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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - December 25, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioA my i 1? r.-2ic a it sifts it jul iss4- a. A it v published by the executive commit tee of the Ohio state am i slavery society. Bailey or editor. Give arc verily fail Ltd co Cernin a Quot or Brollier tie Rebre tails distress Home Apo ii . Olvie to. 4�. New series. tves04y, once Ihrie 33, 1888. I Mas i Camuei. A. Al1.ey, or Man Whoy Ono. 14d1 the p0sl1shed weekly by the anti slavery society ivc amp Riner of Mam 4�?~ sixth street9 Cincinati. Ohio. A Jutes a but. boats and fifty cents in advance.�?. Tyiee boilers if not paid till tie exp Rattan of the year. Let tera on my nets should be directed to the Qubti Hing of enl those relating to editorial depart Neni to the a ii itch b. In Allea Ftp to paid Pijie philanthropist by. Bailey iffy com mfg re y Ebbot m. 1838. A. Soft Theille Principe . We a footed with the publication of harpers Flo Kris. Tobej at the of Forth who have taxed their Inge airily to excuse slavery would do Well to yes a what follow. They will learn the real a it Tore of the sys Teni to which their countenance has Heen Grovett. The Learned judge admits the truth of nearly All that abolitionists have said about , and then a oddly attempts a justification. To Eive ourself the trouble of Many comments we Liall preface Fiat part of the Memoir published Totle a. With a table of contents a follows 1. Judge Harper in doubt Okether the name of kit Manity ha9 Bem a Freil by Placito the my bomb of a slave on tub Sams footing with that of a a Rebham. Sees have a 6tf/cr 9ecurity for life and a Kihm re Riim. 5. 7%�f� a a of been fewer murders of slaves in the South than of a rants children a be entices and other min ers cruel and unnatural in oct defies re Elavery does not �,x�9�, 4. Seeing the evils of the a aborting classes in Grope and the thickly settled parts of on own country Are so intolerable he intimates strongly that it he Tiff be better for them if they were Sla lbs Iteld . Property by h.a8t.brs, Ming to their lives their health Igod their strength. Ask 7%e slaves Are far less liable to cruel and Brundl Irma met fro i to Weir , Are i in go Emel eked Renlie other countries from their he i kids and parents slavery owing to the self a Aast Litow Viaster and uie deep affection he Apt charts a for his slave an income Para a Ltd it or Burlett to tue slave Hill inc Eom Kublal relation to the wife of the filial Orla non to the child. W 6. It True that the slave driven to his labor by stripes but stripes and blows Are to him no dem Damn. Tijam Tipert tends rather to humanize than Irett Goth the Sim Fite Sale intent of tool bulb Chect to disgust the mind of any Man who fit fully Bent on wrong thinking and wrong acing. A a Phat there Are great evils in a society where slavery exists and that the institution liable to great abuse. I have already said. To say otherwise would be to say that they Ere not human. But the whote of human life a sys Leiu of evils and compensations. We have Tio reason to be Lieve that the with Are fewer or pm Lerlyn to the evils than Liliose of any other conduit of of society. Tell me of an evil or abuse of an instance of cruelty oppression , or suffering and. I will Point Mil and often in five fold degree an equivalent evil abuse in countries where slavery does not exist. Let examine without bleaching the actual and alleged evils of slavery and the array of horrors which Many suppose to be Universal concomitants. It said that the slave out of the Protection of the Law that if the Law purports to protect him in. Life and limb Al but executed that he Simiu subject to labor degrading blows or any other sort of torture which a master pampered and brutalized by the exercise of arbitrary Power May think proper to inflict he Cut off from the Opportunity of intellect Tuat moral or religious , and even Poa Uve enactments Are directed against his acquiring the rudiments of knowledge he Cut off forever from the Impe of raising his condition in society whatever May be his Merit talents or Vir Tea and therefore deprived of the strongest incan Tife to Tieful and praiseworthy exertion his Phy degradation a gets a corresponding moral de gradation he without moral principle and and dieted to the lowest vices particularly theft and Jitu Hood if marriage be not disallowed it lit de better than a state of concubinage from which results a Graf and the want if Chas Uit a among females this indeed not protected by Law but subject to the outrages of brutal lust a both sexes Are liable to have