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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - March 6, 1884, Albion, Indiana ¥ ^ TWO DOLLABS A YEAB. •Äe-w to tlio T„An.e ; Xjot tla.® CThJLp« yall -fixere ILvdlay." IN ADVANCE VOL. XIL NO. 24. ALBION/NOBLE COFNTY, INDIANA, MARCH 6, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX. NO. 11. PCBM8HED EVER^ THUBSDAY, at :iLBIOX, XOBLE CO., LYD., 7. 2*. FStlCSTBTT, Frop'r. Office on York Street, directly west of the Court House. 'Z'erzxi.s of S-u-Tcscriptioaa- One Year....................................$2 00 Six Mouths.................................. 1 00 Three Months.............................. 50 Single coi)ies kivk cknts each. lAAirertlJBlaaie' X^tes TTnowaa. oza. .^ppUcaitiosa^ Business Locals, Ten Cents i)er line, first insertion. Five Cents per line each subsefjuent Insertion. Legal notices will be charged for •t the rates established b}' law. Simple marriage and death noti«>es will be inserted free. Ex-Governoe Hcbbahd, of Conn., is dead. Ex-tkeasure Polk, of Tennessee, died very suddenly one day last week. Minister "Willi.^m H. Hunt, who represented this government at the court of St. Petersbiu-g, died a few days ago. Mary Brown, widow of old John Brown, of Harper's Ferry, celberity, died in San Francisco, Cal., on Feij-^ ruary 29. Senator Farley, of California, it Bs said has been reduced to the rerge of the grave by the continued nse of hair dye. • We do not believe there is a republican anywhere who would not be pleased to see senator Edmunds in the presidential chair. The Indiana democratic state convention will be held at Indianajwlis on June 25, six days after the re-' publican convention has been held. Ix is now stated that Col. Dudley has consented to let his name go before the republican convention as a candidate for govenor. He's a one-legged soldier. A GRANDSON of Kentucky,s noted statesman, John J. Crittenden, has recently been convicted of killing a negro and sentenced to the penitentiary for three years. The greenbackers will endeavor to force the democrats into the nomination of Ben Butler for president, under the threat of not affiliating with that party unless they do so. Joseph E. J»IcDonald has signified his intention to resign the chairmanship of the democratic state committee. He wants to devote all his spare time to the cultivation of his presidential boom. Senator Blair, of New Hampshire, favors an appropriation of $10r),(X)0,-000 for the education of the illiterate yottth of the south, the money to be expended within ten years by the secretary of the interior. Democrats are not pleased with the Morrison tariff bill, and fear to go before the country on it. The New Jersey legislature has instructed her representatives in congress to oppose that tariff measure. Carter Harrison, the bald-headed eagle of Chicago, would like to be the democratic candidate for vice-president. Carter is mayor of Chicago, and thinks with the backup of the thugs of South Clark street and of Boiler Avenue he can get there. The extensive chemical works^f Powers & Wightman, of Philadelphia, the most extensive quinine manufactory in the United States, was destroyed by fire on Friday of last week. The loss is estimated at over SI, 000,000. Under Mr. Randall's manipulation the naval appropriation has been cut down. Our mammothi ?) navy is too large. Hundreds of our war ships should be dismlanted as they are a constant menace (?) to other countries, provoking bad blood and engendering strife. Wade Hampton thinks that at the democratic national convention the man the delegates from New York, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey, Connecticut and California think could carry those states, should be nominated. We think so, too. But where's the man?^—Ah! there's the rub. An exchange thinks the democratic candidate for president is likely to be the man who can maniputate the three barrels—the money barrel, the whisky barrel and the oil barrel. It is an Ohio man who can do this. The one-barrel man is to be laid in the shade. Indianapolis feels confident that it can accomodate all who attend the greenback national convention. The Review of that city says that the state convention of that party was held in Room 7, of the Grand Hotel, which is by no means the largest room in that hostelry. The Fitz John Porter bill will come up in the senate this week, and despite the efforts of those who are convinced that he was guilty of the crime charged, it will doubtless pass. The next congress will be 'asked to restore his pay. