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Daily Herald (Newspaper) - April 21, 1892, Tyrone, Pennsylvania The easter pass us in some death remove surely the bitterness of death is slower and less adroit machinery and is cried 80methina which the human race takes for its own there Are creatures of god that can far sur pass us in some this slower and less makes room for something these eyes that can see half a Milf will be re moved for those that can see from work to world1 Ose which can hear i Tah nage says the Only objection to bad Man atm nevertheless it carries a useful feet will be removed for Powers of locomotion swifter than the Reindeer Hoof o eagles plume or lightnings then we have Only five and to these we Are shut Why Only Lvi senses Why not fifty Why not one Huu april easter the Brooklyn Tabernacle Congre gation had been invited to bring Flowers ucc1i 1i1y1ucu la Ullig he wars y Liy 11uu Uley Yew the night and a Bank of them was dred Why not a thousand we have on the front of the pulpit and wreaths o we will have but not mail this present physical machinery is put out o the do not think that this body is the Best that god can do for god i not half try when he contrived your bodily mind i believe with Al anatomists and with All physiologists Tunc with All scientists and with the psalmist that we Are fearfully Aud wonderfully but i believe and know tha god can and will get us bettor physical is it possible for Man to make improve ment in almost anything and god not to Able to Moke improvements in mans phys ical machinery shall canal boat give Way to limited express train shall slow letter give place to that places san Francisco and new York within a minute of communication shall the Tele phone take the sound of a voice sixty Miles and instantly bring Back another voice and who made the Man who does these not be Able to improve the Man himself with infinite velocities infinite multiplication Beneficent death comes in and makes the necessary remove to make Way for these supernatural in so also our slow process of getting information must have a Susti through prolonged study we Learned the and then we Learned to and then we Learned to then the Book is put before us and the Eye travels from word to word and from Page to and we take whole Days to read the and if from that Book of four or five Hundred pages we have gained one or two profit Able ideas we feel we have done there must be some swifter Way and More satisfactory Way of taking in gods uni verse of thoughts and facts and emotions and but this cannot be done with your brain in its present Manj a brain gives Way under the present Facil this whitish mass in the upper Cav Ity of the Skull and at the extremity of the nervous Center of perception and sensation cannot endure More than it now but god can make a better and h sends death to remove this inferior Brahe that he May put in a Superior you does not that destroy idea of a resurrection of the present body it will be the old factory with new driving new new levers and new dont you see sol suppose the dullest human brain after the resurrect onary Pic Ess will have More More acute More More breadth of swing than any sir William Hamilton or Herschel or Isaac Newton or Faraday or Agassiz Ever had in the mortal state or All their intellectual Powers you see god has Only just begun to build the Palace of your nature has Only Tiu foundation Laid and part of the and Only part of one but the great architect has made his draft of what you will be Wien the Al Ham Bra is John was right when he it doth lot yet appear what we shall blessed be death 1 for it removes All and who has not All his life run against Liu Frances we cannot go far up or Fai if we go far up we get and if we go far Down we get if men would go High up they ascend the matterhorn or Mont Blazic or but what disasters have been reported came tumbling or if Wen Down too hark to the explosion 3f the and see the disfigured bodies of the poor miners at the Bottom of he Coal an end of earthly then there arc the climatological Hin we run against a propitious weather of All Winter blizzard and summer and each season seems to Natch a Brood of its own the sum Mer spreads its wings and hatches out fevers and and Spring Aud autumn spread their wings and Hatch out and Winter spreads its wings and hatches out pneumonia and russian and acclimate of this world is a hindrance which every Man and woman and child Aas death is to the Good Transfer ence to Superior never and never too and never too and never too and never too have you any doubt that god can make better weather than is characteristic of this planet blessed is death for it we pares the Way for change of it clears the path to a How often we want to be in different Slacks at the same time How perplexed we get being compelled to choose Between Between Between Friendly Between three or four places we would like to be in the same morning or the same noon or Tho same while death May not open Opportunity to be in Many places at the same so easy and up Quick and so instantaneous will to the transference it will amount to about the same quicker Han i can speak this sentence you will to among your glorious among the among the in Tho on the at the and now rom world to world As soon As a Robin lops from one tree Branch to another tree distance no Immen sity easily says 1 cannot Sec How 3od is going to reconstruct my body in the that will be very easy us compared with what he has already Eloiie with your body four or six or ten All scientists Tell us that Tho huitau body changes entirely once in Toiven so that if you Twenty eight years of ago you Havo now your fourth if Ron Are fort two years of age you