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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - February 28, 1884, Albion, Indiana TWO DOLLARS A YEAR. to tDa-o T An e ; I^et tla-e Cli-ips ratll "wla-ere tl^ey li^^y. IN ADVANCE m VOL.XII.no. 23.ALBIOIÍ', NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, FEBRUARY 28, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX. NO. 10. L. W. welker. AHORNEY-AT-LAW and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, Indiana. Jt^Offlfe up stairs in n;i)'i>'s lUot k. thos. B. felkner, Albion, Indiana. Of&ce -o-p stairs JD.Slac^c's aa.«-w Eloclc. 22tf FíBLDING prickett. Attorney-at-Law, Albiox, Ini>iana. n. Offlceon York Stn-ft, (luTilly House V. cst of Court lyl D R. pickett, HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, Special attor.tioM pivcii tiw-hr.'iiic dis('as<'s autl diseases of women aii<i cliildrfii. OiVue on Main strecl.-id Duor Last of Hank, Albion. Indiana. -ivl WOIÒDEISr X^OST ^l'BLI8HKD EVEKY THURSDAY, AT.-iLBIOX, XOBLE CO., LVD., 7. I*. yiaiCaCETT, I»rop'r. Office on York Street, directly west of the Court House. Terixis of S-viToscriptloxi. One Year____ Six Montlis.. Tliree Mouths. (Single copies kivk ckxts each. ...$2 00 .... 1 00 SO .A-iL-vertleLaae: Z2.a,tes ^xi-o-waa. 033. ^ppUca-tlosa- Husiness Locals, Ten Cents per Hue, first Insertion. Five Cents jter line each subsequent ifisertion. Letcal lu^Uces will be charsfd ior at the rates established by law. Simple marriage and death notices will be inserted free. KO. R tso.), A. Eegular iiiectin^'s .sei-cnd ;ui(l foai'lh .Saturdays in each luontli. 1). A. S( IIAFF, COM. S. K. KASTi:unAY. Ai'.i'r. \VM. TlilMI'. (ji aim i;i:mastki{. The King of Si am has forwarded to this country a stone designed for the Washington monument. The nominating convention of the national greenback party, for the selection of a presidential standard-bearer, will meet in Indianapolis, May 28, 1884. XOBJU STAR LODGE. .No. 380. I. 0. 0. F. albion, indiana. Regular meetings every Tuesday evening. E. L. Ti:K(;AUUtN, N. G. J. COCK LEY, Stcy. Teetln. I oreetlrL ! george e. johnson. SUBGEON DENTIST ! Albion, Indiai^a. Special attention };iven lo Theiíaitktk al ii path the iiioutli and assoc: Main Slieet. liotii Si k(;i<'ai, and Iifiit of all diseses of tt pans. Ofliee, Fast 2vl TTTILLIAMS SIOUSE. Albion, Indiana, RICHARD WILLIAMS, Proper. This House is entirely new—is f firick.and is conipleiely furnisliei! t!iron;:hout. Good Sample rooms for oominereial men. Main Streef, South of Court House. v7n7yl the lost is found. : KONKLE - To tlie :Pxo23.t! I am now prepared to do all kinds of Wagon, Carriage And Sign Painting, ETC. ^"Thanks to niy friends for past favors I hope by doin« good work for fair jiriees to merit a "liberal share of voiir patrouiiite in the ititure. All work warranted to give satisfaction. s. K. K O N K L E . Though dead they will spoak again. That is what the bloody corpses of the Danville and Mississippi murdered republicans will do in the next campaign. The greenback state convention was held at Indianapolis last week. Leonard, of Logansport, was nominated for governor and Major John B. Miluoy, of Delphi, for lieutenant governor. In their resolutions they demand the submission of a prohibitory amendment to the constitution. They also want more greenbacks and a good many other things "too numerous too mention." Mr. Holman thinks the old ticket IS to be the one. The majority now think that another man will be the choice of the "old ticket" democrats, and that his name is Payne. In view of his connection with the Standard Oil Company, the bummers and leeches of the party think it will be a Pay'n' investment to secure the nomination of the new senator from Ohio. A Qü.iCK doctor out in the mountains of Colorado ''doctored'.' his patient until the latter died, • and at a meeting of the citizens to deliberate upon the matter they decided that the doctor ought to "go up higher," and they strung him up at the end of a rope. A great many so-called physicians are now finding the climate of Colorado too pure for the successful accumulation of a fortune there, and are leaving the state. BARGAINS. BARGAINS. When you irant BARGAINS Call at the Post office l^ctiorL Store! CENr And Sec Our COINTERS lo Notions of All Kinds Kept Here. S. M. GREBNMAN. JSTEW The democratic national committee met at Arlington