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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - September 19, 1860, Waupun, WisconsinJ juju ctr n n of m in at on s Voitl Kosid intr Abram Koli Yiock 1ia3ilin us . Vomit kill h. i Toru . .1. . A. Ron in 1st John. K. I 0 fibr i t v of a. Scott of do div 1 Oil 4ln t kor p. , St i . Kor treasurer 1 Tomt Komi do i no. For Raj Hli a of , upon Koi Jim Calumet. Kor clerk of court is Curk v. Dii Lac. For Oist. Jam Ilu . Purveyor Dii Lac. A Siikki Akvik Nikomi a Man. Rur. I Minim of 2d ii. To duct. John m Sii Klimax of . Kor Al Odon i Lton l ii kor kill f. 1iok1no, Vor clerk of John is. , Onk i Rove. For clerk of court tasks l. Ill Semi i. For pint. John Vainik. "iv.vupun. For Grok do the i i i for pm x Max tit. V Kvil Ion. The Ilu Gronlun l Ghanti a no l 1 nut and to of Iri . The of Fox Liiko mini int Noiin non i null enl of ten Chi a. Tho i Wii of a Lichti a Linen Ikins hip Snulli of we. In mild c . A. Ii. U1u.x, j. C. , a v. Miroir. I. Do Ini in oin. Tyml 1m is entirely . To Lias and sonic cup Oriundo in Julio and the lawyers Olio Bli Ould beat to Siblo to judge of Iii fitness for Tiv place wore we be Liuvao unanimous in his Tavor. Of fond Dunno one of tvo and. Ijar Ionising Young lawyers in the county was Suomi Iii cd for District attorney. To Bora n Vorio d. In Tho Law mud Sale to of Tho county and society in his Ditroi Elm a of fond do Lac is Hie Noin Ineo fur Surveyor Well fitted by Couch Jiuu and practice to is entitled to Nyrl will receive Tho Tob of the party in a on a Llo is present Deputy Surveyor under or. I liar Batik. As Init of the can Widuto for Coroner though thu last on the ticket is by no Moma Tho least Active or Able. To is off out and out Republican n hard Winker and will to wide awake Dur the cantus. All Trio candid Ara gentlemen of High character of first Rato business a pacify and of ditch arg in la the duties o Tho of Boob for which they Ari named. Now All hands for Nina Toivi conv miss a full vote mud an Ayree Ablo to suit. Mooting saturday evening. I i lion. A. B. Has appoint input to speak hero next saturday evening lie is said to to a Good talker. Dodge s Hall shout by with for. Assembly. At the District convention held Las school House if Burns was for Maui Sci Assembly. To relics enter the strict in Tho last legislature honorable an creditably and Tho experience of last Yea will enable lieu to to far More Sori Crabl 1 to county our Mast head a the nannies of the i Orsoni Noinin stud for county it hold ii it fond do Eric inst Friday. Re for to Thum with jul Uuro for they no Ali Mirable men and of the support of All who Widi Tho no fairs of Tho county Well administered. Tin convention done its duty Well Aho there scarcely of us. But win Trouil have liked to Lyvo Scon some Friend now disappointed succeed we can set no Ramon Why every Republican shun not Blu promptly Forward to Tho support of Iho Gant Lonien who were selected by Luil coins tent bully. When brought in co duct with principles personal Preferes should sink away from what we Liao Henrj and Sui ii to Troubl not that the was More evenly i divided than to Vui knew one and tuesday. We have b Eforo j us n letter from or. Oddino wherein to says to will be Here t tuesday god to will la in Tho evening _ it is hoped that nil in people republicans and democrats ill Como out and hear him. Wide awake. They have n prompt Puoplo Down at they loud to do they o with All their might. Since Tho meet of at Tho Corners on the 8th, they have Ormid and equipped a company of eighty ditto awakes who Are under command of Jap. Lock Wood n vary Good Olli Cor. They to expected to visit us next tuesday avg Ling let republicans everywhere be wide Wake is those in Burnett and there to no danger of defeat. United Floit inc full vote is All to need. Republic an meetings lion. A. B. 01 Appleton will speak at Dodge s Hull Waupun saturday a vexing. What was expected of Maine. V our renders remember that when Tho Douglas convention of thai state in session at Syracuse there was a Over a despatch from a noted Brooklyn senator then in . I Douglas con Eulion of Maine was Thon in session at the same Lima from w hich also Best stump speaker in the West Ichabod Codding will talk to the people on Ekx Reg next sept. 25nt. Second Assembly District convention. The follow info passed both Sci o cd he congregational conferences at water own wis. And Springfield mass., Las Voe Moss go sent to