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Albion New Era (Newspaper) - February 21, 1884, Albion, Indiana TWO DOLLAES A YEAR. /He-Tw to tls.e T ilne; X^et th.9 CQiips FoZl -wlo.&x& tla-e^r IN ADVANCE wM » ■•iL fe í VOL.XII.NO. 22.ALBION, NOBLE COUNTY, INDIANA, FEBRUAKY 21, 1884. NEW SERIES. VOL. IX. NO. 9. L. W. WELKER, ATTORNEY-AT-LA^ and NOTARY PUBLIC, Albion, ludiaun. 0^Offlee up stairs in Clapp's Block. THOS. B. FELKNER, Albion, Indiana. 0£&ce xlp stsklxa Ixl 7o:ia33l id. slac^'a 31oc3=- 22tf PIELDING PRICKETT.Attorney-af-Law, Albiox, Indiana. OfQce on York Street, directly West of Court House. lyl D R. PICKETT. HOMEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN, Special attention given to elnonlc disease and diseases of woiiifn and cliildren. Otlice on Main street,3d Door Kabt of Bank, Albion, Indiana. 27yWOIEe^DElT IPOST MO. 205, G. A. R. Kegular meetings second and iourlli Saturdays In each month. D. A. SCHAFF, COM. S. K. easti:kday, Adj t. WM. tkuml', <ivauti:HMASTEK.JVORTH STAR LODGE. No. 380, ALBION, INDIANA. Beguiar meetings every Tuesday evening. E. L. Teegauden, N. G. J. CocKLEY, Sec'y.Teetli. I Teetl:!. 2 GEORGE E. JOHNSON. SUEGEONDENTIST ! Albion, ludiava. Special attention given to botli Sunou-.SLand THKBApKUTiCALtreatineiif of all diseases of the mouth and associate jiaris. Ottice, Kast MainSiitet. 2yl the LOST IS FOUND.:KONKLE-o-o-o-V)---Ü--oTo t]b-e ^xorit ! I am now prepared to do all kinds ofWagon, CarriageAnd Sign Painting,' ETC. ^^Thanks to iny friends f(ir ))ast favors. I ho_pe bv doing K<><>d v.oi-k for fair prices to merit a "liberal sYiare of your patronaj-'e in the future. All work warranted to give satisfuetiou. s. K. KONKLE. BAR8AINS. BARGAINS.ir/ien you ivant BARGAINSCall at the PostofficeDbTction. Storô!And See Our CENI C01.MER8 loNotions of All Kinds Kept Here. S. M. GREENMAN. IsTEW BIÒIOIC pubijshed every thursday, at ALBIOX, XOBLE CO., IXD., Office on York Street, directly west of the Court House. -0- Teraaas of S-viTDscxiption. One Year....................................?2 00 Six Months.................................. 1 00 Three Months............................... 50 Single copies five cents each. .A.d.T-ertlelxa.g' SCrLO-wTa. oaa. ^ppUcoLtloxx. Business Locals, Ten Cents per line, first insertion. Five Cents per line each subsequent insertion. Legal notices will be charged for at the rates established by law. Simple marriage and deatli notices will be insert<?d free. Congress has appropriated $500,-000 for the flood sufferers. It is thought that the democratic national convention may be held at Baltimore. Warden Murdock, of the Michigan City prison, was recently stricken with paralysis. Wendell Phillips left an estate valued at $50,000 which he bequeathed to his wife. REPUBLICAN CONVENTION. THE DANVILLE RIOTS. The house at Point Pleasant, Ohio, in which Gen. Grant was born, was carried away by the flood this year. Gen. Coburn, of Indianapolis, has been appointed associate justice of Montana territory by president Arthur. Livery & Feed-Stable. Carriages for business or pleasure. Sample wagons for Commercial men ; and iientie Teams for Ladles. TERMS REASONABLE! Barn on Jefferson Street, North of Court House, Albion, Ind. (O.JBWOLE. ProprietorTEN THOUSAND ■JiB'DWooO 'Farms in Michigan. Ibrja^ Ae GRAITD RAPIDS & INDIANA R.K.CO. Sumr maple the principal timber. Ammmtfun: Railroads already built, numenxu mm uoAasit*, one of the healthiest parts of the VWIM States, purest water, good markets, fiae tnM. good road», cdl^ob, chuiches, laige agHcul-twsl poptilation, best building inateM at lov tatrcs^EOod sml, low prices, easy terns, perfect tttle. books, maps, charts, and ail aMtioDal MansaUon, addresa W. OiiHUGHAltT. Hon. Robert Lowrt voted for the restoration of Fitz John Porter to the army. Bob always did have a tender feeling for the soldier. It is claimed that president Arthur will not be able to carry the solid New York delegation in the republican national convention. Mr. Erasmus Gest is evidentally a prophet. Last year he declared that the child was born that would see seventy feet of water at Cincinnati. The Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle would not be surprised to see S-vmobl J. Randall, of Pennsylvania, the presidential nominee of the democratic party. On Friday of this week the democratic