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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - March 20, 1884, Albion, Indiana ... . TWO DOLLARS A YEAR.'IZe-w to tlie I-if-xi-e; I-iet tiie Cli-ips "wliere tli.e3r -tv^ay.' IN ADVANCE vol.xii.no. 2í;.ALBION, NOBLE COUKTY, INDIANA. MARCH 20, 1884. neav series. vol. ix. no. 13. •a > à tr- ÍU FLÜ1LX THE STANDARD BEARERS. A IXouschoI<l Artiric for Vnivorsal Family Lsi?. For SoarW't and Typhoiil 1'overs, IHjihtheria, Sali-vuiiiiii, liberatoci S«>rf Throat, Small I'ox, Measles, and all Cmitafiious Diseases, per^on^ waitin;,; on the Sick !>h Iiild use it freely. S. arid l over h:ii never been ku' Wii to sprea'! whi-rc tiie Kluul was used. Yt ll jw Kcver has !;■ en ■ iin-c! w ith it after black vomit lia«! taken j)lace. The worst caoes o.' 1 'iijhtin ria yii.Kl to it. ITlJI.IisHKD EVEltY TIU IJSDAY, AT XOBLE CO,, LVD., 3". X». I'laiC^SET'r, IProp'r. Offico on York Street, directly \vert*)f tlie t'dlllt Jloij.so. TerrcLS cf S-o-Toscripticrs.. Feveredr.niiSick I'iT-soilH refreshed and lte«l Sor«"> i>rev«-iit- e<l bv batr,i!ig v.itri I»arbys riulJ. I HI pure A i r inai'.e iuirniLss ;.nd j.'.n'.lie'l. For Sore Throat it is a sure- cure. C'oDtaKion destroyed. J-'or Fronted F«M-t, Chilblains, Pile:«, Chafing-«, etc. ItlieumatiMiu cured. Soft White Complex- tmiH' seoftcd Ship Fever preveiUe !. To purify the Itreatli, Cleanse the Teeth, it can't be surpassed. Catarrh relieved and cured, Krysipelas cured, liuriis relieved iaslantly. Scars prevented. I>y««>ntery cured. Wounds liealed rapidly." Scurvy < ured. An Antidote for Anim:.! or V.--[;etable Poisons, Slinks, etc. I Used the Fluid durln™ Duriireseiu attlictioii with Scarlet Fever with decided aiiv.iiitagc. It ¡5 in(!isperis il !e to the si-.k-rooin. - \Vm. F. Sani>-FORU, Eyrie, All. s:maix-pox aiid pitting of Small I'os rKKVKNl l-:» A :r.ePi!ier of my family U.I-. taken with .'^ina:! 1 used the i'hiid . tiie patient ^vas ii.-.t (ielirious, was not j/itttd. and w.is about the house a.^.iin in three weeks, and no others h.ul il. - J. \V. I'akk-insi.n, Philadelphia. Diphtheria Prevented, Oiif Yt>ar............... Six Months... . Tlirc'c Months.......... s.utile coiiic-s !■ VK t'KNTs eacli. s j on t no ort ^pplloatiors.. ¡íusini''ss Ten <'cnts ¡x'r ¡inc. tii^t in- SiTtion. Five Cents ¡»er ìi;:c each snliseiiuent insertion. Lc.iral notices will be chan.'ed <'or at the rates estalilÍKlied by l.uv. .Siiiipl«' iiiar-ria^'c and death notices nil! be inserted free.PHANCY, PHACT AND PHUN CoMPKES.SED ^US is to bo lic^litiii^ cars on somo of the roads. used in oastorn The physicians here use li.irbys Fluid very ■-ucee.s'ully in the tre.e.-ment 1 f 1 Jiplitheri.i. A, st..li . .nwmu i;, (irvtnsb^iro. Ali. Tetter dried up. < llolera iirevent d VIccrs purified .11; 1 In < ases of T>e!i1h it si: .uM be u^e-i ..b. i:t the c ri.s,---it wiil The AYOinans snfTrafi(^ amcnilaiont was a^rood to 1)y the Io\Ya sonate> by a Yoto of 'lij to Yandekbilt is said to be \Yortli OYer $2(H),()(K),00(» and that lie realizes about per ceu^. on that amount. r-' . if. my unpieas- '1 lie eminent I'hy-siclaii,.l.]VIAKION-SIMS. M. I>., New York, s.ivs: "I am . "in-i. -.1 i'r .f I),iri.\s Tr j n;...t,c I hod is_a Ï Pr.r fcctant and b 1 am ac- .1 1>V Vanderbilt Univer.iity. Xashville, Tenn. I ttStif)- ! ......... . _____ Darbys Pr,.i.iiy;.r lie Fbii i. detergcnt it i >' i.oiii t!i. i: superior to any ¡ir.",.,.