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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - September 25, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioTolome i. No. New series. The Piri Anthron to Cpl Limnio we balt bit tub society jul w. A amp a Nib Mam 4r six a ii remit Cincinnati Ohio. J4ns Botlik pull Swiftb Miltra and i conts in Thorto Doton if not pud till tie a a pirating the yet. Be. A is Ummer a bold be dire eled to the Wal thess Rabat info to the Deputit men to the a site. Wjk Aii Eveet Peel pm in. Communications. Forfar the ski Lamar no. Tolmoi Woit the 0� Misc Obi. Rep Oak i Broom o., by up 6,1838. Of bind Baoba the follow inf a oct it to self Lemuei Poliet a uves will throw siae Ugilt the character Thooe coloured people who Sre Oom iof to Settle a Borgst us from the we philosopher a Mui Glt to look upon them As men we should re Jose to have the Industry and wealth our state augmented by such settlers. Til Las Ike color foor Cream reef pm Noliace care Dier Aseves. So we Wim pass Laws Der Viuf them their oath that White rascals May with More safety Rob them their property. But to the so count. Two Blu came Here to Day who were moving from synth Carolina. They Hai left their families with a Friend in ky., till they should he Able to ind a pm to made Down for life. They have urge uus Ilies and their Heads Are beginning to turn Grey. They were both Bembers the Baptist Church wild fire recommended to sister churches the same Faidi and be Idimo that warn ate Edward Abney and Isaich Abney. Hen. Waddy the tit Mea gives them the following recommendation. Quot a grim time Scholma Quot a Gama 1838. �?��?�1 Laie great pleasure in saying to All to whom my name May be town that i have been acquainted fair the last Twenty years with Edward Abney and he is a a Pinter and that i do not know a More worthy and exemplary Man Ai a Dor. His brother March Abney goes to the West with him. I am not so Well acquainted with him Pei Donahy but i am Well acquainted with is character which is that an honest industrious upright Man. The names signed to his cer Tiberie Cut go my character Are those the Treigh bars whom he hts been raised Sod Are men him Dinand respectability. I have never known men their color More entitled to the respect and Aid idl Good men. Thompson. If. To Ope aug a them a litter Oathro an rivet to most our members Congress with whom he was act Ivain a. The fell Phi wis Given them by David Patton Nimville ky., at those a Divise Mieir families Lessant who Ethey Are seeking Homes in Ohio. A i do certify that these two men Edward Abney and March Abney Are free men and have their free papers and support a Good Cha racer where they were raised and lived to Edgefield District s. C., where i have known them for twelve years and know them to he unimpeachable character and Iliili Imiri 11 from the heal authority. They Are Good carpenters by Trade and Are Grid for any their crams amp a. A David Patton. A Lehi vibe a Cut. A 1838. Or. Pattou a Tia racer u then endorsed in the following manner by two merchants Mays Vilio. A ase Pessoa by and latin lately acquainted a feb . 0bvid Pullon who has Given the above Ewertt pirate. He is a gentle Matt strict integrity. Whom to fans station in saying a hat every conf Dame can be reposed herein. Pm a january Ltd Huston. A Ojni Ite,yy., sept 8,1838.�?� a Manh Jwied Vito for hit own Freedom he wife �83 Diree Childreth. He congregation built a school House for the education their children and the few coloured ones who re aided in their neighbourhood. About 20 coloured i rapids attended the school the two last quarters. This House was Burnt shout the first july by the haters the coloured Man. The a ple arc now putting up another Brick. This is not the House which you not teed in your Piper some time since. That is a Fine two Story Brick Loose near the red Oak meeting House about four Miles North Ripley the Turnpike leading from Ripley to Hillsboro. Miss Barker is the principal. She Bis been Long and favourably known As a teacher youth and As a jealous abolitionist there Are in her school now several coloured pupils some from ky., and some from miss., and some from Ohio. Arrangements Are being made to a boat diff Mise Abr those who come from a dist Aimee m it i diff Euli to find Hoard for As Many As wish to attend the school. Thine in Bonds for the poor a. W. A a a for Fol . Fa�,t81ibspb�,tllfg pro tuly fire Colem lbs amp thboeoq1�oae to infer the character and state an individual in i height Ood merely from the