executive committee will meet to determine upon the time and place of holding the next national convention. An observant exchange says that "when you meet a man who denounces everybody not present as a thief and a robber, without giving a bill of particulars, place your hand on your pocket-book till you get out of his reach." The New Albany Public Press, a democratic journal of more than average influence, wants a democratic legislature chosen this fall that will elect a "sound" democrat to the United States Senate instead of senator Yoorhees. The democratic convention at Anderson, the home of secretary of state, Mters, refuses to pass a resolution endorsing the course of that official. Sensible democrats are too shrewd to do otherwise than repudiate such men. Elsewhere in this issue is the call of the chairman of the county central committee for a mass convention of the republicans of Noble county, to be held at Albion on the 4th day of March, 1884 This convention is for the purpose of selecting delegates to the destrict convention at Auburn in April, and to the two state conventions mentioned in the call of the chairman of the state committee. At the county convention named, a reorganization of the county central committee will take place, and in this great care should be taken, as to the committeemen in the several townships much of the success we hope to have in the election in November will be due. The republican party in the past has been remarkably fortunate in the selection of good men to compose the county central committee, and as a consequence for the last few years we have succeeded in electing our county ticket. Let the active, earnest republicans of the several townships give this matter their consideration now, and be prepared, when they come up to the coimty convention, to name a competent man as their representative on the central committee, and avoid the risk of making an unfortunates election in the hurry of business on that day. By all means determine upon some man whose whole soul is in the cause of republicanism; one who does not seek the position for other motives than the success of the ticket, no matter who may com pose it so that they be true repre-sentative.^ of the party. They should be men who are capable of organizing the party in their several townships intelligently and effiectively, with a happy faculty of harmonizing all conflicting elements in the ranks. With such men as these to direct affairs and an earnest effort of the republican voters of the county to do their whole duty in the campaign, wa can scarcely fail at the polls in November. The campaign of 1884 is to be made a desperate one by our political foes, and every means will be resorted to by them to wrest the power in the county from the grasp of the republican party. We shall be surprised if every means known to th6 politician is not resorted to by them to accomplish their ends, and these will have to be met and counteracted by earnest, intelligent and honest efforts of republicans. Honesty is the best policy, in politics as well as in everything else, and with an honest, straight-forward course in battling for the right on the part of the republican party, victory will again porch upon our banners. Therefore we again say to the' republicans of the several townships, come up to the mass convention prepared to name the right man for the place upon tfie committee, and the preliminary work of the campaign will be well done. Great care also should be exercised in the selection of a chairman of the committee, as to him much of the labor of successfully carrying on the work of the campaign belongs. 'A White Man's Town and D--d If We Don't Rule." This Was the Battle Cry of the F. F. Vs. The investigation of the Virginia Riots that has been going on at Washington has elicited the fact that the riots at Danville, Virginia, in which a number of negroes were killed and through the ihtimidation thus engenderd, the state was carried by the democrats, were of the most revolting description, and that no ragard for the life of a negro is had when he stands in the way of the political success of those who believe that this is a white-man's government, and that the freedmen have no rights that these rioters are bound to respect. One witness (colored) named Glass, hesitated about testifying, fearing