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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - January 24, 1884, Albion, Indiana rsif mr TWO DOLLARS A YEAR. "ffew to the Line; Let the Chips Fall Where they May.'" IN ADVANCE VOL. XII. NO. 18. • ' ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, JANUARY 24, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX. NO. 5. CHEAP. CHEAPER. CHEAPEST. Cheaper than Ever Before. ìaiil GALL IT WHAT YOU WILL ! -IF- PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY, ATALBION, NOBLE CO., IND-,' T. 1». aPRICaCSTT. S»rop'*. Offloe on York Street,directly weatoftbe Court Ilouae. -o— Term* of Sttbscrlptlon. One Year...................................f 00 Six Months................................. 1 00 Three Months............................. 50 Single copies five cents each. Ad.vertlelaa.g'Kautes 3aCaa.o-^x^a3. caa .i&.ppllea.tloaa.. Bu$itu$» Localt, Ten Cent» ptr lif.^. jirst in teriitin. Five Cent» ptr hue tath »ubteqvent in gertion. Leffol notices will be charged for at the rates established by law. Simple marriage and death notices will be inserted free. IS SELXjIIsTO- 3DBSIK.A:B2L.E1 "^CASHMERES, FLANNELS, HOSIERY, 4ND GREEN COFFEES AT COST. GOOTS ¿z> SHOES Cheaper than the Cheapest. CI.APP BL,OCK. REMEMBER THE PLACE: AHENTION I YE TRAVELERS. BALTIMORE & OHIO RAILWAY. AIMJITEI), NOVKMl'.K.K, ISi^.!. I- ; EAST BOUND. Chicago......... Walkerton Juuc MUford June Syracuse. .. . títimftneU .... Alhioa........ AviUa........ Gane^t...... AulMsrs Juuc. HkdoVille .... Defiance...... l^o 1 !•. >1. I r> 1(1 ! 7 51 S 55 t.'í- Fostoda.............. Tiffln-,................. Chicago Junc^. ~WE8T BOUND. 9 !i «t 1« 17 10 Si U) r>i 11 A. M. 1 07 1 :iO '¿ 17 Chicago Junction Defiance ....... Hfeksville........ Aulwiini Junction Chinett........... Avllla........... Albion. .. (^omweli. lilfiH^ June..... ?idk»ton June N o 5 l>io .1 A. M. 8 ;j(i 10 10 1". M. 1-2 41 '2.1 n 1 Ki 1 42 1 .5-2 •2 M a ¿0 I'. M. 45 11 -27 A. M. 1-2 -29 1 5 07 5 32 (! -20 J'. .M. 10 30 11 -2^ 11 4H A. JM. A.M. rt '20 9 '20 •J 52 I'. >f. 1 ;io IJ2 01 2 07 ,12 50 •2 38 3 00 3 12 3 34 5 .'{)< A. M. 8 38 1 32 1 67 2 08 2 28 -i 48 3 04 3 14 4 24 P. M. 7 20 '2 "28 •2 3 .-Í 3 '2-2 4 C 22 7 07 8 10 THOS. A. HUSTON, Ph. G. J. P. MOLEN. DI\UGGISTS AND STATIONEI\S. PURITY, FAIR PRICES AND HONEST DEALING. Are the inducements we offer the public in return for patronatce. Absolute PïïlIîY Guaranteed. I>K,ICE3S kS LOW AS THE LOWEST. 1*. M. C 2.% 7 IS 7 54 Ù 47 10 ¿8 11 05 11 22 11 33 A.M. 11 05 12 -18 12 38 12 4ÍÍ 2 13 A. >r. â 40 r. E. MePPEKT, Agt Columbus, O. C.K. t,ORX». 6«n'l Ag't Bal. Md. CmCINIMTI, WABASH & MICH. ñ. R. *_IX KFFF.CT DKC. 9. 1R«.3. GOING noktii. No. 5. MOTS, J*.., i: «iCKt£Y, Gtn'f Maiiaftr. We manufacture our own preparations from the most approved formulas^ giving each preparation our individual atten-tion, thus insuring perfect purity. We also call attention to our selection of AJ\rD STATIOJ^ERT. ETC.. ETC. We have on hands a fine stock of POCKET BOOKS, ALBUMS, TOILET ARTICLES, ETC. We make a specialty of Paints, Oils, Varnishes and Wall Paper. CALL AND SEE US. NO TROUBLE TO SHOW GOODS. Most Respectfully, scrcr&TC>iiT fSo a^ox-satr, ^ITDIoxx, lad.. THOS. B. Att«ni«jr.; Rt-taWf ALMO», I> muiiA. . Otte* >a.p mtmixm 1».. r«atm.aD. aai*e]r« If. WELKBE. ATTMN^-AT-UMf M« II0TMV raiye, Albico, Ivdiuift. C^OflM up «Mil» til OlApp'i Uiotk,OR. CESSNA ON PROHIBITION. THE NEW ERA, AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. In a recent published communication to the public, Dr. Cessna, of this county, sees proper to couple The New Era with a sheet that contends that the temperance people of Albion are working zealously in the cause of intemperance, and seems disirous of creating the impression that the position taken on the temperance question by The New Era is no more to be commended than that of the sheet in which his communication appeared. Our position upon this question of temperance and prohibition is a matter of record, and one that we are proud of, no matter who may assail it In concluding his communication. Dr. Cessna says: "The whisky league in 1882 declared that they would give their support to no party unless they declared against prohibition, and the Democratic so declared and the Re-piri)lican party refused to join issue with them, so the temperance people had no party and of co^rse the whisky league won, but in 1884 the temperance people must and will have a party, and in case either of our parties should declare for the whisky league, the other must declare for prohibition, or we will create a party of our own.''