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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - September 11, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioPublished by the executive committee of Tab Ohio state anti slavery society. 9ahjby� Ini. R a 1. No. M. Mew 8b1ue8. I Amie r i iii Ltd iii ambit in tii4 ? v Quot Fol if a a a Hilor a a. We mrs verily fully coned in tag own a a a a Luiere Ibre a Fella distr be came m Ini 1i my _ Crar Climati the sat Bep thiber ii 1838. Taam. A. Atam 9tmu Minui a a. Tie fc3 9 mum a Vav a a me Airris Law Jbv pm Jiete if. He a to mar me f Issca a of Cut Cincinnati Ohio. Quot a a a a a ii a a ii n no bov1.b, Emu Iamme a r Kilkis Mon i Czuli a Advasio tiny pm till of Hie jew. Lel Lmke a Bedi idled to Llie a in ii 4fw<, Toto not orc to the eds on Dow Rawat to Hie by Ito. In Mil Tum put Wirf. Unm bpm Johh Dimcy Abab. Tie a lowing letter though Icid remd to the of the twelfth dirty it it i ii Holt it till 1e Hofich import lace Fri str i Lalith Cdr a pm Oai iii Sliter Fiat we Toee no time in Leybag it Helboe eur Lee Ileff. It Wim we Freih Immelt a the Crown of Honor Meh spar hlee Numi the How of Ite Enthor. We copy hmm the Dolincy . To the the Tyr Luik im9kt a he of Lugnot i from of Nixon cite Imp on Hie lid it 1s17, e Bie Triet Coaten Ttoe of Delegate i Moet of the town the Dietrict hem it whih were a doomed reel Mien of the Foh Imp on 1. Mening the tight of the peo he to potion. S. The the Bridgm Rentof it by co grew in e i violation of the Conelis Lioti end ought to be re toted by the people. F to a peo t. Thet Theofi rep tent Mierei of the i fitted a Teien of i8th of Fann Ely 1837, we a Xiet of he Eon a Titu tiiu .4. A Leeola Etione Eppro lag my pm Ion Vonrae a of the Dia Triet in Mativia a in Nam. Pin Lioam Quot a Iid the to Init. The Henne non Ihei with e pled of an port to Echt an me in that Cowee. In a eel nation req eating the of the diet Iel in cd ogre to Oppree any attempt in Ihal Andy aft the Annex Cunin of of vim to the uni led Hittle. A that Neh an annexation would weaken in a tend in military Point of Riew the Menee of the hnton., 7. In of e committee to we a my the Titi Senany the other Congreve Vional Diat Rieta of the g s. That a Oroy of the Abote Resola Tofia be ii a mod to the Septee Mattre of the Bie tact re Weting am Nider in of the Riewen Hie be contained in the Noe the Day of the adoption of these Niolu Tiona a aeration Hae Heel held of the Legisla Taire of the gnome wealth at which Revolo Iionia ree Peet ing of the people to petition a Ameail Dianep rering the leg of Hie Donie of of the by tried Stasea and a Emiily Pron Rettof again i the Amie Ahon of Texas to Hiya Union entirely Conformable to the Abote resold tront of the Bia Triet Contention were adopted of Tery Laife a air or Tiee in both Brane Hea of the in it ghlatare., and in the same Interra hate been held two of the Cong Reaa of the United states an impartial and Andre jaded stranger looking to Hie rendition of this Union m by All the extend not under our o in Eon would naturally imagine that during this be we hate been the Raoul prosperous and Happy people on the face of the Earth. We Hete end red in Rte and prof theion a Hin or Laary Boonliep of prot Denee. The Earth Hae yid hed the trea eare of her annual product Lona in non dance. The Ocean Hae been Scopi Tiona to the Centi Nael expansion of our Commerce and Liberal in her of nourishment and of Light drawn Tern Ihn Boom of the deep. Genial a. Word of god philosopher a like the Sophia to of ancient Greece Pult Erined by the sober a Nae of Socrates elaborating theories of mid from the Alembic of a sugar Plantation and to poring about lofty sentiment and generous Benero lease to be Learned from Hie hereditary bondage of Man to Man Enlil rated mobs my ering the peaceful mini Mieir of Christ for the purpose w sex Ting to Rahing the Light of a printing Erraa and burning with unhallowed fire the Haift of Freedom the orphan school and Hie Church devoted to the worship of god and last of All both houses of Cong Rem turning a deaf ear to hundreds of pious Anda of Petitioner and quibbling away their duty to read and listen and consoler in doubtful disputations whether Hiey shall Reo Eife or Roc Eming Ranse to compliant a Ani Pray of heir fellow citizens and fellow men and Hie red Man of Hie Forest indigenous inhabitant of the Western hemisphere of the Primi tire Pola Leeor of our a tire soil not without reason but Persapa without adequate compensation by our forefathers of Hia inheritance bounded Only by the oceans and the lakes straitened in is Hunting grounds by the necessary and unavoidable wog Reaa of and phage there was yet Aiple room left him in the immeasurable regions of Hie Sochi and West for Hia con Onual enjoyment of the a ter state Anderssn forms own transformation into 1 tenant of the soil and s Tiller of the ground. To this Benefice of change of Bis Condi Hon All the Labora and ail the exertions of Washingtonii and