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Waupun Times Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1860, Page 4

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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1860, Waupun, WisconsinTimes. Job or i h Ting Ami Art Touri . . I 1 to tin liitllli.p-. S.I.i m. No Protection to the Northwest. Tic Fiji win no i Ohio extract from it pamphlet published us Del ruin during Tho present month of or. K. 5. And on title it Why Tho Northwest Hon he protective j i Rifle 1. N prolix Tarila of i in thu United Snitch of i a Ropo. Z. A protective tin ill will Siivo Profita ble Cir i plus Ine it to Wom Uii children a 1 envy the pro tic of Tho Community. 3. If Elioso c Jim to of oui in it Winold Lessen crime Lind juju Wity i Cru Iso , it in i infuse come it and Lippi in in of Fiu Vilics p Imir and 4. No citing by truly Prosper Ous ii in dual Ilia in left they combined with and Cuil Inion thu employing their population to . It. And run Batatu Aro Moro Val ii countries Thau in go Rii a purely Trio Cut Iris population of n con try re curl to agriculture they produce they can soil thus reducing Tho Price of their products Belomy their real value. 7. Tiu Width thu world always toward S.I. tos and Jun Trie s. Tim wealth of Frinc i and is e a Stales. Tho Nuil i was Torii states Art pool1 in none. Ali in c Iurii i Aro All Rich. 8. Auric in u in Bucino , and in i Publ to the him ii no liar in it e flu id Franco and k Upland now own or have on nearly All of Tim ipod in Tiu of Ali in a. Of every Katly ax1 promptly executed tub Job Job boots shoes h As removed Hli Nhi p from wait i Tho Lii to 1 l by i Rof. Lriiiu-1 i Ooi itly it Hir Hur no . I m Climo Mari May rely upon in Vlaj ii or Wirk Woll mul Neil Mich Lime inc Iima new ones will their on Loni Inui a with in ii ugh it. Go lib it Tylavs Neil paler it for 31 in hives hives Cutler s ventilated Bee hive Krc Alwil lilo Lihi Imil m 111 Tho hint foul Itil co. Muir mul him been i by Cuil Ilion it a Elgon Ilia inst Oft Liu it line Clit Liro Likht Lii l my tin Pii Ballf. At any oni with the Imp Ltd of flow lice will Liml thin Lilvin in Woll iils in n to in will . Null Olti i to .Il a or Tribl kiss Lii a they Are for mile lit Low Pulci apm my Jean. . Buy Yorik Kai Timith ac., or Willis s Perry to Twain hotel on main strut t. To k. M. Rai Okpok m. Of l Mac Luisiii us i ii try. I in tin cd Tom wiil thin lev tint lie ii n Movil Froni m Ami in tilt in in Tiu Villno of Wii pain Lii l i to Lime in he u ii Flint. 1 us vim i in to inert n Roll Lull Ila of any Nii Lii a Niu a full him to Chillon Tho a i Lii it. Cuilli . Ii Kiili tin i ii l pow Ihlo . 1 will ill dipl Tiit Loiis Ion tin. To i the by Rici in infill ii null fill m in Ali l on to i i any Otili a i Nti to in i., Lii Itti Rah .Il m. J. I. M. W. It. Coi m. W. M. l crumwell Eliho. Wii Iliin Siun l cd . pm. Of n. 0. C. In a p. I i in. In tilt i , wit i Lyhl Limnio i Lii Nisith. Wis . La Teton. I la Musulli wis. Ii. Or Roll Fullil 111 i h1. Or. W. Junior Starkweather Elmore in Hole Sale and retail Dunlea in Bear Dware and cutlery S.I.Lettl Lilg by to Betuu about each oud Overy Oik will 33 1bl such is we have , Lud. A -32" 2 of a Millican Al and German at the 01 Tiik main Strart d k u s Medicine s y in 8 it my c. A will 3 in a Bennix. A t r of an lilo it. For nyc i Iunilei-i7.fi for feel a Tott a. J i our to to have tin coffees too sugars in Tho lini1 of r a inv who Lisaki it an of oct Lor Dware of Wool i thu in Nevi a i of Lorth v Wintries in 1 Scales Nii l Lwi Ivert so i.iiij5 us they build in i Mim ii i Kurppe hint keep in of i Xii i Tillo. Wily Iovu Tiit re boons Many Nom in ill Uhi Hircio in Ihu to lire Tho Anuj Ciui Rico jilt have been Ivor of a of Tiiu to Ilo la Nair a i it Clivi