-. ;;. quainted.—'1 . l.i i ¡ n, i'l • l>arbyK Fluid is Jii iny Hon. Ai.I'.xamii k 11. s; r>-m Kev. Cü.'is. F. , J>.1 Stranyei -, Y. ■ 1 I.. ■ Nii !>■ Rev. A. /. : I I r, i'l ■ Kev. (ii ">. F. I'll:. . I.., l.i.:, • INDISPKNSAIII.K TO j.\ K!lY KOMK i'erfectly luini,:. >s. \ - : i|.>. r<. or eM-r,,al!v 1 ,r :d.ili , - J . ' ^ The 1 b.ii ! b,,s bc.-i! ib,.r !■ :,; 1, a„,l v, here chuiiK.'.. F r Iclb r ¡i:í" i:'i i; :! ¡...i ,.i v, \i i^ru¿¿ist .1 pain,.biet or sei. i i..) [t .jjiictvis, •T. JI. ZKILJTÏ A CO.. Manufacturin;; Cher.iisl:;, i'i i ¡ l..\ DF'-I'll IA Eyep.y patriotio cilizen onj^bt to contribute somethin«^' to the erection of a soldiers' monument at Ii|di-asiapolis. ' - vf*,^ CoAL mine disasters areof fn^jnent occurrenoe this ^Yeek. Virginia was the sciane of a couj)ìe of these hor-ix)rs last week. r I b.iv : The house coinniittee on jxx-st offices has exonerated eon^n^ssinan PULLIS from all connection wiüi the Star Itoute frauds. Public Sdlc ha niihis!ralor. ■NiiTK'K is heli'liy I.'i\cii Ih;;' iiiiil. rsi.'.licd. adniini^t |-;i(ur ol ;iiee--l;ilt .i! S:it;ili Wbiiroicii-lier, late ol Nobjo c..ii||;;\. !ni||:.|i:i. cl,.|-(;ise(l. will sell al IMli'lic aihiiui'; ;,( lli,. r.i(¡.■ lire of said adniinistfalor in (ireen iDwiisMp. ¡n said fountv. Oh Saturday, the 29th day of March. 1884. all the personal proiteit;. of has collie into loy |Hi>si'--i<ii: trator, consistin^ of i i to-wit: Heils. beddini.'. 1m and (Mii»bo:ird\\ are. chair-, -b other articles of iioiiscinild ii inention. Ti'-.ii.MS. A credit of nine nioniiis wiil be given on all stilus over livc dollar-, the purchaser jiivini; Ills no|.- a.;!, :i|.jiro\od security, waiviiif: valuation and ;iii;iraiscm( iit laws, and bearing six ¡ler < L-iit. ir'u-rost Iroin dato. All l>iireiiases under ti\e dollars mils; be p.iid easli lii liand. .MHIN li. WKliMi r. March o, 1sn4. Adnr.iiistrator. "And tlie Lord called Samuel."— (Jainc.srillc {(Ja.) Press. And in response to the Lord's call, up popped a bundle of cii)her dispatches. ■■cedent W hich Mir'a ai'lllillis-in lioiiscliuld ,L:<i"ds. Nicads. cniiiioani sv.i're and niaiiv too niinieroiis t.". Scliocl :2v£crtg-o.g-e Sale. N'OTK'K is iiercliv -;vcii tii.it the undersigned. Auilitor of Noble coiint>. Indiana, will sell at imblic auction at the ( oart Jlouse door in the town of Albion, ill said <'oui¡t\-. on the Fourth Monday in March. 1884. (the saiui'beili;.: the L'4tli cay (d March. 1ss4.) l>el\veeii the hours of m o i'lock m.. anil 4 o'clock ji. in., of sa¡<i ibi\ . ilie follow in;r real estate situated m Nobi.^ coiinl v. In the Slate of Indiana, to-wit : Tiie ea-; half o'f (he sonth-west (¡iiarter of the soulhweNi .iuarter of section t\veiity-si.\-.'i;. town^iiiji ibiriv-ti\e- :r>. uoith, ranfie ei.ulit —s. east. coni:iiniciil L'li a<-res, the same haviiii,' liecn forfciied for tl'ie non-pay-Iiient of Inîercsî due en loan s^^t of tiic coiii-, inon seliyol tnnds made liy I'ullv ],. Aluden and Dani« 1 Ainftrteti «m the i'c.ih d:;'y of .laniiarv . 1X70. Amount of i>rinci|,al ano iii'teresi due át date (»f sale ii!t;.-four dollars and six cents, to which will be' adib-d all costs and damages thai luav accrue to date of sab-. Dated at Albion this 1st <l.iv of >F-irch. issl. ( oi;\K!.irs I!. Pilli.I.IPS. 11-3 pf. ■■?.-,.