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Syracuse Herald Journal Newspaper Archives May 5 1990, Page 5

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Syracuse Herald Journal (Newspaper) - May 5, 1990, Syracuse, New YorkF Syracuse Herald journal ignoring party and pursuing an Independent course a shall not hesitate to discuss Public questions end to support men and measures As seem Best catch bed to Advance the Best interests of the Arthur Jenkins founder in first Issue of Herald Jon. 15, 1877. Published by the Herald company Post office Box 4915 Clinton Square. Syracuse . 13221 saturday May 5, 1990 Stephen Rogers present Stephen a. Rogers editor and a Omisher Timothy d. Bonn Timothy p. Atseff managing editor Donald p. Fickardt Tei James f. Kleinklaus advertising director Thomas j. Heck circulation director in our opinion million lure do bombers have a Price tag if Money talks then maybe those with information about terrorists who blow up air planes will be enticed to do the same. The airlines announced they will pay million for information leading to the conviction of terrorists or a prevention of a terrorist act. Add to that the million Reward offered by the government and possible million from the airline pilots association and the Bounty could reach million. It is a shame that airlines and the government Are forced to pay people to do the right thing. It would be Nice if some one with information on tragedies the bombing of pan american flight 103 would be driven by guilt into the nearest pan am or . Government office. Unfortunately most of the people privy to the intimate details of terrorist plots Don t have consciences. How else could they remain silent knowing that someone s madness was responsible for the deaths of 259 people 40 army scout team of Horn had ties to Centra new a Nair on flight 103? the love of Money May attract even the most strident extremists. The causes for which terrorists Are willing to Sacri fice anything and anybody May not seem so important when or million is involved. Investigators charged with the duty of sifting the valid from phony information have a Job ahead of them. But it will be a Job Well done even if one of these Mur is brought to trial. Prosecutors must be careful. They must avoid the temptation to pursue a Case based on Flimsy evidence just to get a conviction. Guilt must still be the overriding Factor in a trial even when the defendant is an alleged terrorist. Here s hoping that the Reward Money will be a successful sure and those knowledgeable of terrorist plots and crimes will Cash in. Perfect place to begin cutting football teams have squads. The Harlem globetrotters have the Washington generals. And now the . Army wants to have its own permanent opponent in Europe some troops trained in soviet bloc tactics using soviet bloc weapons to oppose . Soldiers in combat exercises. The Cost about a Quarter billion Dol Lars. The reason anybody s guess. Even american Hawks admit the soviet bloc is nowhere near the threat it was Long thought to be. The Warsaw pact As a fighting Force has said sen. Sam Nunn d ga., chairman of the Senate armed vices committee. I think most of us believe now that to Warsaw pact is not Likely to. Present significant military threat to said defense Secretary Dick Cheney. No Limp waisted soft on the reds pan sies they. The combat Man Euver training Center at Hohenfels West Germany was begun in 1987 and is scheduled for completion in 1993. Cheney has put construction work on hold pending anticipated congressional cuts in the defense budget. Still army brass hats Are pushing for its completion. They should be resisted. Reducing de sense spending is like trying to turn an Ocean liner it has an inertia that is difficult to Check. But this project is a perfect candidate to be scrapped. Eliminating it would Cost no americans their jobs and would not diminish America s ability to t defend itself by one Iota. V if there s Ever going to be a peace Divi id end our leaders must learn when to say no to the generals. What other papers Are saying editorials around America Here Are excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers around the country the Arizona Republic Phoenix on the automobile Industry april not too Long ago the american made automobile was a cherished Symbol of National Power and the envy of the world. Times have changed. Today the . Auto Industry is under siege and those shiny models of what was right with America have come to Symbol ize what is wrong., the numbers Tell the Story. In 1960 Gen eral motors Ford and Chrysler made More than half the world s cars. Today they account for less than a third. What went wrong the London economist offers a simple answer the Japa but More is involved than just the talents and Enterprise of Toyota Honda and Nissan. Detroit s complacency along with what the economist Calls a string of badly designed badly made cars in the late 70s, invited disaster. The japanese took advantage by Rais ing Quality and lowering prices. By almost any measure Detroit has improved. But so have the japanese and at much lower Cost even though production has been shifted to the United states. If japanese car makers expand their . Operations As expected predicts the Brookings institution new american jobs will be created by 1992. America s Auto Industry has used the import quotas As the economist