Tault will Ihu to our own to l i t Tho in Kurt i. Heil .Il i u to ainu icon Uii Veliu . Aii l India or a to i lit work Hiu i kit our own poor than to ii. 1, who inv i free bet r who Luves . Intel i in tit than ii re ily Struly i pro i _. Ii r i.n-1 Siul i Aioli Nii l i my tile j i t n i Simiry. Tho Tine Ivel i ii he High but Ami Nie Niest . Lvi by voter sin Kiili Ive i Tuni Nihil every vote shout in jul 1 to Liliu Gnoj of the country. When the i Lubotina fun secs pros , .Il o in Ileri its Are ii Hoo. If ilm in i inti Airor the poor no Way Mill it a want it work. It to Yeiji Rich to Emiil is Infra men and fisc i in a in jul Lii if to his stub Lisle Ilont. Livi in Mich gives pm Ami promptly Rol Arneil current rates of passage tickets from great Britain on Luad. 1 15. , Gus Lizur. For 3ta.Tim.1c3eis tub of tub Odcie county Mutual it s a kakmklls1 i a n g o o m. P a n Roco Vijil a till for Ali monthly. To Collier with .1 assortment of Wall and curtain Ever of Rcd by any other firm in the country their Stock embraces a comi of horticultural Imp All of tie Best together with a Stock of Fri Lila and Wagon Muker tools. Those in want of House trimmings and builders liar Are invite., to my examine their Slock. Bi.-.mmis will Fiul them is wit Iron of All kinds Glorso shoes horse nails no Saml i Ashers Groin us Wagon boxes and a Largo assortment of Blacksmith s tools am ii which Liiv be found Bellows anvils vices pledges hummers stocks and bios 0 _ files kippers Thov will keep cons inn try on hand a Stock of 1uxxt Kors Tulai S.I. that Pui to their business. Choice selections of English and american a sad pocket Cutler f if you next i k the process of a Lut Ali l make t kill that .Il .-.m-ii.i. I Lii . Jiva. It then i dts Taku soda crags a. Haxds03ik Manz Scomer of ill a Stock of now Mill o e 11 s c Silver i Alcil Cor Ian Silver and Albattah Ware of All kinds together with a Large variety of Cistern and cumin pumps with Well wheels Yorihiro of am in every tiling hat pertains to the hard wine business making one of the most extensive .Il Cabin the country the Stock was selected with the greatest care and will be sold As Low As any id tie i est. Farmers mechanics builders in n Pis of fe5 i a vesting gent s furnishing goods err thing Eli ii Bolo rising to ten in lir Nnoli of Trade. Tho people no inv Ltd to cull .Il too Jeanil 1 Rani Wheeli Ira t Pablo f to. T. T sad Biery uvary of i Aii l Lii u Insom t Clos Winch Knif Haj in tip top t v Ion of the of Jety of bridles. Ami Hartoin , Ami of Wlinich will b. Ivc in a attn Tina to our fresh of now is Theo Jivu Grill Ali in Thoy i t Lulik in to promptly ii Elia Luwi Iril Cluin Irti i S.I. i 11-Coinlncli. In u Neil imy in Zircon in will and 9iiai.i. Us jiaista1nkii. It in i my Leith Billy u a nit Fri i a party i Lwi Elhiu i unit Ivlev Uii Init Ull i in Only Lonco Neil Ihu i Ifni in of our Sruti Ivilou ii inn i in on both unit l . Off10kus of tub come Axy. W. Illy Fri ii Munt. , vice . Irs to von and will not be undersold by any i town. All Only re will i Rii ivc. . I Hys Mcluin Tuncil Wilh euro. Unni Miber Tho on san in sign of thu d rigid 13bkl 1 for Solo at i. s. I. , kill i ill Klyur. Cio j . . John wire i Rini Iurco. K. l Akht. And All others Are respectfully invited to cell and examine floods jul i Ricks which will be fully item and cannot fail to . W a exhibited and cannot fail to . Open on at our the Stock . To of Hie k a in this department our Stock is not surpassed in Wisconsin Cooj Virg paui.oi1 and Box Tovis of every style and pattern that cannot fail to please the and Supply the wants of All. If you want a stove remember the place to get it is at Starkweather Kilmore s. Pinkst Quality of sugars at 1. Of Csc 7. Of n n. In. In Hliwa no. T. 1 lit h tip a vory lie1- a Tor will b1. Soli