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Weekly Nevada State Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1877, Page 2

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Weekly Nevada State Journal (Newspaper) - April 7, 1877, Reno, NevadaA i 13 state co official press saturday Al cult. 187 Truk Ami Miscovitz. Mexil o attain. Tho news from Mexico a ouch Nitro of a interesting nature. Tho people if actinic have tired of the Littick for Tho first time in three years Tho option delusions of Tho extern question would tie largest yet Munni Ictor cd. At one Tinio to have Tho report that the Poco a Iii that lie in de mobilizing his or Niox but Ihn next Day a Tol Oginni reports War More than and hut rus Hin a determined to too co Turkey into Only hostilities those Contra Clio tory reports inny to explained in Ono hint Hio parties Olio fur Nish us wit i Iii urn inti la Irinco uru ignorant of Tho movements of both Iii mint mid Turkey Tho Tutti Ftp ninth says 11 in of atm of Trio to induct u cd thru vow Ore to co Oporto with him in coercive policy to Hio Hul Tiiu Mots with devoid of Opp Nilion. Ii do sirt ii that Tho to fret Agri id upon by i confort Nikii ind which Woro rejected by turks in Hlll to again upon the Sultan. Great it retain it in thit pro not Whilo and Germany Rojt l it. The in hot Niu mid Powers Are willing to give Turkey u year s Grace in carrying out Ilio promised reforms in her Kuro Ciui Provini Cecii. But Lii sea Smiith hint those reforms will not to attempted by Trio Sultan hint to must Lio of Brood hint thin t Toreion Intuit to pushed Forward at no curly any while Thusn hta Toish film no being Telegraph Oil across Llie a Lucilio Neil which i v Giro is Sid no Somi Ollio jul i hero i och corroborating Dis Pattio i from constantinople reas Suring us that Kish he a playing double Gino that Idio moans stir Nanny and that her Arnika now stationed on Tho i Rulli and on the Bordors of Tho Luok Hou Are u men ii to to Tho of Turkey. Thin a nil True but Iho Sultan must con form to Trio imposed upon him Hio must demobilize his armies on Tho turkish run tour and Tho Powers that composed Tho constantinople conference in tit also see that Tho protocol or treaty to fully maintained by Bot i Turk and mus Tho Honvo Rulo of Diaz the pretend i and no i to Cut anxious for Tho recall of their old favorite and the Bent i l i Sid it they Over Hud Ludo. Hut to refer to Tho latent town Granhoi Naivs Tho dissensions Between president dim and general a Sot Loment. During Tho ii some of had Chargo of Tho nov or Nannt und nout a thousand in balt Orius into Sierra Pueblo for his followers. Iho return of Tho Rilles and Montlow Romusod. Charges Tho i Roidt it with bad Faith in Tho election of Tho i la Nikont of Tho Hup Romo court. Tho quarrel bus Boon into c tigress whore is rifi1, Friend a Woro diff Iti Diu Iho elect in of a committs o of son tiny on fifty Oats Eon lost d in Tho res Toni lion of the and Iho to turn of pm Iye Iti Lent u Rdo is openly d to in 11 n d and. A against has been Imu Iid in Chi Liu Liim and Olive i o Inui Pri ennui Ivd for Imi d j in sit Cru quo Roleiro lie publicans of Rhode elected their entire tute by Tho people. Tho gov and lieu Conant governor Woro elected by about 500, and Tho a Cinninger of Tho Tuulo Olla Cert by two or times As Large Majori Tho Bubo a Largo Tia Jority in i Lii Santuro. Both branches of Tho the y of tic. Leu iritts Aro beginning to visit Soinila Ovon at this Early Huus ii of Hio year. Parties returning speak it admiration of Trio Senory Tho Sierra being covered with Snow. Ploughs for the Pur Soho t f Reivi Viuf Snow Honvo Boon u it in sons Kiivit non on Tho Summit f Tho mountains a flair Ivory Florin having tourists nil oar Lior visit than by i ii Tho t list in any Furquer year. Id fall ii pfc Tho i Imol Limo no to Iii Rcd grand and Tunno num j Lik Lii Nikii Iti a Long Timo Sii Iee have Hoard from the homier family. But in Havo some Nthiwa now. A Lii Tolu Hock arli . A sensational i Pati i Iii Conn Over Tho win s to Tho eur Oil that mormon Nii Lilia Nio in train in at is Gourgon and hint