^ It seems to be the province of certain temperance advocates, or rather prohibition advocates, to class the republican party as equally reprehensible with the democratic party, while the one is decidedly opposed to the principle of prohibition, and did all it could as a party to prevent the people at the polls saying whether they wanted prohibition or not, while the other, without declaring for prohibition, said unmistakably that on all such questions the voice of the people should be heard, hence declared in favor of submitting the amendments to a vote of the people, and that the verdict so rendered should be respected. In an editorial article under the caption of "The Republican Party and the Liquor Question" we defined the po sition of the republican party in 1882 on this great question, and outlined what, in our opinion, should be the position taken by that party in 1884 on the same question. It was this article that called out the unfavorable mention of this paper by Dr. Cessna, yet Hon. Challes L. Murray, one of the ablest democrats of the state, and a temperance man and prohibitionest of pronounced convictions, who is now editing the South Bend Sun, a paper devoted wholly to the cause of prohibition ana temperance, reproduces that editorial in full, aad in another place in its columns calls attention to it by saying: "We call special attention to an important article, in regard to constitutional prohibition, from The A,h-BioN New Era. one of the leading republican papers of Northern Indiana. It is for a free ballot on the liquor traffic. That is all we ask." Now let prohibitionists, before being misled into falling into this clamor for a new party in Indiana, consider that nothing is to be gained by such a course, but great disasters to the cause invited. Before prohibition can ever be enforced in this state a constitutional amendment must be agreed to by the legislature of the state at two consecutive sessioiis, and then adopted by the people at the ballot box. To these several steps the republican was onequivocally cominitted in and in our editorial of a week or two or ago, to which Dr. Cessna takes «KoeptíoQ, and which the South Bend Sun oomzaends as all farne temperanoe peonl^ask, wajtid that, torepubliem 1884. Suppose a special prohibition party is organized, it could demand or advocate nothing more than was demanded by the republican platform of, 1882, and hence we i^ink that it would be suicidal to alienate a powerful party from the advocacy of that which is essentially necessary to the success of pirohibition, simply because that oi^anization, as a party, cannot honestly declare in favor of prohibition itself. Mr. Murray, of the Sun, takes a broader view of these things than some who are advocating prohibition, and under the head of "What We Want," says editorially: "What temperance people want is an opportunity of amending the state constitution, which requires the passage of an act through two legislatures, and this question then to be submitted to the people at a special election free from any politics." As the republican party conceded all this in 1882, and we think will not depart from that position in 1884, we think genuine temperance men and prohibitionists will call a halt upon those who are seemingly imperiling the success of prohibition by clamoring for a new party. PROPHYLACTIC FLUID. A HoOMhold Article for Universal Family U>e. Eradicates VAT.AT^TA For Scarlet and Typhoid Fevers. Diphtheria. SaU-vatlon. Ulcerated Sore Throat, Small Pox, Measles, and _ _______BgOB the Sick should use it freely. Scarlet Fever has never been known to spread where the Fluid wa« used. Yellow Fever has been cured with it after black vomit had taken place. The worst cases of Diphtheria yield to it. Feveredand Sick Per. { SMAI.I.