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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - May 8, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioTol Jillie is. Kew series. The philanthropist published weekly by me Ki�nfl-8la.\ry society . Corner main 4 sixth Etreyu Casein to Ohio. Jamss Bot life Public Luik aka it dollars and fifty cents in three dollars if not paid till the expiration the year. Letters but inst should be directed to the publishing agent Thieo relating to the editorial department to the editor in All cases push paid a anti slavery. I \ i from the emancipator tour through the District Columbia. Letter ii. Pills Hugh feb/14, 1838. Der ,�?1 resume i had commenced in my isl my visit to the City a Charters and chains. I am sorry i cannot give a full detail All my conversation with the ice per the slave prison and All the facts he related to me for the whole was to me and i a doubt not would have been to your readers Replete Wiki interest. But much the information i received a pertained to the licentiousness the system slavery. Delicacy forbids m y going into detail Oil this subject. Suffice it to say that the nameless la Centiu us Ness which this detestable system engenders by a moral necessity among slaves Aud , is not known to and would utterly astound abolitionists themselves. T when i ind seen All i wanted the a Peu and its appurtenances the keeper and myself returned continuing our conversation in the mean time to inc room which Sera is the treble purpose a a chamber parlor and dining room to the keeper who was the Only White occupant the House. A do the slaves never Armik out your establishment and escape said i. A very Seldom sir. We have very Little trouble in that Way sir with any them unless and then one be comes a they to sometimes become desperate then do they a a not often there has Only one got off since in be been a Here. He was a fellow that a gentleman bought near Hagerstown and brought Here. He allowed to go out in the City and drive his coach and let him have a Good Deal Liberty. Or. Barcli told him it Woumn it do and that he would get off from him. Of no danger said his Ownen Billy a a Good boy he a not leave me amp a. Amp . So . Birch let him have his own Way. He was a stupid sleepy looking fellow looked As if he had it sense enough to run off. But one Day he cleared out. Supposing that he would go Back to the neighbourhood . Hagerstown where he had left his sweetheart they went there after him. They tracked my to his old masters House but could it catch him for two Oliree weeks. They a knew he was lying in ambush somewhere about the Woods and and then visit Ign is wife. At last they took this plan his old master and family get appear ugly a Catly to go they called Billy a wife and told her Uliey were going oat that evening and would it be Hack till it was very late and in the mean time she must take. Charge things amp a. Welt after they had gone As we expected she thought it would be a Nice time to have the society her husband two thred hours beside a Good fire. So she went out to this Woods and called him. When he came out the men who were watching nabbed a a i a the coarse brigand laugh at the ingenuity the trap with which this Story was concluded but Illy accorded with the feel bugs excited in my breast it the recital Tite misfortunes this victim the White Many a wrongs. But i went there not to vent my sympathies but for in forint Ion so i proceeded by interrogations to make farther drafts upon the communicative Ness my companion. A Well you must have a Good Deal trouble in keeping these people in subordination have you not a not much sir very Little. Its All in knowing How to manage a Nigger. As soon As you get to know How to manage them you get rid trouble. I can Tell As soon As i get Ray Eye a Nigger what sort a fellow he is and How to worn him. So Rae a very Good an kind and easy managed they always look pleasant and Good Humoured. But some a wicked and desperate they have a surly sneaking look a when you get a fellow Liis kind you must know How to manage him. You must set him at work right away and keep him always doing something chopping Wood something that kind. You must let him know that you Are to be the master and not him. You must mind and if you Tell him to do any Little thing and he does it do it right away you must give it to him. There a a fellow Liis kind Here a desperate Rascal. Did it you see that fellow close up beside the Wall the right hand Sido As we went into the cellar that fellow with the High forehead the stoutest Man in the establishment did it you no lice him a i acknowledged that i did not remember the person he alluded to. A Well that fellow i live to keep my eyes . When i go in where he is i make him stand Hack away from the door did it you see How i kept my stand beside the door when we were in there a i acknowledged that i had not observed it. A Well i did i can to Trust that he had said before this Liat his practice was to take this precaution with the whole them. A whenever i want any them for any thing i go to the door the pen and make All the rest stand Back and then Call up the one i want. Some might think this foolishness but i Tell you it wont do to give a Nigger any but recurring to the Man just spoken