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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - April 24, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioV0i-u1ii i. Imp Cimic Illmari tip spay of dbl �4, 1s38. The fuel sufi weekly by the anti-8lavery Sci by or. Amer of Man 4 sixth in acc to Cincinnati Ohio. Jul Illus o. Barns lbs Palms Linic Abs my. dollars and fifty cents in three dollars if not paid tul the expiration of the year. Letters on a a fiem should be directed to the a busking agent those relating to the editorial department to the Niton in All com Peel paid. Anti slavery. From the Friend of Man. Dut a Quot of of Geneit Smith. At to anti slavery Convent Fox in aria it on tar res Keirnon. Pleso Vulf plat the who gives his Rote to candidates for the state and National legis a tire w to he has reason to believe jul if elected exert their official Powin and influence to uphold slavery should not be surprised if so Gross an in consistency bring suspicion is on the sincerity of his professions. Gorrit Smith said a despotic government def ads its subjects of their fundamental rights. I do Mot ask that it be virtuously administered rur Iocim no be. The administration of a radically evil system must As Well As the system it self be evil. I do not ask that it be essentially improved for it can not be. You can no More Esse totally improve a despotic government than you can slavery. The Only remedy in either Case is total abandonment of the can no More essentially improve a despotic government Tyfian you can a ram shop. To to prove a rum shop essentially the rum must be thrown out of i to and the character and name of the place be thus entirely changed. So also to improve a despotic Gove raiment Otsen Tauy the despotism must he thrown away and the feature of absolute Uii limit Ltd do wer be a dotted out. You Row a talk of improving a spoiled egg a of essentially improving a despotic Golem Man a. Is very or a rum shop. Benec tial improvement in any one of these cases is impossible. The Only remedy in any one of them is the total abandonment of the nuisance the utter casting away of uni provable and irremediable eve. It May be added that wherever you find the despotic principles whet Lier unlimited As in Lassia or greatly checked hedged up Anil comparatively liar inless As in England it merits rather than admits of improvement. Q far otherwise is it with a Republican govern ment. Montesquieu says a there is no great share of probity necessary to support a Monar hid or despotic gov eminent the Force of Laws a Ralfs fair in politics is so generally received and acted on for i have no belief that it is. But g do say that there is a very general impression Are one thing and Mondi to another. 1 do say that a Large proportion of our moral and Rell pc people do not appear to think that moral considerations Are any More needed to direct the exercise of die right of suffrage than they Are to determine the Mode of threshing Grain or chopping Wood. Such is the policy and such the Success of demagogues. In feed it has come to pass that one can hardly avow moral reasons for his vote without rendering himself obnoxious to the clamor that he in carrying religion into politics and uniting Church and state. Hence when a few years ago thousands of our fellow citizens in this state chose to express at the ballot boxes their virtuous indignation at the outrages on great and sacred human rights in the person of William Morgan they were charged Widi being Gutty of a perversion of the deceive franchise. They were told that they were at Liberty to be to Iraq anti masons but not political anti masons or in other words that they might have As much feeling against masonry As they pleased provided that they would not indicate it at the polls. Hence if an attempt be made through the ballot Homes towards repealing the a excise Laws a the Laws by which the state licenses and authorizes and encourages one Man to Poison Ano ther such an attempt is frowned upon As an unreasonable and out of place manifestation of virtuous and moral feeling. Hence too if one choose to give his vote a bearing against the Gigantic sin of american Sla pc Rye the sin of which satan May Well by p rond a for it is his master piece the very perfection of his Sumiter Pieger the very perfection of his body and Soal Deal flying Ait ill hence i say if one choose to give his vote against this sin he is not Likis to hear the last of his abuse of the right of suffrage of his presumption in bringing his conscience and heart with him to the polls. As proof of the Success of our demagogues in divorcing politics from morality the people of this nation have recently elected the most notorious and shameless adulterer in it to the second office in their gift 1 have no doubt that amongst those who contributed to the Electron of col. Johns on and with eyes open