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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - October 23, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioIn philanthropist publish Kab we Kly by the anti slavery society new Corner of main sixth to rebut Cincinnati ent. Dollari and fifty cent in three dollars if not paid till the expiration of the year. Letters on htuine$9 should be directed to the pub King those relating to the tonal department to the to Ito. In All Ceuta per it pm. % political action c7the elections have terminated bit the political aspects of abolitionism Are As interesting As Ever it the blowing exposition of the views of the a. Tift Firtman anti slavery society on these to pics arid the two numb i respecting political action from the Friend of Man would have been published in on paper before could we have found room. Let them be read now however with attention. They will serve to confirm abolitionists who have been faithful to their profession in the propriety of the Enorse they have adopted to convince the unfaithful of their inconsistency and want of sagacity and to show political men what the principles which Are to regulator the antislavery movement in its bearings on parties. From the emancipator pot Cal action Sunti hints of the executive following letter has not been published in the emancipator till now. It has been withheld chiefly because several articles of great Merit on the same subject have appeared during the summer in the abolition journals in the sentiments generally of which the executive committee concurred and because copies of it were sent in the month of july to some one or More of the most Active and efficient abolitionists in nearly every part of the land. It is now published although late with some additional remarks author bed by the executive committee in the Hope that it May excite our friends still More to a Well directed and effective action on the legislation of the country where it is so much ii eded. Imp a Ntim slavery office new ,1. 1838. 5 dear sir a at the last annual meeting of the american anti slavery slavery society the following Resolution was adopted ree Bloedt that we deprecate the organization of any abolition political party but that we recommend to abolitionists throughout the country a it interrogate candidates for office with reference to Thor opinions on subjects connected with the abolition of slavery and to vote irrespective of party for those Only who will advocate the principles of Universal Liberty. Resolutions embodying the same idea have been passed in the new England anti slavery Conven it id. A gig Eliaga of a a state anti slavery societies. The undersigned think the time has come when the Fried ids of the slave throughout the Iree states should fully up to the letter mud spirit of these resolutions. A solemn responsibility is upon us to put Forth every legitimate Effort to overthrow that system which reduces millions of our i airflow men native born americans to beasts it of Burden which Deib Ermely strikes Down and very different nerve and heat from those now in the House of representatives or we May abandon All Hope of abolishing slavery and the slave Trade in those parts of our country that Are under the control of Congress. By an energetic discharge of our duty at this crisis we May Send Many Awe advocates of our cause to Congress where above All , they Are. Now most needed. Shall the Opportunity Liat now invites us be suffered to pass by unimproved next to the election of members of Congress we consider it important that the state Legislatures should be composed of men to whom the precise cause of the Bondman May be eni nisted. Important matters relating to this cause and connected with the Well being of our coloured fellow citizens will undoubtedly come before your legislature at its next session. The action of con fress will be hut the Echo of the action of the . Ute Trust no lawful and pro per Means will he left unemployed Fot securing the election of members of the legislature from your county who Are the avowed friends of impartial Freedom. All the resolutions above referred to deprecate the formation of a distinct anti slavery political party. We Hope our friends in your Region will discount Nance any such attempt or any Effort to unite our interests with any existing party. Such a course would surely neutralize our influence if it did not produce distraction and ruin. Our strength Yea our invincibility will be found to consist in first sacrificing our partizan predilections on the altar of humanity and then holding ourselves entirely aloof from both the political parties. Our motto should be a form Oman Cen with tie to i Tinl purty hut Emir nip our principles upon ail thus acting Aud thus rallying at one Man to their support we must be Felt i it is possible that in some cases neither party will put in nomination men for whom you can consistently vote for no prof Emion of our principles ought to be regarded when it is unattended with a p Ood moral deportment. In that Case abolitionists should not vote at All or scatter their votes As circumstances May Render advisable. When a majority of All the votes is ret Gutred to an election the latter course May be found Wise. In the language of Oue of the most distinguished statesmen of Fife country such a party will assuredly cause itself to be respected. We Hope therefore you will without delay Confer with abolitionists in your Region on this subject by cot Respondence by holding meetings and in such other Way As May be deemed expedient and take prompt and efficient