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The Cincinnati Weekly News (Newspaper) - July 25, 1883, Cincinnati, OhioTeam u a a wet m % m a v hrs la 4i>> i amp a of it a . I 4 / \ the weekly news Cincinnati. Wednesday Quot. A july 25, 1883. A a the Pond to amp More convenient season. As to every wednesday morn few we -1 ing by the Cincinnati news publishing company. The Tariff judge Foraker Igho Redall that had been done in this country during the three quarters of a Century Down to the in of the Ren Uhlian Narv. And the Star route part in 1880. Johm c. Underwood general manager z of the Cincinnati new publishing Quot a bpm company Hoadly Alex. Long. Jno 1. Belt Julius org vim. P. Anderson May Fechheimer Rauk alter Adam a. Kramer. W. T. Bishop t. J. Me Fibber. And John c. Underwood. Officers. President Alex. In my Secretary we p an coming of the Republican party Jyh found feet ail its Prosperity was due to the Republican party and the Tariff. He started out by saying that a the incoming of the next Congress is attended by the threat that there is to be a revision of the tit Riff in the interest it of Derton general manager and treasurer John c. Ood be auditing Committer. K. Bell May Fechheimer Frank alter a. Kramer and w. T. Bishop this is not True for there is no Dvo each of free Trade. But who began the work of revision who proposes to reopen the Tariff for one purpose thus making full revision in order if it is desirable who a. Rates of subscription. 4 by mail postage paid. A by Nale copy one year. $ l 00 Wmk a a. A club of ten copies mailed to one Post office one year. 9 00 a Chib of Twenty copies mailed to one Yost office one ear Flo a club of thirty copies mailed to one Jhm office one year. 24 00 a club of forty copies mailed to one Post it i a a a a 11, i addition the weekly news will be led Kike for one year to any person who a a a office one year a a a Quot a . A a a a no of and larger clubs at the rate of 75 cents per copy will raise a club of Twenty or More annual subscribers at one Post office and Forward their names and address with the requisite amount of Money. Us per above table of rates. For Gold premiums see advertisement elsewhere. Partle raising clubs and collecting 1 subscriptions can either work for a Premium club or retain the percentage allowed As per above to amp Blue of in Tea r All subscriptions Invar abut in Advance. Is responsible for the reduction most complaint Quot i of in Ohio the Republican party had a majority in both houses and it is solely responsible for everything done. The Republican party began the revision. It will Only be carried of 80 As to Lay the. just by for needed Protection and not for fostering monopolies. Judge Foraker is compelled to stand with his party w Protection in the extreme and yet he said no word about the revenues or the internal Revenue or the manner in which he would Deal with such Case As is an esteemed contemporary is seriously moved by the Dorsey disclosures. About the thinnest explanation of a Tetter we fax a is easily explained is contained in the a statement that the famous Jay la Wibbelt letter shows a simply that there. In a elaborate Effort to get up a Corre Sporse tit with Garfield that would commit he a Fly he was anxious to do so and Dorsey says that he did offer him a Cabinet position a Foster says he May have offered him the place and if pm did not lie has every reason to believe that he would have done the cau8e of the great strike. The mighty strike whip life been to a a the Star route policy a a and it adds a that it was a singularly perhaps shrewdly that is a tolerably fair statement. Of fee Case. Brady says that Garfield promised to support to promote his Beneficent policy for Western Ilam ment and failed Todo it was not pre it to Votta was paired and off making an address. Evidently he suspected that it was. A a. I. A a a an unwise. Policy. When Money was needed for tie canvass Garfield thought those who were receiving liberally from the government and who could not. Expect a favors of that kind from a democratic and so but for serious charges preferred Agai Hsi Dorsey by prominent republicans. It would be interesting now to have the views of this person concerning Arthurs knowledge of these charges. Forgetful of Sherman and Bis recent adhesion to the aug rated by the Telegraph operators against the most powerful combination of capital and Enterprise in America is but another indication of the Drift of affairs. Cause of his old betrayer at Chicago Foster appears As Arthurs advocate. At York banquet just after the election of 1880 Arthur showed an intimate a centralization in government combinations of political forces and the inauguration of Boss Rule in party politic combinations of contractors to secure illegitimate gains and control of a great party mighty Embi nations of ets Iii Busi Ziess forced upon several branches of in cratic ideas in government or in social or Industrial Progress for notwithstanding that it is the freest country in Europe it a a it Ltd Milf or associated interests and the Rule of Monopo pics. The most Liberal of English statesmen who Are actual leaders in practical go Crimeni Are still hesitating about Universal suffrage. What is wanted in Pui country is not imitation of the too much govern rent system of even the Best and freest of european countries but the Rule of democratic ideas Dairy under the internal Revenue Laws in amb Fribis and the Speed abandonment quasi stance with Dorsey a methods and very decidedly approved of these and lie. A a a. Result. It is not a Surprise now to find Foster standing by a Man Whoso thoroughly approved of Fosters if micral in and his methods. But Arthur is not now so. Openly and boastfully proud of Dorsey a he was them 4c ministration ought to contribute liberally Brady agreed to Liis and Hayes was w Illing that they should contrib fee Bat under authority from him. Contribution governor of Osier in his dislike for the in Defiance of his orders and with his Hermans which is continually arc Imp out in spite of his efforts to keep it Backie c a a is in exact Accord with a Large number of Gigantic associations of interests under the protective Bounty system the growth of powerful railway corporations under government Protection special privileges and a a1 1 a Grants the tendency of All business interest Quot or nearly All to Large associations of capital and Enterprise Are Peculiar to the last Quarter if a Century. It is not necessary to assume that to Good will come of this tendency. Steps Forward May have been taken which will pot be lost when the tendency is corrected. But Are there no evils connected with it Rotthe still lingering desire to ape european systems which judge Hoadly has aptly called Hamilton Isra. Our esteemed con Reform within the party. The leaders and organs of the rept Defean party Are fond of showing wherein the grand old party has reformed itself but the masses of the party Are fast coming to the conclusion that it has not done and temporary errs we find much to avoid and nothing to copy in european systems. The Steps ave have taken toward the too much government and the tendency toward Gigantic associations of european countries. F. Are to be corrected whether in bounties to never can do what no party Evera com. Polished. It will improve and repent out of Power and in sackcloth and ashes. Its abuses will be reformed