of eomfort and elegance; its PALACE DRAWING BOOM CARS, which are unsurpassed by any; and Its widely celebrated Xorth- Western Dining Cars, the like of which are not run bv any other road anywhere. In short, it is asserted that it is the B^T EQUIPPED ROAD IN THE WORLD. All points of interest North, Northwef»t and West of Chicago, business centres, summer resorts and noted hunting and fishing grounds are accessible by the various branches of the road It owns and controls over 5000 miles of road and has over 400 passenger conductors contin ually earing for its millions of patrons. Ask your ticket agent f<u- tickets via this route AND TAKE NONE OTHER. All lead ing ticket agents sell them. It costs no more to travel on this route, that gives first-class acconi modations, than it does to go by the poorl> 1 roads. 'or maps, descriptive circulars and summe; resort papers or other information not obtalna •hie at your local ticket office write to the Qen'I Pms. Agent, C. & N.-W. R'Y. 10eOW-lJ-'86 chicago. ill. k Marvelous Storï van m two uitebs. FRMTHESOHrÄfÄtS' "OenOemen: My father resides at Glorer. Vt. H« baa been « groat satrcrer from Scro:-ula, and the iuclosed letter « U1 toll you wLii: ainarvalooseSoct Ayer S Sarsaparilìa has had in bis caso. I think his bloo<l mnst have «ontained tii« humor for at leiist t. ri jmn ; but it did not show, oxcept in the form of a aenrfiiloiia sore on the wrist, until about Cto yean ago. From a few spots which Appeared at that time. It gradually spread go as to eofcr bis «ittre body. I assure you be Tcaa terriUy a^leted, and an object of i^ty, whc>n be besan nsIngTonrmedieliio. 27ow, tbero aro rev nen o( his age wbo enjoy as good healUi as be baa. I eould eaally name fifty pcrsous who wmld tetôfy to the facts In bis ca«e. Toors tm^, W. M. FaxLLipfl." FROM DIE FATHER: pleasure and a daty ferne to state to you tko bciioAi i bare dactred from the ase of kjers Sarsaparilìa. ttz mmXbM ago I tras eompletsl y covcrod tr i i li • tenfble bunor and scrofulous soros. T^ e humor eaused an Incessant and intolent^!» ttchlag, and the skiu cracked so as to causo tbo blood to flow In many placea whenever 1 noted. My wifferiiigs wore great, anil my life a burden. 1 eoinuicuccd Cie use cj£ tU« SaUArAAlLLA in April Ubi, uni have ii(>ed It r^^lariy rince tliat time. coi^i t-ou bespin to laiprovo at vnio, Tiiu boroâ lII bealed,aud J feti perfoctly we'.l in every rc.«poet—being now îiblo to do a good day't w-irte. ahiioagh 73 years of agi». Many iní^x.iro what IBM wrought r-ncli a curt in niy e.i«sc-, and I tell tiiem.as I have hero tried to Uli rru, Avcft'a ftajMArAJutXA. Giorcr, Vt., Oct. Yours grociolly, lUaAM liiiujya.'* ▲TZlfs SAZfiTAmLA euet 6ercMUh •ad an ecroftiloaa ChnapUlata, Ety^fp. •laa, KcanM» Bl^^rm, lUotdies. Êmtê» BtttUfTaaam, and 2raiitiona of «M Mia. It «leMi the Mood ef aU Imr«. HHw, Uh iltirtIna. ttmmUtaa theactknof ..... ..... «ItriHraad PAIipDMr «mitrattdmim «.«smumLìi. NATIONAL REPUBLICAN TICKET. for pbe8ident, JAMES G. BLAINE, of Maine. FOR VICE-PRESIDENT, JOHN A. LOGAN, of Illinois. PRESIDENTTIAL ELECTORS. REPUBUCAN STATE TICKET. Fob Govkbnor, WILLIAM H. CALKINS, of LaPorte county. For Likutenant-Govkknok, EUGENE H. BUNDY, of Henry county. Fob Skcbetaby of State, ROBERT MITCHELL, of Gibson county. Fou auiiitor op State, BRUCE CARR, of Orange county. Fon Treasureb of State, ROGER R. SHIEL, of Marion county. For Attoknev-Gkn kral, WILLIAM C. WILSON, of Tippecanoe county. judok of Supreme Coi'nt-5th Dist. EDWIN P. HAMMOND, of Jasper county. Reporter of Supremk Court, WILLIAM M. HOGCATT, of Warrick county. Superintendent Public Instruction, BARNABAS C. HOBBS, of Parke county. For Congress—12th District, TUERON P. KEATOR, of Allen. For State Senator, JAMES S. DRAKE, of LaGrangc. For Joint Representative, JOHN E. THOMPSON, of Elkhart. For Prosecutor—35th Judicial Circuit, HENRY C. PETERSON, of DeKalb. REPUBUCAN COUNTY TICKET. PUBLIC SPEAKING! FIELDING PBICKETT, Esq., will address the people of York tp. at BLACKMAN'S SCHOOL HOUSE, this Thursday evening, Oci 30. LOOK OUT FOR ''ROORBACKS." I^^Let there be a good meeting. "BILLY" WILLIAMS GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS, HATS, CAPS. TRUNKS, VALISES, KTO. -)AT(- There will be a Grand Rally at Kendallville on FRIDAY EVENING, Oct 31, and the people will be addressed by the gifted orator "Billy" Williams, of Warsaw, on the political topics of the day. It is becoming evident that the