have we six if you Are seventy years of age you have had ten do you by unbelieving think if god could build for you four or five or ten bodies he could really build for you one More to be called the resurrection Aye to make that resurrection body will not require half us much ingenuity and Power As those other Odies you have is it not easier for a sculptor to make a statue out of silent Clay than it would by to make a statue out of some material that is alive and and running hither and thither will it not be easier for god to make the resurrection body out of the silent dust of the crumbled body than it was to make your body Over five or six or i Fth times while it was in falling or rising god has already on your of yet w3 j four or five bodies bestowed ten times to in this More omnipotence than he will Pat no Atefat them Over the the word resurrection was spelled out in letters of Whit Especial music was added to the great congregational Samuel surely the bitterness o death is so cried and the Only objection have to this text is that a bad Man utter nevertheless it is and in a Hyghe and better sense than that in which it a originally years ago a Leger something like this was told me in i hut lived a very poor woman by the Imron of in front of her door was a pea which was her Only resource for a lev the in poor garb we walking through the Earth and no on would entertain in vain he Knocke it the door of palaces and of Humble d cold and hungry and insufficient As he none received by 2oming one Day to the hut of this woman whose name was she received him d offered him a few crusts and Aske Lim to warm himself at the handful o and she sat up All night that the wayfarer might have a Pillow to rest in the morning this divine being asked her As he departed what she would Havi him do in the Way of and told he Chat he owned the universe Aud would Givi her what she All she asked a that her Pear tree might be Anc the boys who stoic her one climbing the might not be Able to be Down without her so it was and All who climbed the tre were compelled to stay after while death came along and told the poo Vonn she must go with but she lid not want to however poor ones no one wants to go with death then she said to i will go with fou if you will first climb up into my Tai ree and bring me Down a few pears before this he consented to but having climbed into the tree he could not again come then the troubles of the world began Cor death did not the physician had no the undertakers no Busi lawyers no wills to the Peop who waited for inheritances could not get the old 7nen staid in All the professions and occupations so that there no room for the Young who were coining on and the Earth got Aud from All the Earth the cry went up Foi 5cath where is death then the peo ple came to the poor woman and begged her to let death descend from Tho ii sympathy for the she consented to it death come Down on one and hat was that he should never molest 01 cake her and on that condition death was allowed to come and he kept his word and never removed and for that reason we always have misery with the in that allegory some one has set Forth the truth that i mean to present on this easter which celebrates the resurrection of Christ and our coming Resur one of the grandest and mfg test mercies of the Earth is our divine permission to quit sixty four persons every minute step off this thirty million people every year Board this As a Steamer must unload before it takes another and As the passengers of n rail train must leave it in order to have an other company of passengers enter so with this what would happen to an Ocean steam if a taking a Shulii Lay in it forever what would happen to a rail train if one who purchases a ticket should always occupy the seat Assignee him and what would happen to this world if All who came into it never departed from it the grave is As much a Bene As the what sunk that ship in the Black sea a few Days ago toe any what was the matter with that Steamer on the thames a few years went Down with 000 lives too Many now this world is Only a which was launched some six thousand years it is sailing at the rate Many thousand Miles an it is freighted with mountains Anil and bos in its staterooms and steer age about sixteen Hundred million Passyn so Many Are coming it is necessary that a Good Many suppose that All the people that have lived since the Days of Adam and eve were still what a cluttered up place this world would Elbow place to to eat or or if anything wore left the human race like a shipwrecked have to be put on Small each of us hav ing perhaps Only a biscuit a and what Chance would there to for the rising generations the men and women who started when Tho world started would keep the modern people Back and saying we Are six thousand years Bow history is for we arc older what a mercy for the he race was death within a few years you can get from this world All there if in after you have had fifty or sixty or seventy you have seen enough after fifty or sixty or seventy autumns you have seen enough of gorgeous after fifty or sixty or seventy you have seen enough snowstorms ind Felt enough chills and wrapped your Elf in enough in the Ordinary length of human life you have carried enough and shed enough and suffered enough and Felt enough and been clouded by enough and surrounded by enough mys we talk about the shortness of but if we exercised Good sense we would realize that life is quite Long if we Are the children of god we Are at n and this world is Only the first course of the Aud a ought to by glad that there Are other and better and Richer courses of food to be handed on we Are Here in one room of our fathers but there Are