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Weekly Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 31 1895, Page 3

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Weekly Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - August 31, 1895, Reno, NevadaAn Wada state journal i auoost31, 1805 tin his to following while it h Woli to rend und heed it to i1 f nud Varn to hip pc Elf to be on i i Frt nud links up Micir minds to do in lip vory probable or b j a Tho old Imit ii to declaring for to.11 monopoly in thir Nuu Oil i in ii year us they i in Tii is Tii r Mon Tii two old ii in tin past Liou in Fiji v. Ork in Tho cause of 1 i july. 1 ii. . C Jii i tin n Imon in conventions 01 i Jim ii i have und ratified Tho Forin und id i.1 t tie to of it i in i nation i k 1 Lii j j i in . Of will n try. I i ii in if ill talc itty t j the tit in i Jii it lir ill l Illoah 1 which has Taki u i Cirii i err in Flint 11 in. In ii. Iii Linin ii record l in 1 i Yth Uniti in i lit Deli Rutih v mid by 111 ii in i la. In i ii but if to i r he ii full to inv will i ii. K in 1 against their i uht in the of tin in i Ali activity. According to the statement of a Ridge Thurman of Ohio who led the Silver forces against the administration and senator Brice in the recent democratic convention in that state there were 125 Federal office holders in the Conven Tion. The influence of this army of officials backed by the Gold Trust was sufficient to turn the tide against Tho fro coinage men in Ohio As in lows and Kentucky. Daring Cleveland s first term us president he declared against what he firmed pernicious activity on Tho part of Federal officials. Men Era played in the government service Wero prohibited under threats of incurring the presidential displeasure from Active participation in politics. It was justly held that Mun engaged in Tho service of the government should not no elect their duties to engage in at. Primary elections and in con put Norih. If in Ollice Holder consid ered nut thin in abridgement of the rights and privilege of of the citizen he hid the option of resigning Bis of lick and Divot buy us a Ucli time us to pleased to politics. Now these Rygula i tons an permitted to fall into innocuous i Lesmo tude. In his Zeal to serve Tho i Gold Syndicate the president ignores i Tho rules which to established during Glrst term Aud not Only countenances but encourages., pernicious activity on the part of l Cilicia is. In Tho states where the Silver element of Tho democratic party qua supposed to to in Tho Ascendancy the of licit bold Van Wero summoned to Tho Aid of the Gold men and requested to get their their cousins Aud their Hunts arrayed against Tho Silver men. The munitions of War were doubtless Liber history of Nevada. The fical affairs Nevata from 1851 to 1895. Great Seal of state. How the state has voted since being admitted into the Union. Liiri pc i Lily i 110.till. T. In and Vitti the n at their i l a t in in . I 11 Liali Miil in Ilion and Misi ill of Ali we i Fri Widm will t i nov Miou in is Jii. Lint i ii i of Obi i by ii.i1 in it Socrat n run Pii v. Ill i to Ali i it f j Iff to p to a Phil till ill til ill of i ii to v. B for Many ii if till Illi to of ill if to plot i it .1 in of t in i Natii Tii in ii in i mount i t i ii stat a i of i party Lur it pc in of nit firm Lii null Stii Iid ird Uon Iru d Iniba ail i t Corbit Ami t i x Tho Ham ont from o Alifornia nud Oiler an Irali i proposed to in in Tob a. Ali to a Cruz i l i Lui i d by Procla in u i would ii Vail no tin in Tho wiil i tin1 i authority vested him i in to in Vinyl tin Litcht. Trio a her of coir ii Dei Ruil to know i rally d to is. 10 and kill Tho who interfered v. Us Lii in Tho Tho attorn of , in reply holds hut in live us like Luxo of his Lutious Ali Bli Orill inn hid i lit to Tiso flu Lii opinion Linn cil on Trio a chitin to and Oiler us no him the v. Ii All thus in i will be an Ibl ixi1 in violation of tint Law the i. Rill or my Suvo Rii Pei ice Lueit i to it at Liny thy a of nip Peiu Salt notes from Thol Otill " j Homleid in justifiable i. N to suppress a riot in i la i c pointed out by to 1.1 very evident Tho Texas us Tii Iru i to Finis cd to prevent the Light from to Siuw place in Liikal Lii. They seem to mean mid in Trio Htit tilt assured it in hit duty methods no uii Viii Listii. To who la Reauis and i met to kill it in not at All probable that Trio will run the of i Ivins their hides Puni Urcil. The Prin pal i j h t of the tin lit. Is to Letiko Tui a and As tipple Mill not to vory tix Torii to pay or each for thu Privily Kio of to milk Ono of unlawful might by disc prod v i h i til ii it i very certain that cof i to and will not tight in Dallas Tex. Unlawful