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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - October 2, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioThe Phi Anthrop St by the am Blat tit to comr my cd Utmer a foist 4 Xii Afree a i to Efi Cine innate Ohio. A ii Jai ibs , a Bollar and i Fly cent in Lii tee i Tellain if not paid till the expiration of Llie year. Lel Twe Oft at Wim be directed to the those Rei attn to the Edi Tonai department to the Boito in All Capet a it it paid. Congressional. Sarnia a my mom.�, Tat Jae tory in of a Imit m my. Oak Ion irs set Verf amp it a Ltd Fai Widi your a Prift of Toibb Ftp Ohlich ift Yoor paper to fth if mate on then old Lioom Pomr. Al Tualii and mittaud in the Senate of i a fitted state daring the Imit Alee too of Coo Frea 1 Forward Yon the copy of the remark anti Niue Day myself made out at the time Abo the manuscript copy of the last remarks made or. 8mi& of Indian one alike Occam in. Yon Hever i five in bib Lus remark Iraq made it was the mention of or. Smith and myself to have map the publication be a we we left Washington and we applied to the in Baldier of a paper there for that Parps be Bat cases not Worth i Senate the question of reception has been stifled b y y la Al. In meet coding prevented it Beinor do i do not know that Tan to it ii emr. 8mith%aiiaflcript to be pub it inked without he consent. own opinion and a Cli on Patiic Mea aare i Timve no Deere should be kept from the Public. If they Ite to height worthy the attention i pay. I her of a newspaper they am at his Are vice and 1 Send a Sis to Yon accordingly. A Tours respect filly Thomas Morrw 1888. Of 1�ii. Midi iii. Of Orzaio Quot on me. Caui0�ons rbs0lut10ns. Or. Morris said could he have done so we have Elt that at the same time he had d�8cbard his duty he would gladly have entirely refrained from entering into any discussion of the resolutions now before the Senate. When first offered the resolutions appeared to him of so extraordinary a he had hut Little doubt to some Sens of pore Able than it Nisei Wotila have met acid a a sexed the i he deeply regretted that now when the vote was called for and about to he taken All were silent. He should however feel dissatisfied with himself if be suffered these resolutions to pass without oppose Titan and Tii Refore even should he find himself single hand and a Lone in the a inflict with the senator from Seuth Carolina or. Calhoun he would not shrink hem the Tift i. In making up hit mind to do to had you tried the Cost. He Well knew with whom he was about to engage an old and expo Rien ced Leader sustained supported by a United Force that would not be separated Buk he Felt a perfect late Eli a Bow Richlie. Isri Eop Mitizi let the Iwuc he Sirit May. It was the cause i Fht Man Liberty and constitutional right and no com Bius however numerous or Force however to Congi he firmly believed would Ever be Able to a venrow it and whatever might be its Fate Here be had no doubt Aste the final result else i Bieh been said on former occasions respecting the dangerous tendency of agitating the question of slavery on the floor. It Wao Dou Tiesa intended to silence hereafter disc dts Here or in any other Plse by the Isoo lotions by Iro us. He would however Call thai Serrate and the country to Bear witness that the members of this body from the freq states who Lead acted together on this Queen Iota had heretofore a led Nosi totally silent on Thissel eco while and every petition has by this Means been in truth left in the hands of the member who wished to present it if it can be deemed any mitigation of this procedure tiie Courtesy has been afterwards extended to him to hand up the excluded petition to the Secretary stable. And Pray sir said or. M., what effect has been produced by this Wise and Beneficent measures deemed at least by its projectors has it kit spied the Public Rainof has it restored peace to Theca Untiet has it diminished the number of petitioners has it cooled their ardor no sir it has done none of these things but its effects have been entirely the reverse As gentlemen from every Side of the House who have to poker on this Point have Elearly testified. The Wisdon then of this Mensure is about equal to that which we uni induce m Mao to throw Guo powder upon a burning fire in order to extinguish it. The fire is scattered throughout the whole the a Trier Cain people Are i King in Manly resist Aneo in every Quarter again i any Etta motto shuffle off this right Fie Imp Flint right of they now throng in additional in Obeis and with increased ardor i Locking at the doors of your chamber and demanding to he heard. Sir we whose Fluty it bran been to present the petitions of our a iii Ali i flip Rotmil subject were Eom Pellati to act in silence and see rested Asu wort ii of consideration Beins Tecetl King the City reproached for their presentation. We end Ruf All this without refining or without fear because sir f to Haw been frequently to ensued by Southend Gen who had now brought for want the whole Stilipec and to Impi a