the consequences if the truth were told, but -upon being reassm-ed, testified as follows: Heard a pistol fired, and rushed to the scene, where he found some seventy-five negroes and twenty-five white men. The white men and policemen were telling the negroes to leave. The negroes replied: "We are not doing anything, why should we leave?" Heard Thatcher say: "This is a nhite man's town, and I am damned if we don't rule. You all going to get killed if you don't leave." Then the white men drew pistols. The witness named Hatcher, Lee, Covington, and Oliver, whom he said had pistols. Lee gave oi'ders to fire, and they did fire. Then the colored men began to leave. The whites came out of the opera-house. "How many?" "It looked like 300 or 400." They (the whites) went into a hardware store and got pistols; saw pistols—twenty-five or thirty of them—and a bag of cartridges in a real-estate oflfice where he took refuge, and the white people came ip and supplied themselves. When all of the negroes had left, the witness heard of the whites being about the streets shouting "Hurrah for the Democrats!" [Laughter.] Heard some whites say: "Kill every damned nigger we can see." Heard Henry Barkesdale make a speech in which he said: "We intend to carry this election by fair means or foul." Heard him say it was to be carried "by de point^ ob de gun." At the time of the riot saw men riding up with guns; saw white men running home after their guns; saw no colored men armed. The fact has just transpired that in the Indianapolis schools, the history of the war of the rebellion has not been taught The diacoTery has created great indignation and it is safe to say thidi liereafter tiie youth of the capitol city will b« Mnght that treason once raised its standard in this country, and '^o w«re the |Mirticipant& It is alep clahned that ^by some infloenoe <xt olbdr, the effects of alcohol upott the htmiaa sysiem is not taught in tiboee same aobdols. The Three Rivers (Mich.) Tribune says that "another evidence that the Democratic is as good a temperance party as the Republican, found illustration in the Ohi(f legislature on Tuesday. Upon a resolution to abolish the local option porovision in the Scott law, every Democrat save one, vote, 'aye,' and every Republican except one, voted /nay.' So the llotidQcratic majority alx>lished the prohibitory features of the law, and would aboUsh the law itself were it not for fear of losing the state at thé pending presidential election. 1^1 II .1 II l*IL I ' Qmx. Spicely^ of Orange County, tUs State, died a few days aga served with distinction in the Met icaa war. lia tíie late civil war ha. Rwe |o the rank of biij^er genfirall BAllürS PROPHYLACTIC FLUID. A Household Article for Universal Family Use. Eradicates YALAT^TA, For Scarlet and i Typhoid Fevers, Diphtheria, SaU-▼atlon. Ulcerated Sore Throat, SmaU Pox, Measles, and Jgoi the Sick should use it freely. Scarlet Fever ha_ never been known to spread where the Fluid was usied. Yellow Fever has been cured with it after blacii vomit had taiien place. The worst c.ises of Diphtheria yield to it. FeveredandSickPer-1 S9IALI.-POX sons refreshed and Bed Sores prevented by bathing with D.irbys Fluid. Impure Ai.r made harmless and purified. For Hore Throat it is a sure cure. Contagion destroyed. For Frosted Feet, Clülhlalns, Piles, Chaflngs, etc. Khcumatism cured. Soft White Complexions secured by its use. Ship Fever prevented. To purify the Breath, Cleanse the Teeth, it can't be surpassed. Catarrh relieved and cured. Erysipelas cured. Burns relieved instantly. Scars prevented. Hysentery cured. Wounds healed rapidly. Scurvy cured. An Antidote for Animal or Vegetable Poisons, Stings, etc. I used the Fluid during our present affliction with Scarlet Fever with decided advantage. It is indispensable to the sickroom.—Wm. F. Sand-FüRD, Eyrie, Ala. and PITTING of SmaU Pox PREVENTED a member of my fam-ily was taken with Small-pox. 1 used the Fluid ; the patient was not delirious, was not pitted, and-was about the house a^n in three weeks, and no others had it.