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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - February 7, 1884, Albion, Indiana / two dollabs a yeab. to -tax* XAmi X^mt tlM Ghipm IFaOl ■vtrla.Bxm iJxmi^r in advange vol. xii. no. 20. albion, noble county, indiana, february 7, 1884. new series. vol. ix. no. 7 U PROPHYLACTiC FLUID. A Household Article for Unlvertal FanUljr Dae. Vor SeMtet and Typhoid Ferera, INphtherl», SjUI. ▼Atton, meerated Sore Throat, SmjOI Pox, Measles, and ■ll ContacloasIMseases. Persons waitii« on the Sick thoidd lue it freely. Scarlet Feverlias ■ever been known to ipread where the Fluid was ttsed. Yellow Fever has been cured with it after blaek Tomlt had taken place. The woni cases of Diphtheria yield to it. I Sradicates I i halabia.| Offlee on York Street,direetly weitof the Court Hoiue. Terms ef fahscrlptlea. One Year...................................• 00 Six Months... ............................. 1 00 Three Months............................. 60 Single copies fivb ckmts eeeh. -o— r everedand Siefc Persons refreshed and Bed Sores preTent-ed by bathil« with Daihys Fluid. Impure Air made hannless and purified. For Sore Throat it is a cure cure. ContMloii destroyed. For nosted Feet, ChilMains, Piles, Ghaflngs, etc. Bheamatlsm cured. Gkyft White Complexions secured by iu use. Ship Fever prerented. To parity the Breath, Cleanse the Teeth, it can't be surpassed. Catarrh relieved and cured* Erysipelas cured. Bams relieved instantly. Scars prevented, ^sentery enred. Woands healed rapidly. Searvjr cured. An Antidote for Animal or V^etable Pmsoos, Stings, etc. 1 used the Fluid during our present affliction with Scarlet Fever with decided advantage. It is indispensable to the sickroom.—Wm. F. Sand-poao. Eyrie, Ala. gMAIX-POX * _and PITTINO of SmaU Pox PREVEMTBO A member of my family was taken with Small-poz. I used the Fluid : the patient was not delirious, was not pitted, and was about the house aran in three weeks, and no others had it.-J. W. Park-iNSON, Philadel|4iia. Diphtheria PrevBntod. ISoarletFeTarl Corei I The physicians here use Darbw Fluid very successfully in the treatment of Diphtheria. A. SxoLLBWwancK, Greensboro, Ala. Tetter dried up. Cholera prevented. Ulcers purified and healed. In cases of Death it should be used about the corpse — it will prevent any unpleasant smell. The eminent PhT-stcian, J.MARION SIMS, M. D., Mew Tork, says: "I am convinced Prof. Darbys Prophylactic Fluid is a valuaUe disinfectant." raadMhllt UniTorslty, Nashvill«, Tenn. I testify to the most excellent qualities of Prof. Oaibys Prophylactic Fluid. As a disinfecunt and deteri^ent it is both theoretically and praaically supmor to any preparation with which I am ac-quaiated.—N. T. Lurton, Prof. Chemistry. Darhjrs Fluid is Recommended by Ron. Alkxanoek H. Stephens, of Georgia ■ Rev. Chas. F. Dbbms, D.D., Church of the Strangers, N. Y.: ios. LkConte, Columbia, Prof .University,S.C. lev. A. J. Battlb, Prof., Mercer University; Rev. Gho. F. Pibrcb, Bishop M. E. Church. np>ISPENSABI.E TO EVERT HOME. Perfectly harmless. Used internally or externally for Man or Beast. The Fluid has b^n thoroughly tested, and we have abundant evidence that it has done everything here claimed. For fuller information get of your Druggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietors, J. H. ZEIUN & CO., Manufacturing Chemists, PHILADF-I-PHIA TO NUBSERVE THE HEALTH Use the Mogneton AppUanct Co'$ MAGNETIOLUNG PEOTECTOE PRICE 15 They are priceless to ladies, gentlemen and ehildrenweak lungs; uo case uf pneumonia or enrap is ever Icnown where this garment is worn, They also prevent and cure heart difficulties eelds, rheumatism, neuralgia throat troubles, diphtheria, catarrh, and all Icindred diseases ■Will wear any service for three years. Are worn orer the under-clothing. CATABKH. It is needless to describe the CATAKKU. symptoms of this nauseous dis Mse that is sapping the life and strength out of eoly too many of the fairest and best of both sexes. Labor, study and research in America, Europe and ea.stern lands, have resulted in the Magnetic Lung Prt>tector, affording cure for Catarrh, a remedy which contuins uo drugging of the system, and with the continuous stream of Magnetism permeating through the afflicted js, must restore them to a nealthy action PUBLMHBD KYBRT THÜBSDAT, AT