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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - March 13, 1884, Albion, Indiana * TWO DOLLABS A TEAB. "Äe-w to tli.« Xjlacxe; Ijet tlxe CQaip» Fall -^ia-ere tliey ILvdla^r." IN ADVANCE VOL. XII. NO. 25. ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, MARCH 13, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX. NO. 12. pcbijfihbo every thursday, at:iLBIOX. XOBIE CO., IXD.,7. ap. :P»XCaC3B'rT, Prop's.Office on York Street, directly west of the Court House. __o— 7ex3aa« of S-o.'bscriptiozi» One Year....................................$2 00 Six Month».................................. 1 00 Three Mouths............................... 50 Single copies rrvK chnts each. StaitM oxx USbppl3.ca.tloaa_ Business Locals, Ten Cents per line, first In-•ertion. Five Cents per line each subsequent lusertion. Legal notices will be charged lor »t the rates established by law. Simple marriage and death notices will be inserted fr^e. Not until 1912 will the month of February again have five Fridaya These are no legal national holidays; not even the Fourth of July. Schuyler Colfax and wife are at a water cure establishment at Elmi-ra, N. Y. E. D. Payne, a brother of senator Payhe, of Ohio, ilied last week at Dayton, Ohio, of paralysis. It is suggested that Ben Butler ought to be made our minister to Berlin. That in the matter of bluster he would be more than a match to Bismarck. Thl senate committee on territories has adopted the name of ''Lincoln" for the territory of North Dakota, when the southern portion is admitted as a state. Ex-senator Ferry, of Michigan, is now in Russia, and rumors have it that he will succeed the late Mr. Hunt as United States Minister to St Petersburg.THE CONVENTION. Hon. Robert Lowry was tendered the chairmanship of the Indiana Democratic Club at Washington, but declined on account of pressing congressional duties. The New Albany Public Press says that no democratic winner will be able to beat W. W. Dudley for governor of Indiana. The Public Press is a democratic newspaper. Tom Ochiltree, the truth slaogh-tering statesman of the Bio Grande, ■ays that the only thing he regrets alwut those Laskar resolutions, is that they are giving Bismarck unmerited prominence. A VERY stringent prohibitory liquor law has b^n passed by the Iowa legislature to take effect July 1. The attention of the Warsaw Union and South Bend Times is respectfully called to this item of news. The Louisiana republican state convention was held at New Orleans last week, and nominated John A. Stevenson for governor, and William Bubwell for lieutenant governor. The convention adopted a resolution endorsing the administration of president Arthur. The democratic presidential standard bearers for the last quarter of a century or more have been eastern men. Will the party follow the old-time precedent this year, or will a western man be chosen? No republican candidate hw been chosen who livee east of Ohio. The convention last week was largely attended by the active, earnest workers in the republican party of Noble county, and ^e harmonious action of that body, in connection with the spirit manifested by those present augured well for the future of the party in Noble county, and our previotis conviction that this county was good for a decided majority this fall for the republican ticket—say from one hundred to three hundred—was decidedly strengthened by the first work of the party for the campaign of 1884. The convention did its work well, and from the standing and character of the delegates chosen to the several conventions to be held this year, we feel assured that the work will be well and honestly performed, and that the republican party of Noble county will take no backward steps in regard to any of its heretofore expressed principles. The central committee was reorganized, and is composed of some of the active workers in the republican ranks; men who will not shirk the work of organizing the party in working order in their respective townships. We do not believe that any one of them will see their township wrested from the republican party by the peculiar methods of our political opponents, without an effort to prevent such disaster. Many of the old members of the committee, men who did noble wont in the canvass of 1882, and