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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - July 17, 1884, Albion, Indiana iipi'^Ss»® TWO DOimRS :>î YE^ÎB. rvT to t3M XJjBue; Z^ iOa.9 Clilp« JPmH -vrlxmxm iûxmiy T^Omy" IJií SÍDV^ÍXCE. VOL. XU NO. 43. .ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, JULY 17, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX NO. 30. "HOT H008IER8." Farmers! ATTENTION Farmers! Bii & lURCH FlOT^Sl 'UBCH - kUBCH ___ apio-^si ^lo-wel TAKE the LEAD for SPRING POWINGl Try one for Fall Work! FOR SALE AT ALBIOJ^, IJ^DIAJ^A, BY T. T- AUDITOR'S ANNUAL REPORT. For the Rtcal Year ending May 31, 1884. V ' To TMK honorable BOABU OFCoMMISSION-KB8 of Moblk County, Indiana : The undersigned Auditor of said Count)' respectfully submits his annual report of Keeeipts and Expenditures of said countv, for the fiscal year ending May 31, 1884, as follows: BECEIPTS. Amount on handJime 1,1883........$18,374.49. Amount County Funds received, Dec. setUement, 1883...................... il,G72.05. Amount Bridge Funds received, Dec. settlement, 1883 ....................... 7,881,18. Amount County Funds received. May aetttement. 1884....................... 12,529.64. Amount Bridge Funds received. May setUement. 1884 ....................... 9,991.69. Amount received from bondsmen,Men- denhall, ex-county treasurer......... 2,02ii.39. Amount received from County Infirmary for side of wool.................. 121.90. Amount received from County Inflnn- ary for sale of steer.................. 40.75. Amount received from County Infirmary for sale of sheep.................. 100.00. Amount received from County Infirin- wy f©r sale of seed................... 3.00. Amount received from DeKalb county, change of venue...................... 129.60. Am't rec'd from Ditch Tax collected.. 1,053.03. " " " Jury Fees............ 51.66. " Costs iu selling school lots, Bome............................ 60.81. Am't rec'd from excess in purchase of school lots, Bome..................... 23.17. " " " County Ofticer Fees refunded.............................. 10.00. Am't rec'd from Erroneous Tax Order 1.08. " " " Sale of goods returned by Coroner ........................... 4.78. Am't rec'd from I.And Kedemntiou.... 45.00. " " " Erroneous Tax re- tuniedto County Fund.............. 1,860.95. Am't rec'd from publishing Delinquent List. 1882 and 1883.............. 173,20. Tot«l Co. Fund rec'd up to May 3!, 1884, «66,146.37. " exp'd " ...... 48,074.46. Balance Co. Fund on hand,June 1,1884, $18,071.91. Outstaudii^; Comity Bonds............910.000.00. EXPENDITUBE8. On Account of Poor....................|2,6»4.0I. " " Jurors..................................2,893.47. " " Insanity............................1,128.69. " " " Public Buildings.... 1,838.70. •• County Infirmary.... 3,890.79. «• » stationery......................2,618.31. ...... Public Printing............859.22. " " " Criminals........................1,234,56. " " " Assessors........................1,965.00. " " Boads.......................382.05. •• " " Inquests..........................178.30. " " " County Physicians.. 653.75. " " " Fox....................................35.00. " " " Specific Allowances. 2,062.51. " " " County Officers............6,577.54. " " " Ditches............................2,821.22. " " " Bailiffs ............................358.90. " " " Board of Health..........200.00. " " " Land Bedemption... 31.31. " Benevol't Inst'tions. 317.28. " " Change of Venue... 470.05. " " " Bridge............................7,897,30. " " " Enumeration................187.50. " Betuming Fines..........10.00. " Circuit Court Bep't'r 80.00. " " " Elections ........................25.00. .. .< .. pygi....................................126.79. " state. State House, and 8eho(^ refunded....................................708.31. On Account of Interest on Bonds.... 603.00. " " " Woodchucks..................2010.90. " " " County Institutes... 