in every Stute Iho Union and if Tho i s in Oiler Sites will follow Tho example of Tonso of Timis and Lut it be known tint they will photo to kill if to i Pewo Lula Wittl Nssetn-1 will Ceruso to to it will fall into Luce the Uniti Jil states. Ally furnished them and the Silver Mihi Hough numerically stronger Tho people were Defeated in the convention ii and Victory proclaimed for the Trust. Penciu Otid which secures Lii up results in not Oil endive to presi Dent cloves jul. No edicts Are is med from Lii Exon Tivo mansion or any of the departments now against offensive Partina ism. Tho Secretary of state Tho heart tary of Tho Interior and the Secretary of agriculture leave their departments at Washington and go out us orig Tho people to Tell the evils that a cure to 01 Silver when Tho masses could not be much worse of Thuu they Are at present in All the Gold in the world was Iuliu thu Atlantic. 110ks it Ai pct Tiik Somo months ago attorney general i outta in reply to a question by Tho controller decided that the state wan not obliged to pay any part of the salaries of county treasurers auditors or thai District attorney of Ormsby county did not concur in the opinion of the attorney general Aad he appealed to the supreme court. That tribunal without reversing any of its former opinions decided that Tho slate mild continue to pay u specified pro portion of the county of Lect is salaries heretofore. Sow comes the Austin kept ill with tin.1 information that this decision will Ormsby county about and thu other comi ties from to each will Tiu Oreille kindly explain How it Haven Money to Tho counties to have the Prato Puy 11 part of Tho salaries of county Trunt Merri auditors and As fes Boi h there Are Many persons Labouring under Tiu impression that the so Ito Revenue is derived from Tho several counties and that it is in material to Tho taxpayers whether the of Tho officers named Are paid in full direct from Tho county Treasury or Trio Money is paid into tie state Treasury and thou refunded to the several counties. If this impression is erroneous then the reveille is right. All the Revenue of Tho state except the Money paid for Schnol lands and for fees u Wippo cd to be derived from Tho taxpayers Hucl it does not seem to Thorn whether certain county Oill Corn receive a part of their salaries from the state or county funds. The mileage allowed by the govern ment to marshals jurors and witnesses in United states courts is a subject of discussion in the departments at Washington. The United states allows jurors and witnesses five cents per mile ouch Wuy by rail and considerately permits railroads to charge not to sex us ten cents per mile for passengers. U is True the railroads do not charge such rates they Are More than the Truller will Bear but they have the per Mission of Congress to do so. Puli nominated m. A Elln for governor and a Ted i til it Orin demanding the free Counge of Silver. The Utah democrats to 4 t in convention and Ulso de Clare for fro coinage. Both Are right in far they go but As both will support the National tickets Utthi to liar Thoy a Arluro for fro coinage not it if Fri nut that party Success in t the of Silver is the ii into unit with them. Silky of Pennsyl Vania is confident that his Stato nud nov York a Liq would give a majority for free Rolt Mgo if Tho Stion was Viilo n direct . Tho Gold men will Nee however that Tho Silver men no kept divided on party names and that they will not to Given Opportunity to vote direct on Tho financial ques Tion a in frosting article compiled from sources by a e. Crawford i l list to the political history of Neva is published in the journal this morning. It will refresh the memory of old residue to on Many Points and it contains information of interest to new Comers and Young people. Tho figures Given Are Thoy show elections. From Odio Ial sources and the result of the several the Tail Chi Knight is received. It is a handsome four Page paper devoted to Tho restoration of Sizer to the place it occupied prior to 1873. It is edited by senator we. M. Stewart which is a still client guarantee that it editorials will be vigorous and aggressive. The subscription Price is one Dollar a year and it is published at 1420, new York n. W., Washington d. O. A forger sont Euco l. San Francisco August a. J. Bit Conan formerly mayor of Duluth was sentenced to nine years imprison ment this morning for forgery. The first Public meeting in what is now the state of Nevada of which any record Baa been kept waa held i Couoh though at the time the town was called mormon this Inott was held for Tho purpose of Organ izing a squatter government mid Mak ing rules or Laws for the government of Tho settlers and