their Dearest affections violated to be sold like brutes husbands to be torn from wives children from parents a this the picture commonly presented by the de Lioun Ocris of slavery. It a somewhat singular fact that when there up lifted in our state no Law for punishing the murder of a slave other than a pecuniary Fine there were i will venture to say at least ten murders of to Minn. For one murder of a slave. Get it sup Poss thar ate less protected or less Seerie than . Why they Are protected by their very to tuition in society and therefore less need the Protection of Law. With any other person than their master it hardly possible for them to come into such sort of collision usually gives Quot Vise to for Toms and revengeful passions they offer to temptation to the murderer for gain against the master Hirol Elc they have the Security of if own interest and by his tiper Intendente and authority they Sre protected from the revengeful passions of each other. I am by no Means sure that the Cavise of him Anil has been served by the change in jurisprudence which has placed their murder on the same footing with that of a Freeman. The change was made in subservience to the opinions and clamor of Lohere who were utterly incompetent to form so opinion on the subject and a Wise act Seldom the result of legislation in this spirit. From the fact which i have stated it Plain that they less need Protection. Are therefore less willing to convict and it May sometimes happen that the guilty will escape All punishment. Seen Rity la one of the compensations of their Humble position. We Challenge the comparison that with there have been fewer murders of slaves than of parents children apprentices and other murders cruel and unnatural in societies where slavery does not exist. But Short of life or limb various cruelties May be Practised the passions of the master May die late. To this the same reply has been often it Fen Liat they arc secured by the masters iii Keresty if the state slavery to exist at All the Masteb Mast have and ugh to have Razeti Power will compel the iii duties of to intr station. Antis Ooth Felbur digit advantage Well his ? no hit Man being can be contented who does not perform the duties of his Sui the master any temptation to go beyond this ? if he infidels on him such punishment will Peri mently impair his Strengs i a inflicts a loss on himself and so if he requires of him excess ire labor. Coni pare the labor required of the slave with those of the free agricultural or manufacturing labourer in euro a or even in the More thickly peopled portions of the Noii slave holding states of our confederacy though these last Are no in subjects of comparison they enjoying i have said in a great degree the advantages of slavery along with those of and Early and simple slate of society. Read the English parliamentary reports 01.1 the condition of the operatives and the children employed in fee lories. And such the Imp Lenee of Man to remedy the evils which the condition of his existence has imposed on him that it much to be doubted attempt by legislation to improve Timeir situation will not aggravate evil they resort to this excessive labor a Choice of evils. If soothe amount of their compensation u will be lessened also with the diminished labor for this a matter which legislation . it the part of Benevolence then to Cut them off even from this raise Rabie Liberty of Diotte ? yet would these evils exist in the same degree if the labourers were the Pri Eric of the master a having a direct interest in preserving their lives their health and strength who but a Dri Velling fanatic has thought of tie necessity of domes animals from the cruelly of their of veers i and yet Are not great and Wanton cruelties Practised on these ? the we Leo f Thoj Otuel ties info iced on slaves throughout our Southern country with those elsewhere inflicted by ignorant and depraved portions a of the Community or those whom the relations of society put into their Power of Bru tal husb.a.nd8 of i their wives of brutal parents subdued against the stroke Cost instincts of nature to that Bnita fity by the ext remix of of their raisiery�?00 la Weir children of brutal masters apprentices and if ii Shoi wild be asked Are not similar cruelties inflicted and miseries endured in your society i answer in 110 comparable tie Gree the Cliss m question Are placed nne Der the control of others who Are interested to la Weir excesses of cruelty or rage. Wives Are prot Cieu from Pineir husbands and children from Tii Eif parents. And this 110 Inconis Lerable compensate of of the a evils of our system Quot Siertk Omri Dato Pear