Page 2 of 30 Jun 1892 Issue of Tyrone Herald in Tyrone, Pennsylvania

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Read an issue on 30 Jun 1892 in Tyrone, Pennsylvania and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Tyrone Herald.

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Tyrone Herald (Newspaper) - June 30, 1892, Tyrone, Pennsylvania Kings love in his net Bath taken its and bound Bath pinioned hands and feet right Teal within our masters Nesh of Gold goes round and round us cunningly and fairy Fine and to hold us o love o larger Como take weave thy Sweet net outside our House of love prisoners of o love come make caught in thy snares and seeking not to Rove outside thy by my please Tell us How it is that you Are filling Buch a responsible and you not yet thirty years old this question was asked by one of a crowd of four or five gentlemen seated in the handsome private office of superintendent of transportation of the Chicago and Western Railroad at replied the a Good looking Young Man of Twenty six or if you will have the patience to listen i will narrate briefly How my Heel caused my promotion and was the Means of saving Many five years ago i was station agent and operator at Danilin on this the depot was the Only building at consequently 1 had to do my own cooking and sleeping in the getting my supplies from a place of about 500 eight Miles up the it was about 10 Oclock on a sultry night in there did not seem to be a breath of air the windows were up and the doors were thrown open so As to admit All the air the fast had to be reported before i could get Good night from the dispatchers and i had pulled off my shoes and had nothing on my feet but my As i was idly leaning Back in my my feet propped up on the instrument table and lazily drumming on the key with my 1 heard a slight noise be Hind before i could turn around to ascertain the cause a mans harsh voice rang out i move an Inch and you Are a dead and at the same moment i Felt the cold muzzle of a revolver pressed against my put your hands behind your Back and look straight before commanded the same voice i obeyed my hands were seized roughly and bound securely to the Back of the my i guess you wont do much More telegraphing and he broke out into a discordant he evidently thought it 1 come he Ive got this kid after a moment three or four As Well As i could judge with my Back to the walked a a youve got have you and they All laughed said the Man addressed As Cap have you got the Spike lifter you bet i from one of the the Captain then turned and addressed Young no harm is intended you if you keep perfectly doubt less your curiosity is very much aroused As to our it can do no harm to enlighten As the mischief will be done before you can give any we Here the mans voice became absolutely take up two rails on that trestle out let us the fast mail is due Here at my Godl i broke in with Hor surely you dont intend to wreck the fast mail think of the lives that will be lost if it runs off at that trestle1 and great beads of cold perspiration stood emt on my forehead As 1 grasped the full horror of the the trestle referred to was about 100 Yards North of the and spanned a very wide but shallow fully Sev ent five feet i knew if 83 jumped the track on that trestle it meant death to every person on cried the you remain Here and keep your Eye on this if he moves kill the remainder of you come and lets get to then All except Jim followed the Captain out and soon i heard the Metal Lic Clink of the crowbar As it Drew the spikes from the what could to done my hands were bound so that i could not reach the and even if i tried the outlaw behind me would Send a Bullet crashing through Niy How could i warn the Crew of 83 of the impending danger the station ten Miles above Rands re ported 83 on soon it would be at never did time pass so it was now Oclock and 83 must be coming into suddenly an inspiration flashed through me like an electric Why could i not warn 83 with my Heel in my Lei sure moments i had amused myself by learning to Send with my never dreaming that it would Ever be an advantage to i quietly pushed open the key with my Heel and called r three or four times As fast As when i was interrupted by the what air you wiggling your foot about on that table for my foot has become remaining in one position so i re As carelessly As i although my heart was in my in so he said i commenced calling r it was now Oclock and 83 must have left too late too Iny god the agony of those moments was Terri some one broke me robbers Are going to wreck 33 trestle just North of her j was when suddenly i re 1 s Cei Ved a blow that sent to to the Iboo and left the key wide what were you ticking on them wires cried the How can i Send anything with my oot 1 trembling by tha ust a habit of on the Cey with my habit or no you wont put your feet on this table again he evidently believed that 1 could not Send with my but it was not us intention to take any 1 wondered what the operator at hands would on his ground wire and report what i had said to the or just think i was trying to scare him and lock up his office to to i thought the latter More anyway it was now too late to Stop he ill fated fast mail it would soon plunge off the carrying its of human beings to a certain i Lay there waiting