thessalonians 2 acts Rcv lations 3 John 4 1st 13. In the next Assembly. Ilu is n Fane of exemplary habits an Earnest Truo lie publican and can by relied upon Ever Lime. Cordially recommend him t he Tho tin 10 will faithfully Servo his hat Tho state will Sutler no detriment a Tho hands of the Assembly if his word a action can prevent it. The next session of the legislature will to a very important one and it is of Tho Ling hit importance that Moti of beyond Iho reach of n Bribo should to Olec Tod. Such n candidate and Tho republicans of the District will but do their duly in coming up a one Man to the support of . Ii. Bettis. It would seem that the recent disaster n the Lake is Attri bulala to the careless Ness of. Capt. Of the Schooner Augusta. Witnesses swear that the a Hooner was out of her Louiso and that Iho would have Boon Safe in laying to after Tho Accident and might have have the greater part of . Capt. M. Was arrested it and his vessel Biol cd by Tho owner of the lost St nor. A serious Accident occurred on the Racine Aud Mississippi Railroad Tho other night. A special train ran into the Rogu Lar passenger train As Tho Latte r was taking on woo 1 and water splitting Tho hinder car in Twain and killing live persons. Capital should own labor says her so lick a. Johnson Tho Douglas candidate for vice president. Are Tho Laboris North so willing to be made Luvas As to vote for him to shall see. Every Man to is can elect Sloan to can carry Dodg and fond la Lac counties by Largo i majorities if every us publican will do his duty. We must Day Overy pursuant to Call of District , Tho republicans of Tho second Assembly District of fond do Lac county Mot in convention it the Ash school House in Springvale on a p. M september 13th, iiibt., for Iho purpose of nominating a candidate fur Moi Bur of Assembly. Jos. I air Bank was chosen chairman and j. Ii. Viiu werhoff appointed Secre tary. P. Sang and w. I Ripley were appointed a committee on credentials and reported accredited delegates present As follows from North Ward of ii. Brinkerhoff and we. Ware. Waupun ii. Chapin Joseph Fairbank Wui. Thompson and Theophilu s Fri Brauk. Credentials Eldorado win. C. Wolcott Wai. And am son. Jones m. Brownell p. V. Sang d. Pilitt p. W. I. Pilloy b. Ii. Harrington. On motion e. Ensign and Geo. Gove delegates from Spring Volc admitted to scats in Tho convention a. C. W Ting was also admitted As a Delegate from same town in p acc of or. Vvhs was not present. Messis. Hilt and Ensign . Tellers and convention proceeded to Ballo for a candidate for member of Assembly with Tho following result first informal ii. Beltis 5 we Warnero s. D. P. V the senator forwarded Tho following do switch to Tho chairman of Tho n. 1 Denio critic state Contention Bauo a sic., aug. Douis As is her Bur Romusod by thirty thousand f Tho Young democracy of Maine. They Ulli Onzo Ino to Tho democracy of he Empire state in their name and say boy intend to Cairy Maine. F. B. Liis news Dulig Bod the new yorkers according to Tho regular report of Iho pre ceding which in Minto no Jln Uso followed the Reading of Tho despatch ind Throe rousing cheers Wei Given for a of Maine and on motion of Duncan a a Rue an answer was re turned York to follow Iho example these gentle inc Veio cd curly Wiser Thau they knew. Jacw Vork is pledged to follow Maine but it ill follow in a Stylo that will put the on the other Sido of the Road. Douglas s thirty thousand indent Young Havo slipped Oil somewhere in Tho interval. Have they gone to find heir mothers i Jeto. York conceded to new York correspondent of the Baltimore Patriot a Bell and Everett Organ writes a most doleful and despondent no count of Tho prospects of Tho anti Republican of unionists. A declares that to went into the fusion heart and but a adds the voters did not and will not be Obs Jiunto voters How per Plexico their singular stubbornness on such an Inopportune juncture when the politicians had the matter All arranged to refuse to to bargained Newny the Devil or Tho correspond Cut has got into them. The Lincoln men Havo Tho names of of the very men who voted for Fillmore in Isom in scribed on their poll lists for not put there by guess but by actual ver Itable of Tach Man As to his from All accounts Tho. Empire state i new announcement extraordinary As certain to Tiik pm 01- Lincoln the Bali Moie Patriot the most ably Ndu fated Bell Everett in thu in itch states in its Issue of september 7th, couched is