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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - September 26, 1860, Waupun, WisconsinU shines. I. Iii Tui. Win bks Day. nominations. Foil . Ahkai Lincoln of . Koi i Keksi Dext. Hannibal Mamlin Cik Maxik. 1. M. Ivy in. w. N. i .1. Ilal Tell la. Run is Coom is dint. I01is i. 1 Ottil. Of wiil Worllie. Of i a. Scott , of doilgi1. Tin Sli Crift k. Koi la p to r of i. A Poir for Tri Miurca inns Ivinel Ilii Tiiu. Kor in k pm of ship is a. Oai inv f Ali Yinet. For Cark of court David hair Rock k. Tin f.ni1. For Jam Komi Jim. Kor sir Pryor , i Onil in for Coro incr Asick Cileu. Cit Ixon of the North dares to speak like a Freeman South of Mason and Dixon s line is not woman brutally driven from the land of chivalry and the Torch applied to her buildings let us no brie id the con St it cry of the Southern let them alone repeats Tho Northern Doug face yet year after year they have been inning our hatred into a flame and Hud they to irn Milo upon All which the North loves they could not have been More signally successful. They have madly invoked lilo storm and now charge us with the arc Llic incl Lions kor my Mich or 11. Kutris of u l ticket. Ullin m Sii Klimax of i like tick u ate to n for pm it ii Okiec Joi cd re to ii 0. , Oal or cd rec of i i Augun Wil r or Bitt. A Auk. . , the Vor Max let ski f v . Of the , and Are Wroth against nil who will not with them strike Freedom and its friends. Alexander of Russia is Selling free his a ifs african princes Are giving their slaves Liberty tur Totcy is moving in the cause of and the ottoman Empire Feil i Tho warm pulses of Bat America is seeking to extend lure oppressive system into the Tyia ots who shake their bloody sceptre the a Saulic arc laughing it our boast cd republicanism. In Tho noon of the incl Bentli Century when the impulses of tic humane Are grasping after a larger Freedom when the very Bre Oxon around us Aro instinct with the life of a moral and intellectual Progress shall this crush ing evil to allowed to exert its Power on the elements of our political lifui1 no god will Prosper Tho right the South will Riith upon thu Rock which will split her Darling institution into fragments already there no measured foot fills in Many a spot and if to Are True to ourselves in this Campaign the hoary curse will meet with a lilting rebuke from a Host of bold heart s far Shalt thou come and no further. Codding last night. Ichabod Codding our people a glorious Good talk last night. Dodge s Hall was far three whole hours he held that Large assemblage in republicans Wero pleased while democrats Scro aghast that so much truth should to told and they unable to throw to single film Dow upon it. Between fact and Story Codding manages to retain the at Tention of will those who flock to hear him until the lust and when they go away they with them stamped Inlo their As with a soothing Iron the in Controvert Hie truths uttered by Tho speaker lie is doing a Deal of Good in this stale Aud Dis trial. Garabeo says he voted for Tho Homo Stead Bill. Iio did ohm. 13ut on a motion of or. Barksdale of mo., to to consider Tho Voto whereby Tho Fouse insisted on disagreement with Tho sen Btij where the dirt enter s master was and on the final passage of the Bill he dodged he voted on other questions the same Days showing that lie might have Boon present if he had desired to be. Nii l in. I Terr or i l in h Hili i. I Loihl i. In i of i a. 1. A p. It i no null tier Liri ii lil tin i. Win no Nii l Tri Mimi Ai tin of Cui u Hilt i u Nril of Iii Viilu in Oil l i inv i a. It. J. C. J. V. Kittok. No i. A l sail , Lliel Atli of a for Tell no to 1.1. Pericl cum. Who Aro Tho aggressors through Tho while history of the Sla very dispute in this country Tho South 1ms been the aggressor. Trio in tin1 a Flirl to extend slavery into Tho Territo Ries the aggressor in procuring the repeal of Tho Compromise the nor in attempting to Sway by unworn in the polities of Tho country the big give Vir in n it o Fly aug noting to ill the pics Iduix Ial , but All the Ollk is of the i per Lent with her own Trio no of interest and increase of slave