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Daily Herald (Newspaper) - April 21, 1892, Tyrone, Pennsylvania Nerve on the Drivers a old Stager Whoso coolness saved the lives of ills passenger so Hie heroism and bravery of Robert emmy is an example to every Schoolboy in Nebraska Gage county has the Honor of being his Home and Beatrice his in 1jg4 Robert Emery was a stage Driver the Joe and Denver in of that year occurred the great in Dian when so Many settlers lost their their were nine passengers in his men and two Al though exceedingly dangerous he offered to drive to Liberty where his brother Charles the morning of was the sky was a refreshing Breeze came up from the the coach left the station of big Sandy with its freight of human drawn by four Large and settled steeds in which the Driver had unbounded Confidence and Over them perfect tee journey was without Accident or unusual incident until about 11 up to which time no signs of indians had been but just As the Lead horses had passed Over the Hill and were on a Spur that led into the bottomland or was narrow and bordered on either Side by deep worn by the before the coach had commenced the the Driver discovered a band of indians about thirty rods in he wheeled the horses in an rods farther on he could not have accomplished the laying the whip to their commenced an impetuous the Pas benders were and were at once on their Emery if you value your for gods Sake keep your or we Are the about fifty in gave Chase with their terrifying and for three which were accomplished in about twelve pursued and pursuers made the Mast desperate efforts at the Savage yells of those Bloodthirsty villains and the wails of de Spair of the men and women in the coach Are past the Power of pen to but to the glory of the Driver be it said that he was the Only steady nerved and Une cited person in this memorable the coach bristled with like quills upon the fretful they grazed Young Emery on every Side and Cut the tharett Oil the head of the wheel but the Young Man heeded nothing but his there were two Points at which All would have been lost but for the Drivers wonderful presence of there were two abrupt turns in the Road where the coach would have been thrown Over had he not brought the team to a halt and turned with this he did to the dismay of some of the who saw escape Only in Speed but their subsequent Praise of his conduct was As great As his courage Cool and George con who was conducting an of train Over the saw the coach about a mile ahead and at once corralled his Twentyfive the Brave Driver drove his nine passengers into this shelter and words could not express the gratitude Felt for their hero and in the delirium of Delight they embraced and kissed and thanked god that he had held the lines and that they were in a position where they could not the Noble steeds were not the passengers petted them and cast their arms about their necks with feelings of grateful this memorable drive would never be though not recorded for the Story would be handed Down to poster Ity by the successive generations of the the hero of that Days Chase won not his Best laurels in that for wherever he was known his gentle manner and kind deeds won for him a Welcome in every devoid of boastful he wore meekly his Well deserved honors and silently carried a heros his health was and in about a year he was prostrated with and while upon his yet still ran one of the number he saved from a horrible placed upon his Finger a Beautiful Gold in which was engraved the following ran Dolph and Hattie Randolph to Robert in acknowledgement of what we owe to his Cool conduct and Good driving soon after this he passed away from these scenes of War fare to the silent and peaceful realm of the the doctor who attended him in his last hours eulogized him As a silent hero and one of the noblest of a Boot lacks Odd the United states once claimed the Learned but it has remained for to come Forward in these latter Days with a Learned who displays the following As a sign As Well As proof of his erudition pedal tegument artistically illuminated in ebon hues and lubricated in a work manlike manner for the infinitesimal remuneration of two antiquated tegument pedal or super pedal expurgated judiciously and resuscitated with exceeding expedition for a nominal com of the innumerable foretaste of heaven and of which every Patron is permitted to i would simply and briefly remark that from the even tuition of the operation to its ultimate successful the Patron reclines super incumbent on cushions which a sybarite might in this superlatively luxurious attitude my customers will find that the he Montpl and the perpendicular Are gracefully Louis King Leopolds King of the married is austrian wife by but he knew what he was having met her a month previous during a visit to at the time of the marriage he was but a Mere and his wife was chosen for him by his Royal How gave him the privilege of seeing her in on his return from Vienna Leopold was Rick for about a and according to general report not love at least with his appointed their married has not been so far As the