external Dis Naa Tiona Providence towards him. Is altogether in scriptural. It is also frequently difficult and even Imp Amible to Point out the particular Pra monent sin tor which he is visited Riih any Partie a chastise meet at the same time god often does 8 his a bin Sain each one and was obliged to aged them qs.staves., if he were to die swipe other person would be obliged to hold them in rust they would be sold. No slave can be emancipated if at any Lime he Odd be Tortu Mai nitwit in debt his wife and children might be Ili Anund and sold the same is other property. Edward Abney Siya. A when i Lydai Twenty two Yean old 1 began to save up Money to Purchase myself. My Young master offers me my free Dom for id5. This i paid aft a ring to con Hrachi but never having entered into Wrt Dunev i was sole age that hit Deam which took place out the time my last payment. I soon my into the hands a f9ao� Man to Arpenia fim whom i Laboured five Yean without any Compa nation and supported if Emily cons Stiim my wife and so children. This i did by working nights and flu Days ant holidays with the exception some Little that hid snood. I no w hired Sty time my gov Lar Huiai Al Lei for Elx Yeen my hire thinking that could Lay Money enough ova and ebb my m wages to pay for my it whom peeked ill Abr me. Ait tie end Blix emf i had Piid him $688, a had also Ircha eed 168 agree land for which i paid $458 following y ear i paid $680 a a a i could not be get Frac my wife had to take a Hill Sale me and Caputd have sold me Afan time. If she had died in my thet person Wou heew4hli me in the seme a Sesner Aad Kun the title table i be. So i a mme aids from if be state whore my ish0dii� could gel Leen ipg Jan uld Iive in safety. The a ppm in Rosita were Eirv kind to us. And Quot we Souid m. _ Ina were very kind to api we have moved away if it if Ottell hive Hven there in the enjoyment Liberty. The Feu owing is Ihbe Bill safer which me be received from his master. Y a tiie Lel 1836 a a received Masy if Oery i Isven by dred Dob Ian in foil Salish action for a i train negro Man if wiped non which i do bind myself my Hein and the said Mary Moore her hers and 5�-signs for ner. No my ��w1�oiam to Abney. A wild few it Dipipi Njo tel. S Quot looking this is a Long certificate the judge a afield districts c., a id the Clark the Goat thess men have each them a goofy Wagon and Fatir hones. A. Wattles. A in year ago the North part the red Oak son who was fleeing with her Little ones by night to one the free states. Again to assure us that this College was entirely free from the abolition taint we were informed that when the blaspheming mob assembled to catechism the professor the professor already alluded to entirely satisfied them by stating that be owned one slave and expected to buy More. Few serious Intel Ogeni christians feel disposed to make inquiry respecting the subsequent history such an institution. In this Case the detail 18 too melancholy. Suffice it to say that according to Lite accounts Ambrose is in the hands the sheriff to satisfy the claims his master tors. The master has resigned hts professor ship and All concern with that theol ical Semi try. 6. Mcmoy a Mage and theol Orieal a St Tuitoo from the beginning bes been cons Idettia k i ild Mahy prayers. From the known piety and qualifications the professors particularly in the theological department it possessed to a great extent the Confidence the Community. From the prevailing feeling that while the Blessing heaven is desirable the Blessing the South is to dispensable a president the literary department was selected from the slave states a one who was known to have no sympathy with abolition principles. In the mean time atone pious students had formed s society for discussing the subject slavery. The consternation produced by this event was hardly exceeded Ines by times when the indians made an inroad the Back settlements. A some the faculty and Board always i prudent did All they could to Pul this a Cussion and me Suree. Like most other objections our Oppon aits they Crete one another it is True hut Tkai Ciren Matanee cock not prevent their exerting an in Faience most us. The objections Are these 1. Abolitionists can do nothing because slavery can Only be removed by political action which abolitionists wholly neglect. 