Tho election of or. Lincoln to be and express fld the determination to make no further Ello Tiu to Lulf fits Caud Daies. We quote under Tho full convention that Tho Leo Tina is settled and that nothing which we do or say can have her electoral vote for Lincoln and , As is Vermont and Tho opposition convinced of this Are re Yaxiu their efforts there and making one More desperate attempt in Pennsylvania. D s. Dickinson of thu i Elt i Doug d. S. Dickinson of n. A. In a speech at n. 1., last saturday declared and Hunt s homogeneous fusion in the state of new York will not come within Litfiy thousand votes of c. At k. W. To old Call 70 to l age e Stock 3xt fall just us axed. The Franklin county Democrat has cast off Douglas and run up Lincoln Tii Ife is in the very Centre of the eur yp1 of Illinois. And the Douglas candidate for representative in the Henderson and Var rur. County District of Illinois has also come out for Lincoln a tallest Moore of Alabama has lately manifested his want of deference to Tho fair sex in a o 1 i 1 Wuhib i in Luence in changing Tho mini Tubolo novel it is reported that finding a. Now so obvious to Over Revloc Tius he Reni it now to obvious to Overy Reilo Tiu mind to shall henceforward turn our so civic attention to the promotion of Educa Tiomi in Maryland to the feasible scheme for opening Tho direct Trado Bat Woen Baltimore and Europe to the improvement of agric us Turo and its Kindred branches of ullage 10 Pic Extension of mechanical Industry upon the soil of our own state and to the Uii Cour gement of Tho inventive Powers of Maryland minds. In the remaining Uro months there Foro of Tho presidential Campaign which we regard As virtually ended we shall Content ourselves with merely noting its Progress us a matter of news for Tho in entertainment of our readers but As to have said we shall i incl our Roditi Oral enemies to Tho promotion of Tho objects enumerated above and in the Pursuit of those labors to Hope to have Iho Aid assistance Aud generous encourage Mont of All who sympathise with these the Penitentiary it to Tumpkin full he has pardoned Tho female convicts to make room for the males. A i vie a to writes , x. H., sept. 10, 1s57. Having had an Opportunity to Tost the value of i of. O. J. Wood s restorative i am fall and clot King big Stock just received to our neighbors Wrilon to our Sang 2 t. B air Bonk 1 Blank 1. Everything leave nothing that can be done although the Light was Sci pirate Well contested Tho unsuccessful ones and their friends will give n cheerful and Hearty Pup Purt to Ilio ticket . Tin United t Ivory and Harmony of not us is now Saiy to aug Ceis Ufim u mini Tod extort depend-., to a certain extent not Only Tho Success of our county ticket but duo Tho election of a. Scott Sloan of Lincoln and Haridin upon which depends Tho policy of thu government anti the Prosperity of our fro people. Let us All a , an old resident and present Post Muster at Lam Riino in thu county writes to the Comimo wealth As follows have been a resident of the territory and Steve of Wisconsin for Twenty six years past eighteen years in this county at my it seut Juliuo of abode. Out of the eighteen years 1 Havo invariably voted Iho democratic ticket i Johi or wrong until inst fall 1 voted fur a. W. Randall and the Blanco of Tho Republican ticket save two men nest november 1 intend id vote for Abe Yijin Coli and Lamlin and the Iopu Alienn ticket in Gene jul and on Denvor to do so for Tho next eighteen years to come should i live Tyml Lles nys ii is Roady for Tho Guillotine and we doubt not his official head will soon be tumbled into Tho Basket. To out a full o Post vote. Eve cry Man to his tuesday week was observed in Milwaukee is a Day of fasting and prayer. There were very impressive ceremonies at the cuu idral and the hotels und Many of the places of business were draped in several of Tho Reco Creel bodies Scro vast procession of carriages military companies Legious Aud other societies and citizens accompanied the and their melancholy Burthen to the cd Meteny. Next week is the slate fair. Groat j preparations have Boon made and we doubt not both the show and the no lord Nncy will be bettor than a Cieto oru. Second informal b. Ii. Boltis 10 i s. D. Darling 4. Formal 15. Ii. By this 10 we. Warner 4 s. D. Darling 4. . Having received a Mabo is Ono Man nil tin Good work will be completely Duilio As a l Pat Iota and free men wish it shout a Kotili f. Wiik Kajii. Of Spring