(«). Auditor Noble Conntv. Indiana. Slieriffs S3.1e. By YIlVn'Kof a ccitilied copy of a decree to me dil-ectcd froai the «'icrl<of the Nolde Circuit Court, in a cau^e \-,iictein (¡eoifit- \V. J/.iriion is plainlitf and P. Scarlett. Sarah K. SearleU. .|..hn Scailolt. S;uah .1. Scarlett, Itolwrt F. Akers and l.oi^ Akeis are defnidants. reiiiiiriiii; me to make tiie sum of one hiinilred and sixteen dollars .>1 |i;.o<m. and intercsl thereon from the tàtli da\ of .laniii.ry, isst. and costs taxed at twcnty-iiiiie dollars and thirty-tiveeents and iiiteri'st ihereon and aecruin;; costs, incladin,},' cosi-, of t his .s;;Ie. I w ill e.xuj»se to sub-at imblic aui tion to the lii;;hc-i biilaer, on Saturday. March 22. 1884, between tile liours of 10 o'.lock a. m.. and 4 o'l-lock p. III., of tiie said da>. al the door of tiie C(mrl House of NoiiU- ("oni'iiy. Indiana, the rents and iiriilits tor a term noi t\ceediii« seven years of tlic tollowiim c|cserii„Ml real estate, to-wit : 'Mie undi\ idcil i wo-l nii (U parts of lot mim-bered one liundrcii and ! en, >-! bi ee r.Vi. in the (irijilnal jilat of tiie los, n ol .Mbioii, in Noble ('olilitN, Indiana. If snob reot> aial ¡notiti will not sell for iiiiilcient to sail-;, said d.-cree, interests and costs.! will at ibe sanie time an<l pla<-e olfer for sale .il puldie ,-111011011 the tee simple of said Uvo-iliinh p.irisol said real es-tufe. or so much tliereof as may be necessary to satisfy and diseliarure jaiil docive. interest and costs: but in the e\enl tiiat said tw<v-thirds parts of said real csiate will not sell {op sufficient to satisfy and discliar;.'e sairl decree, interest and costs, i w ill al the same time ami place oH'er for sale at piiiilii' auction the rents and profits for a term, imt evceedin;,' seven years, of the remaining one-tliird part (d' sai«l real •■st.ite, and if sii' i; rcnis and profits will not sell for sntlii-ieui U> salisly I he residue of said decree, interest and costs, I will at the same lime and place oticr to-- sale at public aiietion the fi-e simple of saiil real estate, or so nnteh tliereof as may be lecess.'.ry to satisfy and diseiiarirc sai<l residiie of said flecrec. jn-t<'rest and o-: '¡ iie s:.b' c. ill bo m.-nh- v. ithout relief ironi vamniion :r ,1 :.'.'i!- i-cnei.l l:n',s. SAMFFL P.UADKN, .Ir. Fel)niar>'b"'*!. sheriff Noble Coiinty. Tlioiaas M. Eells, I'Fff's Atfy. pi. §10.»0 10-4 The Fitz John Porter bill has passed both houses of congress. Heretiiter suV)ordinates can disobey the ordi>rs of their su})erior.s with impunity. Tretison or cowardice are to be rewarded instead of being punished. congessman !Matson thinks the Indiana delegates to the democratic national conYention will be solid for McDonald, and expressed the opin-it)n that the driYen-well man is the strongest candidate now mentioned for the jiresidential nomination. But then Matson is a prophet of no note. The governor of Delaware cannot lawfully commute a death sentence, but in a recent case where lie believed that the criminal did not deserve capital punishment, he granted him a respite for tifty years or until 11)H4. That fellow' w'ill have a good long time in which to prepare for the aallows. So lono as Mayor Calkins consents to be a candidate for congress in the 18th Indiana district the democrats over there feel that they have no show whatever to have that district represented in the lower house of the national congress by one of their own party. For this reason every man over there who has had the congressional bee buzzing