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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - June 26, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioThe philanthropist Ipp Weilt by the anti slavery society Corner of mtg a sixth Streete Cincinnati Ohio. I a jambs do tub push King agent it of Doshsr and fifty Centa in three Doum if not Pam till the expiration of the year let tera on Hiti Tiefa Nahoom he directed to the pub song age emt Enito Hoac relating to the edit vital Despai Tatel to the it Nail Cage poet paid. 1 communications. F a vhf for the . Spe ecu of bbl j. Bianchard at the Ani so Avert aum Vergari in Ohio maj3q, 1838. A. Bails i have complied with the request of Many of the Del Galea to the anniversary of the Ohio a. 8. Socie in writing ont the an stance and All a can recollect of the Lang Tia of the remarks to which they so indulgently hate aed on the above Mccanon. As i had no notes except what 1 prepped in Pencil while listening to the important who 8k be on that even ing and As i left those in the desk where i stood i have had to rely entirely on my memory for the substance and form of the speech hut i this do those who heard me will find Here All the argument and much of the language pre Cicely the same As i then used. I b. Beget it to to that to in property holding Power by which every master holds his stave is a sin in itself and ought to is As Ira ated by All christians. Me. Penxa inapt Sadioa and gentlemen a though unused to male sex coast it Sidne a oldest my audience and myself merely to advert Home of the under which i am called to Pipic to this Resolution which since 1 came into the House this evening i have been requested to offer and abstain. They Are the Long and fatiguing walk by which of vexed with sweat and dust i arrived a your Vil. Lege Scaiefe two hours ago after a tedious Joum of some handled and fit try Miles stages a somewhat severe cold caught 1 exposure Ltd the Way and that Peculiar depression of feeling icing from several nights last past of Brief and broken but was inf triese it Are impediments which inhere in the substance of the desolation and the nature of the subject. One labors under Iho same when he attempts to prove to my uni it erty held tag off Man Man to be a sin As he does Honrade Kes to show by argument that Snow is Snow thid water b water or that us to b Koght but the Dlf Fialty b alight compared to that presented by the subject i sew. Were i to speak on almost any other topic i should not despair of listeners. If i were addressing you sir in your former Joc Lucial capacity in behalf of a no rafale culprit in the Prooner a Box charged with the crime at Morder Evet ear and mind and heart worm be open to a catch every a let in every argument in Dia proof or in mitigation of he gut but because i plead 4he cause of sonar Milb by inno ant peo Jde Unac used a of Crim tto i a aah an trial for their per form of to Ruon ment for Fife bitter experience forces me to Mimir that there May be hearts even in the Assembly barred and bolted against who a Ever May be urged in their behalf or if my object was a Seminary or an Asylum and my theme the into actual wants of females or the sorrows of wid oars and orphans of How a a Puy Rould your funds now fit a dissemination of Atenco among the future to Thom of the Western world and your tears fill with your to die i the gloom of the desolate and soothe the sorrows of tie bereft but alas when i a eak for be malt a in whom the fires of intellect have been trodden out by us Iron Hoo ii of Opp read on while i plead for widows where husbands live did in behalf of orphans whose rents bidding us Tum to the right As the Law direct a but that it compensates the abridgement of our natural Liberty Gith the privilege of passing Over dry shod. A Man easily wears the ties Imp de on him by the relations of husband father Friend and citizen but unnatural restriction b As galling to the soul As chains to the body. And the scars of the soul like those on the body never Wear Otti. I May never Wuh to go to China but let no Man let no body of men forbid my going thither till i forfeit my Freedom by crime. It is somewhere isaid that a , had lived seven or eighty. Yeara without once leaving the Ward of the City where he was bomb almost never leaving the Little shop where he kept. The emperor struck with the fact for the m Sake of the Experiment forbade by an edict his leaving his native Ward on pain of death. This brought the old Man. Tottering to the feet of the emperor imploring him to take off that cruel injunction and declaring that he had not had a moments rest since it came to he ears had the old Man been left alone no command was necessary to confine him to he Ward n a even to fasten my to he Monty shop. But if you invade by i natural impositions the Domain of the Freedom of the soul you dry up the fountains of its enjoyment and doom the contented spirit to the ceaseless pining the to struck restlessness of the maniac or the quiet insensibility of the brute. A such being our Cardinal principle set Forth in the Resolution i hold you sir and the intelligent audience will forgive my ardor in supposing that your common sense must have anticipated my argument and settled the question in Advance. If two men were alone on the Earth it is level to the . Ast that nothing could