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Weekly Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives May 13 1882, Page 3

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Weekly Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - May 13, 1882, Reno, Nevada Week a y saturday May 13. 1882. Town of county. From we Naday t daily a Orvul. Brevi ties. Straw hats and Linen suits. The Mcginley troupe is in Sierra county Cal. Walter Thomes returned to Long Val Ley yesterday. Yesterday was Tho first real warm Day of the season lots of big teams on the beco Aad Quincy Road now. A. J. Bunting has made application to be declared insolvent. The Odd fellow of Virginia City now have their building paid for and Are out of debt. Mrs. nibs and Mius Mury leave for Boise City this morning. Beno will miss them or. John Hogan makes an excellent night watchman and the business men should see to it that he is paid enough to induce him to stay on. The Plumas National is told that Meylert Hughes contemplate running their stages through from Quincy to Reno. They take Possession on july 1st. Or. Scott the Railroad Carpenter has been pulling a Frame in order for the Artesian Well machinery at White Plains. They Aro Neiry Cady to commence Boring and Aro prepared to sink feet or More if necessary. Toll of Honor. The following is the Roll of Honor of the state University for the Mouth of april Lille gallon 100 base Gard Ner 90 Josie Cillen 93 Becca Crom Bie 93 Rose Alexander 95 a inti Cullen 9j Bettua Porchor 91 Becca Alexander 93 May Van Drilen 90 Rose Garree Al 90 Charles Hufford 97 Willie Adams 01 Eddie 93 Joe Handerson 93 Geo. Pullman 93 Charles Gardner 90. Principal Stone says there Are Many others that deserve honorable mention but owing to unavoidable circumstances which kept them from school their Standard for the entire month was reduced below 90, which dears them from appearing on the Roll. Latch Iii ont. Our Farmers generally Are satisfied that there will be Little to fear from the Grasshoppers this year. Pat Kelly however reports that a few have Al ready hatched out on his ranch and we learn that some youngsters have shown up at Bryant s. Pete Dalton yesterday slowed up about Hilf an acre of Oggs and did his Best to destroy them by burning Light stuff on the land. Retada s fish hatchery. What fish commissioner in racer is for the state. A Carson Index reporter a Day or two since visited the fish hatching apparatus which is in constant service at the Resi Dence of fish com missioner Parker and was politely shown Over the premises by Captain a. H. Parker who has the More immediate supervision of the details. In a shed which opens to the East Are placed a series of troughs which receive water at one end and Dis. Charge it at the other. The water is kept at a depth of from six to eight inches and the newly hatched Fry find themselves in a situation As perfectly adapted to their wants and Mode of Liv ing As could be provided by nature. In one of the compartments were to be seen hundreds of very Yonng Brook tront. They were playful and Vora Cious. Their food consists of Sony milk or clabber which is forced through a Fine Seive into the water. The Little particles Are greedily seized by the Little Fellows and their antics Are diverting. In another compartment were some Beautiful specimens of Yonng land locked Salmon and their Graceful form and Active movements were interesting. Numbers of these fish have been placed in Tho Truckee Carson Walker and Humboldt Rivers. Those which were placed in the Truckee River several years ago have lived and grown As perfectly As though in their native Waters in Maine. Quite a number were caught recently near Truckee City. Captain Parker showed the reporter about thirty yearling Salmon in the aquarium which he keeps in his parlor. They Are Beau ties and really tame. They would All come together to the Glass on one Side Anil look at heir visitors expecting to to fed. No prettier or More instructive ornamentation could be devised than this aquarium of those game fishes. Cap Fain Parker states that no finer or pure r water for fish Breeding purposes be found than that delivered through the pipes of the Carson water company. Millions of fish can be hatched in the simple apparatus now in use Aad every Stream