to his profligacy there were thousands of men do also vote to elevate persons who have had a notorious Agency in getting up mobs to trample on human and divine Laws. No thing to deed is More �,0 in on Faa ii to Sec w Orthy members of the Church of Christ in the hands of a dirty demagogue on the Days of election casting their vote for some Dunkard or Modoc rat or other profligate person for whom that demagogue May be . All this comes to pass not because these Church members would be guilty of deliberately violating the principles of morality but because of the p re mailing Ddusio on , w Heidi men go to vote they go to do that in which moral tri one and the Price a sarm in the other Are Suffi-1 Ity has no concern. All Friis comes to pass because c sent to direct and maintain the whole. But in a Denia gues have succeeded in Creati of a v cry be. Ral impression that to defend or promote moral in wit i r popular state that is in a Republic or democracy one Spring More is necessary namely virtue. A Gove Romont is a kind of government which is capable of being Virlio Slyt it is one who pre Emin Endy and Vita re a Repi ican go very Imp it a Rmon izes of Chi and is sustained by virtue and morality. Riv a i to a a just pow i to from the Cobo eat of the it recognizes the Equa Bill then in respect to their natural rights and a �9 those rights in its Sunli sets. It hardly the name of government. It is rather the to i Valynn tartly chosen agent of the people be messed by in a Republican government is the Only form m National polity which does not Rob men of their natural rights and hence it is the in one of which the fiend of Man should a pave. As to Evem other form of National polity i am i anti Civ verment As is my Noble Friend a Folia Loyd Garrison a and i am Yeti believe that he extends his hostility to a re publican govern Imbt and that he would not rejoice As much As myself in the realization of its theory. If it be indeed True that or. Garrison is hostile to a Republican government then in my Humble judgment it must be that w it Hall his Dis Crimi Aati on i poli tical question n on a though s tried speaking re .1-----1----�? a political questions moral questions also the who Are Wlinich has no direct and obvious connection the interests of morality. Here if i do not greatly it misjudge is a Point of extreme peril to our country and never will there be a rational Prospect of her safety so Long As the Yentim ent pre , that the v oter is not to feel the claims of virtue and morality when he goes to the boxes. Are amongst abolitionists As Well amongst others persons who through conscientious scruples refrain from voting. We do not ask for the violation of these scruples. But we Call on such abolitionists As do exercise die Light of suffrage so to exercise it As. Not to dish 0,Nof and harm their cause. And we do this not merely because slavery a a political evil but because it is a moral cd also Licause it is a most loathsome and heaven denying sin. If slavery were a of which by the Way he has As Large a share As any Man f he has mistaken the abuses and server a ions of a go , for the govern ment itself. And when we consider How re get Blean Golem mint has been abused and per averted in our own country How that instead of Hiag the Friend of the poor against the rapacious and the shield of the w eak against the Strong it has been the engine of fraud and oppression and that instead of thro Wing its special Protection around the two fee West elements of our population oct aborigines and our coloured Brethren its demagogue himself might not object to its being meddled with at the polls a but because it is a moral question also it is in the language of the Sand w Ich islander Tatoo and is Fortt a a place in the thoughts on the Days of election. 1 was deeply med to learn that in numerous instant Cha Abo Liioi Isis were guilty at the last fall a election in this state of contributing to vote Down their sacred Abo i lion p Rin Caples. It is 0 n such dereliction of principle As thu on the part of abolitionists and on the frequent similar dereliction on policy has been Quot Toi pc l and crush and sex Tenn i Nate the of professing , Fiat politicians. A Pic one and to reduce the other and keep it thus presume when they put in Nom Naron for the reduced to Mere beasts of Burden a when i say most responsible elective offices men who Are we constr or this monstrous abuse and mis employ slave holders men who Are the Apo gifts o ment of the Powers of on government it is Haid a slave holders and Nten who Are notoriously pro by to be wondered at that Garrison whose soul frigate and corrupt Well May these politicians is Condo rally exercised in he Milf of the a pronged entertain the belief that abolitionists and Church and outraged now melting with pity Over their members will show them saves ready to sacrifice suffering a and now boiling