thereby insured the handsome victory of that year, are retained on the present committee, which is well. The new committee organized immediately after the close of the convention, by the unanimous choice of William Btmyan, of Wayne township, as chairman, and we want to say right here that no better choice could have been made, in our opinion. As an organizer Mr. Bunyan has few superiors, as his intelligent, careful work as chairman of the committee of 1880 will attest Whatever may be the result in November, we feel assured that Mr. Bunyan and the entire committee will have done their entire duty to the republican party of Noble county. Kendallville has had the secretaryship of the committee for many years, yet, we believe, the selection of Mr. Conlogue, of the Standard, for that position, will give entire satisfaction. Before closing this article we wish to say that the retiring chairman— Thomas M. Eells, of Albion—deserves, as he should have received, the publicly expressed thanks of the convention for the able manner in which he managed the campaign of 1882, and achieved such a signal victory for the party in this county; one of the very few counties in the state that came out with flyiiig colors at the close of that year of almost universal disaster to the republican party. Mr. Eells did the work devolving upon him in the campaign in a manner creditable to himself and the party, and we know that the entire party in Ube county will join The New Era in saying of him, "well done, good and faithful servant" The republicans of the county will, add, we trust, in the near future, "come up higher." Let the new committee act with intelligent care in the performance of its duty; let every republican co-operate heartily in its work, and Noble county will roll up such a republican majority in November as will—well, "astoni^ the natives." FJÍ:ÍJ^CY, PH:^CT i^KD PHVy. Wit and Wisdom in Samples to Suit all Sorts of People. A black buz climbed a bee tree, Aud what was bis surprise To hear a sound that fearful night That bugged out botli hU eyes out. —[Cleveland Soapstlck. That tree did rock that fearful night, The thunders loud did roar; But that bug held on with all his might Until his hands were sore. —[Chicago Tinhoni. A roar! a crash—the tree-top broke! That bug! O where was he! In headlong darkness down he fell To the foot of that ar tree! —[Hogback Blowpipe.L, Vf. VTELKER.AHORNEY.AT-UW and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, Indiana. Cs^Offlce up stairs in Clapp's Block.THOS. B. FELKNER, A-ttorney-Mt-JLaw, Albion, Indiana.Of&om -v&p stalxs 5.33. Tolua. S. Sla^clc's ».•w Sloclc. 22ti PIELDING PRICKETT, Attorney-at-Law i Albion, Indiana. Office on York Street, directly House West of Court lyi It seems to have become too much trouble for "body snatchers" to dig up corpses from the grave where loving hands hay«» laid them, and a new order of things has been adopted down near Cincinnati. Recently a family of three persons were cooly murdered there, and the bodies ■old to the Ohio Medical Collega This is the latest "Ohio idea." Ab will be seen by the letter of Dr. Leonabd published elsewhere, the republicans elected a successor to the late congressman Haskell, of the Lawrence, Kansas, district, by 6,000 or 6,000 majority. In 1882, ^e vote in that district was as follows: BepnbUcan, 23,601; demo-eratie, 19,126; greenback, 5,710. Bepablican minority in 1882, 1,225. In 1884, republican majority 5,000. Good enough. The annual interest charges on the public debt in 1866 were $147,000, 000; they are now less than 150,000, 000. During the last six months of 1883, the debt was reduced $67,000, 000. The public debt now is but $1, 453,501,133. In 1866 the debt was nearly double what it is now. Our credit now is as good as that of any nation in the world. This is a splendid financial record for the period. The republican party has been in power during that period and to it the credit belongs. Poor bug! to tumhk thus so far, With broken limbs JUid mug: You fell, not like a shooting star, But only a poor tuntblebug. There's a smart young Aleck m our town. And he's so very funny. —[Snarl Whetzel's Weakly. He jumped into a hornet's nest, And got out of it the best way he could. —[Detroit Gooseboue. And when he saw what he had done, "That's what's the matter!" He got a Job on tlie Tuniblelmg, "Tom's gone toHilo." A ttnnbiebug two heaps between. Gives .satire all its strength. -[Whirlington Chalkeye. Wisdom and wit are scarcely seen. But folly at full length. Pat is a rare genius. His wit and humor cheer me better than old rye. —[iSttnsei Cox. I long to grasp his hand. To meet him is now the only ambition of my life.