says to fatten executives bonuses and to help delay painful staring again into the face of economic death Detroit has a Choice. It can learn from its competitors streamline its operations and become responsive to Market demand or it can stand Pat and anguish Over the loss of the american Edge. The news and courier Charleston s.c., on Lithuania april by playing Tough Guy Mikhail Gorba Chev is winning important Points with Moscow hard liners who View any at Tei rpt to leave the federation As a dire t threat to the integrity of the user As a whole. President Bush s decision outward decision that is to keep hands off gives Gorbachev carte Blanche to do whatever is necessary Short of invasion to keep Lithuania in the fold. Helping Gorbachev maintain his Politi Cal equilibrium May satisfy Washington s geopolitical interests but it does not address the moral dilemma the United states faces. An angry lithuanian pres ident Landsbergis raised serious questions when responding to Bush he said can the Freedom of one group of people be sold for the Freedom of another what then is the idea of Freedom surely these same questions were asked by congressional leaders As they met with Bush prior to his announce ment. The president s answers obviously satisfied a Broad Cross Section of Ameri Ca s political leaders. We Hope however that what Bush said was transmitted also to Landsbergis. At the very least he is owed that much. Los Angeles daily news on the Ca Marena slaying april no matter How important the arrest of or. Humberto Alvarez Machain to stand trial in los Angeles in the 1985 torture slaying of Enrique Camarena of the . Drug enforcement administration was to the Dea the manner in which the Agency reportedly brought Alvarez into the United states arranging his abduction by offering a Reward to mexican kid nappers who seized him in Gua Dalara on april 2, of Bounds. It subverted Mexico s Legal process and violated that country s sovereignty. While Mexico has been victimized by Many acts of corruption it is insulting for the United states to treat its neighbor As though it were so thoroughly and i Corri Gibly corrupt that american authorities could not depend on it to bring criminals to Justice through Legal channels. Furthermore the United states cannot expect other nations to follow due pro Cess of Law which Means among other things giving fair treatment to american citizens suspected of crimes if it goes on making end runs around Mexico s Legal system. 11 my parents say if th6y Ever catch me doing drugs1mu kill but i Don t know if that s th6m or the f Constitution is Best when it is less Ken Auto Fri ill say said University of Vir Ginia Law scholar e. Dick Howard. For somebody who could t be there in 1787, this is the nearest thing to it Constitution crafting is the rage nowadays. James Madison Are sprouting up in Czechoslovakia South Africa Israel and elsewhere. They would be Wise to learn from the real James Madison. For our Constitution the world s oldest is still the world s Wisest especially in its handling incendiary issues of race ethnic identity or gender. Our founding fathers handled them brilliantly by not handling them explicitly. Professor Howard was in Czecho Slovakia last week one among a flock of lawyers Law professors and judges from eight nations who met with local counterparts to sketch that country s new Constitution. The Tou Chest Issue there concerns ethnic identity slovaks comprise one third of the country czechs the rest meanwhile in South Africa Nel son Mandela prepares to meet with president . De Klerk who announced his wish to negotiate a new Constitution which is fair and just to All the people of South the key issues there Are race and then ethnicity within each racial group. And in Israel citizens Are up in arms to demand Basic electoral Reform. Nearly one fourth of All israeli voters just petitioned to change the political system. Now we Are sitting on a canister of compressed Israel s largely ceremonial president Chaim Herzog said. All it needs is a match and we re going to have one hell of an Israel is one of the nations along with great Britain without a written Constitution. Constitutions can be neglected As in communist countries and dictatorships or discarded. More than half the world s current constitutions were written after 1970. Ours is the world s earliest and Best. In a fascinating new Book Why Blacks women and jews Are not mentioned in the published by the american enter prise Institute constitutional scholar Robert a. Goldwin shows that our Constitution craters dealt with racial ethnic and gender mat ters most adroitly by not mention ing them. The founding fathers focused on individuals rather than groups. They reflected both where their society was and where it should be. To be just and lasting a Constitution has to both fit the historical situation and transcend it. A Good or. Goldwin writes is designed to make the political society better than it is and the citizens bet Ter our Constitution is Neutral on sex race and ethnic group identity and thus payed the Way towards a non discriminatory society. One provision counts the whole number of per sons to determine representation in Congress that includes men and women Blacks and Whites catholics protestants and jews. Such provisions were written when state constitutions commonly con fined politics to White males. A Simi Lar