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The Philanthropist (Newspaper) - April 3, 1838, Cincinnati, OhioPublished by the executive committee c the Ohio state anti slavery society. bail by. Jr., editor. Volu Idi i. No. We Are verily Gay concerning a there Erc la lib distress Cone Apo. Us my Musl a. Airet Printer Csc Indiati Trao Iran a Issa. The philae Opiat reek to a publish so week to two n. A pm kor main Jinnai by society the Street Ohio. O. Fillard sides aant dollars and fifty cents in to lose dollars if not Pam till the expiration of be year. Letters on a mines should be directed to the pubs Kim agent Trio be relating to the editorial department to the by Ito. In till Emez pm pm. A Wapiti m0. 110. That it was the interest the Clear interest of the Cruiser that 1 the recapture of slaves if he were called on for his proof the Alave air should have these unhappy beings on boards their existence he would say it was to be found Thel Stimo anti slam Ery. Speech of lord Brougham in the House of lords on negro slavery. Lord Brougham Quot Rose to present a petition on the abject of negro slavery from the town of Leeds. The to the petition amounted to Between 16,000 and 17,000 or. A looking to the great respectability of the a Ames that were appended to it he believed that k spoke the unania Moua opinion on this subject of the inhabitants of that part of the kingdom. The be Titi Overfi complained. That the proprietors of slaves had not taken those Steps Kwh respect to the emancipation of the negroes which under compact they had Ente red. Into with the country they ought to have done. After having profited to the amount of upwards of 18,000,-k. 000 of Money Ai of which they had obtained under the name of compensation for some loss which it was expected their property would sustain in consequence cd the projected alteration Alt of which bad Bee u voted by the parliament in the confiding spirit and firm belief to at the sum so voted was nothing More nor less than a compensation for apprehended Tom for not 1,600,000, not if not is., would hav Beeg voted if such a loss had not been apprehended after All this it turned out that Tim proprietors had receive their 30,000,-000/. Of Money or were in the course of receiving 20,000, 000/. Of the Money of the people of eng Laidi in compensation. Of if he Mig use the phrase a of a loss they had profited by free labour and their lands had i Cree aed in value by a Verat years Purchase. Many of those who were parties to this petition were his own personal friends and he could aay to they stated nothing for Thair own Sakes All they did was for the pure Sake of j ustice and humanity. They prayed that the system of slavery which now it existed that of allowing apprentices by indenture should be put an end to As soon. As possible that waa to say m the 1st of August 1838. He now beg leave to give notice in preen Ting this petition and 13 other petitions from Dlf Quot Trent parts of Tho country with the ass Preyor that he should 9h soon As the More pressing question of Canada was got out of that House in one Way or other then name in Early Day to bring before their lordships a proposition for the purpose of enabling their lordships to accede to the Pray get i of the cac numerous and respect Lack . Agree ing As he did in the sentiments of these petitioners he could not help noticing a Matell i fit rence Between the claimed redress and another grievance the subject of which he Felt it to be his Bounden duty to bring before their lord Quot ships. That was that tie Refaai o objections be taken to some of the Powers and provisions of the slavery emancipation act that whereas some might complain that they . Not go to the right length in effecting the object which they had in View that they had stopped Short of the proper Mode of dealing with negro Sis Verj a that whereas some might hold that their fair Hopes had been frustrated and their just expectations disappointed by the conduct of the Plant my that they might complain that the undoubted right of the country for a return for �23,000,000 of Money taken from the country had been evaded by the proceedings of the local Legislatures and that therefore not enough had been done for the emancipation of the slaves that what had been effected fell very amp Rah Ortof that m ensure to w hich All men s Hopes and views and just expectations had been pointed nevertheless it could not to asset Tod that what had done had not proceed cd in the . . It waa therefore a difference of degree and of degree alone that formed the subject at present of Universal and just complaint the com plaint in this instance was that too Long a period bad been prescribed for the Complete emancipation of the negroes it was that too m Uch suffering still weighed on the victims of our avarice and selfishness in the West India colonies that Foo Little had been done there that More ought to Bavo been Donie to at had not relaxed the ays Tern sufficiently. That was the Gross amount of Bui no one attempted to say that in what had been done they had not taken the right direction. It might he said looking at the succession of proceedings which had taken place that they had not stood still in Isdr course that had done nothing to make slavery More burdensome More bitter More revolting than it before was that they had act cd in with wishes of their hum one and thinking and considerate countrymen. But if it were averred that notwithstanding the measure of 1833, slavery had been extended that men had been reduced to Captivity who before were free men that instead of its horror being lightened the wretchedness of slavery h and increased that those limbs which we were a Lions to free from galling drains have been loaded with Fetters More galling Woald there not have been rom every part of this e , nay Fronc a very part of the civilized world a burst of indignation at the continuance of such cruelties i would not those Fetters have been broken and destroyed in an hour i yet such was the grievance not of degree Bat of positive unmitigated evil which to had to bring before their lordships. He had not to show to their lordships that negro Severy much As they had paid emt the Boon was nevertheless not Abri imbed he had not to show