a the fellow a said he. A is from i. Forgot the name country in Maryland. His Mas ice was afraid him. The fellow would Knock Down any Man that would attempt to Lay a hand a him. His master to get his Good will indulged him Aud tried to keep the right Side Hirn. He tasked him to ten Cord Wood a week. This lie could soon finish and then he had the rest the week to play. But his master afraid him. He sent him to Washington with a letter and we be got him in a How a said i �?o1 done to understand a a wily you see his wife lives Here in die City. His master used to let Kim come up three four times a year to see his wide and stay a few her. He always spent his Christmas holidays Here. So lest Christmas his master gave him a letter to the City and he brought him to he says i came Here to spend my Christmas holidays brith my wife and Here i am v a a we always put the Snapple and then make two three hold them if they re a you make them get Down their lands and Knees i suppose a a a no sir we draw them Over a Bench then i sometimes put my foot in the snap Plesy and lean Over and give it to them. The paddle is a great Deal better than the lash sir you see it gets Well in two three Days and is Devilish sore during that a Well i suppose you use an Oak paddle a a no sir always Pine. I used to have a heavy Oak paddle,.with holes to areal in it but Pider a the bests it stings like the Devil and is Over in a few somewhat about this stage our conversation a Young girl belonging to the establishment came to the door and said something to the keeper which from the position i occupied i could not understand. A Tell her a said he in reply a she can to get in .�?� and then turning to me he sons As the one he spoke a no not much sometimes feel a Little afraid but it wont do to let them see it. I go in at night into the cellar when i shut up fix the blankets about the Little ones and let Vliem see i have no fear. One must look Stern and fierce. Of they think sir that by the very Devil a you say you times you flog have to a give it to them some them pretty often i suppose a a no sir not often but you can to get along without some a a How Many lashes have you Cvet Given a Man time a a ooh lord sir we never lash them always with the paddle a Well will they let you beat them without resistance a Are you not afraid to strike them a a ooh said a the wife that fellow from Maryland is at the door and wants to see her husband but she can to get in there a too Many Down there .�?� after the specimen he had Given me the desperate ones he referred me to one whom we had seen Down in the cellar who was a very a Good Ami kindly when he had finished his description him he added a a he a one the unfortunate St niggers 1 Ever saw. He got off from his master three four years ago and was living in Jersey. He had married a wife Aud got a snug House and lot and had his ducks and geese and pigs and a very thing Nice around Hijii. But his master found him out. Poor fellow l the was caught too companion further informed me that they were making up a cargo for the South arid expected to a a ship them in a few Days. Hiey were daily Cype cling the a Tribune a a vessel they had purchased from. Franklin and Armfield to arrive in the port Alexandria. On this subject he spoke the horror which these poor creatures had being taken out at night and related a number facts showing the terror Felt at the idea being awakened at night to set out their Southern journey. He spoke this As a curious fact for which he could not account. �?o1 believe a said i a the dread going to the South is very general among the coloured a yes sir but they treat them very Well the Mavy Landers treat their niggers a great Deal worse than they do at the South. Why there was bought a family slaves and brought them hour some time ago. To never had a hat a a pair shoes a a Why the Mai Danders Are said with us to be very kind to their slaves and to treat them a Well they May treat them Well enough i but they done to clothe them Well. Why there waa a ii came Here the other Day about twelve years age All she had her Back was a thin frock and a coarse Linen under cold As the weather was she had it a shoe to her a r after i had got As much information this kind As i thought my memory would retain until i got Home adhere i might commit it to paper i changed the conversation. A Well sir a a said. I a i hate slavery i could never be a a no nor i sir a promptly replied the keeper i w oulds it like to be much among them. If i could have a Plantation with a set Good kind niggers i would it care Quot. But you can to always get such will have to have some wicked Fellows and should be afraid them a Plantation where they have so much Liberty i should Kate too to live slaves about me a Plantation account its effect oif myself my temper. You live always to look Stern and angry and i would it want always to be that after some further conversation this kind i expressed a desire to see those two men in the cellar he had referred me to in his remarks. He threw up the window which looked out upon the a pen and had them called up. They answered very Well the description he had Given them. The one was a Stout Well made Man with a High forehead Fine look and very intelligent face. The other Vas a mild gentle and