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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - May 29, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioW in 5� a a a. A bait by 4r, fit torn i Publ sued the executive committee of the Ohio state anti slavery society. Tori Lar put or Onee Raicic a in Refore is fills in press Oaie upon us pm. It Samuel at Jinx eve apr tier Voi Vine i. To. Ai. Mew series. Cim Cismati tuesday Ray 30, 1838. A we wrote mde 130. The Melanth Roulst Job Sumeo wbb Kly by the anti to of by Owci Tkv if. M Contr of a Jtj the to Rule him Ohio. Vincini i�m1si&irc act it ind fifty cents in jamk8 1 oars Tai a Elf a it paid m the expire Tion of the Yew. Letters on Himin tote should be directed to the pub thing Anni relating m the editorial depart meet to the Quito. In Ati com pm paid. intelligence. A Quot Airri-8lavey c0n veb�ti01� at Mica a. Published at sundry times in Zion s watchman and other papers for a con mention of ministers and members of the methodist episcopal Church Friendly to the cause of immolate emancipation to be held in the Chy of Utica a y. On the 2d and 3d Days of May 1838 the convention met in the methodist a Church in Utica n. On May 2d, 1838, at 0 of clock a. A. And was called to order by the Rev. Timothy Merritt of Lyun is. Whereupon the lion. Ism i Sprague of Duxbury is. Was called to the chair pro. Tern and Rev. La Roy Sunderland appointed Secretary pro. Tern. On motion voted that Rev. Messes. 0. Scott s. Norris j. A Bay Ley s. W. Wooster n. Colburn j. Covert b. Preston j. Watson be a Coin Mittee to nominate officers for this convention. On motion voted Diat Rev. Messes. S. Hocs i and 1\ m. Way and e. W. Goodwin be Acom to Nii Ttoe to receive the names of the members of this convention. On motion voted that All who become members of this convention designate their residence and also their stations in the Church. The committee appointed to nominate officers of this convention made a report it which after was adopted As of rows a a a Rev. Jaurd Putin a Portsmouth n. H., pres. Hon. Hon Rev. To Moshy Merez a it Binton East Pitts ton. Me Jaskae see Fulton a �., Schuur Hoet a a a of Kev. Jaud Raj twin a ports month a. Ii., pres. Elon. Scat Sprague Duxbury ms., it a p. In. Date cd of a Cut. Sandwich a 2d do. V. Merritt Lynn ms., 3d do. 4th do. 5th do. 6lh. Do. James a dcfongesq., Utica 7th do. Rev. Daniel Coe winchester., Conn 8ih do. Samuel w. Oof or. Palmyra n. 0th do. A Gull Esq.,�?~ Sharon Midi. 10th do. Offs std Esq., Belfont a. 11th do. A. John per Rochester n. Y., 12th do. Poti Sunderland n. Y., of filter Hoag Rochester n. Y., a a set is. A nest Worcester is. 1b Eakins the hair tie president of the con Montion offered some appropriate re Norks on the anti slavery cause to promote which Liis convention had been called. Prayer was then offered by the Rev Timothy Merrit and tie cent cation proceeded to business. _. Commit Niees. Co Miqueo . Oto Rirs d. J. Robinson d. E. Randall p. Crandall j. Floy o. Mason a. D. Peck e. B. Hill a. D. Merrill. Committee to prepare an address to the Mcm a hers of the methodist e. . Horton s. Norris c. L. Dunning re. Rever c. K. True a. 11. A Ovule b. Preston a c. Baily p. M. Way. Committee to prepare a declaration of . Merritt Luther Lee o. Scott s. Kel . Robinson w. Hoag s. Abcs p. R Brown w. Pennfield. Committee of correspondence,--0. Scott g. Beckley s. . Colburn s. Sias d. Ela b. Williams j. M. Pease. Resolution 4 adopted by the anti slavery convention of minis ten and members of the meth list e. Church How at Lica n. Y., May 2d and 3d, 1838. Oct of the concencion. The object of this convention is not to idol Sny or Shii magical measures a upon the i Tevi cof Slavey a set tie Best ads of hastening its peaceful terms nation particular by in the methodist e. Church. A acc Maori. That the memos of the m. E. Cli urch present who believe that in Raedale emancipation is the duly of the master and the right of the slave be and they sure hereby invited to enrol their names As members of tvs convention. That All the members of the m. E. Church pres int whether friends or Oji omnis of the anti slavery cause have the privilege of participating in the Delibac ratios of this convention and other persons by vote of the convention. De Gate to England. That the committee to prepare an address to the Wesleyan conference be instructed to nominate a Delegate to attend the next session of Fiat body for the purpose of representing to them the True state of the anti slavery cause in this country int especially the position which the m. E. Church sustains to the system of Ameri in slavery and to enlist the prayers and influence of our Wesleyan Brethren in our attempts to carry out the principles of Wesleyan methodists in this country in relation to this great evil. A a hatred of Kam Bufi that the prejudice against color is among men cruel and unjust among com steam contrary to the spirit of the Gospo