—f^en. Butler. As I go marching through the South with the flag, people everywhere are laughing at Pat's wonderful sayings.—-[(Sergreant Bates. If to have a hearty laugh is a means of grace, then Pat's wit and humor are better than any sermon I can preach.—[Henry Ward Beecher. Oh! If we only knew whether Pat is on our side.—[Stwan B. Anthony. Pat is the greatest humorist of the day.—[Pecfc's Sun. Ho completely lays out all of us funny fellows.—[Mark Twain. He is so very cute and funny that I am ashamed for the first time of my own wit—[Eli Perkins. Shake with iis, Pat, across three thousand miles of salt water. One flash of thy marvelous wit makes all the world akin.—[London Punch. Gott in Himmel! Pat ish so mooch as der wacht am Rhine!— [Berlin Foolkiller. I would fear his wit, if pointed at me, more than ten thousand American Congresses.—[Bismarck. II est si plaisant que je ne saurais me tenir de rire. II est si savant qu'il n'a pas son pareil.—[Victor Hugo. If Pat will only not come here, I can hold the Soudan against all England.—Mahdi. We like you so much, dear Pat. that we honor ourselvQs by placing you on our exchange at half price, in advance.—[Texas Shiftings. Your true humorist, like the poet, is bom, not made; there are but very few real wits in the country, and Pat, the Great Western Humorist sits on the the front bench.—[North American Preview. Henry Clay said he would rather be right than be president of a sandbank.—[Senator Bedmunds. I would rather be Pat all the time than wrong several times.—[U. S Grant. I would rather be able to turn out wit like Pat than to turn out all the rascals in the country.—[Netv York Sun. His wit is so Pat! His humor so funny and his fun so humorous, that I would willingly take second place on the ticket with him.—[^amwei J. Tilden.D R. PICKETT.HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, Special attention given to chronic diseases and diseases of women ami children. Oflice on ]\Iaiii street, 3d Door East of Bank, Albioi), Indiana. 2Tyi ▲ , «AlVTS, DENTIST Ligonier, Ind. E^Filung Tkkth a Specialtt. "WOI^DElSr I^OST m. «.A. R Regular meetings second and fourth Saturdays in each month. D. A. SCHAFF, COM. S. R. EA8TERDAY, Aai'T. WM. TRUMP, Quaktkumaster. JVORTH STAR LODGE. No. 380, I. 0. 0. F. TO MY PATRONS ! INSURANCE AND LOANS. -patrons desikinq- FOR 1884, WOULD KK(¿UE.ST TO CALL AT MY Ist DOOR SOUTH OF BANK. wishing them all A HAPPY JVEW YEAR. FRANK CLAPP. albion, indiana. Regular meetings every Tuesday evening, E, L. Teegaudex, N. G. .1. CocKLKY, Sec'y. millinery establishment. I have established a new Millinery Store in All)lon, in rooms over Denlar's Restaurant In Stone's Block aud ask all to call and see my stock. ]^<Ers. Taus. Ca,3:3a.p"bell. Teetl:! 1 Teetli ! george e. johnson. SUBGEON DENTIST Albion, ludtava. Special attention given to both Slrgicai. and Therapuktioai. treatnu'iit of all diseses of the mouth and associate parts. Office, East Main Street. 2yl TTTILLIAMS HOUSE. Albion, Indiana, RICHARD WILLIAMS, Proper. This House is entirc-lv nc is of brick, and is completely furnislud throiiKliout. Good Sample Rooms for coinmen ial nu-ii. Main Street, South of Couhv IIoubk. v7n7yl .Votice of Final Settlement. In the matter of the estate of Sarah Hoenber-ger, deceased. In the Xoble Circuit Court of the State of Indiana, ."»larch Term, 1884. Notick is hereby given that the undersigned, as Executor of tlie will of Sarah Hoeiiberger, deceased, has presented and filed his account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said Court on the 28th day of March, 1884. at which time all heirs, creditors, or legatees t)f said estate are retpiired to ai>ear in said Court and show cause, if any there be, whv said acc<mnt and vouchers should not be approved. And the heirs of said decedent, and all others interested, are also required to ap-l)ear and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate at sai<l time. FREDERICK liOENBERGER, March 