Volc i our Unmil Idata Sherill. He is a gentle inn and a nil Tho vim Anil Muir necessary to the of Lucienl i Churgo the duties of the Ollie to vol Rich it is Ilc Tigi cd to elect him and to dare Sny that Tho Pimp to will not by in him. To n hard worker will be Clive in the Canvas and Ili rect his Oil oils As he thinks will Dost Aid Tho a Shulo ticket. Gen. Jolts i Orff to of Loik do Ime. Is the for to figurer. We do know him personally but to pro told that l in is n Good sound reliable Man in whose honesty and integrity Iho people May place the Nio in implicit . g. Doueik of upon. Tho Candi Date for Rogulo of coeds to know is our present leg ii re and one of the most gentlemanly nil prompt Sun that could to us Lwood for that Post lie in goo-1 fellow a bound Republican an lioness and Man. For clock of the Lizard of supervisors of Calumet said to to n tic Why Tiik lady j Ilgin Tho sur Tinel says it is now evident from the appearance of that part of Tho wreck that now lies at Dndr Jyoti s Point near Wnuk Cirann that the Linal catastrophe Una brought aleut by the dropping of the in walking beam through the Bot Tom. At Tho Point above named All that part of the Hull a but Tho amidships on the i Arbord hide lies upon the full fourth of the Hull from Tho Plank Shear to Tho keel. The. Most rational explanation of Tho disaster is that the colliding vessel carried away the a aboard wheel and most of Iho engine braces on that bide and thai As soon As she rolled Apo it the engine walking Loam having nothing to sons Inin them carried Awny a Largo part of the Hull and went out on Tho Larboard Side of Tho Kojl producing the catastrophe which All describe As very sudden. U is Pio Biblo that the sir it violent Roll after the collision did the fatal work. Tho Sentinel estimates that the recent calamity made one thousand orphans in that City nearly All of whom Are wretch edly poor. Such As Dosio to do Somo thing Loaid them can Send contributions to ii. L. Pago of that City. Tho abolitionists of Illinois have a convention to nominate a Gerrit Smith electoral ticket to Day. Senator Doolittle Luw a appointment to speak it Juneau next tuesday evening. Maine and Vermont Havo both been carried by Tho Ile publicans who a ipod thousands of votes in both Statos. Fellow and Clover gentleman was Nomiya Ted. He recently met with an Accident that deprived of his left Arm nod it was Quelai proper that Good Republican nud Chuipo toil is to a to should to nominated for this Ollice. Lad hoped that our Friend Mccall who ins tilled Tho Olieo so ably for Tho pus two years would be but a be out to should like to me the Docto in. David Babcock the Boyi Way will Rome Bor Duve. And rejoice thu Holmu been is the nominee of ios the lie full and a Are. Told by those acquainted with his present ways Jority of All the votes cast was decl need Noimi Inaten. A Commilles was appointed to wait upon or. 33euis and inform him of bib nomination. They shortly returned a Coli Panid by Tho nominee who thanked the convention for Tho Honor done Hisiu and accepted the nomination. Or. Sang presented Tho of lowing Reso Lution which was unanimously adopted Izas Ulve a that the fooling of this con volition is in Ivor of a. Landall As Iho Choice for u. B. , and that in Tho event of Iho election of our pies ont Noin Ineo 13. Ii. Betti to is Heiby re Quested to ii Tim vote for a. Randall to Long there is a Prospect of his Clec lion. On motion a District committee was appointed by Tho chair As follows j. Ii North Ward e. U. Judil Waupun it. D. Hitt Oak Lebl a. C Whiting Springvale i1. V. Tjung Lariar Tine we. Wolcott Eldorado. On motion the committee Scro in instructed to apportion Clelo Gards to future upon Tho Saunio system As heir Teoforo inking the vote Foi governor or at the lust preceding Goue in election As the basis. On motion adjourn cd. Joseph fal Ubais sch n. J ii. Sec y. All monday week the Pino tree Rita to hold a stale Lection to choose governor and Oiler state oif Ceis and Bix in embers of Cou Tho result shows that. The Little Grint he not succeed in finding Bis not liar in Misino Washburn is c eucled by an mar ens l Over last year of ver the isun Aio Nyrl is ilm Osl wholly Republican six Republican members of entire been a Lioan and Tho Gallant Lle publicans Honvo made a Complete sweep of county Ollie cars. Thin ensures Tho vote of Maine to Abraham Lincoln by najor by. In Maine Thor was a perfect fusion of and the Horucki Ridgers with Iho