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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - July 24, 1884, Albion, Indiana ■ S» m- rm DOLLARS A YE:/ÍR. "Hew to tlx» 3Ldja.e; X-et t3xe Clxlp« taa.«3r li^-y" /A* :)ÍDmXCE. VOL. XII NO. 44. ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, JULY 24, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX NO. 31. AVILLA HAPPENINGS. BT XU. Farms and Town. Lots for Sale. The undersigned will sell the following ar^iRa^s arLca. X-OTS.LOT NO. 46. In the Original Plat of Albion. The WORDKN DEN HOU8E and a TWO STOBY BBICK BUILDING are situated ou tliis lot.LOT NO. 3. Denny's Addition to Alblon~On Main Street.LOT NO. 5, Harvey's Addition to Albioi»—On Hazel Street.LOT NO. 4, Prentiss' Addition to Albion—On Hazel Street.LOTS NO. 114, 115, «20 & 121, Original Plat of the Town of Albion.FARM—In York and Jefferson. Tills Farm is located in both the Townships named and is widely known as the "FREE* MAN FAKM." Terms, &c,, address T. M SELLS, Albion, Ind. For Tuk Nkw Eba. NO NIGHT IN HEAVEN. bv violkt k. kino. A little blind girl was laid to rest in the City of the Dead, and on the marble tablet were engraved only these words: "There is no night there." | There will be no night in Heaven, And no gloom shall gather there, To dim the wond'rous beauty. Of that Eden home so fair. There will be no night of sorrow. For no grieving snail we know, . In the land of love immortal. Just beyond life's purple glow. There will J)e no night in Heaven, In that blissful Evermore, For no shadows ever linger. Over on the golden shore. There will be no night in Heaven; (iiurious home of Joy and Song; We shall know no thought of sa^iuess. When we join the ransomed throng. ANNOUNCEMENTS. TREA8UKKK. We are authorized to announce the name of ^Thomas E. Casey, of Perry township, as a can didate for county Treasurer, subject to the decision of the republican nominating convention of Noble county. THE OHIO IDEA. A NOBLE COUNTY MAN CHARGED WITH BIGAMY BY THE MARSHAL OF AN OHIO TOWN. JaniM Berry, «f Noble Township, the Man said to have More <'Better.Halfs" than the Law Permits. Ike Beeerif Blspreve the AUecatiea. to Noble township in search of his man. To this Mr. Braden refused to accede, knowing that it was a wild-goose chase, as the records were a complete vindication of Mr. Berry. The officious Ohio man was not to deterred, however, and getting Arthur Hoffman, nightwatchman, to accompany him, they went south, but fail^ to find the man they were looking for. Mr. Berry's statements, in explanation of the matter, is that this marshal is a brother-in-law to him; that they had had some difficulty in the past, and that he (the marshal of Loudonsville, Ohio) was evidently seeking to get him into trouble. Sheriff Braden acted very prudently in the whole matter, and his course is to be commended. RESCUED FROM »ROWN1NC. ▲ liittle ClilId*M Narrow je scape from Heath. ««Deatb by Drowninff,»' Is wkat tbe Wild Waves are Sajrlufr* Noble county, like many other oountieB in the state, and even some oonnties in the great state of Ohio, undoubtedly has some ''hard cases" within her borders. During the last term of court one individual was yanked up before Judge McBride charged with living with a woman in all the relations of man and wife without the law's sanction, and when requested to explain matters said: 'Pon honor. Judge, I didn't know it was wrong. I can't read and nobody told me it was wrong." A marriage ceremony followed at which the Judge officiated, and the couple went their way, wiser if not happier than they were before. But because this state of things occasionally occurs, it is not sufficient grounds upon which to base charges that may Iw made indiscriminately against o^ers of our people. A few weeks ago sheriff Braden received a lettOT from the marshal of Loudon-vi]]e, Ohio, enquiring of him if there was a man in this county by the name of James Berry, and if so to h<dd him, as he was guilty of having more wives than the law iJlows, or in other words, bigamy. Mr. Braden knew