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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1860, Waupun, Wisconsin tub Warp us times newspaper im.i-. I l ill to Lull a Jami a ii tin " i Xii Xiuyu mousing at a Maui us wis. I g at proprietor. . ii i Axi Kirrer . A Stiim i Ivi Niin Ait i tilt or in in. Yir Iii Iti. On. no tin 1 1 of. 1 in to do is "0 or your in on 1 no it lm-1-Rtlon, riot Lynx in u 1 Muiir 6 do a 00 i in i to Ali Iii alld i Lili in a.lvitiici-. Iii Ilcau. I until Fili fur. Upun times. Go in and annul in Advance. Volume Waupun wis wednesday september 2g, i860. Number f u Iii Wii. No u Lim a. I , . O. O. F. Ii toil a.iiam.8. I. O. G. T. I f. R Republican nominations. Kor a13uat-ia.m Lincoln Niino. Kill milks Ilont. It an it Bat Ham Lin of maim. Mil of dist Siut a. Scott k loan. County. Republican platform. It May i7lh, the. Lules in convention assembled in the ills Elmorn of Ihu icily we Tom to our constituents Anil inn country unite in the Fuu owing 1. That tin history of tvs Netlon on1 Trio four years fully c.itiilili.-ilit1.-. The and the necessity us the Anil perpetuation of the Joti Pii Lilii an party Anil that the Enhaus which that we the delegated represent Cle eters of the in foil ii into existence Are permanent in the Fiat univ and now Moi than Ever before demand peaceful Ami constitutional Triumph. S. Tomt maintenance tin principles promulgated in ilm Ijo caration o tinle penitence penitence 1 Eileian self evident a. If. Min Ini attorney nil Counselor at Law n i . I a i i ii aptly i Larni in. Lor at Law of . Notary a i a 1 t o i at Law ii Ful Pitt Ontl in i a t i a county w m. A r Hauptm wan pain wis. I i in it Xvi Nihil ii 1 Anil embodied in Tomt we Mil Emily re ii Linn the unit All men Are Eien Teil tree and and Are endowed Liy thu in creator with i train ii lit name Ri-ht., which Are life Liberty and the Pursuit of , and that govern ments Are instituted unions men for the i in ther Aneo of these ends Ului iving their just now or from the of Tho essential to the of our in stint times. Dkl temp in 20, i860. Foreign influence upon Ameri can character. Messes. Editors Tho fact that steam navigation Lia i Lave Iti and that the Medeuil the hts of the , and the Union of Tiu Stales must and shall be preserved. That to the Union of the states this i Linn owes its unprecedented increase in Popula Tion its Nui Pri int do Velnp Neil of Init Reinl re sources its rapid of wealth its Happie Fis it Limmie and its Honor and to hold in us schemes of disunion come for what Omee they May and we congratulate the cd try unit no i Pul Iliean member of con i i is uttered or the threats of disunion so often made by Meliers Uithol i like and with from their politic. In thiets of v of their Ascendancy us the vital and we denounce those in ease of a popular Pine Isles of of Rontani Qiliu free in tre As an avowal Imin Uliuli it is the imperative duty of an in dictum people sternly to in and forever silence. That the a lit of the the states und the right. Of each to Ink a and control its own do Witie to its own exclusively is est Lial to Linit balance of Power on Lii Eli Ihen re Eton and l of our i Vilirie depends and we Denoi Inee Ilii aimed Loire of the soil of w. , medicines st., Villu Ploll. And i any or ten Iti iry no under what in ii Mon the of crimes. the present. Denio Centiu tinn inn once Esteil our worst in is Lollie exaction of 11 interest a Chi Ucil in j desperate to Foree the infamous Eoina Limiti i inti Iii Iii upon tin i Juo ii i .Iii.li. S fruits. 1 in the personal rela pie of lion Lii to Chi Ami servant to involve an in persons is attain a do i Loii i ii it Etc Rywlin non land and Jii Iii of Longress Anil the a Mil is the Porte Spinu Pinch in nil m it Aud i Olllie pm Var to u by 11 tin1 people i la in h Kii hnrilwari.1, a Vrlik i Kilell. 1 agricultural i justly View with alarm the which pervades every de love rim it that a Aei outta i Lite i.