and at variance with pure Benevolence and in a rep Taurean land it creates caste which strikes at the very foundations Liberty defer iii to the Canada Cor Wermte that the Rev. Luttier Lee be and lie is hereby requested to represent Llic anti slavery cause As it is connect Eil with the m. E. Church to the Wes Lyau conference in Canada at its next session and to a Lisl the influence of Diat body in favor o our cause Dufy of cd Forcini people. That the free people of color Are peculiarly obligated to co operate with our White Brethren in pleading their own cause and the Mise of Brethren in chains. _ this was offered by i coloured brother Wesleyan University. That Veas abolitionists repudiate the accuse lion brought against us of being unfriendly to the interests of the Wesleyan University a on the contrary we sincerely desire its Success and will exert our influence to sustain it on the Broad and permanent principles of Wesleyan methodism. Monthly concert a that this convention recommend to our people to attend the a monthly anti slavery concert prayer the last monday in each month. High of Pelion. That it is the sense of this convention that the right of Peidon by the laity of our Church to the different conferences of our connection ought to remain unimpaired and that when such petitions Are presented they Are entitled to a respectful hearing. An Cwi Ohmi Zavion society. That we repudiate the principles upon which the american colonic nation society has attempted to carry out its measures and we believe it unworthy of our support. Free . That the right of free discussion is the Only sufficient Security for the parity of our religious institutions and to attempt to suppress this right 4s to invite the return of the dark and corrupt age a homed Itji a emancipation. That to hold a human being As property in any conceive by is in itself sinful and that therefore no human Law plea or necessity or pretence of Benevolence can change its moral character and therefore that immediate unconditional emancipation is the duty of the master and the right of the slave. Formation of Nii slavery societies that this convention recommend to All members of the m. E. Church Friendly to die anti slavery cause to connect themselves with existing anti slavery societies and also to organize such societies among themselves. ,. A Triumph f our cause. That the excellency of stir object thu soundness of our principles the righteousness of our measures and the provide Tia Rise rapid Progress and present state of the anti slavery Enterprise All assure us of the favor of god and the approaching Triumph of our cause. Committee to Call another convention that the following persons be Banff they Are hereby authorized to Call another methodist anti slavery convention at such time and place As in Leir judgment the interests of our cause May Ler Cafter demand Viz a o. Scott. If. If Fife or Fini Hon. Seth Spragie. Jared per Kim Gen. In fit Al Hoyt. P. R. Drown install b. Smith. Ezekiel Rommon Elihu Robinson. Jlewis i till Jefferson Mayal. Tosca ii Ler hoes j. C. Belong George Storts Luther Xee Lewis Faller. By Peck. If fit. Hoag or s. Do nil b. S. Banis Jacob me Muler. We. M. Sur inn Namsa gt7/fl. A. My vice. N. E. Conf. N. Conf. N. Conf. Me. Conf. Troy conf. Oneida conf Black River conf. Genesee conf. Erie conf. Mich. Conf. Phil. Conf. States having wickedly submitted to Bear Ibe disgrace and sin of a slave holding nation while they Lac used no adequate exe dons to remove this great evil from the land. The slave Trade which is carried on Between the different states of this Union and also Between the District of Columbia and the Southern states is the same in Pron Dpi and no less cruel in practice than the foreign traffic. It is therefore a glaring inconsistency to Brand the foreign slave Trade As piracy and allow of die internal traffic among our own citizens and we believe the time is near when the moral sense of the civilized world will regard All traffic in human fish As piracy. Slav the sin of the churches. Ave believe that the sin of american slavery to an Eno Rinous extent is the sin of the Christian churches both in the North and South a and that an awful responsibility is resting upon ministers the gospel with respect to this great evil and spec a upon such As Wolfl slaves of Statory solemnly believe that the professed christians of lie South together with their apologists at the Darth Are main supporters of slavery and that All Northern christians who neglect to lift up the warning voice and refuse to take sides against slavery Are by no Means innocent in this matter. If the Way of emancipation is to be prepared As we believe it is by moral Means then it is under of in a great measure for the churches to say Low Long slavery shall be continued in our coun by. We cannot but believe that the pulpit is a ully a flirty in this matter. Even in prayer the manacled slave is entirely forgotten in Many