7,18g4. Executor. Chapin & Barr, Att'ys. 12-2 Xotice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In the matter of the estate of John lUttikoffer, deceased. In the Noble Circuit Court of the State of Indiana, March Term, ihSi. Notice is hereby {riven that the undersigned as administrator of the estate of John Bitti-koflfer, deceased, has presented and filed his account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate as insolvent and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said Circuit Court on the 28th day of March, 1S84, at which time all heirs, creditors or legatees of said estate are required to appear in said Court and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be approve<l. And the heirs of said decedent and all others interested are required to ai>pear and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate at said time. DAVID C. WILSON. March G, 18M. Administrator, Chapín & Barr, Atty's. the lost is found. •KONKLE —o- To tlCLO ^xorLt ! I am now prep;ired to do all kinds of Wagon, Carriage And Sign Painting, ETC. t^Thanks to my friends for nast favors. I hope by doing good work for fair prices to merit a liberal snare of your patronage in the future. All work warranted tt> give satisfaction. s. K. KONKLE. BARGAINS. BAR6AINS. Public Sale by :idministrator: Notick is hci-eby ¡iiven that the undorsigned administrator of the estate of Sarah Winebren nor, late of Noble totiiilv. Indiana, deceased, will sell !U public ain tiou at the residence of said administrator in Green township, in said (•(tuutv, on Saturday, the 29th day of March, 1884. all the )>ers()nal property of said decedent which has come into my possessitm as such iidminis tnttor. < <>nsistiiig of certain household goods, to wit: Beds, beddiiiii. bedsteads, cui>\>oard ami cupboardware. cliairs, glassware and many other articles of household use to» numerous to mention. Tkkms. A credit of nine months will be given on all sums over five dollars, the pur chaser giving his note with approved security waiving valuation and appraisement laws, and bearing six i)cr cent, interest from date. All uurchases under five dollars must be jiaid cash 111 liand. JOHN iJ. WHfdHT, March «, 18H4. Administrator. for Dyapepslst Costlveneag, Sick Headache, Chronic Oiar-rlHBa, Jaundfcei Impurity of the Blood, FeTer and Ague, Malaria, and all DUeateft caused by Derangement of Liver, Bowels and Kidneys.STMPtOMS OF A DISEASED MVER. Bad Brrath; Pain in the Side, sometimes the pain is felt un ■ r the Shoulder-blade, mistjilcen for Rheumatism; ^icneral lo-ss of appetite; Bowel» generally costivc, sometimes alternating with lauc; the head is troubled with pain, is dull and heary, with considerable loss of memory, accompanied with a painful sen.<sation ofleavinj; undone something which ought to have been done; a slight, dry cough and flushed face is sometimes an attendant, often mistaken for consumption; the patient complains of weariness and debility; nervous, easily startled' feet cold or burning, sometimes a prickly sensatio of the skin exists; spirits are low and despender and, although satisfied that exercise would be I'n ficial, yet one can hardly summon up fortitude lo try it—in fact, distrusts every remedy. Several of^the above symptoms attend the disease, but cases have occurred when but few of them existed, yet examin.ition after death has shown the Liver to have been extensively deranged.It should bo used by all persons, old andyoung, whenever any of the above sj-mptoms appear. Persons Travelini; or Living In Un-healthy L.ocaUties, by taking a dose occasionally to keep the Liver in heahhy action, will avoid all Malaria, Bllinint atlacks, Dtziiness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits, etc. It will invigorate like a glass of wine, but 1> no in« toxicating beverage.If Tou have eaten anything hard of digestion, or feel heavy after meals, or sleepless at night, take a dose and you will be relievei-Time and Doctors' Bills will ba a»\'r. by always keeping the Itegulator in the House!For, whatever the ailment may be, a thoroughly safe purgative, alterativo and tunic caa never be out of place. The rcmeily is harmless and does not interfere with business or pleasure.IT IS PURBXV TEOETAMl.E, And has all the power and efTicacy uf Calomel or Quinine, without any of the injurious after effects.A Governor's Testimony. Simmons Liver Regulator has been in use in my ütmily for some time, and I am satisfied it is a valuable addition to the medical science. J. Gill Smortek, Governor of Ala, Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, of Ga., says; Have derived some benefit Irom the use o^ Simmons Liver Regulator, and wish to give it r further trial. "The only TWng that never fails to Relieve."