60.00. " " County Bonds..............3,265,oo. Total Expenditures..................948,074.46. Very Besp'y, Cobnklius B. Phillips, Auditor Noble County, Indiana. Examined and approved by us G. W. Mukiikbt, 1 William C. DAvig, vCommissioners. Manias H. kikxkll. t ANNOUNCEMENTS. tbka8urer. We are authorized to announce the name of Thomas £. Casey, of Perry township, as a candidate for county Treasurer, subject to the decision of the republican nominating convention of Noble county. DONT DO IT. THE TOWNSHIP TRUSTEES,SCHOOL BOARDS AND COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT INVITED TO VISIT CHICAGO At the Ezpenie of the Andrewi School Foraitore Home. If they will Heed "The New Era's' vice, they Will Ad. Oecllne Wltb Tbaaks. Towxj. OrdUxa-aurtee ^o. 2@. IK Bklation to Shooting oh Firivo Firb-cbackbb8, Toy Pistols, ob any othkb Fibbwobks. Sbc. 1. Be it ordained by the Board of Tms-tess of the incorporate town of Albion, in Noble county, Indiana, that it shall be unlawful for any person to shoot, ignite, or otherwise fire any firecracker, toy-pistol, sky-rocket, or any other fireworks, in any street, alley or other public place wttbin said town. Pbovidkd, however, that the provision of this ordinance shall not apply to the Fourth of July each year. 8BC.a. Any person violating anyofthepro-Tistons of this ordinance shall be fined in any sum not less than two nor more than ten dollars. Sbc 3. Whereas, an emergency exists for the Immediate takliw effect of this act, therefore it shall be in force from and after its passage. Passed and approved by the Board this asth day ot June, 1884. C. M. PICKETT, President Ihx). Tem. attbst : JOHN BAUGHMAN. Clerk. Towja. OrdLlXLae.ce 30. To Bkstraik shbkp fbom Bcnnino -at Labob. 8ac. 1. Be It mrdaiiMd by the Board of Trustees of the incorporate town of Albion, in Noble ooonty, Indiana, that no person being the owner of auy sheep shall permit the same to run at lane wtttitai ^ incorporate limits of said town. Site. 8. Any person violating any of the pro-i^rioBs ot this ordhiaiioe shall, upon convicaoa, ke tned iu any sum ncrt exoeiedlng ten dollars forea^ offense. Sbc. 3. An «nerceney exists for the panage ^ tUs ordlBaooe, tbereiore the same shall beln force from and aner its publication. Passed and amwoved by the Board thU asth daj ot June, 18M. C. M. PICKETT, PresldentjPro. Tem. JOHN BAI/GHMAN, ¿lerk. Ji.dLxnlztijBtr*.tor*s ICE to I OïTotic«. iven that the undersigned bninistrator with the will Í estate of John Bethke, late of «deeeased. Saidestateis ItobesolTait. _ /ine»,Uet. WILLIAM WITHERS. »m» Admiaistnitor with will annexed. nCT'Send six cents for postage, and re-- eeive free a costly box of goods whkta willbeFpaUofeltli-er sex, to mon tSu^yßnglSM iprocid. Fortune» »nit the wotkmab r mk«. iA «noe address Tbvk * Co. Some weeks ago The NewEba noted the fact that the Andrews School Furnitare establishment, of Chicago, had extended an invitation to the the township trustees, school boards, and county superintendent of schools of De Kalb county, to visit the Lake City, and that these servants of the people over there had decided to accept the invitation, and would soon start upon their junketing tour, at the expense of that corporation. In noticing these facts we took occasion to express our views in regard to the matter, and say that if the trustees of Noble were ever favored with such an invitation that we trusted it would be spumed with the contempt that it deserved. Our com -ments were widely copied and favorably noticed by a large number of the newspapers of Noi^em Indiana. We are sorry to say that our advice is not to be hè^ed by these officials, or some of i^em,at least ;yet we write this article, hoping that even at this time it may cause some of them to hesitate before luscepting, and thus placing themselves in a position that some ugly charges that may be made in the future cannot be easily explained or denied. Supmntendent Denny informs us that such an invitation has been received by him, and that it will be accepted by at least himself and some of the trostees, if not by all. Now, our objecti(Hi to tiiis can be stated very concisely in few words. This manufacturing company knows that in the arrangement they will not be the losers, as Uiey have no interest in the matter whatever aside from a pecuniary one. They reaeoD, and correctly, too, that the man who con*; sentsto come to Chicago as theii| guest, and at their expmse, will neo-essarily feel under more or less obligations to them, and with this feeling to operate on his mind, can, when