justify one in laying hold of the other As he property which would not also justify that one in holding him. The Wood the water the Herb the fruit the inferior animal and the Earth itself he might appropriate to himself. They May become property. But if one Man May by any Means acquire a property Power Over not bar Tho one thus Holden May himself own a third he again a fourth and the one a fifth Thi fifth a sixth a sixth might get Possession of Tho first and it might thus come to pass that god should not be left in proprietorship of a Man he has made script of he right to require he worship to command he services or dispose of one single hour he tiie common sense of Mankind has decided the ques in All things respecting themselves or the persons of their friends. They shrink from Tho property holding pow tor As the ancients shrank from that Wand whose touch Trana formed men into Swine. If the human body was. Ever meant for a commodity it b most assuredly right to treat it As such when it becomes a carcase and to Subserve the purposes of science and Public health. But no a incr does a Resu Ricc zionist Rifle a grave and convert the dead into property for the Benefit of the living than Tho whole neighbourhood is in an uproar. What else the dead houses which i observe in your grave Yards near every school of medical lec Turest Are they not placed there to proclaim to the world the impropriety of driving a traffic even in the forsaken bodies the Mere cast off shells of the sub and having thus decided do you want argument to prove you the sin of ave is atom to remember that Many in our lands nay it May be some in the Kame will Obten to the Appeal with an averted Eye a lip of Acorn and Aji Earl of Stone interest and avarice and Honor go where they will me sure of a respectful hearing but alas humanity has no bribes. And when die comes from the Fields of suffering and outrage Teai her Daims upon the selfish and obdurate human Sahl a Ltd her naked bosom All bleeding and Tom by the tbsp Brand Brieta human or tag the most she can Hope i is to be tolerated a an unwell Towie Inamdar and dumb a it but i Wilt Asa believe it. I will not believe there a that hears Hie with heart so callous to the feelings of humanity and ear so deaf to her cry As my to be reached by her arguments and Over a Oene of troth Faett uttered in her Beludo. A 8ir, the less Tion affirms the inherent sinfulness of the property holding of men and the duty of All christians to regard and treat the practice a coniing to its nature. The a a he Alpha and Omega of tiie Creed. If the in fam Ildi ibb holding or regard my human Tiesh As or sporty to sin be once admitted us the rest will fellow. Tap to the of the principle he has a a pledged by of self Fer thu he has suffered what in the provi a Dence of a Mhz has been a tiled to sufi or and for the he stands Cepl Reinho meet what he May a have to endure. To Leo a neither from he Drajem nor Eserts till All a Anbi of the Odt Oua principle of human fish holding b a a Ipei out from i books of Momb and ail codes of by Toad Alt men thus introducing a new fundament Ito Maxim into the sconce of morals of Law and of life. Let us be Dimi Netly understood. We hold that there Are by of fiaavae if Haman Rda Ioas the sinful and the pure the Belf my sol Koyt the a Lural and the arise. We hold that no fight Sec of Etious As marriage parentage obligations in in sins. Puit Demhi w in Trade of the employ and the employed to Sie goed and pure because they Are called for by the wits of our nature and motioned by the word of god. But that All that class of fictitious and unnatural rations concubinage Fabe parentage As of Gipsey to their stolen Hudren i protest against being understood As if tending any thing do respectful to our Soat Bein Broth Ron in the ministry who take and keep the children of co Laved Peop toe Johnl oot Cero of counterfeiters and the Malual obligations of aug skis and Trevea a we say these Aro wrong and ought immediately to be Braen up solely on the ground that Toey have no fondation in the wants of Man and no warrant in toe word of god. And the Point we make w Piat the the the relation created by Tho property holding Power be kegs to the last of unnatural . ,,. Ought to medially and forever to for Wozhou a a tout up. both. Kwh. Of he nttur., Octh. Con Ditkum. Of he Erim eee. A in it of u . A bother on. A wbk i to of i. Liberty or no non no legs Kara la eee right to pot him Ander Doreen a a ont in get Eluee end gang m. A Ai Deal. The a abbe. Rit to carte our no nne right of locomotion while we or into eased of Crimo Gainel i. On Ziy Otho inn i he no right to put up it. Edict to the Wuinee of. Bridge taking that human body while even part b instinct and beating tooth of tip Rise it Oak have it when both Cheeks were blushing. Yearn i tenderness to husband wife father Mother son a a a i s daughter and Friend which thrills in yours a the bosom heaving with the same immortal Hopes and fears which throb in yours converting it into a chattel to be hawked handled and sold to toe highest my re forbid it reason forbid it thou most merciful god nature and reason and sense and sensation cry out it is a of sir sin b us i forget. 1 have undertaken to prove toe doctrine of toe Resolution not to assume it. And i shall attempt to do the by exhibiting the effect of the property holding Power on toe a astr a the slats and toe cok Twitt. 