of the pulpits of this Christian land while they Are Gen rally thrown open to clerical slaveholders when they visit the free states. We would Here record our solemn judgment that those Niini sters who neglect to preach against slavery As against other National sins do not declare the whole counsel of god. We believe that gods ministers not Only but ought to oppose this system of Souli Nur on the said tui if we Are authorized to pull beast out of die pit on the Sabbath much More ought we to lift up the Down trodden of god on that Day. work of . Believing to As we do that slavery is one of the greatest sins in de Luhe land we cannot admit that ministers who front a conviction of duty devote themselves to writing and lecturing upon this shocking abomination a have a left the gospel to declaration of sent meets 0#the subject of slavery adopted by the con Venden of the ministers and Mcthers of the methodist episcopal Church held at Utica n. On the>2d and 3d of May 1838. Sin of Isfan Tjce 1. We believe that holding the human species As property is a cwt flagrant sin and that no circumstances can make it otherwise. For that which is morally wrong can never be politically Light and As the elementary principles of slavery Are in direct opposition to the principles of the Pel die Reform to human Law can justify for a single moment die Misti a of master and slave for the contrary a tried out would Justi Elia cements rather Man Ine criteria of moral conduct. We believe with or. Watson a that if it was wrong to steal men from Africa and reduce them to a state of Bonde it is for the same reason wrong to retain them in a state of slavery. If you condemn % first thief and the first receiver of stolen goods How will you justify those who knowing them to be. Stolen continue to retain them a he adds a i confess i cannot see How the perpetuation of an injury or by what poems i acknowledged wrong can be transmitted into a right by continuing it. My argument then is that if it was wrong to enslave the negroes it is wrong to keep them in helpless and vre believe with or. Wesley that a men buyers rank and degree Are exactly on a Leve with Raen steamers a a with president Fisk before the Wesleyan conference that a slavery is evil Only evil and that continually a with or. Bunting president of said conference that a slavery is Al essentially eternally and incurably president ways wrong ,. Wrong a a and Willi Adam Clark that a in Heathen countries slavery was in some sort excusable among christians it is an enormity and a crime for which perdition has scarcely an adequate slate of punishment a it follows we think from the above extract that the perpetuation of slavery is the highest kind of theft and Robery inasmuch As it robs its subjects not of their wages Only hut of their right to themselves also invading the rights of nature and of natures god and stripping immortal spirits made in the divine image of All then natural Rigi lib thus reducing men to things an making merchandise of souls for whom Christ died. Immediate Manei Kaiim immediate emancipation without expatriation we believe to be the duty of the master and the right of the slave. In this we think we Are Fuey sustained by our fathers. Or. Wesley cohort it slaveholders of whatever rank and degree to a a instant emancipation. Our own Church in 17 and As late As 1801, held to the safety of immediate emancipation and recommended it to slaveholders in our Church Lii As May be seen by referring to the minutes and former editions of our discipline. Avery a National sin. We consider slavery a great National sin and in Liose portions of our country which Are under the control of the get ral government a sin in which i the whole nation is involved. Co egress havin hitherto refused to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia and territories and the slave Trade Between the states and tie people of the free ures Viz.�?1st. Prayer to almighty prayer for the immediate entire Andun iveral abolition of slavery per for the slave that he May be supported while ii his oppressed and suffering conditions that he imy have patience and endurance until deliverance comes for the master that he May aet a Emily love mercy and walk humbly with his god prayer in our closets at our family alters in the Primie Assembly and monthly in coi icel with All Friendly to our object relying As we do upon god for direction Protection and Success we Ibel that prayer is Orstro Tigho old. 2d. J7t c diff Man of ii get upon the subject of slavery by Means of pumice Dom Nawf the living voice. We publish our doctrines and invite the world to investigate them rive exhibit fact and Challenge our opponents to disprove them. We Issue our periodicals distribute our tracts and circulate our works upon the subject with a View that All know what we Are understand what we gee wifi ers to disseminate juror Matioli Wake i and carry Forward our designs. 