—[have used many remedies for Dys pepsia. Liver AfTection and Debility, but n<?-'er have found anything to benefit me to the extent' Simmons Liver Regulator has. I sent from Min-nesou to Georgia for it, and would send further for fuch a medicine, and would advise all who are similarly affected to give it a trial as it seems the only thing that never fails to relieve. P. M. Jannkt, Minneapolis, Minn. Dr. T. W. Mason says: From actual experience in the use of Simmons Liver Regulator in my practice I have been and am satisfied to tise and prescribe it as a purgative medicinc. J^"Take only the Genuine, which always has on the Wrapper the red Z Trade-Mark and Signature of J. H. ZEILIN & CO. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS. Notice of Zxs.s0l-vezi.c3r. In the matter of the estate of .John Bitlikoffer, deceased. In the Noble Circuit Court. Estate No. 436. Notice is hereby given tliiit upon petition filed in said Court by the Administrator of said estate. setting up the insnftielency of the personal estate of said decedent to pay the debts and liabilities thereof, the .ludge of said Court did on the inind day of February is«4. Ilnd said estate to be probably insolvent, and order the same to be settled accordingly. The creditors oi said estate are tlierefore hereby notified of such insolvency and required to file their claims against said estate for allowance. DAVID C. WILSON, Chapin & Barr, Atty's 10-3 Administfator. When you want O wit! Thou blessed blazing star! To some "so near" to some "so far!'Pat. The name of Judge James S. Fra-ziEB, of Warsaw, is mentioned in connection with the supreme bench. Mike Shuey, of Elkhart, wants the jadge nominated for congress in that district He would fill either position with credit to himself and the state.Kevxetb Batnsi^ solicitor of the treasury of the United States, died one day last week.A LawyerOpinion of Interest to all.J. A. Tawaey, a leadiog attorney of Wiaoos, Minn., writes: ''After using it for more than three year«, I take greatSleasure in stating that I regard Dr. ling's New Discovery for Consumption, as the 1)est remedy in the world for coughs and colds. It has never failed to cure the most severe cold I have had, and invariably relieves the pain in the chest.'' Trial bottle of this sure core for all throat and luog diseases may be had free at Hostoo ¿k Molen's. Large size, $1.00. BARGAINS Call at the Postoßce • 2:TctiorL Store 1 And See Our CENf Jìl3!TX> GOl'NTBBS -10 Notions of All Kinds Kept Here, a M. ORSENMAN. Xiitice of Final Settlement. In the matter of the estate of Henry Ditmars deceased. In the Noble Circuit Court, Marc Term, lss4. Notk'K is hcrebv given that the undersigned administrator oi the estate of Henrv Ditmars deceased, has filed in the .Noble Circuit Court of Noble «onntv. Indiana, the accounts and vouchers for tile filial settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said Court on the 24th day of March, being the 7th judicial day of the March term, 18X4, of said Court at tvliich time all persons Interested in said estate are required to appear in said Cimrt and show cause. If any there be, why said accounts and vouchers should not be apjiroved. And the heirs of said estate, and all others interested therein, are also herebv required at the time and place aforesaid to appear and make proof of their heirship or claim to said estate. HKNRY A. DITMARS. Administrator of the estate of Henry Ditmars, deceased. 