1. The exercise of just and legitimate Power does not be. Cd scarily deprive the one that wields it but unnatural improper or usurped authority always freezes the affections and petrified the heart. And the injury done by slavery to the , shows that Alave homing is a sin of the first degree of enormity. It cuts him off from those offices of Good neighbourhood and that feeling of Mutual obligation which Are necessary to Check what b tyrannical and subdue what b malevolent in Man. His daily walk being among people whom he dreads his so cd feelings towards them and tears e very right he has out of his soul. What d o they to Brand our revolutionary fathers As fools a Man and yet a Well used while deprived of All his Freedom no it is history that in robbing a Man of his Liberty you destroy he Industry by depriving him of every motive to exertion which god meant should propel human machinery Hope of friends of character of Reward and you destroy All he virtue by making it of no earthly use to my not to be vicious. Hence the character of Tho slave has been one in All countries and Ages under All clip rates and complexions and the fundamental principle of that character the True cuts of is being Are to eat All he con waste All he can and work what he most. 3. But the inherent sinfulness of holding men As property will if possible More clearly appear by viewing its effects on the Community. The Marquis Beccaria in his Learned and judicious treatise on crimes graduates the guilt of Alt Mal practices by the harm done to society those occupying the highest Grade which tend to subvert society altogether by destroying fundamental morality. To make Bis doctrine Plain take the Case of theft. Now if it had always been fashionable to steal and the practice were in the hands of none but gentlemen and were regulated by salutary rules a if nothing was taken but from men Worth at least fifty thousand dollars and much of the proceeds of the business was regularly distributed in bibles and bread to the poor it would be exceedingly difficult to convince the people that theft was so very bad. Much harder would it be to persuade them in the Teeth of their fixed habits of thought and against Alt their pre conceived notions that stealing was the heinous thing it is now viewed. To be sure the practice presses a Little on Tho Bible views of Justice and Equality Between Man and Man but then what of All that you would be More Likely to make things worse than better by attempting a change. Beccaria would reply a it is True the practice is somewhat restrained an the thieves Are amiable at times Liberal and always Gobi Yemen nevertheless stealing is a High crime because if Cit ried out it will sub Vei t All human society. It is the nature of All wrong practices to make their perpetrators worse. And though now gentlemen steal Only front fifty thousand Dollar property they will by the fixed and hold slaves and not sin i e. The naked property holding Power is not in itself sir tel n of. Sir admit the Sii Wisness of the property Power and i will take up and justify All the details of slavery Wimch these gentlemen so Laud theme Velves for Condeni ing. Take for granted one moment that the property Power is not sinful in itself and see How Many conclusions this dra after it. If the property Power be not sinful then it is right to Lake me Elave a Ean Ungs wit Hoai paying my we is 1 know that the Bible and reason and nature have been held to Sanction and almost Sanctify the wages principle. 1 know that the Bible a woe to my that Seth his neighbors service without wages and Girth him not for his work a has not been deemed against mercy and Justice and the heart of the human race has responded to a the labourer is worthy his you All know How the feelings of the country have been roused when by the old embargo Law and other Violat fluctuations in the political and mercantile world thousands of hands wilting to work could get no wages for their Labory when the haunts of Busy Industry Woie known Laws of nature become less scrupulous the longer they steal. Shortly they will not weigh a Many a rent Roll before they lift his purse and if they should Ever fall into pressing want a Case exceedingly liable to happen among thieves who usually spend As freely As they take they will he Likely to steal the first thing they can reach although it to a beggars last shilling. And thus the practice of to left from being a particularly gentlemanly Well regulated custom must in the event become a general vulgar and utterly Lawless habit. For it holds with the Community As with an individual hear if you let in one Mother vice it will hold open the door for the Entrance of the whole now he might continue a the moment stealing becomes general society is overthrown. There can be no such thing As property no grown cattle then because you would rather take the calf than let some one else steal it when grown to an of. No fruit would Ripen then for the boy who saw it with one Side red would sooner steal it than let somebody no land would be tilled then a for Why should trails Grain for another Man to steal not nothing i tire you by showing a Hon. Loi Oenar King of 0� Ohio , Connerly judge King. Most be repressed and his own nature constantly violated As every pure and