for the dreadful crash to come in such an agony of sus Pense that the next Day strands of Gray were found in my a How 1 Alamed myself for not thinking of using my Heel before i suddenly the sounds of Rifle shots in Quick succession came from the the boys Are attacked exclaimed the desperado by you shall not escape unhurt and placing the muzzle of his revolver close to my head he i fell Back when i regained my senses the room was full of one of whom was band aging a wound on my and explain ing to the others the extent of the a close but Only a Scalp he was 1 dare say he will be All right in a few a he is conscious he said ten Derly As i slowly opened my Tell us All about Young it was rather a laborious As the wound on my head was exceedingly but i went ahead and related the whole from the time the pistol was pressed against my head until 1 was when i had the gentleman who had bandaged my and who 1 afterwards discovered was a explained How operator at when he heard my message did not wait for the key to but ran out mounted his which he had Al ready saddled and bridled to ride to his Home after he had reported and Cut through the Woods at break neck he knew that 83 invariably stopped for water at a water tank four Miles from Randa by but Only two through the Woods he had reached there just in time to climb on the rear car and give the the train was then run ahead until within about two Miles of and the conductor and a detachment of United states who were luckily on went ahead on foot and sur prised the who showed resist Ance and were two of them being instantly the others were at that moment Orna menting a Telegraph and now my narrative draws to a two weeks later i was ordered to report and was Given the position of second trick my promotion dates from that but what did Rhodes get some one Rhodes is now chief i Iee it stretch of shining sky like some fair Ocean Sunset peaceful and wide its spaces and purple shores encompass a Little slender Silver boat upon its bosom is this unsaid by winds or slips out across the Twilight bar through Rosy soft she led by a single Pilot Star with shadowy sails and fairy she drifts along the summer Shes filled from Stem to Stern with Flowers and love and Hope and will aught of what she brings be ours a met if we could Only guess she rides elusive and this Little slender Silver Winne in London just in new York while Henry Lajonchere was on duty in Washington he had a curious experience on one of his visits to new where he had been sent on diplomatic one his funds hav ing run rather lie entered a second rate Saloon in a Street off Broadway and was mistaken by a gang of Irish Ameri ans inside for a truculent Patriot known As the at some personal risk he kept up the delusion and allowed he bold patriots to entertain him to a Welcome he Only to escape from them aftei1 considerable eventually giving pm the slip by boldly calling at the House of a perfect telling him the facts and asking him to be allowed to remain for an hour or two in order to tire out his new who were waiting for him outside the this so tickled the fancy of the gentle Man in question that he insisted upon his visitors staying All and by the time he left the next Day he numbered his Host among his firmest friends Friendship which exists at the pres ent new York angry when very angry or suddenly chameleons utter a squeak like a Young my the of Cape an enthusiastic whose name is familiar to the visitors to the reptile House in the London zoo gardens from the number and frequency of his contributions informs me that one Day he was surprised to hear a loud squeaking and commotion in an adjoining adhere were some pet and going thither he found that the disturbance really proceeded from these Small reptiles on account of a who was surveying them through the by the Are their dreaded who catch and devour them whenever Forest Imd Woodwork in i see it stated that Herr the distinguished austrian was in his youth a and by the practice of his Humble Craft Rose to Emi Nence in the highest of the plastic not a few of the Best known artists of this country have served a Simi Lar sir Francis Chati who died Worth Rose from the carving of ships through second class portrait to Quarry in the Gold in Iii of his very respectable if not transcendent it is Only another illustration of the truth that to the real artist the medium is nothing nothing but a Means to reach a higher she followed him All Day Long like a Little if he she fell and scrubbed her cried and was lifted tip thus it went on from the weeks beginning to its he grew tired of and would have liked to run away from but he did not for she was his masters Daugh and he there was the did not know who he he woke up one Day and found him self the sky was above and there would have been Earth beneath his if he had not pointed them in the wrong he was christened in a random Way and was put on the As they Jens Oestrus took him As his share of the Parish when he was six years old he could be made useful enough to earn his food and Jeus Oestrus then wanted to Send him but his Little daughter Birgit was so fond of him that he decided to keep when Ola was twelve years old he could kick a Cap from a Nail High above his Birgit was so fond of Ola that everything he did seemed once she said a bad word and Ola was whipped