open the door of discussion tel Sale would say for himself that he Felt As if hell Mittline right in maintaining that silence which Ito Stoa Hev Elodoro observed and that be had too timely stint tied to a course of pro coding which he believed Tifin As Well Prem in it i opinion Malm a direct attack against All . They a a however in doing so have a Fiona open the door to debate ind he misted would not now be imposed As heretofore by a motion to Lay on the the great Dato tin View was to deny the right of petition to gon Veoa fior the abolition of Stevey in the data a Fec of gel Unobia and for the prohibition of the is five Trade Between the Dif Brent states. A Retro of the jeans resorted to for the purpose off at Tabi iii Jhk object May be of use and May it it if Ioa Elv us Wisd oui and forbearance on the it Hent too Sion. It is now about two Yelm since tilts due St on was first Intro ducted and became matter of High import Otid serious consideration in this Tofely. A the Fiir to grand mov Menf was to receive iii petitions and to stantly reject their this is lament was first made on tiie presentation of the memorial from tiie society friends in the it Toof peifnsylv., on which Mcm Orabo Tuow Ioury a if Iem pm la red a the vote was. 3 6 to receive id Gamst receiving. The vote to reject the a apr of the Oto Moriah Wassa sad against the re tit new of. This those opposed to the of Tion or old Titis Stefo acct soon found Nat this not work wifi and it proved How Lyle was the Wisdom of Man when put in opposition to inherent and established right. This de of Ilia to Banff fair the Onn Taral offspring of Power Tiff boo Ilii into Ihn Wurm from the High Eslep from whole iii tews Atit of dilute a to Good of Viniam a a 5 amp of and died. Whito to next to is done Stolt Opsitos Eon lost Tiue War a Gaio Iichi a of petition it we not of a come of inns Foi Liro to be abandoned. Let consequent is what they Vittay on the subject of Larvey roust ecu be received a new device was the got no by Wimch in Cyl have been As effectually excluded from the act not the so Nat As if no attempt had been made to pm set them. This device called by a to abuse of terms a great conservative pm Cipie was Decinti a do a Grusd Catholic on for the cure of abolition ii its or tort in Cmor had no doubt of its entire a a tet Ossi and it was this that when a petition old the Subj not of slavery should be introduced by a Memcev then a question on its reception should be Rois i and that question it shall the petition be Yeti Ivel on this question however we have Nevar been Aje to obtain a vote of the we been permitted even to debate it Ever Silica the Voto on the memorial he had mentioned the pm Motiya. By which he said he meant them in to Lay the motion to receive on the table to to even occasion been immedi atoll made which not being debatable by the rum of the we Well knew Thal the darkest hour immediately precedes the and we Folt satisfied that the very Daito mss itself m which it was attempted to shroud the subject was but a Forem ner of the Light that would s Oon break in it we have not been do appointed. Though debate was silenced Here it pervaded every part of the country where the Liberty of speech and the press was Seboure from outrage and Lawless Viole Neeve Itti Vii Kals of the highest order of talents and of the most influential character have spoken. Sovereign states have spoken and have at last expressed their views and it is at length discovered Gay Gong Esb that the rights of an american citizen cannot be trampled Dov by a motion to Lay tiie most important the Fiviland free exercise of Bis rights the right of petition on your table. The expression of Public opinion is too Strong to be any Tiger opposed by the. Paltry harrier erected against it. Resistance to the right of petition has heretofore proved but a Mere cobweb. And yet it is now attempted by foe resolutions before us to i trate it entirely at least on one subject and if foe the of evolutions Emu succeed in this or. Was unable to see what vestige of american Liberty would be left for he knew of nothing better secured than foe right of petition foe Freedom of speech and the Liberty of foe press. It was this View of foe us Lect that induced or. To meet the resolutions of the senator Froais South Carolina with counter resolutions. And although he had originally intended to offer his resolutions a a by Ona a Amsl meets yet under present ctr ctn stances he should retain of Tom debt no so As fore appeared a disposition on foe part of the gentleman himself and if be could rightly judge on foe part of foe Senate Atoo not to enter into a Dis cuss on of the merits of foe question. The gentleman had however called his or. resolutions the Creed of foe abolitionists and said if there was an ulcer in foe body politic he wished it brought to the a Urf Aee and Here it was. Thai foe Resolution i were antagonist to his or. Cd and supported for resolutions of foe legislature of the state of Vermont or. Said that As to foe resolutions from verb fat he did not feel disposed to inquire