3d. I he better to harmonize on views concen trate o or strength am finite in our work we form ourselves into societies a organized under one com Mon to tie and for one grand object a the peaceful abolition of slavery in this land meet in these societies and in conventions to discuss in a Friendly manner this great subject a 8ubect involving All that is dear and valuable to million of our fellow countrymen and their poster ii for Ever and to deliberate on the Best possible Way of affording them Relief. 4th. Aah a petition Congress to do what is perfectly constitutional Viz. To abolish slavery in those portions of our country which Are under the exclusive jurisdiction and control of that body to abolish the be Trade Between the states and. To adroit no Mote slave 8ta#s into the Union a and we Petitto Timur state Legislatures to instruct our senators anti request our in Congress to the Saicic effect. And has members of the m. E. The records of the executive committee and sub committees. 2. That auditors be appointed to examine the treasurers and assistant treasurers report. 3. That a committee be appointed to examine the accounts books correspondence and doings of the publishing agent for the past year. 4. That a committee be appointed to examine the publications issued and sold by the society. 5. That a committee be appointed on the of fact expenditures. O. A committee to nominate officers for the ensuing year. On motion of if Tappan it was voted that the committee on membership he Dirc cited to report on the expend inc of amending the Coslit ution in. M. So As to increase the number of the executor to committee. Adjourned to half past 7 of clock in the my Ning. A wednesday evening. Throughout the country and to devise Means to accomplish this object. On motion voted that the report of the Exeen Tive committee be Laid on the table until to Morrow to wart Esq. Submit etl the fou owing Omidi Alv Resoluti that the clause of the 2d article of this society be struck our which admits a that each state in which slavery exists has by the constr tot on of the United states the exclusive right to legislate in regard tor its abolition in said state a the meeting was addressed by or. Stewart and Hon. W. Jay. A a the meeting adjourned to half past 3 of clock 18� reach politics. To plead the cause of the oppressed we main Tail is the a a Eppro in talc work Quot of a i utter of it Thrist and that to preach again so that oppression under a vetch two and a half a Lions Are groaning is to preach at least one important feature of the gospel in its purity. Kind treatment of coloured people we doubt not but an influence favourable to emancipation May be exerted on the minds of slaveholders by kind treatment of coloured people at the Orth. When slaveholders visit the free states it them see that coloured people Are treated with respect. We think there is too much evidence % lat the Negr Orl ing sprit is As prevalent in the it North As in the uth a blood people arc excluded from most of our colleges and academies from our trades and professions and from the inside of our steamboats and stage coaches. They arc put into one Corner of our churches and Are Seldom Sierra fitted to sit either at the lords table or any other with the Whites these things ought not so Tobe. We verily believe that what is usually termed the or Tif Isicc a gait color is nothing More or less than hatred of Low cont iii. Hard language awhile we do not agree to endorse every thing which May have written and said on the Abo Ilion Side of this question we Are nevertheless of opinion Elat Many things which have been thought severe Are so mainly because they Are True that Many things which have been thought person Al apply to principles and not to men and that Ilain truth and i non Ilii Fiig have been frequent a mistaken for a bad spirit. Principles Are so identified with their advocates that i difficult to do Justice to the former without tossing to lie Sev Eife against the latter. Too great a sensitiveness however on this subject appears to us to evince either an the Lier Fil mind or a of cause. From the Days of Christ and the apostles to the present time the principal actors in All moral reforms hav a been accused of using hard Tanguag and while on the one hand we would exhort our Brethren to speak the truth Tii love on the other we would entreat our friends not to make Man a an offender for a american arum slavery society though our methodist anti slavery societies Are not auxiliary to any existing anti Sla Fory organizations being designed for the specific purpose of operating the More efficiently on the m e Church yet we do most cordially approve of the doctrines and measures of the american anti slavery society and its auxiliaries believing them Well adapted to engage and Correct Public sentiment upon the subject of slavery. And while we rejoice to find in the to slavery ranks men of All theological and political sentiments we should exceedingly