-. in i a Voltl slain i. Vol Iii Tali Clilly p Irmi it of Llie i a Deral return to Economy mid to ii res. Tin plunder Llu Pumie in a Iii a Liy f.ivorei1 pal , while tin Reee it Ili vol Pau him of frauds mud corruptions i the a Metropolis show til i. An in lip lit in de i. tin thai the Constitution of it of i n Friree slavery into any or All tin i Fri lies of tin i. A. N n political Luty it vuri.uici1 with the explicit pro itself with eos Tempo ii and with legislative and jul is revolute diary in ils Leiden. E of tie Aud Harmony of brought two widely separated continent into close proximity is hailed by Tho Fri Oil of Progress a new Era of greatness of this country. Commerce literature and a Aro to receive n now development us menial action of Tho old world is to react upon the now and the refinement while courtly usages have thrown Over european society Are to soften our Republican Man ices. At Tho Presmul time How far have these Wise prognostications been fulfilled we gained much by changing our simplicity and Energy of character for that spirit of exaggeration which magnifies Tri Fles into matters of Tho greatest importance for which larely wakes up anything that is Good and Noble that vapid conversation which leaves to impression on the mind save that of weakness and ennui. What do those of our countrymen and country women who Havo been abroad gun i ally bring Homo for Tho Benefit of the few having been in coun tries where privileged classes exist the forget Tho Republican nature of our tons and suppose that the same distinction in society ought to Chis t among Voung men who noted for their Unno Fec cd simplicity and urbanity return Home with inflated ideas of their thu Iti Inri got hold of the wrong Man. Wer or. Booth May have won in the with Tho government he is entitled am whatever credit Lio May Timve still mov As the minds of anti slavery men for is a i and of Glover to is not entitled to autumn King escue so oui to Lical no 111010 to do with it than fade t Samo portion so much scums nature Dro to Hhall in f. 1 propose to for Tho facts of history but to lot soul unfettered Over Rescue i 17th of know exactly to what extent lie with Lov 1v.1. Mal u aus. Lias waved his septer Stern the to pro phonic of the tin h s Eold embrace repose. A gentle Nan residing about to Iron and i half Milis North of Tho City of a Encino came to thu City and informed the Pool Lun 1.i.i. That Tho House Naino of Glover of a Black Man by the had been entered Anc import Iti in i i i air an. I Ami i. And in m i a e o in i o ii it ass i v in ii r n it dentist .1 . 11 ill n . In Linn it ii it i. I . I a. i in Ilu. Mil in nil id i let i will k rip air Kielis . Shop Iii efs store. Rani its p i i. the country. S. Tomii in Normal condition of All the Terri Toty it United states is thai of in idiom that us rep ii i.n Liu a had j slavery in no our n Ilioiu Uri Fry , no should lie deprived of life Lili erty or property without due process of it ill Conn s of duty Liy who a Ever such i it Irv to Maii Stiim this Pio vision of ii ii him Init against All at trip is to violate it and we deny the authority of of a or of any Inilisi dials to Liu Al to to Lave by in any territory of the t nixed states. I. Tomt we ii Una then Keiit be i tuning of the Alvic in slave tide under tin of our in Lionel i , Allied Liy on Power a Cliine against Ilu inanity mid a Burn in shame to our country and and we Call Upin on Jii so to Taki prompt and Ellii-nt urls for the total and Linal suppression of that irallii1. in the rce ont vetoes by Kwedera 0 f Lov conors of the nets of the of Ami i ii those territories we find a Ile Monstras Tion of principle of non intervention and sovereignty embodied in it Hill Ami a demonstration of the dec a Tenn and fraud involved 1 1. That , should of he Dii Tely admit d in a under the Constitution ii be fitly fined and adopt a i Ople and accepted Liy the House of . I j. Tomt while providing Revenue Tor the a up of the by duties upon Tat ice. What they have lust in awkward Ness they have made up in supercilious nil s. They speak with authority of Bon gentlemen though to Hazard the Asser Tion that if the son of a poor Mechanic was to change places with Ono of Tecsi scions of american aristocracy to would not be Able to detect the Diu Urence. According to Trio etymology of the word we always