Good natured look fellow with a Good Deal shrewdness depicted in his counter Ian be. I put a number questions to the former Lauid while i did so he trembled at every joint supposing course that i was going to Purchase him Aud that the time had come for him to leave his wife. He told me where lie was from that he was a Raein Ber tie Baptist Church it Fec amp a. you like a said 1, a to go Aud live along with me a a a done to know sir a was his hesitating reply. A i do it look As Tho High i would be very hard your do la a i done to know sir you always judge by the looks a said he. A said the Jer a Man a them that looks the easiest arc sometimes the Well would you rather stay in Maryland than go to tie South ? yes sir said he slowly As though afraid to Spe out his mind 1 would rather stay in Maryland if i could. Well done to be uneasy i am no slaveholder and done to want to buy any. We done tha be slaves where i live in a from Peun Sylvania. A i thought you was a said the Jersey Man jumping and laughing i snowed you was i snowed you was As soon As i saw both seemed much relieved at finding out my character. We returned to our seats by the fire and i Raj sunbed a Well sir i hate slavery and want to see it abolished. Yes sir its not right i would never own a slave. I believe if i was no own slave my old father would get up out his grave his father he had previously told me English Nan Why sir said i a How can you say you would not own a slave when every Day you Are buying and Selling slaves a that a Tnie said he not attempting to reconcile the Inco Sistr ency. All about this House Are slaves Jor life. But running he said. A they had abolition up be fore Congress this Winter but Patton a resolutions has put a Stop to it. A Phis abolition petitioning is just an attempt to join Church and state Here he denounced the petitioners at a round rate i defended them. But he insisted upon it it was meddling with what we had no business taking away their property it was backed by Reu Giovi and was an attempt to join Church and state amp a. But it will All blow Over the slave traders Tell us they done to care a d for it they am afraid it. After a Good Deal farther conversation this kind i Rose to take my leave. I thanked him for the Courtesy he had extended to me and the Iniba Matioli i had receive to. At the same time i asked him whether he Felt any regret that he knew fully my sentiments at having spoken to me As freely As he did. A no sir i done to i again made my acknowledgements and took my leave. In the account i have Given you my visit to this Charnel House and my interview with its keeper i ave repeated our conversation As far As the account goes and As nearly As my memory and notes would enable me the per and words in which our com Era action was conducted. Of course much transpired which for reasons alleged i cannot Heie repeat the immig nation and reason your readers maj Hll up the Ellipsis. During my stay at Washington i visited also Franklin and Armfield a immense slave factory conversed with its keeper saw its 50 60 wretched prisoners scanned its High Walls its bars and bolts heard. The keeper Tell How kind Uliey were to their prison How mild so Uthiem slavery was and How badly the Maryland treated their a niggers a a course How much better the condition was those who were bought up in Maryland and brought there heard from him How they never separate families amp a. Date. Heard him too contradict himself and Unsay All he had said when examined and Cross questioned. But As you have visited this establish mint yourself and As my letter is already too Long i forbear going any farther into detail one result my visit to these prisons a Loar brother is the conviction that no Man can Fadly a precede the a horrors dome Man abolitionists themselves have but an inadequate idea the tears Aud groans sin and sorrow lacerations and privations lust shame and blood this fell sys Teui. Would that every Northern apologist clerical a assist and Christian defender the a a institutions slavery that have distinguished themselves in this Contro Versy could pay such a visit to Pur Cape Tol As i have done. Would that our Good people the North who refuse to petition for the abolition the slave Trade who deem it inexpedient w to Are Der iii excitement and inflaming our Southern Brethren could have been with me and have seen and heard what i saw and heard in this painful but interesting visit. They would either repent in shame for their past conduct if not have proved that they were without principle and without hearts. I have Only room enough my Sheet to add that while in w., i made no secret whatever my Sciuti intents nor did i feel any necessity for so doing. I spoke them freely wherever occasion seemed Socall for it in the lobbies the Capitol the Cotol Paziy Mytr Lehds and in a lie fit mily Widi which i boarded and in a few instances with Iro slavery members Congress. And in no Case was i treated with disrespect. There Are Many indices in the state things at Washington the advancement our cause. Abolitionism is haled by some feared by others but by none despised. Yours for the slave j. Mckim. A i had to laugh to hear him Tell about it.�?