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Read an issue on 30 Jun 1892 in Tyrone, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tyrone Herald.

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Tyrone Herald (Newspaper) - June 30, 1892, Tyrone, Pennsylvania Pal Mafle in if Cost to give humanity the Chance of the lowly birth of tation in the Ilc Foro nature groaned and shuddered at the june enormous Audi ence greeted Talmage in this City to composed of people who had come from All parts of the British Metropolis to hear the famous american his reception in England has been most Enthus Many letters were awaiting him from different cities eagerly pleading for a the doctor will have to preach five or six times a week if he accepts even a Small percentage of the urgent invitations already sent to he is very much gratified by the extreme cordiality of his Talmage entitles his ser Mon the immense from the i be Are bought with a your Friend takes you through his Valu Able you examine the the the the the the Parks of and you say within yourself or Yon say what did All this Cost you see a costly Diamond flashing in an or you Bear a costly rustling across the drawing or Yon see a High settled Span of horses harnessed with Silver and and you begin to make an estimate of the the Man who owns a Large estate cannot instantly Tell you All it is to i will estimate so much for the so much for the so much for Lay ing out the so much for the so much for the so much for the up in All making this my i hear so much about our mansion in about its furniture and the grand that i want to know How 71111 chit is All and what has actually been paid for i can not Complete in a month nor a year the magnificent but before i get through today i Hope to give you the Fig be Are bought with i this Crown with some friends i went to your Tower to look at the Crown we walked caught one glimpse of and being in the procession were compelled to pass i wish that i could take this audience into the Tower of gods mercy and strength that you might walk around just and Seo the Crown jewels of behold their brilliance and Esti mate be arc bought with a now if you have a Large amount of Money to you do not pay it All at but you pay it by much the so much the first of so much the first of so much the first of until the entire amount is and i have to Tell this audience that you have been bought with and that that Price was paid in afferent the first instalment paid for the Clear of our souls was the ignominious myth of Christ in though we May never be carefully looked after after our Advent into the world is carefully we come into the world amid kindly privacy and silence Are afforded when god launches an immortal soul into the even the roughest of men know enough to stand but i have to Tell you that in the Village on the of the Hill there was a very bedlam of uproar when Jesus was in a Village capable of accommodating my a few Hundred people Many thousand Mople were and amid hustlers and mule Teers and Camel Drivers Yelling at stupid boasts of Burden the Messiah a no silence no a better adapted place hath the Earle in the Eyrie hath the whelp in the Lions the exile of heaven Heth Down upon Tho first night out from the Palaco of heaven spent in an outhouse one hour after Lay ing aside the Robes of dressed in a wrapper of coarse one would have supposed that Christ would have made a More gradual coming from heaven first to a half Way world of great Magni then to Caesars then to a merchants Castle in then to a Pri vate Home in then to a Fisher mans and last of All to a no it was one leap from the top to the the Mange i at let us open the door of the caravan sary in Bethlehem and drive away the press on through the group of idlers and o Mary no Light no she save that which comes through the Mary no food she Only that which was brought in the sack on the let the Bethlehem woman who has come in Here with kindly attentions put Back the covering from the babe that we May look upon look look uncover your let us let All voices be son of Mary son of god child of a of eternity in that Cave the glance of a omnipotence t Heather in that babes that voice o be changed from the feeble plaint to 1 he tone that shall Wake the to Sauna Hosanna them which look he into an actual Supply of had the temptation come to you and me under these we would have bread it shall bul and been almost impatient at the time taken for but Christ with one hand beat Back the and with the other hand beat Back the Monarch of be tempted ones Christ was we Are told that Napoleon ordered coat of mail but he was not quite curtain that it was so i swirl to the manufacturer of the coat of put it on now and let us try and with shot after shot from his own pistol the emperor found out that it was just what it pre tended to Good coat of then the Man received a Large the guard against i bless god that the same coat of mall that struck Back the weapons of temp tation from the head of Christ we May now All Wear for Jesus comes and says i have been and i know what it is to to take this Robe that defended and Wear it for your i shall see through All trials and i shall see you through All says satan still further to come and i will show Yon something Worth looking at and after a half Days journey they came to and to the top of the just As one might go up in the Tower of Antwerp and look off upon so satan brought Christ to the top of the some people at a great