their property. The convention convened on the 12th of november 1851, and agreed upon a petition to Congress for a territorial government. A second convention was held november 19th of the same year and before its adjournment a Loca form of government was adopted. Carson county waa organized by an act passed by the territorial Legisla Ture of Utah in the year 1854, and embraced All of Wasboe Douglas Lyon Ormsby and Storey counties the greater part of Esmeralda cd Urcil und a portion of Humboldt county Nevada at that time being a part of Utah territory. James w. Crane was the first Dele Gato elected to present the claim of the settlers to a territorial government at Washington. Crane having died a j Mauser waa chosen As his successor in 1850 to continue to press Nevada s claims before Congress. A mass meeting of delegates from the several districts was held on june the 14th Clay of july 1859, was fixed As the Day for holding an election for the purpose of selecting delegates to a constitutional convention. The delegates thus elected met at Genoa on the 18th Day of the same month and in a session which lasted for ten Days adopted a declaration of rights and a Constitution. The Constitution was submitted to the people on september 1, 1859, and was adopted. Isaac Roop was elected governor with a legislature Aud Stato or. Roop was the Only Olti Cor who attempted to qualify. The legislature convened at Genoa on de Cember 15, 1859, Aud adjourned with the intention of coming together in july 1860. They never re assembled the first grand jury Impan eled in what is now the Stato of Nevada held its Nession at Genoa in the summer of then being hip United slates District judge who charged the jury is to Ita anti in. The judge Doug since gone but in Tho Early Days of the state i. Helped make history. The territory of Nevada was organized by an act of Congress which wus approved by president Buchanan on March James w. Nye of now Vork was appointed by president Lin Coin this first governor of Tho territory governor arrived in Carson cite on Tho Day of july 1861, and by proclamation on july let declared the territorial organized. It would Tanto h Book to properly say much about governor Nye e Lite in Nevada he wus a Brilliant Onwu n Good Gover nor nud As n United states senator was to credit to the state. In his death there disappeared in Active character from the world s stage. By a census taken in july 1861, by Henry Degroot the population was shown to be Orion Clemens a brother of the famous Mark was appointed tie first Secretary of the territory and John Cradlebaugh was the first Delegate in Congress. Constitutional conventions. In 1862 the territorial legislature passed an act to Frame a Constitution for a state government Aud the act was approved by the governor. The question was submitted to the people and carried and delegates elected to the convention on the 2d Day of november 1863, the constitutional convention waa called to order by Orion Clemens Secretary of the territory. The convention was organized by the election of John w. North As president and William m. Gillespie As Secretary. The convention was in session thirty two Days and adjourned on the Lith Day of december 1863. On january 19, 1864, the Constitution framed by this convention was submitted to the people to be voted upon. At the same time a ticket wag voted for state officers. The Constitution was Defeated by a Large majority Aud the state officers who were elected found no positions to fill. On March 21, 1864, Congress passed an Apt for to admission of Nevada into the Union. Under this act Dele Gates to a convention to Frame a Constitution for the new state Wero elected on the fourth of july 1864, the convention met at cursor City and remained in session Twenty three Days. The following gentlemen composed his convention and framed the present Constitution of the state which waa submitted to the people in september. 1864, and approved by them Churchill e. Murdock a Awyer. Haines a Farmer a. T. A lawyer. I 8. Mason a physician j. Q. Declinton an editor d. Welling ton occupation not stated William with Eric a Miner. A. Banks a mining superintendent e. F. Dunne a lawyer w. H. Jones occupation not stated s. Grossman a Miner Leo. A. Hudson a Mill owner f. H. Ken Nedy a lawyer h. G. Parker a mining superintendent. A. Morse occupation not stated j. H. Warwick a lawyer k. H. Williams occupation not stated. M. Proctor a lawyer f. Tagliabue a Surveyor. Crawford an editor Geo. L. Gibson a merchant j. Neely Johnson a lawyer John h. Kinkead a merchant a. J. Lockwood a Mechanic. A. H. Ball a banker c. M. Brosnan a lawyer s. A. Crapia a Miner j. A. Collins a Miner Chas. E. Delong a lawyer