what foe ii character was. The Sanator from foal state who had offered to present them was ways and at any time Able to defend himself. As to his or. having formed a Creed for the abolitionists he Diu not Lay claim to any such distinction. His Rewoli irions cd q trained As he Bellef de the Correct theory of foe government and foe True doctrines of foe Constitution. They simply asserted foe Uberty of speech foe Liberty of tie press and foe right of petition As being above All and the birth a get and inheritance of Evet american Tizen. If this was foe Creed of abolitionists freq indeed should he maintain and support their Creed at All times and under All circumstances. I his or. Casio Uii a to solutions denied All these he or. 1 believed they did he Wouk oppose them also with equal Zeal. As to his Mhz a owe resolutions he should not offer them now but would Reserve foe night of submitting form on some Rotare Day m separate and Independent propositions from those now ii Fletr consider Tom. What then is foe great end sought for or foe senator As to foe nature and origin of those Nighta As Well As foe Mode and manner of maintaining form. The senator held that foe states in their Sovereign capacity had adopted the con tiiu Tion. It had indeed been formed by foe states in their Sovereign capacity but its formation and adoption he considered separate and distinct things. Without foe subsequent action of foe people within foe so veral states it would have been of no effect. In order to perfect their Union As a people or All foe purposes intended by the i Stit ution 1 Ley the people in foe several states add a i or. Considered it not no w necessary a it inquire into this abstraction. The cons tiption was he reliving and acting instrument its Power and provisions operated both upon states and upon men k pervaded every port of the you stay giving like Mvi Leges and so Carrity to of for to its Power the s tates had Burrei dered Freir right of redress for Domestic violence or foreign aggression. And the senator is now invoking this tremendous Power to prohibit the it Zens of other states from in termed Ting with the ins citation of his own. r. Woul ask what was meant by inter meddling with foe institutions Laws or policy of a state. Does the senator mean that became we Converse about foe policy and Laws of other steles or because foe Iress. Of the Counti where we live publishes tree ses on these institutions that this is to termed doing does he mean to say that such speaking writing and printing ought to be put Down by foe authority of this govern a enl that it is either invasion or Domestic violence he or. A Foughi be senator would not openly avow this. Yet his resolutions go to maintain this doctrine fully. But he Means that the doctrine of state Power physically operating on the a a bit unions of another state is inter meddling then or. Fully agreed with the senator in condemning such inter meddling and in asserting that no such right existed. It has been said by High and Jority that Spain Inte meddles Iti War Between other nations by take log Art therein. But when the a Nator seeks As in la ease to put Down foe Freedom of Mere speech and foe Prem and the right of petition he not on to piously interferes in foe Cou Cefis of other states but he strikes at foe foundation of All future improvement. When he is pleased to charge As evil an in unify into the Constitution and Laws of other states and nations and denounce it As in terme imling if he Oan sneered air this ease then can. He also prevent an inquiry in Del other ewes. F this is foe object of the senator my advantages Rodn comparison in All cases would be at an end. What is foe object to 1>e attained by foe revolution now before Usi it was this foal free discussion on a question which foe senator he m self had often Declai to be of foe highest to Portaree should not Onay be Discoid tenanted but absolutely Silenc cd. It seemed to him or. A that this Hope o the gentle Shah was vain. Do he a Eri 0 isly sex Pec t to succeed in drawing a line and in enacting that argument should he be allowed on one Side of a but not on foe other if he did it was a vain expel Lasion a a Hope which Zoum never be realised or. Said he regretted Ucli to hear the gentle Man speak of Seef Omal or geographical interests or. Said i would a knowledge no such Divi ded Ial orests and of ind not believe that Southern and Northern rights existed As antagonist Pine Isles Why then talk of Southern rights and Souther Power and that Southern men Kipust depend on them selves As if they were a separate and distinct people and there had been a attack upon South a in rights Neh argument could Irot Lead to foe peace and Harmony of the country but were we calculated to Divide and distract it. If foe senator supposed that i discussion and the Liberty speech and of foe press upon the subject of slavery itself woes an Alliek upon Southern rights and foal on this Fodse Pretice he could put them Down he would sorely find a it self greatly mistaken. Or m. Said be asked foe senator if he was