All Ablo Brodioi men no ordered to Tonko up Arm and pro oct nigh no voting Iron n rest by Tho United Siuth Orillos fur his complicity in Tho Mountain Mauiu re. It i i further rope Rod that in Levi lilo will to Al Lowed to unlfi1 it. Georgo for ski Iii Daj a to coins though inc Reu Ion fur this proceeding is not stated. Piano no i l Doik o to Tho item. Urigh Niu is not. I huh a full us to Olivor res Isuzu o to Tho Federal govern Mont. In Tho yearn Guno by to might have Miido Mich u showing but now to knows it would to lao Jiho is to to arraigned for his coins Limity in the horrible Masiu Oroho will Devouil Hinsel in some other Ninnor than by Force. Pc Oil of the 4th from Alma Crawford Bounty i of Iho latest in Regii d to Iho id Dor family 1 forgo Ken for mid i apply Hup Posod to be Tho original family of bunders of Fanti in Kansas Woro a resold hero to Day by k Naifus Delee who Havo Boen Shadow Iii the Keufer i limply fur ii Ito a Limo Anil Are Uon Eldont thai they Honvo Caj Iturri Iho right Pai Tiu. Trio deut Olivei have Boen for Nomo Limo past work aug an farm inborn s in thin Bounly in Iii try watching Tho Movo intents o Thi Iriqui by upon whom i Hoy t their Imp to Day the Mir Turous Foh Tsmith ark., april o. Kansas cot octives with the supposed Bonder family in charge passed through hero yesterday. Tie family consists of John Buzdor Bonior and Junior Kate bunder Anil mrs. Ben Dor. A detective named Beard who in 187-2 discovered Tho bodies of their victims has Long been working up Tho Case and of acted their arrest without extraordinary trouble. Tho whole party deny their identity but Tho evidence is overwhelming. Thoy were Good citizens but Reaton under no Pinion from Tho time Thoy Canio to Crawford Olio by one afoot but no Vays had plenty of Money to buy arms Oto. Pm inuit htrifct1. . Pa., april 0. Iho Uin Orn at Connol Lovillo Broadford my along Tho Lino of Tho Branch ads in Fay Otlo county Honvo struck or higher Thoy no now letting 25 cents per Wagon and co Viand 33. Toy Aro Ohio opposed to company stores and choir pay a Cash instead of part Storo orders Lor Totoro Thiol Ighut thin Region All Tho goal Uii Vicil is used fur joking. In Tho Yonglin Thony District the miners Are still in but a strike an join aloud. Thorn will to u mooting of minors to Bro Niord this afternoon. Sim nil Wii april to Lorton Thuu Tho brinks Rind creditor of Isaac Frioli Laizik r will ii Tommo onto him enough to help him out of his inti Ineil . Some Wlms of u riot occurred this morning in Rovito. Ikon iiuiim1ks, skm1nauv. A Hla Lemont of Tho Trustena of Mills Seminary for i Oung 1 indies published in pamphlet form after Truing thu Paal history of Tho Horn ii iry rodites Tho facts in a chitin to Tho donation of the Seminary ton it is a plainly not out of place for a paper like Tho Juu Isimal. Which tit nil times nine to Undy Tho welfare and Prosperity of to speak of a Hub oct of so in huh interest to Iho tax payers of our comity us building a Bridge with county fun Iulah to wish to see Tho mutter thoroughly Galop and Ivory wonk or Uncertain Point Well considered and weighed. Lot our examine nearly an possible into Tho Venuso of the Ashen bulk Dis ii iter and ask them hold to Why a Brit go mip pose to to in do after Iho Virv Best in Lorti and in Tho most substantial manner known should Bill duly full and plunge Lind Rob of human beings into eternity in twinkling. This Bridge was supposed to to unto but it this fact was not Dis covered until too into. Lotour com missioners compare Iron Point of Cost durability and safety with those Nadu of Wood or Stone. Our Puoplo need and must have a Good Bridge Over the trek to in place of Tho rattle rap that now spans it Ond for Liis will cheerfully pay but Thoy want u Good reliable Ono. To know our Commissi ivors have Tho welfare of Iho county before hem and to also know that Thoy will give this question of Bridges n very careful examination before they say Iron Wood or Stone shall constitute Tho building not i jul. It Iron is Likely to or suddenly be come weak lot them ascertain the fact and discard it if Wood Ron too