and Lake in Nevada become thus stocked with the choicest varieties of finny inhabitants. It is Well Worth the while of those so disposed to take a look at the interest ing operations being carried on by our state fish commissioner. A. 0.17. W. Proceedings the Cinadr once at the grand Lodge of ancient order of United workmen met monday at Winnemucca in the Hall of St. James Lodge and was called to order by grand master j. V. Mccurdy at 12 o clock is. Sharp. The Roll was called and the following officers responded to n. Robinson., p. G. M. W. w Wood supreme representative j. V. Mccurdy g. M. W. A. Foreman s. W. Chubbuck overseer w. K. Wagar financier p. J. Dunn guide we. Sutherland watchman. A committee on credentials was appointed after which a recess of five minutes was taken. S. W. Chubbuck from committee on credentials reported the following representatives present Alpha a. Fletcher e. N. Robinson j. Schan Lanker. Gold Thorburn a. G. Cow an h. W. Hand s. W. Chubbuck. Robinson j. C. Har Low M. Conn p. J. Dunne we. Sutherland. Sharp. D. Wagar b. Soliai. C. B. Briefly. St. Burns t. C. Han son. A. Miller. D. Ludwig. Warvin. D. Fox. a. Midot Fijal. S. Kellogg. Park City committees were appointed to attend to details and report tuesday. Iii route. Want a a Tangre. In White 1 Ino and Esmeralda coun ties the question of county seat removal is being agitated. Jii White Pius a majority of the taxpayers Are in Faroe of removing the county seat from Ham Ilton to Cherry Creek and in Esmeralda the fight is Between Aurora and the anti Anro raites the latter crowd being anxious to have it As some Point on the c. C. Road. Indian agent. The Senate on monday confirmed the appointment of John s. Mayhugh As Indian agent for the Western Sho shone Agency Nevada. It is gratify ing to know that a citizen of Nevada has been selected for this position. John How who was arrested in Tuscarora at the Iastan Ca of John daring on a charge of forgery had an Examina Tion before Justice Pinkett and was discharged. In the District court yesterday Mary a. Pine was granted a from John n. Pine. Sep Pohll to be Der Oduca. The Carson tribe me of last e vening contains the following last evening Mary Jenison an eight year old girl living at Ujj inspire City went of the Morgan Mill and was seen at six o clock standing on a platform running out to the River. The party who saw her supposed she was looking for her father s cow and informed her that it had crossed and had gone to. The barn. The child replied that she was not Hunting cows and that was the last seen of her. The River in is rapidly at that spot and the Stipps a Bhiru is that the poor Little thing is d owned. The River has been constantly dragged and everything done to rec Over the body but up to this writing no thing has been 1 Lomah ent Elta. Of this mine Tho i Turnas National says this old and mine is keeping on in the even to nor of its Way and proving a As usual. Ill. Keddie who was there informs us that from Tia Silay s daily journal Brevi ties. Dave Martin is in from smoke Teok. Eggs Are quoted at 25 cents per dozen. Chollar has levied a 75-cent assess Joe Jones will leave Foi Cedarville saturday. Prof. H. S. Perkins of musical con Fame will pass through Reno on this morning s train. A. J. Clark s Little boy was thrown rom a backboard yesterday morning and considerably bruised up. No traces of the Little Jenison girl Ost at Empire have yet been found. Tho belief is Strong that Bhe has been drowned. U. S. District attorney c. S. Varian of Telegraph yesterday afternoon offi Dally notified u. S. Attorney general Brewster of the death of judge Hillyer. Or. John Fitzgerald the popular manager of the Palace is agent for a new kind of pantaloons something like the Good old style of our grandfathers. John has made application for a Patent. Paymaster Laughton of the v. R. Iv., was in town last evening paying off at this end of the line. From him we Learned that the average monthly of the Road Range be tween and the times pertinently remarks that so Many children have been drowned in the Lake ditch thit it would seem that something ought to be done if pos sible to prevent the recurrence of calamities of this kind. It is suggested that to construct Racks at convenient i distances along Ihn ditch would afford some Protection. 