generous Emison becomes foul when stifled and Stagnara his feel diffs of Ordinary kindness will burst out in irregular generosity towards perhaps unworthy objects while the daily Tenor of his emotions is nothing but toe dead selfishness of a tyrant. Tile property Power va8f,.said from its nature Uncertain the master is situated like the religious despot whose fear of loading his horrid Ascendancy Over menus souls makes him torture their bodies. But the slave holders temptations to Ora Elty Are stronger Toan the a in this that the priest superintending his victim upon toe rack Reno rally supposes god has authorized his horrid fun on while the slave Holder Especial la the american slave Holder is g aided to Phr Ensy by the consciousness that to has to tried the dreadful authority which tie holds. The Bible and declaration of Independence will not let him deceive himself into toe belief that he n Dong right and thus that uncertainty which makes the inquisitor Erad is in his breast aggravated by that conscious guilt which haunts the Pillow of the usurper. Nor is this All. As Bis authority is unlimited and his subjects few he will possess the habits and inclinations of an absolute Monarch without his Means to satisfy the demands of debauchery and ambition. And As the rants of Petty states Are Ever most tyrannical being driven to the exaction of avarice by the practice of prodigality the slave holders condition unites the very worst circumstances which endanger the virtue of toe religious inquisitor the tyrant usurper and the Legal King. Sir with All these influences festering on Bis soul Why should he not be haughty and jealous and cruel is be not a Man if is prey he human bodies Why should he not possess toe fierce and remorseless prions of the Yul toe and among his people the retired and haughty manners of the Hawk. I say not that such is toe slave holders character but Sima to me to tire of his cots it on. Sch the property powr. And 1 aver against toe universe Ever in the fear of Ito god that a Power Wimch subject the to influences so dreadful Mutt involve an enormity of guilt which language can never reach. The priest May soften when his prerogative is Safe the usurper unbind when his crime is forgotten and the King it satisfied when his exchequer is iii. But the West he subjected to the a Lomg the i Morse and the vices which do treat the three can find no rest but in utter hardness of heart. 2. And now sir if the property Power bowl this and More to the holders what mint it be to toe slave having ready spoken of the operation upon us soul of unnatural restrictions and impositions unfounded in the wants and Nece tics of Man i shul not dwell for i have not time on the wholesale havoc which this Power makes of the humanity of the slave but Only express my Aston Ishmen to in passing that Seius Ible men can Ever s Peak of a human creature living , under this property Power a condition which strip is him of every immunity what you All perceive that if the practice of theft once obtains in society All its wheels must Stop All notions of right and wrong be confounded and men sink into Savages at once. Stealing is then a High crime because it tends to overthrow society altogether. A vice is an of amp nce against the Law of morals a crime is done against society a sin is a breach of toe Law of this property Hokyung Power is All three and if i show that it is a vice or what i am Al it to do a High crime both toe one and the other is a sin against god. For All crime is sin. But every sin is not necessarily and in Legal sense a crime. Now As a sin when it is perfected bring eth Forth death a so this property Power when it reaches its natural growth a bring eth Forth the death of Solety. And it does this with far More certainty and attended with far More disgusting circumstances than seeming in accomplishing toe same end. When toe first africans were landed from a portuguese vessel upon our shores and sold into separate be mics it was difficult to show Why the Ana gement was not salutary. The slaves would be safely taught because they were few and labor would not immediately become a disgrace in the provinces because others besides themselves would be compelled to work. But by known and revolting Laws of raft society the slave increase always outruns the free and when the silence of the grave. When along the wharves in our slave Home numerous they must be kept ignorant or they cannot be kept at All they will write themselves passes and run away or they will conspire together and rebel. No free woman or Man will then dare to work because they will at once be classed with slaves. Every child must follow the condition of the Mother and As it is expensive to raise children where living is High almost All the motors will be slaves idleness plunges the free population into vice vice makes them effeminate effeminacy makes them weak a weakness makes then fearful fear makes them cruel to the slaves. All this while the slave population grows More numerous less human and More remorseless. Every blow Laid upon his Bato if it does not take life hardens his muscle and steals his heart. The pent up wrongs and insults of Ages Burn in he blood and the serpents of revenge lie twisted around he Arm. And when they come to know and Toey will know their superiority of numbers and strength a the end of these things is now from this slight inspection of slavery who does not see that it tends and tends directly and powerfully to the Otter subversion the Complete overthrow of All society and if we apply the established test and estimate toe degree of criminality there is in the property holding Power by the injury it does to society who but must see at once that there is no it Retice forbidden in the penal code murder itself not excepted which can Lay claim to a higher dose in punish do murder can do no More slave holding surely does no less than tend to Ive Torow All society. 