rooms up they Are better better better Why do we want to stay in the anteroom when there Are palatial apartments wafting for out occupancy what a mercy that there is a limitation to earthly environments physical death also makes room forc improved our bodies have of wondrous but they Are very Lim there Are beasts that can outrun out carry toe Birds have resurrection x we have the foun Dation for the resurrection body in As surgeons and say there Are parts of the human body the uses of which they cannot they Aro search ing what these parts were for by have not found i can Tell they Are the preliminaries of the resurrection god does not make anything to the uses of those now surplus parts of the body will be demonstrate when the glorified form is death clears the if death clears the Way for All this Why paint him As a Hobgoblin Why Cal him the King of terrors Why think o him As a great spook Why sketch inn with Skeleton and and standing on a Bank of dark Waters Why have Chil Cluren at his name that the dare not go to bed and old men have their Teeth chatter last some shortness o breath hand them Over to the monster All the Ages have been Busy in maligning hurling repulsive metaphors a slandering for the Swee breath of easter to come Down on Thi right after the Vernal Equinox and when the Flowers Are beginning to Well May All nations with song Anc congratulation and garlands celebrate the resurrection of Christ and our own resurrection when the time is gone and to trumpets pour through the flying Clouds the harmonies that shall Wake the by the empty Niche of Josephs by the rocks that parted to let the lord come let our ideas of Chang ing worlds be forever if what i have been saying is How differently we ought to think of our friends the body they have put off is Only when entering a Hall lighted and resounding with musical you leave your hat and cloak in the cloakroom what would a Banquete do if he had to carry those encumbrances of apparel with him into the Brilliant reception what would your departed do with their bodies if they had to be encumbered wish them in the Kings drawing room gone into the Light gone into the music gone into the festivity gone among Kings Queens and conquerors gone to meet Elijah and hear him Tell of the Chariot of fire drawn by horses of fire and the Sensa Tion of mounting the Sapphire steeps gone to meet with Moses and hear him describe the pile of Black Basalt that Shook Whei the Law was Given gone to meet and hear him Tell How Felix ant How the ship went to pieces in Thi Breakers and How thick was the darkness in the Lamertine Dungeon gone to meet John Knox and John Wesley and Hannah More and Frances gone to Kindred who preceded them Why i should not wonder if they had a larger family group there than they even had How Many of them have got together again your father and Mother went years but they have got and their children that went years ago got together gone where they have More room gone where they have More jubilant society gone whore they have mightier capacity to Jove you than when they were Here Gono out of hindrances into unbounded Liberty gone out of january into june gone where they talk about you us we always talk about absent friends and say i wonder when they will come up Here to join hark the outside door of heaven swings hark there Are feet on the Golden perhaps Are coming Comfort from the Johnstown i was told at Johnstown after the flood that Many people who had been for months and years bereft for the first time got com fort when the awful flood came to think Llinat their departed ones were not present to see the As the people a Tiv floating Down on the housetops they How glad i am that father and Mother Are not or How glad i am that the children Are net alive to see this horror and ought not we who Are Down Here amid the up turnings of this life be glad that none of the troubles which submerge us can Ever affright our friends ascended before this i warrant our departed ones have been introduced to All the celebrities of some one has said to them let me introduce you to the Man who by prayer stopped two worlds for several let me make you acquainted with this group of three Philip Melanethon and Martin aha Here is Fenelon Here is archbishop Leighton Here Are Latimer and Ridley Here is Matthew Simpson Here is poets Montgomery and Anna bar Bauld and horatius Bonar and phase Palmer and Lowell were your departed ones fond of music what oratorios led on by hande and were they fond of what raphaels pointing out skies All colors wrought into Chariot wings of Seraphim and were they fond of poetry what eternal rhythms led on by John shall we pity our glorified Kindred they had better pity the shipwrecked and on a raft in the looking up at them sailing on Over Calm under skies that never frowned with we hopped with chains they lifted by sure the bitterness of death is if what i have been saying is we should Trust Tho lord and be thrilled with the fact that our own Day of escape if our lives were going to end when our heart ceased to pulsate and our lungs to i would want to take million years of life Here for the first my Christian we cannot afford always to stay Down in the cellar of our fathers we can riot always be postponing the Best we cannot always be tuning our violins or the celestial we must get our wings we must to cauda it afford always to stand out Here in the Vestibule of Tho House of Many Man while the windows Are ill Nuat id with the levee and we can Lear the laughter of those forever and the ground quaked with Tho bounding get of who have entered upon eternal Ushers of heaven open the Gates swing them Clear Back on their Pearly tinges Jet the celestial music