if we could form a a Concep Lipo of Lic a Wii Ewy a Twamoi it Xii for ii in Terri elsewhere thus indicted. The other class of society More elevated in their position Are also speaking of course i u the general Inore a elevated in character and More responsible to Public opinion. But besides the interest of their master there another Security against cruelty. The relation of master and slave when there no Mise Levoris interference Between them tie experience of Alt the world declares naturally one of kindness. to the fact we should be held interested wit Nesses but we Appeal to Universal nature. it dipl natural that a Man should be Atta Clied to that which own and which has contribute d to his convenience his enjoyment or his vanity ? this Felt even toward animals and inanimate object. How much More toward a being of Superior Intel it gence and usefulness who can appreciate our feelings to wards him and return them ? it not natural that we should be interested in that which dependant on for Protection and support a do not men a very there contract kind feelings towards their dependants 7 it not natural that men should be More attached to those whom they have Long kno Wnm whom perhaps they have reared or been associated with from Infa icy than to one wit i Wiliom their connexion has been casual and temporary what there in our atm o Soliere or institutions to produce a perversion of the general feelings of nature ?. To be sure in this in All o ther relate oils there frequent cause of offence or excitement on one Side for some omission of duty on the other on account of reproof or punishment i inflicted. Bul this common to the relation of Parent and child and i will Ven Tore to say that if punishment be justly inflicted and the Ore a o temp Tati pm to Ini if t it a nuns to Lye it Little Likely to occasion permanent estrange rent or resentment in that Case. Slaves Are per pc Tual Cli Ildren. It not the common nature of Man unless it be depraved by his own misery to Delight in Wilnes Silig pain. It More grateful to Beh old contented and cheerful Bei Tigs than sullen and wretched ones. That men Are sometimes Way Ward depraved and brutal we Kiowa that atrocious and hartal cities have been on slaves and on those who were not slaves by such wretch Les we also know. But that the institution of slavery has a. _ natural to form such a character that such crimes Are More common or More aggravated than in other states of Swienty or produce among less Surprise and horror we utterly deny and Challenge the comparison. Indeed i have Little hesitation iii saying that if full evidence could be obtained the comparison would result in our favor and that the ten Deji by of slavery rather to humanize than to brutalize. The accounts of travellers in Oriental countries give a very favourable representation of the kindly relations which exist Between the master and slave the latter being often the Friend and sometimes foe heir of the former generally Hom Tever. Especially if they be Engli Sll traveller so if they say any thing which May seem to give a favourable comply Ion to slavery they think it necessary to enter their protest that they shall not be Token to be any Sanction to slavery it exists in America. Yet human nature Foft same in All countries. There Are very obvious reasons Why in those countries there should be a nearer approach to Equality in their manners. The master and slave Are often of cognate races and therefore tend More to assimilate. There in fact less in mind and character where the master but Impe Ferdy de. Less labor exacted because the master has fewer motives to cumulate. But it an injury to a human being that regular if not excessive labor Shojii d. Be required of iii ? the primeval curse with the usual Beiji Gully of providential contrivance has been turned into the Solace of Ifa . Celiat would be much More feral p without it. If Foey labor less they Are much Mon subject to foe outrages of capricious passion. 