Only when another party takes its place. For All the Republican talk about civil service Reform during Grants two terms with Grant As its advocate theoretically while practically he was. A a Deba Ching the service what did it accomplish after Hayes promises of Reform in the civil service and orders issued Only to be violated what reforms wife accomplished none As everybody knows. In Garfield a Brief term Conkling a partisans were ousted to give Way to those of Blaine. No Reform was inaugurated. Under a and honest men the people of the United states Are about to teach their dues in Irrer and popular government. Such disclosures Lay emphasis upon the keynote to the present Campaign and bring out strongly the real Point in the canvass. To restore True democratic Republican government to Cut the government Loose from All great interests which live move and have their being-11o the of port a Niti the Republican party has afforded Star route cd a tractors All contractors a i builders Bullion holders monopoly and Bounty pampered manufacturers brokers who find profit in Lolla Mem men and a thousand paid to Labouring other interests to absolute necessities Levy taxes Only for the of the government e tired creating no route contractors shipbuilders awaiting As John Roach awaits under his new con nominally adminis pluses to tempt Stai supposed by Pennsylvania protectionist. A a. Full. A Quot a. To exist. He Only discussed the Tariff to the extent to which Democrat and republicans Are substantially agreed. Lie did not discuss the ?.4would he specimen copies mailed free on application. Oney in sum of $2 and Over must be sent by express Post office Money order Check or rest tired letter. Address raise surplus Revenue for bounties would in make the necessity for Revenue or the necessity for Bounty the main idea in the a the weekly news Corner Vine and sixth streets Cincinnati. Ohio. Wednesday july 25 tits ticket. A Over kor George Hoadly Ita Mllton. H Tukot Knewt 80vxrn0�, John g. Warwick Stark. 8vprtcmk court 8hobt term Martin d. Follett. A Allington. Pm it be Foraker is a a fresh if he sup i. A a it Fri Ltd pm so is his theory of Progress will go Down with a Calm and reflecting people. The boastful arrogance of the Republican party passed for More than was in it when the attention was occupied with other matters. It is too late now to Tell the people of this country that the labors of the american. A i. R a a a _ r people As colonies the work of the people during three quarters of a Century after. ,. The establishment of the american gov co tort doh9 and unix Pirard Belwyn n. Owen. William. I Clrk St court j. W. Okuiks11 Ank. Miami. Ern ment. Were All for naught and Prosper Ity the result of the past few years of Republican. Supremacy. Every school boar ought to know that there was never a it a a attorn Tkv a Knakal jame8 Lawrence Cuya hoga. A auditor Emil Kie Hekl Ter fran kilo. I treas race or a tar. A Eter Brady. 8andu�ky. Moot Oom Mohsn i k a l. D. Brown Butler. % Board of Public works John p. Martin Green. The platform. J t a k i a democracy of Ohio in convention aged. Hereby reaffirm the principles of the Par expressed in ttys previous state and a it platform in it Fard to personal Liberty and True functions of the government and a pm in the political Creed expounded by the pier or More prosperous Era than that of the debt de preceding the War. That a great question had to be settled is True. That full fruition from All that had gone be. Fore was not possible without its settlement is True. The value of Republican services try -. A a i. A / / a a a As to that single matter 4are frankly acknowledged. Its Orvices ended there. When judge Foraker ignores a glorious past he shocks american common sense As vhf Lfeo Flint when he at Sanction w 1 Ien he was not the beneficiary was not to he thought of. The matter waa discussed with Arthur who thought the authority should come from Garfield it was a subject of discussion Between club Bill Garfield Arthur and Brady the correspondence Only shows conclusions. If there was an Effort to entrap Gar. A. A Field Hubbell was in it Brady was in it Dorsey was in it Arthur Vai it in it whether with full knowledge or not Garfield went into it beguiled and entrapped by Lii Tyes whether he was cognisant of ail the iniquity of it or not. That is immaterial. R a Quot the material Point is that the entire leadership control and ruling spirit of this once great party had readied such pass that no Man could Hope to reach the presi. It t. Dency Wither having the Sanction and Active Aid of a hand of thieves. Read the his political friends. There is an an tag Oli ism which certainly does the German no discredit. Many of governor Fosters party Urc More outspoken about Gorman tyranny. He is prudent and cautious and yet can not avoid giving voice to that an a agonist which exists Between the remains of in Puritan ideas and the German Why is it that counter Force to this mighty growth of the Power of associations has grown up a Gigantic combination of labourer and workingmen it is no Light matter that society is gradually gathering itself monopolies not needed for the encourage. Ment of Industry or in the tendency fostered by the internal Revenue system or in that general tendency to vast association which has been fostered by diverting the government from its legitimate duties. These a re to be corrected As rapidly As prudence will allow. To liar a senator and proposed by a Demp ptts voted for and by democrats in both houses ret ving the votes of most democrats and of All the Ablest and Best tracts extra allowances River and Harbor contractors and other expectant interests to confine the government strictly within the legitimate spies of government it the servant of the people and not a hard element. H is an antagonism which lies Back of the liquor question. That Lias really very Little to do whip it. The get Rqn in America came Here to escape t he a a application of precisely such views As governor Foster and his party advocate and press Forward whenever they can and Dis i # s a a a semble when they meet with defeat. Logan was i so coarsely and cruelly snubbed by the presi t a.1 Dent the other Day. Isa Nephew of that fearless Warrior and orator w. O. Brad. A. J a in who played the role of Echo to no Lings nomination of Grant in the cow ago convention. Bradly is now on the raging Kentucky stump pleading the Ost cause of his brother in Laws candidacy for a a a a Mckee has tasted the sweets Well As american Pride tributes the measure of Prosperity and a rest founder of the democratic party Thomas Jefferson. The application of these principles to present Oen Difton demands the purification of is t Public service the punishment a of the robbers the Public Trewery the Elii alienation of All p burdens Tbs arrest of a the pro Iii Acy Ana sex that corrupt the administration of affairs and a total change in the so Long been pursued by the Republic it ring individual and class interest h the Labouring at do wealth producing peo Progress we have had within the past Twenty three years to the Republican party instead of to the Energy Economy and Industry of the people the claim is puerile i were Jastes in a e8t extravagance corruption and mis govern ment which have been confessed and con the country and we reap ounce our Previ my declarations for stable Money the gradual Exon of the Public Tibet and the payment of dialled soldiers their widows and is to not be denied to say that building upon a glorious and solid past the people have a a f b i m it we favor a Tariff for Revenue limited to the necessities of the government economically Raini Steed and so adjusted in its application As prevent unequal burdens encourage productive industries at Home and afford just compel str to labor but not to create or Foster Monopo third tie act of the Republican Congress Are nein the Tarril on Wool,.while at the same time gained such measure of Prosperity As they have enjoyed Iti spite of the Republican m if i a lore Aston it on Woolen goods already highly pro he by i Init Nisotis legislation a a i of Mono apply and against a it press of Ibe country and ought to be corrected. It a party. That they Piave done so Only shows the extraordinary vigor and Energy of the american people and their endurance and Power to make Progress in spite of . Guileless Hubbell letter of August i Quot. Is80. A a Washington d. A. Auk 19,188�.