supposed that any Otic of a gentle nature and refined habits was entitled to the name of gentle Nan though in this it appears that other can Vitious Are Nucos sary. Iven in our country towns there is in Tesiro in the few to separate themselves from the Many and lines of demarcation Are drawn which form what is called an aristocracy. These lines Aro wealth and fashion. The person of wealth looks Down upon less successful neighbor forget Ting that Tho Rich of to Day Are often the poor of to Morrow. Tho kill of fashion scans contemptuously her neighbor s Toi to Ltd and finding her innocent of Silks and Al ii inces banishes her at once from the Pido of elegant society. Tho inn who is High in place looks upon the rest of Man kind with All the swelling importance o conscious superiority and All those Furuc Tho better inspiration which the poet to Tach us if owe or it lie it to Motu Only Noble to be Good kind hearts Aro More to Iii Corone tand gentle Dexiu than xon Naii blood. Re pretend the spirit which make i to accidents of position the basis o a duo self estimation. To to courted be we arc Rich adds nothing to our Ren Tho Man knocked Down thrown into a Wagon and rapidly taken South towards Tho City. The bulls were rung and people collected on the Al without regard to political opinion seemed determined to have Tho kidnapper a arrested and punished. As no Trace of Tho party could be had after reaching a Point about one third of a mile North of Tho Ity it was supposed that Tho kidnappers lad passed West of the City on their Way to Illinois. All Tho horses that could by obtained Wero mounted and As the info Nati ii was carried West and South West armours loaded their muskets and patrolled he highways. Before Sevon o clock the Lext morning Fox River had been readied and Tho returning parties could give no to formation of Glover or his kidnappers. Of the As soon As he Telegraph of lion was open a message Vas sent to or. Booth inquiring if Glover lad been to Milf Sukeo As a fugitive slave. The first answer received was that he had not but toward 10 o clock to sent word that a Black Man had been put into e a titled to ils sympathy. Ith to jul Lovely baud to heaven and a other week we Tina Sorc each in c the Catli of tha-1v Echo refused the ministrations of Tho in Sisters of the Church of England a Rist of the Catholic Church Ito Iisley conveyed into his chamber and to dissolute charles1 died in tint Lis brother James openly professed Ilia Ligion Jui i i Fure to had been a Vear o b or each with gentle lingers lifts the veil the mys lie veil which the spirit Eye. 0, could to the beyond tile Bounds ilium soul question be but a where where in 11-Javon, where the spirit i Asefeh soul shall Wing its Light idiom i father Grant each May tiny Tomt no odious Home Ali Era god is an incident on Broadway. Afternoons Ono of those sunny when Tho sky is Blu and sift and the air full of Spiro Grace Church tipped with Sunset Gold and lilo plate places Long Broad Way All in a glitter As they it in Cut Julio Silken Robos of Tho hurrying throw this our a sync and Tine. She was just released from her Wear Day s Woik in the Stirli in Book Biu of Tho cure worn threadbare Wom Iii and she great lied in the fresh a wily live. Booth immediately took very Active measures to the Cili Nons of Milwaukee together and. Very Large meet Iii was had Mijso Luticua passed a vigilance com to Nitto of Twenty live appointed to Seo that Glover was not taken out of Tho state without h fair examination Bosforo some court commissioner. Tho meeting then adjourned to to called together when the committee thought proper. Upon the Roco Ipi of the last Telegraph at Racine Tho people were again collected. The committee appointed to draft Reyolti Lions reported the following As Ono of the resolutions Rusolo a that we As citizens of a Inu demand for said Glover a fair and partial jury trial in this Tho state where to has been arrested and that we Ivill attend in person to Aid him by All moans to secure his unconditional release adopting As our motto the Gulden Vitulo. A portion of the committee claiming that Tho word honorable in the