5f it were put to the a Choice o f any human bang would he prefer to be the slave of a civil Tod rail o t of a Barbari an or Semi barbarian ? but if ise. General tendency of the institution in those Loti air turks to create kindly relations can it be in quoted Why it should a Perale did a Lilyth it a a Tigg ested by presideijdcw�?1 Che edit it Fyie tips off dose i forms one of foe nose ii climate r Clatto and it will be Nidre and prego. The Inger tines to exist. The harshest features of a i weit creat etl by those who were Strai Igors. Very who supposed that it consisted Jii a Savages in subjection by Violene Anil terror severest Laws to be found on our statute look enacted by such and such Are still found to b severest masters. society becomes settled foe Wand fing habits of o or co unto Inep Al there will be a larger and larger proportion of who were reared by the owner or derived to fro ii his ancestors and who therefore will in c and More intimately regarded forming a Tion of Liis family. It True that the slave driven to lab it stripes and if the object of punishment be Doce obedience or reformation with the least manent injury it the Best method of punishment but it not intolerable that a being formed info image of his maker should be degraded Bym oium % to which i shall have occasion again to refer. Suck punishment would be degrading to a Freeman,.-who. Lad the thoughts and aspirations of a Freeman general it not degrading to a slave nor it to be of the evil foe bodily Pai his it d grading to a child ? or if in any particular instant it would be so Felt it sure not to be inflicted unless in those rare cases a which cons ii tote startling and eccentric evils from which no society exempt and against which no institutions society provide. Healing them amp a Are usually com mined by men of dissolute habits hanging Loose on society who being repelled from association with Well disposed citizens take Refuge in tip company of coloured persons and .slave, whom Alliey deprive by their example . By to Weir to and then beat under the expectation that a slave dare not resent a blow from a White Man. 2. A a a against the master myself Fwy have the Security of own self interest never made a Man humane. But conceding that it furnishes some Security to the slave How far operate it May to a certain extent pro prevent Tjie infliction of such disqualify him for service. Funnier k action cannot extend. It can be no Ces Sivc whipping beating and the Perpe of nameless cruelties which degrade and without for hard labor. But oven a. against More Des violence. When passion up Blind to raging passion what can Seir interest a furious Man never stops to calculate profit even Ilie Stro guest o f ail Sel Fisli feelings in his . Life will scarcely bind his Liuch less foe Petty consideration of dollars mils. Judge Harper in insisting so much on Pedit Clive Powei of the self interest of the to betrays a superficial k to pledge of Tiunis an 3. He talks poetically about foe affection masters naturally conceive for i Cir Staves and this affection Assum cd to be a safeguard to to Weir this one of the perversions of mind and of Ditis pm Terry. it not natural a he , a a that a a Taf criminal of gence a astaur and Battery can at a Moti Law be committed it the person of a Skype. For for Home Pur Poew m elate in Regar in Law a person yet generally he Tea Mere be Ami his right of personal Protection belongs to Tisma who con maintain an action of trespass for the Battery slow. A a there can Lee therefore no offence against the state indie beating of a slave by any air stance soft cruelty orm attempt to islam Oreador. Peace of the state not thereby Brol i for a slave generally regard cil legally capable of being Xvi thin Tea peace of the state. He to not a i Zizon Ami not in to liar character entitled to her Protection in Chi the decision of a judge 111 a slave state ted in the a new of shavery., the master May commence an action of trespass for a Luji in Jbf he Libi a Tiai miso Reg my inf i a a a a a a a tit a stave May be beaten to any client Short of causing loss of ser vice to his Tyras Ier and there no redress not even in his of tors a right of pen Pooai a purity the Sib pc has against his master May be inferred from the decision of judge i of a. Carolina in the in be of the a a a Tate v. the defendant was indicted for an assault and Battery upon Lydia the slave of one Elizabeth Jones i he had hired the slave for a. Y car and for sume Small 0.lf�ncc under look to chaat tse her. White in the act of so doing the slave ran off defendant called on her to Stop and on her refusing shot at and wound Eil her. A the judge in the court flow charged the jury that if they believed the punish Cut inflicted by the defendant was Emel and unwarrantable and dts proportionate to the offence by tie slave that in Law the Deien Danl was guilty of he had Only a special property in the slave. A verdict was returned for the state and the defendant appealed. The Case being brought e Hig her tribunal,.judge Ruffin decided that the person hiring a slave having Possession and command of him was entitled to the same degree of authority Over Hilo his master. Opon the general question whether the owner answerable Erim Nalter for a Battery upon his own slave or other exercise of authority or Force not Frudden by Stetu the the co Urt entertained but Little doubt. That he was so liable had never been Mided nor so far known been at any time contended. There had been a no prosecution of the a the Power of the Maste r must he absolute to of the slave it would not do to a allow the right of the master to lie brought into discussion in the courts of a the slave to remain a .slave., must to mad e sensible that there no Appeal from his such Are the prominent Points in judge Ruf Lefiti opinion judgment below reversed. And judgment entered for defendant. A Sueh the boasted Security of the slave.