that such a man was living down in the south part of the county, and in a short time after receiving Üie letter met his mux in Albion, and infwmed him of the charges made against him, and if not satisfac-t^y explained, he might be com-pdkd to hold him. Mr. Berry indignantly denied the charge and imiMdiately {nroceeded witii the sheriff to tiie clerk's office, where the rec-ords dourly confirmed his statements in regard to the matter. The clerk's records show that on the 7th day of November, 1881, Mr. Berry was granted a divcmse from his first wife, ■nd also, that on the 22nd day of February, 1882, he was married agun to aaotiier lady. To be prepwed to B^yel any ^»gee that miget be made ia tlie matter, Mr. B&ry took acerti-fied copy of thedivorce and marria^ fiffliiflffatit, and informed the sheriff ibai ^ could be found at any time aé a jdatiTea in DeKalb county, near Axtbara. gbetitt ^adm wrote these facta to Hm TftP*»***^ at LoudcKtfville, Ohio, md in a abort time that ofl^al ar-riptd in AUbion by one of the traim^ aad was dbmoroiu for Mr. Bfeadn lo get np and go with hnn Once or twice since the opening of the season of pleasure at Island Park —the "Saratoga of the West"—parties have narrowly escaped being en-gulphed beneath the waves of Sylvan Lake, and in referring, elsewhere in this issue, to one of these occurrences, we say that if great caution is not excercised on the part of those who venture upon the water, we will be called upon to chronicle a fatal accident there, which will cast a cloud of sorrow over the summer's enjoyment at that place. Scarcely ha«l tlie ink dried with which these observations were committed to paper, when the I>ail¡/ Asseniblj/ of the 19th inst came to hand, with the following ac-cotmt of a narrow escape of a little child, there, from a wateiy grave. That paper says: "An accident that came very near to being fatal, happened to a little son of Rev. J. C. Murry, of Winchester, Ind., who tents on Mainland, about 10 o'clock yesterday morning. This little boy and his younger brother were playing in two boats fastened to the shore below the hotel gate, when one of the boats came loose, carrying the youngest boy adrift. The other ran to the end of his boat and reached out for the other, but lost his balance, and fell into five feet of water. The cries of the little fellow called Jerry Slack to the window of the gate office, just in time to 800 the little fellow going down the second time. He rushed down to the water and without waiting to unfasten a boat, ran out in the water, and managed to reach the boy before getting beyond his depth, and brought him to his father. Tlie other little fellow was crying lustily as he floated across the lake, but was soon brought back. The one who had been in the water after he had got rid of a superabundance of lake water, soon was himself again. But he had a narrow escape firom death and it was very fortunate that a man so brave and quick as Mr. Slack was by to save him. Bev. Mr. McCartney, who came up at that time, ren dered Mr. Slack valuable assistance. A lai^e crowd gathered and the news of the accident spread rapidly. The usual crowd of little boys about the boats was conspicious by its alraence the rest of the day." —Advocates of prohibition need have no fears of "Pbickly Ash Bitters" as it is a medicine, and by reason of its cathartic properties cannot be 'used as a bevert^^ It is manufactured from the purest ma ierials, and acts directly on the liver, kidneys, stomach and bowels. As a blood frárifier it kas no eqiud. It is pleasant to the taste, «id effective, in action. X-àeod ns the news. AVILLA HAPPENINGS. BT XU. this We need rain. The wheat crop is gatiiered. Oats harvest will 'commence week. Hadley will begin to buy wheat this week. Mrs. Bonham and family moved in town last week. Mrs. Malony, and Bobert Jun., returned last week from their visit in Ohio. There was wheat on our streets last week and no buyers. Too bad, too bad. S. K Bandall has his new barn completed and it is an ornament to the farm. Threshing has begun