2 recently at work every thing looks very prosperous and that Good Ore is being of Encl up in Lerel below the Mohawk Tunnel. a Eureka Tunnel on a level with the Jill near is now in a distance of it will tap the Oie at Muc 1 depth than i 8 bed Reathea comp Aux wil1 Elleu Ante adva of coming of the deep Snow. Comments upon to tire ment of or. D. A. Bender from the Carson Board of trustees tease 8 says Ever since the Ino Orp ration of car son City or. I a. Been chairman of the a c f trustees and has performed the duties of the office in a manner to meet t in Wii Hes of the peo sea rect Tover. Agnes Kennedy died of Scarlet fever yesterday afternoon after a sickness of but a few hours. Tho other two Ken Nedy children were also taken Down night before last and it is a question whether either of them will live. This is a peculiarly distressing Case As or. Kennedy had Jast started for Walker River a few hours before the children were taken sick. We Trust his remain ing children will be spared to him. I Holli of jul Ilure Hillyer. Judge e. W. Hillyer of the United states District. Court for the District of i Nevada died in Carson at 10 a Stock yesterday morning. Judge Hillyer was a native of Granville Ohio and was 51 years old. He leaves a wife and three children and a Unm Berof other relatives in this state. His funeral will take place to Day under the auspices of Cus Ter Post a a. Re of which he was a member. The poetry of travel Raul zeil from the Mississippi to the Atlantic. Parties travelling East from Omaha Atchison and Kansas City will escape the dreary monotonous Ami almost insufferable ennui of Railroad travel by selecting the Chicago Burlington Quincy route. This route runs through the most interesting portion of the great Northwest and shortens the time be tween Omaha and new York and Boston materially besides being free from the intolerable annoyance of a frequent change of invariable on other lines. From san Frano Ifelo the traveler May proceed by Way of the Cental or Southern Pacific As his pleasure or convenience May dictate making connection at 0-Nahii, Kansas City or St. Louis. Tho conveniences on this line Are unrivalled and unsurpassed. Entire trains Are run with Day coaches chair cars and at Quincy a Palace Day coach is attached to the train and runs through via Peoria to Indianapolis with out change. The principle cities touched by this great Iron artery Are Chicago St. Louis Niagara Falls Mil Waukee Detroit. Cleveland Buffalo Indianapolis Louisville Cincinnati Baltimore Philadelphia Washington City new York and Boston. It comprises four different routes two by the Central Pacific via Omaha find Denver and Kansas City and two via Southern Pacific via Atchison and Kansas City. D. Mckay is the general agent in san Francisco having an office at the Occi dental hotel where All details of information regarding fares etc., maps guide books sleeping car accommodations and time tables May be obtained. The Elko soap 19 inc. At a meeting of the California acrid Emy of science last week a Large piece of Mineral from the Elko soap mine was exhibited and it was explained that an analysis of the Mineral proved it to be an essentially aluminium magnesium silicate. An extraordinary property of the soapstone is that it becomes of a gelatinous character upon the addition of water and while it swells by such application no amount of water can dissolve it. Prof. Hilgard has discovered the Mineral in Mississippi and ascribed the Fertility of Tho land to the water absorbing Quality of the soap Stone in turn to be abstracted by the Plant. In the manufacture of soap the Mineral also makes a ready combination with water and unlike talc leaves no precipitate or at least an inconsiderable one of Only 5 per cent. My partner Aldrich Parisoe part Ner company wifi playing Leno on monday eve june 5thi was done in san Francisco night the Call the presentation of Drew a comparative in full House Haverly s California last evening and we May say that the excellence acting by the male Pat of the cast made it a Success at once. Tua Piec vis not Strong in its construction Tat the acting of ther principals is remarkably Good and the utmost advantage is taken of every situation. Louis Aldrich is the soul of the whole business us Joe Sannders the partner of