�?�0. Psf la he the a of the . our in Teuton expressed in the remarks prefatory to this article we cannot forbear a few comments. Let examine foe Security which judge Harper fancies so efficient of f the Protection of the slave. 1. They Are protected by the Cir a sit ratio n in. So a a with any other person than their master it hardly possible for them to come into such Sorof collision usually gives Rise to furious and revengeful Pas o . Judge Harper in list have calculated largely on the credulity of Northern people when he ventured on such a statement. Would he have to forget that foe slaves Are perpetually pro unlit into Contact with vie reckless polluted and vindictive a class of beings disgraces gods Earth under such circumstances too must necessarily excite the most ferocious passions and favor their most revolting exhibitions ? _. But in addition to their daily collisions with a verse the slaves Are exposed to the brutality of a certain class of abandoned White men whose infamous courses of life exclude them from foe society of persons of their own color. Chief Justice Taylor of n. Carolina in delivering an opinion said these offences abuse of slaves Man should be attached to that which his Oriun and which has contributed to his his i or his vanity a do not men every it kind feelings Tow their Depenis it not natural Liat men should be de to those whom they have Long of perhaps they have reared or been with from infancy than to one with a connection Lias lie ii Caso Al and what Piliere in on atmosphere or iii the produce a perversion of the general nature a h every Way 4>w of Hnin Aii nature Llinat love should strength from the very acts of kind hich it leads. We feel if we Quot had a id up in one whom we have frequently or on whom we have conferred tokens of 4ur affection. To Fie beloved object derives a new claim profi from each additional display of our re for welfare. And the reverse no less we dislike that which we consciously in and our dislike increases with. The repetition a our inf Lilvy Tennis Over Soave Ihung in it Ali ii Sim. My i a our Tii Jiin in a. Patti Cipres it tray tie Laid Down h general Rule that foe slave Holder does not love his slaves. General Lye lie conscious that lie inflicting upon them a wrong of the most aggravated character and it therefore impossible for him to conceive that of motion for them which Apt to grow out of such a Reta Tion of Superior and infer o Ras productive 0.� the Good of both of Ilie g o o d. Of trip former at the expense of the Best interests of the loiter. In addition to this we remark that no Man can Felt Al a. Real affection fur an intelligent being that passive in endures wrong realm edit at his hands and suffers himself to be titter in degraded without a single struggle. The slave holders contempt for his slave too Strong to allow him to entertain any Rufi it Gard for his person. . Wio can Rob Man of his Liberty convert him into a Mere chattel and to the extent of his Power destroy All those attributes which distinguish men from brutes disqualifies Livirt Elf for judging what cart Telly really . He cannot see _ what cruelty the re in passing in ten a of death on the mind of his slave in cutting him off from All Hope in this world and All Correct views of the world to come in laying an Iron hand on the immortal soul ii whose nature god Lias in or Llie a w of eternal Progress and it to stand still and in breaking up with Eldess hand the most tender relations which the creator has ordained for foe Consolation Puri i cation and Elevation of Hii nature. Five think that sir lies on the Back of a full grown in an or the delicate form of woman Are cruel and degrading. The slaveholder does not. We think that to take away a child from his parents or to scatter the of a family to the four winds of , so that they shall never see each Ollier a face again iii Union. The slaveholder does not. And Why ? because having made brutes out of men be can see no cruelty in treating men like brute the Quot also liable to be c a rated from wife