and the wheat yield is good, and the best quality gathered for years. The A. U. C. B. disbanded and organized again. Now attend to "biz," as your harvest is at hand. Yeiser Bros', business is still increasing so that they are building another building in the mill yard. Haying is over. The crop is not so heavy as was supposed to be, yet it has been put up in splendid order. That new bedroom set that G. S. Henry took up to Miss Belle Bonham "ast Saturday evening attracted attention- Chester Cluff has moved into his new house on Main street, but' has not got it completed yet. When don^ it will be an ornament to the place. Huckleberries are all the go now around Avilla. Everybody wants to get some of them, and by the amount received daily all will be supplied. Conductor Wilson, of the B. O. R. R., has quit the road and has returned with his family to this place. Rumor says he goes on another road this week. Those parties that tell scandalous stories to cause trouble among other families had better think twice before they speak once. It gives better satisfaction among neighibors. —The following card from away down in Southwestern Missouri, has the ring of the true metal, and we assure the fair writer that we'll do our best to keep Indiana in line, and we now feel that when the result is knows io November, Indiana will stand enrolled amoag those states that were true to republican principles, as represented by the gallant standard-bearers, Blaine and Logan. The card is as follows: North Springfield, Mo., ( July U, 1884. \ Mb. Prickett.—Hurrah for Blaine and Logan! Again we bear the rebel yell. Don't you dare to let Indiana go over to them. The country Is lost if it gets into their bands. I know what they will do if they get a chance. Lib Osborn. WAWAKA LOCALS. bt v-no-xx. J. H. Huffman is here on a visit, and will remain several days. The Merchants' Telegraph Co. have added six more wires to their lina Mrs. S^STBlair, of LaPirte, was visiting her father, Mr. John Zimmerman, last week. Another ofohr respected citizens intends to take in Michigan City today—Thursday. n , G. W. Mummert's nmly, and Rev. Paschall's family^ac^te^ing at lb-land Park now. Jealousy and deceitfuluess reign with some of the well-to-do females in and around Wawaka. It's almost a cruelty to animals to go buggy-riding now, as the dust is ^most choking to the horse as well as to the driver. Pasture is getting entirely pardbe^ up. If rain does not come soon our vicinity will almost bfe a desert The corn and potato crops are suffering immensely for tiie want of rain. Tom Casey and Cale McMeans are both first-class men, and both are good, strong republicans. Either, if nominated for treasurer, will make their opponent "hump and gather" to get there. A brakeman by the name of Teny had his two feet badly cut and jammed by a train which he was braking upon last Thursday mcHiiing, near the east switch. Drs. Bartiey and Seymour dressed the wounds and report no bones broken. —If anybody has seen a man of average size, about thirty-five years of age, light colored mustache, with short bearà, straw hat, plain colored shirt, red handkerchief around his neck, bald on the top of his head, carrying his coat on his arm, they will do the community good service in helping him to move on. A man of the above description has been seen prowling around the neighborhood east of town, and is guilty of misdemeanors that cannot be countenanced in the community. He was last seen on Saturday of last week. He is not a fit subject to run at large.