rapidly Lobo economical lot Tho fact to Nudo known if Stone is too expensive or just Tho thing let it also to understood thoroughly and win not . Wah Hinton april lain will hot resist Hampton Asho believes Tho decision of Hayes was meant to to favourable to Hampton a thinks the democracy will Bovo control of South Carolina hereafter Tjo has no intention of leaving South Carolina. Kotti it Washington april a Cabi net mooting yesterday Schorn presented charges against governor of Montana. These charges Nuivo Bacou on Iho for Somo time. Otts is accused of accepting bribes. It in Tal an Case Potts Woro not known what notion was but those familiar with Iho Hie belief that of Prius will to m ado removed. Charge a Horio Limo Ngo by Potts against tas 13. Galloway Sec Ary of Iho Tairi tory and yesterday James e. Mills was appointed in his place but after a re examination of Tho Case Mills appointment was withdrawn und Tal Lowny continued in orhoo until further investigation can to had. Ally let no herewith give Tho testimony adduced before Coroner Sweet at . The Plumas National refers to Tho probability of a Railroad North from Reno in Tho following language and from what it says Ono would naturally think something was in Tho considerable Railroad speculations has been indulged in by Tho settlers of Tho Eastern end of this county just at present caused by Tho influx of a Largo number of men who Are locating Timber land. Thoy Havo Boon at work quietly for several weeks and have located Tho boat Tim Ber near Tho head of Sierra and Long valleys Anu Giro now coming some thirty or forty Are now in to Noigh boyhood of Humbug validly above Mohawk it seems to to the opinion that Torrington Bliss of Trio Virginia and Heno Railroad Are at Trio head of the Timber business and intend to extend their Road from Tiofio to Iho Limber As soon As their arrangements ire perfected. We give the rumours for what they Ore Worth. Those Timber men May mean and they May do us Tho Sierra flume and lumber company bus heir lilies perfected and then draw off to wait until Tho tire for forced into mar Ket. There in i ichor More reason to suppose Hiil the present project will develop into something soon for Tho Ronson that Limber is becoming scarce along Iho Lino of Tho Contra Pacific und Tho Ono Mons demand for Wood Miro timbers Anil lumber for Tho co Nistock must by filled from some Tuk Comstock Auburn on thursday in Tho matter of Hie collision it Cascade n. To. Good Rich conductor of Iho is it no Ainold with the Early history of Hie mind million is ii Uro thai Tho mining properly of Uio " dutch company Luis been no cd As ii Mong Tiu richest of that Section. To learn from the Sacramento Llewel that Iho parties who Honvo owned those til Aims Silico ib50 lately old thou to san i Yuu i Soo unit alibis i or Iho snug sum of Tho Carson mint bus Boen supplied with ref nod Bullion from san i Yanc Iseo thus i Louig away with the Kul Hiery attached to it and letting out Nino pm Ponyi is. Of however it Rooe ived n lot of unrefined Bullion and the he to ird of trustees to to hold by them und their forever for Tho Spei Ilia purpose of educating Young Liu Liis Silico Tho establishment of Hio Seminary twelve years ago Over Tolvo indie1 Hui be ii on round us pupils Ono hand rail und forty Havo Riuli Salod. Or. Anil mrs. Mills will continue to control the Tho school Rofo Rod to bus Boon a great Blessing to this coast. But Hono now has a Seminary second to none. And in Tho future Tho two will to i Yukon of together i or whim Ono is to Tho other will be thought of. If anything to Aro inclined to believe hint ours will Lake precedence. Al Navy will Start no Coco preparing it for coining of Carson. Of course this tickles anti Iii of Tho Pope s neat Little orcs is recorded a Young american irl feet High had just received to Pope s Blessing it n reception ind As she Roan from Hor Knees Poplius began to Simio at her height ind undo her Kneel again 10 said i shall Havo to give you r and n the Tho question once for All. Of durability settled Nav Kjono can. Hus unto Rod upon its thirty and upon its fourth Voli Imo. Hold Ounim Lobo prosperous Ilanan Bially and Sali Flod with Tho present prok puts of Tho future. Wus Hoo county has no ways Hori Tofoi ii Boen tributary of Storey Bill the Promise now is that in in Lillo Whilo it will be among Uio child mint 1 in bonding Cotin Titi of Tho stale. We learn thai thirteen Foet of Gigli i Idi of d Havi been non out Mil in of Tho Pyra mid District , und that Tho boys think they have n sure Trio Outcrop is of i Lainily n go Arminty that work and Money will Ucero i Mii Nilli ont Roward. Such in develop Mont will Ini Iki both Tho papers in Cit Olason Joi Wraals. 