j. Earl a lumber dealer Taos. Fitch a lawyer Lloyd Frizell a lawyer Almon Hovey a Mer chant has. Tozer a mine and milling Man. Belden a lumber dealer h. B. Brady a Mechanic g. N Folsom a Lumberman Geo. A. Nourse a lawyer James s. Sturtevant a Farmer. J. Neely Johnson of Carson was the president of this convention and we m. Gillespie of Storey county the Secretary. It will be observed that there Are Many persons in the above list who have distinguished themselves. Some lire still living while a Largo number have finished life s labor and passed on to eternal rest. Among those who Are still living that dome to mind Are j. W Haines who a residing in Carson Valley leading the Lite of an hones old Fanner com Fitch Tho Silve tongued also Tiu. Sex Congress Man from Nevada who a residing a , where he is practising Law g. N. Folsom who was the Republican candidate for Surveyor Genera at the last election and who is still engaged in the lumber business John h Kinkead who was elected governor in 1878 and served As chief executive o the Stato four years now a resident o Carson City Jas. H. Sturtevant who is now an honest Farmer residing in Cali fornia. Of other members of this con vexation the writer believes nearly Al dead and it will not be Long before there will be Only one left who will Able to say of All Tho comrades had then Noton remains to Toast the have left me in my misery like Somi poor wandering the territorial and state seals. An act of the legislature of 186 provided for a territorial Seal designed As follows mountains with a Stream of water coursing Down their sides and falling on the overshot wheel of a Quartz Mil at the base. A Miner leaning on i pick and upholding a United state Flag with a motto expressing the twi ideas of loyalty to the Union and the wealth to sustain it Volena it potent w. J. Forbes of the ilium bowl Regii Ter said the Seal looked like a Drunken Miner having a hilarious time Outh fourth of july. Several designs were made and Sno fitted for a state Seal none of which proved acceptable. Finally tha legis lature a 1866 passed an providing for a Saul of state for Tho state o it id described in the act As follows the great Seal of the state of the design of which Siml Boas follows to wit in the fore ground two Large mountains at the base of which on the right there Shalbo located a Mill and of the left a Tunnel penetrating Tho Siivon loads of the Mountain with a Minei running out a Carload of Ore and a team loaded Wilh Oro for the Mill. Immediately in the foreground Thero Shal be emblems indicative of the agricultural resources of to state a plow a sheaf and a sickle in the Middle ground a train of Railroad cais passing a Mountain Gorge nos of Telegraph line extending along the line of the rail Road. In the extreme background a Range of Snow Clad mountains with the rising Sun in Tho East thirty six stars to encircle the whole group in an outer Circle the words the great Seal of the state of to been Graven with these words for the motto of the state All for our the first state election. On the 30th Day of october 1864, the state was by proclamation declared to be one of the states of the Union. The first state election was held on the 8th Day of november 1864. Abraham Lin Coln was the Republican candidate for president Aud general George b. Mcclellan was the democratic nominee. The a publican nominees for presidential electors Wei e a. Baldwin Stephen t. Gage and a. S. Feck. The democratic candidates for presidential electors were h. M. Jones j. F. Angell and m. S. Bonnifield. Or. Baldwin received the highest vote and the majority for Lincoln was of the gentlemen who were candidates for presidential electors in his Campaign the writer knows of but he whereabouts of three. Or. Bonni held is now one of the judges of the supreme court Stephen t. Gage is re siding in san Francisco and j. F. Angell is still a resident of Nevada. There were votes cast for governor in this election of which h. Q. Highland san fran Blasdel now residing at Park across the Bay from Cisco who was the Republican Candi Date received and d. E. Buell Democrat or. Blasdel was elected the first the state of Nevada by a majority of j. S. Grossman Republican was chosen lieutenant governor receiving e. Arick the democratic candidate. O. N. Noteware Republican who is at the present time grand Secretary of the masons now living at Carson was elected Secretary of state having votes More than b. B. Ellis Democrat. A. Nighti Gill Republican Defeated j. P. Gallagher Democrat for state controller by a majority of Eben Rhoades Republican had a majority Over Paul Maroney Democrat for state treasurer of c. M. Bros Nan h. O. Beatty Aud j. F. Lewis All republicans