albion, noble co., ind., T. ^tmitmrn aiC«^ acaxewa caa. ^ppUeektleaa,. Burtnui Localt, Ttn CeniM ptr Ma«., jn-tt In $ertion. Five Cents ptr Itne eodk nbêêqnent in tertion. Legml notices wilt be ekarj/edfor at the rates estabUsked by taw. SlmpU marriage and death notices wiU be Inserted tree. Boad Improvement—Upon the subject of gravel roads the Indiana Farmer offers the following excellent suggestions: Good roads are among the greatest blessings the farmer can have. They give him opportunity to improve the time in winter which otherwise is largely wasted. By means of them he can market his grain and bring home supplies df various kinds, at a time when the farm does not need his presence. With good roads to his market town, be is not under the necessity of rushing off his surplus products during the one or two dry months after harvest and corn gathering as too many farmers are always obliged to do. He is at the mercy of the grain buyer, but may select his own time, and sell when the quotations suit him. The advantages of good roads are equally great when viewed from ^he standpoint of the railroad company. The principal one is the inflow of grain for shipment, giving them steady freight business throughout the season. Good roads conduce to general prosperity and the enlivenment of business of all kinds, and this condition of affairs is of importance to railroad companies, increasing both their freight and passenger business. It is a wise and business like proposition for a railroad company to make to aid in graveling the country roads; and it will be very unwise on the part of the farmers, and other citizens interested, not to accept the offer and make the improvement SUMMIT TALK. BY .rORNSIXa. re place our price for this appliance at less ttian one-twentieth of the price asiied bv others fw remedies upon which you talie all the chan ees. and we especially ikvite the patronage of me MANX PERSONS who have tried dkuch oiiio THEIR stomachs without effect. HOW TO OBTAIN-HOW TO OBTAIN -THIS APPLIANCE.- Go to your Druggist and ask for them. If they lisve not got them write to the proprietors, en-dosing the price in letter at our risk, and they will be sent to you at once by mail postpaid. Kgi^nd stamp for the "New Departure in Ifedlc^ Treatment Without Medicine," with Uioasands of testimonials. THE MAGNETON APPLIANCE CO., 2U State Street. chicago, ill. Note.—Send one dollar in postage stamps or eurreocy (in letter at our risk) with size of shoe asaally worn, and try a pair of our Magnetic Appliances. Positively uo cold feet where they •K worn or money refunded. QOMMISSIONER'S SALE. By virtue of an order of the Noble Circuit Ooiui made at the October term, 1883, and sup-irtementid oraer made at the January term of Mid Courts 1884, in an action for partition pending in said Court, in which Micnael Stuff and and others are plaintiffs, and Jacob Stuff and SiiMn Stuff are defendants, the undersigned, a eommlsstoner appointed by said Court, for sale at private sale on or after the 8th Day 9t March, 1884, a Dart of the west htdf of the northwest quarter of section thirty-three (Xt) in township thirty-five (S) north of range nine (9) east, in Noble county, Indiana, bminded as follows: Beginning at a point eight chains west of the nortneast cor ner of the said west half of said northwest quarter of section, township and range aforesaid, and runniug thence west on the north line tliereof eleven chains and eighty links to the . Mrttawest comer of said quarter section, thence ■eotli on the -west line of said quarter section to Ibe southwest comer thereof; tnenceeaston the soBth line thereof to a point eight chains west of ttie southeast comer of the said west half of Hrfd qnartcr section : thence north to the place eC betdnuioK. containing forty-eight acres, more or less. Tfciucs of Sale: One-third in hand, one-tUrd in six monUis and one-third in twelve months. Deferred payments to be secured by note and security to toe acceptance of the com-nJssioner, and to bear interest from date, waiv-Inc raluation and appraisement laws. I can be found at my offlee in Albion until the sale is ■ade and will receive bids on said land. NELSON PRENTISS, H. 6. Smmerman, Att'y. Commissioner. ■^T^ILLIAMS 23C0USE. Albion, Indiana, mÇBARD WILUAM8, Proper. ms Roue la entfrelr new—is of bnek. and It eomplMely