aware foe vast Concession Quot tie was himself making even to foe did his shiite then really Poi sess Init nations that Zouki not i Rostand foe Mora Power of Public opt Mon must both foe Tongue the pen be silent in order of Freir Preservati of a if this Ark of our political safety was to remain secure end be carried into foe Temple of slavery would that institution fall before it if such was the Case be or. A would not pretend to anticipate resulto. His Orect was to Secavic Fob lights of All he wished for the Izety of All. And he believed All could exist together under foe will to abolished doctrines of foe Constitution. He Doublet much however that safety Wiur arty where else to be reasonably expected. The senator from sooth Carolina claims to be a state a rights Man he or. Aspired to foe same High distinction he to a i a states right Man although he might differ wit i and each state would be compelled to shut itself up Wii Hii foe Mirele Ofilos own hurts diction. This he considered was no the doctrine of foe Constitution or foe policy of foe country. Such however was one of foe features of he resolutions before there was also another feature in those resolutions which he f bought deserved special notice and while the was opposed to All Freir most prominent doctrines he believed this foe most dangerous of them All. It was of a decidedly selfish character and of the Moet dangerous tendency. It appeared to iii of Tyfo Sira car tar so Art filly it ended As to be Well calculated to deceive. For fear be might be mistaken he would read foe Resolution. Rom Pedt that foe Union of these states rests on an Equality and advantages Aming its members and foal whatever tends to destroy that Equality tends to destroy foe Union itself and that it is the solemn duty of All and More especially of this body which represents foe Stales in their corporate capacity to resist All Atte Mpoto to d is Criminate Between foe states of extending foe benefits of foe government to foe. Several portions of foe Union and that to refuse t6 extend to foe Thern. And Western states any advantage that worm tend to Strati then them or Render them More secure or increase Freir limits or population by the annexation of new Teni tories or states on the Assumption or under foe pretext that foe inst Tulion of slavery As it exists a Inong the to is ii moral or sinful or otherwise obnoxious would be contrary to that Equality and advantages which foe institution intend to secure alike to All foe member of foe Union and wild in effect Disira Chize Tow slave holding states withholding a rom them the advantages while k subjected them 10 the burdens of foe what sir said or. M., is foe Doctone con tabled in this Resolution Ite firs t position is foal an Equality exists among All foe states and whatever tends to destroy that Equality tends destroy foe Union itself. Therefore a slavery exists in some of the states there must be unequal right to hold slaves in All tiie Sta tes. Or other Wise foe Union Mustbe destroyed. Congress therefore such is the Doctone inculcated is bound to resist 011 endeavours to prevent the Extension of slavery the Union at All events to such an extent As Wilt give foe slave holding states the balance of Power if not by forcing Suva into the free states by annexing new slave holding territories or states tothe already Aimee Holtti Stales. And Congress m not to be deterred from this enters to of slavery by the Stu Neamiah idea that slavery is immoral and sinful. This is foe doctrine sir not that slavery As k exists is to be sustained no foal is not enough it is to be enlarged extended Aupp nested and made perpetual. To what does this Lead suppose the stale of Louisiana was the Only slave holding state in the Union and All foe offer states believed this state to be upholding an institution Bol him moral and painful what is foe conclusion Why we in most add to this state Texas or even Mexico by Conquest it is to be presumed if we cannot otherwise obtain them in order to give foe slave Hodding Power inequality , if preponderance in foe Union and this is to be done under foe specious pretext of maintain As this. Sir if is no longer foe question now whether foe coloured Man shall be continued in slavery but it is whether foal slavery shall be More extend etl and foe White Man be deprived of his most valuable privileges and Dearest rights. The question is changed. It is not foe question of abolition itself or the rights Only of those who petition on that subject that now demand our attention. We Are not asked to support Southern institutions As they exist but to enlarge and extend them and if we protest against this we Are charged with being Inte meddlers. Or. Said he had not heretofore opened his lips on foe question of abolition All he had Ever said was intended to keep in proper Bounds this spirit. He had Felt it his duty thus negatively to Aid and protect foe South and he had often said that in Case of a Servile War or South-crip1n� effect iii we we Buird 1iy int political Northc Xian. If need he Loaid in its but