1 will extend Tho it Flold and Wil Yive to no Suro to Tho a Tael Mun Ngoi Sut least Somo now Italoa upon Ono or two subjects which Thoj do nut fully understand. To wish or both papers Inci was Iii Patrini Igo and to desire to Yuniko a correction in Tho above Tho daily to urinal has entered upon its seventh volume and fourth year. Tho weekly Jou Knai is still older now in its eighth vol ume nud Bovo nth year. Urn clerks in Tho Post Oli Ico at now York who Honvo been in Tho Olaco for Over fifty years. Of changes have Boon Mado in the Cler icel fore for years. Jackson uni Van i Lirou clerks Aro will it Wor Thoro. Trio whole Force number that Uio Preso it Timo nays Austin there a no Gumo running in Audi tin. Tho Liebensohn u great Deal to do wit this but it in partly to Tiu fact that Thoro Are , if professional sports now in Injo hero whisky. It is announced that Tho War upon crooked whisky Man Wil 1 it once to renewed by Secretary Sharu Iau with great vigor. It a with pleasure to Zotico that the now Secretary of the Treasury is determined to renew Tho Noble work instituted by Bristow. Ilio country will sustain him in every movement to May boo lit to make and Hope Crown his efforts that a Vooss will Pinchback who could not get into Tho United states Senate from Louis Iann has Boon appointed a member of Trio Stato Board of education of Louisiana by the Nicholls half of the governorship of that stale and the Lamo Wing of tha state govern moot has also appointed Corbin a negro to Orleans. Be tax collector of new disclosures Aro expected to follow which Tho will Rel eau of Bass be of footed this Mumk. Hit Oon fasion include an of Hia of ouzo from jail a your and bin Lub sequent wander lug n has informed i friends that to will not Inako fur Tho contest Over Tho South Carolina go or Norship hint to will return to co Wumbin and when the troops Ai withdrawn to will retire and Hampton in undisputed Possession. Re Upp Onrod in several papers saying that Able bodied men Scro wanted it is . Some men assembled in in Ivor when hid we Inous was i found to to a hoax. After taking thou Igor for Woik they Despui cd. It is thought to Havo Bizun a a chemo to urn to a run on Iho and Sun l in Misoo Bank. If is covered Tho per Potrato will to punished. This morning Iho Spring Valley co. Lihcit Iho water from 10 Branch prison which is olo Soly Rowlod with 200 prisoners and Tho Oli Ico of Iho lire alarm Teclo 1 Ziph. Tho mayor ordered Hoshor i to Rosboro Tho Conne Lions at onto. On Tho downward boat from Sac last of Ching Adam Mann n Engin tier was shot Rind mortally void Deil by Pat my Bough who was inn Ling n pistol Whilo drunk Niini Iii april Gnu Cronl Maigor Woollen of Iho Lii Liuell Hia and heading , Slizen Lis c of Bronco with the loom Citico ski doors of hint Road has ended Tho no recent on their part to in capt Tho now arrangements pro closed by Tho Railroad company. L he plan of ius Rauco provides that Tho Railroad is to Coti tribute to a life Tiwu Raifflo fund and to i insure no fund for to Bonoit of such of their train hands As comply with the provisions i id pay upon. . New Yorik april times to Morrow will publish from an Antontio source Tho Truo Story of to exp lotion revealing that n diabolical crime was perpetrated Orvillo c. Jewett was admitted to Tho firm of which his father when alive was a member six or seven years ago simply because of the relationship to had been somewhat wild and paid Little Allenton to Tho business which Kooms not to Honvo been