or child a says judge Harper a a but from native character and temperament the Sepa ration much less severely this the cold pol orgy of the c defender of eternal slav Kry for one of the most horrid acts of cruelly of which i the hum a 11 mind can conceive. The Learned judge overlooked another Circum Stancil the slave Violder holds his a a property a by the tenure of Force a tenure at All limes Uncertain 11.1 at this period peculiarly frail and Ecaire. Hence his life a. Life of Siisi Cion and apprehension. To one who understands How unfavourable Are these feelings to the grow in of kindly affections How Strong Are their tendencies to Harden foe Huma 11 Harl and diffuse thro ugh the c entire Man the 1. E, of in use selfishness we u eed not explain. In what Way this peculiarity in slave holding institutions a operates of to produce a perversion of the general of another Cir irm Slanc e that Apt. To bring d 0, cruel infliction on the head of the slave the nature of the provocations growing out of this unnatural relation u. We All know Power there in. A How it modifies our Magme 111 of a c tons a How intensely it aggravates our feelings where an offence committed. Against the horse that kicks him if Man May experience a transient resentment which passes away however with the temporary illusion that led him to attribute Occo up to ability to the brute. But an Offeney from a Man like i Elf rankles in Liis soul strikes harshly a deeper chord. The thought that of a gave birth to foe offensive act confers intensity and permanency on the resentment it has awakened. Now suppose the offender placed almost absolutely at his mercy with. Sea reel y a Legal safeguard about , what can be looked for but a most terrible act of revenge ? precisely such the condition of the slave. The provocations he gives to foe overseer or master arc such a rational and accountable being alone Capa ble of and the punishment they invoke such Only the m Ost terrible passions of the human heart can inflict. Finally a Man so curiously and delicately wrong lit that it impossible to Rule him by motive and. Trial addressed to tie lowest of his nature without Coin i 11 tug most Mia Litral violence against him. The Hunan will a wonderfully mysterious Power. The Amott Lof fear required to overcome it and bring it into a stale of passive. .s,,ission., must be so vast ii c Essa Rily to disorder and confound All the other Powers of the mind. Has any one Ever calculated How much motive of this kind must be brought to Bear o e the slave every Lour of his fearful life to secure his Blind in residing 8ub.i.nis5� 0 n to the will of another god has not Given to a horse the sense of rights he knows nothing of his own nature he Lias no aspirations after a better slate. His love of Liberty Oon. Tamed labor and Llie narrow stall Harmon size with All his instincts and he obeys4he whip without Reh Istance. But Man immortal intelligent Many How will Yon lame his will to such Bruti Sli obedience ? the Force adequate to such a task Mustbe horrible cruelty. The slave must feel that resistance would be death Ere he can consent to be a slave. Henez the essential principle of the government Over slaves terror. This the Quot tes Timony of slave holders Ibe selves. If Elliis be not cruelty there can be no cruelty. One word in conclusion. We charge not cruelty on All slave holders. We speak Olathe they o zealously our pos Litton Elf of ably Are to Blunt the gentler a of the masters inflame Iris malignant a a sons fed a Alif aet slaves to great Cine lies. But this does not prevent from believing that there Are Many slave holders who so far the personal comforts of the slave Are concerned Are distinguished by their humanity and mercy. Their very via Lues Iio Wever Are perhaps productive of More i chief than foe cruelties of the inhuman inasmuch they tend to throw a veil Over foe inherent enormities of the slavery relation and thus delay the a Ioir of d o of. Dec c 1-Esi. a in t to a. Tie Lollino i Meil Odist p .rote8tant co life Rezaee at third annual session held in sept. 6th, 1838, in St. Clair county passed the following Resoluti oils on slavery Mesol uti oils c a flt e r .lav�-ii. Of Ding whereas the dub rating of american iii a i Defice of roped by the a Tributa of 1776, Aasi that All men Are born free anti equal Poa Sessing certain Inavie Nalinle Righta among which Are life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happi Teaa and whereas the g gospel of Jesus . The highest to Iho Rily among men says to in a a to pics a do be unto All men a pc would they Sli Ouid do and whereas the methodist protestant Church holds one of her . Tary Priori p Leti that a be very Man h an inalienable right to private judgment in matters of religion and an equal right to exp rms his opinion in any Way which Wilt not violate the Laws of god or the rights of his fellow men a and wherea.8 m iii items an d churches who slave holding it exists in these United states thereby present an inf licence the Imd ency of which to overthrow the o above principles and sustain iniquity therefore 1. A a Tom that the h Olding of men women and child Reid in bondage from generation to generation condemned by the Laws of god the principles of humanity and the above named declaration 3. Ii delved. That the attempts made by certain divines to amalgamate the c pore principles of with the unrich Toufi and unjustifiable system of slavery Are altogether inconsistent with the character of the cd R..Ii&Gtin 3. Rerp Ved that the great safeguard of inc Chri Tian Church the propagation and firm Manie Hance of Christian holiness. I. Mem tved that the Sac cd and endearing into rats of the Church cannot be in the least endangered by maintaining the principles of . 5. Of toured that in the option of this conference while the Light of the gospel shines the .ch.ara.cler8 of Philan i rapist Christian and slaveholder in heart cannot meet in the same person. A slave i n si5arch wife. We but tie following a Tulve Rti ement a Sini Ziern paper ran a was from the subscriber on saturday night the 1.0 la inst., a. Ocllo w negro named . He about six feet High and proportion ably built to has a scar on his upper lip caused by the kick of Ahorn had on an Ever coat of Light coloured cloth and a draw co hired it probable that lie will Endeavor to get to Mii Piile he has a wife there belonging i am informed to or. Henry Lazarus of Mobile. Any person who Wilt a Prehemo and confine him in any jail so i can recover him will he rewarded by charle8crow. Perry county no f. 17, .1838. Slav e sell my. We clip the following from two or three of our Exchange papers in slave states. They Are pictures of slavery it . For Sale a Likely negro woman of Good qualities Aoud mid healthy enquire at this office. Lexington aug. 1ft, 1886,. R \. Valuable property at auction. Wei shall offer for Sale on thursday tha 3ftth Day of a i Cember next on the premise a the farm negroes Stock. Farming utensils f Umi fire dec., dec., Ikier owned by a situated about four Miles from Lexington tie Tweit Toro Aiea and porkers Mill roads. The farm contains .343 a Craft of first rate land Well we lured by four never failing Springs 150 area Andar cultivation acres of which i first rate hemp land the Batenich Well timbered. There on it a first rate dwelling House w ii am Ile a com Ino Datius for a Large a am ily out Boodea &e., All in Good repair. Also a Large Brick hemp Wain Houm loom hour for 13 looms and a rope walk with a Large dwelling House Kitchen Brick negro Hoosac. And iwo smoke houses attached to the factory the negroes number 48, 25 of whom Are Likely Young men 1ft Are boys from 8 to 15 years Oldt Enre mom. Man with. 8 children. The Pya a fun de farm bands weaves hackers and attn Noria the Stock consist of a Large number. Of Hoenes cattle sheep Ami hog of Good Breed and two Yoke of oxen. 50 log arc Salt Neil Ami re Ady for Market. Among to Borica Are veral Fine Brood mares of Good a Good and a Poir of Carri age Biorac . Public sa1.e of heal esta1e and new Kroeni will be sold to the High act bidder on Satar Daj the 8th of Deemi Ber next so veral vat Uati be Boodea and Lota in the City of Lexington. Consisting of the Bouse and lot on Muin Street by mrs Brand Ai Otu int a Dence of Stephen Smith. The House and lot now occurred by Horace b. Siwick on main Street adjacent to or. Dew a a. In he House and it on Short Street nearly opposite Tao late Lof John Broce dec a. That valuable lot a lieu Tirol building rite Adjo Ninf the pay Pefia of Samuel Reil. Iha upper end of main. Al i comprising two and a half acres., and a lot adjoining iii pro fiery of Derrick we Arner on Rose Street. Any persons wishing to examine the above property can do so on application to Quot i Homas Van Swearington in Lexington. A a terms of third in Harl the a stance in nine and eighteen m.onih�., the Purchase t giving Good Nifgi Tia Flito paper and a mortgage on the premises to secure the Back . Sale to commence at 10 o clock a. A. The to the a Hov o pro Kirty Indish Silab in. Also will be exposed to Public Sale on monday to lib loth Quot of dec., being county court Day a Krga nun Foer of valuable negroes consisting of men women boys and Giuria Ilie negroes Tomc Good factory a feds a first rate Chain spinner and filling do. A