Cali tinn. Tin Silun of lot t amt .Il m Len Jeri i to Lio i no in cd it of us Kull Ruid. For Murthi r per Ali Iilm-., to tub Tim us 01-Tlck. I Tiu i in a or i o Luril in .1 Ilo in which you ire not in. 1 Iovu no ollici1. .Il Irti Cui. 1 w tit Tho poo to of Michil an to .iki1 their own Colton Jim Woolen c l Law. Ami their Iron. I Waul to buy flu and .Il i Coin Nodi Lic a from Krupi. I want thin to keep their in Amic pm so Tunit we to Ari ii. Al Licu Rilliar. Let of Hyk Toh air 5. Iii in in Lui l i in vol ii of Wii pain. In till a .n. Liu i High i i m Ihn i of Ronilio i of ii l Villuc tin i or will a Pitnu in let of Tho of Tivix to Lii Lor i lilo thu .v.h-. In of Iff ii tin. on Mii Spuhl on or the tiny Otoi of -. La i tin mime will Manvi of. To Ilii to a Wail Twig rttiiluti1 in Eili Licu a pro Vallil in to f it Felt Crnin s .1ninl4. Halo . I tilt t Amis Hll. I j7c lot m. I Lii lot 11. Hour. Oti. Link 11. I7c Lom Neil a Lilly in. Ion ii. I. Is 1 i Mill l i. lot i Elk 7. G o discovered at Waupun i especially for persons in want of Iron fall of bows and yokes rings and Staples steel Springs cultivator Teeth a Little cheaper our neighbor wheel Heads wooden and Iron Bench screws lilo chisels bi1ekt and vol Tell wa1.k, of our Osmi Mann Actium not surpassed by any this a Ido of Sunrise tin shop is up stairs where we manufacture. Every thiner in she tin and where we him ready to make tin gutters conductors eave troughs and put pm up. To All who to make our we or Hall to to e you to Trade with you to give you full equivalents for your Money and when you Haven t the Cash or old Iron Copper Pewter Kays r such like we won t refuse to wait on you a reasonable time doing As we would be done b orders so ill receive prompt attention. . Juiyin Sulli. 1ss8. Ii 2goo v for Sale c. Monifi Conri a Wils to Lorone done on Short notice i t t.-, i in -.-.pun, oot. I life fills a Hafk 3. A p.-Ri-11 .1 . I 1 Van it -.1 i a. news to travellers going East _ i re. It in m .12 it i. W it new a Limu ill u la Purl Ihm i v n i h 1 i special notice to passengers and All Points East Suwol South. Lor it. R. _ i sirt Vear we of Coin i . Iii ill in Livili i Roni t. To Kirn of to pay f. R Kii Micun Lubovi. J it. Tint to pay ilium i a it. Ii jail year. Iii Lund hat poor one. Of surplus May sell this but flu a i Ulrop his Wiir i Anvi. foreign it is rely on the of for u i Mikul. To want our mini i t our Hori and to shall lava a at our own this is Fri a . Baby ors. , think 1 n r i1. Nus in think Yon. A air own reason will Tunc i who thu a ii ice Are True. Trio a Cal Anier iivin.1 do their own and become Rich ii lip Nodi . Or shall Thoy hire a Urpo to do it is i Wilc poverty and Ber and la ii May loss their crops Tuit their no 1 it ii tires Supply with ii Ioney to buy fond Iroku other countries who if loss ours Gei proc Antimi and Conj ii. 1 a very Man and Cix May by will Ivel v.-.1 clothed will lion soil an 1 Woll if to could secure rul.t.-. Lor Tho next Twenty live . All to want is such Laws As will truly promote Iho Boot interests of Trio Preat of Iho free Lien of Paiik Rickii. Ii Porfil of tie pro ducts of yer in it Foo. We paid Llu Tutti t in , , pork boo Tim Ber lumber Cotton Rice and tobacco they would Lake and it As we had not of whom to pay our Bills we added of Coin to pay the Balanco this keeps us r. If you Aro Nalis fied with this one i esd and , Blick to the t Roo Trulo Ilei Norney for they join with slavery to a Oahu go. But if a in Procfor a bal or state of Trudo Atul pro Tor Prospo Ity let your Voto count Ono in american India sly. Do not Boik coined by any false professions for the democrats to Congress have been Hostil a to american Labur until Tho by is empty to in debt Nuil the people poor to who reels and Tho most in to journey of life Tukos