to Liin Onslo. Lie had been absent last win Ter in Bermuda yachting and on his return recently expressed a Devi re to withdraw from Tho firm. His partners did not want to Maku any Chang o in Tho business und opposed his retiring but to persisted in his determination and train the skilled that at sum Mit Huntion i ice veil an order not to pass Cascade until ave scr s East bound special freight had arrived Thoro. Before leaving Trio Oli Ico the conductor and both engineers read Tho Ordor aloud to each Oiler on soaring Cascade Tho Irwin slacked up but started old again heard the train passing the switches and supposed Tho freight train was it the lower end of. Llie switch Tho Engineer had control holding by Nir brakes and i was powerless to Slop it i pulled Tho Boll Ropo in Donot know whether the Engineer heard Tho signal. About a Milo from Cascade to collided with Tho freight Al about we wove going at a Speed of to Milot in hour Tho train sleek of up Juntas to met the engines were reversed but Woro thrown from Uio track no ears worn injured but tin car. Tho Engineer is it sober Man one of Tho Best on to Road never knew him to to has run with to Over to yearn. Tho Only reason for not Slop Ping that i can imagine is that Tho Osif Finoch forgot thai r orders. Samuel Webster conductor of Tho freight train testified that it Cisco to received orders to run to Cascade to moot and Tho passenger Point. Tho present locations no be ing with in Eye to Tho chances water privileges to run Tho Lum Ber from tie Mountain sides to the Road Lino by Means of v flumes. Well to know no reason for a growl in Ilio Mattor. Tho Timber is doing no Good and Iho location of Tho will bring them Nin ice Trio head of Tux Ablo properly thereby aiding Tho county if Iho Railroad comes Well and Good. If it does not coins Thoro is no particular harm done and to ran afford to await patiently Tho result a Santa dispatch of Tho 3d says lint the Mill Ono of Tho powder Mills two Miles from Simla continuing about Nino tons of powder blew up at a. M., killing j. Mbrown nud severely wounding a Man named Murray who Luul a miraculous Csc Apo being Only fifty fact from the Mill Lirou wan blown to atoms. Pieces of Tho building Woro blown n Milo from Tho Mill. The Shock was Folt very severely in this City shaking and cracking Brick about wont of Caicado met Tho passenger train when i got to Trio engine i found Warren jammed be tween the tank boiler to was relieved to Naurl what n Tho mat Ter where Aro i answered i of have passed when you ought to Havo stopped and Havo collided with our he replied my god Honvo to passed Cascade.? i did not see it v by did not Burt was completely covered buildings und amount of Glass. Breaking a Large Siciu Trio Solil Hill Good work in being done in both of the Bonanza mines with a View to Bountiful production and Tho 1050-foot level just opened from the 0. And a Shaft is turning out Richer than Many people belie to. A Large amount of Ore is exposed to View at this Point and very Rich Oro at that the 28-foot vein of Rich Oro next to Tho Oast Wall is being breasted out to Tho southward and Tho other of 70 feet in Width further West Ward is also being breasted out. This Oro Wilt overage Ottoo to Tho ton under Tho Stamps nud it is coming out through the c. And c. Shaft at Tho rate of 120 tons per Day. Some of thin Ore is of exuma Ordinary Richness an to. Can personally testify for it Good Piteo taken out by ourself a Day or two Njo Puiul assayed by Ross of Gold Hill gave Tho following Rich result Gold sgi12 a Hilver 81.7w Pur ton. To saw plenty More of Good As hut and per haps better. This yield of Tho Cali fornia mine for March foots up to which assures the dividend of so per Shari and Carriea n handsome i surplus Consoli dated Virginia s yield for March foots up 57 and her april yield will make figures look i Sig Nili Niit. She will Honvo no trouble in paying her promised dividend of g 2 be r Sliu o ncx.1 month. Tho advancement of he c. Mid a Drift it the Lojo foot level toward Tho West Wall will by in aimed shortly. It has from to 100 feet 1. Go Nelld