�. I asked him if he was not afraid such per ant Acle. By this i understood him to mean something like Man communications. Men and tie Reform unworthy to fill the High places they at present occupy. A resolved that the principles advocated and the Lucy recommended in the report . King from a select committee the Senate Ohio the subject the negroes wrongs merits our unqualified approbation and reflects Honor upon its authors for the Able and dispassionate manner in which they have exposed the injustice i policy and unconstitutionality our Laws respecting our coloured fellow citizens. Resolved that those members Congress who have so nobly defended the right petition and free discussion in opposition to the attempts slave holders to gag the free people America Merit the gratitude every Patriot and every True Friend Liberty. Resolved that the proceedings this meeting be Rivarde to the editor the philanthropist put cution. I Yauncey Ward press R. Walker see by. Felicity o., april 18, 1838. At a meeting the Clermont county anti slavery society held in Felicity the 13th inst., the following resolutions were passed a resolved Liat a resort to physical Force either by the advocates immediate emancipation by the slaves by the slave holders in the South their apologists in the North is equally reprehensible and should be deprecated by every abolitionist. The above Resolution was offered by the Rev. Daniel Parker and Well sustained by argument after which it was unanimously adopted. W. G. Gage then offered the follow my and spoke in its behalf. Resolved that it is the imperative duty the Church Christ universally in All its branches to Bear a decided testimony against the sin slavery this Resolution was likewise adopted. It was also. Resolved that the above resolutions be sent to the comity papers and to the philanthropist for insertion a and that this society will meet at Williamsburg the 2d Friday in july next at ii clock. By order the society Moses Larkin press. W. G. Gage Ivec by. Slavery. Decatur Broten co., o., March 23, 1838. Or Bailey a i have sent you by this mail a copy . Taylor a letters slavery with his permission for air insertion in your worthy paper. If you consider them calculated to Edify any your courteous readers you May publish them such parts them As will not be a reiteration Muster formerly presented. Their circulation is very much circumscribed and will be unless through the columns your paper. Too much cannot be said to vindicate the Bible from such unhallowed aspersions heaped upon it by the infidel Aub some Nomina christians too who would a a in Stirne Worff believe that the oracles god Sai action slavery a crime fraught with evils to Amesville a. S. Society. Rec Seville Athens co., o., april 9, 1838. Or. Bailey a at a regular meeting the Ames Ville anti slavery society the 3d inst., the by lowing preamble and resolutions were read and adopted. ,. Whereas we Are deeply impressed with the conviction that the interest the Honor and safety our Coli try demand Liat Congress should immediately abolish slavery in the District Columbia and die territories interdict the slave Trade Between the states and hereafter refuse tie admission any slave holding state into the Union and whereas we regard it As the imperative duty our state legislature to Grant jury trials to persons claimed As fugitives from service and to re it Eal the Laws that deprive coloured children the benefits common schools a which prevent an impartial administration Justice by prohibiting civil magistrates from hearing the testimony coloured Wiki esses and which in any manner to any extent create recognize any difference rights privileges among the people this state . Account their complexion there Bre. Resolved that although to disclaim As a society All intention to connect ourselves with any cd tical party to interfere in any manner with the politics the country yet As individual voters we item it a duty which we owe to our country to our consciences and to our fellow Man to bestow our Suffrages upon such candidates for legis alive offices by whatever party nominated As we Lave reason to it i believe will if elected use their influence to Fleet these objects. Resolved that we regard the ballot Box As the surest and Post direct if not the Only effectual Means operating upon the minds Public men. And we would respectfully yet earnestly recommend to the friends Liberty throughout the land not to neglect the employment so peaceable and powerful an engine for the advancement our cause nor to abuse so sacred a privilege by perverting it to the unworthy purposes party conflicts which at Best Are but the scrambling demagogues after place and profit but to last consistently with the principles they have espoused by using their political privileges for the Benefit the helpless and oppressed for purifying our Legisla be Halls those who for the Sake popular favor Are willing to sacrifice the rights their constituents As a peace offering to the a dark idol slavery a and filling their places with men who will give our petitions a respectful hearing Check the Progress slavery circumscribe its limits put an end to the horrors the Domestic slave Trade and ameliorate As much As possible the condition our free coloured population. Resolved that we look upon those members Congress who have taken any part in the dec it its to stifle discussion infringe the right petition and paralyse All moral a flirts to awaken the Public mind to the evils slavery As having abused the Confidence the a Raridan people and betrayed a disposition to invade the Dearest rights free Coli qty societies the county Socie tit state societies and the state societies wit rent society if a Small depot books could be Foi the place greatest resort in each even Tyr demand would be greater and the expend delay less than getting Vliem by Post. When it is judged necessary to circulate a tit Lon to obtain signatures a Brief Clear and fore ble exposition its design necessity dec., in the form a Handbill might precede it with info Mia lion that a coming Day the papers would be called for and the petition presented for signatures. 