regret to see the holy cause of abolition assume either a Secta Rian or party political aspect being Well assured thar so far As the elective franchise is concerned the principles of every True Friend of the slave Wil Lead him to give his support to such men a Wil carry out the True spirit of our a Uhlian institutions with whatever party they May be connected. And it is our solemn conviction that christians should Leil their Respoli bitty As citizens and should give flier suffrage Only to men of Good moral principles. But is and rights of christians we believe that All religious assemblies should Bear la Weir unequivocal testimony against slavery and to question their right to do this is to deny some of the plainest principles of ethics and religion As we As All analogy and Neligh faced usage. If a body of christians have any rights one of those rights must be Liberty to oppose All sin and to do this either in their individual or associated capacity. And As these Are rights which exist in the very nature of things no Man can the Church claiming it As our right we petition our annual inferences to Bear their solemn testimony against this great sin and our general conference that it would adopt such measures As will free the methodist a. Church from All participation in the great and crying sin of american slavery. These Are our measures and with the exception of the last they Are All employed in promoting the Temperance Sabbath school missionary and the Bible cause and indeed every other benevolent and Christian Enterprise which has Ever been projected by Man or sanctioned by god. And finally we do solemnly believe that All the above sentiments and measures Are in perfect acco Rafice with the doctrines and discipline of the methodist episcopal Church and Are directly connected with the accomplishment of the great object for which Meti Iodis was established in a Merica Viz to spread scriptural holiness Over the land and to Reform the continent and that so far from designing to depart from our a regular work a As has been insinuated we do not believe it in any degree necessary to our purpose nor Wim we avow in ourselves or Sanction in others any violation of the obligations growing out of our relation to the my fifa Oigt Ign Maeopal Cly Ich Jackd pee kids president of conv minion. Seri Sprague Daniel him Timothy Merritt a Zettl Robinson la her Lee Schuyler hoes mines c. Belong a mind Coe Sam. W. Wooster Anuma Gikiu John Cassidy Jokn Parker in Dot sink ram Wlbur Hoag James Porter n from sections of the country i ii Lalion to the pro thl of the cause in their respective states. I he society then adjourned to meet to Morrow at 8 of clock a. M. B a thursday morning. It May 3d 1837. S meeting called to order by Gerrit Smith Esq. Prayer by Rev. Henry grew Fol Ladelphia. The minutes of yesterdays proceeding were then read Rev. Or. May Ghat Man of the committee on business made a report of several resolutions. The report was accepted. \ a Resolution a that we consider the declaration of sentiments made by convention at Sheadel Phat dec. 4, 1838, a declaration of the principles of the american a. S. Society a was debated the rest of the the following comm tees were announced from the chair Viz committee to examine the records of the executive committee and sub committees. Beriah Green Whites Borough n. t h. G. Chapman Boston mass. We. Adams Pawtucket a la auditors to examine the treasurers and assistant treasurers reports. Ellis g. Loring Boston mass. Robert Purvis Philadelphia Penn. A. F. Williams Farmington Conn. Committee to examine the accounts books correspondence and Doin of the publishing agent for the past year. Edmund Quincy Boston mass. A a. G. Whittier Philadelphia Penn. We. Buffum Smithfield r. I. Committee to examine the publications issued and sold by the society. We. Jay Bedford n. Henry grew Philadelphia Penn. John e. Fuller Boston mass. Committee on office expenditures. Wendell Phillips Boston mass. W. L. Chaplin Utica n. Joel Hawes Hartford Conn. Committee to nominate cers for the Vear ensuing. T. Chee ver Maine Amos earns Worth mass. Samuel Lee n. Orson s. Murray Vermont we. Adams r. I. Doct. E. D. Hudson Conn. W. I. Chaplin n. I. N. Dougherty n. J. Robert Purvis Penn. Charles w. Denison Delaware. The coi Mittee on membership ii made a lbs to Friday aftem con May 4. Gerr Fsmith Esq. In the chair. Prayer by Rev. Or. Weeks of fhe committee to audit the treas the a report resigned for the want of Lime to att Erff to the do Quot to Wiethe Clair Lippoi tufted -4tte Folly non Guilfe men in their Stead Viz. Austin f. Williams James s. Gibson ii and or. James Mccune Smith. The debate on or. Stewarts proposition was renewed and occupied the attention of the meeting the remainder of the afternoon. Adjourned to 8 of clock in the evening. Friday evening 8 of clock. Tie pics Dent Arthur Tappan in the chair. The debate upon or. Stewarts Propri Stiop to Amend the Constitution