judg ing from Iho level above u Good vein of Rich Ore should be passed through. Owing to repairs to Tho pump sink ing bad to be temporarily fits Pended in Tho c. To c. Shaft but it Wilt proceeded with again at once rink ing for n new level Iho which will to a Point of even greater interest than Tho Prono it lower level. Justice continues her excellent Oro yield nod Good pros noels. Over mini does not discount her promises of n Good , Crown Point in doing Somo deep and effective work no that ii too foot level going after a continuation of that Rich Bonanza Eho onco bad and which fio Many people gratefully remember Ami Lullion and lady Washington Mill prom Kio Good Ore developments. Tho great subterranean flood of water from crossm Nii s mythical Eastern still pervades Iho lower Levels of Iho Savage and Halo nor Cross nud the pumps no slowly gutting Tho Best of Tho very slowly in fact a sort of Piip and Luck . A or the wit is faction of those who ask when Iho next Good clock Market will to to will remark they can look for it a May. Money is plenty and colonel fair says Iho annual period of hard times is about Over. Tin debris of Tho wreck it was three hours before to could in Homo get him out. B Nink Maxwell Giro mini of no. 45, the rear engine was still live and asked for n drink. Our of Ilio boys gave him Nomo whisky. Iio took u sip and immediately died. It took us an hour to get Warren out of Tho wreck and to did shortly after. Was conscious but said nothing further about Tho Vicci Cut. Oliou Wright Hurt s fireman said to know when they Pii ipod Iho switch and that Burt was wide awake my opinion is that Hurt forgot his orders. Other testified substantially Tho sumo and Tho jury returned n verdict in accordance with the facts us above stated. Kin track urn Ali d. Tho Board of commissioners con. Tinned their deliberations away into the night thursday listening to the and finally decided to award Tho contract of building Tho Bridge to cd h. A Helock who represented the King Patent Arch Iron Bridge for which to is to receive of which will to paid upon Iho completion of Trio masonry and Iho remainder on the completion of Tho contract. Trio Bridge is to Yukini Tho eight months ending with the 2sth of february last pounds of fresh beef Worth was exported to England and Scotland from the United states. Twas nil shipped from new York Philadelphia. Of to beef for warded England took pounds and Hull int pounds. There has been a steady increase in Trio Trofio of t last month of the period being 300 per cent in excess of those of Tho first month. A Kay courier from spotted Tail s band arrived at Captain Vornon n Culip territory wednesday night to reports spoiled Tail with crazy horse and warriors camped on Tho in Idle four Cue about 50 Miles North on the route to Tho Agency ready to accept terms of Pence. Sit Ting Bull still holds ont but has but few warriors great Joy. The report causes tin in rein Sentinel says dint their county finances Are in a most healthy nud condition our total indebtedness including outstanding Bonds is 80, As against this we have Cash in Iho trea Inry to the amount of 211, leaving u total net debt of but 57. Coni Eims Hati is b. Appleton of now have in press memoirs of Jefferson which will be published during the present year. It is needless to say that this work will Havo Many read ers in Tho North As Woll As in Tho South. We shall All want to har or Davis own Story of the Groat rebellion of Tho part to took in that eventful str Ngalo of Iho military men who Nidd him in the Field and of Trio legislators who did not Cor Dilly sustain him a Tho Confederate Congress. An inside history of the rebellion has not yet been published and to Aro not sure that or. Davis will attempt it yet it is Woll known that n muss of valuable historical in trial was accumulated by him during the War and to Hope he will draw liberally from it in his Forth coming volume. We want tin entire unabridged history of the conf Der Aro perfectly willing that it to called the Momo Iri of Jef Ferson Tan nights Aro Darker Hun the Aoe of twin in has made n