100 Bills would be sufficient for a school District and less time would be spent in going Over the ground twice than to cd with a die necessary explanations and controversy i when the Bills were gathered Diey might be used for another Dis the members Itiat so Over the Low ship. Executive body there Are some Cefi Valrods spirits a did it not be better to increase the circulation Small tracts such pieces As Lovejoy a a what abolition is a Milit be made a Hundred m mors Public than in a newspaper for which very few Bac woodsmen can afford either time Money and which Wear and tear will soon Render useless. Some abolitionists in every township May be supposed to have some acquaintance in the adjoining townships if each were conscientiously to use their influence for the establishment ties in those townships we should soon the whole land covered even if destitute the help agents. There Are two things very observable in this neighbourhood one respecting this society every one professes to be an enemy to slavery and almost every one objects 4o the slaves being turned Loose As they Call it us. I can give them no better answer than the Story like a two planters in . Phelps lectures. The other respects benevolent societies in general none which gets Inch Aid Here partly account the Scarcity . Money and partly because Liose who Are Best Able pretend that they Are Only schemes to get Money for the Benefit the managers. If the above should be no other use it will serve to express Devotion to the cause by Yojiro Verv respectfully Charles Daniel. A crime Raimand Jio tical and insulting to humanity. There Are however some few christians whose minds Are warped with prejudice Olio believe slavery to be tolerated in the scriptures. Such should Stu dim isly investigate it and find what is the obvious scope divine revelation. And if this be done with a prayerful and impartial attention they will soon find that god never designed that one part Mankind should make abject slaves the other. It the rather inculcates love to god Aud Man. Slavery Greit sin As it is has Many influential characters to Pilot it through the labyrinths life and although it has swayed the destinies empires Many Are ignorant its legitimate consequences. There Are two general classes men whose rules action Are widely different. That the one is the Providence god the other the precepts scripture. By making the Rule the former the regt lating Standard right and wrong the basest crimes that Ever stained the Earth May be patronized. Thus the advocates slave re justify their flagrant traffic and receive the feud Fps the bettors vice and immorality. But the other guided by the dictates inspiration a love mercy do justly and walk hum in before in keeping the commandments god there to a great Reward and his commandments Are not grievous. They Are not grievous burdensome to those who walk by them nor does the keeping them Grieve our below men. But some our Modem christians in their marked pretences to keep the Laws god Grieve and oppress to Weir fellow beings. And especially some our Modem d. ,. Who like the proud pharisees Olden times bind heavy Burthen menus shoulders grievous to be bore but they themselves will not so much As touch them with one their fingers. Others look with an air indifference this oppression their Kindred race a this Elro Zitery offered to god As if the heavens were made Iron and the King nations inexorable to the ardent cries the needy Ami the peremptory demands inflexible 11 slice. The language Deborah and Barak couched in the following words is justly applicable to such unfaithful heralds the Cross a curse pc Meros said tie Angel the lord curse be bitterly the inhabitants thereof because they came not up to the help the lord to the help the Loistl against the when i consider that god is just i tremble for my country. When i reflect the forlorn situation the african in our Republic the magnitude his abuses the protraction his sufferings and deprivations and his echoing demands Justice and humanity i anticipate a Day at hand when the Reservoir heavens Wrath will inundate America a second Egypt alike guilty sin and oppression. While slavery is gnawing at the live christianity and republicanism indomitable ambition a full cursing and bitterness spirit utters in arc ant terms to the primping goddess great is Miami the South. Has America styled a Christian nation for to ten god is she wielding the sword rebellion against Jehovah whose a exterminating Thunder has Buricin cities and empires Antiquity in oblivion she is Drunken Ido try infidelity and atheism. Abolitionists Are sneered at for talking about National judgments for Tellag the evil consequences sin so was an unknown messenger who walked die Walls Jerusalem crying with a bitter wailing to to to foretelling the awful but sure desolation that populous City. Were a Jonah Here Replete with prophetic vision he would proclaim his divine mc8.