with Lily indignation their abolition and Christian principle it the Ca against their oppressors and destroyers it is Liard of political party. The verdict of of Pence a by to be wondered at that he should despair of even abundantly As lamentably justifies this belief. But a Republican government and should in let our politicians be assured that help Forth Abo dec disgust turn his Back on All civil govern unionists and professing christians will be Withful ment. I to their principles As Well at the polls m else we nevertheless stand up for a rep Abilean go-1 where and pro slavery or adult Eronim or a verment for a government whose foundation candidates for responsible elective offices will he an sir and we must that our a Deil ii Rab lican Imd do sincerely and practically subscribe to the doctrine that a fall men Are created equal a in such instance the question should be it to him and if he be not prepared to answer it satisfactorily then he is not qualified to receive Republican vote a then he is not eur titled to be carded As a Republican. What i have Here said rows what in my Humble judgment constitutes Republican. It is not a political or religious pro session. It is not the name of a federalist or Democrat a or any other of the a titty appellations of political . But it is Ftp Onest and practical of the leading doctrine of our to Lions declaration of i a dependence that a Quot a All men Are created whoever cordially emirates this doctrine however false his religion and though he dwell amidst Ari stoc Ray yes and despotism so is a Republican. On the other hand the Man who a acts it and on Ilie Contemp time found of peculiarity in the color to it of their Akin or texture of their hair or on Anji other or More _ aids Ible ground denies to a portion of his b Toffier in the Equality of their natural rights with those a other men such a Man i say even though he m by be adorned with the High Cost Al honors of Republic and even though he May rank amongst the highest for the purity of his. Religion and the orthodoxy of his republicanism is nevertheless Republican. Happy sir will it be for our country when this just Defini Riou of a Republican in a the who practically allows that All men Are created equal shall come to be universally adopted in the White Man Wel no longer Rob and destroy the poor Indian because he is an in Ian and the u the co is Tiltti 0 n and the Sta tute Book of out state will no longer be stained by those wicked and murderous provisions which now degrade and crush the unhappy descendants of Africa amongst us in punishment of their mater a offence for having Given them a a 8. Kin not. Coloured like their let it not be supposed from what i live said that i w Only advise abolitionists to organize a Poi i tical party. They could take no step that i would More deprecate than that of resolving g the m selves into a political party. Not that we have no constitutional right to promote moral and religious of Leets to promote the suppression of gambling of intemperance of slavery amp a. By political organizations for specific purposes for we have this right most do Arl. But we axe at Liberty to de. Cide whether it is expedient to Avail ourselves of and in the Case of abolitionist it certainly is. Not. To lib Are two objections to the of Anta icon of an abolition political party. In the first place such an organization w Only e danger the purity of our principles and diminish our just Reliance on the Efficacy of moral truth. In the 8e, place we can acco Musli the object which we Are seeking to accomplish by political action More surely and Spe Edil y w ii out than with such organi Iza Tion. Were the abolitionists of this state to constitute distinct political party it would probably be a Minori to. Party. But by maintaining their attitude and holding tie Mance of Power Helwee n the t to Poi tical parties they can. Bring these parties to their own terms and to the sep Ort of the cause of impartial and Eire real Liberty pleas the a Lii mate the 0 of the lib wig i tightened pc ple make to the heavenly donor of these so great benefits than by emancipating from bitter servitude that portion of his creatures which St ill cont Bue to be held in unjust and Comei bondage by civilized and Independent freemen i do tier eco re respect to Lilly but earnestly recommend to the legislature to establish some future Day not More Remote than die 4th of july 1827, o b w Hidi so very cease within the a extract from gov. De Villi Chi Ion a speech to the leg Kuure of new York Jan. 4th, 1820. A a nor can i coi Iceal on this Occas Ion the deep anxiety which i feel on a subject now under tire consideration of the Quot general government and which i s in Fortisi lately calculated to produce geographical distinctions. Highly important As it is to allay feelings so inauspicious and to cultivate the most Friendly Coinman