2. Abolitionists Are guilty double dealing because they originally proposed to remove slavery Wilh Cul political action which they knew would be impossible and which some them Are now i begin neg to recommend 1 it is sure Rittig to see How ignorant some men and even some can contrive to keep themselves in the subject abolition measures and movements. But our wonder ceases when we re i How few these ago a Khaki Miti to Ned a big pm Este hew Job ilm Bra tei. We May ssh by film oot wintpieuursin., by twin Job. Wet. Need among the Eto Dent. And Dences which he who runs May read. \ and Novi fences it Iichi be no runs May be has marked it in his word As oae the sure Stifos impending destruction when sinners regard not the work the lord nor Ike ton hit hande he Trust be a stranger in our land criminally inattentive to the providences god who has not noticed that late years the hand heaven has Lee heavy those collies and theological be in varies that Heve Jasti muted their influence to the support the system slavery which ukes rom ooe8�xth our population and their Inalien it be rights with the iness Sal vation. 1. About eight years ago considerable exertions were made to establish a Colage in Ripley. A charter was obtained. A respectable building was secured. Two respectable professors were pm it Loyed. Spirited contributions were made by the Cit Iseih the place and its i enily and Hopes were entertained the speedy endowment the necessary professorships. A sufficient number students about 68 for the top Layment two pro lessors were in attendance with the Prospect considerable increase. The first examination gave great satisfaction to tiie Assembly present. In the mean time a pious coloured Young Man a tinder the care the presbytery was sent thei to acquire an education preparatory to the work preaching the gospel to his fellow sinners Lut hts complexion was too dark and lest his presence should ruin the institution he was compelled to leave. In the course a few months the lord removed their most respectable professors by death the students were scattered ind the College building was rented out for other a Toray purposes s ving an apart men sufficient for a District so fool 2. We All know the fair prospects with which Lane Seminary commenced her career. It was hoped that it this institution with . Beecher at the Helm the sons the West would he mined to be heirs that they would be taught both by Precept and exam tale to Lake up and examine and speak out fearlessly my and every subject involving the Glo god and the welfare immortal Aoa is. But it was soon discovered that our sons were to to Iraq Ned there to that kind Good behaviour which consists in bowing to the opinions great men and in laying their hands their months in Rofer Erleta to Sot them . At this time colons eation was exceedingly popular in clan Annali and acro the line which separates it Frimi Ken Tacky and the professors jealously and openly advocated it. But the moment a be students manifested something like a heroin spirit in reference to slave owing there was great trouble in Lane a Etoi aary As a sacrifice to stay the Wrath the a dark spirit slavery a a Large body talented Young men were driven off from the Seminary std to cripple their usefulness forever Tivey were in Reed with a proclamation that their Zeal in behalf three millions their fellow men was the fruits Liat unhappy species derangement called Mono mania Lane be to pry Frera that Day to this is Well known 3. Western Reserve College with its theology a amp a department was in a thriving state. The distinguished professors and a Large portion Ito Denla ipod a Manly stand in favor extending to All the inhabit Antopol the United states the enjoy men the Means salvation and their inalienable Righi. This greatly alarmed the friends the should some the fit scouring the neighbourhood. Ammunition and knives were purchased with the a vowed intention assassinating the abolitionists. Application was made to the faculty for Protection from mob violence and for the execution the Laws the College Lawlees students but through the a a fluence one two the professors it was unsuccessful. In a Little while some the citizens in the neighbourhood and at a distance became indignant at the attempt to make Young free men fringe like whipped spaniels before Southern slay elders and to save the institution from a ter Iship under the frown an outraged Community the president was prudently advised by some its patrons to resign. But to keep the Bouth in a Good humor Anoff Ier was chosen who Wai known abroad Only As the owner property in the bodies and souls he neighbors. He Din not in the midst this trouble the lord Coom in iwo oiled the whirlwind to overturn the College building. He