Ned Singleton. His Friendship for Ned is Only exceeded by his love for Mary Brandon till he finds his partner has gained the girl s affections wrongs her and refuses to repair the wrong when misery ensues. The partners separate after Joe has forced Ned to swear that he will make Mary his wife. Ned is murdered by Oslin Scruggs who seems to have no Nrose in life but to foment trouble it by Means of a torn shirt found in deserted mining Shaft by win Lee Parsloe s the murder is red on Scruggs and Joe lives to enjoy in love of Mary whom he had married n order to secure her Good name and before the jury had rendered their ver it in his Case. This is the plot with jag re Brevity. While the Joe Sannders is very dramatic and unreal Aldrich pro less with such Strong method and ves it such a virile tone that the pop Lar heart is caught at once and held in Efi auce of the judgment. One of the est sustained parts in the piece so far s genuine acting is concerned is or. W. Hague s Joslin Scruggs. He a a Ery Lago in the Sis you mining Camp role was admirably played Ned Ingleton Joe Saunders partner or. Walter l. Was neatly Given it does not Rise above being Only a ill for the More positive Large hearted of. Tho comedy element is contrib Ted by or. George Chaplin As major enry Clay Britt candidate for re elec on to the legislature and the finished a in which Chaplin developed the ajor s traits whether in Elestio Neer no or in making love to miss England proved that he can do More Ith comedy than he has done with he was Rich unctuous Satis compound of Florence and Raympnd with the Best qualities of his courting scene with Posie us also his scene with his re enough for his Fame As a comedian a Sloe s chinaman caught the inter St of the audience and secured it ten piously possibly because he made Jhn appear in the impossible phase of joker. If he did t hold the Mirror p to nature he at least made such a ludicrous reflection of the Little Brown an that the audience roared again. Fing Leo was a favorite instantly. Miss Dora Goldthwaite As Mary bran on was colourless in her acting and the Dies of Tho cast Are All weak. There s no special claim made that my Artner is a California play although he action is located in Sisk your. It is be one of Bierstadt s pictures pro Essing to be californian but toned to nit the Eastern Tasto. Nevertheless feel convinced it will please and raw. There were Many re demands and Calls before the curtain. Our Bidwell items. Bidwell correspondent nude Date of the 8th, sends us the following col. Bernard arrived to Day from Camp Mcdermit. Copt. Wagner ant company leave soon for Walla Walla. Bidwell people have begun to build Road to connect Bidwell with Coleman Valley and As the Wori is All in Nevada the projectors intend to ask Waahto county to contribute of the the Road will Cost. Pie and gain the its a licit members of the Bourd an of Relief to him of s Tep 6 respect of the d it is a source own and ont. Oar Cuttle folks.1 this is the title of a neat Little illustrated pamphlet which is published monthly by the Russell publishing co., of Boston. The Book is issued solely for the Little people and contains Many very interesting stories and l0eitjs, besides a Large number of pretty illustrations. Every family should take our Little a Mew crosscut in Alta the Virginia chronicle reports that on the Alta ,2150 level a crosscut was started North near the Benton line yesterday. Crosscut no. 2 has not found the water is Gen. Kittrell leaves to attend the for u. S. Marshal. P. S. Corbett of Virginia City a been nominated by the president for u s. Marshal for Nevada. For Man years or. Corbett was office Deputy o the. Late marshal Gus Ash. He i make a first class marshal. Few patents. Co s scientific Paten anything of value As yet. Very Strong Bontia easily handled the pump working 8 strokes a minute. J ing Bedstead Dewey Agency has official reports of the follow ing u. S. Patents issued april 25, 1882 l. W. Andrews live Oak Cal steam engine governor Wilfred l Brown Mare Island Cal., camera a pachment Jesse , los Angeles oal., car Brake j. H. Barrows Bois City i. T., nut lock Henry Casebolt s. F., underground Cable railway a. A Fisher and a. Hart s. F., sewing Chine attachment c. 1. Hall s. steam boiler Furnace Robert bos Santa Rosa