Hotel, Washington, and after an animated session decided upon holding their next nominating convention July 8, 1884, at Chicago. The old ticket men were working to have the convention held at St. Louis, but in this they failed, and the result of the committee's work seems to be favorable to McDonald's candidacy. By the action of the committee,- Chicago secures both the conventions, and our people will thus have a good opportunity of visiting both at little expense. Chicago, St. Lotiis, Saratoga, Louisville and Cincinnati were voted for on first ballot, Chicago leading. Livery & Feed-Stable. CARRIAGES KOK BUSINESS oil PLKASUK»; SAMPLE WAGONS for COMMERCIAL MEN, AND GENTLE TEAMS FOR LAlilES. rfffMS ff£^SO/l/AffL£ / Barn on Jefferson St., ItaOi of Court House, , r ALBION, IND. 3BID. BlsTO-X-E, r^op'r. Few people comprehend that it requires an enormous sum of money to run tile county offices in a county like Marion, in which the city of Indianapolis is situated. The actual expenses of the sheriffs office there for a period of fourteen months, ending February 11, 1884, amounted to the enormous sum of $34,100.39. Of this amount $24,684.00 was for boarding prisoners in the county jail; $8,676.52 for supplies for that institution; $2,395.28 for summoning juries, conveying prisoners and insanity fees, etc; while $344.49 were for miscellaneous expenses not enumerated. These enormous sums are wrung from the toiling tax-payer, and the next legislature sbould take some action under the constitution as it is now to pass a salaiy bill that will enable the honest tax-pay»« to get some relief from the burdens under which they are groaning. The last democratic legislature &iled to give that relief that was so sorely needed. SPUTTING HAIRS. Dr. J. P. Cessna, of Noble county, writes to The Albion New Era, from Salem, Ohio, taking exceptions to the position of the Sun on the submission question, and winds up by .saying to The Era that "you ask us prohibition deimocrats to support your party without showing us the respect or consideration that our party shows the whisky league." The Sun would inform Dr. Cessna that we know all about the action of the two state temperance conventions, as we were one of the delegates from this county; further that wo are a member of both temperance organizations. But we look upon this fuss about terms—"submission" and "prohibition"—to be used in fixing up a plank in either party platform, as mere child's play in which foolery we take no interest. If either or both old party conventions agree to commit their party to the support of the preliminary steps required by the constitution in the passage of a prohibitory amendment through the legislature, to be submitted to the people for ratification or rejection at some special election we undertake to say it will answer every purpose contemplated in the resolutions passed by those two state temperance conventions. The language, in which this shall bo couched may be the shell which Dr. Cessna and others like him are attempting to crack. But the Sun is looking for the milk in the cocoanut; not the shell. We dare say it will be all right and shall therefore not stop to split hairs on the question. All we ask is for the proper legislative enactment, granting the privilege for"a fair vote and an honest count" on adopting or rejecting a constitutional amendment prohibiting the liquor traffic. If one or both of the parties grant that, it is all "we ask.—South Bend Sun. Not being present at the conventions to which Dr. Cessna referred in his letter to The New Era of a recent date, ;md not being a member of either of the organizations mentioned' in such letter, we could not speak* by authority in respect to the character of the resolutions referred to, but knowing that our venerable contemporary of the Sun, Hon. Charles L. Murray, who was coupled with us in the denunciatory communication of Dr. Cessna was, we preferred to let him speak, and right well has he spoken. Mr. Murray, like thousands of other true temperance men of the state of Indiana, thinks that any step by either of the old parties, towards getting a constitutional amendment before the people for their ratification or rejection, at a special election, is all that was contemplated in the resolutions of these temperance organizations, as nothing more than this can be advocated as a preliminary step by a prohibition party wore