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Porter, in our opinion, deserved death. The democrats are following in the footsteps of the republicans. In nearly all the great questions that divided the parties in the past they now concur, and this year they go a step farther and hold their convention in the same city selected by the republicans. That party will catch up after a while if they keep moving. Twenty years ago the national democratic convention met in Chicago and solenmly declared it as their deliberate opinion that the war for the suppression of the democratic rebellion was a failure, and yet in less than a year the confederacy had collapsed and its armies dispersed. That, however, was about as correct a conclusion as the democratic party ever came to in its deliV>erations. If the people have the right to change the organic law of the state, no party ought to receive support from the people, which denies them the priveleges of exercising that right. This is a government "of the people, for the people, and by the people." Congress has been in session ever since the first Monday in December, and very little of importance has been done thus far. The democrats are running the legislative branch of the government more in the interests of the democratic party than of the conntry. The Labkab resolutions, which Bis-iqutcK refuses to receive, were introduced in the lowes house, of congress by that colossol liar, Tom Ochiltree, T of Texas, and were passed at a time when none of the members, scarcely, knew what was before the house. Hsmeve^, they gave Bismarck an op-portumiy of showing his dislike of tfajfl country. The timber which constituted the scaffold upon which "old John Brown" was executed at Charlestown, Va., has been discovered in the porch of a residence in that place, and the pieces have been carefully selected out and put together forming a perfect scaffold again. It is owned by Col. CoYLE, who purchased the residence some time since, and is highly prized. The Auburn Courier comes out in favor of the nomination of Col. Gray for governor of Indiana. The clo-onel would stand no show against Col. Dudley, who lost a leg on the bloody field of Gettysburg. The New Era will be satisfied with any good republican that the state convention may nominate in June, but it would be more than pleased to see the gallant Dudley he^ the ticket. Hurrah for the one-legged hero of Gettysburg say waAdditional Locals. Somebody has said that, in view of both national conventions being held at Chicago this year, there will be some difficulty in determining which platform is referred to during the campaign, as both will be the "Chicago platform." To this an exchange says that "the Republican platform will be a platform; while the Democratic platform is certain to be a hedge. The people can tell a platform from a hedge eyery time.'' —Johnson, the man who murdered the family near Wauseon, ' Ohio, sometime ago will he hanged May 29. —We are in receipt of Dawn, a new greenback paper that rises upon the ashes of the Sun, lately suspended. Well, it is right that Dawn should appear after tiie setting of the Sun. —The Bromen Banner says that "Alex Moore, of Albion, who received injuries in a railroad wreck at this place a couple of years ago, was renewing old acquaintences here a few days last week." -At the evangelical church in Fort Wayne, of which Rev. J. Fischer is pastor, while the congregation was engaged in singing, an aged member named Jacob Lehman dropped dead from appoplexy. —The February number of the "American Journalist," of St. Louis, is before us. It is devoted almost exclusively to journalists and journalism, and to men engaged in the business is very valuable and entertaining. —Dr. Rossvalley, claiming to be a reformed Jew, lectured at Angola last week. It seems that this '"reformed" Israelite has a somewhat unsavory record, and after one of his discourses judge Woodhull arose and denounced him as a fraud. The Jew was plucky, however, and lectured the next night. —The republicans of Kosciusko county have instructed their delegates to the judicial convention to vote for Edgar Haymond for Judge of that district. The Indianian thinks the act of instructing was un-\\ise. The county nominating convention will bo held April 19. They are opening the campaign pretty early over there. —An exchange, that has given some attention to the matter, says that "there will be five eclipses this year—three of the sun, none of which will be visible in this country, and two of the moon, both of which will be visible in this conntry. The first, a partial eclipse, occurs early in the morning of April 10, and the other, a total eclipse, occurs October 4 in the evening." —In a conversation with Judge Osborne, of Goshen, the South Bend Sun reports that gentleman as saying that "nine-tentlis of the criminal cases in his court can be traced to the liquor traffic. The judges of all our courts look upon the saloons as hotbeds from whence spring nearly all the criminal cases and divorce suits which crowd their dockets, fill our jails and state prisons and our poor-houses with paupers—all at the expense of the honest tax-payers of the county." —The friends of Hon. W. H. Bun-yan, Ex-Senator for Noble and La-Grange counties, desire his selection as a member of the Republican State Central Committee for this district. The position would make him chairman of the District Committee, a place he is admirably well qualified to fill.