that the Yoke of slavery was less Light than it waa in 1833�?no what he had to Call their attention to was that the slave Trade in All its infamy was at the present moment going on and flourishing and extending to a Moat lamentable degree. What he Wied to Call their lord i ipad attention to was the Foet that that cruet and disgraceful traffic which had been denounced by the voice of every nation throughout Europe bad become under the Dummy and preposterous it Courato which they had. Ado pod that she should have completed her cargo of slaves that she should sail with that cargo from the african coast and that till then she should not be captured m Uch Lens waa her commander to be prevented from committing the crime of taking those creatures on Board by a premature interference. No the Cruiser was to Wail until Tho criminal act was completed because until it was completed the right to head Money could not attach to the capture. The vessel then god fitted up with All the horrible Means of carrying on its felonious traffic. It had abundance of chains and Fetters for Tho intended victims of avari�., it had guns which hardly Ever fired twice without bursting for such articles did the natives sell their wives and children and often their neighbors when they could succeed in entrapping them. Thus fitted the vessel goes out on her voyage. A did not charge Tho officers of the cruisers with giving encouragement to the slave hips but to did say that no step was taken by the authorities on tiie coast no step was taken 1 the cruisers to prevent the cargo As the captives we re called from being put on Board. The statement which he was about to submit to their lordships he had on authority which could not fur an instant be doubted that of or. Laird the Coni Panion of or. Chadfield and now the Only survivor of an attempted journey into the Interior of Africa. According to his statement it appeared that the Cruiser did not go to the port where the slaver was about to take in her cargo. The effect of that would be that the cargo would not to brought Down and of course if there were no slaves captured there would be no head Money to be received by the Crew of the Cruiser. The practice of the Cruiser was that when she was informed of a slaver taking in a cargo in any particular Harbour. She put out to a to such a distance Asi that she could barely keep the Harbour in sight while she herself could not be seen from the Harbour. She there watches the slaver and gig Chase the moment she comes in sight and Here came ail inevitable exasperation of the miseries to which ihu Una spy slave was subjected. I was Well known that the great object in the construction and outfitting of a slave ship is swiftness of sailing to this Vecty Consi duration he would not of Humia Nily for the stave for he was it so absurd As to expect any thing humane from those employed in this mystery of iniquity As the slave Trade bad been called but every consid lion be might say of even the safety of the skip itself was sacrificed. The Laver was not constructed on the principle which with respect to All vessels carrying passengers had been rendered necessary by a Bill which had passed the legislature some yes is ago. She was m Ade in every Way for rapid sail ii and was Only Broad enough to give her a bold of the water with her sails set. There was no consideration Abate Quot ver for the misery endured by the slaves who were passed in Between decks by absolute pressure As if they were dead g oods. That was one cause. Of the misery they endure but there was another to which lie could not refer without a degree of horror which he fell it impossible to describe and which he was hopeless of impressing on their lordship in its True colours though be had his mind to narrate it As it had been mentioned to him Al this horrible practice was also to be traced up to the system of head Money allowed on the recapture of slaves. To Beer lordship were aware of a practice which existed in this country for years of allowing certain rewards for the conviction of felons of a particular class which rewards were not a aptly termed a blood Money a one effect of that bad practice was to cd use the commission in Many cases of the offences which it was intended by severity of punishment to to Steven t parties were sometimes in veiled into crime for the Sake of the Reward on their conviction. He did not suppose that the system of head Money would have the first effect of the blood Money for he did not believe that the cruisers created More and More flourishing More and More extensive that daily More and More crae Tiea were Practised that in fact to Supply the Market those who were embarked in this to cursed to Csc were tearing out the bowels of the african continent he not to speak of the policy w Ith respect to this subject which had been pursued by ministers or by Timeir predecessors nor would he say any thing As to the pain which had. Been taken to p it an and to this sys Lam Bat he Koukl Lay before their Longship a statement of and he would say that he did not know of those facts himse1.f tilt within the last 48i hours otherwise be should not. Have rept on his Pillow one night without calling the attention of parliament and of the country to this most enormous and scandalous abuse. Their lordship would recollect when in 1807 and 1808, an Effort was made to put an end to the Slove Trade a certain Scis were then passed by the american Congress and it was but Justice to say that that body showed in anxious desire to put an end to the Trade at the earliest hour the Constitution of the United states would permit it. He should now Point oat what was the inevitable consequence of the plan then agreed the plan was he believed to confine the right of capture on the coast of slave vessels whether belonging to British or american aul Este alter Ards , Spanish and Portu guess were included. The plan was to confine tiie right of search and seizure and bringing into port for condemnation ship taken in this employment to the cruisers of the United states and his majesty vessels of War. That was the plan. But the Boon held out in o order to quicken the Diligence it of the commanders was not Only that they Shoum share in this proceeds of each