of Jefferson had been devoid. The remnants of his a Odial right rescued from the of Flap of the Angio Saxon planter and Traeff he been see Rad to Nim aft the Purtee of Hise Orre of of aft Hie rest by solemn treaties a edging the Faith of Hie nation mid by Laws in car dieting upon rave Aye allies Hie intrusion of Hie White Man non his Domain. In attempt of those treaties in Defiance of those Laws the Sor Reiga state of Georgia extended her jurisdiction Over Hooee Indian lands and lavished in lottery tickets m her people the cultivated Fields the growing Han Veeta and the ii missed Wei rings of the Cherokee imprisoned in a Dungeon the pious minion artes preaching among them the gospel of Christ and it at Naug fit the solemn a Junction of the supreme court of the United states Prono Nening this licensed robbery alike Law Lem and . And what in Hiya eme Guney waa the conduct of Hie executive administration of this Union not Content with Tnie Kling to the usurpation of Georgia it made itself instrumental to the Cona umma Tiou of her wrong. Not Content with abandon big the indians to their hopeless Fate and leaving a executed the a Otence of the Laws it forced by an Aib mixture of fraud and violence the whole Cherolee Nat Iofi a mock to re to of new Echo a pretend dog to bind the whole nation 16 n compact concluded with Lew than three Hundred Una Lior used Indi Vidula. And when fifteen thousand of this Eha ated and plundered people compkis died of this in the Humble attitude of pet Noneta to con Gren i6r redress and when thous Atida upon Khouw Anda of petition in among our own ample joined in supplications with them to Avert this overwhelming Nikiti and Redlein our violated Faith a momentary Umblance of attention was Given to their claims by a refusal to Lay him on the Ubie carried by a minority of one vote Yut the next Day that vote was Chan a a reconsideration Wra moved and carried and by a vote of yeas and nays at the Vole of a member from Georgia the whole subject and Feiru Ehino How in have ripened car Marveeta end to ishm of Hie husband Ian have be Erow bad with the marrow and fitness of the land. The air of head i he been wafted in Balmy Breed be 41 a tuft our Khoiee. No convulsion of nature Hae a Praid in or even alarm Over any portion of our Pett Leftien. In earthquake no torn de no pee Taneu has desolated or teheled our dwellings Ell Hie of heaven have a no other l Imi Good end Varte Tiea of Bles a Loff. A fit Heiliene of oor a Thiera of the Horn itt family associated in other communities but con noted Vidt As by the ties of commercial water Eon Cne have also been uncommonly favourable to be. We have been at Pease Wiki All Mankind a ayn a Tara that peace has bean Vieli ted inter rap de or threatened by our own wrong for with a harm a id roof Union of face but at the Imp rious to Mahsa of i Nihil i most Eon few that our treatment of Nur mow Man has Aei Hier with their Treef Smih of a nor Wiki the or sept of the Wimch embraces ten whole duty of Man to. Ifo Hier to do into Othera As. We would that they Shoum do Ink us our wrongs to the coloured Recto if Avoca and Eft this conto eat Hare indeed Btij Ijiri i. Ism ,p ski. Laid upon the Laue. In the treatment of the african and native ame ican races we have thus subverted Hie maxims a us degenerated from the Virtues of our fathers and for All this the last and present administrations Are emphatically responsible. The politick ays Tern of Whit Teton and of Jeff arson was merciful to the african and Liberal to Hie native american race. Eternal i livery Abr mercy extermination for liberality were Hie Subt tittes of the last admin isl Ratimir present chief magistrate can Dis earn no Pahi to glory but in the Foo Stepa of is i in . A a upon these subjects. However m Are m upon in senseless and absurd Experiment of the admin a traction to redeem themselves and not the people rom Osier exp Oriente equally Lens Elisa and absurd of 4�m Ulii Sirim fired lessor. I Hare Beau caled to Al at of Cong Reaa upon my own discretion without the Benefit of ins trac Ion or advice from your convention of delegates. N Hie trans Chons concerning on Indian affairs and in those relating to the Cumnor and the keep no of the Pihulic monies when there was neither nay be Regalato nor Publio Monira to keep i Nave taken but Lithe Quot a Lite part knowing that All resistance to the Rolen Hess system of exp Ilion or attempt to Avert the doom of the Southern Indiana would be vain. That All inquiries into Hie waste us expenditures and glaring enormities of the Prida War would he stiffed of Pervert of into Swile approbation of imposture by committees appointed the Imus the of oor it Hera to awards both these a sea m been from the Dey of the Becl station Oflyn a Eoa Eimm at m Good cd the . We him . A. Poni of fab pop Milf jul Aton Fajt let Convol Etiopi i of is 0 Wii. Med by unanswerable Tofu mini and Eloi Ioil Psi Oasis and a eyed almost looks Sarahy taif in nah a Long Luff to his Ioa a on Aai