then took Home to himself the theological professors one whom the Jas tuition could hardly spare a a youth uncommon by various dispensations the College and Seminary were so prostrated that Gist and persevering efforts for its revival have proved hitherto in a great measure unavailing j 6. Frine Eion , from its commencement has been the favorite institution the presbyterian Chuesh. It has been considered the Hope in body As sugar de destitute churches and missionaries for foreign lands. But it seems that Princeton tsp must not lean the Arm her bavi oar without the oppressor s Arm for support. About two years since the professor biblical literature published in the rep Story an article Well calculated to Bash weak abolition lists Aud to persuade slaveholders not to repent. The substance the argument is if slavery be a sin it ought not to be tolerated in the Church for an hours but it is not sin in itself in cording the scriptures that the mosaic institutions Are in Harmony with the eternal principles monday the fact mat the mosaic institutions recognized the lawfulness slavery is a Point too Plain to need proof a a Moses finding this institution among the hebrews seven weeks after they and had escaped from their masters and All sur Roo ing nations did not abolish that he gave them five ways turning their neighbors into property Viz a by War by Purchase by the right creditor ship by the sentence a judge by birth. There Are few sections in the presbyterian Church where this publication ii has not produced i info Deqi ions borne we neighbor Hooda have resolved never to Contri Inte a cent for the Sii port men sent into Heathen lands with such principles to expect them to be better than their principles is foolish. And indeed if the faculty Fri Neeton with All their Light and help have cowered before the spirit slavery and prostituted their sufi Rencs and the word god to the support the worst system despotism which has Ever cursed this Sinfol Earth what can we expert from the Lone missionary and his wife in a land def Knute bin oppression but the lord has not left Frim to to be chastised by the slow operation pub Pinion. In less than a year and a half from the appearance this publication he took one halt her Library and gave it to another denomination its Ori Ginial owner. He is now Torti teeming la put All her finds and the entire control the institution info other hands. What tie result the Juil lately commenced will be we course Manhot. I Tell. It May be Only the shaking the Rod Anc he Domoni Tob to Mont ,.ndioflu. Accordingly the two professors resigned College lest they should lose not the favor heaven but the Bouth. They pin deftly signified to two Ihei professors that Meir re Ignatiou wout be acceptable but the president notwithstanding ence. And the presi it who could not be spared the lord remo Vino his test in heaven. Thus the whole machinery the institution was Stop. In s Little while it was announced that other professors were employed. Wha would have been the next announcement is very Uncertain had it not been Adf the proclamation that the Prek Eft professors Are not opposed to free and that an Active submit these facts without w Dimeus a ask out readers to say if it would not be Weli Rlou sly to inquire whether the sin which arc might upon Litael a chastisement Sevity year s Cap tidily May not be one the grounds his Eon Troverso with our churches pud our Theo Mogica institutions one thing is certain the sure wait prophecy info Russ us that the Day is to come when the whole Church militant and Triump Fiani i Sifly for Joy Over the bestir Uclide Eutevy inst and flourishing anti slavery society has Jeen a Pound �0 College composed Ponci by .tu-1 who a in Day Talt he Way Quot Tki and the Liberty and salvation souls. A bothers. Anti slavery. Denis. This saved the life the institution. 4. Manon Rouege and theolo Miccu Seminary Tai mi90wri.