democratic party will not, in this campaign, refrain from resorting to every means in their power to carry the elections in November, and will hesitate at nothing to accomplish that result Slander has been their stock in trade during the campaign this year, and in view of the Morey letter forgery of 1880, it is believed that baser measures will be presented, of a like character, on the eve of the election in November, and that it will be worked against the national, state and county ticket. Let the voters remember that whatever charges may be made on the eve of the election are to be discredited. The Morey letter tactics are played out, and forgery will not succeed in 1884 TUB GRANDE -ORALLY ^GARRETT^ There will be a Grand Rally at Garrett this—Thursday—afternoon and evening. The meeting will be addressed by Hon. J. Milton Turner, of Missouri, and Thebon P. Keatob. GRAND TORCH-LIGHT,^ ¡^PROCESSION in the Evening. Last Grand Rally of the campaign. A special train will leave Albion about 0 o'clock p. m. I is now in full blast with an entire stock of For Representative, GEORGE W. CARR. For Treasurer, CAI.EB W. McMEANS. For Sheriff. SAMUEL BRADEN, Jn. For Recorder, JOHN C. VOUGHT. For Surveyor, HENRY S. BORTNER. For Coroner, WILLIAM T. GREEN. For Commissioner, Mid. Dist.—MANIAS H. KIMMELL. South. Dist.—GEORGE W. PIPER. Just Good for Nothing." Perhaps that terrible headache of yours comes from a disordered stomach or liver—or both. In any case, it unfits you for business or pleasure. There is nothing in the world so good as Parker's Tonic for this common affliction. The name of this famous medicine by no means indicates the range of its curative power. All diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys yield to it You run no risk. The Tonic is sure to help you. Its composition is wholly original and scientific. No intoxicating qualities. Nothing else "is just as good." Lowry made a demagogical appeal to the prejudices of the farmer when he called their attention to the fact that wheat, under a protective system, was selling at 75 cents per bushel Of course he meant that under free trade better prices would be realized. Just how this was to be brought about he did not tell his hearers. Under protection about 5,000,000 men are employed in the manufactories of the country, and these are wholly consumers of the Go TO the polls early and see that I products of the farm. They raise your ballot is duly placed in the box nothing, but buy everything they and that every other legitimate re- «P®"^ close publican voter in your precinct does up these manufactories, drive these 5,000,000 men into agricultural pur "Hts, Hats & Caps," —which comprises— OLOm/VG. f URN ISH I** ^Trunks &ValiseS QOODS, [®=We will sell them CHEAPER THAN ANYBODY EVER SOLD THEM IN ALBION BEFORE, and we Guarantee you a Fit or no Sale. OTJI?, O-OODS -A-I^E Look out for bogus tickets. Remembek the Morey letter forgery of 1880. the same. rooms of thk Republican StatkCentbalCommittke, ISUIANAPOLIS, Sept. 1, 1884. To tlie Kepublicaifs of Indiana: The election will be held Tuesday, November 4, 1884. No one can vote at that election who is not then twenty-one years of age, and who was not a resident of the State on the 4th day of May, 1884, and continuously a resident of the stote from that time on to the time of voting. In addition, he must have been a resident of the township on and after the 5th day of September, 1884, and a resident of the voting precinct on and after October 5t^, 1884. Do not forget these dates. PraiM From the Parsonage. "I use Parker's Tonic in my family, and can say we are highly pleased with it as a Tonic. From my experience of its value, I recommend it as a reliable family medicine." These clear and modest words from Mrs. A. C. George, wife of Rev. A. C. George, D. D., pastor of the Centenary M. E. church, Chicago, will carry weight to the minds of thousands who know her and her eloquent husband. For coughs, colds, kidney and liver troubles, etc., the Tonic is a remedy without rival. Praised by people of the highest charactOT. DnfocBATS will endravor to run in fraodolent voters on eleetioD day. Every ordmr-loring and loyal citizra should see that this is not permitted, as in the purity dE the ballot-box ie«ts the stdbiUty of free institntimis. See that every gimatne voteir gets in his bUH but do not let fin^nknt ?otM get into tlie Ix». Why should you vote for the know-nothing candidate for