�age with less Security in our Capitol Tolian lie did in Nii Ivah die Metropolis the assyrian Empire. Am i uncharitable in my assertions no a Gre Cuer than Jonas is Here yet i penitence and wickedness and nothing the less what Avail Are our bibles our preachers a our free institutions where infidelity oppression and cruelty Are allowed to hold an undistinguished Sway a that is to be expected a nation which treats Man a the noblest work god upon Earth like the perishing brute what did infidel France once do she Stabli de atheism. How much better is our Christian America she has counteracted the decisions heaven she has stripped the Africo american his distinguishing character she has made him a brute. What is our Congress a depot an unholy Commerce a mint for crime Ami debauchery. I speak not Joi All a a _ spirits 76, some philanthropists some who fear god but the majority neither a fear gel nor regard will the judgments heaven forever slumber sleeps his Wrath evermore it cannot be other oppressive nations As great and mighty As us have been swept to oblivion with the Besom his destruction. He will avenge the cause the needy and oppressed he will make Bare his Arm to wrest them from the tyrants grasp. Scarcely a single nation chastised by Jehovah was free from the charge oppression. It is the procuring cause nation id chastisement. Israel his Peculiar treasure suffered for that sin. Lei America then read her Fate from the Book nations inscribed by the Angel destiny. The tears the Africo american Are bottled in heaven his groans have involved the heavens in darkness and doubtless soon a god Justice will who his flaming sword to Sheath it in the breasts the Jinie rican people. It is truly desirable that american citizens be awake from their soul iii Atu Aling Letuli Argys that they read their bibles More and plead with heaven for Pardon. If such a course was pursued what would become slavery it would be buried in the general mausoleum Ages. Infidelity and profanity Are the pillars slavery and in proportion As they diminish slavery sinks. It is a badge barbarity a remain gothic atrocity. It has driven religion from its realms if not from the heart the southerner. It destroys the sym patties nature and extinguishes the vital spark Patriot Lam. It is an enemy god and the Bible Aud should be spurned by every heart Capar ble a generous impulse. It forms the Dirge for the a sweeping Genius Liberty and stains the altar Freedom with blood. It has been the canse More misery and bloodshed than any All other causes together. I could say More but time forbids. I feel and every american citizen should feel the weight the subject. The slave Holder especially should feel should Pray should act that he May Avert the judgments god pending Over his guilty head and prepare himself for facing his tribunal where Justice will be awarded to every Man regardless Colour. I wish you Success in your employ a crusade Abr Ireen oms in defence god christianity and Liberty. I am sir with the highest respect your obedient servant Joseph Shaw. We thank . Shaw for the letters alluded to and shall select such parts them for publication As May seem . Phil. Pacts . Editor a knowing that statements facts arc the Best arguments against the evils slavery and that the apathy and Many in the free states arise from the want knowledge and reflection. I wish to relate one the Many things i have known. In the fall 1834, i descended die Mississippi a Tennessee Coupon boat. In the course two Days i became acquainted with a gentleman like profession going to Louisiana to teach. Through this Man i became acquainted with two Episcopalian clergymen and three methodist Brethren from Tennessee. We had much familiar Chat by the Way and i was just beginning to think that if i could get their Confidence a Little More i would find them More than their sectarian garb and Lingo when it so happened that As our boat was Wooding the Louisiana coast a planter came among those us the Bank and inquired whether a the darkies deck were for Sale. Being told they were he Cut to the Cabin for the owners. As i Only found that there were slaves aboard the thoughts that and the fact that their owners were then taking them to the Southern Market and that i was Likely to witness the Sale some them awakened a sympathy and caused a reflection which can Only be conceived by a philanthropist from a country where slavery is detested from infancy Quot. I waited in the height concern ment for the slaves and an anxiety to see which my often seen but never spoken to fellow passengers would be found owners and Sellers human Sci qts. And Friend what do you think were my feelings and utter astonishment when there came Forth those very professors religion just mentioned and tried for a Trade. Nor was this the worst. One them brought out the Beach three slaves a husband wife and son for which