resumed. Adjourned to 9 of clock a. M. To Morrow mom ing. Morfa Nuj 7 j%5, 1838, s Gerrit Smith Esq. In the chair. Prayer by Rev. Or. Robinson of Maine. The minutes of yesterdays proceed Init were result Ilion with several questions to be propounded to the candidates who nay by before the people of tiie United states for tie officers of president and vice president at the next election was submitted by the business Itoiz a Littee and referred to a com Minitee on Polit timon. Two other resolutions Wem Obi netted let business committee the first of which was adopted As follows resolved Liat in our efforts to Abolin rare by we meet each other not As members of any religious or political party but As about Ionata of the Broad ground of common hot Lime Hood and humanity As moral and accountable being tied to equal rights and Privee Ges. The other having reference to religious was Laid on the table. _ the debate was continued or Stew aft i Resolution. The vote being cd i by yeas Atid nays it was rejected 46 voting in to affix Matevc and 38 in the be Tive to thirds Beitf Lequir to alter the Constitution. Adjourned to 4 of clock p. M. Saturdey Al Ernouf May i. Get Bmith Esq. In the chair prayer by Rev. O. Bcott of Maas e. Wight or. Read portions of the a Ifil Ialy a it a to the it a. Presidents do. Secretaries. Fifth Awni Al meet wig. Of the american anti slavery society. New Fork. Had need p. M. 4 o Dock. C. p. M May 1838. Thursday aft Moon am my 3/, Man can Legi them from ils. We believe therefore preventing annual conferences from expressing a sentiment on the moral character of slavery is unauthorized by the discipline of tub n. E. Church. Membres. In the prosecution of our glorious Enterprise we Emolove and recommend the following inc ploy tie american Ali Severy society held its fifth annual Inlet log at tiie Broadway Tabernacle in the City of new York agreeably to the vote of last year and the Call of the executive committee. Lewis Tappan chairman of the committee of arrangements called the meeting to order. In the absence of the president Gerrit Smith Esq., vice president of the society took the chair. A a o prayer was offered by Rev David a Thuraton of Maine. On motion of Joshua in Cavil the recording Secretary of the society we. M. Chace Oliver Johnson and Charles l. Remond were Choi ii additional secretaries of them meeting. On motion of Rev. David Root it was voted that the fourth article of inc Constitution be so construed As to inel Nde All who have contributed to the funds of this society either directly or by contributions to the funds of an auxiliary society As members of this society. On motion of Lewis Tappan it was voted that a committee be appointed to bring Forward business. The following gentlemen. Were chosen the committee Viz Henry t. Cheever Maine Samuel j. May mass David Root n. Orson s. Murray it. Austin f. Willams Conn. We. L. Chaplin n. J. Henry grew Penn. Asa Fairbanks r. I. Chas. W. Dennison Del. Aaron Wilcox Ohio h. B. Stanton n. A. Joel Hawes Conn. G. Esten n. J. And j. Whittier Penn. The following motion was offered by Rev. A St Clair of mass. Resolved that nothing in the Constitution of this society shall be so construed As to deprive the delegates from any Auxilio societies of seats in its meetings or of the right of deliberating and acting but that they be considered entitled to All the privileges hitherto enjoyed by delegates by the uniform practice of the society. After discussion on motion the subject was referred to a committee to consider and report thei on with instructions also if they judge pro tor to report any other amendments to the cons Titu Iton. Messes Alanson St. Clair we. Jay Lewis Tappan h. C. Wright Edmund Quincy were a petted the committee. Lewis Tappan chairman of the Como Pittee of arrangements submitted several propositions to the meeting which were adopted. 1. That a committee be appointed to examine Gerrit Smith Esq. In the chair. Prayer by Rev or. Cox of Brooklin l. I. Lewis Tappan read a letter from or. Hitchcock a missionary to the Sandwich islands. On motion it was voted that this letter with extracts from others of the same import from messes. Green and Gulick and from mrs. Wade in Bur Mah be printed and circulated among the members of the different religious bodies that Are to meet in this City the coming week. The report of the committee on membership and alterations of the Constitution was called up and the amendment to the 9th article was adopted. The further consideration of this report was Laid upon the table until 9 of clock to Morrow morning. The 9th article As amended is As follows Art in. A a any anti slavery society founded on the same principles May become auxiliary to this society and be entitled to be represented at its meetings. The officers of auxiliary societies shall be sex Offlio of the Parent adjourned to half past 7 of clock in the evening. To misday evening. 