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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Mar 15 1980, Page 2

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - March 15, 1980, Venice, Florida2�?Sun coast gondolier Venice Florido so Turnoy Morch 15. 1980 a an editorial golfers 1 Venice Airport 0 we find it difficult to understand Why Venice City Council recently voted not to proceed with installation of a proposed safety Fence at the City a Airport. It appears to be a Case of some councilmen a a Kuckling under to demands of a special interest group the Lake Venice Golf association especially since the golfers objections to the Fence have been the sole stumbling Block in the project. Reports from the Federal aviation administration and sightings by pilots and others at the Airport confirm that a serious safety situation does exist. The golfing group has repeatedly used As an argument the fact that no accidents have yet occurred at the Airport. That Type of rationalization could be used to say that Venice never need take Hurricane precautions since a Hurricane has not hit Here in Many years. We would Hope an Accident never does take place at the Airport but it would be tragic if one should happen that might have been prevented by a safety Fence. Although the question of the City a liability in the event of an Accident at the Airport has received much attention the real threat to be considered is the possible loss of life. If some child or adult should wander onto the runway and be maimed or killed the matter of liability would became academic at least to the victim. The time to be concerned is now when an Accident might be prevented not later when it is too late to reverse a tragic happening. 1 we believe the four members of Council who voted against the Fence have demonstrated shortsightedness As stated by at least one of the opposing members and have shown Lack of leadership by not securing for Venice that which is in the Best interest of the City rather than the interest of a relatively Small group of individuals. D decidedly Enison by Norah Denison its that time of the year when the ghosts of my ancestors from the Ould Sod place a spell on me turning my formally red blood a Peculiar Shade of Green. Today venetians of All nationalities will become Irish for a Day donning anything Green drinking Stout and munching corned beef and cabbage then trotting downtown to watch the local St. Paddy a Parade. By the Way my Friend Kathryn whose father was Irish claims that corned beef is Only an american idea of a typically gaelic meal. She says pork would be More in keeping with the True Irish spirit and i guess she should know. But anyway Back to the Parade. There a something about a Parade that a irresistible even when its bad. Like a flurry of Sweet Little mini majorettes marching out of step and dropping their Batons. Or an antique car that Breaks Down holding up the line for fifteen minutes. Or a pack of scouts looking embarrassed. I mean its totally All american and charming As All get out. Next to Macy a thanksgiving Day Parade i like a St. Paddy a event Best. That Way i have a Good excuse to put on a Green Scarf Green shirt and my grungy Green Tennis shoes All in clashing shades and generally make a spectacle of myself. Last year i happened to be standing next to a pleasant Middle aged couple watching the marchers troop by. The woman turned to me peered into my face and then said a Well i certainly done to have to ask what nationality you Are a its times like that that make me especially proud to be Irish. Occasionally however a myths surrounding the inhabitants of the Emerald Isle begin to Bug me and id like to do a Little debunking. Take for example the myth that the Irish Are habitual. Drunkards. This is not so. True my family tree is peppered with sets but this is merely a Cionci a Dence. The sets were Welsh. Also there a a Nasty Rumor going around to the effect that everyone of Irish descent is a Little crazy. Not True. Look at me. Just because i live dangerously indulge in Wanton and corrupt behaviour and work for a newspaper is no reason to suspect there a anything wrong with my mental state. A craziness is relative anyway. Speaking of which did i Ever Tell you the Story about my great Uncle Oakie ? letters to the editor claims boys Don t have i read that our state department has a new policy called a differential what it amounts to is this hispanics Oriental americans and indians . Will have five Points automatically added to their test scores when they make application for jobs As foreign service officers. If the people from these minorities get a 70 score on their tests they will be on the eligibility list for appointment. If however someone wanting to Hook on to that kind of Plush Job happens to be jewish or Irish or a Catholic or an ethnic person of Eastern or Southern european background or a member of other mobs of minorities that get classified As unmet table ethnics a score of 75 is needed to get into the state department door. That a interesting Isnit it it seems that whoever is running this particular show in the . Capital is going in for reverse racism. Could it be that this particular gang is trampling on the intent of the civil rights act of 1964? that piece of legislation intended to Rule out arbitrary stuff in hiring and promotion such As race color Creed National origin Etc. If we free born