Cal., two wheeled vehicle we. Schrceder s. F., imitation of a i sentry by painting Robert Skinner i f., artificial tiles David w. Smit port Townsend w. T., Safe Charles f Youngberg Salt Lake City u. T., Fol from fonday s daily a Myrna Brevi ties. Baled Hay is up to per ton. All jurors stand excused until May 2d, at 10 o clock or. D. H. Haskoll town site agent was in town yesterday. Judge Hillyer s death was caused by Amor and not softening of the brain. Guns sheppord Are showing no on the Anches of boat. Steele and g. W. J. Wilson. Hon. C. S. Varian and Hon. B. H. Lindsay went Over to judge Hillyer s Neial. The Chollar assessment levied wed essay was 25 cents and not 75 cents s was misprinted. Matt Parrott was out the other Day and killed 32 doves in a Short time. Rauk Perkins is also slaughtering the innocents. C. A. Bragg and Jerry schooling Are iome again. They report the country n a highly prosperous and. Encourage no condition. The meeting of the Eli to guard is postponed until monday evening on account of the entertainment at the Heater to night. Judge poor says that if this kind of weather continues for ten Days the Home Strawberry crop will be the largest and est in the history of the. Town. Or. Jos. Kennedy returned Home last evening. His other children were bet or yesterday. The of Little Agnes will take place to Day at 2 p. M. Master of supplies for he Virginia and Truckee Down from Carson last evening and Wil leave for Chicago on this morning s rain. Strawberries Are now beginning to arrive in considerable quantities. Tin retail at Twenty five cents a Box a which Orice almost every one can afford to indulge in this most luscious am healthful fruit. By Lovell who has been fishing a Verdi for some time past says but very few tront Are being caught on the tracked River this Spring. One Hun dred pounds a Day he considers Wil More than cover the daily catch. Or. B. Sheldon is in from Janes Ville. His family will be Here in a be Days. This place will be their future Home. Or. Sheldon intends to build Nice residence and stable on his bloc in the Western addition. We Welcom him to Beno. Tribute of be Speet. As soon As the District court convened yesterday morning Gen. Kittre made a motion that ont of respect the memory of lamented Judy Hillyer the court adjourn until san Day. After appointing. Messes. Cossi Boardman and Kittrell As a committe to draft and present appropriate me Morial resolutions expressive of the feelings of the bar of Washoe county judge King granted the motion to Ai Joura. Mill. V a 3.ts Sove Rijs of tic he for ii a Job san Teporter visited the Reno the a circular has be he Issac by the tried nil committee3 grand commander a in relation to the i ennian conclave which takes p Kink adv ittle giant Quartz Mill is in operation be is very Simp in sons True on being nothing more1 thar. Two disks ending together in an upright position. Lie Ore is fad in at the Center through a Oppeln the stationary disk and is rushed and ground to to powder by the discharged equally All Ontl the Periphery by centrifugal Roe. No screen is necessary As by be Aid of a set screw and Jam nut on e end of the Shaft the disks can be Epi up to within a hair and no Sand a escape until sufficiently Fine to work rough the opening Between the disks. In disks Are closed in like a Sturtevant loner and no dust can escape in grind g dry nor can water escape if grind g wet. A snout a attached to the Otto in of the cover from which the Ulp is conducted to any part of the ill desired. The Novelty of the machine ies in the Peculiar construction of the hiding Dies. In the Large machine Lere is a concave pints on each disk Dich is 20 inches in diameter made of tilled Iron and bolted on to the Muller. Ring 2 inches thick and s inches on in face is set around the concave plate King the entire crushing and grinding urfa co 36 inches a diameter. The move plate is constructed on the principal of he amalgamating pan having shoes and Dies Bevelled on both Des and adjustable with set screws. He shoes and Dies in passing each her operate like a pair of shears piping off and crushing a Little piece Quartz at each blow until it is All Fine enough to pass to the grinding rings hich have a perfectly smooth surface. Y reversing the motion of the machine e shoes and Dies can