height feel and a strange disposition to jump so satan comes to Christ in that very standing there at the top of the Temple they looked a magnificent reach of Grain Olive forests and cattle in the flocks on the and villages and cities and says ill make a bar just jump i know it is a great Way from the to of the Temple to the Val but if Yon Are divine you can jump it wont Hurt Angels will catch your father will hold ill make you a Large present if you ill give you Asia ill give you ill give Yon ill give you ill give Yogi ill give you ill give you ill give you All the Arhat temptation it must have been go tomorrow morning and get in he altercation with some wretch crawling up from a Gin cellar in the lowest part of you i would not Emend myself by getting into such a contest then think of what the King of heaven and Earth endured when became Down and fought the great wretch of and fought him in the wilderness and on top of the but i bless god that in the Triumph Over temptation Christ gives us the Assurance that we also shall having himself been he is Able to Succour All those who Are in a violent storm at sea the mate told a the rigging had become entangled at the go tip and right a gentleman standing on the deck dont Send that boy up he will be dashed to the mate i know what i am the boy raised his hat in recognition of the and then Rose hand Over hand and went to work and Asho swung in the storm the passengers wrung their hands and expected to see him the work done to came Down in and a Christian Man said to Why did you go Down into the forecastle before you went up a said the boy i went Clown to my Mother always taught me before i undertook any great to what is that you have in your Vest said the of that is the new he said i thought 1 would carry it with to if i really did go How Well the boy was protected i care not How great the height or How vast the with Christ within us and Christ beneath us and Christ above us and Christ All around us nothing can befall us in the Way of Christ himself having been in the tempest will deliver All those who put their Trust in blessed be his glorious name now Christ was the third instalment paid for our redemption was the Saviours Sham i Call it a Sham has never been anything so indecent or unfair in any criminal court As was witnessed at the trial of they hustled him into the courtroom at 2 Oclock in the they gave him no time for they gave him no Opportunity subpoena ing the ruffians for glory be to god that Jesus came from throne to that we might Rise from Manger to and that All the Gates Are and that the door of that once swung this Way to let Jesus now swings the other Way to let us let All bellmen of heaven Lay hold the rope Hafl ring out the i bring glad tidings of great which shall be to All people for today is born in the City of David a which is Christ the the second instalment paid for our souls clearance was the scene in a mountainous full of where there Are to this Day panthers and wild beasts of All so that you must now go there armed with knife or gun or it was there that Jesus went to think and to and it was there that this monster of More terrific than any thing that prowled in that met the Rose in the Cheek of Publes in his letter to the roman ascribed to Rose had scattered its abstinence from food had thrown him into a Long abstinence from food recorded in pro Jane history is that of the Crew of the ship Juno for Twenty three Days they had e thing to but this sufferer had t wed a month and ten Days before he broke hunger must have agonized every fiber of the body and gnaw flon stomach Hub Teeth of the thought of u morsel of bread or meat must have the body with something he turn out a pack of men hungry and it they had Ono yell they would devourer that f who were wandering around through the Midnight of course they saw the arrest and went into the but Jesus friends were sober were respectable and at that s Oclock in the of course they were at Home consequently Christ entered the courtroom with the look at him no one to speak a word for i lift the lantern until i can look into his and As my heart beats in sympathy for the Best Friend the world Ever himself now utterly Friend an officer of the courtroom comes up and smites him in the and i see the blood stealing from gum and of it was a farce of a lasting Only perhaps an and then the judge rises for sen Stop it is against the Law to give sentence unless there Bas been an adjourn ment of the court Between condemnation and sentience but what cares the judge iuw9 Molt when there is a dead one in the House you Bow the shutters or turn the so god in the afternoon shut the windows of the As it is appropriate to throw a Black pall upon the coffin wait passes so it was appropriate that every thing should be somber that Day As the great Hearse of the Earth rolled bearing the Corpse of the a mans last hours Are ordinarily kept however you May have hated or caricatured a when you hear to is silence puts its hand on your you would have a loathing for the Man who could stand by a deathbed making faces and but Christ in his last hour cannot be left what pursuing him yet after so Long a Pursuit you have been drinking his do you want to drink his they come up so that notwithstanding the darkness they can glut their revenge with the contortions of his they examine his they want to feel for themselves whether those feet Are really they put out their hands and touch the and bring them Back