-J. W. Park-inson, Philadelphia. Sstra^r JbTotice. Taken up by Scott Rice, of Elkhart Township, Noble county, Indiana, on the 20th day of Nov. 18S3, one dark roan heifer, one year old past: one red and white spotted steer, one year old past, and one black and white spotted heifer. Said cattle were appraised by .Jaoob Conrad, Frank Manler and John Smith at $45 before Jesse B. Smith. J. P. ATTEST: MBRRITT C. SKINXER, CLERK. I^©tlc© of Estate of Sarah Winebrenner, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given tiiat the undersigned has been appointed by tiie Clerk of the Noble Circuit Court of Noble County, in the State of Indiana, administrator of the Estate of Siirali Winebrenner, late of .said Cfunty, deceased. Said estate Is supposed to be solvent. JOHN It. WRIGHT, Administrator. Dated February 16, 1884. !>-3 Siphtlieiia Prevented. The physicians here use Darbvs Fluid very successfully in the treatment of Diphtheria. A. Stollbnwbrck. Greensboro, Ala. Tetter dried up. Cholera prevented. Ulcers purified and healed. In cases of Death it should be used about the corpse —it will prevent any unpleasant smell. The eminent Phr. siclan, J.MARION SIMS, M. D., New York, saw: "I am convinced Prof Darbys Prophylactic Fluid is a valuable disinfectant." Vanderhilt University. Nashville. Tenn. I testify to the most excellent qualities of Prof. Darbys Prophylactic Fluid. As a disinfectant and determent it is both theoreticplly and practically superior to any preparation with which I am acquainted.—N. T. Lupton, Prof. Chemistry. Darbys Fluid is Recommended by Hon. Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia • Rev. Chas. F. Deems, D.D., Church of the Strangers, N. Y.; Jos. LbContb,Columbia, Prof..University,B.C. Rev. A. J. Bavi-R, Prof., Mercer University; Rev. Geo. F. Pierce, Bishop .M. E. Church. INDISPENSABLE TO EVERY HOME. Perfectly harmless. Used intcrr.ally or externally for Man or Beast. The Fluid has been thoroughly tested, and we h,ive abundant evidence th.it it has done everything here claimed. For fuller information get of your Druggist a pamphlet or send to the proprietors, J. H. ZEIUN A CO., Manufacturing Chemists, PHILADF-I-PHIANotice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In the matter of the E.state of D:vnlel S. Hart, deceased. In the Noble Circuit Court, Jlarch Term, 1884. Notice is hereby given that the undersiRned. as administrator of the estate of Daniel S. Hart, deceased, lias presented and filed his account and vouchei-s in final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said (Mrciilt Court on the 17th day of March, 1884, at which time all heirs, creditors or legatees of said estate are required to appear in said Court and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be approved. WILLIAM H. PALMER, Feb. 7,1884. Administrator. Fielding Prickett, Att'y. 8-2 Notice of Final Settlement. In the matter of the Estate of John G. Stukley, deceased. In the Noble Circuit Court, March Term, 1884. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, administrator with the will annexed of the estate of John G. Stukley, deceased, has presented and filed his account and vouchers hi final settlement of said estate, and that tlic same will come up for the examination and action of said Circuit Court on the 17th day of March, A. I)., 1884,' at whicli time all persons Interested in said estate are required to appear in said Court and show canse. If any there be, why said account and vouchers should not be approved. And the heirs of said estate, and all otliers Interested therein, are also hereby required, at tlie time and place aforesaid, to appear and make proof of their heirship or claim to any part of said estate. JOHN P. BECKER, 8-2 Administrator with the will annexed. HOTEL PROPERTY FOR SALE. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, by virtue of an orcfer of the Noble Circuit Court of the State of Indiana, will sell at private sale, on the 21st day of March. A. D., 1884, or at any time thereafter, until sold, all of the following described real estate, situate In tlie County of Noble, State of Indiana, to-wit: Lots numbered one (1), two (2), fifteen (l.")), sixteen (16). seventeen (17), eighteen (18), nineteen (19). and twenty I, in the Town of wolf Lake, ami buildings slt- ;ions of purchasers will be received by flie undersigned at his ))lace of On the inside pages of this issue will be found a graphic description of the great flood of the present year, in the Ohio river and its tributaries. This flood has been unprecedented in the annals of this country and reached a height of seventy-one