americans must be bigoted about it lets come up with a system which will make sure that not Only minorities at the Bottom of the Dollar earning ladder Are advanced but that minorities Over privileged in the past pay the Price. No i Haven to gotten myself a Pinkie card. As you read on you can say a far from pm told that so far the Blacks in the state department Are not in proportion to their share of the population. Some think it is also obvious that there a a closed shop there controlled by wasps of the old school tie brigade. Maybe the new extra Point hiring system is trying to even things up. But is there sincerity in the attempt Here a a program proposal that might Appeal to the liberals whose belief in Equality in not a Hundred percent hypocritical. Suppose we include in the a a minorities who receive that 5 percent add on the americans who Are second third and fourth generation americans like those of us whose parents grandparents or great grandparents were pass through at Ellis Island. Then lets subtract five Points from the score of an applicant who went to a new England prep school like Exeter or Choate five Points from the Ivy league grads add five Points to grads from Michigan state and the like take away five from the applicant whose annual family income is less than $150,000. In Mon the opinion that if the bigots who came up with the new plan noted in the first paragraph really believe the reverse racism they shout about then Why done to they practice it themselves rather than throwing the Cost of it off on some Middle class kid from Indiana who was Only a a student at a big ten school. If the old school types who have dominated the foreign service for a Century or More feel its time to open up some desks to Cherokee indians then let some of the old schooners move out to make room. After All it was not the poles jews or italians who invented any slavery or second class citizenship for any racial group in our Usa they found it Here already when they arrived at the new York Harbor Island Gates without a dime in their jeans. So if 10th generation so called liberals believe in reverse discrimination to pay for the sins of their great grandparents let them show it be example. Most of my readers i feel certain will agree with me that during the season when the neighbourly nomads from the North Are with us our Normal annoyances suddenly become painful problems due to the great jump in our population. Nowhere is this development in our culture More accentuated than at the United states Post office. Even before our visitors arrive the situation where they have the Only mailing game in town can be frustrating for the customers. When i was a boy we used to play Post office with the girls and it was great fun. But the Way they play in that red Brick building on West Venice Avenue is far from exciting. Most people say it is an exercise in futility because of the Long line that usually greets them. The other morning i found it necessary to seek the Aid of this massive mailing service in order to dispatch missives to my loved ones from the West Cost to the great lakes. I immediately sized up the situation and Felt like a Square for staying in line because there were 18 individuals ahead of me some with parcels. Then i glanced at the counter behind which the postal clerks toil. There were Only three clerks and in the next 10 minutes the line Only shortened by three. Suddenly i realized my presence in that line was an exercise in stupidity. I had left in the car a letter that i had to have registered. Already there were six More persons behind me but i dropped out feeling like a fool because 1 knew i had to return. When i returned with the letter and tried to avoid attention at the end of the line filled with not so patient patrons it seemed All eyes were upon me. It was not what i read in their eyes but the Way they smiled and snickered that humiliated me. To the editor whatever happened to a a boy so Little league baseball when i was a boy i enjoyed competing with other boys in Little league Ball but nowadays Many done to seem to realize that there is a fundamental difference Between boys and girls and the a new morality encourages girls to compete with boys. God created Man to be a Leader he created woman to be a following not inferior but a Follower. Consequently when our society fails to recognize this fundamental difference it perverts gods creative design. Someone might be thinking that encouraging girls to compete with boys does no to seem that bad but its that kind of thinking that is reaching up through our nation even into the military. A do you suppose ill get out of Here in time for lunch a an elderly Man ahead of me asked. Quot that depends on whether you eat Early or late a i replied. A i plan on eating in less than an still there were Only three clerks and the line was constantly growing at my end while it was diminishing much slower at the head. Every time someone walked to a clerk with a package a sigh of resignation would sweep the room. Packages we soon Learned were time Consumers. Having plenty of time to do anything that did no to require my leaving the line i attempted to reason How this deplorable situation could be eased. The clerks certainly be blamed because they were losing no time in providing service. Then i noticed there were two openings for clerks but no clerks to fill them. That was the Core of the problem