wet with blood and wipe them on their women stand there and but can do no it is no place for the tender hearted it wants a heart that crime has turned into the Waves of mans hatred and of Hells vengeance dash up against the mangled and the hands of sin and pain and Tor Ture clutch for his holy had he not been thoroughly fastened to the Cross they would have torn him Down and trampled him with both How the cavalry horses arched their necks and cramped their and reared and snuffed at the blood had a roman officer called out for a Light his voice would not have been heard in the tumult but louder than tha clash of and the wailing of woman and the neighing of the and the bellowing of the Cruci Flers there comes a voice crashing through it is the groaning of the dying son of god look what a scene at what you have done Call to the i lift the covering from the maltreated Christ to let you count the wounds and estimate the when the nails went through christs right hand and through christs left that bought both your hands with All their Power to work and lift and write when the nails went through christs right foot and christs left bought your with All their Power to walk or run or when the Thorn went into christs that bought your with All its Power to think and when the Spear Cleft christs that bought your with All its Power to love Ami re pent and come Back if a Man in in no if he is if lie is and he asks of to Yon take your time and you say i cant come ill come after there is no but if he is in want and trouble you Sav i must go right i must today Jesus stretches out before you two wounded hands mid he begs you to go and you stay away and you that to him who bought us we Milit give All our and All our and All our i would we could think of nothing but come to i is so he is so he is so sym he is so i wish to could put our arms around his neck and will i to that Yon would begin to love would that i could take this audience and wreathe it around the heart of my jux Ord Jesus when the Atlantic Cable was in Ilo you remember the Groat Eastern and thu Anil the Albany went out to find it thirty times they Sank the Grannel two and a half Miles deep in a after awhile they found the Cable and brought it to the no sooner had it been brought to the surface than they lifted a shout of but the Cable slipped Back again into the water and was then for two weeks More they swept the sea with the Anil at last for the Law the Man has no friends let him says the judge and the Ruf fians outside the rail cry aha aha that what we pass him out Here to us away with him away with him Ohl 1 bless god that amid All the injustice that May have been inflicted upon us in this world we have a divine sym a the world cannot lie about you nor abuse you As much As they did and Jesus stands today in every court in every in every and says courage by All my hours of Mal treatment and i will protect those who Are trampled and when Christ forgets that two Oclock morning and the stroke of the Ruffian on the and the howling of the unwashed then he will forget you and me in the injustices of life that May be inflicted upon i remark Tho last great instalment paid for our redemption was the demise of Tho world has seen Many dark Many Summers ago there was a very dark Day when the Sun was the fowl at Noonday went to their and we Felt a gloom As we looked at the astronomical it was it dark Day in London when the plague was at its and the dead with uncovered faces were taken in open carts and jumped in the it was a dark Day when the Earth opened and Lisbon but the darkest Day since the Crea Tion of the world was when the carnage of Calvary was cube Ltd of the it was about noon when the curtain to Baa to be it was not the coming on of night that soothes and refreshes it was the swinging of a great gloom All round too god Hung an grappling they found the and they brought it up in they fastened it this with Groat they took one end of the Cable to the electricians room to Seo if there were really any life in and when they saw a spark and knew that a message could to then every hat was and the rockets flew and the guns sounded until All the vessels on the expedition knew the work was done and the continents were lashed my Sabbath after Sabbath gospel messengers have come searching Down for your we have swept the sea with the grappling Hook of christs gos again and again we have thought that you were at the and we began to rejoice Over your redemption but at thu moment of our gladness you Sank Back again into the world and Back again into today we come with this gospel searching for your we apply the Cross of Christ first to see whether there is any life left in while All around the people looking to see whether the work will be done and the Angels of god Bend Down and and of i if now we could see Only one spark of love and Hope and we would Send up a shout that would be heard on the battlements of and two would keep Jubilee because is open Between Christ and the and your nature that has been sunken in sin has been lifted into the Light and the Joy of the Peculiar a Cullar kind of the like of which has never been seen on the has been fished out of Soo feet of water near five mile Point by Rock cod the Man Felt a tug at his and be Gan pulling judging from the weight he concluded that he must have caught the Grandfather of All the Rock cod in the when he had taken in All his line he was astonished to find that he had not Only landed a