feet and three-fourths of an inch above low water mark at Cincinnati, which is nearly five feet higher than that of any preceding year since the settlement of the country by the white man. In 1883, the flood at that point reached a height of sixty-six feet, four inches. It is impossible to estimate the measure of damages don,e to property along the Ohio river, as whole towns and cities have been submerged or swept away, and the amount of suffering caused thereby is almost beyond conception. It is gratifying to know that the knowledge of the suffering of our fellow-men is sufl&cient to touch the hearts of those who are exempt from such disasters, and that aid has been generously and freely contributed from all sections of tte country to relieve the wants of the homeless and distressed. We are glad to know that the citizens of Albion contributed, liberally of their means to aid the flood sufferers. TO PRESERVE THE HEALTH Use the Majneion Applianct Co'sMAaNETIOLUNG PROTECTORPKieC d.'S. They are priceless to ladies, gentlemen and children weak lungs; no case oi pneumonia or croup is ever known where this garment is worn. They also prevent and cure heart diflleultles, colds, rheumatism, neuralgia throat troubles, diphtheria, catarrh, and all kindred diseases. W ill wear any service for three years. Are worn over the under-clothing. CATAitKH. It is needless to tlcscribe the CATAliliH. symptoms of this nauseous disease that is sapping the life and strength out of only too ma .y of the fairest and best of both sexes. Labor, study and research in America, Europe and eastern lands, have resulted in the Magnetic Lung Protector, affording cure for Catarrh, a reiiiedy which contains no drugging of the system, ana with the continuous stream of Magnetism iiernieating through the afflicted organs, must restore them to a nealthy action. We place our price for this appllancfi at less than one-twentieth of the ¡)rice asked bv others for remedies upon which you take all the chances, and we Ksi'K<:iAbLY ixvitk the piUtronage oftheM.XNY I'KRSfiN's wlio luivc tried Dituo-Gixu THKiu STOMACH.S Without effect. HOW TO OBTAIN-HOW TO OBTAIN uate thereon. At be received by the undersigi residence In the Town of Albion, In said County, mitii said real estate is sold. « TitRMt^: One»-thlrd of the purchase money to be paid in hand, one-third in twelve mouths and one-third in eighteen months from day of sale, the purchaser giving ids notes with surety for the deferred payments, with interest at six per cent, waiving valuation and appraisement laws. SAMUEL BKADEN. Jr., February 14,1884. Commissioner. F. Prickett, Atfy. 8-4 Notice to Non-Resident Guardian. In the matter of the estate l In the Noble Cir-of the Minor heirs (»f cultCourt.March Sarah E. E<lsall, decea'd. Term, A. 1)., 18K4. Samuel A. Edsall, Petition to remove guardian. J guardian. THE ABOVE NAMED GUARDIAN, is hereby notified that the undeaslgned, a comi)etent person therefor, has Hied in the office of the Clerk of said Noble Circuit Court his verified petition prayinji said Court for an order for the removal of saui Samuel A. I\dsall from his trust as guiirdian of the minor heirs of Sarah E. Edsall, late of Noble county, Indiana, deceased, and that said i)Ctition will come on for hearing on Monday, March 17, A. D., 1x84, being the first Judicial dav of tlie reguhir Slarch term of said Circuit Court for the year 1884. on which said first day of saul term of said Court the said Sam-tiel A. Edsall, guardian afor9said, is required to be and appear In said (^onrt and sItav cause, If any he has, why he should not be removed from his trust as such guardian; and in defatdt of such appearance said petition and the matters and things therein alleged will be heard and determined in his absence. BENJAMIN B. EDSALL. Wm. C. Williams, Att'y. 8-3 -THIS APPLIANCE.- Go to your I>ruggist and ask for them. If they have not got them write to the jiroprietors. enclosing the price in letter at our risk, and they will be sent to you at once by mail postpaid. jS^Send stamp for the "New Departure in Meoucal Treatment Without Medicine," with thousands of testimonials. THE MAtiNETON APPLIANCE CO., 218 State Street. chicago, ill. Note.