one organized. We will say again that the repub lican party, is not a prohibition party, and we mean by this that there are thousands of men within its ranks who would vote against a prohibitory amendment to the constitution were it submitted to the people. There are, also, we «re proud to say, other thousands within that organization in this state who would vote, and earnestly and heartily work to secure other votes for such an amendment were it once submitted to the people for adoption or rejection. Of this number the writer is proud to belong. While there is'this division in opinion on the question of prohibition among republicans, it is a well-grounded tenet in their faith that on all questions affecting their constitutional rights, the voice of the people should be heard, hence would favor the submission of any amendment to the constitution proposed, which was pe titioned for by from 50,000 to 100, 000 of the people of the state, and representing all sections of the commonwealth. It is the doctrine that the people have the right to change the organic law by which the^ are governed, and also that the right of petition should be , held sacred, that would prompt anti-prohi-bitionistB within the republican ranks to tvKX the aabmiasioa d a prohibitory amendment to the people at the polls at a special election. We ask temperance readers of The New Eba to read Mr. Murray's article with that careful consideration that its importance deserves. Judge Robert S. Taylor, of Fort Wayne, begins to boom as a Republican candidate for Governor. He is a strong man, and it is believed that he could carry quite a Democratic vote in his own county. While a dandidate for Congress, in 1880, he received 178 more votes in his district than did Porter for Governor. CoLERicK, his competitor, had only 770 majority in a strong Democratic district which gave Lowry 3,303 majority in 1882.—Ex. Judge Taylor wcnld made a splendid canvass for Governor, and if elected would fill the gubernatcrial chair with dignity and ability. There are few, if any, abler men in the state, and we know of no democrat that could equal him on the stump. The north part of the state would bt' greatly elated at the nomination of Robert S. Taylor as a candidate for governor. The Union answers The Albion-New Era in brief upon the temperance question, which is that we stand fairly and squarely upon the Democratic State platform, which declares in favor of license as the best means to control and restrict the liquor traffic. We do not deny the right of the people to petition, but believe that a prohibitory measure, as usually understood by that term is impracticable because of the inability of the authoritie.s to enforce it. For instance, in the State of Iowa, a prohibition State, cider and beer have been put upon the free list. The facts are known to Republicans as well as Democrats, and we do not mean to be unkind when we say that the clamor of a certain class of politicians for prohibition is not altogether from a pure motive.—IFarsau' Union. Perhaps the Union will have the kindness to explain to its readers why, if a "prohibition measure is impracticable because of the inability of the authorities to enforce it," every saloon keeper in the state does not favor prohibition. The license fee would be abolished and if they could go on selling, it would be a bonanza to them. As to the Iowa law, the Union had better wait until some law is passed there before it says that cider and beer have been placed on the free list. Of course the Union\H motives for making the above statements were all right. For D yspepalSi Costive nea>> Sick Headachei Chronic Diarrhoea, Jaundice, Impurity of the Blood, Fever and Ague, Malaria, and all Disease« caused by De- SYMPTOMS or A DISEASED LIVEB. Bad Br<-ath; Pain in the Side, sometimes the pain is felt un • the Shoulder-blade, misuken for Kheumatism ; 'o^® of appetite; BowcU generally costiiic. sumetimcs alternating with lax; the head is troubled with pain, is dull and heavy, with considerable loss of memory, accompanlra with a painful sc .