Feliu fief his Oso iii Rye is had untie he age is the Priit Giftos whih the Nathen / at iter Mito had been he a Irel to proclaim. Erna new Mon an venal Wotan ipalion was the lesson which a had arge4 opon their and held filth As Franss Anilsa Aad Inena Mulc on Toh to Hist a Hildrea of Halo Presont age. Instead of whih what have we seen what sae we now common Tiet of slave holding Biag Garte of Freedom mating at Defiance the his of nature and of Glt rest ring slavery where it had Baen Eftin Dah m vainly dream iii to make it Ofelia la forming in he Sara de name a Ifo erty m government enter dieting to the legislative authority itself Hitt most blessed of All bums pow Era the Power of giving Liberty to the slave a governors of states urging upon Micir Legislatures to make Hie exse of the Freedom of speech to props Ste the right of the slave to Freedom felony without Benefit of clergy. Misters of the go pc like Hie Prie Etin Hie parable of the Good Samaritan Eony no and looking at the bleeding victim of the Highway robber and Png on the other aide a or baser still reverting Hie Pam of Hie sacred volume to turn into a code of slavery Hie very Hie House was postponed to consult the constituency. The Rwy them constituency manifested for it the most unequivocal symptoms of disgust and contempt. The slave holding Pant ears liked it but the better. the Winter session the Bill was again produced with the hard Money Section As one of Ite constituent parts but Afler a Londis cumin at the last Deb stable St of the Bill in the Senate it was struck out. Thus it came to the House of representatives and there at its first Reading was treated like an anti slavery petition kid on Ike Fco let but to wards the close of the action it was again of traded on the House in the shape of a Uli from the committee of ways and Means. It was then much and Well be bated. It was tried with the hard Money Schoh and without it and slavery were Ite most ardent and almost Only patrons. The deadly Hoe lilith of the slaveholder to All banking credit under the name of capital displayed in Telf in dissertations to prove a natural Host Lity by tween capital and labor in stimulants to War by tween the capita and the labor of the North and a so nations in the shape of predictions to the later of the North to demolish by fire the Marble Palace in Chanut Street a the anti abolition site had demolished the Pennsylvania Hall. The con Diroa of master and slave is by the Laws of nature and of god a Arete of perpetual inextinguishable War. Deeply conscious of Hia the slaveholder soothes his soul by sophistical reasoning into a belief that this same War still exists in free communities Between the Capiuk Litand the labourer. He builds up a theory that confounds poverty with slavery and he says to the labourer of the North you Are poor your next door neighbor is Rich you Are compelled to hard labor to earn your sobs Atense if a tennessean speaker and that other Mcm Bere of to House of great ability and exc event of Iasi Ples with a More minute and comprehensive knowledge of the snug act than i would possess took a deep interest in it and would do As they did All that could do to mitigate the predetermined of of the Indian tribes under a nordic in adminis Tragiou Wiki Southern principal a. The prostration of the divorce or tha sub treasuries. Of the Independent Treasury As in its harlequin transformations it was variously Nick a note 3�?that treaty of a cute and Alliance Between Southern nullification and Northern pro slavery it should have been named was also in Able hands. Slave it the Perfi egnation sad props Kion of Hie Dave Trade was at Hie Bottom of Ltd. The South pm opposition to a National Bank ministering to Hie verge fill Passons of the late president pm Ite Root in the panic terror and the Letiate thira of Dom in Amiott in Hie Lavelt Oldino Plantou of has the once clia�cterixe4 by my under the name of i dependent . Fast the pop Thi. View of Tea. Not Trien m n. Of Tfaye Gehrim Rith. Two rect son. I c Gnu but 4l in a Kew too to All the. Seby to Ril the . Fat the Btu Dit Onel Antlee of Deposit on my in Ell ii he Tod Brood of riot com. The Wex Quot it needled the Enron Tom of Eon them ooui6e�tt Doro tailed in to a Etro of to of the fire Pori Elimuel to do Tion of Newso live Herd Money Correner to i Isiiah oct spation Lor a new Batch of official dig Kitanes by the name o receive a general was the Bond of reconciliation and that of your family you Are a Laborera be is a capitalist you Are Bis slave there is his banking nouse and Burn it Dimny and i for the Saj of preventing my slaves from burning Down if Plantation will put in your hand the Torch to set fire to is Marble Palace in Chestnut Street. The slaveholder is times it As an elementary principle of his system of policy that the democracy Nti Nieri in the free states is poor. He perceives that Reimt naturally and necessarily adheres to the wealthy. He is not aware that one Eft to of aggregating Small