cation Widi every member of the Confie Deracy. Yet i coir Isact the interdiction of slavery a Aram amp tit Cousin Delatron. Morally and politically speaking sly very is an evil of useful employment we shall readily perceive that the above article includes hut a Small part of our annual loss from the toleration of slavery. It May by also observed that w Here the operatives Are slaves mechanical improvements to diminish the amount of manual labor Are Seldom introduced. Even the Cotton Gin so essential to the Success of the Cotton planters of the South was the invention of a no them Man. To return to our calculation let us suppose that we were Wise enough to convert our slaves into free Inen and thus to Widi our prese no Black population �18,267,500 to our productive Indus try. As wealth naturally produces wealth to t h in the hands of individuals and communities we May fairly consider this As an addition to our Piro ductile capital conceiving the num Ber thus added to the effective lid Rorers to be 2 per cent annually Jan d the increase of capital to a a four per cent yearly our accumulation by the close of the present Century 63 years from this time would be Are re the first magnitude and to my eur May be the Coii-1 �8 �fl07, g80,�00being More Tolian the Bri sequences it k our duty to prohibit its Progress in i dish National debt. This sum if paid in Federal All Cas where such prohibition is allowed by the Miars would weigh 208,440 tons or if paid in cons Triu Tion. No evil can result from its Imbie in a Les according to the Standard of 1834, Tion More pernicious them its toleration and i ear-1 weight would be 14,500 tons a sum sufficient to neatly recommend the expression of your so use on this occasion As equally due to the character of the state and Prosperity of the Empire. A a o e the 17th january or. Root the Leader of Principe Iesu the Quot Princi pies of troth and righteous. Nosse is not a legitimate object of the exercise of the right of suffrage and that this right is to be exercised exdtt8� to m or and Vance a to tip a Parton we subject of the currency of mid so sve already succeeded iii do ii. Rail4roads and canals or on some other subject me said or. Smith he distinctly under stood As to my views of the duty of the Abou zionist at the polls. Is he a whig a then if the a doctrine is a fall men Are created i rare. It ust be Enders equal and we maintain that if this kind of go take paid to have it Cuiffi verment were administered on its own principles ism is of a sterner stuff am to give place to a 1 claims of political party. The cause for which a Man Pray and pleads with god and such is the cause of abolition should he suffered to take pre which Man is indebted to divine Providence. But Here is the Point of difficulty to make tie Repiha lican conform to its theory to its fundamental Ano distinguishing doctrine which i have , i the Point where n the c demagogue is determined we shall continue to fail. He is determined that our government shall not cadence of the comparatively Iosi if cant questions which produce their yearly strife at the polls of election. It is asked How it can be known Aat the candidates for the National or state legislature to for be administered on its own legitimate pure Prin or against slavery for or a most the doctrine of Caples for he knows that if it were his a a occupy the Equality of the natural Eghte of coloured be Tiou would Quick be process by pro via those of other men i answer let a which our demagogues prevent a administration i candidates be interrogated. Do they of the government on sound moral principles is mister then set them Down As on me wrong one which we Are All concerned to know. It con give of the questions propounded to them Ana Rete Irre-1 Fose to vote for them. It is asked whether 1 am lists mainly m inducing a people to vote Speedie of moral Eom iterations. And so great has been a Success of its process our polities instead of having As tie nature of our government presupposes moral principle Are Well nigh div Orosi and entirely separated fro m. This Ciplic. It is probably not too Mueh to say that Aree inn m favor of a practice of questioning left tatty candidates i answer that i am not. I would decidedly prefer that in general the legislator should enter upon the work of legislation untrammelled by declarations and pledges to his constituents. Would decidedly prefer that upon All such que Lions As Banks Raul Roade and canals he should be Fouras of even he Moi and religions portion of left to feel a utmost Freedom to modify or change nor voters. Kaki Naivar a a a a a a to. La a tin no t Bis opinion. But where the question is one of fun Dame Utai bearing As in a present Case.,�? on voters habitually cast their votes with Little or no reference to a claims of morality. I would not be understood As saying that the wicked Maxim where it is doubtful