8ir Havivi wearied myself probably tired too patience of you All i might perhaps Stop Here. But i Wuh to meet the objector to our doctrines for a few moments upon he own ground. I never yet saw toe Man at toe North or South who would not condemn Many thugs about slavery. The clerical slaveholder piously regrets its concubinage. The pc no be Mardy Plant oif it Ionas perhaps swears at the savagery of his overseer. The overseer curses the of the Driver Mil both bus Lieme god on account of the gentlemanly planter who pockets too proceeds of unpaid toil and strange to Tell toe slave trader he who minister to them i without whom their Bua Inesa would die at once b often exec rated by them All As in a Lunatic Asylum each sees that the other b wrong. And if we were to judge of slavery by the testimony of its servants we must set it Down As a villainous business throughout. But differing in All Elk there is one Point in which All our opponent North and South from the pulpit to the Quarter agree. They say that in certain Circum glances a Man May cities in toe shops of our citizens by the Anvil or the work Bench no cheerful sound of the Hammer gave Promise Lottie Young family that their returning wants would be supp Ltd and the Young Mother arose in the Moi ing and brought to toe shatters to keep the hated Light from waking her babes lest their Early prayers a your father give us this Day our daily bread a should drive her frantic because there was no bread to give them. It does seem hard when the hand that toils receives no Waga to keep the heart heating while it delves the soil or plies the Mechanic tool Buu sir it b not hard. It b right perfectly right if the property Power be not sinful Why pay property wages will you give wages to your horse or dog will you give a Man the property Power Over Hia be flow beings and then Tell him he ought to pay them wages you insult his understanding and mock him in he lace do you not know that wages cub up the relation of such property wherever it touches it if it b right to own a Man it is most surely right to use him As property. And the Man who says the property Power b not sinful and yet contends for compensation to the slave must either and know what he does or else to treat the subject deceptions by. 2. Many also complain that the slave b by Law forbidden to read the Bible. But it is rights perfectly right so to forbid him. If they were taught to read they could not be held As property. And Why insult a Man by gis Tim the property Power and annexing a condition which Annie bites in value what slave Holder would thank his most sub sentient Northern apologist for such a Boon As tvs i you All know that if the slave had learning they could not be kept in slavery. Tiey would write themselves papers and run would correspond with each other and rebel. They would free themselves by the rational Ascendancy of an educated mind in a laborious body Over those effeminate by idleness and vice. If their naked act of holding them As property be not sinful it is right to keep them in ignorance. 3. Others complain of the separations of husband and wife depriving the Parent of the Rule Over her child fou allow slaves the Benefit of Tasse relations they in Large part cease to be property. Why would you allow cattle and horses Power Over their own Young if toe property holding pow a be not sinful then it would be wrong to set up any claim in behalf of the slave to give him toe right to his a tic or child. You ust so far invade and annihilate the chattel principle As you invest them with hese rights 4. So also the flogging which creates such a sensation b right and proper if the tenure by which the master holds is sinless. What else will you do with an animal which b refractory but whip him till be yields 1 there b no other motive which can reach a slave but the lash and no Principe Elo which the owner can Appeal but the fear of pain. Take away this and Nota Hoe would be lifted throughout toe sooth. Even of 4he plantations where the slaves have received kind usage and no flogging has been done for years cases few and far Between even there the slaves would not work for nothing one Day longer if they knew they should not be fogged for refusing. A no human creature on Earth would do it. Fear the Only impelling motive being taken away not a limb would move. If it is not sinful to own then it is right to flog them if they Are refractory of Fate. I. More than All. It is perfectly right in certain cases to murder them i know this May sound startling hut it b perfectly True perfectly defensible. What will you do with an incurably vicious animal Wimch causes More trouble than he is Worth what but kill him out of the Way now an incorrigible slave endangers the subordination of