¡ation of leavini; undone somethinc which ought to have been done; a slight, dry cougn and flushed face is sometimes an attendant, often mistaken for consumption; the patient complaint of weariness and debility; nervous, easily startlrf-feet cold or burning, sometimes a prickly sensatio of the skin exists; spirits are low and desponder and, although satisfied that cxercisc would be b»n fici^, yet one can hardly summon up fortitude to try it—in fact, distrusts every remedy. Several of^tlie above symptoms attend the disease, but cases iTotice of -A.ca.rQ.ia3.istra<tio23.. Estate of Sarah Wliiebrenner, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the undersl^ue<l has been appointetf bv the Clerk of the Noble Circuit Court of Noble County, in the State of Indiana, administrator oi the Estate of Sarah Winebrenner, late of said County, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. .fOHN B. WRIGHT, Administrator. Dated February 16, l»84. 9^-3 Sli.eriff's Sale. II Y VIRTUE of a certified copy of a dccree j3 to nie directed from the Clerk of the Noble Circuit l\)urt, in a cause wherein George W. Lamon is plaintiff and Joseph 1". Scarleir, Sarah E. Scarlett, John A. Scarlett. Sarah .1. Scarlett, Robert F. Akei s and Lois Akers are defeiulaiits, requiring me to make the sum of o))e hundred ana sixteen dollars (SI Iti.OO), and interest thereon from the 1.5th day of Jauuary. 1H81, and costs taxed at twenty-nine (hdlars and thirty-live cents (S-»!).;«!. and interest thereon and accnuiif; costs, iuclu(ling costs of tiiis sale, I will expost to sale at jniblic auction to the hifihcsr l)iil(ler, on Saturday, M^ch 22, 1884, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. ni.. and 4 o'clock p. 111., of the said day, al llie duor of the Court House of Noble County, Indiaua, th( rents and protlts for a term not exceeding cn years of the followiiiq; described real estate, to-wit: The undivided two-tliirds parts of lot numbered one hundred an<l twetiiy-three—lii, in (lie orlKlnal jdat of the town of Ali)ion, in Noble County, Iniliana. If such rents and profits will not sell for suttlcient to satisfy .said decree, in-tere,stsand costs»! will at the same tniie aiul place offer for sale at public auction the fee simple of said two-thirds jjarts of said real estate, or so nmch thereof as mav be necessary to satisfy and dlscbartie said decree, interest and eosts; but in the event that said two-thirds parts of said real estate will not sell for sufficient to satisfy and discharge said decree, interest and costs, I will at the same time and plaee offer for sale at public aucti<»u the rents and proiits for a term, not excecdio}; seven years, of the remaining one-third part of said real estate, and if such rents and protits will not sell for »i\f!icleut to satisfy tlie residue of said decree, interest and costs, I will at the same time and i)laee offer for .sale at public auction the fee simple of said real ei4;ite, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfv and disehai"ge said residue of said decree, interest and costs. The sale will be made w ithout relief from valuation and appraisement law s. SAMUEL BHAUE.V, Jr., February 28. ISM. Sheriff Noble Count v. Thomas M. Eells, ri'ff's AU'y. pf. Sio.80 io-4 Notice of Final Settlement. In tlie matter of the estate of Ephriam Myers, deceased. In the Noble Circuit Court, Älarch Term, 1884. Notick Is hereby given that the undersigned admlulstrator of the estate of Ephriam Myers deceased, has llled in the Noble Ciriiult Court ol Noble County, Indiana, the aeeouuts and vouch era fur the final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said Court on the aoth day of March, 188«, being the 4th judicial day of the March Term, 1884. of said Coiu-t. at which time all pereons interested in said estate are required to appear and show cause, if any there l>e, why said account and vouchers should not be approved. And the heirs of said estate, and all others Interested therein, are also hereby required, ät the time and nlace »foresaid, to appear and make proof of their heirsbip or claim AdmiDlst»«io« of estate of Kphrlan try it—in fact, distrusts every remedy. Several of"^tlie above symptoms attend the disease, but cases have occurred when but few of them existed, yet examination after death has shown the JLiver (0 have been extensively deranged. It should be used by all persons, old and young, whenever any of the above symptoms appear. Persons Travellngr or* LU-lng In Unhealthy LocalitloH. by talcing a dose occasionally to keep the Liver in healthy actio«, will avoid all Malaria, Bilious attacks. Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits, etc. It will invi(y>rate like a glass of wine, but Is no in-tuxicating beverage. If You have eaten anything hard of digest'oa, or feel heavy after meals, or sleep« Vess at night, take a dose and you wdl be relieve) Tiino and Doctors' Bills will be by always keeping the Kegulator In the Hotiset For, whatever the ailment may be, a thoroughly safe purgative, alterative ?nd tonic can never be out of place. The remedy is liarmleoa and does not interfere with business or pleasure. IT IS PURELY VEGKTABI.E, And has all the power and cfTic.-icy of Ctdomel or Quinine, without any of the injurious after cfTccts. A GovernorVs Testimony. Simmons Liver Regulator has been in use in my famiiy for some time, and I am satisfied it is a valuable addition to the medical science. J. Gill Shoutek, Governor of Ala. tlon. Alexander H. Stephens, of Ga., •iays : Have deiive.l some bctieiit trom the use o' Simmons Liver Regulator, and wish to give it m further trial. "Tho only Thing that never fails to Relieve."—I h.-ive used many remedies for Dys pepsia. Liver AITection and Debility, but ncer have found anything to benefit me to the extent Simmons Liver Regulator lias. I sent from Minnesota to Georgia for it, and would send further for such a medicine, and would advise all who are similarly affected to give it a tri^l as it seems the only thing that never fails to relieve. P. M. J.\NNEV, Minneapolis, Minn. Dr. T. W. Mason says: From actual experience in the use of Simmons Liver Kegulator in my practice I have been and am satisfied to use and prescribe it as a purgative medicine. JBfty^Tak- only the Genuino, which always has on the Wrapper the red Z Trade-Mark and Signature of J. H. ZEILIN & CO. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS. iTotlc© of Ij3.eol-ve3a.c3r- In the matter of the estate of John Bittikoffer,. deceased. In the Noble Circuit Court.' Estate No. 436. Notk^k is hereby given that upon petition filed in said Court by the A\lmlnistrator of said estate. settinjj no the insufficiency of the iiersonal estate of said uecedent to pay the debts ami liabilities thereof, the Judge of" said Court did on the 22nd day of February 1HS4, find stiid estate to be probably Insolvent, and order th«; same to be settled accordinglv. The creditors of said estate are therefore hereby notified of such insolvency and recpiired to llle their claims against saiil estate for allowance. DAVID C. WILSON. Chapín & liarr, Atty's 10-3 Administrator. 0/ Notice of Final Settlement Decedent's Estate. Notice Is hereby given that the undcrsiiined administrator of thcc^atc of .lames McConiicll, deceased, on the second day of Febni;irv. ish4. presented and filed his accovmt aiKl voiichi rs in final settlement of said estate, ¡¡i the Noble Circuit Court, In Noble coiuity. state of Indiana, and that the same will come u)) for final hearing in said Court on the ITtb day of .March. I8.s4. at which time all heirs of said estate, and all other persons interested in said cs1;itc, arc nM|uired to ai)pear and show causc, if any then- be. w hy said account and vouchers slioiibl not be approved and this administrator discharL'cd. THftMAS J{. M(( ()NM;LL, Geo. A. Best, Att'y. Administrator. Feb. 8, IKHl. 10w2Notioe to Heirs, Creditors, Etc- In the matter of the estate of S;>.ri',iie! Wolf, deceased. In the Noble I irenit Coiirt, March Term, 18S4. NcrricK i.s hereby given that tlic nndcrsigned as executrix of the" last w ill and testament of Stimuel Wolf, deceased, has presented and filed her account and vonrlieis in final setllemeiit of said estate, and that the same mih e<>nu*u|i for the examination and action of said Cin uit Court on the 17th day of Mareh. ISiít. at which tim»* all heirs, creditors or legatees of saiii estate ¡ire re<iuired to api>ear in said Court and show cause, if any there be. why said account and vouchers sliould not be apjiri>ved. HESTEK WOLF. Feb. 2.5. 