whether a candidate be a re legitimate candidate of his own party be pros la very and that of the opposite Patty anti slavery be is to pass by a former to give Lis vote to the latter that is provided the latter lie a Man of fair la orals and on a other hand a anti a h if voter is to make a similar sacrifice of his political party predilections and to merge them in a Paramount objects of a abolitionist i u t in All Ais we do not ask Aat a a an Buren Man become an and Van Buren Man or the anti Van Buren a Van Buren Man. Or. Smith had scarcely to it 1�� seat before a Awyer in a Assembly Rose and asked him what be w Ould do Quot in c ase to a a Candida te8 w Cre pro slavery men. A emr. Smith promptly replied a vote for ner her. He Aen referred to is of u Gracd cd. At the election last autumn. Each political party in his county presented Arce candidates for a s late legislate re b it one of them All was willing to say Aat in Case of his election he would espouse a cause of human rights and Aat on a therefore was a Only one of them my who received his or. Smia a vote. T _ to from the weat Cheater i Crow. Ais Lino prihcipl.e�. Both instruction and interest May be do River from a following extraction questions of Vita importance to a american people Aud which Are now attracting much Public attention. In Rose Days it was not cons Denad a political sin or heresy in either party in this state to protest against a Contin a Tio n of slavery to admonish air fellow citizens of its deplored and dangerous tendencies and to Stract a representatives in Congress from this state to resist the admission of addition Al slave territory. How is it Aat a Public mint has become so fas Idrous on this subject the Public ear so dead to the cry of a oppressed deaf to a voice of Liberty is it not Aat a a Ulep Rous dist Lent of the sin. A a lulled into fatal repose the sensibilities and sympathies of our better nature extract from a message of governor Tompkins to fhe legislature of new Fork Jan. 38 a a gentlemen a in my last Public communication to a i i Slature i had a Honor to advert to a unhappy con Didon of our c country and to intimate that the existing state of society and a general disposition of Mankind seemed propitious to the promotion of the Inte rest of literature religious Freedom and humanity. I will now take a Liberty of submit to of to the legislature Wheater a dictates of humanity a reputation of a state and a just sense of Grad tude to the almighty for a Many fevers he has conferred on us As a nation do not demand Tomt the reproach of slavery be expunged a amp by stir statute Book. A a no people can be found to acknowledge a a adore a invisible hand Wimch Condo cts a affairs of men More Aan a people my a United states every step which they have advanced to dec Acter ail an Independent a Simon seems is have been Dis ngut amp hed by some Token of provided ii a Geoid a the same divine Munifo Cnoc which called Forth his effusion of Grad tude from the Fader of his country Airty Soven years ago Halabou % if not More conspicuous in every 8uhsequeplmig#flf of our advancement in Prosperity Aad Renow what return can a great Cal and ii the vip Poseidon to a governor in a Assembly moved the following a a resolved by a Senate a 0,d Assembly of a state of new York Aat Cintro Dundon of slavery into this c country is dec ply to be d Zeplo red that it cannot be continued without an unceasing violation of the inalienable rights of Many a ded radon of i Depe a device and the Laws of Jialu re Llinat i the Extension ought to be prohibited by every constr Tii d onal. Barrier i Ain Quot the pow or of either Congress or a state Legislatures that in the admission of new states into a Union there ought to he an inhibitory provision Agai in t i the. Intro disc Tom unless clearly Aud unequivocally permitted by the cons Daution inasmuch As in All is ses of d o Hubli ii construction a Rig Litt of Man and a cause of Liberty ought to prevail. The Reso la Don was los to arcs 3l,-nays 75�?ac House preferring one reported by a committee and which is a following words a a Ali eras a the Turaer Extension of slavery in these United states is a subject of deep Cone iii among a people of this state and whereas we consider Severy As an evil much to be deplored and that every Barrier 8.iiould be interposed to p recent its sex Tensi on and Lal the Constitution of the United states clearly gives Congress a right to require of new states not comprised within the original of these iii cd slates a prohibition of slavery Asa condition of admission into the Union therefore. Resolved if the honorable the Senate concur Lerein that our senators be instructed and our representatives in con,grcs8. Be a Quested to of Rose the admission As a state in to a Union of any Territo by not co prise in As a foresaw i about making the prohibit of of slaver therein an in dispensable