were the successful candidates for justices of the supreme court defeating e. Mckinstry w. C. Wallace and j. R. Mcconnell the democratic nominees by majorities ranging from to George a. Nourse Republic tin was elected attorney general Baring a majority of Over w. Ii. Rhoades Democrat. Alfred Helm Republican now old and Grey living at Carson was Tho first clerk of the supreme court defeating Tod Robinson Democrat for the Posi Tion. A. F. Whits be publican had More votes for superintendent of Public instruction than j. Ujj. China Democrat. S. H. Marlette Republican who is still in Tho Laud of the living and engaged in tha lumber business at Tho old stand so to Sperli secured votes More than John oat Rorn Democrat for Surveyor general. The first member of Congrea-3 from Tho state of Nevada to appear a Washington was h. G. Worthington a re publican he having Defeated a. C. Bradford Democrat on november a 1801, by a vote of to James w. Nye Aud William in. Slow Art were Tho first United states Soua tors. Of Nye mention has already been made. Senator Stewart a still in bar Ness making an aggressive fight for Silver assisted by that Able advocate of the White Metal John p. Jonas who will be returned to the United states Senate at Tho next session of Tho legislature if he lives. The second election. An election was held on november Only a member of Congress be ing voted for. In this election d. E. Ashley was the successful candidate. Ashley was the Republican candidate and h. K. Mitchell who is now one of the most prominent citizens of sail Francisco the democratic. Ashley received votes Mitchell and Charles a. Sumner 1 vote. At this election there was not As Largo a vote polled As the year before the total vote cast being showing that not much interest was taken in the result. The election of 1866. The election of 1866 wus held on no vember 8th, and d. R. Ashley again Defeated h. K. Mitchell but by a reduced majority the Republican vote being and the democratic for con Gressman Ashley having 815 majority. A full state ticket was elected hoi. H. G. Blasiol again being Chosoku governor defeating John d. Winters Democrat by votes. All the other Stato officers elected were Republican. The state goes for Orat. At the election held n of Omar 3. 1868, Charles e. Baloug a. L. Page and James w. Elainea were elected presidential ejectors do flaunt we. Seawell k. B. Ellis and we. Wood Burn who is now considered to be the boat criminal lawyer living in thy slate thy democratic to mines. The three successful candidates cast Tho electoral vote of Nevada foi1 general u. H. Grant for president. At this Olec Ion Tom Fitch Republican Defeated William f. Anderson Democrat for member of Congress by a majority of 881. There were two justices of Tbs sup Romu court a state Printer and Surveyor a sural to fill an Torai elected this year and All the successful candidates were Republica Ifil thu first democratic . On Tho 8th of november Vijto torn Fitch wis snowed under for Momber of Congress by Charles w. Kendall the Damoo Ratic candidate for the to ii Tiou. Kendall captured the prize by 330 votes. The democrats did not atop Here. They elected l. K. Bradley candidate by a majority of 613. L. A contained in this article has been of Bradley the democratic tailed from the Able and comp Reuen was again elected governor defeat-1 Sive report of sex Secretary of ing or. J. C. A Uzler who is still Essid o. H. Grey for the year 1894. Ing at Dayton by votes. J. Adams the prasent superintendent of the Carson mint was the democratic j candidate for lieutenant governor j and John Bowman who is still living in Reno his Republican opponent. Adams had 90s votes More than Bow Man. John r. Luttrell now living in California was elected attorney Gen eral Over Moses Tebbs Republican. Kit did not think he was elected at the time und he packed his and went Over to California to take a rest. A few Days after he left a Friend Tele graphed to him stating that he had us majority. The general returned with a smiling face. Jerry schooling waa re elected state treasurer defeating George Tufty Republican by Over j. J. Hill tha present recorder of Humboldt county Defeated c. Powning one of Reno s most editor prising citizens at the present time for Stato Printer by Only 104 votes. All Tho state officers elected Wero republicans. Hayes carries the state. In. T376 Tho state went Republican. Hayes had a majority of Over Tilden for president. Thos. Wren is at present a resident of Europa Defeated col. A. C. Ellis Democrat for Congress by nil votes. Ii. Ii. Eeck received two votes for Congress at this election and it was assorted at the time to voted for himself Aud to. I Hogan gave him Tho other