-POX •nn« refreshed and I and Bod Sore« prevent- PITTING of Small ed by bathing with Darbys Fluid. Impure Air made harmless and purified. For Sore Throat it is a sure cure. Additional Local News. —The Enterprise, a monthly periodical in the interest of manufactories, is a new venture at Goshen. —Judge Uolman is the oldest member of congress from Indiana, being 61 years old. Judge Lowry, of this district, is next on the list, being about 60 years old. Judge L. was born in Ireland. —The Century magazine needs no praise from us. It is widely known and appreciated as one of the leading periodicals of America and should be found in every household. The February number is already upon our table. —Mrs. Asa Norton, one of the old citizens of Goshen, died last week at the age of 80 years. The deceased was the mother of Wm. H. Norton, editor of the Elkhart Sentinel, and was an estimable lady. —Harper's magazine, one of the oldest and most popular magazines in this country, is always bright, readable, attractive and instructive. The February number is now before us and is very interesting. —Geo. E. Bidwell, of Egan, Dakota, has our thanks for a copy of the Express, of that place, and also a copy of the Minnesota Farmer of a recent date. The Express bears date of January 10, and it says that on the 4th inst the thermometer registered 40 ® below zero. —The January number of the Midland Monthly is replete with varied and interesting matter from the pens of an increased force of able contributors. It is received with favor by the press, and among the best families of Indiana and adjoining States. Pablishea at Indianapolis, $1.25 per year. —Reports have been circulated to the effect that a detective from Michigan had been at work in the southern part of the county upon suspicion that certain parties were implicated in the murder of a family near Jackson, in that State some time ago, and that one or two arrests had already been made. Who the parties suspected are we have only received a vague hint, but believe the whole report to be without founda tion except in so far as it relates to the murder referred to.— Warsaw Union. We suppose this refers to the Crouch murder that occurred near Jackson, Mich., some months ago. —Of the trial of Foster, over at Goshen, Goshen Democrat says that the Court House was crowded most of the time, and the proceedings made as decent as they could be under the circumstances. There should be some other way to settle cases of that kind to taking them into a public court, before men of the lowest kind of instincts, as well as young boys, and even ladiea We have no desire to go into details, and give the evidence in our columns, as it is not of a nature to lay before Sunday school scholars. THE VERDI The case Tuesday aft^' dark liad Cuntaclon destroyed. For Frosted Feet, Ghllblalna, Piles, Chaftags, ete. Rheumatism cured. Soft White Complexions secured by its use. Ship Fever prevented. 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The eminent Phy. slcian, J. MARION SIMS, M. D.. New "I am Darbys rrophylactic Fluid is a valuable disinfecunt." Vanderbilt Unlvorsity, Nashville, Tenn. I testify to the most excellent qualities of Prof. Darbys Prophylactic Fluid. As a disinfectont and determent it is both theoretically and practically superior to any preparation wit'» which I am acquainted.—N. T. Lupton, Prof. Chemistry. Darbys Fluid is Becommendcd by Hon. AI.BXANDBK H. Stbfhens, of Georgia; Rev. Chas. F. Dbbhs, D.D., Church of the Strangers, N. Y.; Jos. LbComtk,Columbia, Prof.,University,B.C. Rev. A. J. Battlb, Prof, Mercer University; Rev. Gbo. F. Pisrck, Bishop M. E. Church. IXDISFENSABLK TO £V£KT HOME. Perfectly harmless. Used internally or , ezlernally for Man or Beast. The Fluid has been tlioroughly tested, and we have abundant evidence that it nas done everything here claimed. For fuller informatiun get of your Druggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietors, J. H. 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