Condon of Adit Mission. Tow Aiad Sou Imti m Smion and was sent to a so mate wherein a 19th january it passed in the Sranne manner or Van Bur ii being a senator and in his place when the vote was taken. Deeo rate about 583 such temples As those of Solomon. Now i do not pretend or suppose that by con Verdung the Sla ves of the United s tates into freemen we should increase the Quanty of a precious metals in a by considerable degree yet i do say Are is nothing extravagant in the belief that a whole amount of wealth within a United a states in. The form of can Al Sra in to ad.8, improvement of soil an other species of property May be so aug me ii ted w within a prese it Ceu Tury by the Changi proposed As to exhibit a in not unfairly represented by the above fiend oiled nor Mous mass of Gold. From the Friend. G Milf of about com. It May perhaps he interesting to Quot examine what is the amount lost by a people of these United s tates in a diminish cd Quanty of labor per Ned in consequence of a existence of in such Case noting More Aan an approx Floi attainable. In is vrteai8m. From the fourth amu i report of Ike Vermont inti slav Fry society within a few years it has become vastly popular w i a the religious and political sentimentalist of the Day to charge a abolitionists via Uura ism. The opposite extremes of conserve ads and radicalism on other subjects who contend on a one hand for ancient immunities a vested rights a and a established order of Aings and who fear change and innovation Asae approach of Anarch in and dissolution and those on a other hand who hold up a s Tankard of Refo in Anid contend for improvement even Tough it be at a expense of Long established usages and inst unions w to seek for the Ain Eli 0.rati 0ii, a d. .h.appines3 of Man by a establishment of a a largest Liberty a both unite their clamor and Denun Cimadon against abolitionist As Ultra Ste of a most dangerous character. As though there could be an More anti it i m iii pity or any right More Sacre by vested or any thing More firmly established in the order of nature Aan the immunity of Mccrty a right of every human being to himself a Solace and Comfort of a Domestic ties to a free exercise of his i mortal Poi vers for he o in advancement and happiness or As if Are could be any Reform or improvement in a Condidou o Man while Dep Rived of the exercise of every attribute and right which is a subject and object of a improvement and whue he is under a c ministry off a system which can exist Only where Eul is degrading and debasing and where there is no Liberty to enlarge. All Aat can c 0n.serva.dsm valuable and All Aat is vital in radicalism a abolitionists arc sustaining and carrying Forward via Allae energies of freemen and philanthropists Anc yet both conservatives and radicals join in senseless outcry Agai list their d oct incs and their efforts. What Confidence can be placed in a honesty o men who while they Are Honor stricken at any encroachment upon , privileges and soul t d Edwards the historian of a West indies in his account of a management of a sugar Plau Matioli _ _ _ describes the slaves As divided into Aree gangs of less corporations feel no Dumay when a Anvi which the first includes a most healthy and to Leges vested in Man by the charter of his exist 4�h01.� fiary scared from of Columbia and oar Imek that is available to him to one Dollar needs of his toil. 2. The slave Trade is carried on via As Complete As the Trade in any other commodity. Be Sims of reignited Only via a Rustoni Hoaas a Taeia Southern parts where aet cargo a my inti Sale til Ike it Sekii. Coffees of slav it ten through a country by land to a Kaif out any necessity for concealment and exciting astonishment to the same Makein 3. Among american slaves Are is nth thing Asle marriage. A hos Hind Aci rights in a wife nor a wife in a Neizer do Aey jointly or severally act right to a superintendence of air Chil to their services. Every fim Sriri can sell Art like Retios. Apy relation la if hich a stand to overs is not a Rua in the we master. That a Domestic ties of the in fact often broken up it Wouch state. 4. There is in the american de Power of chastisement. Has no one can question Over Jae body of he May kill his Slavo a of dred of his oar slaves or of a same free c Otora a Coj a land he k in no is Nish Meni or even of being questioned Fence for Aey Are by Law Taco Tiant enl i against a White Man. It is not master Bias suffered a penalty of Deal Gle my tame for a murder of he slave 5. The slaves Are Foai Den a a letters in a most elementary form penal even in the masters to teach Aesir read or write. 