—Waterloo Prêts. Wonder if ibis isn't the fellow Marshal Busz was looking tor a week or two ago. The description is pretty accurate, as we learned it from that official. —The Butler Record will adopt the cash-in-advance plan in a short time. If all publishers would adopt this plan, each one would retain its regular patrons that were worth having, and dead-beats would find their supply of reading matter cut off. The publishers would save hundreds of dollars each year, and much vexation in findins: that in -too many instances their confidence had been misplaced and abused. The New Era would be pleased to join a movement of the legitimate newspapers of Noble county toward the casb-in-advance plan. To show how newspaper men are defrauded out of their just dues, a little ot our experience will tie in point. Some time ago the postmaster at Eendallville notified us that two of our subscribers at that place bad left for Baxter Springs, Kansas. These were £. P. Lash and E. T, Isabcll, who bad each taken our paper for eight years, and more, and left owing us |16.88 each. Ciomment is unnecessary. "Rain, rain." is the cry of all. New wheat is coming in rapidly. The bicycle riders are improving. Uncle Tom has sold his cabin on conditions. . Dr. Bartiey and John Meeks have)'' —Road Wagons for sale at the New both stert^ poultry yards. / Nparriage Works. INTERESTING ITEMS. Highest price in cash for poultry at Green's butcher shop. —Two new top buggies for sale at the New Carriage Works. —Green, the butcher, pays the high est market price for calves. 17tf —Repairing a specialty at the New Carrfa^ Works. — If you want horse shoeing done, go to the New Carriage Works. —Get your neighbor to subscribe for The New Era. —Goto the New Carriage Works tor ^ Repairing,^ainting, &c. —If you want a new or second-hand Buggy', go to the New Carriage Works. —Carriages, Wagons and Buggies made to order at the New Carriage Works. —Huston & Molen are having a big sale for Agnew's Kidney and Liver Cure. No wonder—everybody recommends it. Shall a Oouffh Carry Tou Off? "Exactiy. You're right. It is mercy thi^ there's a dozen pounds left of me. But the greatest mercy of all is that before I actually coughed myself out of existence I got hold of Parker's Tonic, and a few botties of it cured me." In this 'positive ^rain writes Mr. Atoaham O^er, of Higbspire, Dauphin Ca, Pa. The Tonic will render you the same service. It is an original compound of poi^rfnl cnratiTea. It ibmiilates, —If you are low spirited and have no appetite get a bottle of Nichols Bark And Iron. It is the safest and most effective lion Tonic ever presented to the public. 28m3 Homea Wanted. There are in the county infirmary three bright, intelligent children—boys— for whom the County Board is desirot» of securing good homes. Applicatioift can be made to J. H. Sinorey, 27tf. Superintendent Co. Infirmary. The McCormick Reaper factory at Chicago employs 1,600 men, most of whom have hitherto been democrats. It is now estimated that fully 80 per cent will vote for Blaine and Looan. Bucklen'a Arnica Salye. The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, Bruises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skla Eruptions, and positively carea Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satirfac-tiott, or mtmey refunded. Pi ice 25 cents per box. For sale by Huston A Molen. Blaihb's letter of acceptance is one of the moat candid uid comprehen warms, aookbea and tonea np the aya- «▼« doottment of the kind ever given tem. ' to , the public. Uj Qc CJ Uj Qi CO AND BUY THE SEASONABLE GOODSAgnew's Cough Balsam! THE BEST REMEDY KNOWN.stöü's te Iffi! THE BEST AND THE CHEAPEST.OUR OWN MAKE. NO AGENTS TO PAY. er'YOU GET YOUR MONEY'S WORTH OF^ABSOLUTELY PURE DRUGS! I^jíLIlTTS AND BIÒTJSKCEIS. IMLA-CKCIiTB OII-S CUB-A-I®. S^CORRECT WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.-«J /Í REMOVALl I have moved my S-oek of Hardware into Olapp's Block Üol Ml of 1101 • Let all my old Customers and others remember the place and give me a call. 0". D. ■nn GiRIOsCIEiRlY ^"^MainSV®«'' Albion, Ind«»«^»'CANNEDGOODS,ELKHART FLOUR nrisrE! c.AJEsrr>iES. ETC.All Brands of TOBACCO on Hand.Give me a Call when wanting Groceries of any kind. ii n Ï I P- 01 a p* f S. T. "W-A.I3ID.Farmers! ATTEHTION Farmers! "^lo-^Tr&l E'lo-wsl BRYAN Q. rioBCH BYAN Xl L< VKCH BYAN / V r^DllCH "^A" VX; UuKCH ÜBCH UKCH - URCH ___, ^ , ÜRCH 3P10-WS1TAKE the LEAD for SPRING POWINGITry one for Fall Worlç!FOB SALE AT ALBIOJV, IJVDIAJVA. BY T. T. a^.A.JSSTII'"- ;

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