Complete Blunder of nil his property and Chi acts and has Witt in he counsel that to does not intend to resist or oppose any suits that May to brought against him in Tho name of Tho poo pm o. I m caucasian is Tho name of a monthly periodical Tho publication of which has just been commenced at Auburn cnl., by j. A. Richer co. It is to to devoted to Tho interest of Trio order of conc Ininns. Notice is Given that the next mex ican Congress will to asked to Grant n now 1 Iii any franchise through Sonora to Arizona. It is understood to to in Tho interest of mexicans and new yorkers. Nine Long Island fishing vessels with ninety five on Board Havo been so Long unheard of that it is feared Thoy have Boen lost. For Tho first time in several years n term of the Humboldt District court began without a venire for a grand jury havin g Botn issued. Have broken out be tween president Bias of Mexico and general Mendez and the recall of Lordo is openly demanded. The Vallejo cal., Banks refuse to pay interest on further deposits. They have More than Thoy know what to do with. Department has prepared advertise ments inviting proposals for mail service on about ii Hundred routes in All of the country for terms ranging from one to four from Tho list of next september Albi will be so lived until june oth and made by june 20tb Iron of also pm unites Tho removal of the present Structure and Tho erection of u temporary Bridge Whilo Tho Bridge proper is being built. Work will be Lom Moused at in Early Day. Fine i a sent. Al. Longley proprietor of Tho eel direct from final in became so disagree nolo Thoy Oon Odud to his request and Proi Uslina. Hio contract agreed to pay him for his interest. Tho necessary papers Wero to Havo been Aig nod to Day. Young Jarott probably Easiod with Lii nor come into the Oil co armed with a hand grenade and pistol and Dirk Somo angry words passed and to pulled Tho grenade from pocket and threw it on Tho floor. An explosion followed and the Uncle was killed and his own Loga broken and he received three terrible wounds in Iho Abdomen. A then Drew a Pis Tol and attempted to shoot himself through Tho head but his aim was Sineff Betivas to died this evening in Tho Hospital. Donn who was injured by t a explosion is understood not to to Ira dangerous Whuey u in if Cacicio april l he govern ment is inclined to Compromise its judgment on whisky suits against a. 0. Hesing of the pity of Chicago for the largest amount that he can raise and papers to that effect have been sent to District attorney Bangs who has Boon instructed to push Tho suits against Rohm As Well As other mull t Oriti Vicli. re the Obrn cd stallion Boived yesterday East a magnificent thoroughbred dual sitting Bull dog a Lineal Dis cd Nanut of that singularly rare nud wonderful species of Tho Canino family known As Tho Turko Ostan Tho variety from which this dog conies is a Cross Between a Pomero Niau Wolf and in Alpino his color in a dark Cream slightly bordering on yellow. His head is Long his muzzle pointed and he stands two and a half hands High. To is said to to Tho Best educated animal on the Pacific const. But really Al. Has been Tho recipient of a very Flo Spaniel. To correspondent f. F. If Orfes we take most anything to can cat drink or Wear in payment of ascription but we do not know of any Way we could dispose of a first class Coon. To might fight it against a terrier Pup and charge in admission of ten cents to Soe Tho port if to Only had Tho Pup. Co Misino the values of Allex ports of produce and merchandise from Sun Francisco during the months of january february and March to have a grand total of for Iho first Quarter of 1877, Turco in an increase Over a corresponding period in 1870 of Flag Mem Tun reveille nays Iho total Rale of taxation for Lauder county purposes is is 70 on each 8100, which added to Tho 90 cents levied by Tho state makes the grand total of 82 co. This is a reduction of fifteen cents from last year s rate. It is said that Ono of the participants in the recent murder of More it Santa Barbara county has turned states evidence against Bis fellow