and Large sums together to form the capital of a mixed or industrious corporations is to impart to the poor a participation in the profits of credit and to break Down the Wall of partition bet evil the poor and the Rich. The slaveholder strives in kindle the fires of Mutual Eavy ind jealousy bet Ween the different classes of Mei la the Conui Wittes of the free and invokes the filter of the North As an and diary defence to foe Miloz Verv of the South. As an attempt to sow the seeds of discord Between the freemen of the North Sung them Kves. It was met and spelled with sober arg meet and indignant remonstrance. Perhaps it was right to forbear ail retorted invective and Acorn upon the Peculiar institutions of the South. There is indeed a Remai me Eon Carrence in the repro Sente Tives from All the free states and of All parties to spare them the influence of which i have my self constantly Foh. It was one of the principal reasons for my abstaining to take part in the debates of any of the sub Treasury Bills. I could not indeed Overlook at me special session the affiliated bits for compounding with the delinquent Banks and for postponing the payment of the fourth instalment of the Deposit with the states. This measure had been rendered unavoidable by the infatuation to use no Saraber term of the Secretary of the Treasury in heaping up the deposits of the Publio funds in the Banks of the Southern and South Western states and dra Ninf those of the North so that there was no fund left from which the instalment could be paid there while it was much More than overpaid in the favorite states. The Bill Rel proposed from the Treasury was to repeal in the form of Poil Ponting the Intel Rabat. When it was found Tyml Hiya cd not be carried a postponement to the first of january1838, was Aub at toted but an approx Rahon of finds which i proposed and or get was evaded and now the Law requires the payment of the instal Meul on Fon first of january next and no preparation whatever has Leen inside to a vide the Means for its the Ilef Ferency of the Fonds is certain. You May Edge what pros prot there is of your Ever obtaining the payment the sep in and foe to Atli West in tiiu meantime have received much More than. Hiett share of the Iro Talmont and they will take care to keep it. A there is nothing which has More Eleary exemplified foe policy of foe Northern and min Strahon a to Sou fora principles few Fois discrimination Between foe oort Bem and Sou fora states in foe distribution of foe a name monies. Of foe other Subj Eta whih have engaged the deliberations of Congress distinct from those Spe Bially recommended by the resolutions of your gone lion to avoid encroaching upon your patience i Liall say but Little. The Proe Edinga o foe mouse relating to foe repeated Istee of ten millions of Treasury notes�?4h� total sacrifice both of every principle of popular representation and Kuljeet of slavery and the slave Trade and to sup Iress the swelling murmur of Public opinion Cal no in foe name of mercy and of humanity for the abolition of Bofo. Its conciliatory Compromise of that end was a consent to receive and a refusal to read or consider All petitions memorials resolutions or papers relating in any manner to those subjects. His Resolution was an experiments a repetition of foal of Canute foe great who commanded foe tide of the Ocean not to approach his feet Twenty three thousand petitioners at that session of con played for the amok tied of slavery in the District of Columbia and in the territories. At the next session those Petitioner had multiplied to upwards of one it mired thousand. At the time of the first i resold Hon of the 26th of May 1836,1 had been five years a member of foe House and your representative. I had deprecated All discussion of slavery or its abolition in be House and gave no countenance to petitions by the abolition off slavery in the District of co Rabii or the territories. But i presented All such petitions whih were committed to my charge and moved their reference to appropriate committees which was accordingly done without oppose Lien. Brief and Adverse reports were made by the committees to which the petitions were referred which were received without exciting debate in foe Louse. The prayer of foe petitions was not granted but foe petitions were respectfully treated and there was no excitement in the House or among the people at the re Wilt. In 1833, a petition from sundry inhabitants of the District of Columbia itself for the radial abolition of slavery and the prohibit iii of be slave Trade in the District was presented by i if. Coalter s member from Pennsylvania. In january 1834, or. W. A Ellsworth a Mem be from Coone Cuculo and no w governor of that 8tate, presented petitions signed As he said by More Foan. One thousand u am is of Luiei same Pur Lotf which at hts motion were referred to the of Elltee o u the District of Columbia and in recommending them to the special consideration of the