sir admitting All this he contended at the same time for foe right of discussion on the Vei subject of slavery As Well As All offer High kor even the Rigil of for i slaveholder to. His slave a a All these be rights of equal valid a hut which he contend Edfrey were not foal of Liberty of speech and the press being far foe most important. He a Wohld a gain ask How had foe North and the West Inte meddled w fihs the i is Timotio is of the South sir if in All this matter there be any thing that savors of inter meddling it was that of a Southern state sending her or mandates into Ohio in order to Indiee the Legi Szturo of that Steie to pass Laws for the suppression of abolition soot ties and prevent discussion on the sul Ector slavery. This he believed South Carolina had done or. Had not been Able to obtain a copy of the resolutions As yet but he expected foe m in a few Days. He Well remembered it was then thought that these resolutions made a requirement of the legislature to deprive their own citizens of their most undoubted constr Antiona right when any of the free states shall Send resolutions into a slave holding state requesting that slavery be abolished As a dangerous institution and of evil tendency and calculated to disturb the peace and quiet of the free states and As Affe Etzig the mite Fritz of foe Union it May be said with a Tittle More Grace Thal it is inter meddling with the institutions of foe offer states. What sir said or. M., is foe real of Jet to be gained if indeed any thing is to be gained by the passage of these resolutions ? it is that Texas May be annexed to foe Union in order to extend and perpetuate slavery and thus forewarn foe free states that Freir citizens have no right to think speak or write on the subject it was in part an attempt to restrain by the Power of Tjon Gre the our reasoning faculties and he won i say if it is not a wicked it was a very weak attempt he said he was As much opposed to inter meddling with slavery in foe South As any other Man not even excepting the gentleman or Cal Honit Triin self but he Oen tended than was acts done respecting slavery within a slave hold ing state. But if foe right of judgment on moral or Politi eat subjects the Rig i of speaking even on to the is Eunah my too Oloteo dieted under the name of inter meddling he should be glad to know How it was to be Sci com dished it is Pond the Power of Congress to place in alters on men a minds or Bri dle their tongues. It is beyond the rightful Power of any government to prevent foe people from freely discussing speaking and printing upon wha ver subject they please to welder disagreeable foe sub gift he to others. Yoo my punish the abuse of foe privilege but you cannot do away with the Rev siege itself. Real and Airt at Inte meddlers May be put Down by foe Laws but who shall put Down the right of inquiry and idiscn�8 Miil Quot 5i any subject who shall put Down foe right of forming and expressing an opinion ? these resolutions Are declarations of War against opinions i and and maliciously in order to bring tie Prem Deni or such Qia Runett of foe govern rent into i scr Pute amongst the people of the United states but it at the same time gave foe party accused a trial by jury and Liberty to give the truth in evidence. Bat sir what do we propose now ? we charge chose who present petitions Here for foe a bout Ion of slavery and foe slave Trade in this District Aas being guilty of a i h moral and. Political o Fence. Do we propose to give them a fair trial before a jury or even before foe bar of Public opinion with permits iii to give the truth m evidence no sir we refuse to hear them we refuse to receive , or to d Low Thein to to Deli ing an Equality of Power Between the slave holding and non states. The to my mine said or. .��8 the doctrine of foe senators resolutions As dear As the Light of the Sun it is written in characters too Broad to be misunderstood. The Resolution is based upon this ground alone. Am is this foe Equality foe senator would is Tabateh am wishes to see exist among foe states sir this is strange d doctrine a and it comes to a stil stronger conclusion. He said he would be glad to know what this govern edit had to do with Equality rights among foe states arising out of Faqir own const motion Laws and internal police he considered Foat it was not foe policy of Fois government to interfere in such matters at All. And yet foe gentleman who contends for Fois doa Tiwe plaints to be a states right no. Why sir to my mind said or. �� it might As Well be contended that this government was bound to preserve in each state an equal number of inhabitants am for to for right of property should be the same in All att tip foe refit this Resolution is liable to All those Al Many More Yel if Gen Lenien Wal examine foe entire re Toi tons they will find foot each them is open to objections equally Stron truth in evidence in their behalf. Or an this y of our members to speak has been the Fate of Peti Zas one 1# Tonyon the subject of slavery heretofore and we Are How att erupting to draw