assassins the Cost of prosecuting Iho Tam Many King thieves will absorb about one third of Tho amount recovered. Cattle from a Svada. Raises a Good Many cattle for the Sale of which her Stock own ers have been compelled to seek their markets at Remote distances Tok Ultan Kiin. The Chicago of Tho 21th lilt. Has n Long Arsiclo having statistics of Tho patrons of husbandry or grangers As they no generally styled for Tho United Stales Tho figures Giro Given to the Public without Trio con sent of tin National or angst und Trio times says he in nagors will vainly so of in their of Llanil reports for them. This implies that Thoy Scro obtained Mirn Ali Sously and Aro therefore to to looked upon with bus Pinion. We Are told that Tho re copts of Tho National Grange for 1875 Scro and in 000 Tiu membership of Tho Granges was in Hio former and in Tho Vittor year and Tho Iii Imbi in decreased from to in to intervening year. In California Trio to Scro oranges wit i u.22h members is 1875, Anil with members in 1.870. Tho Grange organs in this Stato Hud published statistics indicating a decrease but it was much less than hint Indi Cating i decrease but it was much less than that Indian cd by Tho Fig ures of Tho times. In Granges Woro organized in 187-1, in 1875, and in 885. The average number of Mem Bers in ouch Orange in the Union is und in California 58 of whom ice Han one third no women and minors. It seems hint Ono third of Hie Granges no delinquent in their Lues to Hie National Grange Anil Tho incr Echo reported by Tho times May Bis not to withdrawal from the order but mainly to exclusion from recognition by Tho grand such Cury. Though Trio order Lias been in existence under a National organization for less than Flo years it has already become one of Tho and most influential secret in Lyon county the rate of Taxa Tion at fixed by tha county commit Sion Eru is 83 45 on each 9100 Worth societies in the country. Accepting to number of members in califor Nia As correctly stated by to Chi Caffo times it there Scro Moro grangers than free masons and Hoo fourths in Many grangers As Odd follows in California in 1b75 and it was a High Success to so suddenly risen to such relative great Ness in so Brief a Falta. Cam Fotinia yield of Trio California for to fiscal month of March was All in last evening amounts to 80. It is Well known that Trio Stamps of Tho crushing California Ore a Croall Hung up for a Long Timo at Tho beginning of Tho month and hint the slopes to Maii cd untouched. Tho first bul lion was received at Tho assay office of Tho company March 12. Tho first of Tho clean up reached Thoro on Iho 28th and none came in later than Iho 30th, so that the amount Given above is really when averaged up the to suit of Lens than a to lire weeks ran. The slopes on Iho i co foot level Aro now yielding 300 tons per Day which amount will to gradually increased As Trio Bre Asting out continues and More room is 8d, using their Railroad As transportation medium of this has been found expensive. Besides the cattle when huddled Togel Hei in Cloae com be come fevered and often lose from forty to fifty pounds each in weight. Taking a hint from Tho Success at tending Tho shipment of prepared meats from Points on Tho Atlantic slope to Europe and the profits at tending the venture the cattle men of the Silver Stato have formed a comp and which will hereafter Slaugh Ter at to o Point of shipment for ban Francisco and effect a saving of one third in freight besides ref a butter slope to a. It. I getting Tuler their Petrous a new yen ing ton co. Havo inaugurated it plan for running Wood across fake. Daring Tho past Winter tiny Havo caused to be constructed immense shows capable of carrying 80 Oor Sof Wood each. One of these was launched yesterday. The Scowe will be loaded at Gardner s wharf and towed across the Lake by team Tribune. Old Tell it great Many strange stories. One tells of it Are in Persia that had Veu kept steadily burning by tha fire Wor Abiera for Over years with my being allowed to of out Dariff to . News Laferr
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