committee he took occasion to say that he himself concurred entirely in sentiment with the petitioners. In february 1836, or. John Dickson a men her from the state of new York presented a considerable number of Peti dons one of which was rom foe american Anil slavery society and Ano Foet signed by upwards of eight Hundred women of the City of new York. Or. Dickson moved a heir reference to a select committee and support cd the motion by an eloquent and powerful speech of answer was made to foe speech but foe Neom Meneaud Foa s3rotem of suppression. The motion of reference to a committee was Bya vote of yeas and nays ll7 to 77, a Aid on the table a motion to print one of foe petitions was first so opted then recon steered and then by 139 to 63, Imd Ltd the ome. Tilt Foen 1 had taken no Active part in any of the proceedings of the House on these sub is. Nor in the session of 1835 and 36, unfit and pledge of Union Between the late inflexible adversary to exec live patronage and the Northern Man with Southern principles. It was at first reluctantly car cited like a Patch in a chinese tailor coat because it was known that the Bill could not he carried without it. The Hill was carried with it at foe special session through the Senate hut in state sovereignty in the transactions at both sessions respect Mississippi font sled elect out foe strange and Rane Roos distil Lafoun 01 party venom in the protracted proceedings upon foe fetal Duel where fell to offer Northern victim a Elf immolated to the Peculiar institution a of the fib tila the questionable Aad dangerous but perhaps necessary abandonment of the Public lands to Hie intrusion of Lawless of Copency recommended by foe president consummated by foe concurrent action of Bofo houses with foe approbation of re Speets members of our own Dei estion and whih i would foe Refore speak with distrust of my own judgment but threatening in my apprehension foe total subversion of your admirable system of land fairs and the final waste of your immense interest of property in foe Public Domain the portentous increase amounting almost to do plication of Sofir Sofii figr a Rev foe feeble wavering and time serv of policy of foe administration carried out by Freir Roans Cro in Congress bearing upon All our poli Iteal Intercourse wit great Britain these Are All subjects of High Anc momentous Moneer Meni to Ymir but All As Well As the More per tenaciously Coots ted knee tons about currency exchanges linking and the custody Polk monies Are either Mei cd a the transcend ant importance of the interests specially of five to in chars re by foe resolutions of your a oven Tiosav of sink into comparative before them. A it if known to most of you thit at the first sc4-Sion Hythe Twenty fourth Cong Rem on foe Twenty sixth of May 1835, a Resolution Eon pounded of Southern slavery and Northern Suhsen Svienty was or the previous question screwed Down non the House of representatives of the United states without debate or deliberation. Its avowed object was to Tranqu Lize the Public mind on foe agitating the report of the committee which was to smother at once foe right of petition in foe people and foe Freedom of speech in the House. I expressed my Abhorrence of that Resolution foe Sam but of its passage As i have done at Esch of its repetition is just at foe time of its Trot Passa foe results of tie Battle of san Jacin had rendered it prob Sale that the texan conspiracy and Liisu creation would succeed in breaking off that province and an undefined extent of territory from foe mexican confederation. The mexican government had abolished slavery throughout foe whole rep hic. But the texan insurrection its on foe 2d of March 1836, had issued their declaration of Independence and on foe Ifo of the same month had promulgated a co Stilu a you not Only restoring slavery in All its rigor it denying to Freir Congress the a War to emancipate slaves and denying to Freir own Cit Lens foe right of emancipating their own slaves without the consent of Congress nay More As if to a mockery of foe rights of human nature Fok coast Fention of a Sovereign and independen Brooe and foe same Section denied to their Jeg Slatore foe Power to prohibit the importation of slaves from the United states and declared the same importation from any other part of the world la act. The acquisition of Texas whether by porch or Conquest had already become a Cardinal Point in foe slave holding policy of the administration of this Union. To achieve it by Purchase from Texico had been urged upon her government to the extent of a provocation to War. To that end general Gaines had been invested with a discretionary authority to invade Hei territory which he did not fail to use Wabik or. Powhattan cuts the Maisie Sippial charged affairs St Mexico was in it strutted in pkg a quarrel with her government upon complaints and grievances of citizens of the United states engaged in commercial Intercourse with that country. A More frivolous