vessel captured and condemned As a prize but that a certain sum of Money or head and the Lefoie called head Money should be paid for each Tiave taken. That was granted for the purpose of quickening the Diligence and Zeal of the i oilers in Tho performance of this excellent of key the capture and emancipation of these unfortunate slaves. Now it must be so knitted at first sight that this additional inducement to the capture of slaves would seem Likely to produce a beneficial effect. But let their lordship Mark How this additional inducement bad operated. It did not relax the Diligence of those who clip minded the cruisers against the desperate Miami Dante to whose lands this a traffic of murder and felony w is in trusted it did not relax their vigilance in capturing slave in but it had this of bal for the purpose of out Ning the largest possible sum of head Money the Cruiser had a direct and evident interest in not capturing the slave vessel How Strong and powerful Soever tiie proof might he that she was fitted out for and engaged in that nefarious traffic till she had gone into port and got her a cargo a he supposed he must in Calll of human beings on boards till she was ready to ins ult the Highway of nations and to proceed with that to of piracy muder and robbery in which she was engaged. To in any Way the crime which they were intended to prevent but blood Money had another effect. A Man by whose conviction the Reward was to be obtained was allowed to go on in the commission of crime on the ground that he was not yet of a weight enough and his crimes were connived at until he came a the phrase went of sufficient he fes ted that the system of head by had an. Effect somewhat analogous on the cruisers. The slaver was allowed to proceed in her infamous coarse until shr was of sufficient weight that was until head Money could be obtained. He now came to another pit of this enormous system m of robbery and m order. When a slave slip waa chased by any of our cruisers her officers and Crew debated with themselves whether they should lighten their vessel and try and i Back to port from which they started and there replace the loss of part of their cargo or whet Lier they should try and gel across the Atlantic with even a part of their cargo. Their lordships were not aware of the terrible amount of human suffering involved in the words a with even a part of earn o. In trying to e Srap the Purpura a a Nisei the slave Captain begins by lightening his Riipi by throwing overboard the heaviest of the negroes who As valueless to him. As any lumber o u. Hoard. Men women and children were thus thrown overboard without remorse and in Sumbera proportioned to Tho distance which the pursuing ship might be gaining on him. The slaves were thrown Over with the Fetters plied of them before they were brought on Boa Rdv Fetters w hich were considered u eyes by first for the Protection of the Crew against Tho multitudes of the slaves and also to prevent attempts at suicide to which the were Ever ready to Reso it if an printed itself on their voyage. It Mit be supposed that these Fette a were. Fastened w Ith a padlock which the Captain could unfasten at his pleasure and that such a Mode of fastening would be adopted to ii Civitate the escape of the slave in Case of fire or of Shipwreck but nothing of his kind we done. There was no padlock. The Fetters were riveted by the Smith before they came on Board and were continued on until they were brought to the t to be sold. An other object of the Fetters was that when it became necessary to throw parties Over to lighten the ship they when cast in Fetters and All would have the in Chance of escape. To Lessen that Chance weights were sometimes added a for Tho negro with the herculean strength which he generally possessed and from that facility of swimming which gave him a sort of amphibious nature could easily if left to Bis own unfettered exertions Buppert himself in the Waves until the pursuing Schooner came no and if taken on Board would proven most important Wilness against those who had torn him from his native Home to prevent this the weights were added which sunk him before Aid could arrive us that was not. The Only m o f lightening the vessel. Sometimes three human beings were packed closely in a cask which was thrown Over with weights attached to it and one slaver which w of . H and be fore she was captured thrown Over 12 such casks each closely patted with human beings. In another instance two slave ships which were chased had had upwards of 500 slaves on Hoard every one of whom met a watery grave. Let not their lordship imagine that this was a fancy sketch. It was unhappily a d Clail of fact which he had received from a Gallant officer who was for some time a Commodore on the Desteni african station. But he had not yet stated All. The Bharka seemed to k Lio w this scene of bloodshed and it was a fact which was stated to him on the same Good authority that thay followed the slave ship from by of most res potable a. In her m Jesty a service a his witnesses were the Captain lieutenant and Mmoore of the cruisers. To would ask whether those er8 Ware Ever Success Ful 1 whether they were always vigilant a whether the slavers never escape 1 he found up examination that the amount of the importation of slaves into the new world was As Large As steady As it had Ever been and did not show the slightest diminution or even appearance of decrease. This he knew that the sea risk was now become matter of certain calculation. The Premium of insurance on an african slave ship at the Havannah the last time he bad an Opportunity of seeing the retards was Only 13 per cent which deducting 4 or cent for sea Ririe and the is profit left the value of the sea risk insurance at Only 8 or cent. He had also seen the quotations from Rio which were much less being Only i 1 or cent in ail which deducting sea risk and underwriter s profit would leave Only 7 or cent he lord Brougham knew that at one time there Werb in one y liar 1835, eighty five slave ship fitted out at the Havannah of which seventy five returned say a to the Havannah. J the number varied from 175 to 700, this average giving 28,000 imported. the in the Yeai 1836. After the dreadful treatment to