Good House servant id Good nut Iset. A for the negroes a credit of twelve Montha will by Given with note Wii b approved Security. The above Sale will Lake place for the purpose of a Divia Ion of the undivided estate of e. Warner dec�?Td., and Wei i a told without Reserve. Sate to commence at 11 o clock a. M. W. A. Wa1.neii, t. Van Swearingen. Public Sale of negro. By virtue of a deed of Trust made to me by Charlea Whelan for the of j. W. A 1. Leavitt and. Of a b. Town of the City of n. York which deed at in coir in Een Cou Itzy 1 shall sell at Publ auction for Ruah of the main Street in the town of on saturday the 32d Msj of december next a negro woman about 3ft years old and her child Hunt 11 Montha old a Negr get about ten Yean Wum and a Nefro girl Ahu Ute Yeni . Trapf of nov 37, 1838, import amt trait la Kos of Limmi rm4 by virtue of a Dewl of Trust eve enied to by r. It atm for Eer fam pure Law i Howeiii daio38b june 186l.flea Temms Aure a Nehf a be shall Putin Plato Rucski fair Tow i it Lidny wd5? next. A. The land and he m a credit for Cash at the Jame time will be sold Sevell negro men women and children All of which May Lee Leen and More particularly do scr lied and terms More explicit in made known of the Day of Sale ,. Sidney 8. Perry Devereux Plena Erie ala., nov. 5, 1838. I wish to sell a valuable tract of land on whih i w Side situated in a Tauga county and irelnd on the River mites fro iii a in Loo. And the Saino d�8ta.nce Froni Stales Ville on the Rood Between those places. This tract con Tainio g eleven h Uii dred acres four Hundred and fifty of which i afe cleared and in Good repair a. 1 w of Tild sell three h Uii Rcd acre of it for negro property persons wishing to Purchase Koukl do Well to exaum the land. For terms apply on the premises to Isaac Dubose nov 17, 1838. Administrator of sited. In pursuance to an order from the orphan a court a Dallas county. I shall proceed to sell at Public auction 0 a Friday the 31st december next at the Plantation of r. W. Greening two mites m it least of Athena Dallas Jon to All the personal estate of r. W. Greenim deep aged of 11 Malual Ile n a Gross. Hobbes and Oaks. Plan tation tools a Quantity of Corn and fodder a. Terina a credit of six own l for one third and foe balance in twelve Montha. Small notes and approved Secu Rity will be required. J. J. Greening adm of. Nov. 17, 1838, Cal Actie Ata co o f the col Imbiana county anti slavery society Heitl in Hanover nov. 6fof 1838, foe following resolutions were Passell the following resolutions after Baliag been advocated by their several Movera wife adopt of resolved that for the Success of our fore much depend on our moral courage Oil our steadfastness in Pron die while we have to Eneo untie a Public sentiment Eor Ruff de by interest avarice ignorance and am Hittos resolved that we will Lay aside our politics party or. Ferencek our views of National policy and Vifor them a time Oma Titi upon the altar of Abid Iti , no t that we love our political principles Len but that we love our moral Prine ill More i Reee Veik that holding our right of suffrage sacred mho m in Liberty we Beli eve the p rest ii t crisis Demande the re eke Tion of Thomas Morris one who has the moral door Page to tand in the breach Between slavery and Liberty act do fend to the Kat extremity those Rigte co extra rive i our existence and upon which the re to it bolted that the ease utile committee be Ine tingled to draw up and circulate Vith. The other be Titi oae. One praying our legislature to re Eloyt i Homas Morris to the senole of the Talea resolved. That the arrest of the Rev. J. B. Mahan shows the c i dangerous ten it Dan cd of aia very and that Iron hearted grasping after Power Are not limited by state or div Islona and not withstanding the present apathy on the great of human rights the time Hae come Wimmis we must repel the foe or become tie a Katims of he Aggree Stone. On motion it was resolved that the Pruene Tringa of thie meeting lie puh Lisheid in All the pipe to in the county. On motion the Multi Rig adjourned sine die. I. K. 8n0dgra88,. I. Hours i sect a aau surgery Bluet ii agr Wibly to previous Noure the quarterly meeting of he Wajner minty Anu-8tavery to Mckay. Was Imd in Mei inf House m Wooster nov. 38,1838 the meeting was opened with prayer by Tho Row. X. Cd Jones after which an a Idreas was do tiered by mat. Or Mccandlish. The following were then preen la fth for there and led to considerable Dacua Siuri wet Only in relation to the Point spec tried hot Akoon the Gewo ral Principia of the a Hlib Lowry Bori Ugi m a Lodi a a

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