pretence add a More Walton provocation to War was never Given Between nation and nation. Even the wretched a extern prisoner Santa Anna was used Assn instrument and liberated from Captivity to extort from he country the cession of her rights to this voted province. But. The free people of this Union had now taken the alarm. Phey had been warned of Freir danger and observed foe Prog Era of this Tii Partite jobber slave Hotd Cro and texan conspirators 10 Breed a War wife Mexico to sustain and perpetuate foe slavery supremacy of foe sooth. At foe special session of Congress numerous petitions against foe Annex then of Texas to some of which Many of your games were subscribed were presented. Two of the resolutions of your convention of delegates had made it my special duty to Opse the measure. And at the same ression Multi ides of other petitions continued to pour in for the abolition of slavery and the slave Trade wherever the Power of Congress extends. They were All postponed to the Winter session on the ready and plausible ground that there was not time for the consideration subjects other than those for which foe special a Sion had been called. When foe Winter session came the War trumpet was again sounded by foe message of the president against Mexico. The Peteah comm Ksionek to solicit to one too had seen pot off with a sort a ill a tor Jon hum Refu Siff. He had been told with solemnity of face that there was a doubt of the con Stdio Tiona Power of Congress and the president to to kept the proposal and moreover that the of Coull not think of it now because it would risk a War with Mexico and violate the sacred Faith treaties. But or. Jefferson had shown How constitutional Camel could be Swallow a for the Sake of Louisiana by palates ecu Tomed to Strain St a gnat and the chairman of the late committee of foreign affairs professed his readiness and eat Pattit to Swallow another for the Sake of Texas and As to the War with Mexico one president had told Congress seven months a Fere that it would he Imti Fiat be and he successor even while alleging Fok pretence of War and the sacred Seifo m treaties was about to Tell Congress not Only foal he himself agreed with he processor that War would have been justifiable foe Winter before but that they both houses of Contrera had been of the same opinion and that it Wra now not Only More Ontl triable but indispensable because the list Magnam Mous Appeal to foe Justice and foe feats of Mexico heralded by a courier from the department of state wife the Indus race of one week Fer an answer had totally Feira. Fellow cities ens you shall Aldora fell to a Teet the double dealer if Yon compare his words St different times wife each other and his words and his actions together. The professions of objection to the proposal of or. Cemucan Hunt were false and hollow consent and fierce desire for the seemingly repudiated connection were aft the heart. Instead of a prompt positive and final refusal As presented by the chairman of foe late committee of foreign affairs it was a Mere negative pregnant a Provoe Aiton to perseverance like foal of the lascivious Law in Virgil Milo my Oal atm Calif Laa Tva Pudla it fug ii so a Sices Etse Cupul Ante rider and so it has been understood by foe legs kure of Texas which far from being discouraged by Fois Oai Enible Rebuff to their addresses hate after full deliberation resolved not to withdraw heir application. The anti slavery petitions presented at the late session of Congress were signed by not less than three Hundred thousand names. One won id have imagined that this was sufficient evidence of foe tranquil using effect of foe Eom posing draught of Pinckney laudanum. But on a motion of or. Slade of Vermont that one of these Pel irions should he referred to a select committee Riih instructions to report a Bill to abolish slavery in foe District of Columbia foe boiler of foe Peculiar in Tito icons exploded. Or. Slade in foe Enorse of Lis speech to support the motion asked of Phat eally the questions in Sia Oery a and be defined it wife 1 master hand a compound of every wrong that Man can inflict upon Man. Beard and Wece Abs and and up Foey in big upon the Tricy deserted their seats 111 the House they ind ted together in s committee room sent for a reinforcement of slave representing me Mem of the Senate publicly notified by one of themselves in the Hall of the House of representatives at get moment of the adjournment of foe House a meeting of members from the Elave holding a and there after two Stormy sittings of he Mon Yel Assembly of senators and a preventatives they Chow of r. Patton of Virginia to present to foe use Ubai he termed a Pjopoei-11rrfsfiw ofter a speech laudatory 18 seen Sion of the slaveholders for this gentle com it Romke of their rights to Fere Enow All answer by calling for the previous question and so wife the next morning hour it was executed. The rules of foe House were suspended a foe conciliatory pro position was