�?my dear general i am a Good Deal annoyed in interesting friends to Aid in currying on my work in this Campaign. Many Are apathetic and while they Ore profuse in Good wishes and ready to encourage by word yet that does not pay printing Bills and other expenses. General Brady of the Posto Tice department seems to think that you do not care of his Aid and is for Sohie ii known reason rather inclined to be Cool toward you. I am satisfied that on an intimation front you that such a thing would be appreciated he. A Quot. ,. Quot i a a. A a. It \ j would perhaps do something of . Lode or he has intimated As much to me. Wont you please set him right and in some Way express a desire for his Aid for i need Zylp very much just now. / j. A. there is a apathy a with a Good wishes and a words a but these do not pay printing 1 ii 1s and other expenses Ilow Refre Siling so innocent expenses so legitimate. Until it is found that Crisp two Dollar notes fell in a gracious rain on Indiana. A a general Brady of the Post office department seems to think you do not care for his Aix and for some unknown reason is inclined into two great classes. Work i men and strikes Are yearly More orderly but yearly More determined and pm bracing a larger aggregation of forces. They Are systematic indicative of some Quot Thimig wrong in the tendency which has wrought such results while they Are counter to and corrective of this tendency. Until this mighty associative tendency began the counter tendency was not in exist i a Enoe and if there is evil inconvenience and disturbance of business in the latter there must be something wrong in the former the two go together and the one is the cause of the Otho be m a general Swaim is now brought to the fore by the new York Post to say that while a Garfield appreciated Dorsey a Sery ices As a politician he Lead said to him Swaim that Dorsey had a screw Loose in his moral the Post says also for itself that Garfield in Washington a sire re a Senta Tives of the party has become a Law but the administration has been exposed in a disgraceful violation of we Vij service Reform principle in Virginia. The shameful bargain of the party with a hone has placed the civil service in that state in Mahones hands. The Norfolk master to wring out taxes to be spent on favourites who in turn spend their 111 gotten gains to Fri ate presidents and buy the votes of states. If the people do not now awake to this Reform and banish the fairs will go on from has been the course month or two before his inauguration said in commenting upon the rumours current can cd ring the composition of his Cabinet that a such scaly apostles As Dor sey and such deadheads As naming another of that ilk had of it is easy to declaim about the disturb a. T Ance the unsettling of business the danger governor. A a a Hub by Hhd a huh that flow from official position a Viii. A been storekeeper or Gauger at a Kimp distillery and no amount or kind of snub Bing will turn him from chronic Pursuit of a Colie Etorshia. Its his Mission in life and nothing Short of death Oran Al ointment will quiet a a Quot a i to the peace and order of society a re those who would Haw ease at any Price but wrong tendencies will be corrected and the question must be looked f i a a m we heartily approve the action of the demotic members of fhe Ohio Delegatto to Congro a voting Aqui its unit measure a the Aram party is. As it always been opposed to sump uary legislation and Doe Quai taxation in any form and is i favor of the largest Liberty of Privara cd if fact consist Emil the i if it is True As has been said that the with against Cyous at Public welfare and the rights of others. Pter diag ii Ute Vetroni by a Judi Beensen system. E evils of regulating the liquor traffic and a i the fifth tie abuses of the part Cut contract i Tarn in our state Penitentiary by which the products of the labor of convicts Are brought in comp it Tzuoo with the products of honest labor to the detriment of tie latter Are injurious and Western Union company will refuse to receive Back any of. Tho strikers until they renounce the brotherhood a grave error will be comm if cd. Organization is just As legitimate on the part of labor As association on the part of capital. Peaceful and orderly strike Are legitimate and in some states rec. In Zed by statute. In in to be Cool toward Brady supplies this unknown reason amp Promise made an a a a. A a broken to support a Star rout Bill. An a intimation that Aid would he appreciated would set All right Hubbell thinks As he guardedly says and then on reflection a indeed he Brady has intimated As Cool considering that this had a a. Quot All been talked Over Between Hubbes Field and Arthu. A a won to you ply a set him right and in some Way express a desire for his of course he would. All no other class of employers no other business corporations although some classes of them Are largely combined and. A a have regular congresses to Confer on their. Interests have taken such a stand As the Western Union Telegraph company that they will not recognize nor Confer with associations of workmen. All other classes squarely in the face is. There is not protest against the Power of corporations clamor for state control clamor for National control crude plans for correcting monopoly tendencies by embarking government in the monopoly Busi Ness protest against unnecessary bounties. For monopolies without set Une grave reason. It is not our place to pronounce on the rights of a great business Enterprise or the wrongs of its eff ploys. The strikers have a right to peacefully and i awfully demand redress for wrongs or fancied wrongs and the measure of Justice in their demands will be the ultimate measure of Success. Course never been thought of for Cabinet positions although rim had cd in themselves to be persistently urged upon his attention by All sorts of persons and if Garfield said this it would be much worse for his in pm than for Quot duly of Ftp Talon in Conne with the published letters he wrote Dorsey and with the relations he held to him and had held for years if would confirm All that of employers have recognized that As capital is always associated and combined workmen have the right to associate and Combine for the protect of a of their interests. In general it has been found that conferences Between the two sides have been beneficial to