—LaGrange Standard, As chairman of the Noble county central committee during the canvass of 1880, Mr. Bunyan demonstrated his fitness for the difficult position, and we agree with our contemporary in thinking him a suitable man for a membership of the republican state central coomiittee for the 12th district —The Goshen Democrat last week gave some of the almost forgotten facts in regard to a celebrated murder trial that came off in Elkhart county many years ago, in which an intelligent, well-to-do farmer near New Paris, in that county, was placed on trial for his life for the killing of his wife in a horrible manner. It was the case of the State vs. Fleming Wright, which attracted wid« attention at the time, and which is yet occasionally referred to when a group of old settlers get together and talk over again the days and incidents of "Auld Lang Syne." Of the attorneys engaged in the case, the Democrat shows that all have met sad fates. Thomas G. Harris is dead as is Norman Eddy, of South Bend. Joseph L. Jemegan went to Brooklyn, and from there eloped with bis children's governess to Europe, where he still remains, while Robert Lowry, worst of all, is in congress. The latter prosecuted the case. Send us the News.—As a matter of course it is impossible for an editor to know all that is transpiring in the county, or in his own town even, although it is seldom we get left entirely on either class of news. We were just on the point of writing an item asking our friends to assist us in this, when our eyes fell upon the following, in the Angola Republican, which is so near what we intended to say that we substitute it for our own. That paper says: Friends, again we ask you to send us the news. When anybcdy dies, gets married, runs away, steals anything, builds a house, makes a big sale, or whips his man—or his wife —breaks his leg, or gets the senses kicked out of him by a mule, or does anything that is anyway remarkable, and you have reasons to believe that you know as much about the occurrence as anybody, don't wait for some other person to report it, or trust to us to find it out by instinct, but come and tell us about it, or send the facts on a postal card. This is the way news is supplied, and it takes a good supply of that necessary article to make a good home paper. See if you cannot improve this year, and let us know every item of news that transpires in your neighborhood. WTANTED. AGENTS FOR OUli NEW WORK,''Woris Tkat ki, -o se-M ani life." SOMETHING FRESH FROM THE PRESS, and entirely original and new in the book line. It will prove a first-class optMung to all wide-awake agents. WE WAXT A GENERAL AGENT in every county and a local agent in every town, and to good men will give the most liberal terms. It will pay all who want to make money to investigate. .1. H. CHAMBEKH & CO., 46 and 4« Clark St., CJiiCAfiO, III.TO MY PATRONS !INSURANCEAND LOANS. -PATRONS desiringFOR 1884. WOULD REQUEST TO CALL AT MY ist DOOR SOUTH OF BANK. wishing them all a HAPPY JYEW YEAR. FRANK CLAPP. ISTEW -JBTòXai^Livery & Feed-Stable. CARRIAGES for BUSINESS or PLEASURE; SAMPLE WAGONS fob COMMERCIAL MEN, AND GENTLE TEAMS FOR LADIES. DAllI/iTS PROPHYLACTIC FLUID. a Houaehold Article for ünlver^.il FamUy Vae. Eradicates M A, T^ ART A For Scarlet and I Typhoid Fevers, Diphtheria. SaU-Tation, Ulcerated Sore Throat, Small Pox, Measles, and all Contagious Diseases. Persons waiting on the Sick should use it freely. Scarlet Fever has never been known to spread where the Fluid was used. Yellow Fever has been cured with it after black vomit hud taken place. The worst cases of Diphtheria yield to it. Fcvered.-indSlckrer- ! SMAI.L,-POX sons refreshed and and II< d Sores prevent- PITTING of Small ed by bathing with D.irbys Fluid. Impure Air made harmless and purified. Fur Sore Throat it is a sure cure. C^ontagion destroyed. For Frosted Feet, Cliilblains, Piles, Chaflngs, etc. Kheumatiam cured. Soft White Complexions secured by its use. Sldp Fever prevented. To purify the nreath. Cleanse the Teeth, it can't be sut^assed. Catarrh relieved and cured. Erysipelas cured. Hums relieved instantly. Scars prevented. l>ysentery cured. Wo.unds healed rapidly. Scurvy cured. An Antidote for Anim.d or Vegetable Poisons, Stings, etc. Pox PREVKNTED A member of my family was taken with Small pox. I used the Fluid : the patient was not delirious, was not pitted, and was about the house again in three week', and no others had it.