holding Power a for years Tho grand aim and purpose her notion and when to the Are aroused against wrongs we Are charged with aggression. men in Kansas who wanted to Vole like free men for a c institution their own were driven Back by slavery s hireling Bay Iii Tsas Thi y i Vleit by drunk i and tin inn with Tho Sanction of the Buchanan . Our Riglin t our rights Soi Vilii Rii Rufii Iniste if was Only beaten i a mull who had the of 7 1 i i in a by to Light anew for Tri of ii Rel in this Are making tin the Armour crack under the blows of which Lara Dei of of our As t care whether slavery is voted up or voted who think slavery National and freedoms eel Ion no that slavery is the Normal condition of Man that it is morally Light and who if it Scro not prohibited by Law would hold slaves themselves will vote for Charles 11. Lari Bep Tho democratic candidate for in this third District because his Are their opinions but those who Freedom National slavery a moral wrong and Sucill and who would keep our territories open to the free White limn cannot Vole for him because his opinions Are diametrically opposite to their Hope is in that Brave honest Standard bearer of principle who stands up and Suys that he is opposed to the owning of labor by capital that he is opposed to admitting into our free territories a system of Vassalage that will As Cisco Tully Debar the free White labourer from settlement in such Ler Titoriess As the Lav itself that he is opposed to that of Tho Constitution which will Ern Blo Tho master to carry his slave wheresoever he will that lie is opposed to that system of govern ment which gives to the majority the Power of crib living the minority that he is opposed to Tho Extension of slavery in any tub Maink Maine question has Boer decided in the a Lirma Tive by a majority of the Majori ties for the Republican members of con grabs arc As follows j. John j. Goodwin by Over Thomas m. Hayes. 1l Churles w. By Over Calvin record. Ill Samuel c. Fessenden by 900 Over Alford Johnson. In. Anson p. Morrill by Over b. A. Fuller. V. John i. Rice by Over s. Ii. Blake. I. Frederick a Pike by Over bion bid Burn. If i lived in Southern tur Rory among Southern men where slavery Exi Tod 1 would own so was myself. 1 would not think that i was the Tuhy guilty of any moral that is what Lorn co snid in his speech in Congress 17th december. Ls50i and now on the stump to says Island by those freemen of the third District Are you willing to vote for a Man to represent you in Congress who but for our local Laws would be a slave Holder to Lav j Tho democrats despairing of electing either of their candidates by lilo people Are trying their Best to throw the election into Congress. Nothing More Likely to no acct the stability of the Union could occur. The Only Way to Avert what May prove to be great calamity is to vote for Lincoln and i Lemlin the Only candidates who no at nil Likely to to chosen b the people. Republican county convention the following were 1 the ii the Republican county convention Hekl on the 14th Siu Lliel. Inform Al or. V. Wheeler j. T. Conklin 4. Formal 40, conk 39, g. I Jennings 2, Blank 1. 2d formal Wheeler 33, conc in Jennings 4, Blank 1. 3d formal 40, conk Lin scattering 4. 4xh formal 30, conk 3. 5th formal 40, conk -11, Blank 1. Gib 43, conk Lin 38, Blank 1. Keo Steu. Informal o. Dodge 43, goo. Breckinridge 12, ii. I. Jackson 12, t. Gibson 0, n. Ii. Jorgensen 3, g. While Blank 1. Tour Mill 02, Jnelson 10, 4, White 1, Jorgerson 1. Taka Sullau. Informal Potter 42, go. Soule 10, g. W. Sawyer 15, Al. S. Burnett 5, scattering 4. Pottor having received u majority was nominated by acclamation. of co tit. Informal Babcock 35, Leaver 20, ii. C. Bottom 14, s. T. Bishop 8. Formal 42 Beaver 22, Bishop 1. Elk us or Board. Informal a. 13. Gary 32 j. V. Mccall 20, Charles Chandler 23. Formal Mccall having gig Chandler 17. District attorney. Informal Coleman 42 k. A. Biown 24, a. W. Paine 13, j. J Koole 5. Boimal 47, Brown 35. Lathrop Ellis was nominated for Survey in and Asher Armstrong for Coroner by acclamation. E. Wood s. R. Patten Lyman town Robert Conklin and a. Armstrong were appointed a county