rain on us to let the hanging gardens of he King breathe on us their our redeemed ones just look out and Ive us one glance of their glorified there they Are now i see but i cannot stand the close the or our eyes will be quenched with the Over powering hold Back the song r our ears will never again care for Earth y withdraw the perfume or we shall swoon in the fragrance that human nostril was never made to the Tomit of All these thoughts Are suggested As we stand this easter morn amid the broken rocks of the Saviours i know that Tomb has not been for i in december of 1880 and the rums of the most famous Seoul cow of All there Are thou Sands of tombs in our Greenwood and Laurel Hill and mount Auburn with More polished Stone and More elaborate masonry tied More foliage but As went Down the Steps Tjie supposed to Job of Christ on my return from mount cat said to myself this is the Tomb of All around this stand More stupendous incidents than around any grave of All the world since death entered i could not breathe easily for Overman tearing emotion As i walked Down the four crumbling Steps Mil we came abreast of the Niche in which i think Christ was measured the sepulchre and found it fourteen and a half feet eight feet nine feet it is a family Tomb and seems to have been built to hold five but i rejoice to say that the Tomb was and the door of the Rock was and the sunlight streamed the Day that Christ Rose and came Forth the sepulchre was demolished and no trowel of earthly masonry can Ever rebuild and the rupture of those and the snap of that governmental and the crash of those Walls of and the step of the lacerated but triumphant foot of the risen Jesus we today celebrate with acclaim of worshipping while with All the nations of and All the shining hosts of heaven we now is Christ risen from the dead and be come the first fruits of them that weep no More your comforts the lord is he lives and now May the god of who brought again from the dead our lord that great Shepherd of the through the blood of the everlasting Cove Nant make you perfect in every Good word and hallelujah Amend two female doctors in new Mulberry Street is not exactly a picturesque one would scarcely select its squalor As the Birthplace of Romance or the inspiration of yet one of its forbidding old tenements has been selected by mysterious destiny As the environment of As fair an Idyl As Ever the Days of Romance knew of Knightly searcher for the grail or penitent Pilgrim to the holy there is nothing to distinguish this House from its less honoured so far As externals Are the Entrance is As mean and the Halls As dark and narrowing to apparent solidity in the Dusky the Little suite of apartments contain three parlor with windows open ing to to a Kitchen facing the air when your eyes get accustomed to the you can in the very Middle of the Day distinguish a Nail in the and an inner room where there is no Light at if you open the dirty doors you will see scenes of wretched misery and most appalling bight in Tho midst of All those is a door precisely like All the save that it is freshly painted and opening into one of the Little Parlours where Bright rugs and soft carpets cover the floor the Daylight streams in gayly through the polished win Dow panes Over exquisite auctions of rare old masters hang against neatly papered in one Corner is a Cabinet crowded with Beautiful everywhere an air of most cultured refine ment pervades the out of this which is parlor and office and bed opens the Little dining with its Dainty table and then the with All its convenient Appu ten and Here two Young College have founded their Little and Hope to establish a practice among the poor people of the their remuneration whatever the peo ple can from one Dollar a visit their purpose simply to put into actual practice a Little bit of the doctrine that was delivered on the mount nearly years their names a that is their secret new York women Puiul their the women seem to have their purses full of remarked a car conductor a Little grimly As one of his a of was counting out fifteen of them into his waiting i dont get Many from but the women Load me up with and you dont like it questioned the woman who had just seriously contributed to his present you its very tire some to count them it make much but it does when a Man is in a hurry at the end of his and it is cosy to drop one or and then we have to Moke them we like Nickels then the second woman of the Trio whose fare had produced the pennies spoke up but we have the and car fare is one of our ways to get rid of men buy wipers and you to use up Lofte we the conductor and so did several in the a big Nitin opposite joined excuse he addressing the last but if youll save your pennies for your Market Man youll be do ing him a and youll Likely have Nickels for your car in a and i know How glad we Are to get pen the woman thanked him and said Civ Illy that she should and the Penny question was there is a hint in this to other use your pennies for your grocer and Butcher and who will Welcome and ease the car conductors lot with Point of View in new York a lesson for a careless Tho i Lious Philip Neri was once visited by u lady who accused herself of he bade her go to the buy u Chick in just killed and still covered with Feath and walk a certain plucking the Bird As she the woman did As was directed and anxious to know the meaning of the re Trace your said and gather one by All the feathers you have i cast the feathers carelessly said the and the wind carried them in All my replied so it is with like the feathers which the wind has they have been wafted in Nauy Call them Back if you Francisco a thoughtless dynamite blaster a big one of