6. They Are forbidden to attend a of coloured men a and Aat Aey do no numbers attend a preaching of White Well k no in. G now it seems to me Aie a above with out any Lyno mitigated Rigo t. They must be known to or. Walsh. Mondi cannot be ignorant of Aemi for a very surface of american slavery gis lation of a country a judicial a country the eve cry Day Raetke of a exha it them. Why i ask do such men As or. I Vor to cloak up and my fity american. He seems to think it requires Peculiar of Talent tact �it., to acquire a. Know american slavery above Wui it does knowledge of russian polish or a the attempt is not Only dkrepntabl�4m vain one As Long As the literature of a against us. American slavery must us inquisition of a Emlize world a a soem a k done a better for a Honor and ii a nation. Else make up a Syi there can be Rothii a the following incident took place in county Alabama in which slate a Fine ing slaves to read k �250. A Yonng # nor a ignorant perhaps of Theka it bunday school few fair. Grand jury Olac county above 1832. Lie Foreman was Nama two own name to a finding of a Gnu i was written for him Tail he attached Hie this is stated on a Autori of an la Crawford of Mobile who was then a District in which con ecu Cownty wafer he himself related i to a writer. A lust of a men and women. After r leading Ais gang through a toys of a morning he adds a a at two of clock ump Are. Again. Sum to a Field where having been refreshed both by rest and food Aey now Manifest some signs of vigor Ous and animated application Laough i can with great troth assert Aat one English labourer in his own climate would perform at least Aree times a wok of any negro in a same by negro he undoubtedly Means negro slave. Or. Pink ird in his notes on a West indies estimates the work performed via ease by two europeans As equivalent to what twelve slaves Are accustomed to effect j Oshua Steele in the Isla cd of b Arba does i about emancipating his slaves tried the e effect of subs Xiuling the Hope of Reward. For the fear of punishment and he obtained from his slaves in a Given time by a payment of same Premium Aree times As much work As i about. Or. Cooper in he lectures on political Economy estimates a labor of a slave Al two aids of what a White labourer at usual wages would perform. Judging from ease authorities i think May safely ass u me a Quantity of w Ork perform a d by a slave As not More Aan half what a same than if entitled Etudes sur f eco Noanie Domique. Free and inured to a h Abi to of Freedom would a considerable part of his first ,e is devoted to ence conferred by a almighty himself and linked win i a intelligence and affections of immortal being Are wrested from. no by Vrol Croc and fraud or what respect can we Feci for a consistency of i h o be who Clam or for a Aioli lion of monopolies and special revile Gas and who see oppression and despotism in a encroach incite of wealth and pow or upon labor and poverty but who have no word of execration for Aat monster of All monopolies which appropriates to itself not Only a dollars sad cents which rightfully belong to others but the bodies and souls of men w Omen and children and who quietly behold Aat despotism which robs Man of every right and transforms him into a chattel existing at a very heart of a Republic surrounding a Capitol where congregate a representatives of freemen and entering a precinct of a pc Siden tial mansion itself. Foam i a pm Ria me0ssm, spirit or Limo Roll. At a Large Mee Finif of a i Riel de of Lional Law and order in gtd a so Are evening of a 12a inst., after a full Fri Eli which a Rev. George w. Get Mev. Hers Charles Gilbert a so /. I. Afi Sfer ass Floii sed a following resolutions were Imant mme to adopted. Resolved that a Mae free comm by a a tics a too gets and to Winiona a on of a Lawai Ualk Man and Aat every citizen Msj a reel ape Ala will la i print on any Job eco being re Pomale for a Alai i my a Dot Job mad. Reached that a principle a tied by it state Atid flu Banri Tew Rumeal a foundation of Menean Liberty. M from the Emu Spatar. Sis Tondl and slavery Sismondi a renowned germ author has i just published the second volume of he work entitled Etudes sur recon Nie Folio be. A a Rea Alvil that Thia Dehait Efad right a Andrt be any portion it on fellow Ciance be Aey gust Muniar any pretext whatever via of it weapon tag a Raf Mon bulwark of defence the Koneti Titian a i Roeg a big i Ding the stability a and protecting Pymm of oar being formed under Rad a snip of a and i you t Jeo Pardi no to a our Libe Tiaa and lives. Resolved that a Etnena of a free Tate else duty of self of reservation a defame of oot Constitution and a sacred regard for a a fwd Universal Freedom Call upon m to Bear our United and Lic testimony against to Trese Neble Damn Al Jade life and Liberty in Alton on a evening of the 7a Olic Tyr vember 1837. J resolved that w a Public Aua Oitice of Alteo a the Indue tial portion of her citizens were levee Tell waived Long before a Bloo mad Poppa a Bend of Ruffian to Loba Feio w i Tiseo of la a were complis. According to a census of 1830, there within a United states 185,654 male slaves Between 24 and 36, to which number adding 62,735 or one fifa of the number Between 10 and 24, and by of legation in pans. Domestic slavery As it exists m various countries this intelligence we derive from a european correspondent of the new York. American who it is understood is Young or. Walsh our Secreta Paris. Or. Walsh and d so a in 54 408 being half the number Between 36 Aud 55, regard to a United slates he did not possess the a. of if i 1___ a. A or Kink 4 Vojtek May travellers. It k probable then Aat Sismondi has dealt with american slavery with proper fairness am we have 302,887 Asae is fixated number of male Best materials of judgment. He seems to it Levy a in a 20 acid 44 years of age in ,1890.