to kept Sharp until worn out. The inventor claims or this machine that it will crush and ind More Rock at less Cost of Power us Iron than any other Mill now in it is certainly very simple in con auction and can be built Forone fourth in Cost of the culinary Quartz Mill. Lie wearing parts Are confined wholly Tho grinding plates and disks. All be journals Are outside where no Sand an reach them. It is claimed that the ates will grind 200 tons before Wear g out and can be replaced in ten minutes expense of or 20 cts. Or ton for each ton ground. Three Zes Are being built at the foundry. Be Little ones which Are 8 inches in meter Are run by hand and Are in cled for assayers having a Ca acuity of one Pound per minute. The second size will be 18 inches in Diame a for prospectors use. It can be asked anywhere on a mule s Back and Len set up and with the same mule for Ower crush from 3 to 5 tons of Rock. His size will meet the wants of a Large umber of miners who have Small edges and Small Menns. There Are hundreds of ledges in Nevada that Ould produce from one to ten tons of re per Day and if a Mill could be put p for or the Bullion output of Nevada Ronld soon equal the old Bonanza the trouble now with Pra spec ors and miners is they Are obliged to How up or Worth of re before they can get anybody to help Lem build n Mill and of course they re unable to make such a showing be Ause they have not the Means to de Elop their mines. We believe this Little giant will help them out the second size will not Cost Over at Eno. The Large size 36 inches in diameter will grind from ten to fifteen on per Day with five horse Power and will Cost about a. O. . Officers. The grand Lodge of a. , on i wednesday elected the following grand officers for the ensuing year grand master s. W. Chubbuck of Gold Hill representatives to the supreme Granc Lodge of the United w. Food of Winnemucca e. N. Robinson if Eureka j. V. Courdy of Virginia grand Foreman William Sutherland if Virginia grand overseer j. A. Mcdougald of grand recorder d. Thorburn of Gold Hill Rand 0. Sharp of Curson grand guide e. Disbrow of Park City Utah grand watchman h. Warren o Paradise and grand trustee j. B 3haw, of Dayton. The grand Lodge was entertained at Winnemucca by a banquet wednesday night by St. James Lodge of that place. The grand master Workman mad the following appointments j. W Kinsley grand lecturer and d. G. M w. Districts Kellog for Montana Grant for Utah Schlanger for Eureka county m. Bonnifield for Humboldt d. Fox for Washoe a. A Cowan of Storey and Ormsby j. L. Camp Bell for Lyon j. D. Ludwig for Esmer Alda. M. Conn of Virginia was appointed grand1 medical examiner the committees Are As follows finance b. Shaw p. J. Dunne h. W hand Laws and a. Fletcher c. L. Broy w. Burns appeals and w. Dunn amendments b. Brierly j. S. Hammond. The grand Lodge yesterday voted to meet next year at Eureka on Tho second tuesday in May. Judge Hollyer g funeral. Judge killer s funeral in Carson yesterday was not very largely attended. There were but seventeen carriages in line. Canavan does not propose to be coughed Down. The Post has reliable information that the Bullion product of the Union consolidated mine for the month of n sail Francisco in August 1885. The april amounted to on Pittee consists of the Foll to to William m. tre Edwin lovers Osgood c. A Helari Rollin c. John r. Jock Wool m. Mcdonald Thomas h. Cos veil Henry stake William 0. Gould Bruce b. Of Henry s. Orme Echo ird h. Hod on h. Blossom Reuben h. Loyd and1 Hiram t. Graves. The Cir ular states that the Railroad will one fare for the round trip on All railroads and that visitors can select Leir own route. In order to prevent by overcrowding of the railroads Lay ver tickets Good for three Mouths ill be issued on and after july loth us extending into october. Full Par Cullars Are Given in relation to hotel accommodations and the arrangements in committee will make. The grand Arade will take place on August 20th, and the grand conclave will open the ext Day. On the same evening a grand i Romen Nde concert and Ball will be Iven in Tho mechanics Industrial exposition building free to All templars and their ladies. The competitive prize Rill takes place on August 25th. United Stales marshal Corby it. The Enterprise says at last to ave a