piuchasesof school furniture are be made, easily pursuade hi that the furniture of this estab] meat is equal to, or a liUle su' to that of any other man' The trustee who purchases fkom company, i^ter accepting fv this kind at their hands, is the charge of making such solely in consideration of such and will find it difficult to the minds of the people of that I opinion. Suppose two men were at disagroement, rathw, in a involved a large amount or money, and it was finally that it should be settled by chosen from dbtai^ this agreement was that <«e of the parties pose to the arbttraton thib ti<ni to the fees th^ were by the terms of the party woukl faruiah pOTta^oQ for the trip posai «ma aooepied. party think otherwise than that tiiese arbitrators had acted very nojostly, by accepting such a prc^wsal? L^ our school officers stop and think a moment, and we feel assured thttttiie invitation of this school famitare establishment will be dedined tlmnlrtt. SOMETNIIIC WONDEIFOL In Reffard to DeteotiTe Norrie, the Man who Gi^tured Jack Ryan. The Noble Ck>unty Train Wrecker. J. T. Norris, of Springfield, O., a detective, does a trick that probably no other man in the country can imitata He takes a silver coin, usually a dollar, and places it on his tongue between his teeth. With his tongue he strikes it against the tooth with the sound of a telegraphic instrument, the opening and the closing of the circuit being exactly imitated. Norris used to be an Operator, and by means of the coin can telegraph so distinctly that any telegraph operator can read the message. In this manner he telegraphed fifty words a minuta A Bepublican reporter wrote out a message on a Western Union blank and handed it to the detectiva The two operators in charge at the Southern took down the words as fast as Norris produced them with the coin. The message was rapidly sounded and written down, and all three copies coincided exactly. Mr. Norris can stand up before a telephone and in this novel manner tel^raph a message which any telegrapher can read with great facility. But the most wonderful thing is to see him tel^raph vrith his eyelids. The dots and dashi^s of the telegraphic alphabet he in^-cates by more or less rapid opening and shutting of the eyelids. In this manner he can converse with an expert without uttering a sound.—^JS^x-change. While here working up the 4rain-wrecking case referred to in the headlines of this article, we witnessed an exhibition of Mr. Norris* wonderful skill in telegraphing by the means of a silver dollar placed u^n his tongue. He requested Mr. / Huston, of the Main street drugstore, to write out a message, which was ; done, and in the manner referred t(> above It was rapidly telegraphed to and read by Mr. Frank Copper, B. & O. agent» who stood on the oposite èide of the room. We saw no exhibjition of the eyelid performanee,but have no reason to doubt his efficiency m described, as he is fearfully and/wonderfully "HOT H008IER8." •<k>L BeU. firom HeUviUle,'' is what Jason Brown Characterised Ool. Johnsfn, of Ooshen. "Whom ttie Qods Mean to Destroy they First Make Mad.*' The Democracy in a Bad Way. made, and is like a Nenlesis when on the track of the evil-do^. Never in a d^ocratic national convention since that at Charleeton, South Carolina, in 1860, which broke up in the disruption of the democratic party, has there be^ as much ill feeling and bitterness displayed, as at the convention which was in session at Chie^ja Crimination and recrimination seemed to be the order of the day hi open convention, while behind the aeeesB, in the secret caucus of the iK)v«nl state delegations, the most tttMlNit scenes were enacted, and the most violent language used in leafMBk to the opposing candidate» Md UMir supporters. If the poet was not off his base, in the quotation about the Gods which we have iiUiorporated into the head-lines of this article, then does destruction, complete and overwhelming,await the democracy, and her doom is sealed, as a madder set of men never before were congregated together in a political convention. It seems that even our usually iHppy Hoosiers were not exempt 'lom the infection of madness that ruled the hour, and as an illustration of the general feeling pervading the Convention we reprt^uce from the Indianapolis Journal a passage of "hot" words that passed between that blatherskite, Jason Brown, of the south part of the state, and Col. K M. Johnson, of Goshen. The reporter says that "at an early hour tJiis mormng there was an exciting scene in the Indiana headquarters. Col. Johnson, of Goshen, and Jason B. Brown became involved in a po-itical argument, Brown accusing Johnson of trying to work up a boom for Hendricks instead of McDonald among the Indianians. Both men became much excited and used harsh language, Brown being particularly abusiva 'Who are you, anyhow?' he demanded. 