presented foe speech of proud and self admiring condescension was made and concluded wit i foe magnanimous Roll for foe previous questions and the previous question and the main question the conciliatory propos Tiou were carried without allowing one word a debate by the votes of representatives of Northern and Western freemen palmed upon them by foe slave holding Eon Ventice to which they had not even been Afi Mii Tod and what was this condescending conciliatory proposition it waa no other Foan foe Pinckney the chs Nan of the comm Lefea of Fere Affif iia himself toting in foe Arfin Naffke. I do not cd Sage this As among Fop eve Doneada of duplicity on the pay or the adm fear axiom Eod �0 mainly not on that of the cd Alfmil of Tiro eos Mai tee duality of Condo Etc not Liesja indie at a of duplicity of purpose. The of Iho chairman of foe committee a Oid Viag foe Vette sect of the anti Teslaa be Thione and in himself and he recorded vote to Fey he own lao Tion upon the table had Tov Koala one and taif same object and that waa foe Mem Meim of Al discussion upon foe sofa pectin Hie Nooshi and Fot motive for Fok desire of Raofi pression Roohi to no other Foan foe Affinity to lean the Matt me foil and a Neft texan Nie Oriald a a pm a a Bly a a a la by Lulu be Imp risible to kit flee the a it ten it would be Imp risible of Texas into Dif Cussion no oat opening to we Subj Eitt of slavery and abolition and h wished to build a chinese Wall most Ltd Flea Aff. Al volition 1 to soporific which in eighteen months of time had Multi plated foe anti bravery petitioners from Twenty three to three Hundred thousand. Its Phraseo-4igy was slightly varied and particularly by foe omission of the word Besom Siofu from foe Elasie of papers to be Isid on foe table but the word Jim Pei was retained and foe exclusion of them All com the consideration of foe House was fortified by the addition of the words a Mied and read to Irinod and referred a from which they had bean debarred by he original Rago Hilloo of May 1836. There is no doubt that the Omilion of the word Resbit Conmy in foe new opiate of foe slave homing doctors was intended to save foe appearance of disrespect to the legs natures of the states but when foe resolutions of the legislature of ver a Walt were presented which touched the abolition of slavery and foe buying Selling and transferring of slaves the speaker decided that As they were a Plebs they must be hid is the Tabithy under foe Resolution of the 3tst of december 1837, and then wife sign Lar inconsistency he erd ored or allowed them to be printed on foe Lon Raal of foe House. And thus under the rese Lulion of the 21sl of december 1837, the Peti Loiis of three in wired thousand citizens of Hie United states were wife out being debated printed read or referred Laid on the i Flo. D but As foe petitions memorials and Palm touch the annexation of Texas to this us com were not included within foe Resolution of the 21st of december and yet a a they came into very Cloee Contact with the abolition of slavery and the buying Selling and transferring of slaves a different expedient waa found be Casary in Detling wife them. On foe 13th of december the Firat Day of the Semion upon Wheeli petitions were reset a de 1 presented the remonstrance of Nancy rip Ley and two Hundred and thirty seven other to Meir of Plymouth against Che annexation of Teass to to United states and moved that together wife Fortt other petitions on the same subject presented by me on that Day one Hoji dred and ninety similar petitions presented by me aft the special session and several in Outeda Presan Tod by Ray Volt Sagoes of foe Massao Hazelita delegation Ineta Ding about fifty i Busaid petitioners should be refer to a select committee the chairman of foe committee of foreign affaire named Kitely moved foe reference to committee he motive for Meh in afterwards fully do closed by the treatment Wheeli they see Ivy from foe committee when they were be Ferrell to them by the House. It Wie to get them All Sato their hands to keep Mem All he the Elope of Tbs troll of i Hoot looking into one of let Erik then by a lumping report Lay them All m lie Triblo. Tbs was however then Fiona by a Shofter process. The que Slid whether they should to referred be a select committee or to the committee on foreign affairs raised a debate and was pm toned on to Bensain Day when All the petitions in Eutoria and remonstrances end both foe motions for Eom fitment were Laid on the table by yeas and nays but although he waa Able to acce Rapali of Kef a Large minor try at that Early stage of Tbs Swissi Ofili he was notable to carry that majority Wiki my to its close. The proposal for the Annex amp a of Texas to foe United states formally made by him people of that new re Oblie Forough the my sly five and executive departments had roused to amp ift Tention of our own state Legisla Turra. Teg or Wame of them Amo which were several of foe lug Al states in the Union had made it a car Neuy