-tf there be any Charm in the pro for Blea inf which insures Prosperity inde pendent the amp heaven this institution must have him ussom Raoul Good lock. On the i invite attention to a series sound Aasu first calf her a Ting isted professor Genery valuable articles from the pen we Plum Goon spoken �8 president was w attend it to confound 1 which we Shaft publish under this Hendl the the by anon icing in the spere ainu meets the aut for appear to is not Only Coa he had purchased a Slatte a whom he m-1 Uinn Ive it . Lih tended Indue time Joeroan Catete. Ahem toes a Wmk a Frimd Mem. Dir need to Thi tip a in now Faby Ooi ii Veitch he and put his in the . The h,9uld Inpan to put Forth a a Eal action . Which irom the to a ginning they have distinctly announced As one their move emits As abolitionists. One new and unexpected reason for Effort in this Despai Trefil lab is found in the fact that our delay in this respect has Given Rise to new Anc serious objections against anti slavery movements a it ought to by Rem iii he i that a tote it if Tonga now Exi sift in Lana he Minary. Free jute Mem is iks taw ihu Insi Tut Ion four fifths its Thoo logical students Are and slavery May be is freely Nivea togsted and talked about assay other Suofy As in any other . Pit ii new York. Our Laws iut Borie the a dding slaves for nine months at a time and then nine months again. Persons seized Quot pretence that they Are slaves Are taken away into slavery without trial by jury in this Way Many freemen Are kidnapped into slavery. Other things the kind might be mentioned the confess the United states have enacted the slave Laws the District Columbia by special provision that the old have Laws Maryko and Virginia shall continue in Force. They have added enactments giving facilities for the Domestic ire Teade in the District which did not and do not exist under the Laws Maryland and Virginia. The Congress the United states Are Alau clothed with to re Power abolishing slavery in the territories and also abolishing the internal slave a tend by newspapers and other periodical pub Tea time which might inform them Whit abolition Isis to do and Are doing five years past abolitionists who have been engaged in promoting the cause have sieved a most violent persecution because they proposed a Xii tical aerion against slavery. For five years our dresses have teemed with argument in favor such political action and All once it is discovered Elret that abolitionists have proposed no such action and therefore have mistaken to div True second that they have just now for the first time discovered their True policy and therefore ought to be denounced As hypocrites and deceivers i political action its eff May perhaps succeed in making itself unik stood though its adv Oates Lave so Long failed in their Eirts in explaining and enforcing its claims. We arc forced therefore to urge a More vigorous course polio real action in a Der to teach by a amp a what we have found it so difficult to teach by Ore Gil. But Why was not this attempted be roof i. E. Fit did not we use political Power before we obtained it two Yeara have scarcely gone by since Aioli Tim rats were threatened wit ii Annibile Alioti by Leutik Active enactments making it penal for them to write speak assemble to act tilts subject Aud a majority the people were by no Means startled with the proposal and seemed to be looking very complacently to the execution the thre the proposed political action a Olun its h was feared would produce a dissolution the a non and Liberty was to be sacrificed for. Its reservation. And now Forsooth we Are asked Why we did not put Forth political action if we Ever intended doing so and Why did we not elect members Congress pledged to abolish skiers in the District Colombia at a time when All our Loi tical influence in the Community was scarcely reckoned sufficient to keep ourselves from being enslaved by the Transfer the slave codes the South to the free states the North passing events it seems Are lost upon most men. No wonder the a historian should Fife world Wiser by his Labov. We have intimated that some abolition its who Are too Wise to learn what can Only be Learned by Reading the anti slavery Stew papera which give the passing fact the Case have contrived to Leep themselves singularly ignorant a this subject. A instance two will our meaning. In the late Western convention at Lockport we had speakers Well informed All topics but abolition move mitts wow Gravy contended by the half bout that it was too late a ote for abolitionists to think putting Forth any political action became they had uniformly disclaimed the intention doing any such thing our readers will have seen a in this paper conveying the saute important a Bonnat Iotti Aji aids Weed by our Cora pendent a. P. And a have just now ref five a from a Good Friend that if one statements do not cover an Inch what can fairly he onside Ltd As Chi romsted ground. We have Southern admissions amt pro slavery admissions in abundance the truth All this and it would be ridiculous for any one to take the opposite ground. What we want then is to have the members the National and slate