splendid but also a Rook full of to which which were attached six Lively each As big As ones and somewhat resembling Gigantic the shells of the fish were imbedded in the and As soon As the Rock was taken out of the water the fish craned their Long necks out of the just As a Turtle the Nocks of the fish were unlike any thing the fishermen had Ever seen they resembled slightly the yellow Mouth of the Lamprey their Mouths were pointed and surmounted by a Brown coloured which they opened and shut precisely As a Robin the fish and their abode were held to Gether by Means of the Stout roots of a sea Weed which had grown around and the whole weighed 8 the Fisherman took the curiosity to the Denver and there it was placed on exhibition and attracted considerable Atten in the absence of a morn scientific one of the men connected with the Market named the shellfish Post artificial and it is quite the fashion to attribute to aluminium adaptability for every conceivable in the majority of cases there is some warrant for doing As the new Metal lends itself kindly to All kinds of conditions and and among these is the manufacture of artificial noses and wonderfully Good imitations of these members were formerly in ado in porcelain or Vul Vul Canite was the substance most in from its strength and Small liability to after being vulcanized the piece was painted by in artist in Oil colors As near the color of the skin of the intended wearer As for attaching it to the face Springs were at first but there was a Strong prejudice against them on account of their sup posed tendency to interfere with the circulation and cause irritation and possibly inflammation or absorption of the Fili ally it became customary to keep the nose in the required position by fixing it to and in this Way the wearer could almost defy for this Pur pose aluminium is now in it is Strong and Light Anil is easily covered with which is afterwards it has thus become a a motor of even greater ease to adjust a portion of the nose or ear with perfect nicety and have it painted to so nearly resemble the skin that covers other portions of face that the fact would remain unknown if you met the wearer a dozen times in a now York How to he was about to pop the question to the girl of his and was trying to de cide How he should do first he thought of the Knightly pro in the style of the Middle Ages by my fair say thou Wilt be and the holy Friar shall unite us Ere another Sun gilds the turrets of Avind Sor Castle then to considered the theatrical style i have Long loved you in though i am not i can offer you the True and unselfish Devotion of me whole Harrt he thought perhaps the easy conversational style might do i May Call you Mayst every one thinks we Are going to be a suppose to do get married just to please but after All he did it something like this miss excuse the a will by Jove and then she came to the Rescue and sa4d Thall its All and i know papa and Mamma will 6e so London neglected line of municipal governments annually devote Large sums of Money for the care of the the criminal and the but de vote no Energy to investigating and striving to prevent the factors that Are con stantly at work in producing these ii an ounce of prevention u equal to Many pounds of Beury two Hoys kill n Eugene of new lives on the Millay near the Largo Forest extending Back to the Kin fiem mountains bears Are quite often seen in that about one week ago Day set two Large traps Back of his House in the thinking that Bruin would be travelling this Timo of thursday morning Day wont away from Home leaving Day and his boy Willie and Days Tenny about fifteen years at hearing the cry of a Bear in the Woods near the the two boys loaded a gun with putting a Bullet on top of the and went to the finding a 300pound Bear caught just by one foot above the he had apparently been in the trap but a Short time and faced the nothing Tenny Pierce opened fire and by a Lucky hit killed the Bear the first had he not killed him the Bear would have pulled his foot out and made Short work of the the boys next proceeded and har Nessing a 3yenrold Colt to a drag went to the and rolling the Bear on to the drag hauled him one boy holding him on and the other driving the the boar is a very Largo estimated to weigh from 300 to 400 the boys Are quite proud of their a Snake that hatches like actually incubate the eggs they this was first ascertained at the Jardin Des in the female arranges her eggs in a conical twin aug herself around them so that her head surmount the Summit of the and thus can quickly perceive the approach of any she will remain thus coiled for two months without taking though she has Boon known to drink copiously upon water being offered her by her although like All other existing Are cold blooded yet these incubating snakes become temporarily warm blooded while thus this has been Well ascertained by introducing a thermometer within the circuit of the coils of such an incubating female quarterly the lord of the there is an amusing Story of a Yorkshire Farmer who complained to u who was looking Over an estate for a possible that a certain Arch was so Low that it wer Varry awkard in Leadin out a Laud o the lawyer thought that Laud o manner meant a lord of the but on what possible or for what possible the lord of the Manor had to be carried out of this partic ular fold Yard on the top of a cart he could not and not until he met the vicar of the Parish and Learned