resold Jon meant Force if necessary for Glover s Tho meeting fully sustained this View of t and adjourned to must on Tho first boat going to Milwaukee to Seo that Tho Roso unions were put in Force. The boat left about 2 o clock with Between 80 and 100 persons on Board from Rucine. On the Vay to Milwaukee a Small company was wined Anil a loader chosen to fico the nil unless Glover could be reached with tit. The to to Tuv nud the to the re Stubli Simeti us. Catholicity. Torios United in inviting Over , Princo o Orange who maraud Mary the Dati Glite of James. To landed with Fil Toeu Thoits and James fled from his kingdom without i struggle in its defence and William Eon jointly with his wife filled Tho vac a throne. Ireland and Scotland with a do Vutison utterly worthy of a better cause adhered to Tho fortunes of James and ii he landed in Ireland with a smal French army and assisted by the native Irish to All but regained Possession o that portion of his dominions. The pro in sluts of perhaps inon strictly speaking Tho presbyterians o Refugo within the Walls o Eim Skillon and leu Donburry. The Force of James Wero concentrated of Tho two devoted cities. Tulfo Vernor of Dorry was in favor of giving up the City but though Tho Garrison and inhabitants were reduced to almost unheard of Straits they strenuously resisted the wishes of the governor and Tho assaults of Tho army o s. Trio governor was sent to Ihu Jam Oyal Camp and Tho town defended Merit though it often serves is a Ped slip on which a insignificant Man or woman can elevate themselves to catch the policy Scicli an i in to the tie the peace Riti nov o ii. Stoddard. V l u it i i c l a.-.ai-. All .1i a 1am. A. I. Ii a an. Nutaro re Lac 1 ill 1 ,1. in Thi Tho Low 1 Rii the Utju birr ii ii port to sound Luekil of these i Lopint of the interests of whole to on try and Contini and that Poliey of National Ali Iii .-Ei-tiri1 to the in a Liberal to agriculture prices to and users in and Reward for Llie ii i void enter and in the nation commercial Prosperity and Indeli Iiene. That we prot i Guin it any or alienation tin i Uldie Iii nun held by Aciu d seller. Mud inv View of National Poliey which a pills such settlers us or suppliants i m Public Liaty Anil Tho by of the com plete and Sutil actuary Lue Stiie which already Llie . M. Tomt the Republican party is of prised to any change in our Nataliza troit Laws or any state legislation which the rights of Hitlin Ito accorded to immigrants Vinn lands shall be abridged and ill a Attr of a tin i hts of nil full Ami Ellie it Protection to citizens. Whether live or atm in Ucil both it Home or no Ironto. Is. Tomt Congress for liver Nail Impi of eminent of a nation in , Lor the and Security of an Commerce Are by the Constitution and Justin Neil by the Obliga Tion of t Jovenin ii us to protect the and pro Ierta of i. a a Railroad to the Ouenan is r.itivcli by the of the Init a Lii at the i i to Vernmani Ini in Ami i inuit Iii. No i. strip Triin and Llma As thei to a Laily Ove mail should be promptly Stab in. 17. Finally. Liavine thus sol Forth on distinctive and views we invite the co Ope of ill Liiv Crim silvering Oil other who no ecu i their Ullius Tuco am support. If the Republican simplicity of our Fath ors had been stained if All men had Edu rated their sons physically and Intel Contti ally we should not Sec so Many languid and nerveless victims of ennui and thei wealth vitiate id of being a cause of Unap would have been a Blessing. Ii review of this subject to cannot help but conclude that the foreign influence introduced among us by increased facilities of Intercourse has done More harm than Good to american society. Our natural charac Ter was developed under Peculiar Circum stances the noblest elements took their part in the formation of that character ii stamped it with the True simplicity of greatness. It might have been wanting in refinement and Grace but it was Strong and vigorous it lacked poetical warmth but it glowed with patriotism and Benevolence. As it is to have gained a love of luxury and ease to Are butter judges of Art on imaginations no pampered by works of