legis Kuves tit for the so lotion slavery. Wherever they ires the Abug ution Severy will Teke pee and not Benior unless god permit it to be terminated in a red the Rose who is frightened at the resolutions the Neida county meeting at Hampton. He pm not Itee How we can vote for honest friends me slave without organizing a pct tical parly our 0w�, and a dabbling to the dirty water Conten x Tob. This brother has. Jat begun to read anti pm do cals. If Fie had commenced a Little sooner he might have known that we intend to make it foe interest As it is the duty both parties to Nontia ate men who hate robbery and we have the sat Section knowing that Sneh men Are to be found in both parties now existing which will save us the labor we Hope organizing any party our own which we know it is our Best policy to avoid amp ing though we have never relinquished the right doing it and think it might be done Wuh out dabbling in dirty Waters. To say that political action is necessity a dabbling in dirty Waters k saying that civil government ii. Device foe Devil and not an Inanod god. To such a doctrine we Are not prepared to give our assent. But we must not Here anticipate the arguments we intend hereafter to pursue. The subject Pok Fichtl discussion. A world wrist is resting the Subj Ett which Jedi Cioto and intelligent a Kim Only Caa remove. Did British christians it dabble in dirty Waters when the elected member Parli ardent who would break foe Fetters the West India slave ? a fee Vneil did live themselves by faking it for granted Tutei moral Letioa and Palit Iod action Are anti Kim few fear a unto Church and state if christians should give their votes for men who would make Laws Austinat horse stealing and Mau stealing. Extracts from president Wayland a sophistical writing against political action Are coupled into Large Nur Owra the county and Village Newa paps we and minis Era opposed to Pouti Cai action against a awry Sre dealing out his political a flu meats to for people for in charge in every Dir Tion. We meet with pm in the packet boat in the stage coach and Era to the anti Alavern mention. These Sophi Iea must 1m met Koon Sievent Artiom a Well is persevering discuss Mai. We intend to pursue foe dts Eussen Fois subject in soccer save�.if2mi do me moan by to Shell Andimo Tomt Davery. Bovery u is iblishe4,by the tows Are Fea fear a Tate Cpd a Tinq a a tofl�l�tiire8. The Hoff Loffon 6f slavery is to tiling mow nor less than foe re foes Fri try few Chw Fyant eve to ref reals foe Woit Teri ate dretto by the it Ember Fosee Leta Laitres. If embed the Lefis Ktores who Are Opp Tod to i a abolition slavery will not abolish it. It will Only be done by those who Are in favor the measure. This is so Plain that it seems strange there should be any necessity for a Telic it there Are relics slavery still left in the state sea human blood. What shall be done to Saccom Elleh this old ref i in foe first Poe the most simple and Reape Alful process is to Natieal and stale Toisto tors to do this. This has already been again and again Dow and foe process Mist Agton and again need be be repeated. But what next f we have petitioned rear after Yeai and foe work is not done. E Ven in for Awn state legislature it is not done. And by our own representatives to coi Grese our Rifal a Titan is virtually Doven Down. Shall we fold our the it and do nothing More ? who Are we ? and what is the relation we sustain to our raters ? what Are the responsibilities growing out the Rek too ? Are we foe cringing slaves self created despots Are we Tow Mere Subj ii a government we had no hand in creating which we do not administer i whose office a we neither choose nor reject at our pleasure Are we so Many egyptians under the Rod a pharaoh i Neitli Little More Power Over the posers our ref orc than foe Brethren form Sites possess no. We Are a pc motion the to reign people. Fhe rulers the state and nation Are our repro stir Agenia our feroimft7�?these Are the titles by which they Are Prood to Call foe selves fee created foe office they fill. We defined foe Powers with which these offices should be in veiled. We select the Oce upans those offices. Their acknowledged duty is to do stir business. And As a matter fast they have done and Are doing what we Fin Coine lion with our equal Peers have directed form to do. They will do what the people a in which we form a part require acid instruct them to do. They will act our pleasure by else we shall show by our votes against them that we Are displeased with their actions. Our