United states marshal and shall e Able to go on with government Busi Ess in this stale for in Doubleday Atrick s. Corbett has secured hat position. Or. Corbett has been Deputy United states marshal since 1870, and a roughly understands the duties of in position he is about to fill no Ono ill complain that or. Corbett has been in successful applicant for the office at is one of the oldest residents of the Comstock. He came in 1859 and was i the War with the pintos. He was Ith Captain Storey when he was killed and helped to recover and bring in the Ody of Meredeth Pat has stood by in Comstock from first to last through lick and thin and deserves a much Otter office than he has got lumber boxes. Etc. We Call attention to the new Adver Seine it of the Verdi planing Mill and of factory. Messes. Lonkey Smith re also proprietors of the Nevada and i Fornix lumber co. With their ban or and Prosser Creek saw Mills ban or Box factory and Verdi planing Mill and Box factory they have unusual facilities for supplying the Public with Nill and mining timbers dressed and Ommon lumber flooring ceiling Sid us pickets doors blinds Stish Trau oms shingles boxes of All kinds Elc. Orders Are filled promptly and. At Tho West Market rates. O the owing derm the Comstock Mill last favourable to Albion. Chief Justice Leonard of the supreme ourt wednesday fixed the amount of lie Bond to be furnished by Tho Rich mond mining company to the Albion mining company at this As had a strengthening effect upon the Trice of Albion Stock. It shows that tie chief Lastice thinks the Albion mine to be something More than a Abr Linins Brothers. Let every Man read this look to our interest and pay Abrahams Broth irs a visit while you have time. You an buy More goods for less Money of Brahams Brothers than from almost any other merchants West of the Rocky mountains. Their goods arc of the est Quality and latest styles. This is he accepted time. Every Man who wishes to dress Well should go to Abra iams Brothers. Mine anticipated had a shipment of about will reach this City before to Moll added to the Bull Ion previously received will make thu product As stated above. The understand run slightly three of los in Gold so that the Union consolidated mine is not to hamper j Wilh the heavy discount on Silver As some of its neighbors have been. As suming the monthly product to have been it is seen that the mine turned out slightly Over per try. We do not know the number of tons of Ore which the Mil crushed in april so As hip average yield of the Ore per ton can be calculated but when crushing was begun the pulp assays were re polled at about ?10, and lately they Aie reported to have run As High As if not higher owing to the Jip Kovka Quality of tub Oak in the slopes As extended southward. No such Ore from the Comstock hat been milled since the Days of the consolidated Virginia and California Bonanza. This should set at rest the Oft repented yarn of the bears that the Oie in Union consolidated would not pay to Mill. In the Union office in this City they Are As yet unable to state Tho exact financial condition of the com Pany because the returns Are not All in from the mine Aud Tho Mill but the company will have a very handsome surplus above nil indebtedness in the Treasury when the balance Sheet for april is drawn and As soon As the Fig ures can be obtained the Post will pub Lish them. There is not the least doubt hint this surplus will be steadily in creased owing to the amount of Ore known to have been developed in Vari Ous sections of the mine but How Large the increase will be and whether the Union will be in a position one of these Days to declare dividends depend wholly upon Tho work in pro Gress in Tho mine. So far everything looks favourable but the permanency of the mine has yet to be established by the openings which Aro being made or contemplated on the Levels below the 2500. The Tho menu at the banquet Given by senator fair to the president was As follows menu. Little Keck clams. Mares Brunch. Potage. Puree de pois verts a la Parisienne. Imperial Sherry. Hours d oeuvres. Tomatoes. Anchors. Olives fancies. Kro Meskey a la Russo. Poison. Chateau y Quern. S Oumou a la Regency. Salade de Cou combre Cro Stade de Pomme Doerre Uei Eves. Chateau Margaux. Sello d Agu Cau a la