which the slaves were subjected and which he had detailed to their lordship and the risk which they ran of being thrown overboard in Chase there were horrible to relate 500 in one vessel and 780 in another. He did h of Spak vaguely when he Sald that in one single month the month of december 1836, there arrived at Rio in two vessels called the felicidade and the Al Sicolo two cargoes of slaves Ilse one 500the other 780. In the year 1837, 4,500 slaves were imported in the principal settlement of their Friend and ally the Empire of Brazil. The greatest of All slave dealers were the brazilians the Spanish and the portuguese and this country and he might add Fra nce also with. The full knowledge o f the fact still continued quibbling with them about the coir traction of titles and endeavouring to obtain from those courts the right to search the ship suffering All this time these dreadful enormities to be or pirated when they would not allow for one h our a plate to pollute the great High of the seas even though the flags of these nations protected him. They were Forsooth to be stopped by the might of spin they who dared the Power of franc and. Who never used for an instant before they threw themselves into the breach against All europ combined when they had Only the Continental nobility and dethroned monarchs of europ for their clients they now used when they had for their clients m ill Ansof african Sia ves and when the rights of Justice and in armity called for vindication. If a Mere word did it a word would not be wanting if a wave of the hand would put it Down the Gest lation would not be wanting but when in addition something further was required some activity was wanting their tongues caved to the roofs of their Mouths their hands were paralysed when the greatest enormities were being or pirated that Ever stained the annals of they shrank Forsooth a and Blenc hed and quailed before the ancient and Zweiful monarchy of Brazil a laugh before the established and consecrated might of Portugal and consolidated Well United monarchy of Spain in the old world cheers and laughter., he hoped there was now to be an end of these things that they we Ould Blench and falter and Quail no longer and that one of the most dts Tingkui Swaing glories of the present reign would be the patting Down of infamous and accursed tra . Hear he would not surround the throne of their Young Qeeen so much with the triumphs of armies and the glories of he would not build it up military or naval greatness a he would have it founded up the Broad and solid basis of Rig hts established of extended of humanity Prole ted and of Justice promulgated to the whole world a cheers he would have it go Down to Tho latest posterity that their Queen in the first y oar of her in , had adorned her country had fortified her throne had embellished her Crown by putting an end to Tho worst of crimes by gaining the greatest triumphs that Man had Ever won in putting Down the greatest of crimes that Man had Ever committed. Cd cers report. Of the select to or. Of on Resoft Iwaji. Shenaut a o to Rehmar 17, 1838, my. Wadoz from the select committee to whom was referred petitions praying the legislature to protest against the Resol Tittio n of the House of representatives of 21st december made the following report the select committee to whom was referred the memorials of sundry citizens of Ashtabula and other counties play my the legislature to to lest against or Patton a Resolution in the House of representatives have had the subject under consideration and a majority of them rear to that the set. , in substance that the House of representatives of the United states did on the 2lst Day of december Lut adopt the Fol lorring Resolution Viz a Ieso Veri that All petitions memorials and prs touching the abolition of slavery or the buying soiling or transferring of slaves in. Any stat District or territory of the United states be Laid up the table without being debated read or Lef orred and that no further action whatsoever shall be had that the Memoria lists regard said Resolution As a denial of the right of petition a violation of the 1st article of the amendment of the Constitution of the u. States and an Assumption of authority at War with the fundamental principles of Republican up 1, of the re. Is. Of the people and dangerous to the Umon off these states. They the before earnestly Pray the legislature of this Staten. The name of the , to protest without delay against said Resolution and to invoke the House of representatives of United states a Tely to rescind the me and that a copy of such protest be forwarded to each of the senators and representatives of this state in , to be by a Laid before Lylial body. The committee would observe that the above memorial expresses the sentiments of a nume Toua and highly respectable meeting of is of the of unit of Ashtabula convened for the sole purpose of tarring into consider Tiki the above Resolution an d Cati if the right of . A and the committee have reason to believe that the memorial Speaks the sentiments of All or a great majority of the people of s Tate. When we reflect up the origin nature and importance of this right we shall not be surprised that a Freo and intelligent people jealous of liberties should regard any at temp to violate or abridge a by those in Power Witt App Rehe Nail n amp alarm. The right to. P Titio ii a Jura to. Be and inalienable right incident to every intelligent being it arises from the natural weakness and dependence of . N beings upon each other. It eos we gently existed prior to the formation of civil society and Independent of in therefore no municipal regulation can rightfully abrogate or abridge it. Its highest and Moat exalted exercise is manifested in the devout offering of the Humble and contrite heart to the great a Ulhorn of Ito being who h to graciously vouch tonary struggle . At a u end and Tylik pledge a Lori oilily redeemed these great men in framing the Constitution of the a s., in Tardei to place this important right up a iraqis that should Niver be shaken by the first a tide of the amendments of that instrument de dared a that coi Reaa shall make no the right of the people pea Cable to assemble and to petition the Over Ament