Tho Kiwi ghost Cut to s t o. V e s and n o person in the Counley is Morl S.I. Lori in of t w of Nulo Hlili h 111 a unit in of Tiu lie Init greatly Rcd cd the Price Lext ill is train i in Lii Mostiko jul i Lilly a. Via Omeago railway l i cent Ilu Rill t .51ii1iim with train berlin., upon of ii ill to fio ii to clip ago or in with Kivini unit to Polilli. Its Dili in w mul i invt i ont i1 oink k. Unit it Luigi i in Ull Lial . Avoid Tiu Quanci and a Dikov i Volt a . La i of ii i Lio two rot .r.r. Iiou1w in oui Uio Lii in com Rollin of mul . A in i .Il a in ii i. In Jii Terlion Lor tilt1 of Ihu i .Il Ilii. Illel Llull till Okom Lull Iio Mota t t . Tickets cup Ivo of ii. Hol Luh As it. Ariit. Tipon Ana of . Carhart. Ii Ihu. Is j Liioi Kiili Comfort Neil Pac ump Ori Turtil Pinr in 11 Minc my Cui cauda r. Umhay. 1. Of klan k , Tomt Ute m i ill want of any of t Call 1sefqrk purchasing vix Ngau to. 1, the Best in the Jakwin s. Linie Lime we Siivo St Arteil a link k1io Tullio i ill Stox -.v. to i top n no Fri Vii Hai .Il will. Or will null no Oak Fik let Viil. Up s c. 11iio, latin diag worm in twin Public hint to liar to Lilly to sup t i 2 is s id e 91 o r a d u Jou just reeeivei.1 it n. W. Wells. E Bost to cow at o a 0 Oximes of kinds at a Witt Soj and cloves it Hewitt s. Buy your syrups and at Kwitt s. Pava Aud Rio Coffee at ii twin s. Mich Iris ill i for i to t of dwell legs it i Oitto or Koil will to Lill ill uni Ai ii. I. Any Tylo cure for hydrophobia. Infallible remedy Iklin Lanzl Tho inn in a i. R kck1pt for n cd i for that must not Lillous. Hydrophobia Ami Waltl Fiir Nisi 111" ration direct ions for r of it Tript on Eppli Cantlon Fiir a Noin Hini i ii be ruin its Valno. It a i been fully 1-Otb Neil Anim Ivan and Hui Xiv Kun even wet i not until unit to in its .Il cts. Lor receipt or David it i Uipi March 13, Viii us v9f, la Ucik quantities of Jbv Ebli groceries arc re ouch week it Hewitt s. Veky article of family groceries May be obtain .Il at Hewitt s. E no Guiou ask for Trust Al a Kwitt i m. J. Alti Iol use s factory is tin Wierk you get yells drilled Good pumps to unix Tiik. Tiik Sun Scriber worm respectfully in non the of Uli Wisconsin Flint Uliey in .Il of Send .Il in oust to to Weir 1 units or Uliey can fms i Lenty of them at his p f 3-1 c t o r a in Waupun Jonin Sloe a a Feu toils East of the Boston Louse where he in aim Setures keeps on .1 both Force and suction pumps in Liveli Are Warran Teil Superior to any Onule and a Liili will work equally Well in deep or shallow veils. His Rumps Aro Onule of 1 Ino and hard Maple and Are Barri Intel to do is Good service is any now in use. He keeps of hand Iron and pumps i or Cist Vii and Wells hut will warrant Only Tinioso of . Me Luis Ano a Largo of a Jouit Bot i hire Yuul Wlinich to yell cheap and two rate horse Power drilling machines he s in a canines i it limes to Wells i or those who wish them on Short notice. T am prepared to Stone and Drill n ux-11. Furnish Lead pipe put in n pump and furnish a Man to pump the water if de sired and i will conic one and All from Easl and West and buy a pump that is called the from North and South come one and All if you want a pump give to n Call. My pumps Are made and warranted Good out of Pink . Ird Ina Plo keep them made and ready to sell b Ora deep or shallow Well. Some i paint Blue and others Green so High color is Nice As May be seen. They can be put in and taken out with ease and in the Winter they will riot freeze. But if Iron or Chain pumps you wish to buy l keep them ready for you to try no pumps will. 1 warrant Good but the ones i make of Wood. And i further would say to one and All keep Lead pipe both Large and Small and As Good As can be found and sell As cheap As any around. And now i would say to you who Wells have none