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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - July 31, 1884, Albion, Indiana r- ■ TWO DOLMSS YE:áR. to tlx« ILilxxe; Xjet t3a.e Olxip» yall -wlxer© tlxesr Itviajr." LY :ilDr:iXCE. VOL. XII NO. 45. ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, JULY 31, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX NO. 32. ANNOUNCEMENTS. trba8uber. We are authorized to announce the name of Thomas E. Casey, of Perry township, as a can didate for county Treasurer, subject to the decision of the republican noniiuating convention of Noble county. THE GERMANS FOR "BLINN AND LOOGAN." DECUNES WITH ThANKS. ANNOUNCEMENTS. trba8uber. We are authorized to announce the name of Thomas E. Casey, of Perry township, as a can didate for county Treasurer, subject to the decision of the republican noniiuating convention of Noble county. Mr. Editok.—The name of C. W. McMeans, of Orange township will be presented to the republican voters of Noble county, as a candi-flate for Treasurer of^ald county, subject to the decision of the republican nooiinating convention. Many Citizess and Soldiers, A LOONEY LOVER. John Click, a Discharged Nicliel Plate Fireman Attempts Suicide for Georgia Warner. All for L.oTe. In detailing the termination of a love affair at Fort Wayne, the Journal soya that "at 9:30 o'clock last night a young man named John Glick and a woman named Georgia Warner, came to the Harmon House and engaged lodging. They were assinged to room 17, a front room on the second floor, immediately above the office and fronting Calhoun street At midnight the woman came down to the office and reported to the night clerk that the man who was her partner was dying from morphine poisoning. Dr. Chas. F. Nieshang was im mediately summoned and administered such antidotes and restoratives that at half past two this morning the man was pronounced out of danger. Charles Bwkwalter of the Gazette and Journal reporter had meantime been with him and had kept the man awake when the soporific effects of the drug seemed about to waft him into his last lethargy. To ttie Journal reporter the fair Geoi^a said that Glick had probably taken the drug on her occount. The Warner family has been disastrously mixed up in love affairs before as is witnessed by the suicide of Miss Maude Warner at Indianapolis. Yesterdaj^lítemoon Glick and the Warner wübtn were driving in a buggy hired at an East Main street livery stable. Glick had, according to the woman's statement, threatened to commit suicide, but she thought he "was fooling." At the drug store of Drier & Bro. he stopped the buggy and bought a quarter's worth of morphine. He took his seat in the buggy, and when all was reasonably happy, he attempted to swallow the whole potion. Two grains of morphine are fatal. A part of the stuff fell on the lapel of his coat, and it is not thought that he succeeded in downing more than an amount to give him a peep into the land where Buicidra go. Glick used to fire for Captain William Bradley, proprietor of the Del-monico restaurant, who also runs a freight engine between Fort Wayne and Stony Island on the Nickel Plate. It is understood that he has been lately discharged. He was able last night to say feebly to the Journal man that he had relatives in Dayton. Possibly Glick may leam something—^if somebody will take a cold chisel and open a hole in his skull and put in some brains, that he seems to have hitherto been a stranger to." man Taber, delegates; G. P. Alexander and J. S. Conlogue, alternates. Allen—E. B. Spencer, delegate; E. H. Bundy, alternate. Swan—William Whan, delegate; no alternate chosen. Albion—Fielding Prickett, delegate; J. T. Johnston, alternate. Judicial Convention. Wasotnoton—Ferdinand Knappe, delegate; J. H. Bowlby, alternate. Spabta—None chosen. Pekbt—D. S. Scott and David Cunningham, delegates; EL G. Lock-hai-t and E. W. Knepper, alternates. Elkhabt—Chas. North, delegate; William Garver, alternate. York—S. Blackman, delegate; William Crispell, alternate. Noble—Jacob Keister, delegate; Dr. Moore, alternate. Green—Silas Moore, delegate; George Ott, alternate. jEFFERson—I. Adams, delegate; Levi Harvey, alternate. Orange—A. H Davidson, delegate; H W. Butler, alternate. Wayne—R. P. Barr and W. B. Hall, delegates; E. P. Lash and Frank Graetz, alternates. Allen—Jacob Myers, delegate; W. B. Vangorder, alternate. Swan—Robert Cooley, delegate; no alternate chosen. Albion—L. W. Welker, delegate; S. T. Ward, alternate. A Statement by Dr. Gilbert. THE GERMANS FOR "BLINN AND LOOGAN." DECUNES WITH ThANKS. Some weeks ago, on what we supposed to be good authority, we made a statement as to the reported reducing of a dislocated hip joint, the patient being the wife of Judge Wild-man, of Kendallville. Noticing the following statement by Dr. Gilbert, in the Kendallville News^ in regard to the case, we lay it before our readers, that the truth in regard to the case may be known. The card is as follows: Kkxdallville, Ind., July 19,1884. Ed. New.s:—I see in your issue of last week that Mrs. Judge Wildman, of this city,had a dislocation of the femur of five or six years standing, reduced by some non-professional operator at (ioshen. Let me give the facts: About six years ago Mrs. Wildman had the neck of the femur fractured by a fall. There was also a fracture of the bones composing the socket. I treated