for a redress of Grievson .no.w, this right of the people Thun. To petition the go a or Orient necessarily imposes on the government a corresponding obligation patiently to hear and carefully to consider the merits of their petitions. Any other construction would Render this constr Antiona provision a dead letter. But by the Resolution of the h o use of representatives petitions and memorials however numerous or respectable Aie not to by read printed debated referred or acted up. . be. Leg aided in any other Linfat than an indirect and insidious evasion of the constitutional pro vision 1 is it lass d Ange Rous to Liberty than would be a by on and direct denial of the right of petition 1 la it More respectful to the Pii Teonera f ind is it More and 1 Are questions. Of no Ordinary import and should be answered satisfactorily by the super lers of the of solution. Wilt it be answered that con Gre base no constitutional Power to Grant the play or of such pts Ion As Are embraced within the Resolution of the House of . E ten admitting Tus to be the Case it could furnish no excuse for suppressing the petitions. For should such reasoning prevail Congress might under the same pretence torn a deaf ear to All petitions whatsoever. Again How shall it be ascertained whether Congress , the or not if the ptt.t�0ns arc not to be read printed debated referred or acted up a Bap it May not be improper Here to inquire whether this b foe most rational method of determining Gravo and interesting Constitution Ai questions i should sex Prince enable Congress to answer in the affirmative it will also teach . F foal it is farm Ore Quot economical. B it so for from its being True Foat Congress have not foe constitutional Power to Grant the prayer of such petitions As Are embraced within the Resolution foe co maintained by foe Moat eminent Jurite in the country and it is believed there Aie but few who w Ould at this time their reputation by a denial of the constitutional right. But admit Ling that doubts Inay exist Jpn Fob subject should not these doubts be settled in the usual 1 to us it Appan that the questions proposed by foe petitions for the action of ,and sought to be suppressed by the Resolution Are rather questions of expedit Eviey than constitutional difficulty. We Are aware that Atte my la have frequently been made to justify Fife Resolution in question on the ground that the topics suppressed by it Are of an exciting and even of a dangerous character and Pight not therefore to be . In Congress. But we Are not Able to discover any a Foo Rily in Congress to. Dispose with the .consideriti.oii, and discussion if need be of any subject to which tire people by petition shall think proper to Call Freir attention. It should never to forgotten that ours is Emp a govern men of reason and argument and not of Force consequently no subject which concerns the welfare of foe people or even that they May deem , and of Fob Foey must be the sole judges is too sacred for investigation. On Fob subject the government proceeds u to o this principle Laid Down by one of her Wisest sages Viz a that error of opinion May be tolerated while reason is left free to combat it and foe experience of All nations fully . That error cannot be a successful to Coe ted with any other Wear pm. If therefore the re it exist in Fob country any a a Sti tation which Daims for itself special exemption from foe operation of this great and import att principle there b reason to apprehend that it b at nce. Wilfo. Foe fundamental Principe is of outgo Mem Mevit and it Calb loudly for rimmed be investigation. On foe Eastern continent among nations which originated in dark and Ages where the odious and degrading principle prevail that governments Are established Only for Foo Ndia ement of those who Rule and where the right to govern is recognized As property by foe Dupea of Pewor it is not surprising that the right to petition Idle every o tier right of foe Pope Shoom be regarded with jealousy and treated with contempt but it should aver be borne in mind that it was foe great object of foe Cona Titu lion of the Bdl states to overthrow and reverse Fob absurd order of things and to erect a government upon a the part and the track of that ship could be traced across fewer our pet icons. Could an item Igent foe Atlantic by foe blood of her murdered victims hurled the found who could Wist entirely Independent of All into the Ocean to facilitate foe escape of foe vessel from its it would be Safe to deny such an one the right of p escape Pursner. He knew he had said enough to Impre on their lordship some notion of foe atrocities of Fob horrid system but were he disposed to. Go into detail he could say More the authority to whom he had Amaded had beheld these with Hotto and Degust and with most shame at having foe human form with the beings of whose to speaking he had witnessed scenes of which foe Public ear could not tear the Dis Dosu re no is which he a w Oum not then attempt to paint in detail but which he would venture to say had never been surpassed by any cruelties committed in either hemisphere by All foe blood stain of Gold defiled annals of Spain and Portugal in foe new world in Ages gone by and from which those nations had earned an unenviable name of infamy surpassing those earned by them let sordid and cruel of foe human race. He lord More rational base. The United states is p Rob Abry Hennly exam ple which the history of the world can furnish a gov emment define rarely established by the people themselves for their own Benefit and if the has been in a higher degree Here than elsewhere it b because foe wants of the be Orfo Are More known and More pro a aptly attended 40 by the government than in any other country. But How Rivall Foey make know their wants if their rulers Are permitted to refuse to hear those petitions to suppose that foe people Are prepared thus inglorious la to surrender Oltia dear bought right b suppose them foe unworthy offspring of those who at the Hamaid of Freir lives obtained it and. Transmitted it to them for an inheritance. The committee have endeavoured to consider the above Resolution m. Alt its. Bearings and they cannot regard it in any other Light than As a dangerous infraction of foe Constitution of the United , restrictive of foe right of be. Tuition and Well Calcian d to agitate and alarm foe Public mind. The would foe Reform recommend foe adoption of the Resolution 1. The of nine foils and wide spread societies for the subversion n of slavery. 