that the difficulty was that the archway of the fold Yard was not sufficiently High to get an Ordinary sized Load of manure out conveniently did he at All understand the Farmers Bills pistol ill Jolly mood he shot a Fly off the nose of it German the principal characters before judge of the police one morning were Bill a Cowboy from ant Hans the keeper of it combination Saloon and grocery on Minna be tween fourth and Bill was in the dressed Only As Good cowboys Are in the habit of his Slouch hat was under his and his flowing hair was somewhat Mattei for the want of a the usual re Volver in his Belt was and in consequence he wore an air of disgust which plainly said that he considered him self Only half a Man without Hans Jacobs wanted him charged with assault to and in order to get a warrant he had to Tell the court about it what do you Waul this warrant for asked prosecuting at Torney he Vas shoot at me last who shot at you asked Dot Man dare Mit do Long he Vas Arild what did he shoot at you for Yoost to make me some he said How did it happen you he comes in my store und he said if him or i says you have Glass Bock Beer und he says i draws de Beer and puts it Mit de counter von he roars like one of dose Texas steers und kick de Beer Fon de i told him i dont like Dot Busi Ness und he could Dake his Drande away by to bulls out a great pig und says Trow out or bottle of Tarantula Luce Mit a horned Toad in did you obey i didst have got no such stuff in de then what did you do Doldt him dont i would dry to get und Ven i Vns Lookin bang vent his und i Daught Dat my nose Vas shoot did you run out then Kab i but he says come Back Mit you or i makes a pig Hole in you Vot a dog jumps did he shoot again no i if him an ask him Vot for he shoots he says dare Vos a Fly fun my und he Kilt was there any one else present Why didst you blow police whistle i Vos going but be said he Voltl plow blow what do top of my Hett then you did not blow 1 should Seh Milo said Jacobs with a shrug of his Ven to drinks a Pottle of my risky he goes oud und i dont Seo him some More Tell he Vas arrested in anode what have you to say to All Bill Fox of Texas inquired Bill arose slowly to his feet and looked As picturesque As a Bandit chief As he exclaimed shoot that Edge id no More waste Good ammunition on him than i would on a laughing May have brushed a Fly off his nose if i hat had my but i hid myself this morning a Long Way from Homo without my trusty you May do Twenty four said the and in the meantime i will see about this game of shooting flies off the noses of German i didst touch him said Bill sulkily Asho returned to prison Francisco cooking dried every one does not know How to Cook dried fruits this is oftentimes the reason Why More people do not like prunes and apricots Are if prepared in the right they should be washed and soaked in cold water for Twenty four hours then the Kettle with its contents should be placed of the stove and heated to the boiling let this Sim per for three or four not adding the sugar until a half hour before the fruit is it will be almost and when served with Cream it makes a Deli Cious paper paper shades for lamps cannot Betook diversified in and any new notion is received with one of the Pretti est is the made in crippled paper of two tones or any tint mixed with the flying one of the most remarkable legends of the sea is due to an atmospheric Peculiar Ity in the Vicinity of the Cape of Good the air in that Region has the extraordinary Power of unequal similar to that known to exist on the boundless Prairies of Nebraska and the on the great waste of Waters which surround Good Hope the phenomenon appears in the Shapu of spectral or apparent suspension in the of ships which Are so far away that they cannot to seen on the surface of the these phantom like ships suspended in midair have Given Rise to the weird legend of the flying according to the which is known to be at least 400 yours a dutch homeward bound from the East met with Long continued bad coupled with the wind blowing dead at the Timo when he was making an Effort to turn Back and seek shelter until the Gale was Over but this he refused to swear ing All the while that he would turn the Cape or beat there until the Day of judg for this prof according to the he was doomed to beat against the winds whats in a name some writers still use the French spell to designate the natives of eskimos is the danish form of the and it has now almost wholly superseded the older French spell and is undoubtedly none of the by the Ever Call them selves the native name is in and the name which was applied to the Arctic nomads without their knowledge or is the corruption of a word which is found in nearly the same form in at least two Indian languages of British and which Means the people who eat raw York testing near Liverpool a perfectly equipped fur Nace has been erected for experimental purposes with different kinds of Coal for use aboard forced draught is pm and any person having Coal can secure trials As to its efficiency for Steamer some american Coal is being tested to show its merits in comparison with Welsh Coal that is used aboard some of the Ocean greyhounds on their West bound York thu treasure one of the English experts who exam ined the Gem Fields announced it to be his opinion that the Diamond must sooner or later be found in All the conditions warrant its existence what a state Montana is sapphires and a possibility