measures to secure the selection of such candidates for the National and state Legislatures As the friends of the slave can cheerfully support. By order of the executive committee g Henry b. Stanton j the executive committee will add but Little to the above letter. It is evident from the spirit of combi Nadon and the actual compactness of the party that if we look Forward to of bodies to which they expect to be members. Only theirer Cacno opinions should be required. Should they in the event of being called on to adopt others they must be prepared to justify the chaise or suffer loss in Public estimation for their unfaithfulness or their want of Wisdom in conclusion the executive committee a oui a repeat their conviction of the indispensable Ness of the strictest organization and recommend the most rigid Fidelity to our implied engagements to Public men of Good moral character who May commit themselves on their present views to Aid in our objects. To bring about such an Organiza Tion May require much Lime and trouble. But the great importance and difficulty of our work requires it. And if As abolitionists we adopt the plan of interrogating candidates and suffer even in a few instances thase who answer Elif to be beaten by Trojie who Aoa wer a when it is Evi fut that our a Yammout support could have secured a happier results we shall soon find interrogating disregarded by our Public men ourselves despised and the magnificent cause which from the Success of past efforts it would seem Tweit god had entrusted to our conduct fallen into a depth of con Progress of the age or in other words the already fulfilling promises and Predi Iiona of of Jehovah and the Bible Are with us. A expect great great things a a open thy Mouth wide and i will fill a be just and fear not British abolitionists never Condo Sce Deti to vote for the enem i is of emancipation on condition that their own right of petition should hot be trampled upon if they had made such a Compromise the Day of Jubilee had not dawned upon the West India islands shall americans beg As a Boon what britons claimed As i right a right which the British parliament never questioned never i it occurs to to that Aora Thody May perhaps bring up the Case of John Quincy Adams who has nobly sustained the right of petition but who has intimated on one occasion that he was not prepared to vote for granting the Pray or of the pet Tamra. We Canasi hut think that the Oon cession of or. Adams had a my bad tendency at the time and that if he a should now vote against emand pation in would run a great risk of doing the cause of Liberty More Barm in the Long run than he has done it Good. But we Trust he will do no such thing. The whole history of the past sixty years and especially of the past Twenty is full of that those men have elected ans Luction on the pc int Vik a tempt out of which we shall never again be Able to a the most against emancipation who have been most Forward raise it up. We a eclat action on political a dict Wim nist enter at once on the most thorough organization. To this in i a i. Each local society ought to appoint a committee of its most energetic and intelligent members who business it shall be to see every other member who is a Gofer and present to him in writing for his signature the several subjects in relation to which if May have been recommended by we iii Wii ii Trey the stale society to interrogate the candidates for Stamides on the most sacred rights of the a a office rooms such As Are now m use in this City May be found in the last number of the Emancia and menaces with destruction every thing that is a it valuable in this Republic except its of. Re it Garding civil government As a Blessing and having Mflwc tired to us the elective franchise we cannot he Huq Oyent if we neglect to exercise the a Power it confers in attempting to reinstate the Constitution Aud Laws in their supremacy and to Confer on every slave in the land the blessings of that Liberty to which As a Man a convicted of crime he is Folly entitled. A new United Blates House of representatives is to be elected chiefly during the present summer Aud the approaching autumn. The members Cho a exby die people of the free states constitute a Large majority of Ilia body. It remains with them to determine whether that House shall Annex tails with its mood guilty Ness upon it to the uni our a shall continue to trample on the rights of petition cd to suppress the Freedom of debate or a whether the fraudulent Alliance proposed by the maven others shall be rebuked and repelled slavery abolished in the District of Columbia and in Florida and the inter state traffic in human flesh annihilated. To secure these results so fatal to the protracted existence of slavery in every part of the country 80 honorable to our National character of consonant to the dictates of humanity and so pleasing to god is in the Power of the free states. Nor = j do we think it is saying too much to assert that it is in the Power of the professed friends of Abo a lotion to secure them provided they will firmly adhere to the principles of the above Resolution and take Early and efficient measures to carry them out in practice. However Fiffi cuu this might seem in some particular parts of the country where our number Are yet Small Luch is at present the iii Ely Baton ced state of the two contending political parties that the friends of Hui Han rights to a Large number of a Gressional Dietric Tat hold the balance of Power. In such to Lrichs by letting it be distinctly communicated to both parties previous to their selection of candidates that