2. The adoption of violent arms of speech. 3. The exclusion of slave holders from communion in the Church. The firs l objection t be either against such organization for any object or against the object for which these Are organized or he must think the 0 object not of s a Agni tade to warrant such no one can for a moment believe that or. Banning would desire the annihilation of cd wide spread associations. Nor can we readily think he is omd to sub version of slaver but then has not he frequently Given his name and influence in favor of Assoc a Lions organized for the accomplishment of objects of far less magnitude than this what then Are we to think of this objection can it be that in making it he fairly understands himself objection of violent Langu age is by no Means a new one. It is perhaps Mote frequently made than any other. But we Seldom meet with Alabama grand jury gave o do m. G. Williams., Viz. A a a o d says and All nature cries aloud Man can not hold property in Man the or. Has Given us no particular Case of violent language but alludes to it As an established fact we had a be in a Custo med to denounce slave holders As robbers and a it is True we Are in the habit of of saying the highest kind of theft inasmuch As it deprives z of himself. This being True and even or. C., i am confident would not dispute it perhaps it May follow that those who Are guilty of h Olding slaves Are in fact Robby to and Man steamers. But the or seems to argue that though the victim be robbed the slave Holder because of his ignorance is not a apply this Princi ple to another Case. A the great juggernaut is an idol. But do Bis worshippers know that he is not the True object of worship if not according to the d is. should not be called idolaters. But he maintains that they Are As guiltless of stealing As one who by misapprehension appropriates to himself what belongs to another. Iii dependent it of other consider Tonii there is one important distinction to be observed Between the two cases. In the Case supposed the object held May be rightfully property. None of the established Laws of nature Are subverted. He a oly holds As property that which another person Stigal to hold. But the slave Holder Breaks in upon the arrangements of Jehovah and not Only appropriates to himself what is not att but what in the very nature of things can be Ionec a property by no Man. But though the a delusion is a monstrous one a and though the usurpation of prerogatives which be Long Only to jehovah., Are invariably attendant upon this system of slave holding and though a slavery should be spoken of by us with the greatest Abhorrence a yet As he who is foe victim of this a a delusion and perpetrates this outrage upon his fellow docs not a know that the slave is not his own a he is not to be informed of it were he not so extremely ignorant a were he already sensible that his conduct was the highest kind of theft would the Necessia of imparting the information to him be increased doubtless Many a s not a biota that his course will inevitably Lead to ruin but because of his ignorance shall he not be informed of his danger if they Are re ally so ignorant As the or. Would have them to be is not the duty imperative on those who Are sensible of the a Ottrous a Elusim in which their Brethren Are involved to impart to them a measure of their Light. But How shall this be done by telling them they Are slandered when accused of robbery and stealing and though victims of a delusion a they Are no doubt True worshippers and a sincere disciples not by freely to them the whole counsel of god and showing them that his Law was made not Only for a murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers a but for just such As they , �?om.en-stealer8�?� the Success which has hitherto attended our efforts whilst pursuing the latter course has been such that few i presume will feel d to of Tsako it for one of More doubtful Utility. But is it not a Little remarkable that one who \ is so sensitive concerning severe language should re mixed Foo general Assembly of Ohio that in foe j a readily impute to the a whole people of the a. Fit. Ai. Of . To rounding Alton the spirit of mini driers and assassins. A let neither policy nor passion a says the dr., a carry us beyond the truth a to which. 1 would add nor Spe so positively on what is in the least doubtful. That a nothing is plainer name and of Tebalt of the people of state of Ohio we do hereby Solo Only protest again. The Resolution of House of representatives of foe United states passed on foe 21st of Decinter last declaring a that certain petitions the Laid on foe table without being debate a printed or referred and that no further action whatever be had thereon a As a palpable violation of Foo Constitution of Tho United. States alike destructive of foe right of petition and foe Freedom of debate subversive of the fundamental principles of our government and. Jul atty tending to. and alarm foe that said Resolution ought therefore timed Atelj to be rescinded. And be it farther resolved., that foe 6o. Velmor be requested to transmit to each of our senators and representatives in Congress a copy of foe foregoing Resolution to the end that foe same be Laid before the House of representatives. Communications. Tuition. What would be said of the Parent who should refuse to hear the complaints of his children yet his duty to hear and attend to Freir complaints is not More Manifest and indeed it is of infinitely less importance than is foe duty of w to Are entrusted with authority to Laws to hear and attend to foe complaints of those who Are to be governed by them. Indeed foe free. uninterrupted exercise of Ali is right is foe very essence of a Republican government without whih it matters not what its external form be Itil it is a body i foot a soul and must of necessity degenerate to a despotism. Yet dear and palpable As. Is. Foe sex alb no of thib right it has in offer countries nevertheless been frequently