one. Both of those get lems Are still with us. Bad lev for a third lust the All i Stato officer with tie off lieutenant Lio Vornor and superintend ent of Public instruction. John ii. Kinkead Defeated Bradley who was u candidate for governor for Tho third time by majority. Adams was re elected licit tenant governor by votes defeat Iolj Miguel r. M. Daggett was elected Mac defeating w. Ii. F. Deal us ii j . Both gentlemen Ura still d. R. Sessions Defeated Rev. J. I Hammond Republican for superintendent of public1. Instr Utica. They both Are now residents of Sau fran Cisco. A democratic Victory. In 1880 the democrats carried t state for general a s. Hancoc cover general to. A. A fled for presi Dent by 733 majority. This is Tho Only time in the history of the state that it waa carried for a. Democratic candidate for five Dent. The late lamented Ueo. Cts Bidy Defeated Dag Felt for con Gress by votes. C. H. Belknap was elected Justice of the supreme court a position he now occupies defeating w. H. Beatty Tho present chief Justice of Tho California supreme court who was on the Republican ticket by votes orig no k sections. In 1rs2 a Cassidy Dei rated pow aug for Congress and Adams Defeated Strother for governor. All the other Stile officers elected were republicans. In 188i Blaine captured Tho Stato for preside or Huung votes More than Cleveland. Woodburn Defeated Cassidy for Congress and Thos. P. Hawley now United states District judge had a majority Over Stawell for Justice of the supremo court. In 1886 Tho Lle publican ticket was elected and Woodburn returned to Congress. In 1833 h. F. Bartine was elected to Congress. All the other of slicers were in 1890 the republicans elected a full stale ticket and returned Bartine to Congress. Party. In 189 Tho Puoplo of Nevada who had been deceived by Tho political jugglers on the Silver question until d r Bearance to be a virtue elected delegates to a Silver convention assembled in Reno. Men who had h. R. Crew food. Reno August the Accident. Farther particulars of Tho Lii de to death on tue Gelgur Grade the Accident was caused a Brake Block falling out of its place allowing the Beavy stage Wagon to run upon Tho horses suddenly frightening tied Caus ing them to become unmanageable. Mrs. Gen ins was Riding with the Driver and exhibited great a Oahu is but waa finally thrown from the scat striking of her head with be Triblo t Oij. She probably killed i it neck was not broken t first re ported. A Youni Man mimed Wood cock was also on the Driver s was thrown to the ground but escaped injury. The other Passen Gers were named John Haney and Conrad Becker. The former is arc without serious injury and tin i3 said to have been Aad was Duco Licious of what was go us of and was found uninjured in the Over stage. Tweedy the Driver not As seriously Hurt As at first state. He was badly braised Aud his shoulder dislocated but further thua this he serious injury. No Blaair is attached to the Driver of account of the a Ideishi took Tho Custo jury precautions b3l Ore Start ing Down the Grade Aud the of tie Braue Block a not expected. Team Vul for nearly of a mile before the turned a id. Tweedy Kep i. Aud held u i Tiiu tha thu Ceet when he was pitched and Iell Between the wheel horses the stage passing Over him. Help soon arrived from Virginia Aud Tho remains of mrs. Ferrias Vas taken immediately. Tweedy Aud Tho i excepting Bedier returned to Virginia. T. R. Mcmurn tha proprietor of the stage did everything pos sible for the injured Aud to in the removal of the regains of the dead from the scene of Tho Accident to the Home she had left but a few hours be fore to be with her daughter at Reno. The news of her Mother s tragic death was gently broken to hol i comb by her husband yesterday morn. Aug but by Somo mysterious premonition she had surmised that i ome Thimig Hud happened and being u Brave Little woman heard the Story of the Accident and its fatal outcome More calmly than any of her friends had to loved Eho could in her present con a Effort will to made to keep mrs. Perrius remains until her daughter is Strong Enouiti logo to Yir cilia to at tend the of Luerul kicked Liy Siben and Jobu evade Joe Wilson Aud Frank Daltou went to Voser Nito of horseback. Last evening they arrived at Steamboat Springs of their Way Home. Dalton s horse fell with him and kicked him on the head inflicting some severe wounds. The boy is a. Grandson of Henry Xiuhe brought in on the v. In t. Last night and taken to his grandfathers where his Wero dressed. To heat ii. A Man r urn from tie 1 tip l Story Itil Williis. Cleveland of August 30. Beck Peistor fell five Lorie from the top of Tho i gilding to the hide walk to Day Aud was instantly