questionable Utility but have we not lost what is More than an equivalent for All we have gained we leave the answer to the judgment and Good sense of our Deis. Upon their arrival at Milwaukee to formed a procession and marched through Kast water Street to Tho jail. Sheif it reached that Point 10 or 12 Hundiak per sons Wero now in or walking at die Side of the procession. Gentlemen from Racine wore invited into Tho room where Tho Mil Waukee vigilance committee were in ses Sion and then called upon to express their views with regard to Tho proper course to pursue. It was suggested that unless judge Miller would hold Tho examination thai night or allow it l to done by the com mis i incr Force ought to Bonsole there seemed to be a Universal expression from the committee of which Booth one that it would not answer that it would list knee the City and they would not coun tonn Neci any violation of Law. Thay finally concluded to submit to judge Miller s will and requested Oua of their number to inform the people of what they had Dona and the conclusion to Ivy had come while the speech was being Mado a Racine Nan reached Tho inside of the jail the Luor of the cell in which Glover was con was Mai cod and the position of the Liseidi of Tho reported before the speech was finished. Tho Leader of the party hot was formed on the boat with one or to of his men selected a Small piece of by the people under the Load of a clergy Nan named Walker with a Resolution Tacvor surpassed. Proposition alter prop sit Ion of James was received by the Ueo pie fam Ishing with hunger with cries of Tuo the Peelo Wero literally starving Tho Flash of dogs cats and of rats even was a luxury purchasable scarcely by Money. The Only Hope the Duvo Tod town was Tho arrival of ainu Cor from England. Across Tho River win laced a Boom by James Aimy Tho River was also commanded by Cannon. Tho ships at length appeared in sight of Tho town Ono of them succeeded in break ing the Boom Aud escaping the Ca Noii do. The Irish raised Thos Iego and the protestant s Ronal old was saved. Tuu Pontico boys of Derry who took a prom Inonu part in the Defoi Ico took the name of Orange b jays. Tho next year Sho edged her Way meekly amid her scornful sisterhood. Suddenly she caused n front of a fruit stand Tho Tropic in Globin of Golden oranges reminded incr of the Little White face that was a it Iii Iway on Trio lonely Pillow at Home and to lingered her longingly. Cd them in a state of soil in its prod Viiu its application the attainment of an the most by and stratus that it is most precious of Ami is Otia of the happiest earthly gifts discoveries of Man it removes the source of wretchedness Ami crime subs i tubes Industry idleness for us rav Ganco sobriety t in competency for it disarms thu chamber of death of some its in is Iii if anticipations utter , led Ilu iou of Mii or Han loneliness of n added to the family and the it Mitti Viates ilm i bed of by the know 1 that who defend on the life of a single individual Are provided for. To use these seem to to just views .111.1 n Sweet Luin Fiona with thu ton Ler yearn nos of a mind and Hoa t i Glenly . In this connection vie. I sire civil attention to the fuel that principle of life ius malice is he a no As that adopted by Tho oath christians Whon they si.1.1 Oil their Vituli visual possessions and held everything in a Vovou any one Cut to Don t Deal with one cent cd id its to Litulu in at pm those eagerness. The dealer Sii Orlov go about your said the Man contemptuously of the heart sickness of poverty she had proceeded but a few s tips to fora she again slope of be Fure a display of eur. Llo wors. It was not the dazzling c i Elias or the Imperial Pink Azil Cas that attracted her co it Tho knot of wild violets Blu and dewy like those that grew under the old Apple tree at Home when she was a girl. How Little Willie s eyes would sparkle at the sight Blue violets How much Aro those she asked with trembling a Slid he did vol believe the i Udell looking w o Nan would be a customer and was vexed Al being Intel trusted in to a splendidly dressed some rare Hothouse blossoms. Sho turned away with a weary but the Lilly noticed Hor with pitying kindness. Give to thy wild said she my then touching Tho woman s added. Take these to wish for them so much Tho Pule face lighted up. A it a Worth a shilling to Call Forth a smile " j Hook you lady it for my Huttl Dov and to is it was a strange pm cd to the Moi prope is Presto Tivod led by Tho received the Tion. The and no one met i Ilia the Pti-ple.