world except through the extraordinary misfortunes which made car Lotta and Stephanie widows of the House of advice to dyspepsia is sometimes cured by thoroughly chewing ones food and eating half a Teacup of boiling water taken about five minutes before each meal is very if a person eats much meat and very Little bread and vegetables a teaspoonful of vinegar or Lemon juice at the close of the meal will relieve much distress that frequently follows for those who eat less meat and More abundantly of other a tablespoonful of Lime water half an hour after meals is arduous office thetis a certain Public official in Brook Lyn who is not renowned for his close at persevering a curious incident having a valuable Les soft for impatient human beings was of Tention to the duties which the taxpayers feed by a party of ducklings on these contribute several thousand dollars a year i they were very but they for him to attend he occupies a Subj had a mind for a swim and made no doubt ordinate position under the municipal gov1 of being Able to accomplish it on a body of his Superior officer is note for his ready the other Day the ram Bler chanced to be in the office which the officials referred to when an individual with a tired expression on his countenance entered and asked for the Delin quent Public the visitor had been there before repeatedly and had failed to find the Man whom he sought at his Post of he ventured into the inner Sanctum of the head of the place and inquired for he is not in just was the chiefs rejoinder to the callers is he Ever in the visitor asked complacently responded the head of the twirling around in his cushioned chair and biting the end off of a Manuel he has his office hours like everybody ill be hanged if Ive been Able to hit upon those and Ive been Here pretty much at All times of the Day Foi Over a but you should come in his office my the imperturbable Superior lowing a Cloud of tobacco smoke toward the will you kindly Tell me just what office hours Are the visitor with an evident Effort to conquer his came the quiet response from the with a significant move ment of one of his eyelids for the Ramblers fixed his own hours when he took up the arduous duties of his position they Are from 10 to rambler in Brooklyn Hook and ladder Hook and ladder companies Are essentially life saving in their to each fire battalion in new York there Are generally assigned two Hook and ladder com there Are thirty six to forty Hook and ladder though they May not be All in service at one some being under to a Hook and ladder com Pany there is Given an average of twelve and in particular cases there have been As Many As these men rep resent the pick of the service As to phys All of them have passed through the school of instruction and have been specially trained for their it is Noi coolness alone that is but that perfect Rel Koyce which comes from Well trained of the apparatus is carried in addition to the with their Exten Are ninety feet a number of with life Sav ing nets and fire on account of the extreme length of the the apparatus is and there is a steering acting on the Back which enables the truck to turn Sharp Cor the three horses attached to such a lumbering machine must be of the for every minute lost in reaching a cent i of conflagration Means chances of death of destruction of the Parrot and his parrots and toucans have no knives and Forks to Cut off the rinds of tropical fruits but As monkeys use their so tin Birds use for the same purpose their share and powerful no better nut crackers and fruit papers could possibly be found the Parrot in particular has developed Foi the purpose his curved and inflated beak a wonderful keen As a tailors scissors and moved by powerful Muscles of either Side of the face which bring together the cutting edges with extraordinary the Way the Bird holds a fruit gingerly in one while he strips off the Rind dexterously with his under Hung lower and keeps a Sharp Lookout meanwhile on either Side with those is and Stealthy eyes of his for a possible in suggests to the observing mind the whole living drama of his native one sees in that vivid world Tho watchful Monkey Ever ready to swoop Down upon the tempting Tail feathers of his hereditary foe one sees the canny Parrot Ever pre pared for his rapid and Ever Cage to make him pay with five joints of his Tail for his impertinent interference with an Uno fending fellow citizen of the arboreal difficulty with Field High velocity in Field Juns is gained not Only at the expense of the but of the the violent forces in the bore break up projectiles formed of the Ordinary cast and steel has to be employed for a material not Only More costly but less Well adapted to the purpose for which it is cast Iron Breaks up readily into Small pieces and allows the Force of the bursting charge to have full while u steel Shell is Strong enough to resist the explosion inside it too effects is Only partially and does not Fly into other difficulties also arise in connect Iii with and these have in fact proved so insuperable that the great Powers of the 12pounder cannot be fully util regards at