both. The Western the company have their rights and a right to insist upon them and the Public have a deep interest in the matter but the chief matter for Public consideration is to determine what it is in the tendencies of the times has Wright this result. It can hardly fail to be the ultimate judgment that the evil began when tie first Steps were taken toward diverting the government from its True and legitimate duties to take part in social Industrial and Busi to firmly it is True that not Union has taken an untenable ground. Pm a -. That had been arranged and the required intimation came to Hubbell As guarded As Hubbell a letter 4 i a a 1 a a he hid hype critical by ii into do of Whit it has Fae put Jvn a. A sixth tue Protection of the government 1� due to All american i vixens native and foreign born a Lmh Adas Well As at Home. Seventh we reaffirm the resolutions of the a Ute convention of Ohio in is. 1881. And 1882, and of the dem via tic National conventions of 1872. In a and charge . I every pledge it has i heretofore Given for the Reform Tipiere it and has failed during its Long administration of 4b government to Correct even the most crying w a buses and we demand. Therefore a change in m p executive administration of the government if As the Reform first of All necessary As made Mill More Manifest by the recent Taf route trial thereto ousting corrupt rings confederated to la Utecht crime and prevent the punishment of criminals and by so doing to make it possible theft la the Public ser Mem a ire. N to punish fraud and gland the right to strike is so thorough Ray recognized that the whole subject is regu Lav by Law. Until the growth of mighty nations within a the past Quarter of a Century no such Laws have been needed ill a is country. The first great step toward Reform is to remove the cause of the evil to bring the government Back to its moorings. And to confine it to its legitimate functions but Alo Jig wife this there Are needed a few simple last is in each state for a ii a regulation of the rights of employers 4 and employees and for the arbitrage it of such differences my dear Hubbell please Sar to Brady that i Hope to will give us All the assist a uce possible. I think he can help Elfee Tully. Please Tell me How the a apartments generally Are doing. A Ever yours j. A. our esteemed contemporary says the Effort to get up correspondence with Garfield that would commit him to the Star there is to so 4 t a Tel in a acc amp Mvi top \ Are the Ohio republicans ready to endorse the Pennsylvania ides of rigidity amp a a a a r a a. Ltd a ,44, a a a.4 a w i Jim v a .�.�?o"4�. A a it �-�4 eco Jimmy in state expenses and state taxes Only for a government economically administered but in National affairs the Levy of unnecessary revenues the creation of a surplus to be first stolen from by National thieves and then if any is left to be distributed among the states for educational Vin ,4tt 9 a purposes and to Rcd e taxation or really to be stolen by local politicians and state officials there is one state right democracy does not approve the right to steal National funds. �?T11 Aroe of his duplicity. This is a matter Between the stalwarts of new York and the partisans of Garfield in. A a. I"1whip i Dorsey does not appear to have taken any part. Or. Carl Schurz seems a a a j. A. It. Too obtuse to see feet in this Way of Smi Ching Dorsey he is go Yul my a cd a.,. T character of falsehood dissimulation and perfidy. 444 u government employees have been outrage. Quot Ousby used for electioneering purposes. Quot a ,., a a a recently a scheme for defrauding pension soldiers has been discovered among Mahones clerks at Washington. The newly appointed Revenue com missioner has scarcely entered upon his duties when appointments in violation of Reform rules have brought to Light such matters As have compelled attention.4what is discovered. We know but not what lies behind. 414 the claim that the party has instituted reforms Only Means when sifted that criminality has become so open and flagrant that it can not be ignored. Dismissals follow but new disclosures follow these and the Public is continually advised of a. Enough to show that More remains behind. Grant ism was followed by Hayes id fraud by 1cm Reward of the ups tools by which the fraud was consummated and corrupt party of and to worse. Such for More % than a Tel Yeara. Prand and co emotion have work�4 their Way from the outskirts and the minor offices toward tiie Center a knocking at the door of the White House in Grants second term involving the presidential office in 1876, and whether Garfield knew or not embracing president and vice pres Dent in 1880, and becoming master of the situation the Good Deacon having been reporte Diu an interview with or. Theodore Cook having said that the democrats would re cd Ive five or six Tousand majority a Hamilton county hubs tens to say that he said the democrats had polled 4,000 fraud Lens votes in the Spring election and if Elthey Wejs not watched in this election would poll a a in of six thousand. It is 1 sometimes necessary to explain what Wassail in private conversation when it appears in print. An and the induction into office of the worst set of Rogy is that Ever disgraced the civil service of any. Country the growth of the Star route ring to such proportions that it was Able to secure entire control of the canvass Mission which woul made in private Loo Vanist when it is in s r sp.1. A fortunate in such. A. Of 1880 and to entangle into its toils the party occupies a him to speak As an pot amount to much badly in a great or int. It is peculiarly that the explaining Ilion which enables expert. The recent candidate for president and vice president whether with knowledge of the full Meas vote of the Good Deacon in the democratic a Quot. The corrupt rings which have ruled the party Flthe last pro nations canvasses a strongly blended together and these grew out of Grant ism Alfip Quot All the name implied. The party ran to Grant ism with its innumerable rings working under the Bluff Blind old Soldier. This in ure of its criminality is of no consequence. The Point is that the party could Beily a a primaries at chill Fri vote explanation the we trolled by of lift agencies. The corrupt ring has escaped punishment and Philil they Are free James and Macveagh who initiated the proceedings against t them Are in \ v.4 a 4 pert testimony. Challenging commit Deacon. 4 gives the fraudulent High character of exam Vise the Republican to watch the Good there is still left one offence which the Ness Progress every mighty association that has grown up is connected with or owes its existence or its association features to the govern ment Ali is perversion of the government is responsible for a general tendency which embraces almost All great interests. 