As friends of human rights a the Constitution our in forages will not be Given to any Man who will sustain the Power of the slaveholder or disregard the rights of the free both parties will find it convenient to put in nomination Oaly such Ai however they May differ on party politics will agree in their de Vodon to the cause of the afflicted slave. In those districts where the advocates of human lits constitute a Large proportion of the voters we test on friends of different politics will see to that their i respective parties put in nomination thorough int exigent devoted uncompromising advocates of the enslaved who not Only have the heart to feel for their sufferings but the head to plan for flier Relief. We solemnly believe that the peace the safety Yea almost the ver existence of our government depend under god on securing the election of Erich men to Congress. By no other description of men can the permanent enjoyment of our own rights be assured to us by no others when attacked. Will they be defended with the vigor that their importance demands. Even those sections emf the country where our principles have the greatest influence Mutt be represent tied a men of tor. In this manner the names of All the abolitionists in the county web Are willing to subject their party predilections to the great cause of humanity in which we Are engaged May be distinctly ascertained. The names of those Only who from their wiling near May be relied on for acting up to their engagement ought to be received. The Educ want out not for generally in a Lime of trial they will be found to disappoint the calculations that have been made on them. Their failure does unspeakable injury to the whole cause. 2. The original list of names thus obtained ought to be kept by each local society and a copy sent to the county society. The county society ought also to transmit a copy to the state society. In this Way the numbers that can be relied on will be known to All and any information Liat May be deemed expedient by any of the societies to communicate can be conveyed directly to each one the Post office address in each Case having been attached to the name. 3. The state societies either through their executive committees or through special committees ought to interrogate wherever it is thought necessary candidates for the higher state offices Chas governor lieutenant governor ac., dte., and Golgo the candidates for Congress in those states which elect by general ticket. 4. Where congressional districts Are identical with counties the county societies should interrogate the candidates. Where a District embraces More than one county the societies should unite by a joint committee composed of committees appointed by the societies separately for that Pur pose. 5. The candidates for the two branches of the state legislature should be interrogated by committees county or other local societies to whom it May appropriately pertain. 6. The manner of interrogating candidates ought to be As it is believed it has heretofore been entirely courteous and impartial. Candidates ought not to be Aei Down As of course opposed to our objects from what they May previously have done further reflection May Lead to a change in their views. 7. The subjects on which they should be interrogated should be few and such As they will probably be soonest required to upon in their official or Public character. A a general thing we would not recommend that candidates for Congress should be required to express their opinions on More or other topics than the following a in Diate emancipation in the District of Columbia and in the territories and the admission to the Union of any other slave state inducing tic a Texas is particularly mentioned because there is unceasing danger As Long As we shall have a president resolved to employ his official Power for the maintenance of slavery that it May be brought into the Union by some device unless Public sentiment against it be made to increase and the fear of it kept continually before their eyes. 8. Pledges to pursue a particular course ought not to be demanded from the candidates they ought to be left free to the influence of such facts and argument As May be urged in the Deli emotive trom the Friend of Man political action against is aay iry. No. 5. Continue from no 137. Political Creed of abolitionist we will vote for no Man who votes against Liberty. Anti slavery almanac for 1839. He. Who votes against emancipation votes against Liberty and there can be no neutrals in this warfare. A but suppose a Case says our hypothetical of Ector whose logic is always in the subjunctive mood a suppose a Case in which one of the candidates is opposed to gag Law and will vote for the right of petition but will not vote for the Manei pation of the slave while the opposing candidate Oes against emancipation and the right of Peti Ion both. Would you not vote for the candidate first mentioned no a neither would you neighbor if you would Stop and reflect half a minute. In the first place the Mau who will vote for the Liberty of the White Man and not for the Liberty of the coloured Man betrays the fact that he does not advocate your Liberty from principle but Only from motives of expediency. Were it not so he would of course vote for the Liberty of the co ored Man. When he shall deem it to expedient to vote against your Liberty he will do it As readily As he will vote against the Liberty of the coloured Man. In the next place if such a candidate were never so trustworthy As respects the Liberty of White men i should despise myself and feel that i deserved the