1884. K> ci utrix. Chapín & Barr, Att'ys. 10-2 commissioner's sale. By virtue of an order of the Noble Circuit Court made at the tlctober' term, issa, and supplemental ortlcr made at the Jauuary term of said Court, in an ai-tion for partition pending in said Court, in which Michael Stuti and uid others are plaintiffs, and J:ii i>b Stiilf and Susan Stuff are defendants, tlie undersiirned, a commissioner appointed by said Court, will offer for sale at private sale on or alter the 8th Day of March, 1884, a part of the west half of the northwest (piarter of section thirty-three (;i:i) in townsiiip thirty-five (a')i north of range nine cast, in .Nolile county. Indiana, bounded as follows: Beginning at a point eiglit chains west of the nortiicast cor-lu r of the said west half of said northwest quarter o£ section, township and range aforesaid, and running thence west on tlie north line tliereof eleven chains and eighty links to the northwest corner of said quarter section, thence south on the west line of said iiuarter section to the soutlnvest corner thereof; thence east on the south line thereof to a point eight chains west of the soutlicast cornier of the said west half of said (jiiarfer section; thence iiortii to tlie place o[ beginning, containing forty-eight acres, more or less. Tkum.s ok S.vlk: One-third in hand, one-third in six months and one-third in twelve months. Deferred pavnients to be .«■(■cured by note and security to the ¡leceptance of the com missioner. and to bear interest from date, waiving v;iluation and ajipraisemeiit laws. I can be found at my office (n Albion until the sale is made ;ind will receive bids on s:ild land. NELSON T'llENTlSS. H. G. Zimmerman, Att'y. Commissioner. (5-4 State of Ixdi.^n.v. Norle County, ss: In the Circuit Court of Erastus Sawyer, Noble County, in the vs. ■ f Slate of Indiaua. No. Mary Jane Sawyer. | K.'l. Comidaint for Di-J vorce. BE IT KNOWN. That on the llfh d.w of Feb-ruarv, is.'-i4, the above named |)lainfin,^y his ¡ittorncy filed in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit court of Noble county, in the State of Indiana, his complaint against the above named (ii f'endant; and the said plaindfT having also filed in said Clerk's (»ffice the affidavit of a competent person, showing that s;ud defendant, Mary .lane Sawver, is not a resident of the State of Indiana; and also the affidavit of said plaintiff showing that said defendant is a resident of Decatur, in the State of Illinois, and whereas said jihiintiff having b^• endorsement on said complaint refiuired sai»i dcfeedant to appear in said Court and ¡inswer or demur thereto, on the Rth (lav of April, 18S4. NO\V THEREFORE, said defendiuit last above named is herebv notified of the filing and j>endencv of said complaint against hei , and that unless she apj)ear and answer or demur thereto, at the calling of said cause on the Rth day of April. l,s,s.t. the same being the 20th judicial day of a term of said Court, to be begun and held at the C(uirt House in the Town oi Albion, on the .Jrd Monday in March. I8«4. Rjiidr<;.iiiplaint. and the matters and things therein ertitained and alleged, will be heard and di^termiiied in her ab-.senee. MERKITT C. SKINNKU, Clerk. Thomas L. Graves. Atfv for Pl'ff.Notice of Final Settlfmeat. In the matter of the estate of William W. l.;iy-nian deceased. In tlie Nohle ('¡rciiit. ('oiirt, March, Term, 1S84. Notice Is hereby given tlnit the nidi-rsigned IS administratrix of tiicest;ite of William VV. Layman, deceased, has presented and filed her account and vouchers in fin.'il settlemi'iit of said estate, and that the s;ime will eonic uo for the examination and action of said Circuit Coiu t on the 17th day of March. 1ss4. at which time all persons interested in said estate ¡.re lequired to appear in said court and sliow c;nise. if anv there be. why said account and vouchers should not be appr<")ved. And the heirs of s:iid estate, and all oihers intersted tliercin. are hereby re-(juired, at the time and place ¡iforesiiid. t() ap-»ear and make im»of of their heirship or claim o any part of said estate. PHiEBE ANN LAYMAN. Jan. 14, 1884. Administratrix. C. Holder, Att'y »-2Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In the matter of the estate of l):vvid A. Keister, deceased. In tlie Noble Circuit Court, of the State of Indiaua, March Term, 1884. Notick is hereby given that the undersigned as administrator of tiie estate of David A. Keis-ter, deceased, has jiresented and filed his account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate, and that the s;inie will come iiji for the ex;imination and action of said Circuit Court on the 17th dav of March, 1884. at which time all heirs, creditors or legatee» of said estate :ire reiiuire(l to appear in said Court and show cause, if any there be. why said account and vouchers shindd not be approved, and the heirs of said decetlent and all others interested are also required