contested deliberation. Tive had a Trif Nutil in foe most Emp Batie terms Freir it str to Eisimi of foe measure. Two More had expert Saed foe feh Ings of Freir people in language not Lem deep Titi. Four had passed resolutions Fevo rame to ties connexion and intensely befit non its sons Mwiwa Tion. Nor had they Seni pled to avow to Weir Prin Sipal incentive to thit new nnifl��--4�m� Reia ree meat and perpetuation of foe bfs0ing of Alan of a the resolutions of two of Hoefli a Gobaira Imp Tennessee had by exp Rem direction bean Tommy Niro ted to both houses of con grew both eco. Gained instructions to heir sen Stois i in preteen Tali ves to promote shy a suitable meant foe annexation Slid those of Tenne Yaeo an Asp fear a mtg position of Ibec Meta sure. Al Foroogh hit Selb Siree of South Bro la had not heed to Congress her senator and representatives were Hie flee test in foe race and foe most Ardeil in tha love Chase for Texas. The repeat Lotf Petaton of most of them from foe but Twiest oppose uni to fervid Devotion to foe Norf Oera wife Hooili Ern pain Miles had Given them Chama to tits which could not he Over looked. Tie Moe undaunted champions of foe sub treasure in Hie mouse were three member of toe so Hil Imena and those who persisted in Geo trip Oppe Ilion m the administration sought 10 of Pilini to or peace at Home by oot stripping the rest Iff Inri iii Zeal for the Acque Kinion of Terni a dire Chy to that act is of brai % Fife. Preston in the see ale read try entertain Wehby Hiat Bey Anil u supported by All foe Elo tymm Fot which pm Gill a so aay Nenfi . In Ahn House foe same rest us on off Rdby or. Thompson was at first warily a fee carted la he and All his colleagues in led Futra overing Pew foe discussion. Hie Menfo Eis from Atalanta nod Tennessee unania Moriis for foe mtg upon a Pap Pero a touching foe abolition of Stavovy or the boy ing Selling or transferring of so Van still panted or a discussion in favor of Hie Anneta fion of tax the majority for the of the Iran Dom of debate was thus thanni Liol the a Asoian dwindling into a minority a Fer As concern and tha annexation of Texas. The Svefa Olding Parifen of foe committee of foreign Aff tors were Kofl in foe lure the Demosthenes of prof ious and foe Cicero of Kings on Fot table were soft voted As had been previously settled out of the Iff Iise. It had been Prem med to one of the it Carolina members and be bad Given me noties of it a week or ten Days before foe report of foe committee of foreign affairs War of resented Fht of eation for the duct Tasha was Evret by that riot. Use Law Amiliea had of Avo Loose Hittos one of the res cautions of Foo state Fegi Clataree or of foe vast multitude a of Pei Lions Al Motyk and a Mons to Nee whih had a Pei. Refer fwd m Fiskaa by foe h ouse. They had Al even Tami Hoewt a Oto and Freir report to w thou allow foe table revealed foe purpose Fer a Beth the Cha a it Man at the of the Eese Iob Heiloo de foe refer use of them is foil Eow Kaitlam the do Cushion we opened of Hie a ooh mar. Cushing a member of foe minor off. Committee to re Commil the report with Inirio or. Thompson of South Caro Hao tons. An amendment to the Inspru Etkes end i mov cml m amendment to foal Yanfen dment Alfich Pat me in Possession of foe floor. A eat Feo Hie Pra Kius question and a motion to Lay the whole Aub Jott of the table were voted Down by Foo so doily of to id the door of free debate Foriero House and in three successive year in foe Hall of foe american people we on locked Tod opened to foe Volta of toe doing god Oftel wow till he a kneed a Row. By she rules for the of buoy Bon i foe House foe Bate we too Fino of so fog hour of foe Morong after foe Reading i ibo Ibby Nal. A a Morlesy to Naoy of foe Ambo Irwin bad Oehoa Fonal soil Iowa of Tiger in my a i yielded from Day to Dap paste Oliie to which i was Entcho but no Sueb Lodi was extended to to. The of ii Fatiori of the Bop Quot was watched Wilfo foe Imp Fievet of a Low we Keg foe appoint ipod time and Foo Ike of Fot out Wui foe is 10 foe Ohl for foe orders of Foo Foro. Ones Only i Raflo Oito Foo few of fire mfg Ninipo Finkh foe Reading of a a porn it was tacitly granted but soon withdrawn by Ano foor fall Abr foe orders and i we Tofi Tod Over Bihui offer Day to Finah be Reading of Foa paper. A the Coda of Foo Atmaa Drew Impi fim fore slave Oldhoff Mao Oora of Foi whom i had taken Troio m in Quot committee and of foe Homb foe High vhf petion of Orosi Siisi a Ben beca8e Vare of Wax i inn . Anew Reno. Fee ipod of Bolhm Felt Osafo Carolina Mantle seed he tech i was scarcely Lew a urious mail fat free peo Eforoi Hout Fok Wilfo. Alfo Foo Isil Ifo of Freedom Forough out Foo Olff Iford Wpm a lbs he favored with foe a a Quot principles. I Wifred foe be w school of Servit closed of oho of foe sul acted a own Ait More Iri Archal Fleory of for who roof Fob whoa a Trine of Afefe Raon Silorey a temp thao foe eve Foer Man to foe of . 1

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