the whole gang. He destroys Alt their value As property waiving the dangers of the owners or overseers life which is constantly exposed when there b one slave who refuses to be whipped or to obey. It b As absurd to tank of imprisoning All Vadous Staves As of doing the same with unruly horses. They would relish the cold sleep of the Dungeon so much better than the hot Sun and the Drivers whips that the entire soil must be covered with jails to receive them. What else remains Why just this whip them till they become incurable or dangerous and then kill them. This b the Only True policy and it b right a murder is perfectly right if it be not sinful to hold men As property. Let no Man be guilty of toe effrontery of saying the property holding Power b not sinful till he is prepared to underwrite the unutterable blasphemies of slavery a code and endorse the whole catalogue of its bloody abominations it is rank mockery and now sir i have done. If i have established the month which Hall it Terstand is to be dedicated to free discussion. It would afford me the highest pleasure to be present and join you in this work of Universal Charity and love could i feel that my Public duties As Well As my health would justify it Domestic concerns having lately called me to Ohio i have but just resumed my seat Here it seems proper therefore hit i should not willingly at this time absent myself from the Senate. D your Hall As i have said is to be dedicated to ree discussion. What train of solemn reflections does the very thought create in the mind. Is it possible that in the free state of Pennsylvania in the quiet and orderly City of Philadelphia a City not ineptly called the City of a brotherly love a that in All places and at All times Fott discussion on All one scions run nested with the religion morality the Welfar of the country or tale Rig Ilse off a Man Caimite had with safety to the Tizen and the peace and quiet of the Community la i presume this cant be the Case in your City and was not the great moving cause that induced your humane philanthropic and patriotic citizens to erect the Hall which they Are about to open. If however Pennsylvania is Safe if Philadelphia is secure from All attempts to put Down the right of free discussion the Liberty of speech and the press your fellow citizens have seen and Felt that All parts of our beloved Countey Are not thus highly favored. It is Gratifying indeed that while the enemy of human rights and constitutional Liberty is in our country making rapid advances to Power endeavouring As far As in him lies not Only to silence discussion but even to muzzle the press itself knowing that his principles cannot stand the test of examination Philadelphia has the Honor to erect a Barrier which he cannot pass and a Battery he cannot silence but which will effectually destroy his , by the consecration of a spot where All his pretensions May he fully and fairly discussed. This act of your citizens i regard not As a local act merely. It is not for Philadelphia alone to receive its benefits but the whole country the whole world. Its objects Are Universal and impartial Justice to All men in every condition to establish each in his own inherent individual and unalienable rights to give gaming of approaching danger and stay the Rod of the oppressor and As such we claim for the Day of consecration a Bright Page in the history of our country. Every philanthropist every moralist must mourn and deplore the riots burnings and murders that of late have taken place in our country. Your own recollections will be sufficient to place before your minds scenes of the most outrageous How often have tidings of the destruction of the press because it has spoken fearlessly in defence of human rights tingled in your ears ? have you not heard that free born american citizens have been by a Lawless mob subjected to the infamous torture of the whip ? has not the weapon of the Assassin Laid its victim bleeding at his feet for no crime for no act but that which you intend to practice in the Hall you have erected to a exercise of the right of a Iiene discussion. While i rejoice that your citizens Are embodying themselves to March Forward to the Rescue i mourn for my country that this same fell spirit which has urged mobs not Only of the a baser sort a but of citizens who claim to be respectable to deeds of violence and blood has found its Way in some degree into tie councils and official stations of the country into the bosom of society and i much fear into the very pulpit itself thus rendering insecure All that is dear and sacred to Man. I would willingly draw a veil Over toe proceedings of that body of which i have the Honor to be a member in regard to the important right of free diem Sion if the deep sense of the obligations of duty which i feel to you and the country would permit me to do so. This same spirit which you Are about so nobly to rebuke has been Able in the very Halls of Congress to silence debate at its pleasure. It has been Abie to strike its deadly fangs into the most vital part of american Liberty. It has denied the right of petition in All its essential qualities to a Large portion of our fellow citizens on a subject they deemed worthy of their highest consideration and materially affecting the Honor and interest of our country. If it were possible would