in his bonnet, is anxious to havt» ]\Ir. Calkins get out of their way by becoming a candidate for irovernor. We are pleased to see that in all parts of the state Col. Dudley's can-1 didacy for tlie gubernatorial noniinti-I tion is l>eing received with marked j favor. We believe he will be nonii-; nated on first ballot, and there will j be such a rallying to his support at 1 th(! j,)olls as has not been witnessed I in many years. Tho Elkhart lieview j comes out for Dudley in the follow-! ing words: "The Reinar favors the I nomination of Col. Dudley for gov-I ernor because it belit^ves he is the I strongest candidate who has yet been I mentioned in connection with that I office. The success of the party tick-I et four years atfo this fall was )arge-I ly owing to hi.H untiring efforts and ' superior orgarizing ability, and we I would like 13 see thof.e qualities I again broughc into requisition, as wo i believe with them almost certain vic-I tory would Ije the resuJ c. That whiit we n .^ed this fall and to elT ?ct Now that the national conventions have been called, and the preliminary work of the campaign, in the matter of appointing delegates to said conventions will soon be completed, it is fitting that the uitentitm of tlm pub-lite sUftnld be «lleg^*the Everal persons whose names have been mentioned in connection with the presidential nominations. A dozen or more of prominent names have been mentioned in connection with j the repul>lican nomination for president and vice presidoni. among which are for the tirst on the ticket, president AuT.ii'i;, of New York; st^ntitor Edmunds, of VeniKiut; ex-senator B1.aine, of T^Iaine: senator Shekman, of Ohio: seifutor HArjiisoN and Judge Guesha>?. of Indiana; General Logan. ai'.d secret;iry of war Lincoln. of Illinois: General Sherman, of Missouri: and a number of others more or k\ss prominent. To either oiie of these the re])ublican parly of Indiana could give a hearty support, l)ut state jiride, of course, would give p-cference to Hakrison or Gresham, of our own state. But in looking over the entire field it is well for considerate republicans to Uho their inilufiice in securing the nomination of a ticket that will command the hearty and undivitled su])port of the entire ]Kirty. That political difl'er<>n('es exist in some localities which migh.t (>nd;uiger Ihe si^cess of the ticket if not r(^fe^>g nized by th(i party and harmonized in tJie acts of its iiationtil conventi. n, is idle to deny, tind it is the part of wisdom to thus s(,>cure harmony with-I in the rtinks, when it can be ticcom-plished without detriment to the party or a surrender of any of its vital priiici])les. Everybody knows that the two factions within the party in New York can only be united by the nomination of a man who is satisfactory to both, and wlien this can be done, and a man })lac('d at the head of the ticket who as a statesman and a patriot is the peer of any man in this or any other t-ountr}', and a republican of the most })ronounced principles, we think the convention should not hesitate in its choice. This man is senator Edmunds, of Vermont, who would be perfectly satisfactory to the difl'eient factions of the i)arty in New York, and would insure that state for the ticket beyond perad-venture. There may be others who could do the same, but of this we do not feel so*sure as in the case of the statesman referred to. (ien. Harrison's