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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - January 31, 1884, Albion, Indiana ' ' m TWO DOLLABS A YEAR. % to tlxe tdaa-e; tlxe OlsAp« S^aJl -^Ixere tla-ey IN ADVANCE VOL. XII. NO. 19. ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, JANUARY 31, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX. NO. 6. For Dyspepsia, CoBtiv«nes8, Sick Headache, Chronic Diar-rlMea, Jaundice, Impurity of the Biood, Fever aad Ague, Malaria, and aU Diseases caused by De-rangenaent of Liver, Bowels and Kidneys. CHEAP. CHEAPER. CHEAPEST. Cheaper than Ever Before.Mmi Sale o lull üüleCALL IT WHAT YOU WILL ! published evert thursdat, at ALBION, NOBLE CO., IND-, or. as». T»jfop'x. Offl«e on York Street,directly weatof the Coart House. Term* of Sabecrlptlon. One Tear.........................:.........f^OO Six Months................................. 1 00 Three Months............................. SO Single copies five essts each. -o-— X&a.t«s AiCau&a Kza.o'wxx eaa. .^ppUcsktlossL. BuHneti Locali, Ten Centi per ff*t, jirit in leriion. Five Centi per line each nOneguent in lertion. Legal noticei will be charged/or at the ratti eitabliihed by law. Simple marriage and deaik «orice« tr<U be inserted tree. St. Loms offers $27,000 for democratic national convention. the Senator Allison has been re-elect ed to the United States senate from owa.G L A F F Bt an explosion in a mine in Colorado last week forty-nine persons were killed. oil fellow with the "bar'l." IS SELLIlsra- DESIIÒ^BLECASHMERES, FLANNELS, HOSIERY, Gov. Sherman, of Iowa, recommends prohibitory legislation in regard to the liquor traffic.AND GREEN COFFEES AT COST. Mrs. Gen. Sherman will adopt little Ella Cady, daughter of the late Dr. Cady, of LaFayette. The maintenance expenses of the Insane Asylum at Indianapolis for the month of December were $20,556.BOOTS &> SHOESCheaper than the Cheapest. Commodore Ellison, who had seen sixty years service in the United States navy, died at New York on Friday last. CULPP BL.OCK..REMEMBER THE PLACE:.iJ^lToion., IrLcL- TO PKESsRVE THE HEALTH [Tie the Magneton Appliance Co^i KAQNETIOLUNG PEOTEOTOB PRICE 09IL.Y t5. They are priceless to ladies, gentlemen and dliildren weak lungs; no ease of pneumonía or eronp is ever known where this garment is worn. Tbt» also prevent and cure heart difficulties, «okb. rheuDiatisni, neuralgia throat troubles, ^Utohtheria, catarrii, and all kindred diseases. ■Win wear any service for three years. Are worn vnr the under-clothing. CATABBH. It is needless to describe the CATARRH, symptoms of this nauseous disease that is sapping the life and strength out of only too many of tlie fairest and best of both •exes. Labor, study and research in America, Burope and eastern lands, have resulted in tlie li&gineitic Lung Protector, affording cure for OrauTh, a remedy which contains no drugging o( the system, and with the continuous stream of Maenetism permeating tlirough the afflicted flrnutt, must restore them tb a nealthy action. We |da«e our nrice for this appliance at less than one-twentieth of the price asked bv others for remedies upon which you take ail the chan-ees. sad we kspbcially ixvitb the patronage oCoieMAKV pkrsons Who have tried dkuu-ouio THKIB stomachs without effect. HOW TO OBTAIN-HOW TO OBTAIN -THIS APPLIANCE.- Go to your Druggist and ask for them. If they have not got them write to the proprietors, encoring Uie price in letter at our risk, and they will be sent to you at once by mail postpaid. iSBeflend stamp for the "New Departure in M«d^ Treatment Without Medicine," with ttoosaods of testimonials. THE MAGNETON APPLIANCE CO., tU State Street. chicago, ill. NOTK.—Send one dollar in postage stamps or eomney (in letter at our risk) with size of shoe woally worn, and 4.ry a pair of our Magnetic AnpUances. Positively uo cold feet where they an mom m money refunded. thos. a. huston, ph. g. J. P. MOLEN. m DF^UGGISTS AND STATIONEI\S. PURITY, FAIR PRICES AND HONEST DEALING. Are the inducements we offer the public in return for patronaaie. Absolute TUBIIY Guaranteed. E-K-ICES äS LOW AS THE rO-WEST. We manufacture our own preparations from the mast approved formulas, giving each preparation our individual attention, thus insuring perfect purity. TOBACCO CHEWER8 , - A REWARD or MM CASH, 1,000Imported Mordtr Pooket XalvM ■OA at<M10 poimda