any because a time fuse cannot be made to act at anything except Ordinary Don saturday the principle of the the German Froebel was the great apostle of the a word which Means literally a Garden of where Young human beings Are cared for As plants Are cared that their growth May be sym and that the ripened fruits of character May appear in due a saw that the infant made constant use of its desired to use its legs and and had a disposition to play that with the first indication of intelligence it showed and that its first connected words were in the form of it is be cause his system of education is based upon these facts of the Childs natural unfolding it has proved itself to be the and indeed the Only proper training for Young be Bow in indies Home tremendous the pressure that can be produced by electrolytic generation of Gas in a closed space has been tested by a French the highest pressure heretofore realized was pounds to the Square in this instance the pressure obtained was be tween and to the Square when the manometer cracked without any the liquid used was a 25 per solution of the electrodes were of and the current 1 York a among the instrumental resources of the Johns Hopkins University is a thermometer valued at the graduations on the scale Are so flue that a magnifying Glasa is required to read York Jod water so Large and so tempting As the at lactic it was a Lovely Day and the tide was coming in with hardly a every few minutes a Wavelet not More than an Inch or two High swept gently up on the then Drew Back into the bosom of the after the manner of sea with All the dignity of the Duck family this Little party waddled Down they were in no the Day was be fore the Sun was they were and Down they went in the most leisurely just As they reached the water the gentle wave ran lifted Tho pretty Little yellow Bird Lings off their feet and swept them All far up on the then As suddenly left them there High and dry and went out to sea the not at All disconcerted by this shabby joke of the gathered themselves together and started again Down the Beach in Good order As again the saucy Wavelet came up to meet and again they were carefully set Down far up on the you and walked off in a Huff by no Means i they wanted to go into the and into the water they would again they started Down the just As just As just As Earnest about it As if they had found no difficulties in the of course they met the same but they did not give it whether they Ever really got into the sea does not but As Long As the observer had the patience to the same game was in Little wave car ried them All far up on the and they All waddled Back with the Solo and single purpose of going to take a youths the Wise Man and his the Wise Man always carries an us is a Well known old said an umbrella and it is not such a bad either but the Wise Man who carries an umbrella is still lacking in Wisdom if he Doest place when it is handle downward to show me an umbrella that has holes worn in the silk about the ring at the while the body of the material is still intact through and i will show you an owner of an umbrella who Doest deserve to own not if it is a Good one and show me an umbrella that has holes in it along the ribs before natural use of it should make them come and i will show you an owner who carries his umbrella More for Sake of appearance than for a wet umbrella placed handle Down drips the moisture from it at the edges of the and the material with which it is covered dries evenly and leaves no spot still soaked with if it is stood Han dle upward the water runs Down to one spot at the where the Strong cloth Lin ing about the ring holds a Good Deal of and in a comparatively Short time rots the material and it Breaks the Man who carries his umbrella swathed in its Case when it is not called into use by to give it and him a More stylish appearance on will soon find it wearing out from top to this is because of the constant friction be tween Tho Case and the and no mutter of How Good Quality it May the holes will appear in it Long before they and the dealer who sold the umbrella will of course be blamed for Selling inferior or damaged there Are Many people so ignorant of the proper treatment of an umbrella that they will actually Roll it up when wet and leave it to rot and Mold until the next time they want it for York bacteria in the number of bacteria present in milk depends chiefly upon the length of time that the milk has been standing and upon the estimates made upon milk nude different conditions have shown from to to the quart the effect of temperature is shown by an Experiment a specimen of milk which had been standing four clays in a cold tempera Ture was found to have about bacteria per while that exposed to High temperature collected of these microscopic creatures in less than a Day and a Between forty and fifty species of bacteria have been found in nor Mal milk and this Large number is due to the fact that milk is Apt to collect almost any species of bacteria that May be floating in the the individuals of most of these species Are comparatively few in number Ancl Are of Little