the case at the time and know that there was no dislocation. She got the usual result, viz: ligamentous union. Bony union in these cases is ftxtremely rare and probably never occurs at the age of fifty, hence Mrs. Wildman has not 'now nor never will have the former use of her limb. It may improve and doubtless will from year to year. Any benefit she ftiay have received from recent manipulations is not due to a reduced dislocation because none ever existed. Hamilton, who is recognized in the American and English courts as the highest authority, gives a table of old dislocations of the hip which have been reduced, and in it none are found of more than a year's standing. The truth is, that after the head of the bone has been out a year, a new socket will have formed and the old one be obliterated by plastic deposits. This man claims to have reduced a dislocation of six years standing without the aid of chloroform or ether, and withal there was no pain. Such a feat has not been accomplished since new testament times at least. J. L. Gilbert. A Noble county gentleman traveling in the west gives the following "straws" to show which way the political wind blows among the Germans of the northwest He says: "Yesterday after we had eaten our suppers, at Sparta, Wisconsin, I went into the smoking-car, to take an after-supper smoke, which I found crowded with soldiers on their way to the Grand Encampment of the Aray of the Potomac to be held at Minneapolis, commencing on the 23rd inst In the car were two old comrades who had not met for many years—one from Wood county, Wisconsin, and the other from Illinois. The "Sucker" said to the "Badger." "Will the German vote of your state be cast for Cleveland and Hendricks?" At this, near the center of the car, a huge German bounded from his seat as if thrown from a siege mortar by a two-hundred pound charge of powder, his massive chest, protruding abdomen, red nose, and florid face pro claiming in language not to be mis-undersb^ that he was the happy proprietor of a lager-beer saloon in the pine woods. Bringing his huge feet down on the floor with a bang that shook the car, and swinging his German pipe in the air about his head, he broke forth with— "Not mooch, Mary Ann, by tam. You sees I ish a German, and dese fellers here," pointing to five stalwart men ranging in age from twenty-five to thirty-five years, I should judge, "are all my poys, and «doze are Germans, too, by tam; and I knows more as a tousand, or mebbe fife hoondred, by Jinks, oop in de woods, and dey will all vote for Blinn and Loogan, und elect him, too, by Jinks, and don't you forgot it" After this flowery speech he drew his red Bandanna from his hip pocket and mopped his steaming face. At this a one-armed soldier proposed three cheers for the Germans, and you should have heard it as it rang out on the evening air. One who was There." Rev. Blaney Gives His Reasons lor Declining the Greenback Nomination for Representative for Noble County. Samson's Legfs ana Locks. When Delilah clipped off Samson's locks that mighty athlete at once became "as other men." If it could be proved that the possession of luxuriant hair would enable men to tear open lions' jaws, Hiscox & Co., would be driven wild in the effort to supply enough of Parker's Hair Balsam t» meet the demand. As it is the Balsam prevents your hair from falling out, and restores the original color if faded or gray. Besides it is a great addition to tiie toilet table simply as a dressing. THE INDIAN LANDS. An The Mill Dams Must Go. WHO THE DELEGATES ARE. Elsewhere in this issue will be noticed the calls for the Congressional and Judicial conventions, to be held at Rome City on the 14th day of August 1884, and that delegates may know to which convention they are chosen, and the people generally may know who are to represent them in each, we republish the list of delegates to the conventions as called, as follows: ^ oonabkssional CONVENTION. Washinotom—^m. Bouse, delegate, R. M. Earle, alternate. Spabta—Jasper N. Ohlwine, delate; Wm. Fenton, alternate. Pekbt—H. G. Lockhart and D. S. heott, delegates; E. W. Knepper and David Cunningham, alternate. Elxhabt—^None chosen. Yom—Cyrus Pollock, delegate; £. Blackman, alternate. Noble—None chosen. Gbi»—J. B. Wright, delegate; Jesse Ott, alternate. JnvtBsov—Smith Hadley, dele-gale; E. a Shirk, alternate. OEAHOE—Oeo. W. Cosper, dele-g^; G. W. MffMeans, alternate. Waub—J. S. Banyan and Free- Some time ago we referred to the fact that through litigation of one kind and another the mill dams in this country were disappearing, and it is very evident that it is only a question of time when all such as overflow large tracts of land will be removed. In regard to the cutting down of one of these old landmarlra in Elkhart county, with which we have been familiar since boyhood, the Gk>shen News says that "Sheriff Thompson has executed the order of the court, affirmed by the supreme court, to lower the Benton mill dam. The suit took place some two years ago, and was brought by land owners a&>ve the dam who claimed that the back water injured and made a portion of their lands worthless. In the lowering of the dam this water power is rendered worthless, and the owner, Mr. Scott, sustains a heavy loss which he is illy able to stand. We are told that he will commence action for damages against the former owners from whom he has a warranty deed." —There is no one article in the line of medicines that givee so large a return for the money as a good porous strengthening plaster, such as Carter's Smart Weed and Belladonna Backache Plasters. 