'I am Colonel Johnson, of Goshra^ he answered. I don't care if you are Colonel Hell, from Hellville,' said Jas(xi; •you cur; I will cut your throat' Friend interfered, and such sanguinary results were prevented." JUST THE THING. Let all my old Customers and others remember the place and give me a call. cr. ID. BEie/Gh^ilS/. —Since it has been whispered around that Albion will heve a circus early in the season, all the country lasses are visiting Bussell's "Fair'* at the old stand of Ferris &X)opper,) to purchase Hats Plumes, Tips and Flowers, where they are treated with the same courtesy as city dames. Please don't forget t^e 5 and 10 cent counters. 23tf Excursion to the penitentiary. There will be a low[ rate excursion to Michigan City overf the Lake Shore road on Thursday, iuly 24, 18^ which will include a /visit to tiie prison, a steamboat ride; on Lake Michigan, &c., all for tbiB same fare. A prize of $20 totW^lady first climbing to the t<» of Slida" Fare for roflffld ici^nd time of train are as foBews^'Kendallville, 7K)0 a. m.; t9X% Brimfield, 7:20; fare, $2.80;y%»waka, 7:35; fare, $2.75; 7:50; fare, $2.60. w, or that Buoklen's Arnica Salve. Tfen Bsst SaIìVB io the world for Cats, Plniises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Bores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, GhilblainB, Coroe, and all Skla Eraptiona, and positively cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect eatiafiac-tion, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by Huston & Molen. ShaU a Oouffh Garry You OfiT? *'ExacUy. You're right It is mercy that there's a do^im pounds left of ma But the greatest mercy of all is that before I actually coughed myself out of existence I got hold of Parker's Tonic, and a few bottles of it cured me." In this positive strain writes Mr. Abraham (^er, of Highspire, Dauphin Ca, Pa. llie Tonic will render you the same ser vica It is ui original compound of powerful enratives. It stimulates, warms, soothes and tones up the sys tem. —^Thore is no one uüele in the Une of medidiiea fh^ gires ao Iwge a refeam for the m^mey aa a good por 008 strengthen^ Ráster, snob OMtev'a Smart weedand BeUadoona BMkMfae Plaste». Éknl There are in the coanty infirmary three bright, intelligent children—boys— for whom the County Board is desirous of securini; good homes. Applications can be made to J. H. Sinorey, 27tf. Superintendent Co. Infirmary. L. W. WELKER. AnORNEY-AT-UW and NOTARY PUBLIC, ♦ ' Albion, Indiana. G^OfUce up stairs in Clapp's Block. FIELDING PRICKETT.A ttomey-at-Lawt Albion, I^iama. Office on York Street, directly West of Court House lyl nilt tke Bill to a Dot, ami u Things set Hot PolHically, Everybody will Want it. The special edition of the B. & O. Bed Book, devoted to the histcny of the Bepublican party and its antecedents, is an almost indispensible jpublication to those at all interested in the develq>ment of the campaign of the year. Qrest <»re is manifest^ in the compilation of data, and while everything is stated in the most concise manner, the information is so clear and explicit as to be readily com^nrehend^ The chapter devoted to the origin of the party and its national outcome from the dismemberment of prior parties is of exceeding interest, as is also the points showing party policy as expressed through Congressional adion. Thecondexu^ proceedings of the national conventions of the various parties from the earliest period of the country's his tory to the present, is of no ordinary value, and it is a thing never befme attempted in such form of publication. Indeed, it would be difiScult to tell all of the important information gathered together