significance a few species Are almost Universal and extremely it is these creatures which cause the milk to some of them do this by the pro duo Tion of an acid others curdle the milk by causing a ferment like that in All of them Are More or less Louis our what u few words will you can order three meals and a ban with Twentyfive words and still have a remaining surplus of verbiage to devote to other and More luxurious a tasty after dinner speech May be made out of a total capital of 500 pro conjunctions and our minor poets find words a Rich sufficiency for the manufacture of ballads and triplets for the and most of the terms Are Only needed ill the Hunting Down of elusive it View of All these things it is somewhat remarkable to reflect that the latest dictionary of the English language shows that our total verbal wealth sums up Over Johnsons dictionary de fines Between and Cago a Luch thousands of men with nothing in their and thousands without even a Are a Man born with a sound a Good a Good heart and Good a pretty Good head is Good Bones Are better than Tough Muscles than and nerves that Flash fire and carry Energy to every function Are better than houses and education May do much to Check evil tendencies or to develop Good but it is a great thing to inherit the right proportion of faculties to Start the Man is Rich who has a Good who is naturally hopeful and who has a flavor of wit and fun in his compose sewage and Ulver concerning the self purification of Riv von Metlenko states that entreat sewage May with safety be discharged into a Stream if its volume is not Mure than one fifteenth of the River this has been found to be True of the sewage at Only five Wiles below new York Friendship in not like love it cannot now is fruition Given me Ancl now the Crown of me is Sot on mine own this is the the acid the it cannot find a moment which it May Call that for which it is no vow nor pledge nor first fruits of us nor and no Myrtle Crown nor love lives for what it May win or has won but Friendship Lias no Guerdon save to itself is its own and in the past or future can no dearer dreams to done or hoped for save its own dear self to see Tho and evermore unchanged to Lucas White in new York general order John f was a he was a member of the tenth Maine regiment and orderly sergeant of his he was every Inch a Brave Ancl albeit a Little prone to stick to the letter rather than to the spirit of the the articles of War were his in he was excessively ail at the close of the late War John came Home and was shortly afterwards installed into the responsible position of Sexton of our and he straightened things out on the very first Sabbath after his taking charge we found posted upon the Wall of the Church Vestibule an imposing document general or der there had been trouble in certain quarters resulting from Tho difficulty which ladies who came to Church late found in gaining their seats when gentlemen had got in ahead of John determined to remedy so he issued general order which read As follows rules to to observed when a lady wishes to enter a Pew in which gentlemen Are already seated let the lady Advance one Pace beyond Tho the pow will to vacated by Tho gentlemen by a flank Tho squad should Rise simultaneously when Tho lady presents and face deploy into the the head Man facing the Tho others passing to his if the Lino will be perfected up and Down Tho aisle by a right or loft As the Case May the right in Tho when Tho Way is will Salute and Advance to her position in the after which Tho gentlemen will break from the and resume their parties performing this evolution have pos session of the aisle until it is and none others will John things went straight after York what shall to make our sundays what is to be the Fate of our sunday no one can its Fate ought to be fair Ancl even Noble when one thinks about the growth of common the idea of a Day of rest for Man and beast ought to ask no Aid from so easily should it repose upon the wants of our and if to this Conception of rest be added the idea of a certain High and moral the Day should still find ample support in the processes of a majority of Ameri cans perhaps favor the Day because of their religious beliefs and but almost the entire population ought to confess the value of a season by any former the multiplying the awakened intellects which can grow in vice As easily As in Tho needless work and pain of a people made half wild by the value of All True education and whether it conies from the arts or the Fields of the join in asking the thinkers powerful in the Church to Dis cover what kind of sunday will most truly bless not Only As a religious but also As a being capable of greatness and happiness upon David swing in fuel in a great Deal of value goes up in but few people realize that smoke has any some have discovered that it is so valuable that they pay several of the scotch Iron works a Reg ular rental for the privilege of collecting and carrying away the smoke and gases from their blast the smoke and gases Are passed through several Miles of wrought Iron diminishing in size from six feet Down to eighteen