-, Here Early of our lord of divine a Proba state of things at Ivas such. Tha. It Beamo fir Hij Protection and we twins of christians either or that motile Suomi Praet Ici i Hou to out Iii among them As and in Aiter and on Vario Tii occasions and in places the j benevolent self Saeri timing spi Iii was do played by christians in seasons of easier gency. And now let us. By life Iii surant Avert a Lin ivly resort to the possibility and its dreadful happening to those love we Usi to Are bound to protect and Bles by All lawful and proper Means which Mavle within utter reach. Jim the Pretice of a Little . Economy and self denial we can make up the Aniual Prem inn. Will to More careful of our and Din. Jweied child of luxury. She co old no Magine it in All Tho of Sunshine i at Illein Iii Deil Ireland and Defeated the army his Evoil Ailin that surrounded her and yet it struck warning chill to her heart. L to think that people cupid die of Jihor Thi Yaro so jut to life a Micro 1 c i look to Maka to think of Lovely Given and when Midnight Camo the Little Hild Sot out on its far journey to the y mansions of his ii uses a l in upon the violets with last earthly Hico. Tho broken hearted Moil or could a Roux him in no Satin or costly -.00 but when thu Little Pine c Lii i Canu id sprinkled the Blue Eyo a fragrant bios oms upon i breast and so Ink him Down James at Tho Battle of Tho a Jayno. Proa Keiit Ainone tit forces of Cru the defenders of Perry now known As or Tho Irish retrieved a name tarnished at Tho Ioyne in defending Limerick. A capitulation was effected Tho Irish army had the Choice of go Iii to France and entering Tho services of Xiv or of joining thu army of William. They for the most part chose the former alternative and they left Ireland pros trate at the feet of England. The compost my exhaustion were Complete. A whole Century of misrule could not again arouse Tho people to resistance. Tho orangemen who performed so ii Loruma a part in the Deforce of the so in Ireland wielded the Power Down trodden Ace det Eit. Tho Popiej Imber and when Tho Uso that it was to i Pati or ago of government Totev Vea la o put to was seen there were plenty of wrong men willing to act to give Glover is Fie Odoni. Glover taken by the Way of Wau Sha county to Racine to remained in hat county and. Walworth about three non Lis and was then placed in the hands f a wealthy Gnu Titian in Buie Alo to be Ikon to Toronto where by arrived in safety. Or. Booth is not responsible for the res to of Glover he neither aided counselled r advised that any other Almu Legal Means hould dts inf to used patience to was on his horse Aud resignation to the the new York Tribune makes a care Ful Estinto of votes of Tho several coun ties of that state based on Tho supposition Tho Union of the Dovidas Bell and in on is effected and thai Lincoln it thinks the chances Aro in favor of a much larger majority. Lincoln will have Niaj a Ohio. Ill of judge Miller when Tho movement 0 Force commenced and i am satisfied that he remained there until Glover was out of jail. But he was prominent As the editor of a paper Aud As the pro slavery Power like death seemed to prefer a shining it pitched into him and Lias managed to give him a prominence in connection with it which to never earned Aud never deserved and has managed also to throw into his hands a comfortable Rescue notwithstanding others had been put to More expense and paid More at the corp had. Vav whatever Merit or Demerit there a Siht have been in Tho Rescue of Glover s. M. Footh is entitled to none of it. And the government in making Hui notorious und punishing him however valuable it May have been As an example has never paraded Tho streets of the towns and i Tiki playing Tho