the largest pensions Ever granted to a private Soldier of Tho War of the rebel lion was recently awarded to Charles Glen of the town of Ulster he is and has been for some time a he and his father were in the same and during a Battle the father was shot this so affected the son As to cause mental he has neen granted Back pay to the amount of and a pension of seventy two Dol Lars per Skippo Orwell there is a superstition in Illinois and which says that the person who hears the whippoorwill Call in Day time will die before the end of the american notes and careful with his Bat reckless with a blaster in the Northern part of the City got himself into serious difficulty by fail ing to appreciate a he had carefully prepared to set off six charges of dynamite at the usual pile of logs was heaped on top of the and then the electric Battery did its a heavy explosion but no harm was it was declared to be a successful but it was afterwards discovered that one of the charges had failed to go the blaster then proceeded to get at this charge with great the logs were cautiously and a labourer was set to work to remove the tamping with his this being an extremely delicate so that he might put in a new fuse and re connect the electric Battery with everything seemed to be going on when the charge took a fancy to it exploded All in one strangely the Man who was re moving the tamping and those who were standing around him were not but the dynamite when it went off picked up two or three tons of More or and started off with it at a Lively it car ried it along a across a Over part of a five acre lot and dumped the whole Moss into a respected taxpayers front then the dynamite began to play Small it threw stones at the statuary in the smashed broke every window there and filled the piano with a select assortment of smashed Rock freshly gathered from the blasting a first old and experienced Cyclone could not have had More fun with parlor furniture than that blast the blasting contractor was sorry that his dynamite had strayed away from its proper pastures and set out to find when he reached the House in the five acre where the wanderer had been seen to he saw the owner of the furniture looking around at the wreck in a dozed seems to have got in Doest it said the owner of the sym a i should think it had gasped the owner of the broke a few i said the owner of the dynamite a few cried the owner of the Furni said the i am sorry about those ill have new ones put in for How about that carpet cried the owner of the ill have that cleaned up for How about those paintings screamed the outraged property Are they valuable valuable there works of old a i am said the owner of the Tina with unaffected and How about that piano you Lum filled it up with there want a better piano in the City of new and now its listen to this he shout and he struck several of the keys so that a hollow groan came from the inside of the piano where the affected chords protested against his said the owner of the a smile illuminating his ill Send my Carpenter Well dig the stones out of the and then i guess he can fix it Send a Carpenter to fix Ray will you roared the owner of the maybe youll Send u Sailor to sew up those ruined canvases maybe youll Send a scrub woman to Wash off those decorated Walls maybe youll Send a bricklayer to put that shattered parian Marble together maybe you will and maybe you wont youll get sued that what youll get and now that the suit is the owner of the dynamite is sorry that he did not use More and instead of a Carpenter for Tho piano suggest a Cabinet York Odds and a Good word for the salvation the Philip at a meeting to raise Money for a Rescue said that since his study of the work of the salvation army in England he had had the most profound respect and the deepest sympathy for the they keep the Back door open for the he but this is Only a tithe of what they there has been some fashionable slumming in but delicate Young ladies cannot handle this there Are reasons Why the salvation army should establish this Tho army wishes to do and proposes to do it without kid gloves and without any moral they have the nerve to do never in the history of the Church of Christ has there been a body which has had the courage to face the filth of human nature As they they have the and the and the Reso Lution to go where almost no one else can they have demonstrated by experience their ability to do this Moxom then described his visit to at the great mass meeting of when converts Testi fied to their conversion from the awful Battersea it was the revelations of that Day Wirich made Moxom resolve that whenever he could he would help the salvation i dont he How they or what kind of instruments they play or if they stand on their the salvation army makes up for its Lack of funds by enthusiasm and nervous strength and personal luncheon for women do not take the hurried Noonday Neul that they did a Short time barely stopping Between shops to eat a Roll and a cup of and finish up with some thing Sweet and they do not do this a lunch is regarded As a serious meal for so it is in and it is not to be having Learned that it is unhealthy to Bolt their women big in by allowing sufficient time in which to and they choose food that is liable to do them the most sometimes they indulge in a regular course begin Ning with and following with input and taking the old Timo Coffee and Roll As u then when they we ready to continue their shopping they Are physically braced for the Wear and tear upon their systems that shopping this is a most sensible Aud practical and when women Are brought to look at things in this Light it is a Blessing to every nerves Are not fostered under such and