displeasure of my father in heaven and the disapprobation of All his Dutiful children if i should so far forget the claims of our common brotherhood As to vote fora ruler because 1 thought Yii thirty Kurt that he stood ready to trample upon the liberties of my equal brother. But it May be suggested that the Good of the slave requires the election of a candidate who favors free discussion in preference to the election of his rival who is opposed to it though both May be opposed to the abolition of slavery. In answer 1. God does not allow me to do wrong in order to Benefit the slave and it would he wrong for me to vote for a Man whose vote being virtually my own would be recorded against the slaves Freedom. I answer 2. Such an inconsistent vote would not Benefit the slave. By voting a met the slaves Freedom i should virtually give the lie to my professions of regard or his Freedom. I should strengthen the hands of gradualist who vote against Freedom now with the professed Hope of securing it in future 1 should vote to favor of slavery myself and thus destroy my Power to remonstrate with southerners who do the same thing. Besides the Liberty of the White and coloured people both would be More Likely to be secured in the Long run by the election of men who ire. Opera by opposed to the liberties of both the White and coloured men than by the present election of men who deceive the White people with the pretence of their being in favor of their liberties while they effectually undermine All Liberty by consenting to the continued enslavement of one sixth part of the people of the whole country. Experience has Dready shown that nothing makes abolitionists than gag Laws in Congress and Resolution taif Liping upon the White Many a right of petition not in Law although i should not think it right to vote is the advocates of gag Law in order to identify the interests of the White and coloured men and Rouse the former to vindicate the rights of the latter yet i should certainly count it unwise As Well As wicked to help separate the interests of the White labourers and of the coloured ones by voting for those who pass for friends of the former while they Are the known enemies of the latter. Give of a cons that shall vote for Patton a gag Law one session longer and the whole North becomes abolition Zed beyond the Power of reaction. The Best policy of the slave Olding South will probably suggest the expedient of restoring the rights of Northern White labourers with the Hope of putting a Stop to their urgent petitions for the liberties of their Southern Brethren in tribulation. This was the proposal of or. Clay last Winter. Are abolition its prepared for the compromised if so let them consent to vote for the smooth plausible candidate who politely consents to vote against the gag Law of or. Patton while he hesitates to pledge himself for the instant Freedom of the crushed slave Are we prepared to do this heaven forbid no we stand on a Vantage Groom a infinitely above any such Petty bartering and hair splitting bargains we done to Ait trembling new under the threat of enactments against a free press to the voice of every True Freeman should be a Liberty for All or chains for All a enfranchise our Brethren at the South or say at once that you Wilt enslave us. Mask for no Liberty but the Liberty of am amp ricans-4he Liberty of men a whal we demand for ourselves we demand for our countrymen for our race under such banners fellow citizens we shall conquer or if Defeated we shall not deserve defeat. We shall have done our duty to our coun in to beef prof scion of regard for the Libertie of the Whitlee and most ready to conciliate and neutralise Flie Menda of Freedom. And Faia a the very class of candidates for Congress whose Case we have been considering. They propose to meet us half Way while every body knows that Middle ground in this Case u the Vantage ground of our enemies. We do not mean to aay that none but Mem Hora of Anli slavery societies or those who endorse Alt their measures should receive the votes of abolitionists. Neither we. Slade nor Thomas mortis nor John Quincy Adams Are technically Abidin Ionics in this sense. The Only Guestion in to Grantl was Smiy a you adv cute and Vole or Emit cd paid inf this is the substance of the test we must apply in this will you oppose the Wane Zadoo of i exas and the admission of new slave states will you vote for emancipation in the District of Columbia and territories and the abolition of the internal slave Trade no. 6. Perhaps there is no intelligent abolitionist who has Given the subject of political action an hours serious attention who does not see the impropriety and inconsistency of his giving his vote under any possible circumstances in favor of aug candidate for Congress or the state legislature wow will not and vote m favor of a present Eman cipo ton. But there Are Many Good abolitionists who hesitate alien you ask them to go one step further and upon the principle of voting for advocates of emancipation irrespective of Par fies a that is that in Case the political party to which they May happen to belong will not nominate candidates in favor of emancipation while the opposite party nominates suitable and Good men who will go for Inanc spation Ajlen in this Case that they shall not Only withhold their votes from the pro slavery candidates of Fictor own party but that Toey shall actually give them to the Good men of the other party who will support eau i Patio. The Diouf of this does not imply that they must leave their own political party entirely. Much less does it require that they