Boyno Crappie lie and Oiler parly tunes and into Tho Foo of Tho thu evidence of their of England has changed but the Orange men hold on with tenacity to the system which place in their hands Power Tullu once and loft at their feet the subject race every Concession to Tho mass of the people has been by them. From being Tho tool of l a government they Vum Beis. Did the recording write Down to history of that Bricf Iti i of i a Thi Dav will we Sii riches Aro no in of any Avail and thai. Deed of kindness will be Mure pre Cious to the Thi Rightor of wealth ail Tirol Conda s to lain Tiuis Llo needs no More weary now child he i Gat ii Aioli a thu Riv i o that ering the violets that of 1 Aradio. Expenditures in our Mode of living. In we Are Only a Little Moro a All things we pm easily to Etith five or flirty dollars of our n thu yearly Bonus of an insurance and if.-. Our families so mid be Dop Tivod of their Lead and stay they will hav s Usu Reliance by which of in be mip Porte. A Iii during the of surest at least. Then to i May exp it our too . And Brozig it up i i thy ways of Virnis Arij Litts Ile incr d. D. At Tho Ito Sra o Tion in Iii Csoti r. In if Itu had walked nearly two in ice to be i resent. Win no known conveistio.1 three cheers. Luc i at a ii eel cd a correspondent the Chris Tian Advt ate sup Fri r oily i ii lo.-. Ito i of Ali deity to any on in. Like. Pula Iii Nii Linly Ira j remember a . The Timo is the crisis is , Anil must Wulc Vith a will now Wiio it ii callus to Dav. You e a. Ovo Vou ask the Sam if it a a ild Kitten if it of a l be you silo a to the i in Whu i i Al is. Wrote articles on of sheep culture in thu since we met Ati old c Tii Iio ago Tho advantages says 1 Ami i la Cive a Cistern pole from tin Southern an extensive sheep Rai Fer. One of the first Niju ivies was about his split did Slock of line wools. A aul Ifal Koran. Have become its chief obstacle in carrying oat the so called reforms in the adminis trillion of Irish affairs. If the conduct of the Prince near so i so Well calculated to bring disgrace upon religion and Foster ill blood in Canada his visit will have produced a most bin Esicial result for the important colonies he will one Day govern. Of Wales tends to make a upon mischievous an organization our Llemar Lior republicans that the Intag Onist i elements everywhere for your overthrow. My my Don t talk about said he. Neighbors raised dogs i to raise sheep. I expended nearly a thousand dollars in collecting and Nassor Init flock. Oao morning to Csc will t of Bun wealth Jhuti Hast left a hid what deed Tinjum Hast done in the wiil a to entitle Thieo to a seat Taij to eating my and 1 old the remnant to an Iowa Man. U s of no use trying to raise sheep among a people raise if we tried it in Borho Oil dogs would to scarcer there Linn i a Fanti Wero in the Days of wicked Kin Herod. Has any dog Man the Cheek to oppo a a Law for the abatement of this cur remember r publicans tint the 311 confront is old. Tried. Well in by unscrupulous leaders and "fr.iy, . Why i i you your old Hen Jec Nusair 1 her to Lay on an artist painted a Catiti a so Otier Day that when to finished Trio it Neihl it Oil. Sorry to say it n by the when the roman poet was Toki by a phlegmatic Friend to mind his Oivin Busi furs Mikado Tho i into it Alye ply am n Man and wha Trover relates to Ziy fellow Craft turns also Why is the letter l like a Calfa Tail because it 13 at the end of veal Lut Aiice. Chicago Tribune. Hod. Robert sol Unuk of Ohio has eco making a at prov Monce r 1 the Piovia Ducoe journal Escribas him saying was to member vigilance Prico of lit your watch fires Tomt lib Rev an Mary my it indeed or. Setter for you heart i so my "1 am a Republican because i am a because when it is broken out and out conservative whig and always have been. B0- l 10 pieces far gun 1 am for the and the Union and who is not and l hold to tiie interpretations that seventy years of party is to put an t Deal i ing policy upon the a notion of slavery a snid to on other . How do Vou his Friend Tho like the minis ii us Var an s Industry will
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