4� umber the protective Bounty system manufacturing in most brain fees Lias become a series of mighty ugh motions a1 f these Are again All one by a common interest and ail find their Center . A Quot. A and have their lobbyists and agents at Washington in a id out of Congress. In a it. Del the internal route policy was least said which is soonest ended. A multiplicity of wives in Utah appears to Call for More violently Pur Tive divorce enough Wassail to bring the Money and the Aid and Success. One conclusive Point is that the required intimation came in re proceedings than Are needed where Rte def is Only required from one encumbrance. Bishop Hnudley s new process divorce spouse to the Effort our contemporary says was made and that guarded As it was it was sufficient and brought Brady and Dorsey and All the gang and with them Crisp new Bills and Success. General Gar i. As4 those now pending. As it is Khe Appeal of those who conceive them of dives to be aggrieved is to Public opinion their Reliance the Justice of their claims and the generally operative truth that after a just claim is fully aired and both sides of the controversy have had a full hiring the one shown to be in the w Rong or the one that has failed to do the right will not defy Public opinion As to the merits of the Case. This is a slow cumbrous Wharton Barker May have discovered Garfield but he a is not the originator of the a distribution of the surplus Revenue Dorset and Brady can not be de. A. 10., r proved of that Honor. Ira a. For r professed atheist George Hoadly has a end Way of speaking of Sandusky Reg i for a a s. 1 l a a professed truthful Jeemes the Register has a grand Way of publishing a deliberate lie. A Field thought Brady could help Telec aprily and he did. A and a please Tell me How the departments Are it was nog to to statesman a inquiry As to the course of Public affairs. The departments were contributing of their earnings to help out Dorsey and Brady in Indiana and the Law i i a a a we Are negotiating with Tom Ochiltree and Joe Mulhatten wife a View to enter i t i it. I ing them in the great lying tournament against a Jay Hawke a of the enquirer ,St. T. To and a Eben Abou of of i the commercial Gazette. 41 a ?.4s8� pm i i a i k1 k Sid judge Foraker leave Wesleyan University at Delaware because a coloured of indent was admitted to the Pierian a Vav. A v la a Yov Ife j c y. \ 4. A it. U a. Jew a. T. A y a and Clumsy method inconvenient to the Public and dangerous always More or less threatening the peace and society. % is of amps much incur fat upon society through the government to provide a peaceful and orderly Means of settlement of Feuerh 4 t a Quot a a a disputes As it is to provide for the same fed of settlement of private differences which arise Between Raen in their daily in \ a. I Ter course. This is the legitimate province of Goferm Neju a. Was being violated to swell contributions. These Are historical facts charges of Ope Wing of the Republican party against the other facts the people could have had in Lio other Way. General Garfield was an eager candidate. He knew that the Star route contractors were engaged in a lucrative business it is not necessary to assume that he knew the measure of their Crimi with dynamite appears to be about the thing Utah has been looking for. At one blow number one was promptly divorced a Vine Tito Matrimonia and number thai at least temporarily a Mem aet thus Utah husbands with a single bomb cast into the bosom of the family May have a varied assortment of absolute did a Jpn Revenue system every business embraced has become one mighty association in which individual Enterprise and business capacity can not Rise As under Freer conditions. We have seen great West emr Allway corporations Fate Ridby apr Ern Anent defying their creator and still resist in its Laws. 4 turn produced the handler Kellogg political ring which created Hayes through fraud and this administration again wrought As a legitimate consequent tie Star route ring of which Dorsey and Brady its chiefs and the creators of the present administration have escaped Punj. A. A ashment and Kellogg the creator of Mayer and the Opportunity of Hayes administration to produce the Star route ring is still to a on trial i a Beant of per they Are. All linked tog Efer How cleanly the Republican party of these later years can Trace like a Toadstool Back a a dung Heap fall a. How consists Fafa it i still a Toadstool there was a Day before its Wise and its Good meal forsook it or retired to private life when it could Trace its descent through them Back to Lincoln Seward Chase Gfa Faley Sumner and others of like Galiber and lofty intellectual and . The present party is of the half it it it gtd no Way m to its great of old. It comes of bad Stock. Instead of reforming itself the party has gone from bad to worse. Its last appear. Ance on the National stage was its worst appearance. Bad As was the. Political ring which controlled Grant and his adminis Republican press h judge Hoadly. T Reserve As Caesar and Napoleon the advanced at the not charged against y Are holding it in eld the tenth legion old guard to be last moment and traction it was at least political arid looked better. Bad As was the Zack Chandler give sure the a a coup to i de Gram. And the it if Public it will be a Rule which ushered in Hayes and detestable As was the corrupt carpet bag ring that i demanded and received payment for its services it was at h ast Low and sordid As it was a ring of political adventurers. The worst state was reached when a Low Sor rate of High moral did and corrupt gang of contractors secured control of what was left of a great of Reform with a come May As Well a a in a for a it. Grapevine special to that great Triumvir Farmers a the Cincinnati enquirer the Cleveland Leader and tha new York times the Faith Hope and Charity of political Triune truth and will be in the nature of an assertion that the democratic candidate for governor formerly peddled but grated turnip for no bitterer Fate has befallen any Man than befell Arthur when Sherman Dis judge Foraker showed in his reference of it is an a a impertinence to say Foster we sorry for Republic to the theft of the presidency that vice of Small minds a lingering undying vindictive bitterness which cropped out in the True bloody shirt vein. A fall the balance of that infamous business was cruel pop ans and democrats there Are a great Many impertinent people in Ohio. Foster is bps and Foraker is the fab Boss for the Boss in assassination bloody murder and horrible a he a a pfc. Was the work of fee Mia a. Missed him from the new York Custon Vorees and divorces from bed and Board at reasonable Cost. A Freak or will not do. In Par of his so Leech at Hamilton which was the Pality. The fact stands that the worst band of rogues that has Ever cursed this country secured through the Sanction of Garfield a name to contribute chief part he gave instances of the reduction of fee prices of Home manufacture articles in consequence of the Tariff. If fee Tariff works that Way Protection Doeff not protect. Reduced prices of Home manufactures Means reduced wages. The professed object of Protection is to raise wages braising prices. If it reduces prices it m ust reduce wages. Is Foraker a bloody Briti Febo ought free Trade if we Are right Asfa the cause of fee evil the first step in the remedy is to bring the government Back and confine it strictly to its legitimate function this will Quot hot be the work of a Day filth rest will slowly be cured by the Ordinary course of business and Reimi Buff Plith. If any corrective legislation. Remove the cause and the evil will be on the Way to cure. The supreme court of the United states in its decisions upon the amendments and the Powers of government has shown the turn of the tide Tomb Fowles Malm views. House As unworthy a place in the civil. Service of Hayes administration. That was indeed bitter. To be told that a service which managed