tamlstaed throughout. Good iHiftorowBsfor eonmerclal men. Maw SnoBf, South or Covbt H<h»«. ▼TnTjri Weather mild. Good prospects for a sawmill on Summit. They are still prophesieng a January thaw. Cyrus Carothers' wife and baby, are on the sick list Will, have you spoke for your Sunday board at Long home for the coming season? The lost is found. Cyras Carothers has found his ferret after two days hunt for it Meeting at Sugar Qrove still in progress. There has been about one hundred seekers at the altar. Joseph Waltman's have a new wind pump. He believes in having some good of his hard earnings. Charley started for Wisconsin last night Probably he has taken a nigh cut as court is in session; (pity Ina). Mr. Benjamin Bupert, Mr. John Fulk, and Mr. Nathan Drake have all built new houses op the same street Cyrus Carothers Ips bought the farm known as l^e^ Mark. Whelan farm. He expects to msfc» his home in Indiana. They are having a lively time in the neighborhood east of the Summit Too much cider. They are all on their ears. A load of young folks went to Sugar Grove to attend meeting last Sunday night Jane is a good mule driver. Didn't that fellow have to "git" . No Gbease foe Hm.—"When Greese her knees—Greese her knees —Greece her knees," stammered an embarrassed school-boy, fcnrgetting the next line of his recitation. 'There is no occasion to grease anybody's knees," shouted his teacher. **Go and study your piece." Neither is there oocamon to grease your hair. Parker's Hair Balaam is all the drsss-ing you want Bestores ilie gloss and ocdor to gray <»> ftded Does not soil the linm; not «.^cfye; good for the sealp; ^revsnta lyUng out Kansas Citt, Mo., Jan.isM. Ed. Nbw Eba.—I wrote you some months ago, two or tliree short letters in reference to rtf igloos matters in this city, in which among other tilings, I imntioned an organization among the clergymen here, of the Union Protestant de> nominations, which is called the "Ministers Alliance." This society composed exclusiTeiy of ministen, meets every Monday to compare notes, make suggestions, and to hold council of war genendly, as to the most effective plan for a grand assault on his Satanic Majesty's works-A part of the pn^ramme is the discussion for an hour or two, (^some proposition not in the nature of a dogma, but some matter in regard to which there may be a slight difference of opinion. Those disscussions are frequently very interesting, and occasionally quite earnest and spirited, but never bitter or acrimonious. Great care seems to be taken in tbese discussions, to avoid any subject likely to hurt anybody's theological corns, or provoke a lengthened dis-cussicm. At one at least lately, they made a mistake and uncorked a full grown hornets' nest, by introducing the subject of modem spiritualism, and inviting in Dr. Thome a prominent spiritualist of this city, to make a statement of the fundamental doctrines of modem spiritualists. The gentleman so invited, who is a man of more than ordinary ability, and a full match for any of his clerical .antagonists, took, advantage of this opportunity to give his clerical antagonists a shot or two "l>elow the belt," when some of the brethren "claim a foul" and the champion of spiritualism was ruled out of the ring. Dr. Thome the spiritualist champion, claiming that he was unfairly and rudely treated,' proceeded to bombard bis clerical antagonists through the newspapers, and fired several broadsides at them, which elicited but feeble replies. Tlie aSidr for a few days seemed likely to bring on a general engagement of the forces of Gog and Magog all along the line, but I believe the brethren of the Alliance have abandoned the controversy, and left the Doctor in full possession of the field. The clerical geutiemen having provoked the discussion, their failure to fight it out, looks some like showing the white feather. If they were afraid to discuss the quAtion fully and fairly they should have let it alone. It is somewhat remarkable how widely this belief in modem spiritualism is disseminated, aiid how many there are who who publicly advocate the truth of its pretensions, or privately avow their belief in it. Scarcely a neighborhood in the country can be found, but what has more or less confimied believers who believe that these so-called spiritual manifestations are the work of disembodied