committee. We have upon our table the cosmopolitan Art journal for quarterly issued by Tho cosmopolitan Art association. Although not so Well gotten demo Curacy in a Recin Rijiro state committee of new York have just published an a Diglics Smi noun inf the Fml Rire of the with the we Annex Annex tin will to supported by All Llic Energy and menus at our in 1 to Dowlas organization in rejecting the Only Means by which the stale of Oulu to Draven Jcj from voting for Lincoln has re Lucid Tho practical clues Liori Between the democrats of new Yolk in lilo a Cimon to Incus it been the great attn of inventors of ing . For Many years past to produce j tic an improvement so a i if Eil in l in Price As to come with in Tho in.-an.-, of Ulia Niho a for their by twin Impi inn been Tuimil in the Danihy sewing Mii Clinin co prior i thur people s store. 3100iif. S , by the no of or , for of i Unity us t icy Are ,1 i Umo cents of new Zorn m my. Election to one of future Only to Trio in lira of to by and line the to Complete with Ami National demo nits not Only sustain equipments icily i or use. 1-or the principles of their party ainu n nucleus about which will be Formi a a National in to in Trio s ate but will encourage their friends All Over the Union and he received and honoured in the next National convention of instead of being rejected and , As surely will v o if they the Selvo upon this plan Furin of Ifju Natur sovereignty in company with their new Maui tasks now for weighing Stock before loading in Las Intel been put up to notice it the cattle of the pms Burg sad fort Wayne Kail Rovid in this City with platform some in pity feint or More in length and of a Width Sull Sciont for weighing a full Load at Onoe. This must be a very con Voni ont and economical arrangement when1 in pro quantities of Stock As hero Are to be weighed for he tipping. The scale bears name of which huh Long been familiar wherever Scales arc us ii and is always the guaranty for excellence. 11 scorns to be so constructed in All its parts is to Combine the possible strength and durability and has a Shullo a pit u have various other modifications of i bunks Largo Braes requiring Only twelve inches of extreme a. Wlinich and nuts them to locations where dentil would be an Democrat. At a great mass gather inc of Tho to publicans of Delaware Chester and other counties of Pennsylvania on tuesday of last on the spot where the Cule rated of the Brandy wine of our revolution was fought or. In Yard Tay Lor Tho distinguished pout , presided and on taking Tho chair made an eloquent speech in favor of the Republican cause and Tho election of Lincoln and Ham Lin. Their Edvertis Quin it in Nothe of our Chifiko a i Ioil to improvement x. H., sept. 10, 13.-.7. To Tost the Vilii Irivin Lialin to Tost the vain of j. Wood j f titty or Paie tto a. it fully make it f Lilvy i Lis Bifi Gulob to More Tymn it arc lust of hair that Hoe oin Gray a from or i ,. H will St i the j we Iii to rur n soit and lox re and of Mill i i Tymn that it to Bowes Beth of. Second it Witti Saint up a Nornoo i to that to pm j a stuck of i n i health it impairs to Trio w of Sytch its Reno prop cities Aai has a Templom a to in stove the t ill prolong life. S pc to used the of joint i. Us tie 7l properties to be Ommel it co . Try it to Wiio uni our any of the Anil you will never have to 1-Ili irate of As it Cash or Stei i in n Ivo to Ferent i . I a Luil Dif .-i1 Tinli a the work i to Lusski Wood if lit i pot St. Louis mo., Xci Voru no in the Soki by nil Ami ers. Law by ail ors in tie uni lil Mvi Licine Deal toilet or oils Deal Ca Iii re co., 12. Or. C. Fir May certify that . Of town ship in this county i null inti i of a cart and debility so is Vul to Able Voik much for years lie by or. A Worly to to i your Ami he did so with so if. That to was Able r wrist in his crops with omit Hiiop pulp. Y Ohio see in another Ooi Uini of Wao puh univ Cecil Wium so. I . Lit thu i. It. In liij1. , fir. Of then at or t i Virv c it Ibe i a no pc into territory now free that he is in favor of giving lands to the Froe while men who will improve and make them productive1. That he is in favor of improve