shall go Over to the opposite Pirvy. No they May continue in their own party still and with them in every thing except in this one matter. They May remain Tii their own party and persuade them by their arguments and consistent conduct to nominate better candidates in future. Neither does voting for such candidates nominated by other parties a irrespective of parties Bear the remotest resemblance to the setting up of a separate political anti slavery party. With this explanation let us look carefully into the subject. It is a question which every abolitionist must of course Settle for himself but it is of infinite importance that he should so Settle it that his decision and consequent action shall be such As to satisfy the demands of the responsibilities he now sustains and which will press with their full weight upon him a thousand centuries hence. The question of present emancipation or continued slavery is con Esa edly a great moral question. It is a question that admits of no neutrals. He that declines present action in his Power lawfully i put Forth to favor of emancipation in reality acts against emancipation. It is a question which admits of no innocent Compromise. There is no Price nor advantage for the securing of which the enslaved May continue to enslaved nor for which the National or state Legislatures May defer constitutional action in favor of emancipation nor for which any one of the Sovereign people whose representatives and servants the representatives of the state and nation denominate themselves May defer constitutional action in favor of emancipation. Look Back now and read Over these propositions again. Understand what they mean Ponder their full bearing and see and decide whether they Are not Correct if you find them Correct carry them out into detail and apply them to the Case now m hand. You say there Are no circumstances nor advantages which should tempt the slaveholder to remain a slaveholder one my ment longer. He tells Yon the tax of emancipation would greater than he can afford. He tells you it would be giving Opall his property and in the Case of some slaveholders who hold slaves but do not own land to employ them on As free labourers if emancipated the Story would be very nearly if not quite True. But no matter. You Tell him and you Tell Hin truly it is his duty to give his slaves their Liberty now and run the risk of starvation. He pleads that his emancipating them would subject him to the exaction and the penalties of the Laws that it would Brand him a fanatic and subject. Him to Lynching and murder. Yet still you urge upon him As you ought the duty of instant and unconditional emancipation to his slaves for Why Bec Aliw no Uduari arcs he can secure by deferring their a to visibly justify his neglect of it is his business to perform a leave the consequences with try. But Defeated we shall not be. The Triumph i Abs butt is Orlain. The on word emancipation can it. Because also known duty and god. You say there Are no circumstances m advantages which should tribe the National or state Legislatures to defer for one moment the exercise of their constitutional Power in favor of a present emancipation. The National Congress declines action in favor of emancipation in the District of Columbia and territories and for the abolition of the internal slave Trade for fear its action should disturb the Public Tranquility dissolve the Union and Plua the country into civil War. Do you accept this apology and leave off sending up your petitions no. Why because you maintain and main Tain correctly that no National Dangora nor a Iufoon tages should tempt confess to neglect for one moment the performance of a High moral duty imposed upon them by the great ruler of the nations you bid them implicitly As you bid the slaveholder to obey god Ano Trust his Promise that the result shall be satisfactory. The legislature of your own state declines to put Forth its appropriate and constitutional action in favor of emancipation and for the Complete removal of slavery from your own state. And this dereliction of duly is defended in like manner by an array of the costs and disadvantages and losses connected with doing right. The interests of the state Are to ought to require the establishment of a National Bank or the prevention of its establish Meutz the institution of sub Treasury or the pre Venti Efti of such on institutions the repeal of the Tariff or the prevention of its repeal. On the decision of these Seemi higly important questions millions and millions of dollars Are is paused to depend. Public Prosperity is expected to result from the adoption of the Ope or Dufilie ruin to follow in the train of the other. And the state legislature think they have Good reason to to ppr Hend that if they should in favor of Emancia Tod these would he Sheri Jiete. But will you who arc an Abol zionist be satisfied with such excuses by to Means but Why not that is the question. It is because you hold it a first principle that no of advantage or of Distad Emtage of profit or loss of Seq Ofril ency or of i expediency should 4eter any inform agent a single moment from doing right. Hence it is that you abhor the trucking temper the time serving policy and the Raven spirit of your state legislators you Are astonished that they do not understand that Conadera toils of advantage of disadvantage in some form Ernst state the very essence of All the temptations by Means of which satan entices any i Ibali wings from die path of Plain duty. Come then a thou that Hayesl a Man should not steal Dost thou steal thou that a honest idols Dost thou