of Uie OiMt ZOO-ZOO CHCWINC TOBACCO TO BE GIVEN AWAY! We also call attention to our selection of tii m^mmmwm iMto» jIJVD STMTJOJ^ERr, ETC., ETC. rU4l>attdlMit.tot ; WbtfOàUéAX TOBACCO cfk roiLSTOWN. OKI«l. *CmmiÉrtmat ««i mnrnmmm Bmwt^Mpm, ñbiim miestrouno plug ever madl We have on hands a fine stock of ' POCKET BOOKS, ALBUMS, TOILET ARTICLES, ETC. We make a specialty of Paints, Oils, Varnishes and Wail Paper. NO TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. CALL AND SEE US. Most Respectfully, HIXJSTOlíT Ä _ ,A,l>iozx, Irxä,. ipHOS. B. mKNSB. ALKOM, brviAVA. OÄe* -a.p «ta&cs laa7oaaaix3D.9BIa«3B'« tttf W. WELKSR, ATTOMIEY-AT-UW Mi NOTARY MIILIC, Albion, Indiana. I^ooee «p stall« In Clan^'k kloek. The presidential candidate with an tank will be mightier than the The senate of the United States lias passed a bill for the government of »the territory of Alaska. It provides for a governor, courts of ustice, &c. Bruce Oarb is a candidate for Auditor of state, and his name will come before the republican covention. A clean man, and one who would be a credit to the state of Indiana. Hoar's presidential succession bill, which provides that in the event of the deaths of the president and vice-president, the presidential succession should be through the cabinet in the order named in the bill, has pass ed the senate. The next Republican candidate for governor ought to be Colonel R. W. Thompson. His nomination would be hailed with universal satisfaction. —Angola Journal. Yes, or the republican candidate for president Barmum has a white elephant and calls him Tom Thumb. The Ohio Democrats have a black elephant and its name is Civil Service Reform. It has a terrible p-a y-n-e in its stomach.—Columbia City Commercial. The best thing we know of to help a p-8-y-n-e is heroic doses of Standard Oil. Orin a. Carpenter has been indicted by an Illinois grand jury for murder in the first degree, and bail has been refused He was committed to jaiL The prosecutiofx claim that they have evidence to prove beyond a doubt that he was the murderer of Zora Burks. it must go. You hear nothing but temperance on every side you turn, and the edict has been sounded forth that King Alcohol must go.—Qarrett Herald. Yes, the sentiment of the better classes is tending in that direction rapidly, and the voice of the people, which is but the voice of God, will soon be heard in thunder tones declaring that King Alcohol and his attendant army of followers must go. There is none so blind as not to see that this is the inevitable tendency of public sentiment, and when we glance beneath the surface we are not at a loss to discover the cause of this uprising sentiment against the use of alcoholic liquors as a beverage, and any system of laws that tends to build up, perpetuate or legalize the accursed traffic.' King Alcohol must go; and why? It is the parent of two-thirds of the crime committed in the land, besides adding nothing to the sum total of human happiness. Look at the court records in our own county, and mark the work of this demon, Rum. We have not the heart to particularize, but in nearly every case where men are now charged with henious crimes, from murder down to petty crimes of the lowest degree, it is not difficult to trace the downfall of these men to the fact that they have looked upon the wine when it was red, and have been frequenters of those hell-holes called saloons which we endeavor to cover with the garb of respectability by legalizing them tlirough the operations of the laws of the state in respect to the license system. Thinking men see the old and the young alike sinking into utter ruin through the instrumentality of whisky, and as it strikes at the family circle and some loved one falls never to rise again, it is not strange that that father or mother, that sister or brothor of the fallen one registers a solemn oath before high heaven that King Alcohol must go. Fob the purpose, no doubt, of making friends for his party with the Irish element in America, congressman Hewitt, of New York, introduced a resolution' threatening Great Britain unless a stay of proceedings were had by that government in the execution of O'Donnell, but he immediately posted off secretly to the British minister at Washington and apologized for its introduction, an( the part he took in it the whole trans-| action has reached the public ear, and the Irish Americans now loo] with supreme contempt upon thii treacherous New York representative.! For Dyspepsia, CoBtiv«nes8, Sick Headache, Chronic Diar-rlMea, Jaundice, Impurity of the Biood, Fever aad Ague, Malaria, and aU Diseases caused by De-rangenaent of Liver, Bowels and Kidneys. 