in our River and harbours in favor off protecting american Industry in favor of the most Ligor ourt measures for the extinction of the african slave Trade in favor of retrenchment in every department of them in a. Scott Vuil faithfully perform the will of his constituents and in All things to True to Liberty to us country and to his Honor. And yet those s nit Heri Gur lion Oral be men by the Ido of our Uini Mill other Northern the Tut Satu Dav for i l ii pro alb three him Wero born and reared under the Iii Eneo of in Peculiar they familiar with Tho Ovil and do not fee it. Enormity. But the Lull icon Doughl nce has been born in a free Lind edit Naioti Asili All the ill enc. S. Thrown around him speak of Freedom. In no auction Block or Barric Ion within sight of his us Church he no Mother her Babij for the Day to Bond Over heated Savls no pass by his Ollice snid to a Distant land like cat to. Is a such a i Iii is to be scorned to i Ai no honorable Rona n for his conduct. Hois treading remorselessly on the of n race who have known Only wrong at the of the White Man and he won i Niki and More Billing chains to those which already jaw into their bodies their he Idius lers not at the sigh of i Restituti d slim in Guiod at manhood and crushed he had r Pinnoc juice itself raced to and Miamo than up in the dignity of and speak opinions favourable to truth and Justice. Instead of hating wrong he shakes hands with the devises of measures which Aro to fasten that wrong More Abidin Gly on our land. Sec of Iho North have writhed too Long an 1 patiently under Tho lash of Southern demagogues and Northern Doug faces an s far u-3 hive before i red of our Puoplo assembled in Dodge s Lall on saturday evening last to hear on. A. B. Jackston of Applemun. About in uniform with Bla isl escorted or. .1. O Tho i Lall. Spoeth was a very one was Lis led to with such attention a showed that tin nude no were impressed with the Stein truths uttered by the speaker and when he closed three Rous Inix cheers and Hamlin Sloan and the county gave evidence that Tho audience a i Well As thu speaker were wide awake to the real work before them. Lar Nice i. Will to remembered says that if to lived where slavery exists he would own not think it a moral wrong in this he joins with old Sirpati Stephen himself who said in Theu. S. Senate Jan. 23d, i860 ii t were a citizen of Louisiana i would vote for retaining and sustaining in it speech at Cincinnati recently a i ugh one of Douglas right hand men said "1 want you the Douglas men to a to your votes count if you can t make them count by voting for Douglas vote for that was what a arabic was trying to do when lie voted for know nothing Smith for speaker last Vinter what tin men in new York have fused with the Krow nothings and Given them one third Tho electoral ticket for. But its no use Lincoln will to elected the friends of oppression shall go Down. If i Wero a citizen of Louisiana i would vote for retaining and maintaining a. Up nor so Well illustrated As Tho numbers of the earlier volumes it is a very Nice Book and cheap Ai obtained. Tho ment of Throe dollars will procure a membership in the association and entitle the payor to a Superb steel engraving the journal for one year four admissions to the galleries of Art at 558 Broadway now York and a Chance in Tho annual distribution of works of which there Are nearly five Hundred. Tho following notice appeared a wok or two ago in Tho mime laotian. Tho sub Joet has been to his a s once Sincu tin notice appeared but As he has broke Agibin Tho advertisement yet essential boy Washington 0. G., some Limo in tidy to a Homo to his Mother in new Ilu has not vol. Reached his Mother who is very a Niou about him. He has been eco at Philadel phia Neil i Ock City in Arturd and at a Clam bake in Rhode Al Mil. He h i. Been heard from at Boston Portland an what dresses to buy at once to the a l i goes Herri m105 at 1 be per in. Dtp-1 of Caeiro Vooes Loo x. V. Pc g i n g h Aims Domestic at a til iliac tet i. L Iii.l., co in tier Ion Ehi j j i u ,0 family Ai iof , .1 inv . M a. The Chicago Tribino of saturday pays that the search for Tho bodies of those