and who should be blamed for that my first answer to that was the postmaster. After mulling that Over i decided it could be the fault of someone in Washington who was reducing service to Cut expenses. By the time i came to that conclusion the line had sullenly and silently progressed until i was within five feet of the breakaway Point where a clerk is waiting to serve the patrons. A How come there Arentt More clerks with such a crowd a i asked a pleasant male mailman. A a in a afraid you la have to ask someone in Washington about that Quot he replied. A we work As fast As we can and we done to like it anymore than you a a you re a jewel a i informed him. A i shall try to do something about a if Only you could be of help a he said patting my Back. As i walked away he shouted Quot hurry i did find Relief from the waiting problem but in a not going to Tell you How to spell it. Also any thinking individual knows that when you Start a 7 or 8 year old girl competing with boys she is going to Start forming wrong ideas in her head that could possibly stay with her All her life. I know of some boys who Are not going to get to play Ball because their dads done to want them to think that competing to the editor let me enlighten you As to your human interest picture with caption alone and forgotten a if it could Only speak a this derelict Hull which no doubt could Tell Many a tale was almost the catalyst in a disastrous tale of one Tom Sawyer Kevin Shook and Huck finn Kevin Kavolski of South Venice. These two adventuresome souls dragged this monster from the Edge of Alligator Creek out into the intr coastal invested their hard earned funds on oars and with stubborn determination tugged pulled pushed and exhausted every Effort to Beach this derelict in Hopes of turning this situation into a work project where they no doubt would to the editor your March 8 edition carried a number of stories concerning Venice Hospital. There was a letter regarding the hospitals successful defense of a lawsuit the egg Monitor the Hospital Volunteer meeting and the Venice Hospital Cost containment program. I thought it appropriate to add my words of Praise to a Fine institution. The citizens of South to the editor Sears Roebuck is currently conducting a a drive a bargain Quot sweepstakes in the Florida West coast area. Featured As the top prize is a Dat Sun which is heralded As a a american so High mileage car. The fact is that the Dat Sun is not an american car but japanese. It is incredible that Sears would use a foreign car in this advertising Campaign. Quotes from All Over a in love Money shared increases love Money Given kills Stendhal Chance with girls is Normal. And i can to blame them a bit. If some of our a a enlightened parents want their girls to play baseball Why done to they form their own Little league for girls and Stop ruining a Good american tradition Why must Era pry 0 into everything i think its time to Start drawing lines. Jim saturday Venice eventually have headed for the Gulf these courageous Young men May have saved other youngsters from a Fate worse than death the remains were left for the Sarasota county or the South Venice civic association or the w City of Venice whomever chooses to clean up the disaster that should have been removed so temptations of this nature do not endanger the lives of others especially kids who tend to Rise to new Heights at All costs hopefully this derelict has the same sentiment a Mother would have and be relieved that its last 0 voyage of Freedom was a Well taught lesson to Many Andy Speer Parent Venice county have every reason to be very proud of the Venice Hospital its employees staff and administration. Many of us who reside in North county do recognize the magnificent Job the Venice Hospital does. Our Best wishes to the Hospital and its Many Fine supporters. A Jim Tollerton Clu chairman of the Board Sarasota memorial Hospital Many of Sears a customers are0 retirees and pensioners whose welfare depends on continued Prosperity of steel companies automobile manufacturers and the like. The . Has a serious annual balance of Trade deficit with Japan. Why add to it. Edmond Venice a a go on with old shoes until god brings new proverb us Sno 221700 six coast Gox Dolivek published by Sun Cost gondolier inc. Covering the entire South Sar Solo county area Telephone 813 484 2611 Derec Dunn Rankin president and publisher Sam Dillon John c Hewens editor director of sales Roberta Vedder % general manager Jim Beans. Sports Dorothy Lippstreuer social new Edito m b Macfarlane news editor Helen Hastings. North port news Ned Burke. News features Virginia Small. News features Paul Schmidt. Photographer David Bitner. Circulation manager Linda Knapp. advertising manager the Sun coast gondolier is published every thursday and so Turnoy by Sun coast gondolier. Int., 200 e Miami ave p o to no 1028 Venice Florido second Doss postage paid at the Post Ohice at Venice Florida 33595. Postal service regulations require All Moil subscriptions to be paid in Advance subscription rates Carrier delivery s 15-year, $9-s 1 months s 15-Yeor, $ 9-six months $5-three months advertising representatives Florido press service toll Hosse Flo american newspaper representative new York n y Atlanta go Detroit. Mich says derelict Hull invited disaster adds to Praise for Hospital exhorts All to buy american

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