7 May 3d, 18,38. J Arthur Tappan president of the society in the chair. Prayer by Rev. Joel Hawes of Hartford Conn. Or. May chairman of the business committee submitted the following Resolution which after discussion was rejected and on division 19 Rose in the affirmative and 44 in the negative do a Iford Thal we earnestly desire Itiat the agents and members of this society while engaged in advocating the pure and Pacific principles of emancipation May continue patient under of Weir manifold provocations forgiving their enemies not relying upon physical strength for their defence against the violence of others but by their patient endurance of evil evince that the spirit of their whole Miami ii is one of a a foce m Earth and Good will h Friday a. M. May 4, 1838. Gerrit Smith e so. In the chair. Rajtr by Rev. A c. Beaman mid Leloi cd minutes of yesterday read and approved. On motion it was voted that or. Hawes of Conn. Be excused from the committee on office expenditures. Or. Monroe was appointed in his place. The report of tie committee on membership was idled up and the following Resolution was adopted resolved that a committee of five be raised to whom shall be referred the proposed amendment of the 9th article that this committee be instructed to revise the whole Constitution of the american anti slavery society and report to the executive committee the alterations they May think necessary in order to their being publish it in the manc Pator at least three Moni swore the next annual meeting so that the Menghini of the society May then be prepared 4o act upon flan. The following g Nlle Roen Are the committee. E. G. Loring a. A. Phelps d. A Chud w l. Chapin and j. T. Norton. On Mol Jon it w As resolved that it is the duty of the executive committee of the american anti slavery society immediately to Call the attention of abolitionists to the Enterprise of establishing libraries containing a Complete assortment of anti slavery books in the cities towns and villages and school districts cations tit omitted life Tolkov fist to Fekix a a the committee on tiie is of tit society report that in their opinion these Lions axe sound in doctrine and weft to promote the great Obj Cicta of the society the report was accepted and Tite discharged. Adjourned till 8 of clock this evening. Saturday evening. Alvavi Stewart Esq. Was called to the Char. A Resolution from the business in reference to the free coloured people was Laid Oft the table. The cosh Mittie on Nomi motions str Midtlid report which was accepted and Laid on off Tyhee and the committee were discharged. The Resolution having reference word Tifis tests was discussed. Adjourned to monday morning at 9 to Doell monday mock dog / afoy7. 183�. The meeting was called to order Ity Gerrit Smith Esq. Prayer by Rev Theodore s. Wrig if of new York City. Minutes read verbally amended and App Foseid. The chairman of the business comic Tittle test a number of resolutions which had be ii sub Illtred to Theo. The two following were adopted 1. Resolved that the sex kancies of fhe anti. Slavery Enterprise gently demand Effic Keiit Ifni nerves should be especially Amli Eilif to dec iii a sufficient Supply of books and for the instruction of the National Minoia the grand principles of human rights and the Attri diaries i states where they have not yet been formed. 2. Resolved that in prose miniets great work of reformation this society under god steady must Triy support of its a Fri. Upon the Confidence and fiends and auxiliaries. The to Laird Resolution on state organization afoot discussion was referred to a committee Conri Atik of one for each state represented and one of rpm i the executive committee. L. Tappan d. Thuja ton d. Root o. S. Murray a. St. Clair t. A Dorr w. L. Chaplin j. C. A min j. Learite j. 6. Whittier s. Cro theia and c. W. Bonis iii. Were appointed the committee. On motion of Oliver a Obama the Fott Wii resolutions were introduced a a Subat Kite fee that which was under disc six a we the. Doc Ety adjourned on saturday Alad unania Iorii a adopted resolved that it a the very cause that its principles due if iii a mental importance to the we Feie of ise Man family that men Riho diff Iri wid from each other on poetical and theological Ali inti can labor Hannold thusly together tor Ita pro notion that no pout Iod party or rid pious i which is not in itself corrupt Fow any Tiung to feta from its Progress or final Triumph. Resh to that while we had Kwh of forts of our Brethren of any in which slavery exists to Pori their own i from the sin of slavery we should Dym to y formation of any anti slavery society we Lii poses a religious or political test for Tito of rendering the anti slavery cause Sidiski Ufay to the interest of a sect or party or of Oppositi a listing organizations. The committee on the books amp a. Of Lishing agent were discharged on their quest for the want of time to attend to the

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