the Tordt St tights i and to Brand petitioners with infamy m Well is All quo who May speak write or publish tacit opinions on this subject. Or. Viewed foe present Rover font of the ibos t Orfei tary and dangerous my Rau Rbt get Nihro deemed into foe american Gong Csc the said Baszto knot Herkim self he did not claim Totie a abolitionist he had not yet uttered a word in favor of Freir principles or opinions but Foey were men they were am Riban citizens and Wey trere anti tied to All the rights and privileges of of Era. A spoke now in fast half of foe common if Fate of Man which were foe gift of the creator and above foe Power of human government to Tako away. If one class of our citizens have a right to any kind of property surely another last of on citizens have an equal right to any kind of opt Nien. If Southern constr to tons have foe right to make property of menu rely Norfo Ern Tad Western Citi by what right or tide can any party or state Call upon Congress to censure condemn or pass b it against opinions ? who will dare to until he rounds of thought or foe right and Freedom of opinion ? no one Fie presumed had yet sufficient boldness to make such an attempt. If Foo resolutions aimed at foe suppression of unlawful acts he m. Would Psi of fully give them his Lipport but Foey Are local in their Obj acis and Are directed against the Liberty and opinions of the people in foe free states. They strik e at both moral and constitutional rights they Are directed against the sentiments and doctrines not tangible objects and Foey seek to make disreputable the free interchange of opinion Between our citizens by calling foe express iii of Opin ran in termed Ling. If foe South possessed foe right to Call on foe free states to put a Stop to foe express Sion of opinion upon slavery i foil those states up what prior triple could they deny the right of those states to Call on the South to abolish slavery ? if the Possession of slave he of vital Irta Ortance to foe South the Possession of Freedom of spech and opinion is or equally vital Imp Tamie to foe North and West Oney ight he contended to be As Walidas the other. He would St More Owr right was far Superior to the other and was an inherent unalienable right foe offer an acquired temporary right which if put into the balance would be found gaming. And shall one of the first the Deores and most important rights be sacrificed Ai abandoned to preserve a lesser and doubtful one claimed by a less portion of the Community ? it is an impious attempt to Endeavor to arrest men in the exercise of Meral discussion the right of writing speaking or printing on my subject Foey please he or. Thought it was a desperate in Dert Kingto fight a Artst the Freedom of opinion at this late Day and in this in tightened eol the Wori i yet these Resolis rotis were in his View the conme Cement of such War. The cd raise of our moral Pwers the expression of Wiir thoughts is called inter meddling and such an inter meddling too Foat the Airm g Arm of Fois government is Foite used for its suppress of. This a the Heck chg it is now Only said tha certain a div dim arc calling in question state Ensti Vitious and we Are invoked to impose on them silence. What foe next s Tep May of ,.�0 open an Tep Sojie a possess sufficient boldness put incur tie guilt of questioning the Acta arts institutions established by Congress am if he deserves to be put Down in silence who would dare to Spak against state institutions if this doctrine can be carried out we pig Lek s much heavier punish Eli to be in tee on my who May lift his voice afaii8l few Fri Oridami of . There a on by tip Bobed to the principles of Forsfe resold in Rte. If we for any prose or for a single admit their . To lib alien any i Iti Oti Laws were Asj Hite paper compared to foe dark Page which foe adoption of these resolutions will make in the history of our Ccu Atey. The c sedition act made it criminal to speak or Wjite Aga Jast the ident or and Branch of the government falsely Zens Are equally entitled to the expression 4il opinion foal men cannot rightfully be made a forty and Foat such an act is both immoral and sinful. Who a Bill judge and decide Between us ? the government of the United states i no sir we plead not to its Jurist Cimon. But sir ssi or. M., Why Alt Fois alarm ? Why Titis excitement and foe introduction of these resolutions ? what is foe real state of the fact before us As freq uen to y asserted by the friends of foe resolutions it is Foat foe Southern states Are Able to uhe care of themselves Foat they will pts serve their Stril Hez Ards even to foe destruct id of the Union itself. Why this Decla Rammi. From what net Tensity does it arise i we Are told Freir institutions have been attacked by abolitionist a and Pray sir who Ore these we Are told Foey Are Huml fan fittes incendiaries zealots without knowledge consisting mostly o f women who had m och better attend to Freir household affairs and also Little Boye and girls at boarding eco Cross. Such Ilia said Corpse the mass of petitioners who Are inter meddling