—Send one dollar in postage stjimps or currency (iu letter at our risk) with size of shoe usually worn, and try a pair of our Magnetic Appliances. Positively no -cold feet where they are woru or money refunded. COMMISSIONER'S SALE. By virtue of an order of the Noble Circuit Court made at the October term, 188.3, and sqp-plementiil order made at the January term of said Court, 1881, in :ui action for partition ending in said Court, in which Michael Stun and and others are ])laintiffs, and Jacob Stuff and Susan Stuff are defendants, the undersiirne^ a commissioner appointed by said Court, will offer for "sale at private sale on or after the 8th Day of March, 1884, a part of the west half of the northwest quarter of section thirty-three (33) in township thirty-ftvii (35) north of range nine (») east. In Noble coun ter of section, township and range aforesaid, and running thence west on the north line tliereof eleven chains and eighty links to the At Ntehville, Lawrence county, a saloon-keeper had made himself ob-iloxiotts to the public generally, and they took a novel way of getting jfid of his- "outfit." The building in which his saloon was located was situated upon the edge of a high bank the base of \iiiioh was washed by ^t Creek. One night tip citizens got leiye^ under the^blli&ng and orartiin^^t^ wtothf lagingtdxaiiifb^w. northwest corner of said quai'ter section, thence south on the west line of said quarter section to the southwest cortfer thereof; tnenceeaston the south line thereof to a ixiint eight chains west of the southeast corner of tlie said west half of said quarter section: thence north to the place of begmuing, containing forty-eight acres, more or less. tebm.s ok Salk: @we-thlrd in hand, one-third iu six months an« one-third in twelv« months. Deferred pa/ments to be secured^by note- and security to the acceptance of the com. mlssioner, and to bear ittt^t from date; v/iin^^ irRrsem.eut laws. I c%n ing valuation and appi - . be found at my office m Albion until the sale mad, and willreceive bl^l^^d^^j^^ H. G. Zimmerman, Att'y. Commissioner. 6-4 . ^JÇTiLLIAMS KCOÜSE. Albion, Indiiuia, RICHARD WILLIAMS, Proj^'r. entirely n«w-1s 1 bnetîi»4 tu»lsii«d throughout. QS«é pweiai men. . . «rOlèp^. Sla.eri£rs Sale. Y VIRTUE of a certified copy of a decree __to me directed from the Clerk of,the Noble Circuit Court, In a cause wherein Jacob Stillinger IS plaintiff and Agustus Marks and Sophia Marks are defendants, requiring me to make the sum of one hundred and six dollars (.§106.00), and interest thereon from the I5th day of January, 1884, and costs taxed at sixteen dollars and five cents, ($16.(»5). and accruing costs, including costs of this sale, 1 will expose at public sale to the highest bidder, on, Saturday, March, 15th, 1884, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m., of the said day at the door of the court house of Noble county, Indiana, the rents and profits for a term not exceeding seven years, of the following describecl real estate, to-wit: Lot number twen^-two. (22), in the vilhvge of Brimfield. in Noble county, Indiana. If sucli rents and prof\fs will not sell for suillcient to satisfy said decide, interest and costs, I will at the same time and place o,ffer for sale at püblic auction the fee simple of said real estate, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy and discharae said decree. Interest and costs. The sale wlllbe made without relief from valtt-ation or appraisement laws. SAMUEL BRADEN Jr., Sheriff Noble .County. Thomas M. Eells, Plaintiff's Att'y. pi. «7.20 Feb. 21, 1884. »-i ' :LToaa.-Z%;ésiâ.e».t ^otioe. State of Indiana, Noblk County, ss: WiUlam Frank Clapp, vs. John Kenney, Mary Kenney, and KiFey Huntsman, In the Circuit Court of Noble County, in the State of Indiana. No. 818. Complaint for foreclosure. BF IT KNOWN. That on the 4th day of February, 1884. the above named plaintin,by bis attorney, filed In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Cotirt of Noble County, In the State of Indiima, bis complaint ..... defendants, and filed in sfttd Cle> ____________________ Mtent person, Showing that said defendant. John Kea^, is not a resident 61 the 6t»te of Indiana; that said action is nwjb a contât in relatloa to Real Batate in said ^tate» fo-wlt : For the foreclosure«^ aowic that said defendant, John Keii sary pmy thereto; ai^ whereaa] havjngiby endoneriMnt^n snid < Márdi,18M NOW, ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Albion New Era