nomination for the second })lace on the ticket would be equally utiQbjectioual, we think, and would innuro Indiana for the republicans, hence The New Era would feel perfectly well satisfied to see the Chicago convention unfurl the banner of republicanism with the names of Ed.munds and Ha.rrison inscribed thereon as its standard bearers in the campaign of 1881. Mr. ^\'illia:\i Skinner, of Knox count}', a Democratic statesman of much local renown, has returned hoiuii after a somewhat j^rolonged absence, ready to resume his herculean etlorts for the old paily. He anTiounc(*s his platform as follows: "■My platform still is— 1. White husbands er nun. 2. Pussennel liberty er deth. 'A. lievtMiue for tariff only. 4. Fre(i trade for protection only. T). Protection for revenue only. <). Taritr for free trade only. 7. Tariff only. 8. Kevenue only. <1 Five trad(i only. 10. Prot(»ction only. 11. Office iV)r Democrats only. Ti. Turn the liepublican rascals out only. i;>. Civil-service reform to be applied to Kepublictins only. D Another invoice of choice wit and funny sayings in big and little chunks, by the most unanimous, awfully, fearfully and tremendous witty young the ««pB. If • y©u||ji^ %By augn, prepafe to laugh them now. Be ready, lo. There was a erow s.ai on a sione. He tlew away—and there was none. — ¡Kansas .lackrubbit. A tiimblebui; he run a race, Wiieii he run fast- he ruii apace. -;!5ill Nye's BooMn'ran;;. Tliere was a dude by ii-iine McHosseni, His wit was too ¡loor even blessom." - ;iiiiniorlaI ,1. X. There *vas a man who sowi'd a idat With Norw.ty oats -well what of that. — iVanity J'air. '¡"¡lere's inairic in a I'idy's Toot, And well the hidies kniiw it. ; Indian:! lllubhcr. And s!ie who has a pretty one, is pretty sure to sliow —I Montaiik l>U!_li'. I have alius iiotiist that snia' t cliaps who ar alius Kiltin ill hoi water siinc e,t to be very soft. - bbisli l',i!liii;;s. (layly the tuniblebH.u'ttnied his ■zuit.ir. Sercnadiiif,' the Koose with ( (loi^i; : alai tar: Sweetly he snee/,'d at her. w ii!iii.ii.'ly ^i^ii'd. "(ioosie dear, floosie dear, be tiiou in.\ luidel" She for tile (depl'.ant sadly had pined'. Ate iiji an ox and tiien sworr iiad'nt dnied : Ca.nacd up a photoiirapii chwe lo her Ikmi !. W''ap;>ed nil in lobsters and er uiberry t u t. At niidii¡;:h't the rixaK met dowr in tin- \:;;e. And fou^'lit bv llleli^dlt oí the '.i:;litni'i'_' i>U'; tail: The elephant stood on his tiTi;!; to ta'Kt bi ealli. |__ Ami t he tuniiil.'!iui; ( o-ih lii.-'iied In la ! ¡Mb ai ii: | TlleU with a cabba'.;e -i ilk bi.bib, i,e ret •: "Come, love, and tread om t;¡.' , !;l oí niy coat; See tliv own iuiu'.'el.u'- 'lü i.L' lo r'.iec"-lle •r:-o:niM. L'avc ttitnil.- ;i <oii( c. . ¡.-¿w:ws # he. % • ; Mi'\iai;kc" V:iy. p. How long can a })erson live without brains- [77í(í TumblcliKj. I dinna weel ken. Misler Bug: how long have you livedyou;•se^^ - ¡^¿'a/c-ney McPfierson's Batjpt'pr. A young farmer in GnM-n wants to know hov,' to start a little niir.sery. Young man, get married. To those who have the fimnics bad, here is a good presci'iptibui: "Fray, doctor, "ive me. jf you plca.