to appear and make )>roof of their heirshi» or claiui to any jiart of said estate at said time. JOHN' P. IvITT, Feb 25. bS8l. Administrator. F. Prickett, Att'y. tO-2 Notice to Non-Eesident Guardian. In the matter of the estate of the Minor heirs of Sarah E. Edsall. decea'd. Samuel A. Edsall, guardian. THE ABOVE NAMED GUAKDlAN, is hereby notified that the undersigned, a competent person therefor, has filed In the office of the Clerk of said Nol>le Circuit Court his verified petition praying said Court for an order for the removal of said Samuel A. Etlsall from his trust as giiardlan-of tlie minor heirs of S»irah E. In the Noble Circuit Court.March Term, A. I).. 1«84. Petition to remove guardian. Edsall, late of Noble county, Indiana, deceased, and that said ivtition will come on for hearing on Monday. Mareh 17, A. D., 1884, being the flrut .udlelal dav of the regular Mareh term of said (Mrtiuit Coiirt ior the year 1884, on which said first dav of said term of said Court the said Samuel A. fidsall, guiirdlan aforesaid, Is j-etpilred U) be luul appear In said Court and show eausc, If any he ha.*, why he should not be removed from his trust as such inmrdlaa; and lu default .itf . such aptwuMoe petition mid file mattmNotice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In the matter ot the estate of William J. Burns, deceased. In the Noble Circuit of the State of Indiana, Mareh Term, 1H84. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, as administrator of the est;ite of William .T. Burns, deceased, has presented and filed his account and vouchers in final settlement of said estate as insolvent and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said Circuit Court on tlie 18th day of March. 1884, at which time all heirs, creditors or leg;itees of said estate are renulred to appear in said Court and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be approved, and the heirs of said decedent and all others interested are requfred to appear and make proof of their hcii-ship or claim to anv nart of said estate at said time. OKLANDO KIMMKLL, Albion. Ind., Feb. 26,18S4. Administrator. F. Prickett, Att'y. 10-2 hotel property for sale. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, bv virtue of an onter of the Noble Circuit Court. of tlie State of Indiamt, will sell at orivate sale, (Ui the 21st day of Mareh, A. 1)., 1884, or at any time thereafter, until sold, all of the following described real estate, situate in the County of Noble, St^ite of Indiana, to-wit: Lots numbered one (i), two (2), fifteen OO), sixteen (Ui). seventeen (17), eighteen (18>,nineteen (ti)». and twenty (¿0), in the Tow n of Wolf Lake, and buildings sit^ uate thereon. Applications of purchasers will be received by the undersljined at his phice of residence in the Town of Albion, in said County, until said real estate is sold. Teums: One-third of tho purchase money to be paid in hand, one-third in twelve months and one-third in eighteen months froni day of sale, the purchaser giving his notes with surety for the (leferred jiavinents, with interest at si v per cent, waiving valuation :iud appraisement laws. SAMUEL BR A PEN. .ir.. February 14,1884. Commissioner. F. Prickett, Att'y. 8-4 SlxeridEf's Sale. By VIKTCE of a certifie<i copy of a decree to me directed from the Clerk of the Noble Circuit Court. In acau.se wluireiii .Jacob stillinger IS plaintiff and Agustiis •M irks and .Sophia .Marks are defendants. re(|iiinug me to make the sum of one Juindred and six dollars (.<1(;6.00), and Interest thereon from the ir>th dav of Jan-iiarv, 1884. and costs taxed at sixteen dollars ftUd five cents, ^ijiie.o.'i), and ¡wcruiiig costs, including costs of this sale, I will expose at j)ublic sale to the highest bidder, on, Saturday, March, 15th, 1884, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. ni. and 4 o'clock p. ni.. of the said day at the door of the court lM»use of Noble county. Indiana, the rents and profits for a term not exceeding seven years, of the following described real estate. U^wit: lx)t number twenty-two (22>, in the village .of' Brinifield, in Noble county. Indian«.. If , rents and nroflts will not sell for safficii« satisfy said dei-ree, interest and eostorl tlie same tiJiie and place ofTfir-for s«le »i. auction the fee simple of said real esUito, miieh thi " and d: ;

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