lost in the lady Elgin disaster closed that Clay n two Days Seaich Tho steam tug Mcqueen found but Ono body and it was supposed that Trio bodies had become so far decomposed As to Render it impossible that they longer remained on the surface. In All about one Hundred and bodies have been recovered. Gusta and Hanger from some expressions he his or Pwood it is loan a tint he has a coins insane Mion a subject. In Calls popular he stands about five foot nothing in and ii bout Tho same in diameter Tho other Way. A face Short logs and a Largo belly. Answers to the name of Little talks a Groat Deal and very loud always about him Elf. He an idea that Hois n candid tto fir Trio Denv. Had on when to left drub , a White Vest and a Blue coat with bras buttons the tit is very near the ground. And information concerning him will be gratefully Lucei cd. T i. In Rawl a i " Lilii it Kili it. I j . Mill i m -10 l to i Oiw ilk s of various in invt Otoki goods l spic. I Etlor Olio i of tie lust Iii. Lute r i you r o wins Mae mass own to ii Tun with . of rut Ion Mir. nil the. T own . 11 f r int Tun to till my Nolti l Nijiu Hino tint la. Ai d Sti o c in . And Ali Iny j Iii Mill i he 1., i l n i l t i in furl r i r .1 i n n. Of Vir he tic by fever darn citizen Leru a tent Laracca s meeting in May Villa on thursday of week wii3 n regular that g adjourned it under Proton co of being capital should own t. John son. F i lived in a Southern territory whore slavery existed i would own slaves myself. I would not think that l was thereby enit of a moral wrong. Sluts. Ii. A pretty Trio for fro men labourers to vote fur. Tills led to a revolution. The in Pressman the Nyale town Uppit Blivian thinks As the election is a near at hand that Sloan s majority in Ellemon county May hot be Over 500 but it says if the canvass Koukl be continue l a Little longer and Vira Beo would stump every town in the county it would not fall Ono Voto Short of thousand Larabie is trying to creep away from the charge of voting for a know nothing for speaker by saying that Smith was not a member of Tho dark lantern this among the intelligent Reading peo ple still scarcely do. It is a fact that Smith the Man for whom Laralee voted for speaker was nominated and elected to Congre a by the in is Orth Over the regular nominee of the democratic party. This is a matter How Tkv loth at it. Tumson where Larabee spoke none by germans appeared in procession. The native born Smith Lani Benites refused to come out with the but a few weeks remain before election there should be do Idle hours spent b republicans. Uso every Opportunity advances the Good work Don t neglect your club meetings and see to it that school District is canvassed. Of american citizens upon Tho seas won Liko of Day in Tho South Orn states of our Union Northern Citi Zens Aro Imu lad and Arros Lod if suspected of by ing favourably to Freedom. What the Columbus journal says that the reasons Garabeo urged in Iii speech a that place Why to should be to elected was because he had voted for three re Puli Lecun measures during the last session be cause Smith who he voted for for Spenker to believed was not a member of Ali know nothing order and because h believed As Douglas does Aboul if i lived in a Southern slate when slavery existed i would own slaves buy Larabee. The democrats claim that Larabee is working out of 200 times the Cassius m. Clay is coming into this his name was called in Congress last i stale to do some talking and will make apr the record shows to answered by fond do Lac Ono of his Point. 1 eighty six times. A working Man of Tho horses or canted to senator Eward during his tour in Syria have arved in this country. The Watertown Republican says that bile l Abco was speaking in that City prominent Democrat in reply to some question said that there were plenty of Ouglas but very Lew Strabo a men pics no. Tho Garabeo gathering came off As an Onn ced by Tho Bills. It was a Siml gathering. Tho lion made such a speech s is Safo to make with no Craft in Urbutt is Good As the cener Lily of Parli an Atkinson chief. Walker news by that. Tho re silos win. Walker Tho Jroy cod Man of has been shot by the Hon Luras nov ointment will be received by All lovers of Ponc a and government. He was an outlaw and a ii slavery prop saudi so and War Latiin hit nou a domestics a Nice i. U isio.iciii.