that i am prepared to get. You one and when Tho Well is done and plenty of water in it you can then have a pump to threw near Rel a minute. New i Havo said i do not Tell because my pumps i cannot sell but that through this paper you May know if you want a Good pump where to go. Now if in Waupun you should happen to Stop please take a walk into my shop and then you will be Apt to know that what i Lave Saul is truly so. 11 u. J. Althouse. That Short cheap direct route of Colu. La Job to s ii full isl St 3 33 it. At Ion. The fury Ron Pim , Fin Iurii in con . Tin1 it tilt1 of Pivot. I Dmit a Annuik a of the of Kutik it of i Lii i a in in it to inn Neil m. For a i p o t x t p k a s to Lilly. Sin is Detroit at at 5 so. Ivy Lilin Uva it Luimit Liti. P. In. Fri ipe ill. .1. In. Yorko p. In. Rust . 00. Iii. i hot l c i us i of 4 p. In , 111 13 i. M 1 -5 p. y Tulili 1 list Inck Sindr 1t.i Vav 1 Kio i Alti Osk do hit Ruitu. All i in i Iro Alln let Nigut Lii no. I via Nirri Ioir .Il Walkki . I Taro Rajil t1ckkts for i t Trio i Jint if .Il. I fur. It. Co. At -j3 i i. Mid us to ii ii Kiivit co s . I Cion l Vij . Ii. .Il. Khz. Thus. City to . M .Il in in qom Thiec. H t. s in cum a Liim i-.-. I in air o 11kst mall cisal to .1.11. By Luv let. .Il i ii n. .1, _ i jail Ivy i.ci1. U or Liu i Inni a it i4 . Can in i nine non i g i m Uli Lul Neil . I Rinik Lauri i i. All lilo Lite Ali i fit r i j., Uli Loi Lii or Cuil print of f Purina tiny univ wiil Loloi Viii Neil Bot i Tuivai in k Ali i cout in in will la it h Fri i., Rilton Kop v. Illi . H truly v of l or voting or .Il Lor All Lair ii Linn Ohio Nuvi i s . It c Lii tulips mute in Uii it ice in in i . of All t it h u to to to Tut in ii-.-. . With i of tin of in i. In no Inoh .i u .Il i .Il. Inv. in to in Tif Lull nut to in to i in mini n a mar tin Liopo a i l Ivy .il. I i a porn in s Rcv Ontic titling on v Ai Iuli in tin Liat a i. Will . It . 1 i ilk a Toiv to in Irti t it tin 1 no of lilt Liliuo had r.-11-Oi, in thankful fur his it n it in Nilu i in Liisu ii Nii Cuoq toll by mail to m. V or. In Motr. Tho lie lit i f tic uni. Whih i. Us Ito .in-1 term Ivy nov. To in vol Lufi. The Aklil on i ii i a i ii Caine Tho , it it .fi.im.iiioii of a i Inch a hint , i in. I-tc., Etc. I Row Rel him ii. a to r contain u to a-1 or. t a sip icily 1 0" Lvov Cincinnati. Ohio. Ollivi1ij7 S.I.Nimri. A of tin. . S but in p. Paink tin i time lick Kiuru 2 icum Cus a Kyj. Eye Best too leu Linoi dint i lion Gin up the Eye d of Goa ii to kindly Forney this Spring Nix time Thoi Cozin is i git the 1jox to cd i must too Trio Brush Ami Tor. As i ill ave i life kit y two snit thlire i Hov Plait S.I.Upp the Stilih in first Reight St Liilo to Kun snorers. L m i a . T in i in. All it . or Rixin time . Fin Mili-i.itn-. U to in t . I. Lir Tukli tin Lii Cir Ishik 1, n in hint. L.t. Silt. W.I . kl.iin-. You .Il. Ali i it is Uii Tiivel. Of vsc3 i 11 is Pai i in in p a i. Rich , Uati is. J Liln Uii Loi on in e Tilv. Fullin. For Loimil tl.i-. S.i.-Lii- Milf. M tartar. Will oni Piny i no p t a Lor All try for Wator f m Akk vol. It own soa1 with 1 it. T. a i in Vonckx Shatki Potash. in Tho-.tiviiullior.ii.Il-, Lime pot put up i ills Uit 1 r my .-.i.u ii o in h -u.i. I i .1.1 a _ ii. T. Lia Lylin Tuxie Foj air and Trout Hewitt s. Nood butter wanted at l. 1 leather. Tj1iiksilbici-Ibcrs no now in in. Inn a Ami Al i for j Noltin r n i. I i or tie re sure but if i aint ask for too As i in up Colin the i of Kapui to Tho Pound Titis my Ohio .Il be it my Planco of business in Trio rear of Niv i Hii Pon to have one. t miss Tail tic Plais t of to Trio stint inst too Tjok go a adv Duboc. To remember my motto tin work agreed am astir Road. All who know to know i to my work Well. Iok Hewitt s
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