petitions to our representative rulers have been accompanied with petitions to the great ruler the nations that he would give us Wise and Good men to Rale Over us who would Nti in Hia fear and break foe Rod oppression. If we have been sir Mere in our petitions Mhz in shall we next do ? every tot Elligen being in foe universe instinctively anticipates foe a Tofy we shall not vote in favor the legislators fio will vote against foe slave we Shaft not vote for the men who will vote against our own wishes we shall not make men our agents who will do foe very reverse what we to cruel and desire them to do every a bid knows lots. There is no mystery in the statement a Here can be do evasion. If you hire a Ihan to Boe year com and he Fias been at work All Day digging it no by foe limits you frill not Send him into your a eld to Morrow. You will not Send a Man m his Alaei who Jroud have reason to believe Stu do foe seme thing. At any rate if you do this you will not make any lad twelve years old who has common sense believe that Yon really wish to have your Corn properly Joed and Are very much opposed to having it dug up. Such a lad would laugh at you if be know Edge foe Trifo should sink to a pm deeper condemnation. Your abolitionism is Wotko no More than that the who belie Vii foal slavery is wrong Mil will not vote so most foe Flave Laws. No 3. It does not follow that Mett Aoa duct political business int con met manner that honest Mea Cannet and ought not to conduct per Utikal business in an honest manner. It Ifert not follow that because selfish and wicked men ble in dirty Waters we Eiver they mingle is Poi tidal is muggles that Good and Bici Volent men not Wield their right so Giraffi to procure foe repeal a dust and it feed a dabbling to the Ray Waters polities it does not follow that be Eefje we a Litreal action therefore we must pay Sudec be tricks that Are played by wicked men. Litreal action rightly it is necessary that Weff Ikeem do it for a right end and by Light a Nessif. We must never do that Good May come. The abolition slavery a Eer Tatol j a Good info the lao the ballot Box is certain la a awful sail Propeck beets. It k the appropriate Frei Ifil. In Justice established by Law Amsl be abolished by Kwh. It does not follow that he cause we use polite Fri action against Satery foal it must Moth organise a Aati Ala my party to poli Liee with Rov from foe offer portico a no Miliate Owa Saadi Dales,.ace. do not toted to do Foo a because they do not Shtok it to be either pal iii necessary for them to do so. They have a Lofv feet moral and constitutional tight to for Paisa a political party if they please. No polio idol party my be organized for a More Bome aah paid Folio object such a party would be a truly mph Hitatt party pledged Quot be foe Best interest foe whole people. It would to headed the a the declaration . It worm Horn party in support foe National and fee Catry iii into elect foe objects stat to tie preamble Fost tool Rumert it wow be a potty for pret Irving the Aunko by removing foe Only evil that Ead Angera it it would he a forty in Foo protect iii the Labouring people it who Are Opo Afy format eyed with Redue Tio to slavery to loss a too years. It would be a Foty to Opp my ism 10 the does Rene that a the lab poo to ism a dangerous Elo Mentin the body Poitie. It t i be a atty in Zindt cation the Vighi Petito iii i and against foe Vicki too lie Gantt italian i Southern Post masters and for advocates Lye uni Law. It worm be a party for foe Purpo Sool rom tip Ming one sixth Pari the hoopla pm inks Talos from foe condition a Hatt ship. Can any Man conceive a better a Joel for a should so you writing polite petitions to your labourer foe next Day and asking him to be so Good As net to dig up your Corn if a Fenner to Oneida Epsily should manage to this manner he neighbors would say he was deranged and the proper authorities would take measures for managing he estate for not revived \ Golf is not mocked 1 the hos Midman who cultivate a his moral Vineyard and wields fits political Power in this manner will soon find that his vote said is taken from him and a Power blasted by foe omnipotent giver whom rests the guilt gov showing if not the Man who Niider any pretence a gives his vote for the legislator who will Vii tally vote for slavery by not voting against in you Are an abolitionist. You charge the guilt the slave Halldor. He charges it the Laws. Though you do not excuse at Nve you still Jam wih him in condemning the Laws fix the blame aim beca�o8e he