for so Ola was sent to the mountains to roamed with his Alpine Horn Over the wide Mountain ate caught set traps and was he hardly thought once of the Little girl Down in the one Day late in the summer she came up to the Dairy with her she was carried up on horseback in a when she saw him she Flung herself Down upon the grass and screamed with but when her Mother had reached the hut she ran up to him and hugged while the cattle were being milked he went to look after his she Fol Lowed proud in the thought that he tolerated look he lifting no a Brown int that a big fellow what is it she it is a it int a Zaharo is it is Brown in it changes its has he two one inside the other instead of answering he took his knife and Cut the hares he he Hast got Moren the time came when he had to go to the Parson to prepare for it so happened that she went the same though he had a coat it was a cast off one of Jeus which was much too big for his and his trousers had seen better Days before they made his he walked aside from the his ears burned when any one looked at but if any one dared to mock to used a pair of fists which inspired re he was a handsome enough lad and finely but his clothes and his drowsy hair made him look heavy thoughts came to and a de fiant spirit was kindled within it was at such a time that Birgit sought him and spoke kindly to you mind the she said they laugh at they dont mean anything by its just a Way they somebody will to harm if you Ever do he answered that is foolish she gently re i know you too you harm you dont understand he it is no use 1 do understand she with a and 1 wish you would let me say one thing to you before 1 say she while a Quick Blush sprang to hoi i think i wont say after she and turned to say he seizing her wish you could do As the change your she Drew her hand away from his and ran Down the so that the stones and dry leaves hew about that night he picked a quarrel with Thorger who was said to be attentive to and he thrashed All the following Winter he kept watch of her from and picked quarrels with everybody whom she seemed to change my lie change Ray like the How can i do it this thought followed him Day am one Iii the an Emi Grant ship bound for America appeared at the Mouth of the Ola packed together his few traps Ani went up to Oestrus of to say he met Birgit in the Birch Grove behind the it was the time when the buds were bursting and the swallows had just where Are you going she asked As she saw him coming with bundle and staff in to America she americal the answer seemed to frighten her in turned Pale and caught hold of a Birch tree for he watched her what Are you going to do in Ameri Ola she asked change my he with a vigor that startled and if i come Back within five years with a changed skin will you Promise to wait for me i she weeping quietly upon his five years from that Day a Young Man was seen hastening up the Hillside to he had a big Slouch hat on his head and he was Well his face was Square and de his eyes danced with for in his pocket he had a Royal marriage with which he meant to Surprise somebody up at Oestrus it was five years today since he left and it was five years she had promised to wait for for this had saved and suffered for five Long weary he had been a Silver Miner in Leadville when the place was yet and he had sold his claim for As he was hurrying an old who was sitting by the Road hailed gentle folks out walking today she holding out her hand for a gentle folks he with a Happy laugh i am Ola who used to Herd cattle at Oestrus Ola who was on the Parish then you must have changed your that was what 1 went to America he the Church Lay half Way up the Hill there Ola sat Down to for he had walked far and was presently he heard music up under the ledge of the Forest there was one Clar inet and a bridal party there was the with a Silver Crown upon her head and shining brooches upon her the procession came now the master of the ceremonies opened the Church doors wide and went to meet the Bride and Ola sat still like a Rock but a strange numbness came Over As the party Drew near to the Gate of the churchyard he arose and tall and in the Middle of the then came Birgit Oestrus and Thorger she looked Pale and he you didst expect to to your wed Birgit Oestrus to and stared hard at she gave a scream the Crown fell from her head she rushed Forward and Flung her arms about his now he whoever and ill make a merry Jeus Oestrus stepped Forward and his voice Shook with Wrath and veins swelled upon his Here i he if you want he girl you shall fight for not with old retorted Ola but with Torgor ill Lini come the bridal guests made a ring on the teen and the bridegroom came slowly hard he to have to fight for your Bride on your wedding fight who in her happiness lad been Blind and woke up with a she unwound her arms from Olas neck and stepped up Between the iwo do not do not fight she holding out her hands first to one claimant and then to the you know for whom i have waited for these five you know whom i have loved since 1 was a but you used Force against me and now he has come i am no longer afraid of whoever will to my wedding guest let him shouted for 1 live in my hand a Royal License to be married to Jeus Oestrus Daugh All that Money can buy you shall to ill make a wed Ding the Fame of