to chamber Bassenave and Madison Wells and the Florida knaves could not endure Arthur was exceedingly. Bitter it must now be a bitter Pili to butchery. It. Was j a a a of a w a. C a a 4 n. O. A a 4 v a a a. J a z flux the White leagues the bul whip of fad the we Are glad to recognize in this silly tirade which Coufa Only have come from a Narro Gfa cd stung by shame and remorse that judge Foraker is ashamed. A great mind would have been silent or would have confessed Alp a great and honorable shame the infamy of that theft. Still it is something to feel remorse even when it comes out in such Inco chief. Foster is the Monkey. The senator ship the fingers Are in the hot ashes. Like Many another in his place he a Fiji i since he had the Luck to be employed in this capacity that if there is any other thing going after Foster has his chestnuts he May get that Foster Only wants the senator ship. There Are the presidency and the vice presi Dency which Are Likely to be like the nomination for governor going a begging Brady says the Crisp new two Dollar Bills a Sherman to have the Man Foster who betrayed Bim at Chicago lauding this dismissed underling of Sherman right under his nose Here in Ohio arid that too after Sherman has handed his Bossy try Inchon Herent and defiant denial As discloses the humiliation within. When judge Foraker reflects on Madison Wells and a Ca Senane which descended upon Indiana in october 1880, seemed like a Shower from heaven. This was followed by a precipitation of and Eliza Pinkston and Kellogg the Crea Over to Foster it can hardly soften the blow that Arthur is the creature of Foster Tor of Hayes now indicted As of Ampf fax Star route gang and upon the miserable tools used m Florida we can hardly won Crisp fives in november. While the gracious rain of 1889 Triay have seemed to the republicans and to the beneficiaries like a Shower from favouring heaven the recent disclosures have Filien Upoff the present Republican canvass 1 the powerful protest in All parties against tia1 Boss system in politics shows the Drift of to popular Cito to amp Ere is very where a disposition to return that american View of government which will Correct the government and control government tendency a with that of off Lull endow this guardianship a minute in Dorsey and Brady and not remotely of Kellogg now under indictment As one of that precious gang that ruled the Republican 18� with Arthurs knowledge and acknowledgement. When Sherman wakes Ftp in the in orning he doubtless to fiets that we have fallen upon strange times. 44 4� det that he bursts Forth angrily and passionately if the old bloody shirt vein. Be feels with shame and remorse that his party ,.�?. ,. Did steal the presidency and us the worst of thieves and knaves to do it but with All the surprising and blighting effect of a Thunderbolt from an angry heaven descending from a Clear sky. The Saddest of the Bolt is made of Tiona. A my their reflections is that their own foul corrupt my and take charge of the canvass. Thus he a 9 Spring a Columbus coloured Man pro fat bsds the interrogatory and it is a titled to an a. Judge we. H. West has written an w i a another disaffected Democrat is heard from this morning. This time it is t. B. Baker clerk of courts a Glaize county. He is a fair Sample of theft disaffected re w pulp fan Munc hansens Are discovering at fee rate of several Hundred per Day. Elaborate opinion in response to an inquiry addressed by j. K. Rukenbrod of the Salem Republican in which he reaches the conclusion that in View of the recent decision of the supreme court it would be useless to vote for or adopt either of the to the Constitution. He became entangled in an Alliance with a corrupt gang of conspirators on one Side and with As corrupt a gang of politicians and shy Loeks on the othe hand in new York. It was while engaged in a struggle to Dise Thrall himself and because of feat struggle that he fell at the hands of an Assassin. The important Public truth is that these corrupt and criminal business judge Hoadly has again been so in a a a i to Nate As to bring the Republican papers Down upon his hefa a with a Dull this time he is charged with talking so every Terest which is the fatal defect of euro there is no other fam to in Rapi Illy that Rusty photographer keep up with his winged words. This is too utterly too too to be tolerated through a three months canvass. Wont the judge kindly oblige his friends the enemy by laying aside his Gatling gun and using a muzzle loader until their nerves become a Pean govern ments. Edy. Laws will not cure fee Eye rho i Tefere by Law in behalf of Jabor or be. ,. Tween labor and Cai it ital would but perpetuate and give new direction to the tendency. Let government but cease to Foster this tendency in one Quarter and it will not be exhibited in another. Let enter Mobsby was acquitted or conspiracy because the jury gave him the Benefit of a doubt. If the great popular jury of the Republic proceeds upon the a ame principle what will become of his accusations against Garfield a Philadelphia press Wei 4 a a Al Little More settled and political agencies succeeded a wrap prise and capital be left to cart for feel selves and labor will care for itself and both work out their destiny under the Best conditions conditions of the utmost Ity. Shows that a constitutional amendment would be no More he i f 1 r Tell you this thing costs Money a do you know 1 had to spend $00,000 a a a treating the Good Deacon Richard Smith a before he would consent to let Sherr stay in the the Senate while i ran for of Jet Didato. Pop Pfaff a than the present Power to prohibit. Ping their toils about Tjie candidate came to see afterwards How fearfully be was entangled and in the struggle he fell. The question is not As to Garfield Batas 1 w the Sandusky Register says the grape crop on he Lake Erie Isla rids is Well nigh mined and the growers Are complaint but then the blessed a Feu Law will help out the poor grape growers with its $100 tax for ring the few bottles of wine that will be produced. .�44�?T4atliijr4. -4 y 4 4 a it a 4. A a a a a the court having decided that the legis Fefevre May fax at trill for regulation arid to prohibition if necessary the Scott Law is a Mere first step. Next year a a the Scott Law May be replaced by the Missouri Law with which the commercial Gazette is familiarizing and indoctrinating its readers with an Eye to the future. The year after it May resort to absolute prohibition. 4 those who were Defeated fee on Law the and who Are absurd missouri1 a a. The London Coffee House a famous Philadelphia resort a Century and a half ago is to be torn Down. It was built in 1702 upon land bought from Letitia a daughter of William Penn and among the Jna any uses to which it has been put was feat of a Alave Mart. Or. Watterson says a both the Sun and the courier journal Are in Possession a facts which furnish irrefutable proof that the old tickets could be nominated t without serious opposition in 1884.�?