that i could persuade myself not to helium this but while the records of our country Bear witness to the fact it cannot be. I fervently Pray that the tear of some recording Angel May yet expression of our thoughts beat use the Uruth tray affect some pecuniary interest or expose some wicked practice Tea Clies the doctrine that a printing press May be broken up a Many a House May be Wner slain by violence and yet no one be guilty it has by a a i said and i think truly that the verdicts of juries me the character of a country. What then will he the character of our country before an impartial world if juries shall cont Mue to lend themselves to this same spirit of misrule and violence and blood ? but if we withdraw our victims from the constituted authorities of the land from men in official stations and extend it Over the Coli a at Large what do we behold ? the Bowie Nife and too pistol substituted for reason and argument usurping the Power of toe Laws or setting them at Defiance a the actors professing to Drair the example from of Power and Toem solves by the actions of men Whitef Flat m be among our most respectable citizens. It is against the Freedom of speech the right of free dec miss Ion that these ruffians in society wage their a in fest War. I am aware that it May be Tebought that i have written hard things against my fellow citizens but do not the facts that exist in tiny met and should i not be faithless indeed and Recreant to All my principles if when writing to Yon on toe important event which you Are about to celebrate i should either fail or fear to express my thoughts fully and freely if i did not t o so 1 might Well be considered a mocker of the institutions i profess to Honor. The picture i have presented i know is one not calculated to flatter our vanity but it is no fancy sketch it has All the painful vividness of reality. We should Ponder on the signs of the times with serious deliberation. We have been and Are still a prosperous and favored people but i fear Toat in toe eyes of him in Fiose hands Are our destinies and who can search the heart we Are viewed As a proud and sinful nation. And if Pis chastisement have not ready commenced our wickedness without repentance Musi Call toxin Down at last to understand our errors and know the evil that besets us is the first step towards reformation. To examine into and ask Cutaia toe causes which have produced those evils is necessary to their Radical cure. This examination i shall Tow attempt there is implanted in our very Nar fihe u Ove of Power Qaud Dominion no doubt for Wise and Beni Eficio purposes hut Dominion in the creation of Man was Only Given him Over a toe frito of the sea the fowl of toe air the cattle and every creeping thing that creep to upon the free of the it was never Intel do a by the Chren tor that Man should have Domizi Ibn Over his fellow Man but by his full and free Coose it had this Jeen intended it would have been Given when Ihde Munda Zebof Many a Dominion were fixed Andee to abolished. The exercise Toen of All Power which in ejects Man to involuntary servitude and to a Dominion to which he has not Given his foil and free consent violation of the Laws of heaven and contrary to the very nature of Man to though formed for Dominion and imbued with its Ove yet has authority from he maker to exercise it Only Over inanimate matter and Over Erea Tovey not made in toe a wiil image of god g but when Man became wicked and Eor Rupf he began to usurp Dominion Oveis his fellow Man reducing toe weaker and less guarded portions of the race to toe condition of toe cattle of the Field. This however could Jot totally destroy the principle of reason within the in mortal creature the degraded he knew still that he was entitled to toe same rights As his fellow Man and that his condition was the effect of Gross ii Ustine and grinding oppression. This produced the constant Stile Between the oppressed and the oppressor the fruitful source of violence and crime through All time and created the desire and stimulated the action of those in Power to prevent As far As possible All examination into toe rights of Man As established by his creator the exercise of Dominion by Gat the a Ove of Case and opulence. This Codd More readily be obtained b appropriating tel his own use the Tabor of other without any just compensation therefor. Proposition that a the property holding Power by which every master keeps his slave is sinful in itself then it follows that we Are answerable to god and the world if we shrink from treating this practice according to its it will it must sooner or later find its own natural level and sink to the Fellowship of Kindred practices. Its weight is sufficient to drag Down the reputation. And overwhelm Willii disgrace any combination in Church or state which shall seek to uphold it let us then declare to the world its True nature and act upon the truth of our declaration. Let us do what we can to hasten its expulsion from the Church its utter extermination from the country and from the world. And the Star do Ope which has Lead Mankind through the bewildered travel of nearly six thousand years shall again become stationary in our own skies and Point out our own fend to the admiring gaze of surrounding nations the Resolution was unanimously adopted be dropped upon the words of shame