Doven Down and prostrated beneath foe Rediess and m arbitrary and tie Power. In Rumia to Are Brough am would add foal it had been his painful lot to hand m arbitrary and tie Power. In Kumia to Are witness scenes with which the most cruel results of Spanish informed by Montesque a that the Czar Peter est Ablahed a avarice in the new world would have sunk to almost levity that no subject might petition foe throne until hah in the comparison scenes which he would defy the history i petitioned 4#o different mistera of state. And in of any other country to equal and which had not been sex obtained Justice from neither he might then or no a needed by foe great poet of Italy in his wild esl fancies when to foe nce but upon pain of ,. If found profiling foe air feral regions with creatures of his own Fer to be in foe wrong tile imagination in tints so dark As had not been surpassed by his. Ower great countryman when he said a Mort a Quin claim Jung Bat Corpora it had happened More than once it was a thing of not infrequent occurrence that where one of two fettered slaves i cd on Board the corps was left bound to the. A Oritor who envied foe lot that put an end to his miseries. The Mother is allowed to bring Forth foe fruit of her womb on foe Bare deck of foe vessel surrounded by foe Cor of her fellow he were asked to what he ascribed those enormities he would say to foe system of head Money on and even in great Britten the Sobject labors under Many be rious obstacles in. The exercise of this right. Tho to Faisal by Tho King and Parli Anskeit of great Britain while we were pc t colonies to hear and a trend to our , met foe prompt so indignant rebuke of our forefathers Aad was assigned by those great apostles of human Liberty foreign Era of the Declara Tion. Of Independence As a reason which was to justify them in All time to come in sundering their allegiance to the Mother country and setting her Gigantic Power at Defi Ance. And to this great principle Foey mutually a pledged Freir lives in fortunes and Freir sacred Honora a and a Edwards Witlen the Revou a a letter of or. to do. Bailey in common i presume with All who have been familiar with the write legs of we. E. Channing 1 have fiver Felt a Charm. Whilst Reading h is productions Seldom in Reading those of any other Man. And when 1 found him in his recent letter to abolitionists Quot attempting to prove to �?odan.gerou9 precedent been Given in the cause of humanity a by a resort to the weapons of warfare by the lamented Lovejoy in defence of his press i fell a Hope that it might produce an abiding influence on those abolitionists who have hitherto believed in the propriety of resorting to physical Force i could indeed have wished that instead of his seeming and mis8�on tha i a Man May in some instances a defend by Force a that a had adopted the a peace principles to the full extent of his late venerated Friend or. Worcester. This would have to his reasoning a Power of which to my Conception it is now in a great measure destitute. On this account however i should not have attempted this notice of his a ale ter a Gwirc that the columns of your paper Are not designed for the discussion of this question. But As some of his productions have been extensively Publ hed a the anti slavery press and As Bis character Stanos Hig h. I n the scientific and religious world i apprehended some danger might result to our Chi use from the circulation of his a a letter of advice dotted As it is in language Sweet and , and containing Many Plain and simple gospel truths. Having waited some time for some one More capable of How iii the fallacy of the d is. Reasoning i have at length concluded to submit the following remarks upon his objections to our a modes of action to your inspection and if you think proper for publication. He presents three prominent ones than if Lovejoy had succeeded in is defence a the following morning would have revealed the streets With dead bodies a a boiling rage in thousand breasts a a vows of vengeance on a thousand lips a i for one have Strong doubts. At any rate Many things arc Plai, to my apprehension. How a Man of the do is. Extreme prudence could make such sweeping assertions and Tell precisely what would have transpired under circumstances different from those which actually exist i am at a loss to conceive. And though i May indulge Hope that As god often a constrains the Wrath of Man to Praise him.,�?� so the murder of love o y May be overruled to the furtherance of the great cause in which we Are engaged yet with the Assurance 1 possess that had he lived his life would have been consecrated to the same holy object 1 feel Little like rejoicing that even under suck or comat Tocea he Feli. But More strange if possible than All the rest the or. Thinks us. for being dispose d to exclude slave holders from Church privileges. Not because slave holding is right but because they Are so ignorant As not to know the contrary. Saul of Tarsus was so Ign Ora it As to Thi us. He doing god service by casting the followers of Jesus into prison. Had he before his conversion assayed to join himself to the disciples and some one had objected to his admission alleging that his course of life was in open violation of gods Law As promulgated from it. Sinai or As exemplified by the life. And preach hmm of the lord. Jesus How would it have sounded for James to have addressed them with men and Brethren do be not greatly err in this matter a do we not know that god has True Wolt shippers among who persecute the followers of Christ is it wonderful that men brought brought up in the sight of continual persecutions in the habit of treating those who believe differently from Triem selves As outlaws and criminals of darkest Dye amidst Laws religious teachings and a great variety of institutions which recognize the horrible system of persecution should seriously think themselves a justified in such a we Are sure they do View the a saints As common plunder a and thus viewing them Are no More guilty of hostility to the Christian Law than we should be if by misapprehension we had declared that a brother should be unto us an Heathen Man or a publican 1 Grant the delusion is a monstrous one. A i Repe with horror the whole system