commit sacrilege thou that say est a Man should not Bow Down to Hope Disney Dost thou worship at the shrine of exp ency you have an Opportunity to vote in Dvor of Emami pation by voting for a legislator who you know will vote in favor of Iran ate emancipation. The oppor Tennity is As real a one As of Tough you held a seat yourself in the National or state councils. Yon Are in fact the legislator yourself. Your representative is Only your agent your servant your decree Carrier. Come air now Are the Man whose vote the slave needs. Wiil you vote for emane ipalion while the Opportunity presents will you do it now a Why a As to that you have always been a Good Friend to the slave. At any rate you have Foter mined not to vote against him that is not the question. I did not ask you whether you were about to Stab him. 1 asked you whether you would not help relieve him will you vote for the Man who will vote for his emancipation of you scruple you hesitate what a the ? w by he does not belong to your pol Ideal party and what of he does you admit he is a Good Man and would vote for and your party have not nominated such a Man. You say yourself you cannot conscientiously Vole for the candidate of your own party because he is a pro slavery Man. How can you conscientiously withhold your vote for this candidate who is the Only Friend of emancipation nominated that is the Only one in a situation to do the slave any Good you say he is not of your political party. What does that mean does it mean that the Points on which you differ Are great moral sub Jecter like that of slavery and emancipation of no. This is not pretended. You own him perhaps As a Christian brother and Are willing to sit Down to the same communion table with him. You never thought of impeaching his moral or Christian character on account of his views of political Economy though you could not hold Fellowship with a defender of slavery. You meet him at the monthly concert and you mingle your prayers with his for the emancipation of the enslaved your vote for him Tould be. A vote for emancipation. Why will you not give it a Why he done to belong to our political party Well. Wherein do your parties differ a Why one is in favor of a National Bank and the other is against it. One is in Favot of die sub Treasury and the other is against it. Aud this then is the whole difficulty in the Case it seems you can to vote for Cmancy Paio i for fear it would endanger the National Bank or the #u6-/reaftif, or the Tariff or for fear that it should build up one of these. Wherein i Pray you does your course differ from that of the state legislator who will not vote in favor of the cause of emancipation for the same reasons you blame the members of the National Congress because they defer voting for emancipation for fear the Union will be dissolved and the country plunged in civil War. But you it seems will not vote for emancipation for fear of Public evils which you must admit to be of Light Magn tilde compared with disunion and civil War. No sober statesman of either party would say that his Wii favorite policy respecting Banks and the Treasury and the Tariff ought not to be Given up rather than plunge the country in civil War. Fou As an afe Liti Onist contend that no fear of civil War or Destt Nion ought to postpone congressional action in favor of emancipation. With what face then can you decline improving an Opportunity to vote for emancipation through fear that your own views of Banks and sub treasuries and tariffs will be Defeated you blame the slave hold of because he hesitates to go for emancipation with the lost of All his property in some cases and perhaps with the Hazard of his life. But you an abolition�8t, l and Immy Diatsi a defer voting Foi emancipation because your vote might possibly be connected with the derangement of the currency the Scarcity of Money the stagnation of business or perhaps the excessive issues of paper currency the Rise of flour a spirit of shop keeping what next it will do Little Good for Aioli florists to talk against expediency till they Lear ii to out their principles As Well As preach them the emancipator of August 30, contains a sentiment which though applied there to a somewhat different Branch of this subject might be used with equal effect in this place. In reply to the Herkimer journal the emancipator says a to the enlightened abolitionist the peaceful Abo Titton of Saverer prese new an object of interest important enough to the sep portion is of course that the Caw Date is of Good moral hear Ayleti for nil of teem a a a it Matt Sota for aay other. Cal Bohr up the a ninety nine or an Tollef Titi inner of Soch subjects As Are Orfin Aitla agitated in omit Murty to this sentiment every Truc abolitionist will heartily respond. The conclusion drawn by the emancipator in the next sentence seems to be irresistible a and therefore they Ruu fief As we see i a a Good Ctm Mance Smy St in placing men in office who they know will against the greatest interest of the country and employ their official Power and influence in Streng pluming and defending or count Rye a Mist malignant and dangerous May we not with equal pertinence Vaty the application of the principle with this paraphrase a and therefore they cannot is we see with a Good conscience fdccune3 plot a chg men in office who they know will Foi the great St interest of the country and will employ their official Power Aid influence in weakening and destroying our Couf Liry to most gift Lignante and Dan Gemus Senef Luyin slavery. Gods command by Moses to the children of Israel wat that they should choose