which shall be heard in seven parishes he took the brides Arm and marched boldly into the the wedding guests looked at Jeus who was venting his Wrath upon the you Coward he you let the girl be snatched away before your very i am glad enough to be rid of such a folks Well have our wedding a girl belongs to him who can catch with a wrathful snort he stalked in through the open Church and the wedding guests slowly ton first National Bank of surplus Joseph vice Shelly in Slider Joseph Jacob John deposits solicited from business men and interest allowed on time private Safe Deposit boxes for discounts patrons of this Bank will receive the Liberal treatment consistent with Safe Bank in pcs Sylvania from Tyrone to Lewistown fast Lino Dally to let off Pasco mixers at m Philadelphia Atlantic daily it har i 25 seashore Dally at 835 Harrisburg in fat Day at 1nnting it 235 i 7 mail at Hunting irelnd Hlubin at 1 in Thila Kew Orleans and daily except at Tyro no tint 6 Pacific at Tyrone 7 m professional j Alt successor to the into Wolfre Logan w physician and Ollice and residence on co Rucio lok Anand Runita physician and office in toners Ridge nearly opposite Hermans l physician and office anal 27 and 29 Juniata Rowan physician and Ohice and residence on Logan office and Washington ride physician and Tig office in Pruner Boon i Jon rails Otimia a lost id 17 Lincoln j 12 Mala office up Tokio once Swartz Way it in Al Ritt Sbur 150 mail at 1g it p Altoona it 9 columbian at j i 10 Tyrone Clearfield from Tyrone to Osceola Houtzdale Philipsburg do Enfield Curwensville Tyrone Osceola Clearfield Clearfield Osceola Tyrone 7 Day Curwen Stilie Day Philipsburg Osceola Curwensville Clearfield Tyrone on Putler Pennito it mob Union trains leave and mud 510 a rivet and and p and and trains in Ivy and and and find arrive at and Anil Bald Eagle Valley from Tyrone to lock Bellefonte lock Haven Day Milesburg 5 t gits Ana Ether administered Turine sati Alton of Jui Jialu Snehal insurance agent1 Xone but Good companies life and Stevens Uorn sys and Counselor at Law collection 3 in Klynn main Tyrone the Milton Hicks attorn a y a to 16 main collections m Money to loan n Cood real estate James Skal estate Ajja collection Telce Logan opposite Hoggs shoe special attention Given to the Section of claims in the several counties in ills Frazer Axle grease Best in the its Wear n e Are actually out Autine two boxes of any other not effected by Stoel Jubee g s ale by dealers Day Bock the division of the division of time into hours was practice among the babylonians from Remote but the who introduced the babylonian hour into the sex age Simal system of notation was chosen by that ancient people because there is no number having so Many divisions As the babylonians divided the daily journey of the the ruler of the into Twenty four each Para Sang or hour was subdivided into sixty and that again into sixty they compared the Progress made by the Sun during one hour at thu time of the Equinox to the Progress made by a Good Walker in the same period of both covering one Para and the course of the Sun during the full equinoctial Day was fixed at Twenty four tit the value of the Ruby is valued highest when it contains the least the largest Ruby that history Speaks of belonged to Elizabeth of the wife of Charles it was almost As by As a hens the Virtues attributed to rubies Are to banish to repress luxury and to drive away annoying at the Sanio time it symbolizes anger and As Well As boldness and a change in its color announces a but when the trouble is Over it regains its Primitiv Milesburg Bellefonte Howard look lock Milesburg Bellefonte Bell Foute lock on Buffalo bus trains leaves Bollo Fon to for state col Locc Ulm 300 i or rive lit Bellofotto from Batto and p on Bellefonte shoe trains leave Bil Lifonte fur Snow Ami r is i arrive it lion show Aud Lewisburg Tyrone from Tyrone to Pennsylvania Fairbrook Pennsylvania Furnace leave Dungu Furnace Pennsylvania arrive the Tyrone j weekly is Only one Dollar a year in piles Ajja Kesis gives instant Relief and is an infallible cure for Price by druggists or samples Box now York f t building rough and worked Iron roofing Felt i sheeting i lining agents Fofol and All Asbestos of All Nuver May vie s it our saw ii ing Mills Kiv ii Rorri Sirini pm durum Collis of Sash and Rev he than of lumber of Stair railing a estimates made on buildings Short window Large Quantity of Walnut lumber on Beyer powells pure a ton dissolved this article is sometimes culled do Holved too Elf Potash is wanted with it we vhargi50 a ton which includes thees of Thor ouija dry Andl Good condition Howells Haw per valuation in per due and item one Verillo Are considered the Best Complete fertilizers for wheat and full information about freight ton Treuter than other a pamphlet on wheat and dross by twelve leading agriculturists mailed free on receipt of three 2ceut in Lute and Farmers clubs manufactured without extra Powell co pm Tau South Carolina Bone i deluding bags in lots of 12 tons or less quantities per in Well Liliu Kuliu Bono is generally Cooc Euwin to tie the heat an proo Jot this in the states where it is most largely sold Uio agricultural exp Erlem it talons it Iyo following per toil t 81 per i which is from it

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