� Fefa it is very selfish in them to keep this a irrefutable proof All to themselves. A. In the Sandusky Register says it does not know what special religious association a the atheist Hoadly prefers but he is evidently on the anxious seat. As judge Hoadly is a member in Good standing of the it unitarian Church the registers double barrelled lie would seem to be statute have not fallen Back upon the Scott Law As a finality. They say now to taxpayers vote for this Law and lighten your taxes and to the liquor interests. Submit to this or expect something worse but All the time there is an element in their party without which it ceases to be a party which Aims at a finality in prohibition. The Scott Law is a step toward limping out that which is taxed to catch v. A a a taxpayers and that in which liquor men Deal. The next step May be a More stringent Regil Bufa Law with a higher tax based on the Missouri or the Illinois Law but without License or recognition of it As a legitimate business to which judge Foraker. In his interview showed a Strong repugnance and to Lii Chajie entire party Mem Rumm to a party so corrupt that its vilest agencies occupy every path to preferment and so Environ every candidate for office that he ran not escape Quot consciously or unconsciously it matters not which being caught in their toils. Its executive commit Ufa its congressional executive committee its leading and Active politicians a pushing the canvass were All league together. Where would he have turfed to what Quarter could he have looked the candidate for vice president was a fee new York political league he was cognizant of the Hubbell Brady conspiracy to entrap Garfield he afterwards showed How much he knew of the Means employed to carry Indiana by his complimentary reference to the matter at a banquet Given to Dorsey he now enjoys the proceeds of the crime. How much longer will a free and an honest people endure such party the question transcends every oth Ltd Issue personal or Public. Upon its right and Ifa Early solution depends the Triumph of every righteous principle and policy to to be outdone by the enquirers imported and Talen Ted liar a Jay Hawker a the commercial Gazette has turned Loose one a Eben Abou a who uses the truth with a parsimonious frugality that is to be admired rather than emulated. In his a fag Edom and the largest Opportunity for every Man under equal Laws count of Alex. Sands waking judge Hoadly on the morning of the Conven Hon and getting a from $2>,000 to $75,000,�?� this facile Fabricator is in Nowise hampered by the fact that Alex. Sands was Notin Columbus during the democratic convention. We do not complain of governor Foster that he is base enough to repeat the silly falsehood that judge Hoadly admitted. A. &Quot,1 Quot a a j to but his nomination had Cost him $50,000. It is Idle to Compla Nof theafae Ercan hog that he will Wallow in the mire although it is a very filthy practice. Governor Fos. Terms party have a right to complain that in the manufacture a fed circulation a that was precisely what the commercial Gazette finally made up its mind to do As to the credit Mobilizer charge and a j ust did to a wet Eiveri further and saw in Garfield which it held incompatible with the truth of the charge of criminal a a a it is Likely to do the same thing again. The memory of Garfield is in no a Quot Quot a danger is not involved. But while the jury gave Dorsey the Benefit of a doubt the Public did not. It will not give the Reaffa a a party the Bend of a. W doubt where it. Ufa been Clr Ariy proved that it has been absolutely ruled in a National canvass by a gang of Low plunderers like quite a number of obstinate republicans be is determined never to admit it. He also knows and is Only ashamed of it that his party was ruled absolutely in 1880 by the Star route thieves arid yet he will no More confess that. We Are sorry Tot a Man who has some excellent qualities and yet can not Rise to a Frank and Manly confession of faults and acceptance of facts the Public will cake into consideration that the Telegraph company has largely the advantage of operators by hav Inge arts hands the Means of transmitting its own accounts of the state of the strik there is one great truth which stands out above everything else in Dorsey a Dis Cloe ores fes party Fafe Subj needed by fraud in 1376 perpetrate Wop because More insidious and More dangerous crime by Telegraph which All the papers naturally publish. The intelligence from Tbs strikers is that they Are faithful to on a a a a a a 4 my a Telegraph system or associated press to advertise their Side of the fight. Another and Are Ord Erly but they have no m in 1880, by purchasing the presidential office and that with frill knowledge of the candidate for president and vice president. In 1376 it openly violated the la red up a fraudulent electoral vote and made it effective by a see a in arbitration in 1880 it secretly made use of of aids Sutton Freya fee government to buy / a. I a v Fth r a a a 44 a a a v .,1 2 4a by i a a a Jwia a a a a 4 % of a ii it a a a 4�?T. A a �?�-jtf4 avy a la a fir the negro Bulger the Maysville rapist x a Quot a last week pleaded guilty and had his punishment fixed at death. He very considerately confessed in order to avoid the unnecessary Anno Vande and delay of a Tri a preferring to devote the time to a a Cool collected preparation for his flak in Only asks that he have a Legal hanging and so reasonable a request can hardly a denied him. I Ifa Ufa fat Otto Tot a pow a he a we Are not of those alarmists who Are when judge Hoadly said at Celina that the bloody shirt had been buried so Ipp that Fosters Spade could never Rea Tarlip he did not know that judge foral Lucr Ufa performed a ghouls part at Hamilton an Ltd digged up a shred of the old garment to cover up his own shame on account of his falsehood he makes or selects such pal paid a absurdities. The people of Ohio Fey a right to complain that they have a common slanderer for a get error and those of. Them who do not object to slander and Ial Debood have a right to complain of fee unskillful manner of his utterance and Cir party a crimes. But judge Foraker Isa Young Man and he will grow out of this in time. Gil111 curation of counterfeits. Governor Foster knew when he said of judge Hoadly that a by his own admission his nomination Cost him $50,000,�?� he was As our Republican friends appear Destefa mined to make the resolutions of�?T98 an repeating a shallow falsehood politician from the lowest slums such Ril a if any one presumes that the Shotgun states and the territories and a state or two organized for the supremacy of minorities can contrive to control and drive the Republican states and masses and elevate themselves into a ruling class and a sacred thing that to a the boy going Fefa ugh a country graveyard in the night whistling to raise his quaking courage. The pins Are All set to have the Cal of a Shotgun states and the territories and a state or two organized for the fat minorities a by the use of the presidents patronage control the Republican nominating Conven Tion for Arthur and the paper that a 1 #. A a a. A of a. A a whistles this shaking blast is faintly puffing him and is reprinting without dissent the stall Art Declara Felosi for him. If this ready to say that such crimes present the alternative of an immediate end to a party which has been guilty of such acts or the utter destruction of democratic Republican Imp Mab and 1 free i institutions i in Quot it. R. A a a .4j-s. Mrs k a a a a a a a we i Oil Quot. A it a it &-.1 ? the new York Kypers show that Accord -4 a 4�?