-J. W. Park-insok, Philadelphia. liTotlce of .A-dLi».l3a.lstra,tioi5.. Estate of Sarah "Wtnebrenner, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Clerk of the Noble Circuit Cou^ of Noble County, in the State of Indiana, administrator of the Estate of Sarah Winebrenner, late of said Cqunty, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. JOHN B, WRIGHT, Administrator. Dated February 16, 1884. 9 .3 Diphtheria Prevented. The physicians here use Darbys Fluid very successfully in the treatment of Diphtheria. A. Stollenwbbck, j Greensboro, Ala. I Tetter dried up. i used'the Fluid during ' Cholera prevented our present affliction with ; Ulcers purified and Scarlet Fever with de cided advantage. It is indispensable to the sickroom.—Wm. F. Sand-ford, Eyrie, Ala. I Scarlet Fever I Cnred. healed. In cases of Death it should be used about the corpMse — it will prevent any unpleasant smell. The eminent Phy. Rician, J. MARION Sm.S. M. D., New York, says: "I am convinced Prof Darbys Prophylactic Fluid is a valuable disinfectant." ItTotice of I13.sol-ve3a.c3r. In the matter of the estate of John Bittikofft r, deceased. In the Noble Circuit Court. Instate No. 436. Notice is hereby given that upiMi petition filed in said Court by the Admiuistiator of said estate. settinif ui> the insufficiencv of the personal estate of said det e<lent to pay the debts and liabilities thereof, tlui J udm of said Court did on the :i-2ud day of February ls84, lind said estate to be iirobably insolvent, and order the same to be settled accordiUKly. Tlie creditors of said estate are therefore hereby nolilied of such insolvency and retiuired to hie their claims a^tainst said estate for allowance. DAVID C. WILSON. C haiMu & Barr, Atty's l(i-3 Administrator.Mice of Final Settlement of Decedent's Estate. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned aduiinistrator of theestiile of .Fames McConnell, decea.sed, on the second diiv of February, ISRl, |)resented and filed his accomit and V(mchers In final settlement of said estate, in the Noble Circuit C(mrt. in Noble coiuitv, state of Indiana, and that the siime will come up for final hearing in said Court on tlie irtli dav of March. Ism. at which time all heirs of said estate, and all other persons interested iu said estate, are reouired to appear and show cause, if anv there be. why said account and vouchers slio'uUl not be approved and this administrator diM-hargcd. THOMAS B. McCONNKLL. (Jeo. A. Best. Att'y. Administrator. Feb. 8, I8H1. mw2 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 1 testify to the most excellent qualities of Prof. Darbys Prophylactic Fluid. As a disinfectent and detergent it is both theoretically and practically superior to any preparation wit!i which I am acquainted.—N. T. Lufton, Prof. Chemistry. Darbys Fluid is Recommended by Hon. Alexander H. Stechens, of Georgia • Rev. Chas. F Deems, D.D., Church of the Strangers, N. Y.; los. LbContk, Columbia, Prof .University,S.C. Rev. A. J. Battle, Prof, Mercer University; Rev. Geo. F. Pierce, Bishop M. E. Church. INDISPENSABLE TO EVERY HOME. Perfectly harmless. Used inteni.-illy or externally for Man or Beast. The Fluid has been thoroughly tested, and wc have abundant evidence that it has done everything here claimed. For fuller information get of your Druggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietors, J. H. ZEILIN & CO.. Manufacturing Chemists, PHILADFI-PHI A. B Slieriff's Sale. •Y VIRTUE of a certified copy of a decree _ to me directed from the Clerk of the Noble Circuit Court, in a cause wherein (¡eorge W. Lamon is plaintifli and Joseph P. S<uirlett, Sarah K. Scarlett, John A. Scarlett, Sarah ,1. Scarlett, Robert F. Akers and Lois Akers are defendants, remiiring me to make the sum of one hundred and sixteen dollars (Sne.Oü). and interest thereon from the ISth day of January, IKhi, and costs taxed at twejity-nine dollars and thirty-five cents (Í2!