of persecution. But As we Are not sure that they mow to fast the men they imprison Are saints of the most High we must be cautious How we proceed. A is a Adl Picece to a usage which has existed for Ages an infallible proof of an a sanctified mind ate All hearts open to or inspection has god Assied to us the prerogative of judgment is h Noi a violation of the Kos of Christian Charity to on men whose general deporting no shows a of Justice such flagrant crimes a a that the lords supper should be turned into a 1rcapon of Merih upon our opponents is a monstrous abuse of a i did Hope that none would be excluded Excel such As should give proof in their lives of hostility to the Christian the time will undoubtedly come when Good men will shrink from persecutors More than from death. A but Many a sincere jew is at present blinded to this outrage on human rights and he ought not to be banished from the table which Clust spread for with what astonishment would the other Apos tie i have listened to this address with scarcely less can i read the do is. Reasoning upon foie Point under consideration. What is it no a proof of hostility to the Christion Law to seize upon die noblest of god and treat him As a Mere thing to a withhold the hire of the a Borer and give him not forms workup to nullify the matrimonial paternal and filial relations a shut out from immortal minds the Lig htsjj�j5�hqc and revelation when we wish to be la do Aspito Perty to be liable at any instant to be transported from one place to another without any wish or of ours to incapacitate d for Achi Ihry ing or holding property to be debarred from the exercise of the family relations to have our finale friends exposed unprotected by la w or Public .senti.ment, to the licentiousness of depraved debauchery est to be excluded by the spirit of Canale from the worshipping assemblies of others then and not till then my we talk of slave holders giving no a proof in their live is of hostility to the Christian Law a but says the dr., a we Are sure they View the slave As and Are we not equally sure that Saul mowed his persecutions of the apostles and their a Fehren As a service to god was not his sincerity equal to theirs and Why was he not As much entitled to the appellation of Sifi Cere Dia Eipp As valuable a trait a a of character As sincerity May be will it answer As a substitute for a else if this of itself qualifies a Man for admission to the lords table in one Case Why not in another will the or. Act out this principle in the Church where he officiates a Man who in strict a adherence to a usage Wimch he existed for Ages in the Church a a a which the or. Assures us a should always be spoken of by us with the greatest Abhorrence a holds his body servant his household servants is Breeding wenches and his Hundred Field hands comes and asks admission to the coat Nuit on to we the following dialogue ensues or. Who is coloured Man with you He is my Almeido. Then you Are a slave Holder is. Yes Sirj but you know the a usage has so for arcs in the Church a or. But do you really a View the slave As pro Quot a a Perty a is. I certainly do. Or. A the time will undoubtedly come when men will shrink from slave hold ii As from 1 is. Be that As it May i am perfectly sincere in my application. T or. Trusting that by partaking of this ordinance you will become a More receptive of Ligo i feel Dispo sed to make you Welcome. A Captain of a moorish vessel next approaches. Or. From what country Are you c. Morocco. Or. Do you believe in the son of god c. Sincerely and that Mahomet is his part pct. Or. What in that impostor Mahomet c. You seem to adopt violent forms of speech. A but i believe in Mahomet As Ai nacre As i do in Jesus Christ. Or. But do you follow the practice of your countrymen of enslaving unfortunate seamen East upon your coast c. Gracious Allah sends the storm which wrecks them upon our shores. His Providence places them in our hands. Or. But you Ena Lavt them. A beloved son if now alive is a victim of this system in your country. A. Quite possible. One of my slaves strongly resembles you in personal appearance i to merely believe him to be mine. There is no part of my property to which i think. I hav o a stronger right or. The delusion is a monstrous one Yon might As Well talk of owning an Angel c. When my servants embrace the religion of Mahomet they have the free and full exercise of All the rights with which i am invested. But Here is my brother the body servant of him whom you have just admitted to communion who has apostate sized from the Faith of his fathers and embraced that of his master and yet that master still holds him ill bondage. How can you exclude me after a him or. Restore me my boy before you ask the privilege of communion. But this Man refuses Liberty to my brother o e any terms and. You and him whilst i who am far More Liberal to my slave must be this a fair specimen of your Reph hem eau Edity if that Man held your brother instead of mine would the Hopes of making my a More receptive of Light a induce you to commune with Lim is not his sin against god As great in one Cash As the Oiher whilst officiating at he table what right have you thus to convert the ordinance you administer into a a weapon of assault upon your opponents a if you loved Otheya a your you would no sooner extend the hand of Fellowship to the enslaved of other menus sons Thui to my who makes a slave of yours. 1 would now ask will not the . Prine Les inevitably Lead my into this dilemma whilst we Wim not hesitate to give any m our Good or great men full a edit for the Many Good things they May say on the subject of slavery let us to Tewarie of being diverted a no Lam or a Foj eel of our efforts the annihilation of legalized oppression. Did we follow the advice of All we Are even our friends we should do nothing we should form no societies. We should not Hsum it on the Sabbath. We should Diaconal Enonce All Church action on die Questi we Ahoi mention it As a subject for politic action we should by no Means introduce i Flo books lie children. We should never prey in Public foe the in Short if a Odd m ii offing my in. Slave. Such advice Wim never do. Whilst time ? it a

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