of diamonds All locked up in her ribs and Lian Ralph in worse than High in it would appear that the women wore their hair to the to the discomfiture of those who wished to View the another style that was so incomprehensibly ugly was the combing of the hair straight Back and Over Cushion a foot i am a business woman through and with no time for mid la odd3 and he merits Success who honors there Are Blind people in intelligence is the synonym of Commer Cial keep Flowers fresh by putting a Pinch of soda in the try putting paper bags Over fruit cans to exclude the the Small boy now gets tanned by the run instead of the the love that is not continually planning and building Dies in its some people would like to have an inquisition to compel liberality and the letters in the alphabet of the differ ent nations vary in number from twelve to when the dude goes out in a boat it int necessary for him to take a net to catch the trouble with the Man who knows nothing is that he is always the last to find it forty eight different languages Are spoken in the greater part of them Are there Are people who seem to lose All their religion the minute they cant have their own the Man who thinks that his neighbors House is too big will soon be complaining that his own is too ammonia for household cleaning is the fashionable sign on grocery stores at this time of year in if Feather pillows have an unpleasant smell place them before a Good fire and left them have a thorough personal matters should never to introduced at a Chance meeting if the third party is not conversant with the new waitress aprons seen in the Best shops Are of Fine with wide hems and deep ruffles reaching to the Bottom of the ignorance is seen in its True colors when it interferes in the practical affairs of life and strikes a death blow to Prosperity and an underground railway about seven Miles Long and a circular subway of tha same length Are in course of construction in fishes that i Fullil the Gourami Are chiefly remarkable for the fact that they build nests like at the Breeding season they pair each couple selecting a spot among water plants and forming a nearly spherical com posed of a Peculiar kind of floating which grows in Tufts on the surface of the and plastered with the nest is usually about six inches in its construction occupying the fish for five or six where they Aro propagated their task is made easier by placing in the water branches of to which Bunches of the grass referred to Are the Gourami take this grass and with it make their nest in the submerged branches of when it is finished the female deposits her eggs in it to the number of from 800 to while the eggs Are undergoing the pro Cess of incubation the parents guard the nest Rushing fiercely at any in and this care for the safety of their Young is continued after the latter Are during infancy the Young ones find Refuge in the nest from a thousand dangers which would otherwise threaten and the grass composing the nest furnishes them with their earliest when they Are a few Days old the Small Fry begin to make Short excursions from the always in charge of their parents and swimming together in a this is continued until they Are Able to look out for the carthusian not a great Way from is the famous carthusian one of the greatest natural curiosities on the North american it is a tableland feet High and feet above sea Tho figure of the tableland is anal most perfect running East and and on its Summit is More than 000 acres of perfectly level abounding in running the Only Way to reach the top is by a perilous Road five feet wide and three Miles this singular Moun Tain was named after the carthusian monks by a former tribe of who occupied it and were taught by the it is now owned is a summer resort by Sonor Don Patrico a Rich banker of a Lucky irishman in his native was known As Plain Pat mul your ministers do hot remind her every time you see tier of her failure to attend this meeting or do not allude More than is needful in Lier presence to the Devotion and activity of your former pastors wife or of the wife of some other pastor in do not make her president of All your societies or chairman of All your commit do not forget that she is a woman and a wife and a Mother before she is an assistant do not forget that her time is not paid Parry in ladies Home a musical a musical Ratcli about the size of an go is now exhibited in Petersburg which performs a religious with Scenic within is a representation of Christ with the roman sen on pressing a Spring the Stone from the the sentinels fall the Angels and the holy women enter the and the same Hant which is Sung in the greek Church an easter eve is actually the Vatch was made by an ingenious russian Ica Sant during the reign of Catharine of a curious among the curiosities in the Maine state Irison is a dress that one of the who had attempted to escape had As a at different times be who worked in the Carriage trim lug secreted Small bits of which he sewed from which he Ashio hed a most remarkable wifi a in Bow at the Back by Way of he buttons Are made from harness Uings und bits of Louis mosquitoes afraid of mosquitoes have almost As Strong Section to camphor As and if camphor a burned in an Iron spoon Sel it will keep a room practically o rom insect from time to Tim brought out and sold m but the camphor g in them All and does Ita in Quito Rin Cople a i Fork very

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