and Dishon a blog or and blot them out for Ever. If the supreme legislature of the country can anti slavery. Left tar of Hon. Thomas Morris. Washington May 11th, 1838. Gentlemen a have seen in the Pennsylvania Freeman of the 3d inst. With sensations of the deepest gratitude the favourable a notice you have been pleased to take of Ray name in your general invitation to the Public to attend the opening of the Pennsylvania Hall on the fourteenth of the present rightfully in any one possible instance refuse to receive hear and act upon petitions sent by any portion of the Hutnan race who Are subject to our Laws or owe allegiance to our government i can see no Safe guarantee for this High privilege in any Case whatever when it shall come in Contact with Power interest or influence. For if an individual right which was deemed of a character too sacred to be regulated or controlled by the people themselves by their highest fundamental Law the Constitution and placed by Toat instrument above the Power of Congress to Abri one can be withheld or restrained by that body it is hard to discover what political or natural right you or i or any other citizen can calculate upon As secure. If the right of petition fail us will it not prove that the whole fabric of toe Constitution is Rotten and not Worth our care its preservation in such Case for any valuable purpose might Well be considered doubtful. It is not Only the right of petition that has been abridged. The Freedom of dude has been Strick. In Down and lies dead in the Haua of Congress we Are compelled to submit not Only to a Rule which imposes silence on a question to Lay a motion or proposition on the table and which a majority can always use to put in end to discussion disagreeable to them however important it May be to others but the country now mourns the loss of one of her most talented sons whose life it is believed was sacrificed for the exercise of toe right of free discussion in the very Hall of Congress itself. It would be some Consolation if in the midst of this War upon individual rights this want of personal Security this waste of political privileges in toe Chambers of legislation the Judic Kry of the country remained finn and . But Here we have also to deplore Toat toe incendiary with the Torch in his hand scarcely extinguished with which he had attempted to fire his neighbors dwelling because of that neighbors exercise of his unquestionable right in the free expression of his opinion and toe attempted to Spence the press by its destruction together with the Assassin whose red hands Are yet dripping Wito the blood of his innocent victim Fine not Only Protection but favor a and this new code of morals which would impose restraint upon the thus the love of Money toe Root of All evil grew and expanded. In our own time and Day those principles which our fathers intended to subdue and eradicate if possible in the of ii action of a Constitution founded upon tie Nat Nti and Una enable rights of Man have sprouted afresh with Luxuriance which is calculated to fill toe mind of the just and Good with deep and solemn reflection. 1 have heard it asserted by a sagacious statesman of our own country that it was one of toe unchanged and unchangeable Laws of Providence that one Man should live upon toe labor Anotoli or that this always had and always would be the Case and that americium slavery As it existed in the Southern states was the Best human modification of that in alterable decree. This was the language of a Southern gentleman from a slave hol Ding state. The practical operation of this despotic system of Man As an individual usurping Dominion Over Man and endeavouring to live upon toe labor of others began in our country with the and its ramifications Are now seen and Felt in All parts of our Donn try. The desire to live upon the in requited labor of others is acquiring a dreadful universality. It is the slave holding Power a this Goliath of All monopolies a Toat now brandishes his Spear and threatens the overthrow of our most essential rights and the most sacred of All our privileges. It defies even the Constitution itself to engage in single combat. It claims to be before and Superior to Toat instr ment which in contends has Feckno wedged its suit ctr oily aim has guaranteed its existence and perpetual duration. It imperiously asserts that it Las converted men into property and As a matter of course any person when he becomes a can zen of toe United states Haw a Rit to the enjoys ment and use of this specie a of property in each and every Sta in the unum. It is upon this false position it that a person can be converted by Law into a Toto that slavery Yeste its whole claim a a a position at War Wito the Constitution of the United states and which in our courts of justic. It be prov fed in toe fourth article of the amendments to toe gon stint Tion that the right of the a bowls to be secured to their persons against Nwa mutable seizure Sheh not be violated and that warrants when swed shall particularly describe the persons or to be seized. I suggest then As the settled eviction of my own mind that our courts of Josti cannot rightfully adjudge that a negro slave is property because he is not a thing and proper consists in things Only that he May be claimed

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