Macedoine. Entrees. Piper Sec. Liz de vean a la Reine i Gouaux a la Seville Mayonnaise de poulets de Grain. Legumes. Asperges in branches a la Vinaigrette. Punch. Souffle a Frouge. Botis. Nomanee. Becca dines Barde Aux cres Sotir. Salade a comr de leu Taes. Entre mets snores. Boudin de Cabinet Glace. Gelee a Viu de Champaigne. Petite fours. Glace Fanise. Strawberries. Boque Foit. Fruits. Cafe. Cigars. Liqueurs. Madero 1840. Foundry work. Fraser at the Reno foundry is Doug considerable work. Just now he is engaged upon the Santa put ing it in order to run. He is also Mak us a Large size Kinkead grinder Capa be of grinding from ten to fifteen tons Jer Day. The foundry has lately turned out various jobs for the Truckee Mill Meu and is making the usual num Jer of castings for the Comstock and Jodie country s. W. Chubbuck we. Sutherland p. J. Dunne or Conn or. Robinson j. R. C. Sharp j. C. Harlow or. W. D. Wagar d. Thorbus members of the a. 0. U. W. Grand Lodge returned from win Mucea on the train last night. They Are profuse in their praises of the kind treatment ther received in Winnemucca. The following circular has been issued from Ibe office of the president Central Pacific Railroad san Fiu Cisco Cal., May 3, 1882. Or. A. N. Wiio is this Day appoint Vej general manager of the Central Pacific Railroad and leased lines with Headquarters at san Francisco. Under the direction of Tho president he will attend generally to the executive business of the company having Tho supervision and direction of All of this departments of the company s service the financial and accounting except cd. His orders will be obeyed and respected accordingly. President Central Pacific Railroad. The statement that sex governor Leland Sta Foid was to from Active duties is an entire mistake Aud its publication is without either foundation or authority. It is understood however that much of Tho executive business heretofore attended to by the president will hereafter fall upon or. Towne the new general coming. The Madison Square theatrical com Pany will soon visit Reno. The com Pany Are playing Hanzle the and several other new and attractive pieces. In the company Are Colldock John Dillon Effie Ell ser mrs. E. L. Davenport and Frank Weston All stars in the profession. Anslmn Telephone line. Frank Bell will commence work to Day on the Asylum Telephone line. Supt. Dawson gives toward the construction of the line and the state Cara the remaining expense of 9250. The office in be no will be at Myers drug store. The line will to of great Benefit to the Asylum. A correspondent of the Chico Enterprise proposes governor George c. Perkins As the next United states Sena Tor from California and says of that gentleman i know that governor Perkins can not Only command Tho entire strength of the Republican party but party lines cannot to closely drawn upon him. Only last week a democratic member of the last legislature told me that under no circumstances could he vote against governor Perkins if he should to placed in nomination for United states senator and he further said he knew of other democratic members As strongly determined As he was. Ifo Republican in this state Cau command so Many Otiis for the position As he could. Be tween him and Farley the contest would not be at All doubtful. Before the peo ple he would be the strongest Man in the state for any position. Hon. C. C. Powning of Reno w Start a paper in Salt Lake City on or about the 1st of next footlight. He will not do anything of the kind. It is stated that Hon. W. Hobart and John h. Mills Are applicants for the office of u. S. Surveyor general. We a not believe there is any Prospect of Gen. Davis being an enthusiastic com Stocker now in Salt Lake City writes that a great number of new buildings Are going up in that place. _ he says More new buildings erected this year than in any other year since the settlement of the place by Whites. The mines Are pc manent and new Mineral deposits Are being constantly discovered. We shall presently clean out polygamy run Utah under Gentile Rule and take their big mormon Temple for a mint in. Which to Coin the precious metals Dag ont of the mountains. Sex Secretary of Iowa has positively declined to be a candidate for Congress spa erf
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