>.;5.5). and interest thereon and accruing costs, including costs of this sale. I will e.vi>ose to sale at public auction to the highest bidder, on Saturday, March 22, 1884, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m., and 4 o'clock J), m., of the said day, at the door of the Court Htmse of Noble County, Indiana, the rents and i>rofits for a term not exceeding seven years of the following described real estate, to-wit: The undivided two-thirds i)arts of lot numbered one hundred and twenty-three—12.J, in the original plat of the town ofAAlbion, in Noble County, Indiana. If such renw and profits will not sell for sutHcient to satisfy said decree, interests and costs, I will at the same time and |)lace oft'ei- for sale at public aiu-tion the fee siniiile of said two-thirds i>arts of said real estate, or so much thereof as may be n^essary to satisfy and discharge said decree, interest and costs; but in the event that said two-thirds i)arts of salt! real estate will not sell for sullicient to satisfy and disi harge said decree, interest and cost.s, I will at the same time and place offer for sale at publi<' auction the rents ;ind jtrofits for a term, not exceeding seven years, of the refuaining one-third part of said re;il estate, anil if sucii rents ami i»rofits will not sell for sutHcient 10 satisfy the residue of said decree, interest and costs, I will at the same time and place otter for sale at public auction the fee simiile of said real estate;, or so much tliereof as may be necessary to satisfy and discharge said residue of said decree, interest and costs. The sale will be made without relief from valuation and ajutraisement laws. SAMUEL BKADEN, .Jr., Februarv i'S, 1884. Sheritf Noble County. Thoma's M. Eells, Pl'ft^'s Att'y. i>f. .«lO.SO 10-4Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In the matter of the estate of Samuel %Volf, decea.sed. In the Noble Circuit Court. March Term, 1881. Notice Is hereby given that tlie undev-'gned as execntrix of the hist will ;ind testaineiit of Sjimuel Wolf, deceased, has luesciiled and filed her account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said Circuit Court on the 17th day of March, 18S4. at whii h time all heirs, creditors or legatees of said estate are required to appear in said Court and show cause. If any there be, why s;iid account and apiiroved. HESTER WOLF, Executrix. 10-2 Feb. 25, 1884. Chapín & Barr, Att'ys.Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In the matter of the estate of David A. Keister, deceased. In the Noble Circuit Court, of the State of Indiana, March Tenn, 18.H4. Notice is hereby given th.it the undersigned as administrator of the estate of David A. Keister, deceased, has presented and filed his account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said Circuit Court on the 17th day of March, 1884. at which time all dit appe; cause, if any there be, why said account and heirs, creditors or legatees of said estate are reijuired to appear in said Court and show vouchers should not be approved, and the heirs of said decedent and all others interested are also required to appear and make iiroof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate at said time. JOHN P. KITT, Feb 2.5,1884. Administrator. F. Prickett, Att'y. 10-2lEHNtS REASON ABLE Ì Barn on Jefferson St., North of Court House, \ ALBION, IND. sax». Z33ÌTO-X4S, S>rop*x. Notice to Non-Resident Q-uardian. In the matter of the estate ] In the Noble Cir-of the Minor heirs of I cuitCourt,March Sarah E. Edsall, decea'd. j- Term. A. D., 1884. Samuel A. Edsall, I Petition to renu)ve guardian. J guardian. THE ABOVE NAMED CIL ARDIAN, is hereby notified that the undersigned, a competent iierson therefor, has filed in the olllce of the Clerk of said Noble Circuit Court his verified petition praying said Court for an order for the removal of "s;iid Samuel A. F^lsall fnmi his trust as guardian of the minor heirs of S;irah E. Edsall, late of Noble countv. Indiana, deceased, and that said petition will come on for hearing on Monday, March 17, A. 1)., 1884, l>eing the first judicial dav of the regidar March term of said Circuit Ciuirt for the year 1884, on which said first dav of said term of said Court the said Samuel A. ftdsall, guardian aforesaid, is required to be and api)ear in said Court and show cause, if any he has, why he should not be removed.from his trust as such guardian; and in (\pfault of such appearance said petition and the matters and things therein allegeil will be heard and determined in his absence. BENJAMIN B. EDSALL. Win. C. Williams, Att'y. 8-4 Notice of Final Settlement. In the matter of the estate of Ephriam Mvers, deceased. In the Noble Circuit Court, Mafch Term, 1884. NoTKiE is hereby given that the undersigned administrator of the estate of Ephriam Myers, deceased, has filed in the Noble Circuit Court of Noble County, Indiana, the accounts and vouchers for the filial settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said Court on the 20th day of March, 18&4, being the 4th judicial day of the March Term, 1884, of said t;ourt. at which time all persons interested iu said estate are required to appear and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be approved. And the heirs of said estate, and all others interested tliereln, are also hereby re-Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In the matter ot the estate of William J. Burns, deceased. In the Noble Circuit of the State of Indiana, March Term, 1884. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, as administrator of the estate of William J. Burns, deceased, has presented and filed his acc<mnt and vouchers in final settlement of said estate as in.solvent and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said Circuit Court on the 18th day of March, 1884, at which time all heirs, creditors or legatees of said estate are reuuired to appear in said Court and show cause, ii any there be, why sai<l account and vouchers should not be approved, and the heirs of said decedent and all others interested are required to ai)|tear and make iiroof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate at said time. ORLAN'DO KIMMELL, Albion, Ind.. Feb. 2G, 1884. Administrator. F. Prickett, Att'y. 10-2Public Sale by Administrator. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, administrator of tlie estate of Sarah Winebrenner, late of Noble countv, Indiana, decea.sed, will sell at public auction at the residence of said administrator in Green townshij), in said county, on Saturday, the 29th day of March, 1884. all the |)ersonal property of said decedent which has come into my possession as sucli administrator, consisting" of certain household goods, to-wit: Beds, bedding, bedsteads, cupboard and cuiiboardware, chairs, glassware and many other articles of household use too numerous to mention. Terms. A credit of nine months will be given on all sums over five dollars, the purchaser giving his note with approved security, waiving valuation and aiipr.tisciiicnt laws, and bearing six per cent, interest fi-om date. All purchases under five dollars must be paid cash in hand. JOHN B. WRIGHT. March 0, 18»1. Administrator. HOTEL PROPERTY FOR SALE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, by virtue of an order of the Noble Circuit Court ol the state of Indiana, will sell at private sale, on the 21.st dav of March, A. D.. 1884, 01 at any lime thereafter, until sold, all of the following described real estate, situate iu the County of Noble, St:ite of Indiana, to-wit: Lots numbered one (I), two (2), fifteen (l.'i). sixteen df.». seventeen (17), eighteen (18), nineteen (I'.it, and twenty C-'O). In the Tow n of Wolf Lake, anil buildings situate thereon. Applications of purchasers will t' the undersigned at his place of (HI, in said County, until said real estate is sold. Teums: One-third of the purchase money to be jiaid in hand, one-third In twelve months ¡ind one-third In eighteen mouths froni day of sale, the purchaser giving his notes wifli surety for the deferred paviufuts. with Interest at six per cent, waiving valuation and appraisement laws. SAMUEL BRADEN, Jr., February 14,1HR4. Commissioner. F. Prickett, Att'y. lie received by tlie underslguet residence in the Town of Albi< 8-4 SiLeriffs Sale. B quired, at the time and nlace aforesaid, to ap-ijear and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate. JACOB J. MYERS, Administrator of estate of Ephriam Myers, deceased. 10-2 Y VIRTUE of a certified co))y of a decree to me directed from the Clerk of the Noble Circuit Court, in a cause wherein Jacob Stillinger IS plaiutlff and Agustus Marks and Sojihia Marks are defendants, requiring me to make the sum of one hundred and six dollars ^.$106.00), and interest thereon from the l.'ith dav of Jan-nary, 1884, and costs taxed at sixteen dollars and five cents, (¡516.05), and aecruiuK costs. Including costs of this sale, I will expose at public sale to the highest bidder, on, Saturday, March, 1 5th, 1884, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. ni., of the said day at the door of the court house of Noble county, Indiana, the rents and profits for a term not exceeding seven years, of the following described real estate, tO-wIt: Lot number twenty-two (22), In the village of Brimfleld, In Noble county, Indiana. If such rents and profits will not sell for 8ufflcle|rf" satisfy said decree. Interest and costs, I wtl the same time and place offer for sale at pul auction the fee simple of said real estate, ori much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy ^if? lid de and discbarge said decree, interest and costo. The sale will be made without rellel from valuation or appraisement laws. HA MITEL BRADEN .Ir., Sheriff Noble County. Thomas M. Eells, Plaintiff's Att'y. Feb. 21,1884. pi. Í7.20 ;

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