and shown so intelligently in this littie book. Those who desire so invaloaUe text-book for handy reference, matters grow interesting, will not delay long in endosing a two-cMit stamp with their address to C. K. Lord, Baltimore, this being the only requisite to secure a ojpy. In addi tion to the data having ¿rect bearing on the one party, there is a vast amount of infcnrmation given as re gards both parties, and with the Bed Book at luuiid no one need be at loss for an authority to settle almost any question in politieal hii^iy whidi may oome npi. In common with all the B. & O. pnhUoations» it is a mod-d perfect typography, the make-up and type used geoflfwy being wrj far above the tmmgid of ¡^tical tuMxioks. I will move my stock of Hakdwabe into the room in Clapp's Block of B« of ili, 'X'JaULS "WEEK Hornee Wanted. THOS. B. FELKNER, Albion, Indiana. 0£a.c* VLp aitmAxu laa. ToJaaa. P. Slaie3c'<i ».••w Slock. 22tf D R. PICKETT. HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, Special attention given to chronic diseases and disease« of women and children. Office on Main street, 3d Door East of Bank, Albion. Indiana. 27yl A. OAHf »,DENTIST Ligonier, Ind. •Fítéhiva Turn a Spscialtv. 'yy^ILLIAM T. GREEN, H. D-Flipciu i Sup, ^•Offlce over Huston & Molen's store. ALBION,.................INDIANA. IsTEW biòiok:Livery & Feed-Stable. CARRIAGES VOB. BUSINESS ob PLEASURE: SAMPLE WAGONS fob COMMERCIAL MEN. AND GENTLE TEAMS FOR LADIES.TERMS REASONABLE!Barn on Jefferson St., North of Court House, •{ ALBION, IND BE). BiTO-X-S, I»rop'r. OoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooO * R-E-M-E-M-B-E-R * ŒŒiBlont; Ipal, -1 AT [- ALBION, IND'A, Commencing July a8, '84, and Continuing Six Weeks. .00- Special attention ffiven to the use of of Apparatus, Methods of Teaching and Discipline, iwveral hundred specimens will use to illustrate our work. For further particulars address __ D. D. LUKE. 27-tf W. P. DENNY. II ¡1 1 I I I I fill I I I i i ! iA FEW HINTS roani ou OP i>ois.>.n «mm tkê tU çema$, s I» 4 FUlif thorouffklv, * to • PW*. eaptriMotwiUdtcUtfkê pngMT doM te «osk OBM. WOIS/IDBliT IPOST no. »0», e. A. s. Regular meetings second and fourth Saturdays in each month. D. A, 8CHAFF, COM. S. R. EASTERDAY, AOJT. wm. JTRUMF, Quabtkbhabtkb.J\rOBTH STAB LODGE. No. 380, mmÊk I. 0. 0. F. ALBION, INDIANA. Begular meetinifs every Tuesday evening. E. L. Tbsgabdkn, N. O. J. CocKLKT, Sec'y.Teetlxl Teetto-l GEORGE E. JOHNSON. SUBaSONDENTIST I Smeial »ttention Riven to both Buboioal and Thbbapubtical. treatanent of all disesesof the mouth and associate parts. OlBee, Bast Main 8tr««t. Syl•Williams ZKoysi. Albion, ladiaaai BXCHARD WILLIAMS, Proper. ThlsHooMtssiiCIrrtT new—is of brick, and Is «omi^eteiy ^tamtofeed thron^out. Good Sample II001118 tor eìoninwelal men. Maw Sruu, Sovtb or Ooviv Hovai. f7»71f Wat Constipation, or €oetlTOneM> a« nmcdy to so effective at Anm's M&a Tbay inanr« regular dally aetfcia, and N* More the bowels to a hMütby eondlttaa. Tor IndlcesUon, or Dyspepala, AlOñi Pills are iavalaable, and a sore ease. Heart-bon, IrfMa of Awettta, V«al ■tomadi, Tlatuleneyi Ptesineta» B«M> •ehe, Kumbneaa, Massea, an aU rail*««« and eared by Atxb's Pills. In Uvar Complaint« BIHoaa DlaotdMf» and Jnundlee, Atbb'b Pills sboald b* gIvMi in doses larga eaoagh to assito th* Itvsr and bowels, and remove sonsHpatlOB. As a eleansing medleiaa la the Bpdag^ tlMia Pills are onequalled. Wonne, eaused by a morbid «onditlOD ot «bs bowels, ar* «spelled by'tbesa Piua. Xmpdons. SfcfB Bfsoaeos, and Pitos» «be resnit-of Indlgostton or Cobstipatbm, are «Bred4>y tba om of Ateb's Pills. vor c^s, taks Area's Fills to opsa Ww-tpeess, «amava lalammatory sasretkmsb •BiA Éliay the fever. ■ot»Otan4MBS.and DysenteiTf eaasad bf «■«laa indigestible food, eto., Atxb'p Pou ara-ttaa traa remedy. BlianniatlSM, Oovt, Kenndcis, ■dattsByOttoa vssnlt from digestiva darang*. aoMBt. or «olds, and disappear on lessovlag the «aase liy ^ osa of Aim^ Piua. Vonion^ Df^mi» Kidney Coosplalntat •ad atber disertala eaasad by dahmify • «bstrvstloai are eorsd by ATal l^vúi, ■qvnMloa, aad FalidMl iKaMtraa» Utam, kwa a sala aoA nadr iWMdy laAYER'8 PILLS. lÊmtutm, aa- 0r¡le0.Ayw400.,UwtH,llMlb ___ MAIflBI ;

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