�? consulted Only a prejudiced Ell Ropcean to now the annual increase of the slaves from 1820 to 1830 was 2,716 per cent. Which being allowed on a above w make the number of slaves in the United Stetes Between 20 and 44 years of age at the present time 305,350. Esli slavery Itiat he account of it does but Little Honor to us As a people. Or. W. Says he has consulted Only the mating then a labor of these men at one half prejudiced european travellers. If opposition to what Aey would accomplish if free and formed to slavery k to determine whether a european travel a habits of freemen we May consider ourselves Ler is a a prejudiced or not there is no Over class As losing a service of 182,675 men. Putting a 1 to which Sismondi could have resorted. All value of a gears wages for each Man at 160 Dol Aem of any note or respectability whenever they Lars an amount sufficiently Low we have 18,267,-1 speak of american slavery at All condemn it 500 dollars As on annual loss from this source. Nor is the condemnation of it confined to euro it May be suppose cd that ease people if free would Pean tra Vellers. N one of them having Given consume much More than they now do that How-1 More disgusting picture of it Aan or. Jefferson Ever k very questionable for it k Well known that himself a slave Holder. Nearly Allae listing ugh to any slave Are Kepi habits of wasteful de men of our counter have spoken of it in in Negley my Etc tre to find their Way into Al measured Tertis As evil. A a a a a Quot besides Ais there is nose Crecy As to a la Ture of american slavery. Its main characteristics Are As open As Day accessible to men even of superficial inquiry much. More to such am elaborate Queriot As m. Sismondi. There is no attempt for it would be impossible to conceal such characteristics As the following a 1. The slaves Are deprived of All air wages from the beginning of life to a end of it. Thero is not a slave in the Saua Aat possesses a right try Day Bement of a family. The above Esli Tiati we me to remember is founded Only on fhe male slaves Between a Ages of 20 and 44, w Daout any allowance u p0 u let males who Are or younger or a females of any age. If we advert to the expense of protecting a proper flip ii the pilfering of slaves the loss of the labor a Frei which a presence of a Servile class ameel Invar any occasions and a expensive habits which Are Apt to grow up in the absence of Al rights they had Tims and Mwata Soff Reimt to devise Sci in into a All Zimm precaution air me Amrat Moi a a Quot Lia defence. A a a a it shed this m the sri Axnix a Clear that not Only no adequate mean use taken Liy her Ottena in sense Der and to a litre a of her hut on the Orat iary a Aci led withdraw i rent their Violini he a said at Law Whf a an a nixed hand of traitor Tose from him Hia bet feat fore we hold Alton w a exp Oneida to of am elate and to god for to Onito of the p. Love of. Ass Eureil thai Alt Hungli in Era Raver heal the which they have Giomi to the Myrtiee of tide and to the cause of oni Refaat free Otto nor too a in mob stain Wlna Aey have Trad Epra the the Young and fee Escora tale fsr Aey eeg Fol to made a a left Ratky in air Power to Foty Goff j pet Moi of Thia Hovlid Tim to knee Mai Jmst Fota it Reao fed that the Lee eat Lourea Pai Erad Hyae a Cipel authorities of Allori in re Lilliw be at Gilum band who to nobly defended a Wea of a Ime t Lovejoy end Rose who Weto indie Tad for a Raidt upon it Fizeau a deep or Eta i non Tho Chat Rector of City and Holda Aem to a execration of a wow. Reso hed that to hag a her Estia Toi Kenaira in a rein of a Al fwd he by a Idem Fri Puni Ament to my Dover of or. To airy aty Aemata Mcway River of a Emmam to # their fellow citizens. A Rea Okei Hiat any of a Lecato above Aetna Al who Are opposed to the Prine ipos of pation in this state Aow that they have of free foil and in ratio Defo Aad Beds i to menace and to Violetrae. That a Orif kif by Wiki Roh a Babel of slavery of Lomita Broad Barsom chained that aae a m can never be Vanq Madied in a to hence if a a dog into. Of livery a tear Fly of aet Earle thay have Fay ��?T�>1 Ito maj a

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