^e. Some iiiedieine for my disease: My wit and fun have'nu> nndone. And I have wi-ak and feeble ur.iw n." Tl'.e doctor ftdt his pulse. a:id said. " There is uo cause tor fe.ir or dn.'ad; Yi>n've j;ot no wit. and, I ^iiess. no brain— It's the lack of them that ;:ivcs you pain; you've no dise:ise, be not di. iri ss'd. All that yon need, vouiik m;ni, is rest." "I've no (liseasel why. how yon talk! .lust see my tonj^ne—it's w hite as chalk; I.ook at it, (h)ctor, look, indeed -And sav in truth what doe:; it nei-d?" "That, like your head, needs to be (|iiict: "Pis all you need' |iray, youniz man, try it; You overwork it at the best. And all yoti wiiiit is a good loi.ij; rest." The following epitaph may be read in a graveyard not far from Albion: "lb' died when youii;:, and full of jiromise. Of the whooiiingeoujili, ourow n dear Thomas." "I'm going to give Jake Prickett a piece of my mind," said Jim; "I wouldn't do anything of the kind," said Tom, "for Jake has all ho wants, and vou haven't a d—d bit to spare." Pat. L W. WELKER, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, Indiana, ^.^.Ofllce up stairs in Clajip's Block. XUOS. p. FELKNER, Albion, Indiana. Oifi.ce ststlrs Ixi. Tolaja^ Blade's xiq-w X31oc3e. 22tf jpielding prickett. Attorney-at-LaWi Albion, Indiana. onice on York street, directlv 'Wesl of Court House lyl P. R. C-U-M-M-I-N-S, : ag ext of: N. H- ALB A UGH & GO'S- TADMORE, — OHIO, r. pickett, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIA;^, Special attention L'i\en to chronic (liseases .ind diseases of woiaeii and children. t)flice on M:!iii street,:;.; Door : ist of Bank, Albion, Indiana. I'Tyl A. OA^TS, DENTIST nd. is with us again, soliciting for fall of 1884, lAnd Guarantees SatisfactionZ for fntnre deliveries as given in the p:ist. If mistakes have been nuiile tliey will be to tlie .s.itisfaetion i>i all lii.s iiatroiis, We would advise all who purohiise gooils in their line to iiatroni.'.e the above liriii if ihey want STIIAICHT AND SQUARE DEALING. ISTEW BÏÔICÏC livery & Feed-Stable. FlI.i.l.ng I'eKTU a Sl'ECl.M.TY WOK/IDElSr P^OST 3S©. Af ii Ue.L^uhir meetin^s secomt and ionrth Salurd;iys in each monili. 1). A. SCHAI'K, uom. s. k. kast!:ì:iiay, aiu't. \VM. TlilMl'. AKi ruiM.'i.sTK:;. ' a i. i (■ ; The Mississippi legislature was addressed by Jefi^ Davis recently in which he reiterated the opinions he bus expressed lime and again that the rebellion was waged in a good cause. Now let congress re-insta<^e this arch trciitor and set him up alonsr side of Fn z Joiin Porter. ÁVETII STAU LODGE. No. 380. I. 0. 0. F. albion, ixndiana. Reyiilar meetings every Tuesday evening. E 1.1. 1 EKCARDEN, N. G .1. ("oC^KLIiY. Sec'v ^ew millinery establishment I li.'ivc establislied a new MUHnery Store in Albion, in rooms over Denlar's liestaurant in Stone's Block and ask all toeall and see my slock. ILvlTrs. Tas- Oa-iaa.p'bell. TeetliL 1 Teetlx 1 GEORGE E. JOHNSON. SUEGEON DENTIST 1 Albion, Indiava. Special attention given to both Surgical and Tiikh.vim kticai, treatment of all diseses of the mouth and associate parts. Main Street. Office, East 2yl "It is the only ¡v titform that we all very comi)re- can unite onto. It is hensive ;iud I'xcloods only liepubli-cans and niggers. White men only need apply." —luilianapolis Journal. The democratic ¡)latform-makers of Noble county ought to file this away until their next convention, and they would have a platform ready made and save a deal of worry. It covers the whole democratic field, and, in Israelitish parlance, is "chiist your fit." It has become possible in telegraphy to send eight different messages ove| a. single line in diffevent, directions at the same time. The man who invents a successful method of a similar description that will apply to railroad tracks and railroad trains will become 91 public benefactor and the people will rise up and call him blest. The books of the democratic national committee show that the fol lowing contril)utions were made to the campaign fund of 18S0: Samuk-. J. Tilden. i?r)l,tHK); W. H. P.arni'm, (who ordered the ¡)urchast» of "more mules" in IndiantU >.