with Southern institutions. And is it possible that this army of old ladies and Chi Fhren Are carrying dismay and terror into any part of our country ? is it Paible that foe Power of this government is needed for Freir overthrow ? he cold not believe if but if it is so what a lesson Doea k Teack us i sir it has been admitted thoth the doctrine of the declaration of Independence the Bill of Rig Lite affixed to foe Ctm suttion of foe United states Crim taxis the very doctrines of which the abolitionist Plant of Ems elves. If this were True and he was not disposed to doubt it he was not surprised at the results. For should one he motto pm his hands and his feet toward the Strong hold of oppression and servitude with none but his Ardour bearer behind him bearing aloft foe declaration of Independence which declares that All men Are Boru free and Independent a and have an Ina enable right to life Liberty and the Pursuit of h happiness and nude in each l the words of the Constitution Congress shall make no Law abridging the Freedom of speech or foe presi or the right of the people to assemble together and to petition the government for a redress of grief . Be spa doubt that it we Ultra use a trembling in foe Camp even of slavery itself to admit ii two co gazed by foe off Fife aged essential Elemeith a 4m tel Tif Pwers in tie several states. Or. Belie vide first position assumed Here erroneous. The Constitution of foe United states did not djs Taini of Power among foe states. It had Meiji Ite Power from foe people states a Djiji Partt Eular or for my puim�a�8eropiaedy Davery a or Pessary for m a Etiopi. It Ohio a ufos or allowed Fois inst Totin a for sit la a not recognize or establish lib to. Fair foe co institution of foe United stall ii use Jet Quot states in Fois Panruti Citlai a Hon iii six go. The word Sbet or Severy Zawot a Mummy to a thre instrument. It was net Imti ded by i touch the institution in of the shite in Caliri which Fohy kid Loa Grams in foe Cunt a Tuti ii. Bat to 1 pad fog frames of the const Katina it tended is shelf a Wal Power should Ope Fato to for Quot very in All the states. Aimee said ill to Ftp a a foil if Couch he shown foal it of Prodi teed Quot Aliff a till Waspi using this effect and Fie hid no doubt but Fois moral Power Wou lil finally accomplish Foat great object. Re believed that at foe time of foe. Ado Tipa of the Constin toil Al. The state were a hold iii states and foot a slave Wae Conetia Ewd prep try by foe Laws of Eaino elated Weidy any one contend foe right of representation in foe engr est Resta a Poi pm Gety for la Moaje. If enied it life basis of represent Tori ii or nuns and although foe Constitution had made a Dimitr Tom Between free person Tariff Foos Efio Ltd to ser fee for a Pierre of years Oil of offer Pray Reid a a Cep radians dec. The very distinction Aboite Toi Ilaa proved to his Reid most dearly Foat the suttion intended and indeed such to foe Loet Foat no act of Fois a Ternent a to ibid Ever foe Principio if Iai perms rofl Lff ill Ferrey Eire Siff stances be convert a into Rani mar. Ii ares Tom exclusive right of the states a i it Thoj pea a sed before foe adoption of for Ami one which they did not sorbet of a of declare of or lat Propri Short old be Formen to a the Nitoff of Ita Teit in and foe Greet Oral if station new Agit Foag tie country is can or is Fht it Taofo to Htee of Vertex Joto rare Xet 4nd for Pool is med not to foe states but to for of individuals who hold persons As property. Or 1�/ said a a a i Foat foe basis of Fois Erimie fat oiled a mate of he bad remarked. As font foe mor a Tomid overthrow of its and eventually cause Power. But Sif said or. There has been so of a variety of la alter pressed into this question eos Only info foe resolutions themselves but also into foe remarks that have heretofore been made on Fois subject that he really was at a loss to determine How much Vas d scr Vinlof notice there was on to p to however that he deemed worthy of consideration it was the Intro detion of the a object of religion he could not discover Why this sacred subject which was placed by the sons dilution entirely it beyond foe Power of this go vern men h should have beep in Tro diced to answer any pm tical purpose whatever. But believing this to Tro entirely a Plit icat quote lion his just and Verso table expectation m to the foe argument a Hada Heen disappointed. In looking of i foe fourth Reso a ution he could not understand it in any other Light than As maintaining Fois Foat to Spak against the institutions of a state and More Artic Lorly against slavery was a Vidla Tiomi of religious obligations. The Resolution As mimed that slay cry i a k existed in foe Southern and Western states composed an important part of their do Nestic Misti Tulious and that no change of feeling on the pro of foe citizens of the other states Cen justify form or Freir Iwens in open Aad by Etc Otio attacks Loerean with the View to its ova a food and Foat All such attacks Are a Manifest Viola tips of the most solemn obligations of moral and religions