As the gases there is deposited a considerable yield of at one of the smallest of these ins Titu Glasgow Are pumped and collected about cubic feet of Furnace Gus per and on an average some Gallons of Furnace Oil Are re covered using the residual consisting chiefly of carbonic As fuel for distilling and other while a considerable yield of sulphate of am Monia is the Metal of Tho Here is Tho Metal of the said a holding out what was apparently a Silver but which was As Light As of he aluminium is no new but it is Only lately that the Cost of production has brought it within the possibilities of Ordi nary the most characteristic feature and great advantage of the Metal is its wonderful As you it is very like but is Only on fourth its it has one other great advantage that every housekeeper will see with and that is that it never oxidizes or tar York intelligent by far the most intelligent denizens of the deep Are the Dolphin and the and Long and careful examination of two of the latter which formerly inhabited the Large tank at the Brighton aquarium proved them to be not ouly taxable and even sociable As regards but also to possess social likes and dislikes and great exclusiveness with regard to other inhabit ants of what they considered their partic ular there is a Georgia Man who keeps him self concealed in a dark closet except at night and refuses seeing or conversing with any he even eats his it is in the he is reported to have lived thus for five the oldest House in the United states is said to be a Stone dwelling standing in the town of it was built in 1040 Aud is still it was a Refuge for settlers during the dark Days of King Philips a shy Man frightens other people As much As they frighten he acts like a Damper upon the whole Aud the most Jovial spirits become in his presence depressed and probably three fourths of the chinese in this country come from the peo ple seem to have become accustomed to adventures in foreign ports by the exploits of their first National Bank of surplus Joseph Vulcu Shelly deposits solicited from business men and interest allowed on time private Safe Deposit boxes for discounts the kind of religion that tells in the Long run is the kind that never bowls and growl because there u no pudding on Joseph Jacob m patrons of this Bank will receive thu trios Berul treatment consistent with Safe Bank prom Tybon to f Jodi town fast Lino daily to let off passengers at 225 Atn tie daily at 730 har 1 25 seashore Dally except at 835 it 2 Day at twin Toni 50 at i 1 mail at a 45 Hunting Philadelphia at 933 1 Liila now oceans and Pittsburg daily except at Tyrone Flatt l20 0 Pacific at 7 Pittsburgh in Way at m Al 1 45 332 150 mall at 305 5 16 fast at p Altoona at 9 m columbian at Pilu professional Jar successor to the late Llfra physician and of Lico and residence on of Ijo Annand Tuni Atu physician and office in toners kludge nearly opposite Hermans try physician and Olyce and 27 and 29 Jumada Tyrone Clearfield from Tyrone to a lbs dle Arneld i 10 14 Clearfield Day Day 15 Curwen Stilie Curwensville Osceola Clear hem of Piner Buno Mosi Iannon trains leave and and 610 a rivet and Aud and and trains leave and and m and and u arrive at and and Bald Eagle Valley from Tibone to lock lock o a Rowan 1iiysician and Cinco Anil resilience on Logan Ilia Siculan and Ollice and Washington o physician and in Pruner Boon r Conrad opera House 2d 17 Lincoln 12 main office up Torr kick Swartz Milesburg Bellefonte lock Day Milesburg Howard lock m Bellefonte Bellefonte Day lock Milesburg Bellef tote lock Milesburg lock on Buffalo trains leaves Belle Fon Tofor state col and 300 n arrive at bal Dufonte from Tutu and 620p on Snow Shok Traina Lekve Utillis Foutuh for Snow und m i Arrufat in Loponto from Snow Lewisburg Tyrone prom Tyrone to f Pennsylvania i Fairbrook Pennsylvania Furnace leave Furnace Pennsylvania arrive the Tyrone weekly is Only one Dollar a year in Advance scientific american Agency for Fri Cuttic Gas Ana Ether administered Moriho so track Ion of Juniata general insurance agent none but Good companies life and Stevens to nisus and Counselor at Law collection 3 Hen in Flynn main Tyrone 11 the Luton Hicks attorney sat 16 main collect ions Money to n Good real estate James Seal estate and collection of face Logan opposite Hoggs shoe i special attention Given to the Ecton of claims in the several counties in Frazer Axle grease Best in the its wearing qualities Are actually outlasting two boxes of any other Noli effected by Euget the for 9 ale by dealers piles Graves instant Relief and is an infallible care for Price by druggists or mat samples Box new York aerials rough and worked Iron Felt sheeting lining agents for Johns and All Asbestos samples of Iii film of May in seen at our a Luis saw and plan ing Mills a Iii opera producing Clouds of Sash and never less til a one millin of lumber on Stair railing a estimates made on buildings on Short window Large Quantity of Walnut lumber on Beyer All kit ads of hair work and switches made out of hair watch chains made to Oeder by c Lyon East i

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