()()(>; ^V. L. Scott, of Pennsylvjiiiia, Ol iver H. P.vyni:, of Ohio. S31.'vKìO. and Henry B. Payne, of th:- .same state, 120,000. ■W"ILLIAMS :E3:0USE. Albion, Indiana, PJCHAliD WILLIAMS, Prop'r. This House is entirelv new—is of brick, and Is eomph'tely furnished throughout. Good Sample Ko<uns for <'ommereial men. Main Street, South of Court Hou(»k. v7ii7yl the lost is found. KONKLE ai:riai:ks r« r - : ; .A.Mri.K \v.'.<;<>:-.s 1 ( AMxiKNTl.i: t! .v.v rfRMSjuSi Barn on JcJ]'as()H A/., North of Court l!'ni,e EiTC-i-x Al IWuN. INI). ,:. ITrcpr. ATTENTION 1 YE TRAVELERS. BALTIMORE & OHIO RAILWAY. AtlorTKl», .NOV K.\l I'.KK, EAST ROl ND. Chicago......... Walkerton June Milford .Tune ... Syracuse....... Cromwell...... Albion.......... Avilla........... (iarrett......... Auburn June — Hieksville....... Dethince. 1 1'. .M. 10 ........I i» 40 I f .V "."..""Ilo 17 To I'li 110 37 111 M .'No ^ à a. m. 10 10 M. v: 14 1,; i i 1-2 ;»ti 12 r»ü I 1« 1 4.' 1 ■> 3 '20 r. M, w 4.1 11 '.'7 ! A. M. ; 1-2 Ä» 1 08 2 28 '2 ;J8 3 2'2 4 U 2 28 '2 ;J8 3 2'2 4 U Special attention given to both Surgical and Tiikh.vim kticai, treatment of all diseses of Kostoria.................... Tilllii.......................... Chicago June ............ WEST BOUND." M. 1 07 1 :iO 2 17 1 :> 07 i ■> 3-2 1 ti -20 ■ 6 22 7 07 8 10 4 ÌMo ONo I-. M. i A. M. P. M. Chicago Junction............. 10 ao 8 '20 6 25 Tiffin ........................ 11 -2:1 9 '20 7 18 Kostoria..................... 11 49 9 52 7 54 A. M. p. m. Deflancc .. .................. 1 30 1-2 Ol 9 47 Hieksville.................. ■2 07 1-2 50 10 28 Auburn Junction.......... .. •2 38 1 32 11 05 (larrett ....................... ;{ 00 1 67 11 22 Avilla..................:..... 3 12 2 08 Il 33 A. M. Albion....................... 3 32 2 28 Il 55 Cromwell..................... 2 48 12 18 Syracuse ...................... Milford June................ 3 04 3 14 12 38 12 49 Walkerton June.............. .544' 1 4 24 2 13 A. M. i p. m. A. M. Chicago...................... S 3« 1 7 20 5 40 W. E. HEPPEMT, Pass. Ag't Columbus, O. C.K. I.ORD. Gen'l .Vg-t Bal. Md. W. E. HEPPEMT, Pass. Ag't Columbus, O. C.K. I.ORD. Gen'l .Vg-t Bal. Md. CINCINNATI, WA^^&MICH. R. R. IN KKKKCT KKt'. 9. 18S<3. To tlxe ^xorLt I Wa I now prepared to do I'll kimls of _ >c, Carnage And Sign Painti' etc. CINCINNATI, WA^^&MICH. R. R. IN KKKKCT KKt'. 9. 18S<3. This House is entirelv new—is of brick, and Is eomph'tely furnished throughout. Good Sample Ko<uns for <'ommereial men. Main Street, South of Court Hou(»k. v7ii7yl (ÍOING NORTH. No. 5. I>io. 3. 1 N«. 1. Benton Harbor...... 7 30 p m 12 30pm Niles................ (> :ÌO 11 37 am Elkiiart.............. 40 10 S2 (ioshen.............. 5 ir) 10 29 B & 0 Crossing...... i 4(i 10 02 Warsaw............. 4 ir, y 30 Wabash......... ... 2 ¡V) 8 09 Marion............. H .ió pni 1 .50 7 O,-) Anderson........... 7 to 5 50 Dayton............ 12 2.5 7 4r HUI .5 40 Cincinnati........... 12 1,-) G 2.") G 50 IndianaiKilis........ 