governor, Isaac P. Gray, and against that gallant soldier and able statesman. Major Wm. H. Calkins? CoMPAKE your ticket with the ticket as published in The New Eba this week, and unless it is identical with it, do not place it in the ballot-box. It is spurious. Thomas A. Hendricks, when in the senate of the United States, voted to give the Northern Pacific railroad 47,000,000 acres of the public domain, and the Southern Pacific nearly as much more. EilL TD fflM K! We will Save you 25 per cent, on Every DOLLJ^I^ ITOTJ BTJ"Y"- ^IM TO I^LEASE EVERYBODY.: Call and see our Stock before purchasing elsewhere. You be convinced if you call and see our goods. will Dan Voobhees, when in the house of representatives voted to give the Northern Pacific railroad 47,000,000 acres of the public lands. He also voted for the "salary-grab" and pocketed the back pay. suits, and the home market for the farmer's produce would be gone To England the American farmer would then look for a market for his grain. Last year England received 60,000,009 bushels of wheat grown in India with labor at from five to eight cents per day. Next year she will receive double that amount, or 120,000,000 bushels. Then to sell American grain in the Liverpool market, the farmers of this county come in direct competition with this cheap wheat, and cheap labor of India. If you want to bring about this state of things, vote for Lowry. If you want a home market maintained, vote for Keator. A Walking Skeleton. Mr. E. Springer, of Mechanics-burg, Pa., writes: "I was afflicted with lung fever and abcess on lungs, and reduced to a walking skeleton. Got a free trial bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, which did me so much good that I bought a dollar bottla After using three bottles, found myself once more Men Suits, Youths Suits, Boys Suits, Children's Suits, OVERCOATS f0/? f/f/?KfiOZ?K. AT VERY LOW PRICES. REMEMBER THE PLACE—Clapp's Building, Albion, Indiana. HIRSCHFIELD & PERITZ. HARDWARE. TINWARE. STOVES, ETC.-J. J. MARTIN. THIS IS Cifffl YEAK and wheat is low, but our prices on We can elect every man on the republican comity ticket if republicans will not permit themselves to be bull-dozed, or wheedled into trading I » ^^ ^mpletely restored to he^th, . , .. . a With a happy appetite, and a gain of for democratic votes. Spurn eveiy hgn^ ,, ^¿ii at Huston and Molen's offer made to you to trada | ¿mg gtore and get a free trial bot tle of this certain cure for all lung The democracy are desperate and diseases. Large bottle, $1.00. will resort to every means to cany the election on next Tuesday. Pay I^o^^ ^^^ ^ P"®® no heed to statements that may be a^Ucle in England add the duty or tariff on that article and this is the made against republican candidates on the eve of the election. Bemem-ber the Morey letter forgery of 1880. amount the consumer in this county is robbed by the tariff. Let us see. When under democratic tariff laws Is THEBi any foreign-bom citizen I produced no steel rails in this of the state, who will vote for the man eountry we paid from $80 to $140 who took an oath, and administered p^j f^j them. The tariff is now it to others, that, so help him, God, |28 per ton, yet we are manufactur-hewouldneversupporta foreign-bom hog ijiiem in this county and selling <atiym or a catholic 2or any ojEBce? | y^^jQ Iq^ |27 per ton—one dollar lessmiatistlie l»atb CoL Gray took when he became » know-nothing. Kbbp your m .on the illegal voters than the tariff duty. Bsmsmbib that in clubs of 20 you eoo. get Tbi Nbw Eba at the rate of ^tSO STOVES ili TINWARE, will more than equal the LOW PRICES of wheatland oats. ^DON'T LOSE ANY TIME, but come and get the benefit offered at the NEW EAKDWARE :-: ALBION, INDIANA. T. T- iL^ii-^KTiasr. T. POPHAM & CO.,—Philadelphia, Pknn. pnpuam'q asthma specific .. rurn/im o astama specific : l!llli!llill99!!!ilHniyiiHlililillliail'Jlit!!lia i For the Cure of :ist'hma. i established imo.*-^ eittrial package fiiee- mmmm T. POPHAM ft CO.. Pinp't., Phiiadaiphia. INSTANTLY REL11V€D. BT'Do not fail to tr)' this splendid preiiaration if you have difficult breathing trM Fever, or Cbrooic ^nchitis. It is a pleuMUit Inii^lng remedy, going at ottce to disease r removing the mucus or phtogol. rehixing the tightning of ttie chest, pronw tion, wd giving tamediat« and pusitlve reUef in every case. Put up in U^ druggists everywlwre. * ' ¡L "■'sS ;

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