-i2 is Lii Oua Illint s for the of veiling their soil into slave Turret Oil. Fall wll be Reo rented by Nono Savo talk slave Power and the democratic , which sanctioned i. Schemes of piracy and 3ir. Ii. Gordier has returned from a Campaign of several weeks in Southern Indiana whither he went by invitation of the Republican committee to address the German population. Lie brings the most favourable accounts of the ill publican Cau so there. He visited the Siruc Points i i 18og, and says that one German Republican was Trioa found Thero Are Twenty now. He puts Down Indiana jew Suro for Lincoln. A o -.1 l till n i i m to i a nut a i i into i of scum i la m in this talc i . I a i no i thu Ity it nil in m i1 lit1 j c. Tun t i it i d is ii i it i f by in i la invt i i it in. I la my 1 in will go naked Oil Don t. At Uii lil of. H tvo i Stoit am cloths Iet to a w a u. Ii u i or. I m. W.mh.1iui-, will Mij i in. J t c 1 Ivi l 1 Tran r. A. Ii. At id a Ilii Mii ii. Urt o .6. A i t -1 Luni i Ali Ink i1 a 2 k to o j it to to Mil ii Nhi t u Mai Iii tin of tin ahead of Douglas at Dodo As meet Isis. Do not put As much Tress upon the curs As some folks do but i arc Are some facts furnished us by Ono of or prominent merchants just returned rom new York that Are highly signs ant vote on the Esra train returning rom Tho Douglas reception at Syracuse Lincoln 455, Douglas 2cg, Breckinridge 123. This was after hearing Douglas. E now append the Voto on the pc cinch train going to Rochester to hear or. Douglas Lincoln 260, Douglas 185, Ureckis Ridao or. Douglas and hid rinds Hud bolter not deceive themselves about these big meetings he has. Detroit Tribune. The Little giant. Henry Winter Davis of Maryland was written to by some of the managers of Tho Bell meeting in Kaston pa., and requested o favor them with a speech. His n ply was to Trie effect that he would to imply to make any number of speeches for hereafter his speeches would favor the elec Tion of Lincoln 1 tub Krumno starting Point of the existing dirt Rencs Between the republicans and the democrats on the popular sovereignly question is just hero. Republicans deny that any majority of any people on god s Earth have any right human or Divizio to enclave a minority. There is no such tiling As a popular sovereignty which can shackle a living human being with chains for any Ether purpose than As a punishment for crime arid a Protection to society. No two men have the right though they have Tho physical Power to make a slave of the third Man hence the Iolj of ties has no application in this such is Republican doctrine and it founded on common senso and upon Tho principles of common wide awake. What Douglas in Union a Recin Ridge publisher Tho figures and shows that in fifteen town in Maine where Douglas spoke there has been a not Republican gain of votes. 1. 7 -1 i. I Nin lieu in Iko i Iii.1 us Jim .inilliu.r. L los Loozin in i ii i -.licir. I. .kr.vk. C . 11 i in in. It an at 111., by air it Llic i m t it in t. 00 no 2 Miili Iii. Iii Lik . Hilver Lom i a n i co or. To my him Lull to t Niy him Tiu Ili Iuliu a lot u of uni 0 0 i i. 11. O Fie Verity on card ranches Cleveland during the 2 1 hours which proceed Tho Perry Monument inauguration. votes were taken on several of tiie trains aggregating thus in Ancoin Doug las705 9.3 to car t Amaux having the seat a Market would inform the people they May ulivas rely upon at their establishment next West of the very Best meat Fin to Obi inuit in the country Ami it in operate prices. Market open it All reasonable of cacti so . Boots on nil l at Trio is. I for loth late it Don t fail to lit. To. Logo Sweet James Bradshaw a potato from his. Field last wednesday that measure 1 feet Tico inches in reporter. And Winter clothing j3ig Stock jus of Kec at Hank Manz s . Also a Fine lot of h5 h if g o o d s and geocebi33 at their store Vest of Cio suf of Good sugar the v a Pfoor Storo a
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