8TMPTOMS OF A DISEASED LIVEF. Bad Breath; Pain in the Side, sometnnes Che tain U felt un ' :r the Shoulder-blade, mistaken for Rheumatism; 3eneral loss of appetite; Bowels generally costivc, sumetimes alternating with lax: the head is troubled with pain, is dull and heavy, with considerable loss of memory, accompanied with a painful sensation of leaving undone something which ought to have been done; a slight, dry cougE and flushed face is sometimes an attendant, often mistaken for consumption: the patient complains of weariness and debility; nervous, easily startled' feet cold or burning, sometimes a prickly sensatio'-of the skin exists; spirits are low and despondet ' and, although satisfied that exercise would be L"n ficial, yet one can hardly summon up fortitude to tiy it—in fact, distrusu every remedy. Several of the above svmmoms attend the disease, but case* have occurred when but few of them existed, yet examination after death ha» shown the liver to have been extensively deranged. It should be used'bjr aU persons, old and young, whenever any of the above symptoms appear. Persons Travelinar or Uvine In Un» healthy Z.ocaUUe8.^y ally to ki aU— • ly taking a dose occasion-f to keep the Liver in healthy action, will avoid Malana, BiUous attacks, Diztmess, Nau- etc. It no in- sea. Drowsiness, Depression of Spirits. « will invigorate like a glass of wine, but is toxicaung beverage. If Tou have eaten anything hard of digestion, or feel heavy after meals, or sleepless at night, take a dose and you will be relieven Time and Doctors' BiUs will b« save by always keeping the Regulator in the House! For, whatever the ailment may be, a thoroughly safe purgative, alterativo and tonic can never te out of place. The remedy is liarmlesa and does not interfere with business or pleasure. IT IS PURELY VEGETABLE, And has all the power and efficacy of Calomel or Quinine, without any of the injurious after effects. A <xovernoT'8 Testimony. Simmong Liver Regulator has been in use in my family for some time, and 1 am satisfied it is a valuable addition to the medical science. J. Gill Shorter, Governor of Ala. lion. Alexander H. Stephetis, of Ga.. says: Have derived some benefit from the use o' Simmons Liver Regulator, and wish to give it s further trial. "The only Thing that never fails to Relieve."—I have used many remedies for Dys TCpsia, Liver AfTection and Debility, but ne-er have found anything to benefit me to the extent Simmons Liver Regulator has. I sent from Minnesota to Georgia for it, .".nd would send further for such a medicine, and would advise all who are similarly affected to give it a trial as it seems the only thing that never fails to relieve. r. M. Janney, Minneapolis, Minn. Dr. T. W. Slason sayss From actual experience- in the use of Simmons Liver Regulator in my practice 1 have been and am satisfied to use and prescribe it as a purgative medicine. fi^"Takc only the Genuine, which always has on the Wrapper the red Z Trade-BIark and Signature of J. H. ZEILIN & co. FOR SALE BV ALL DRUGGISTS. BARGAINS. BARGAINS. When you want BARGAINS Call at the Postoffice ISTctiorL Store I And See Our W CENT COIHTEBS -lo Notions of All Kinds Kept Here. M. QRBBNMAN. Democratic civil service refoi stands no show when pitted agains Standard Oil. Pendleton was the civil service reform candidate before the democratic legislature of Ohio. Payne was backed by the Standard Oil monopoly. The latter won. FIELDING PRICKETT, Attorney-at'Law^ Albion, Indiana. Office on Yorli Street, directly West of Court House. lyl TliLe ^eople's- WiixiAM T. Noble, of Bichmond will be a candidate before the republican state convention for Che nom-inati(Hi of Auditor of state. Mr. "Nobxjc is a good man for thatpo-ntion. There wiU be'plenty of good timber to select from in making up the state ticket, and a mistake can Mtnseljr J» tick^in ofBsLSt Zbv^aia St. I lad-'su, IS THE PLACE TO BUY YOUR Groceries, Canned Goods, Elkhart Fiour, izCOUNTRY —tt^T^^ - Bo-u-grlxt a^ ^11 bbaii]] isftl-. \ I N ;

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