spirits as firmly as a Cliristian believes the Bible. There is quite a large society of spiritualists in this city, who hold meetings every Sunday, at which lectures on spiritualism are delivered. I have never attended any of their meetings, but am told that they have some very able speakers. There is an immense amount of humbug practiced under the name of spiritualism, I have no doubt, but that many of the so-called spiritual manifestations are bona-fide realities, there is little reason to doubt. Many of these phenomena are marvelous, and inexplicable; often savoring of the miraculous, but that they are the work of disembodied spirits, I have never yet been, even partially convinced. I must admit that I have never investigated this subject very much, for the reason that I couldn't see that any good was likely to come of it, and I have long since settled down to the conviction, that these so-called spiritual manifestations, are the result of some strange, and mysterious power of human nervous system, of the nature and extent of which, we are, all as yet totally ignorant. That is my theory, and I think it is quite as plausible as the ottier. It would be a most desirable addition to the stock of human knowledge if it could be known and successfully demonstrated what tiiese so-called spiritual manifestations really are but tjiat seems to be beyond the reach of man's capacity, for after having puzzled the brains of the brightest minds of the civilized world for near half a century. it still remains as great a mystery as ever, and bids fair for anything unfathomable scientists and a : for ages to come. r anything we can see, Xlery to philosoph< mbling block to the to bean lers and leologians S. Webster. Wendell Phillips is dead. It Frrz John Porter is restored to the army which the court-martial decided he disgraced at the second battle of Bull Bun, it will be by the vote of men who were fighting on the rebel side during the war. Are those men competent and disinterested judges in this case ? L. W. WELKER. ATTORNEY-AT-UW and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, Indiana. ^'Offlcs up stairs in Glapp's Slock. ^HOS. B. FELKNER, Albion, Indiana. Ottlce VLp stshlxa laa. Toixxi. S. BXskClE's xxm-vr 91oc3c. 22tf piELDING PRICKETT, ' Attorney-at'Law % Albion, Indiana. once on York Street, directly West of Court House. lyl "woie/DEisr :POST so. 90», «. A. la. Regular meetings second and fourth Saturdays in each month. D. A. SCHAFF, COK. B. K. EASTEBDAY, ADJT. WM. TRUMP, QUABTSBMAaTEB. J^rORTH STAR LODGE. N«. -éÊÊÊiik 1.0.0. F. ALBION, INDIANA. B^/ular metim^ wery Tuemiaji evening C.H.PioKan,N.O. F. ¥fMM«r.T., Bec'y. 0 VI/ STEPS DOWN AND OUT. D R. PICKETT. HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, Special attention given to chronic diseasel and diseases of women and children. Offlc on Main street,3d Door East of Bank. Albion. Indiana. 27y Teetlx 1 Teetli I GEORGE E. JOHNSON. SURGEON DENTIST t - -A \ Alliioa, Indiaita. Special attention tiivpn to bntli Sukcicm. and THItBArwUTICALtreHtniPlit of »11 lllsfitsi-s ..f the mouth and associate part» Offi<-e, Main Street. ivi TTIolo Steeple'sSsist ^s^izsL St. I ^llDiorL, IS TBE PLACE TO BUY YOURGroceries, Canned Goods, Elkhart Flour, ZFIISTE OJLlSriDIEIS, E3a?0. COUNTRY : 11 PRODUCEBo-u-grl^t suxxd. Sold.. Bbakbs of Toloaiccc qtx Hand, ALSO AGENT FOR THE-i^rcLexicsLCi SEWING MACHINE. Give m« a Call when You want Groceries of Any Description.S. X. T77-.A. M.L DRUOCISTa SELL IT.B«Re«IKS. oBARBAINS. When you uautBARGAINS Call at the Postoffice3::Totion Stoxel TOBACCO CHEWERS REWARD Of .-» CASÎÎ, 1 Imported Moveltj"Poata* Kiiivâ« &:ià ò,UUU vouuûa of the Oieat And See Our CRBir C01NTBB8 lo Notions of All Kinds Kept Here. S. M. QBEBNMAN. CHEWING TOBACC< TO BE GIVEN AWAY! Ibem by miilTbetween December Uth i WIIiSON & »Ie€ALI.AT TOBACCO CO. SIIPDLETOWN. OHIO, ^r* Cat address oat and paste oa EnTelop«* This it THE FINEST POUND PLUG EVER MAOL YOUR DEALER FOR ZOO-ZOO. CT'Iiudrt on lunrbic I* UMl yoa will UM oo ottMB CHEAP. CHEAPER.CHEAPEST.Cheaper than Ever Before. Sitat Cloif tat Sa )CALL IT WHAT YOU WILL ! A 1G li A P F IS SELLiira- X)ESIE/.A.BXjECASHMERES, FLANNELS, HOSIERY, AND GREEN COFFEES AT lOST. :BC5OTS & ©HOES Cheaper than thQ Cheapest. » REMEMB CEJOfW BLACK. ;

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