know nothing Clement thrown in Ion irined to beat the Man of the people honest old Abo. But All would not do the two Isis a Waterloo Cle teat. The r i publicans of that stale have Tho Good Light with steady and in shiuking courage and proved Imus Elvis to to worthy co Peers of Tho Gallant Flimlin. All Luil to Tho Pine Trei state Pir paid to Siviy slut it fully makes its by to More than its original Lustie liar has become Gray or i Tofu age or Dis Eaic. It will give the hair a soft and pliable texture Annj what is of still greater importance than that it is restored so health it imparts to the whole system its renovating Healing properties and has a tendency to it stoic health mid prolong life Ami give to the aged the appearance of youth. Ita unequalled properties ought to recommend in to every family. Try it be who labor under nov disease of the head and you will never have to its application. 51 of worthless imitations is several Aie already in thu m i rect called by Dif Erent use none unless the words pro Sesoi Wood s hair restorative depot St. Louis lo., and Neil Yoila Aie blown ill the old by All and Patent Jalc divine de airs. Also by All fancy and toilet goods Deal rain the United states and Canadas. Rank masks of Agi Oi-1 ill a Fen since All i inns of Needle Vork my sowing done by hand now it i ebtiniatci.1 that nearly two Ali inns of tie , or is done by the of Nia Chinea in fuel the i-oees3 of sowing is so simplified tint not Over me Touth of Llie actual labor is rec tired to a Eoin plus tie same cud. In connection in ova me to state i have had one of those labor Savins for a year past in my Imily and would nol be without it for any consideration. To All those who Are delaying the of one of these family i Ronld say the Saleroom of the sewing incl line co., and you will be satisfied in King the outlay dry Oral. No other hypo Ghesu can we recount for .10 separation of Tho Tilli and explain Tho a Siivo pcs Timoty of some of the Olli Cors hat the walking beam wont Down Bosforo he upper works float cd Oil. Gon. Nye is expected to make four or five political speeches in this congressional District. A son of j. B. Arnold democratic candidate for Congress first District was among the on Tho indy Elgin. If i lived in a Southern territory Amonti sont Burn men where slavery exists i would own slaves myself. 1 would not think that i was thereby guilty of i moral in con a Russ. As to go o learn thai an old gentleman by the Nam of John Wilson living All alone about r mile this Side of Dartford was found Deac this morning in his barn. His Skull Hac been fractured by a Hammer which la1 near him and his body dragged to the Middle of floor his limbs decently composed and his arms folded Over i breast. To was Between 70 and 80 Yeai of ago and was supposed to have la Money in his House. An inquest will be immediately Ripon times. The verdict of Iho jury was tha the Iti it n fell from a beam in the barn s injuring himself As to produce death. Or. Davis has got his Money from Tho it is said that Coppie a brother r r. Company and the cars run through Coppino who was Hung at Harper s Kerry Portage City they used to. Toll owing to Tho same Branch of by lost Friday was a very Busy Day at fond do Lac. To guess it is a Lively at All know there Are r lost of Good Fellows Thero Aud n Good lost too in the person of ewes of the Lewis House. For Good attention Good fare and Light charges that establishment can t be boat. Gon. James w. Nye of n. Y., has consented to deliver the address at the state fair lie u Oue of Tho Best speak ers in the country. On saturday evening week wide awakes paraded in Philadelphia. Giness in which the i totter proved so unsuccessful. To lately escorted quite gon. S. F. Cary of Cincinnati hns eco itly announced his determination to ote for Lincoln and Hamlin. Hitherto Houis Ceu a Bell Everett Man. Ii Mont 0. Fremont who Lias on against obstacles and in the face of opposition sufficient to discourage almost any Man in the world writes a California Corro Ippun Dent of the now York times is at last Iii a fair Way to to repaid for his to has just completed Tho most extensive mining works Over eroded in this country and n few Days since finished a four mile Railroad to big Ivy his Quartz from the mine to his Cius Liing Mills. To has 87 stampers going night and Day crushing 0 l tons of Rock in 2-t hours which pays him about per Ion leaving him a net a Piollet of about no Man in Cali fornia has