killed. The body of the Fallini .iu John Nickson who milking of sidewalk with Terri Euice to Back Ami Boll is of re iat or. He is also dying. Jec Kunii Uter on gain so with a number of others in placing a 1-Irge on the build . The Accident was caused the clipping of tie Ropps supporting i sinking scaffold. Iroini Zimmt in the old parties attended j governor Over f. A. Trite Republican ith0 j by a majority of Frank Denver Wren who hair been elected to Democrat after n Olson count was i fire 8 la presided. Hou. Shown to have c j votes More Thau Jas. S. Slingerland Republican for lion tenant governor. John Garbor Dato was promoted to Tho supreme court leaving j. S. Slawson lie Public can 225 Votos behind him. L. A. Buckner the present District attorney of Humboldt county did Hia Bast and scored 28 votes More than will Campbell his Republican opponent in. O. Jinnai Lidid general c. C. Own my Aud Hou. Go. S. Nixon were nominated for presidential electors and were pledged to vote for no Tau who was not unequivocally in favor of Tho free coinage of Gold Silver at the ratio of to 1. The organization was named the Silver party Aud at a subsequent convention held at Wiume j two other Sukmi Lewis and who on the Scafi coding with Bucik thir which 1.3-a number of horrified tha Street. Lewis was from Fie scaffold and c ought his hands on a narrow coping under .vindov.s. Lie managed to work i Long until a r i Clad Firo or to Vav an 1 Wum a. C Clung to the rope time and a anally rescued by a Man Wao stepped on the window ledge and by aug him into the room. Waa left on the de. Chas. L. Per Kins Democrat t. A 200 votes the of Harry Mighels Republican for state Printer. The republicans Man aged to elected Hobart state controller Over o. K. Stampley by 187 majority and h. R Whit Bill had 59 votes More ban w. S. Keyes the democratic candidate for state mineralogist an Tolice now abolished both or. Hobart and or. Stampley tile Guiry hotel fire. , August Coroner s Mecca Hou. We. M. Stewart was iu-1 to the United states senator Hon. Schooling went into the state Treasury fraaces g Newlands was nominated ahead of leu wines Republican who forme Berof Congress and judge c. H. for associate Justice of the i jury after six Days investigation of the supremo court. Tho Silver party j Gui Viry hotel disaster has made its re swept the Stato and All its candidates port. It says that from the testimony were elected a majority Over the re j submitted which was conflicting in is publican and democratic impossible to fix the responsibility for Ornus Bee let loses the state. Tho electoral vote of the stale was cast i the disaster on any one person but for general j. B. Weaver the Only that Tho owners Peter Gairy and presidential candidate pledged to free Bobert c. Treiner were blame Able for coinage. Requiring of an Engineer sixteen hours in 1894 Tho Silver party at a Conven out of Twenty four and for employing Tion held at Carson nominated a full an inexperienced Engineer whose habits state ticket and again 8wept the 8tate Wero dissipated and unreliable. 1 electing every candidate. In that year i there were four state tickets in the tue mine _ _ i Republican democratic Eureka August who at the election of 1872kendall, dem j p Het alld 8ilver parties Socrat Defeated c. C. Goodwin now Tho i editor of the Salt Lake Tribune for j Congress Baving majority of 701. Grant carried the stale for president a majority of All the other state officers elected this year with the exception of Congress j 8fioret from the polio be ,.cheme wag Man were republicans. Itrll0miniolis Mare to Faras the it ticket was concerned but it re i legend that the populist party whose i platform was almost identical with that of the Silver party was engineered in the interest of the republicans to elect their candidates for congressman and and though this was kept a Woodburn goes to Congress. In 1874 the republicans it Ted win. Ultch in the election of a Republican Woodburn member of co gees r. and some other officers in 3ol. A. C. Ellis who a now practising. County. Votes to votes which were for a Law at san Francisco Tho democratic much in formation and political data is at Ely in the interest of a an fran Cisco Syndicate has offered for the Cabin Man mine. Among the conditions named Are a Given time to com plete the Purchase Tho erection of a Mill and pumping machinery of a sufficient capacity to Drain the mine. The Vendee will guarantee to have All the machinery in working order in four months and to pay the owners 40 per cent of the Gross yield of the mine for that period and the balance in Cash if they determine to conclude the Pur Chase. Newspaper

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