5 2.5 10 (K) i 1.5 a m Louisville........... 7 .')2 7 ,52 7 upm c.()iN(r'soi til. 1 iMo. ar "^ o . 4 . "Mo. 6. Louisville........... 1 7 24 am 7 14 pm 7 Upm Indianapolis........ to .^.-J p 111 2 00 10 35um Cincinnati........ 7 ;!."> 7 14 3 20 Dayton.......... .. 0 in iiiii 4 40 4 40 pm Anderson.......... y .■;2 t2 Ü<1 m 9 02 "x". irioii .......... s 1.5 m 45 am 7 40 ,V abash............ 7 !» r,H (i ,50 a m Warsaw .......... r> 4.5 s .">."■ H cS: 0 Crossing • r. 12 « (H (ioshen...... i 44 i'lkhart............ .Mies............ 1 P V' n'l'i. ilari.or — - " • • ■ „ • - . ■ Í. . . cn'l nacCr. ii n'iids for paslj,iavors, work for fiiir pfices to of your |>a!roaa^e m tlu-nitl'd tc,;.ii\e itisiaction. S K-KONKLiE ¿.'■"Titanks to m\ I lioije by doiiit; i^ood ni ■■ i) a lineral ^iiare f., e. All work wan The house committee on postofficos and post-roads will report adversely on the bill prohibiting the transmission of newspapers containing lottery is 1 adveriisements, through the mails. It will also report advi^rseiy that purpose all other tidngs should j bill ¡¡roposing the ostablishmeut of be subordinated." postal savings banks. The great Sah;n-:i dosert in .VTrica covers an area of something more than 2,000,000 s(piare miles, eciual to the area of the Ignited States, exclusive of the territories. By surveys made ten or twelve years ago it is ascertained that about 12().000 square miles of this sandy waste is below sea level, and the project has been discussed of filling this basin with 'v\'ater from the Atlantic ocean or the Mediterranean Sea by means of a canal. The Bey of Tunis has authorized the construction of such a canal, resulting in a great inlad sea equal to the states of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois in area, and on the this is thought, will result in very material climatic changes in ¿ifrica and possibly in Europe. BÂRSAINS. BAR6AINS. LAKE SHORE & MICH. SOUTHERN R. R. Taking Kfle. COIN«: KAST. [V.'aen jjoH want Taking Kfle. COIN«: KAST. ( ill. i.\. l''iic_ : :!! p m T ■'! .i '.;'2 1 :i .52 ;!1 2 ;«• •» 1 ~ 2 1!» 2 o;t i ^ .1 1 r.4 \ 2 22 I 27 t ey 1 I 41 10 ::7 a m lit '17 W. r. .HIIINSON, (,. c. K. i'(i!;i>. A.ir't.. r. .Monday Nov. ik, Ihs.x ___,vi; \'KST. BARGAINS Call at the I'^ostojjice ZtTction .store! W. r. .HIIINSON, (,. c. K. i'(i!;i>. A.ir't.. r. r.'.s-. .'\g't.. Chii airo. .o'cid. And See ( ^ur CENi 901MTER8 lo î^otions of All Kinds Xfpt Here. S. M. GREEN.MAK- Xotice lo Heirs, Crcditois, Etc. In the matter of the estate of John lUttikotier, deceased, lii the Nolde Circuit Court of the State of Indiana, .Marcii Term, lts«4. Notu k irt lierel)y given that tiie uiid(!rsi(jiied, as administrator of the estate of .luhn BUti-koffer, deceased, has presented .-»ni tiled his account and v(uiciiers in tlnal settlement of said estate as insolvent and tiiat the same will come up for tlie exaniiiiation and action of laid Circuit Court oil the 28th day of March, 1884, at which time all heirs, creditors or legatees of said estate are reuuired to appear in said COurt and show cause, if any there be, why said a^ count ami vouchers should uot be approved. And the heirs of said decedent aud áM others iqter-ested are required fo apiii-ar their licirship or claim to anv part «rfí^^es-tate at said time. 1)A\1d C. March 6,1884. AdiMiÍBÍ«»rator. Chapín & Barr, Atty's. «-8 ¿Mí ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Albion New Era