righteous i is to Rule Over them. By the set Vilegas he has Confor Reil on he has Al other tis with the aunt Rea ssi malty. The duty is not Dit arged negative eat by the not a hooking of bad rulers. It Are bound to to prove every oppor Tonitz we it obsess of Psi Timmy Eho Sinf Good one. For two Iorg Cert us a the poor slaves in this country had been held in Bendage. Why have they not Heel because the Lisla ton would Bot vote for Emard pation Ami Why would Friey it because the people would not. Aid Why won not the people vote for emane Ipa Tion but arise they thought they could not do it without Mjoy it some of Thor Post ill or pecuniary Inie ruts Reader will you fall yourself ail hunted into abolitionist and yet Defor voting for Einz a filiation until you eau have As oppor Tulit of do it without the least Hazard to any of your supt used poll Tica or pecuniary interests there is scarcely any Ihirg under heaven forc blinding to the Mora sense than the pol Tkai parti Zars bipod our times. Abolitionists must Rouse themselves and look at first print fees if their we fold know what duty requires of them political action. The Friend of Man of the 3d inst., contains a sketch of the debate in the annual meeting of the new York anti slavery society lately held in Utica upon the subject of political action the Sech of Sebrit Smith is solemn and Power iii and we Are told by a gentleman prese if of fat it produced a great effect upon the Audi end a. We tote a Tingle paragraph and can easily imagine what must have been its Power uttered from the lip of a Man who had not voted with any party a a whose honest integrity none could questions and whose piety Aid philanthropy a been made Manifest by abundant works. We can readily conceive of the effect of such truths uttered by such a Many in All the earnestness of his deep full voice and impressive , a it Tom. A i care Kompara vely Little which party sue. Needs at the Oming election whether wig or and and be care not a. Great Deal whether an anti slavery Man a re pro slavery Man succeeds. But i Dot Are whether abolitionists Are found faithful at he poll then 1 shall have the satisfaction to believe Flint they will stand acquitted before the judge at foe great Day and their cause will have the that they have done their duty and this is All that can be required of them. Why is it not Manifest if it be Onee settled beyond All contradiction even to the minds of politicians that abolitionists ate firm faithful Ana unwavering at the polls As Well As on their Knees then our Victory As far As Ali tical action is to Aid in achieving a will soon be do not believe the abolition lists Wilt out their principles when they come to the ballot 0x. Why sir look at the nomination of a recent convention. A Man is held up for the office of governor who is notoriously opposed to the Doc Trine of human rights who Purs contempt on the Man who advocates the Tia use of the oppressed. You know whom i mean i mean Wili Impi a Learcy and we Are yet to know whether the gentleman who is put on the opposition is any More an abolitionist than the other. We Are yet to mow that or. Seward stands in any less fear of the Demon slavery than gov. Marcy. We shall mow when we come to question the candidates i. Repeat it sir we shall know by their answers or their silence when we come to question them. Is it not evident that politicians pregame on the in. Fanh illness of abolition lists Why common sense teaches that if they had believed the 10,009 abolitionists in the democratic ranks would have remained finn to their principles hey would Nof have hit William l. Marcy in nomination. Frey. Have believed that 10,000 abolitionists of heir party would be found Recreant to sheif principles that they woe id hot hold themselves up to the calumnies of i her political Ato opiates. They believe that we Are insincere Why it was Only this morning that my attention was called to apart de in a political paper in this City in which t it is said the abolitionists of this District will prove. Themselves hypocrites. Shall we prove ourselves a at the coming election honest or dishonest. A pack of hypocrites or men of sincerity it men with you to determine for myself i stand Here under judgment self that i win not a to East no a zionist to office come what will / win not note or a pm slavery Man for d Law maker. And i have no duty of a political character which shall be led to respect More than this. 1 have no duty of religion which ends me to site party�?4o this party or Liat party. Let in then pledge stir selves to each other to be True to on principles at the polls not merely on our own account but for the True hearted abolition Date of thy state from the North and the Soulli the East and foe West that we will not vote for an Anli for a Law maker. Lei it think that site friends through out the land in their circles of Devotion Are remembering us and offering up prayer to the father of All men for Dir divine guidance and for our de. Ter rained mid inviolable Ernotte to divine we thua pledge ourselves that we will not Vole for of pro slavery Man we pledge our Waves As men As men who have a deep and Abid Sittg respect deep and abiding love for our common Hirmann a for the poor and oppressed slave. Andly Yieh we thus pledge ourselves is do has Chr milians Ras believers in the holy religion that we profess As followers of him who has chosen As his representatives the. Least of Mankind and who assures us that As we do or do not. Towards these it shall he As a judge a tether in Cydoi or i we town fun

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