30ml The Westliche Postf of St Louis, *Cabl Schubz' paper, has wheeled into line for Blaine and Looah. Indication of What the Decision May Be. Fort Wayne Journal. Judge McBride yesterday indicateid what might be his ruling upon some of the points raised in the cases of Charles H. Aldrich against James B. Godfrey and others. He stated that in his opinion the lands in question were subject to taxation and not exempt as "Indian lands." Also that the fact that some of the owners were under disability from coverture did not prevent a sale of the lands for taxes, and also that the lands had been sub-divided did not prevent the sale for taxes in parcels. No formal ruling was made, the judge stating his present opinion and that he would examine any new authority cited and hetir further argument, if desired. The cases were then set down for trial on September 15, with the agreement that they should be tried at that time without change of venue or removal to the United States Court The defendants' attorneys say that they are not at all embarrassed by the findings of Judge McBride, which the attorneys for the plaintiff insist will be decisive. The cases involve the ownership of the Miami Indian lauds southwest of the city, and whatever determination may be made the matter will in all probability go to the United States Supreme Court at Washington. Babnum has been made chairman of the democratic national committee again. It was this patriot (?) who tel^p»phed, in another campaign, to one of his henchmen in this state to ^'purchase seven more mules in Indi-ana.'^ '^ules" will be in demand this fall In closing a letter to the National Greenback party of Noble county, declining to be its candidate for representative, Rev. Blaney says: Prior to the nomination of James G. Blaine, I feared that the Republican party would be bound by the "golden cords" of Wall street brokers and bankers, and I frankly expressed my convictions, both to leading Republicans and Greenbackers. I said that I could not remain with the party if Wall Street brokers should control the nomination. But when they were told, so plainly, that the people of this country, and not "rings" nor "office holders" were to rule this nation, I felt more strongly bound to the "grand old party" than ever. And inasmuch as James G. Blaine represents most highly the moral and progressive element of the party, and his unswerving loyalty having been tested by his noble acts and great speeches in Congress during the most perilous times of our Republic, and found ready for every emergency, and as keen as a "Damascus blade," to thrust back the insult offered to the nation by those who had starved our helpless soldiers, and then attempted to j'istify themselves in the halls of Congress; and above all his fraternal fellowship with the living Garfield; his wise counsel, his tender sympathy and his manly hearing towards the nations of the earth, as well as around the bedside of the dying Garfield, together with his masterful oration in honor of the nation's beloved martyr, stamps him as one of the grandest men now living in the American Republic, arid "tattoos" him with the colors of the American flag. Standing in the firmanent of the blue, encircled by the glorious light of the stars (not one lost) let us wrap the stripes of our flag about him, and then say to England and all the [world: In war he was true to our union; in peace he will be true to our commerce. In view of the facts presented, must decline the nomination, Feeling to appreciate your efforts to pro mote national reformation according to your convictions, I again thank you gentlemen, for the honor confered upon me. Respectfully yours, Milton L. Blaney. Shall a Couiih Carry You Off? "Exactly. You're right It is mercy that there's a dozen pounds left of me. But the greatest mercy of all is that before I actually coughed myself out of existence I got hold of Parker's Tonic, and a few bottles of it cured me." In this positive strain writes Mr. Abraham Orner, of Highspire, Dauphin Co., Pa. The Tonic will render you the same service. It is an original compound of powerful curatives. It stimulates, warms, soothes and tones up the system. GREEN CENTER ITEMS uy mollir. The long looked for rain came at last. Miss Eva Matthews is visiting at Areola. Where are those huckleberries we read about. Nannie B. Moore is visiting friends at Albion this week. Mrs. Isaac Snyder has fully recovered from her recent sickness. Rev. Miller preached a splendid sermon at this place Sabbath last. Sugar Grove is talking of a "Harvest Home" picnic some time in August Miss Mate Lewis, of Albion, was the gulst of Nannie B. Moore for the past week. Quite a number of our young people will attend the picnic at Be^le-hem to-morrow. Mrs. Julia Shoaf, of Churubusco, surprised her many friends here by a short call Tuesday last. Churubusco is talking of an excursion to Dayton, Ohio, and the "Soldiers Home," in the near future. Mrs. Lottie Childs, of Albion, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. T. Southworth this week. Mrs. C. contemplates moving to Cleveland, Ohio, soon. 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