has not voted against the Laws. Wei then have you voted against the Lawet you Hane not if you have Given your vote for a leg Ator who will not vote against the ski Laws which 16 most guilty the benighted bios Dedy is Dee de Mote rested Gir Oranis timid lure he foil a Rise in tra ted stakeholder who finally believe that Abraham and skeet Iofi _ you a professed Awitin Omste a Teafor Baeg j a the Blind 1 a Fri Tofor tout in a teis so a it the same to King you fester guilt upon the stave older Braase he gives he too Seth to the slave tawk. Bur you an Aioli tits l whenever you vote for a Man who will not vote against Severy give tour consent to the slave Laws ? thou Frei say St another into wild not Tekl Dost thou steal i thou the say ret Ano fiet Foti wild not Frante nil Clinef by i la Dato i food Fintze Mot fest by a k w ? Betti Foo Twink Here emancipation to be secured. Abr the Hidi repenting Saveh doer. Bis Singto vote Tost Skverys Loisil do no go ii if Bis favorite ctr dilate a Ofik 4g�nt does not bind the slave the body a try Fli. And so he votes for an Streamy ton. Fotr follow to hts Mot Steps and expose la a tape hit . Why ? because you Are an abolitionist v take cars lest your 4toutkal party an object More in a a dance with the spirit our abject More to prop Riate to All the a estimate Latch Tipery a conscientious political action amp irely not Why then do not about Tonett Organ too a porn tical party ,. ,. Because there Are atelier questions Pelini Ideal Economy which Divide foe country tote two great rival parties nearly balanced to Power parties j that would continue to exist if an amu Slavsky political party were Organ told thaw Are May slaveholders and advocates a very i Bofo these a it Litreal parties. There Are Ako Many Ohio i zionists in both these Polit Ruil parties. It k a Sirbak that both these political parties should be purified from the spirit slave the Kavenoff i purification is at Wiak to Bolto Why should it be removed from Thrif. John Quincy Adams and Wmk Slade can a % but exert a salutary influence wifi Hiir Post Lichaa Quot friends the whigs Thonas Morris for Sesslar from Ohio can not but therl a Sahr tary influence this subject with his poll Cal party to Congress the Rel tour party. Now it is Plator foal if messes. Adams i writs and Slade were so pwn ted from foe Politi Asl parties to which they now Dong and mfg fed a Mere Aati slavery party Fletr influence Fok us Lees to con Reust would be much isef than it a Tow exr the Caty foe same to foe fete feet Saffores where we want action off foe subject fhe ease a foe same to All the county and town rave Monte political Subj to. Men have influence with the parties to which they belong. What we want is to make both parties do their duty Fok one subject we do not wish to Cert any to Lurace 4u any subject legislation ear cent abolition. If we were to attempt Fois it would bring us avoidable suspicion upon foe purity Dur motives. Besides some abolitionists Eon Cieni Ionly believe they ought to oppose that policy. Hence the difficulty uniting Abo honk upon any lick subject legislative policy wer wished to do so which we do not. Abolition Isis therefore cannot merge themselves in either the present p<ditic8l parties Rhc policy would be suicidal even if it were not wrong to do so. The history foe anti Mas onto party should be a a Straing to abolitionists Fok subject t. The same a Toty a build Teffeh them better policy thin to a Graime t Polit Toal party by foe in selves. Aborita omits Are to Reany Pla Ces to Hilld a Estop Pandios Hmann a politic Mower Between us a Gwit Toi we can make it for Foi Nom tote Mea their abolition. 11 one. Bowie Aii we do this it is simple a a 1k> hot ii part Seq a to Oka will off few plam 1. Foti Frimm Man who us nil and milk full omani 3. hair ii Knamm Gore had Buffi sit Pittie Nokhez party wifi Norng it a afo Voe Toof emamae Paire Hea Guvi Voto fac Aone m Iju Puim i a fee Seh from foe yen Reneir my Many for a eat ukr for am flite for foe foe Skiff. This would Bonfoe foam going As Yob Wem to cot Fishwi voted a Ritsi Mai the Stolb. It Oak never a if vhf to do Fofe a Mahnk every foe Sofaie v it i hum a Usfo Emez Olum Okiw. In m the Etc uni he. wit to iii. >w1imh�rat it Tat Oakton pc Wittal it Tate St a a Man Totsa Moor against Toto late but what Yitoi Wil it dog t Goth Tariff vote not re Ite at aft it Var Toa Dia Cune. Leem limn it m in Gumti for Amer let it Doit. It a at Tatt they ounce a and to thrill ire if be do m

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