he asked a certain sum. After some Telk the Price them severally was asked. The owner told the Price the Man then tie woman then the boy and paused. The planter observed that that did not make the sum demanded before to which the owner pointing to the woman at once replied she is pregnant up a and do you value the child at fifty dollars said the planter. A a Jucs a was the a blushing reply. Good heavens thought i the child in the womb i it possible the unborn at fifty dollars a listen heavens a to the wrongs slaves a and give car Earth a to the threatened vengeance from above the planter wanted a few slaves very much Manchu Vered about these a great Deal asked some curious questions and examined their persons with indecent curiosity. But not liking the fifty Dollar one finally concluded to wait for another Opportunity. Our Uniat then launched and these pitiable souls were taken to the Southern slave Market which i was told a was fairly glutted that Winter. J a. Or. Mount pleasant. Mount pleasant april 13, 1838. Bailey dear sir a believing it would be Gratifying to the friends the coloured Man to know How others Are getting in the great worst human rights i will in a very Brief manner give you a Short history our society. We organized Aix nit two Iviree years ago under rather unfavourable circumstances. We were opposed 1 the time by a very Large portion our citizens whom we expected better things. The Friende human rights were Calm and a deviating in Kheit purpose a Ieving that the god the oppressed was their Side it Ade them invincible. As to firmness and decision character there Are some members this society who could not be Eai excelled the first year the society bad difficulties to encounter Frow Fiose and 1n every thins else were our friends. The enmity Many continued until the anniversary held in flies place last May. From that time we have bad no interruption and those who were enemies Are quite Friendly. I Hope the Little leaven May leaven the whole Lump. The annual meeting tic society took place the first monday in april. The follow my officer were elected for the following year David Updegraff Prest Joseph Bryant vice Prest. Pinkney Lewis Cor. And rec. Sect. Merick Starr treasurer managing committo we. Flanic we. Robinson Benj. A Kodey geor Brown and Robert John. After the election the meeting appointed six persons As a committee three males and three females to take charge die coloured school. The school committee fed grateful to the gracious giver All our mercies for the Success which has attended their efforts in the diffusion Light and knowledge among the coloured Popula Loii this Vicinity. The advancement zif some the pupils has far surpassed the most sanguine sex Pec Tatios. Yours fee., a hint two dear sir a accept a hint two mid dispose them As you please. Would it not tend to an increase Power and Unity action economize time labor and Money if the township other Small societies were generally Only to correspond with and report to the ret. Or. L0ve30y. A a being out the truth Buffer who . Luke . 33�?35, the a amp put name neither eating bread nor drinking wine and be say he hath a Devil. The son wan u come eating and drinking and be aay behold a gluttonous Man and a wide Bibber a Friend pub Lictaoa and a Stiners. But we door is justified All her Tarrs. Or. Editor a Many opinions have been Given to the Public in native to the death the Martyr Alton. A writer signing his Nante Honesto in the presbyterian Herald and e. Channing seem to regard his conduct As improper and unchristian and that Alolifi mists have done wrong in not publicly expressing their disapprobation it. Suppose we Endeavor to find the truth the subject. It will Bear investigation. This can Only be drawn from the wont that awful being before Wiliom we must All soon appear. Rom. Iii. 4, a let god be True but every Man a in lie Dearest rights politicians Pup based with human blood so often mentioned Are very inferior importance to those the Christian and like republics kingdoms Are passing away. Those the latter lasting As the throne god Are Only worthy the Pursuit immortal beings. Under the jewish dispensation the Law Force was appointed the servants Jehovah were commanded to use the sword and 1 presume none will deny that Moses Joshua the judges and Kings Israel were serving god according to a his will when by Force arms they repelled exterminated the idolatrous enemies Iff Israel. But that state things has ended the Messiah has established a spiritual kingdom inculcate i love peace and forgiveness to my Mankind. His followers in propagating his religion do not War after the fish the we Apons our warfare Are not carnal. 2 Cor x. 3, 4. The defensive Armor his servants Are the breastplate righteousness Eph. I. "6, 14, Faith and love i thes. V. 8 the shield Faith the helmet Hope Girt with truth shod with the word peace Epes. I. 14 �?17 and Over All is to be thrown four the Bond perfection. Col. Iii. 14 their offensive Armour a the word god and prayer with All pc Severance. Epes. I. 17, 18. Now Tailung scripture and experience when cow we appear clothed with this defensive Armour Fly heaven and faithfully make use the offer five part that is exhibiting gods word in expos ii

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