Over shown such indomitable Energy and press Vanco and his friends will be pleased to know that he if at on the High Road to Fortune and Buls to Conid out the richest in in in California Home tvs Timov. Civ mud Columbia co., wis., aug. 12. Or. C. W. Air this May certify that Jonathan Clarke of Randolph town ship in this county was afflicted with disease of the heart and debility sons not to be to Able work much for years. He was recommended b or. Spuul City to take your medicines and he did so with such Success that he Ivas Able o put in Uia crops without hired help. Yours l. Richards. Sec advert Chect in another column com Emporium. Also a Pine of dry goods and groceries at their stoic wot of to o or res Dos Nimro no s. One third f Tho democrats of Grinnell township Tok county Iowa came out for last week. A club was organised and Putnam Danucar last full a democratic Iti Fin of now ton born Aud raised in a Lavo state and brought up a Democrat of a up Young i.ad1ks and i incr still o vol Toht Uluth for nuking i taif us thir ill. In Ironi Tua to i 0 it Lotchie. Tin. Sul Luimit hid ill it Ipuru i l of tin1 skin. K1 Saluo in intone Letl it be of Strnot Jolt Thom tie Ilo cipo Vith Lull Vilnit of on or ulily Rabi . Ilu Fotiou ice a n 48 j.v3. T. M.v11si in act iral no. Of Cit Huilin Wiiki. York. Waupun Market. A. Scort Sloan. We Trust our to publican Fri id in Jefferson and Othi i counties in the third dials it who read Tho Register will do what they can to Lender certain the election of a. Scott Sloan to Congress. To is in All respects Una Litie for the place and would in present his do tact As Well to say the least As any corrected we Wilt in int. no. I dining Soto 00 60 Man name now occurs to Andis Pinili by better than the present ing Sliu filmy weak kneed incumbent. A Tho Sui Clest , was made chair j Tiu chios to Tho s Ncry Power to i such a degree that to is despised by oven sout Crucis themselves is unlit to represent any Freo people in Congress. We Hope nud believe that a Man of altogether another build is to be elected in District this know to will be it every Republican does his duty. Let our ii ends in Jefferson see that Scott Sloan does not Sutler for want of exertion on a. Scott Sloan nominated. Tho republicans did n Good Day s work it Ripon in nominating a Scott Sloan for Congress in the third District now Dis graced by dirt eating Larabie and who has just received a re nomination at Iho hands of his party Only because he a a dirt eater. Forgetful of every Seti ziment that freemen hold dear has Dis that freemen Noia year Juu Misoo As Foft. Ctoudt7 graced Tho state of Wisconsin and Dis 1 it and we cubed even bib masters at the South by Lemk Register. Crawling disgusting speeches in favor of Breeding. A so t Blonn is n Man Loving slavery hating Man a Freedom and the republicans o f the third District will Sec to in that Tho disgrace of n Doug face one Andrews waa arrested in new Orleans an Friday on suspicion of Bavin been engaged in the abolition plots in Texas. Proof Nim an anon Raous letter which was found on representative is atoned for in Iho Iri a his so to was discharged. The Uin Baut election of 31r. Bee intimates that numerous other arrests advocate. The population of Washington City is in increase of Bice Isoo. Party of slaves through Lovon City on their i the number of slaves is decrease to Canada. 1 of 400 do Piug the inst ten years. May to made to Foo ions it Rod use a of. Ski ii. Dolly. It the h. K. Depot. Outs 2ivrv 00 7500 onions 4vct, Timothy 1 is 3-i ill Day co a 50 is bbl., 00 i , per ton 10 i.0 1 St Coo family Market Cometa by a Kaka i , Stone Mills co 2 i 8 15 Kino flour. Uorn mail Boltl co pm i 1 c3 Nicias. Accorn i to lib a to Iii our Ilnick office o i. Ilia Parup in Tutor ,1-Iiu lira. Mochi full Neil. 12 x. Orleanu. 5d to 8 j3 Pel lb., Silt Papua Iel 1 Bruil api.le-, in 0 1 i j pared. Clio Irica Klum it Tho surplus wheat of Brown co this fifty thousand Bush year that she Las raised such cont for Hlaic Babcock attorney at Law fond us Lac Wisconsin. Office j. . Won Voung Amadou having punch Nescu tie win Pim meat , the peo Jdc they in by . Rely upon ii dins at their establishment next West of Howard s store the very Best meat that he in the country and ill moderate prices. Market open at All reasonable hours. Smoking and chewing tobacco at Hewitt s. Oil Al i. Capital i. I a Lite ins of to. A. In Klor Jno. , i
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