provision in the Northwest Ordi Nance issued the same year the Constitution was written 1787 provided that Only male inhabitants be counted for representation. And by not singling jews out the . Constitution Goldwin writes made jews full citizens of a nation for the first time in modern history. Sure masculine pronouns Are found in the Constitution but they apply to both men and women. And sure state and Federal courts have discriminated against women but not on constitutional grounds. For instance in 2 1873 Cess bred Well is. Judge Joseph p. Bradley wrote of the wide differences in the respective spheres and destinies of Man and hence Man is or should be women s pro Tector and defender. The natural and proper timidity and delicacy which belongs to the female sex evidently units it for Many of the occupations of civil judge Bradley justified that Deci Sion with references to the civil nature the divine the nature of the Law of the creator and lathe general Constitution of the sole thing he could not ground his ruling in was quite strikingly the Constitution of the United states for Constitution scribes in inflicted nations today those with serious racial or ethnic tensions Goldwin offers his own Rule rights have been most secure where the constitutional list of rights is Short negative free of guarantees and not linked to seems strange. But it also seems to work. Tribune Media services Bush s honeymoon May last forever Mary Mcgrory Washington it is the second Spring of George Bush s Don t worry be Happy presidency and everything continues to come up roses for the politician who two years ago was a Symbol of hapless Ness. The scoring for the Bush opera is andante Canta office of management and budget director Richard Dar Man told a har Vard audience that he goes whistling to his work at the executive office build ing. His tune you can get anything you want at Alice s restaurant. That should cause sour laughs from Agency Heads vainly trying to get a Bob out of Darman for Domestic programs. Bush revels in a world where parti san considerations have been blurred to the Point of extinction. Congress does not nag him about his neglect of grave Home problems homelessness the decline in Public schools and highways or about the cockeyed priorities that made him ask for a 2" percent increase for education and 22 percent More for anachronistic Star wars. Even Bush is embarrassed no one would submit his budget to the House this week. The democratic presidential land scape is Bare. Only Jesse Jackson is stirring a sight that makes republicans smile. Sen. Sam Nunn d-ga., who scares them some has resigned from a chauvinist country club but that s All the sign he has Given. Texas commissioner of agriculture Jim Hightower Drew guffaws at a liberals lunch Here lately when he cracked never mind third parties. I d Settle for a and at a press conference announcing a series of town meetings about America s real needs leftist Leader Marc Raskin of the Institute for policy studies said we have two parties and one ideology in the s coun the former socialist mayor of Bur Lington it Bernard Sanders at the same meeting said that Bush s phenomenal popularity attests to the fact that americans still decouple a presi Dent from his policies As in the Rea years. They lose the connection Between government and being a Nice whatever the source while Ameri cans were watching Mikhail Gorba Chev taking the slings and arrows of glasnost on May Day in red Square George Bush was wrapped in warm polls that put his approval rating at go percent the marchers who poured through the Square and poured out their fury at a Leader who is a hero to the West earned the Banner of Lithuania and bitterly heckled Gorbachev about his policy. Bush has taken Gorbachev s Side in the argument. He has Given him most favored nation Trade policy treatment not so Long ago in the Era when Lithuania was one of the captive nations and receiving official Pogo encouragement to throw off the red shackles a stand could have had americans storming the White House Gates. But if there is a certain amount of grumbling on the right and cautions voiced by Senate majority Leader George Mitchell Bush is being allowed All the Elbow room he needs to make sure that Gorbachev comes to the Summit and maybe even that he signs some kind of a nuclear arms treaty. Senate Republican whip Alan Simpson says the president s sue ceases come about because of a highly sophisticated seduction tech Nique. He s always calling up people both parties. He does t ask them for their vote he asks them for their opinion. He does sometimes ask for votes but often he just Calls to listen. The people he Calls know he won t Embarrass them and they Don t try to Embarrass him. They know he does t lose sleep trying to diddle two hostages were released in the past week. In the Middle East the heavy lifting is being done by Bob Dole. If a president can have better Luck than having an erstwhile presidential rival take the heat from Israel for him it is hard to think what it might be it s just one of the elements that make people think that Bush the for Mer klute is magic and that his honeymoon in the Oval office May never end. Universal press Syndicate plastic pc up a pro. Wou Tunt think a pump wow 0uen Loirre it amiably Hak what s that coff Shokri Bobble 6meu? ssi

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