duty. Now permit us to inquire who shall make a moral and and religious Creed for the Milf Etna of these states and Dee Tare Foat such aotearoa violation of such Creed ? is fore not bore a Plain and palpable declaration of what constitutes Delmious obligations and what is a violation Force of is there not Here a direct a Templ to Esta Liali t Tol pious cited by foe Power of Fois government of it i not a declaration Foat k is Irreg Igims la oppose tote system of slavery que cover that Nathu Tiomi with this sacred Man the if All this was n 0 t the meaning and intention of the Resolution he was at a loss to undersea Lidit. He believed however that hers of old by but one answer to foe question i had put. But said or. � this is not All. To a proceed up of a Rel Moue society at Utica York Fie believed had been introduced and Reid of applicable to Fois question. Why was that done was it to produce political effect and prots a Pon cedi Gieris fee Lisp Lisiel if soil was state Hing from a is society tiie cred Mantie of Rongi Oiin and its Mea Rikars into a meat i Pete in eeb Olf and her Lwi Ifon that when Troob any Reli Gurtis sect Skon Lff make Itie of its Power i flu pc Tjw fac political a dirt dim to any party i ii Litton Inoia to tax if Goye Patent Foik lost foe Power of Lelia pm Aad be Ceree Moesly Erecter Irei and was prepared to a Tofle a Hutch and Ite Ebythe swy no Faggot if necessary to accomplish the object. But air staid or. A foe reply Tob just Refo Rcd to contained another doctrine which he was by no mean s foe Constitution was a Ite Mhd to opt Aii a a a my the exist ease of slavery and unto pred to prove. And when to. Had prot if this Las k, additional remarks would d one present labour. Let it be mine Nibert of a up fore the Contti tuntion was 4rel Wholf foe War yet in Segoine Tkv United state then a to a Relur it to old Cou federation m july 1787� Mous ordinance for foe government of the North Western Terri re a trial exam kit Afifeh had been needed 1 the stole of yug Tii Elf foe u a ted states Vrain Kim Flat Freak to car Jacopi Irir aver a hark it few Hai he exclusive right of Jurta diction Lukl in settling its internal Pou and to Estonia Lions Ite political institutions Congress Vii ill a a flex foe very Eye of the Coit Enicoff declared Bali ordinance Foat Foroe Feut this fast of foe Mississippi and North Weston okie Mavery and involuntary servitude except for the Pua aft mint of crime should never exist except w cob Mon consent. Can it be supposed Nance Foos passed and Wheeli is of Ontjo Vii authority Kwh foe Conetia motion Koel did foot in that time express the general up Jile of the United states As Well As a at of alter Mer Ahers of foe coif eation i a and toy a ii to fib did the Craven too restive lots Stroike Jubal re Eif slavery foe first a the Power of the looted state to give did to cens Iyre or Condere it a a it was hailed As the for Ninner of foal Junfin be which it was Hope would soon ism a Toni or flail overthrow of Fota Statom. Entwis we a siding foe movement four Indab by an Rosa provided in foe list or Ticie the foal the it grate pm or iippl1dl�ciii of such persons As any of the states no Tzio of a Ifo shall Fehik proper to admin Effii etly Ipoh Hitoi by Congress prior to foe year l�0� Bufa Jax or duly May be to nosed pm Spca of need tag Teu dollars for each Proa. Dubre Foeuy is Ano Foer evidence that this consent urn intended to bring the system of slavery and the Safive Tetide into disrepute and log Irett its cd to ii iii to lilo Fien it Mig Quot to Eanolf Eilev and to Pitt of Ito increase by a pro a a it iii of the Aluvn a Ade Foini Lefoer after a Given Prihod. No gee press ipod to say would contend that this prove Pitt of foe Coustie Tilton in its Morol Elf Buti was fill i Teui Rolo operate against a awl to eve As it tiler exp Rit and As it might Fot realtor Raeisi. What wort Ito Miili diata Effe it it ? states pm had Koni the abolition of Ola very Tooti used Cleiv crts wife renewed vigor and Otho com merited Fob same Sitera Artof Ifim Gap Dnn Abolt to Eire of slavery continued on in a sofa Toi Ito til Hie new doctrine has been ado Intorf font Mussy in and a by Foo cd Matt tot Ion o f Lite United. S . �.Aaid k lad bes it often asserted Foat Cong we not foe Power to Mann met the Sti Owhi Foff put Trot of Colum hot Otin a oof foe to iii Flotow Fod United Satoto this Kiwi Tver . Pro Siml a it will be found that ii which ill uha Cal �0 mrs of Wosh Inwon a be Toloei Fola foe Congress of the to United Power. Tito in Impact it Foffo tor fou pm Rwy april if�8, Wutoh for tote of of and which act a Cloret Alej ibo Foat territory Frodo May i up foe United state Seaboa it Mill his or her irs Edem. excl Siye that Power in whom Ohio Miof but they Hud Abduh or he had Pofi of c tto wive t88 wail., _ Ihm wind turn . It it it i the Hsiaoi Thea sorely it if Tod u to Many latin cd j. At of Fote Power Lra act orfeas to tha a a a inf in Boom Lewe a an awl m the Emma. to a kind a a or oomph that con Tufe to imputation of .5?

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