~ 4 in f or a Ltd i s it a b 4 it r a a be Jvn of a b a a g 4�?T- Ltd v or Fidyk i a. Ision of the supreme Fafail ing to the decision the Case of the i which strike of Railroad Freigh Kelt feat rail Ray a can America. Such exposures do bring the american people face to face a Jyh their duty to turn out this party if feel would restore free popular government by the people and for the people a perhaps feat duty May be pea Leoned a i the country still get along after a fashion ruled by corrupt rings and Bosses and harrowed by monopolies. 4 the Public May flatter itself that this is surely the last of corruption so the Public reasoned Mobilizer scandal not set up any dispute with their m about wages As a defense for default o be Eire to Fafel Public fee. Companies can be compelled to Send m sages or be held in damages for default in consequence of Freir dispute with their men. Is opposed. One solution. I in Quot a purely gratuitous my Quot judge Foraker made a keynote speech at Hamilton last night. Beyond a defense of the Republican party which was exceedingly Kune and argues ignorance of the record or a desire to a cupe by saying As prohibition or More stringent regulative Laws going in that direction can be no finality because prohibition the ultimate aim is based on a false ground. The Only solution lies in a License the recognition he in pro Fefa fact that the business is legitimate and its abuses subject to regulation. Judge West having shown clearly Farhat end the Scott Law and All regulation without License tends it becomes i to becoming a common slanderer by retailing a shallow Campaign falsehood beneath fee notice of gentlemen governor Foster has put him self in the position of that kind of witness whose statements Are Issue would it not be Well for them to republish the obnoxious resolutions and Lay their grounds for a canvass after the manner of the ancients if these gentlemen were in the military line they would substitute the Bow and Arrow for modern in things would be simply beneath notice and below contempt in the governor of a 1 for it. Great state they Are a Public disgrace. Huelva Man is not worthy Fabe governor is a he action a implying the moral Equality of Garfield and Guiteau a the c. G. Is in of a pig Sty. When the commercial Gazette goes Ginery and ordnance of War. To England to find a reply to what we have said about the causes of great Combina the Columbus dispatch Good Republic Ofay to be believed when Fety a re made against himself. His shameless confession bottle a possible about ils crimes he pre every citizen who would put an end to this agitation to vote for a party which adv w pm seated but one positive a issues Protection. I Cates the Only possible ending a Recagni tha discussion of the Scott Law was Post j Tion of a fact demonstrated by experience of his own part in fastening Dorsey and the Star route gang of thieves upon the re an authority intimates that Foraker is to be used in the Campaign merely As Fosters Canvasback Decoy Duck for it declares that publican party is entitled to credence upon that principle. He is evidently entitled to that proud distinction while Hubbell a the Large photographs of Captain Foraker in some of the a Tore windows rare do completed tha work of procuring the sauce ing More toward securing his election than judge Load Lye a letters and speeches Are toward defeating a ii. Tion of the candidate to the expenditure of Star route funds and the Complete Subjec mr7 Watterson says a Tilden would not for i fifty 1 White Tion of the party to Dorsey and Brady. He also throws unexpected Light on the statement a that Garfield offered Dorsey a place in his Cabinet. He shows at least that Exchange Grey Stout for fifth his houses a and of Randall a be pfc kindly but firmly a the speaker ship he can not the country can now withdraw tons of labor counter to other great combinations it confesses a debility to discuss the question of one pertaining to this a a top a 4, / by or v 4x4 of a a a a it v it it 4 �?��?�4�?T a a a a 4 country and governed by the conditions which obtain in America. It finds that the question As to what Democrat shall be elected to the Senate by the next legislature need not trouble our Republican contemporaries. It gives democracy no trouble. While the Republican party is utterly lacking in principle policy Issue or further Mission in this world to keep so it reasoned after the whisky ring exposures and the Belknap and Indian Trade ship frauds but after each new exposure the vice in the blood Breaks out again in some new and unexpected Quarter and the last state is always worse than that which preceded. Surely Many exclaim after this Star a route exposure Cor 1 it by Fem fab re senator Sheba in a must not. Complain when he a finds Foster j following up his treachery at Chicago with la Dation of Arthur whom Sherman dismissed As unworthy a place in fee civil service and a declaration of i growing popularity a Ohio we told Hin before fee conc nation that if he yielded his hard earned bos ship to Foster expecting future Aid in his a3pfa again victim of misplaced Confidence. 4 the senatorial succession from being the Fec Epi Afefa Reid Iii in England. It to also have found that differences of opinion Between employee and employer have always existed in every country under All systems and will always continue to exist. But in England As to this matter the gov leading question in the Republican Camp even obscuring the Sherman presidential interests which will play no Small part the democratic party is animated by a spirit which dwarfs All idea of what Man Shaw Al represent the democratic beneath the Ion which party and what Princi when that is the Case it is generally Guption that allowing the worst that can be said of or autism and its frauds traced to the door of be executive mansion they did halt at the door or at least did not quite reach the inner chamber. Allow few Oltof Alafat can a collector Swope of the Lexington Dii Triet has withdrawn his resignation an again there i l a weeping a Jjo a wailing tinker con re among. Them up he Bah a turned from Washington tuesday with tire a a. Quot. A v blessed Assurance feat he a Wouri be in Swopes shoes before fee it of August in the Beautiful and fickle Blue grass cd Rafaj has blighted the Parsons Hopes. 4 be a amp id of the great fraud Rifa Fafe Grov be of the Star route fraud under Hay so of a a the Pennsylvania a i deep of surplus Rev Only partially involved the fraudulent president directly while it fastened itself on the incoming regime As its creator and by the Best Man succeeds. Democracy is pea compact its ruler. Pm hmm a his a he the last is that which has most disgrace a Ern ment recognizes the right to strike and provides such Means of settlement of differences As Are strictly within fee legitimate sphere of government duty. But discussing men hut ideas. Fully openly and shamelessly connected itself with the Creati on and control of an venues for division among the states find no encouragement in fee South. The Atlanta Constitution touches it briefly by a three line compfad3011 fax the proposed disposition of the surplus with Thea adopted when Dorsey was distributing the Foster hastens to give his Man Foraker administration. Its ardent gaze from the two statesmen. England furnishes no example of demo a character but who Tell us who will do that kind office far fosterr444�?T this is no partisan charge. A is one of those cases where rogues have fallen out s a a a a Villi Quot r so. M a. A a a a

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