for this blessed change we Are indebted to the athletic to eat Well cooked food is one of the first principles of and one is better Able to stand physical bolls and Coffee Are almost a lunch of the let them remain taking care at the some time that the athletic course is not pursued too for there is a limit beyond which it is dangerous to Over training is 04 bad As none at remorse is the pin in a Silken Almond meal is very softening and Whit ening to the the pendulum was first attached to the clock in 1656 by for apoplexy raise the head and body for fainting Lay the person a horse always gets up fore parts first and a cow directly the a fool is a Man who lives in a House Witk All the doors and windows Linen was first made in England in and Only worn by the the is full of people who want to do but they neglect to do healthy plants growing in a room Are Good for the health of the old lace parasol covers Are being unearthed and mounted As lamp electricity is never visible except when it comes in the form of Zigzag Pennsylvania has expended nearly on the roads of that state in one Sulby is said to have been Able to dictate to four secretaries at a time without diff How exasperating Are those sunny natured people who will never allow you to the Chiquito Call the Moon their Moth and the navajos say that it is a White rider on a White a steel manufactory in Pennsylvania recently turned out american tons of rails in Twenty four of new has found that each cubic Inch of soil contains from to minute a the of is frequently heard vehemently demanding More in a stentorian the sea Post office system recently established on Ocean steamers to Europe saves fully five hours in the time of delivery of during 1891 the police department of new York issued 568 permits to carry for 2c8 for balls and 246 for new Jersey and new York elect their governors for three and of the other fort two states Nineteen choose their governors for four the famous Railroad of Peru has now been extended to on the Pic his thus connecting the Bead Waters of the Amazon with the Pacific Ocean at the will of the late the famous London is a simple Docu and in it Spurgeon leaves every thing he possessed to his who is made the sole the Mary Smith prize of the Pennsyl Vania Academy has been won for the fourth time by Cecilia of according to the terms of the gift it can be taken Only by a woman resident of Phila and must not be Given to the same person More than five Catholic Ufuti irions of prom the mass of books which appeared under the auspices of the Church immediately after the condemnation of for the purpose of rooting out every ves Tige of the hated Coper Kan theory from the mind of the two May be taken As the first of these was a work by Scipio dedicated to car Dinal among his arguments against the double motion of the Earth May be cited the following animals which move have limbs and Muscles the Earth has no limbs or mus therefore it does not it is Angels who make the turn if the Earth it must also have an Angel in the Center to set it in motion but Only devils live there it would therefore be a Devil who would impart motion to the the the the fixed All belong to one that of stars therefore All move or All stand it seems therefore to be a grievous wrong to place the which is a sink of in among the heavenly which Are pure and divine the which i select from similar is the anti Copernicus catholics of it was intended to Deal a finish ing stroke at Galileo in this it is declared the scripture Al ways represents the Earth As at and the Sun and Moon As in if Thesy latter bodies Are Ever represented As at scripture represents this As the result of a great these writings must be prohibited be cause they teach certain principles about the position and motion of the terrestrial Globe repugnant to holy scripture and to the Catholic interpretation of and not As but As established it is possible to work with the hypotheses of Copernicus so As to explain Many yet it is not permitted to argue on his premises except to show their Andrew White in popular science the decay of tace some attention has lately been directed to the very appreciable decadence in the Honiton lace making and Vari Ous reasons Are assigned for the the Competition of foreign makes of lace and a want of originality in the Devonshire Range of designs Are among the supposed causes of the and it is suggested that the county Council might take some Steps to Ward its the real source of too deep to be thus easily fashion unfortunately has not run lately toward the patronage of Good and few even among those who Pride themselves on dressing Are so much As elementary critics and connoisseurs of Tho the perfection with which machine made laces Are now turned out has been another fatal blow to the infinitely More artistic handmade thu Linen thread Tor Chon Mokes illustrate this Point very for while the Gesuino product is a relatively costly the imitation material in Cotton can to bought cheaply enough to to included in the trim mings of a five and eleven Peusy ready made Tho Princess of Wales and several of the other Royal ladies to keen collectors on excellent judges of Tho wares of the eng Lish Aud Irish schools of and when British women generally follow their example in a truly feminine and Dainty Croze there will be demand enough to bring about a vital amendment in Tho pres ent condition of the excitement made him the Amateur astronomer who discovered that new Star in the Constellation of Auriga remained unknown for a not having signed the postal card on which h mentioned it to professor astronomer Royal of he now prove to be a Clergyman named Thomas an

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