11-3 Sclxool ivdCortgra/gre Sale. NOTICE in hereby given that the undersigned. Auditor of Noble county, Indiana, will sell at public auction at the Court House door In the town of Albion, In said Countv, on the Fourth Monday in Maroh, 1884, (the same being the a4th day of March, 18W,) between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m., and 4 o'clwkp. m., of said day. the following real estate situated in Noble county. In the State of Indiana, to-wlt: The east half of the south-west quarter of the southwest quarter of section twenty-six—26, township thirty-five—36, north, range eight—8, east, contalningtwentv—2Ô acres, the same having been forfeited for the non-pay-nient of Interest due on loan 225 of the common school funds made by Polly L. Ainsden and Daniel Amsden on the 28th day of January, 1870. Amount of principal and Interest due at date of sale 954.06—fifty-four dollars and six cents, to which will be added all costs and damages that may accrue to date of sale. Dated at Albion this 1st day of March. 1884. CORNELIUS B. PHILLIPS, 11-3 p(. 95.60. Auditor Noble County, Indiana.Slieriff's Sale. By VIUTl'K of a certified copy of a decree to me directed from the Clerk of the Noble Circuit Court, in acause wherein .lacob Stillinger IS plaintiff and Agustus Marks and Sophia Marks are defendants, requiring me to make the snm of one hundred ancf six dollars (.«106.00), and interest thereon from the I5th day of January, 1884, ami costs taxed at sixteen dollars and fivccents, ($16.0.1), and accruing costs, including costs i>f this sale, I will expose at public sale to the highest bidder, on,Saturday, March, 15th, 1884, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m., of the said day at the door of the court house of Noble county. Indiana, the rents and jirofits for a term not exceeding seven years, of the following described real estate, to-wlt: Lot number twcntv-tsvo (22), in the village of Brimfield, in Noble c(miity, Indiana. If such rents and ]>roflts will not .sell for sufficient to .satisfy said decree, Interest and costs, ! w ill at the same time and place offer for sale at public auction the fee simple of said re.-il estiite, or .so much thereof as mav be necessarv to satisfy and discharge said (decree, interest and costs. The sale will be made without relief from valuation or apiiraisemcnt laws. SAMUEL BUADEX .fr., .•Sheriff Noble County. Thom.ts M. Eells, Plaintiff's Att'y. Feb. 21, 1884. pf. S7.20 9-4 Sls-erifTs Sale. Y VIRTUE of a certified copy of a decree to me directed from the Clerk of the Noblo 'ircuit Court, in a cause wherein tieorge W. Lanion is idalntltf and Joseph P. Scarlett, Sarah K. Scarlett. John A. Scarlett, Sarah J. Scarlett, Robert F. Akers and lx>ls Akers are defendants, requiring me to make the sum of one hundred and sixteen dollars (.'SI 16.00), aud Interest thereon from the ir»th day of January, 1«84. and costs taxed at twenty-nine dollars'aua thirty-five cents (S'^o.iir);, and Interest thereon ami accruing costs, including costs of this sale, I will exiM)se . to sale at publU; auction to the hlghesi bidder, • onSaturday, March 22, 1884, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m., and 4 o'clock p. m., of the said day, at the door oi the Court House of Noble County. Indiana, the rents and profits for a term not exceeding .seven years of the following described real estate, to-wit: The undivided two-thirds parts of lot numbered one hundred and twenty-three—123, in the original plat of the town of Albion, In Noble County, Indiana. If such rents and profits will not sell for sufflcient to .satisfy said decree, interests aud costs, I will at the same time and place offer for sale at public auction the fee simple of said two-thirds jiaits of said real estate, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy and discharge said cieeree, interest' and eosts; but in the event that said two-thirds parts of said real estate will not sell tor siitllclent to satisfy and discharge said deeree. Interest and costs, I will at the same time and place offer for sale at public auction the rents and profits for a terra, not exceeding sev years, of the remaining one-third» real estate, ami if such rents an<j not sell for sufflcient to satisfy said decree, Interest aud costs, I ______ same time aud place offer for sate at ___ auction the fee simple of said real eafote, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satnty and discharge said residue of said decree. (IH terest and costs. The sale will be made witmm relief from valuation and appraisement laws. ' SAMUEL BBADEN, Jr., February 2«, 1884. Sheriff Noblo County. ^ Thomas M. Eells, Fl'ff's Att'y. pt. «10.80 (<K 'f ii '.«Xiftílitó&iA, V-^* ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Albion New Era