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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Mar 13 1980, Page 4

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - March 13, 1980, Venice, Florida4�?sun coast gondolier Venice. Florido thursday March 13, 1980 drug meeting tonight if your child were a doing drugs a would you know it do you really know what your child is doing do you know what to look for a special drug abuse town meeting featuring or. Thomas j. Gleaton jr., of Georgia state University is being planned to help parents find answers to questions like these announced mrs. Robert a. Terri Mclelland chairman of the event. The town meeting scheduled for 8 . Today thursday at Sarasota Junior High school will be co sponsored by the Sarasota county school Board and the Sarasota drug abuse task Force headed by or. Charles Koch of Venice. Its the next step in the War against drug abuse among Sarasota county school children which began late in 1979 when concerned parents met with the school Board and at the school boards request organized As the Sarasota drug abuse task Force. Or. Gleaton director of the health education majors program at Georgia state University in Atlanta is director of Pride parents resources and information on drug education in Atlanta and consultant to the National Institute on drug abuse and was a member of the Georgia governors advisory Council on drug abuse from 1976 through 1978. In appearances throughout the country or. Gleaton has worked to educate parents about the drug problem and what they can do to fight it. Some of the Points expected to be made in his town meeting talk according to mrs. Mclelland a marijuana is not the a a harmless recreational substance widely assumed during the permissive 60s and 70s. A drug abuse starts in Grade school. A children get a a do drugs message every where mass Media from their friends and older groups of youngsters. A there Are Many things parents can do and Are doing in Many communities. Or. Gleaton last month addressed Naples informed parents a Pioneer Parent group which has made National headlines for its fight against drug abuse among children in a Community similar in Many ways to Sarasota. Former Sarasota Pat Mead Barton head of the Naples group spoke to the Sarasota Bay Republican women a club in january in an earlier step toward alerting Sarasota parents. Or. Gleaton has a is and a from the University of Alabama and an from the University of Southern Mississippi and has been a member of the Georgia state University faculty since 1975. At a governors reception the Georgia office of Volunteer service recognized him for his outstanding Volunteer contribution during 1977. Something must be done about this serious Community problem and it is hoped the town meeting on drug abuse will be a first step to Alert the Community to the problem declared mrs. Mclelland. Land spread plan hits Snag golfers win fencing out continued from Pagel for golfing purposes if it were making such a decision today but admitted that the decision concerning the Golf course was made years ago when different people were involved. A Hindsight is better than foresight a he said. When asked about the possibility of limiting the height of the Fence along the Golf course Boundary to four feet rather than the six feet suggested by Faa Sheppard said he could take a look at such a proposal but thought his answer would be negative. Later in the conference City councilman John Kalajian asked Sheppard a we can do whatever we want but if the Fence is not six feet Faa fund it right a a right a said Sheppard. Rohmann asked about the possibility of fencing in the entire Airport and Golf course in one package which would also help eliminate the vandalism problem at the Golf course but Sheppard said a a not to this proposal also. The possibility of using a swale with the six foot Fence in the Center thus removing the height obstruction problem was suggested and received tentative approval from Sheppard. However the consensus of the group was that the Cost of digging such a swale approximately 20 feet wide and As much As two Miles Long would be prohibitive. Rohmann said the Lake Venice Golf association would do anything regardless of Cost in order to save the five holes which he claims would be lost if the six foot Fence is constructed the required 292 feet from the Center of the runway. He said a we could live with 260 feet Quot and agreed to obtain Cost estimates for a swale 20 feet wide with a six foot Fence in the Center. Although Rohmann insists the proposed Fence would eliminate the five holes and would possibly cause the loss of the entire course some City councilmen along with the chairman of the Airport advisory David w. Heilman d.d.s., general dentistry announces the opening of his office at 463 s. Venice by pass phone 966-4541 saturday appointment available All Day. Board believe the holes could be relocated. City manager Dale Rieth said the City a consulting Engineer Edward Redington feels there is ample land to relocate certain holes and possibly even governmental funding available to accomplish the task. Councilman Lucie Grey said she would like to see a plan that would completely move three of the holes to other locations away from the runways thus keeping both golfers and pilots Safe. Councilman r. L. Bob Anderson said a we need to get this thing off dead Center and get he asked that City Engineer Ken Anderson be requested to estimate the Cost of a swale. Many of the Golf association members have protested the Fence construction by citing that there has never been an Accident at the Airport in All the years the Golf course has been there. Sheppard said not building the safety Fence is like driving a car without insurance referring to the City a liability in the event of an Accident. Venice City officials Learned this week that a plan to fertilize Lake Venice Golf course with effluent from the sewer Plant May not be feasible. Edward Redington consulting Engineer for the City reported at tuesdays Council meeting that the water table for the proposed land spread area May be too High for the project to work properly. Redington was assisted in his presentation by or. Louis Motz from Law engineering in Tampa. Motz with the visual Aid of transparencies projected on a Council chamber Wall showed that the downward movement to deeper aquifers at the Airport site was negligible. A water level contour map showed the underground water level in the proposed land spread area to Range from Zero to 11 feet above sea level which meant that in the Airport area the water table was Only three to five feet below existing ground level. Motz pointed out this was not enough room to add much water. Redington said a possible solution could be installation of under drains to lower the water table and make it possible to add Wastewater at the desired rate. The Cost of such drains however is estimated at $500,000. Another alternative is the deep Well injection method but Redington said this system has not fared Well on the West coast of Florida. The City of Sarasota attempted such a solution but was forced to resort to land spread when the deep Well method proved unsatisfactory. If the land spread method is used on the Golf course it would then be necessary to remove grass clippings each time mowing is done. A you never remove any nutrients until you haul something away a said Redington. It is necessary to remove nutrients from the area to prevent their assimilation into the aquifers at a greater level than considered Safe. Although a Large part of the Airport area is considered less than satisfactory for the land spread process it was mentioned that a Good portion of the site along the intr coastal waterway had fairly Good drainage with the water table As much As eight feet below the surface. Redington suggested the planting of crops such As Alfalfa in this area to take up a Large portion of the nutrients and said the Sale of the crop might at least offset part of the Cost of the operation. Councilman r. L. Bob Anderson said he realized his proposal for commercial development of the Eastern portion of Airport land was negated by the need to use that area for land spread operation. It has been determined that 360 acres of land would be required to handle the land spread operation from the 2.8 million gallon per Day sewage treatment system. Redington said he does not think that much acreage is available and said the City would have to maximize the use of the areas available. Another solution suggested was to limit the present Plant capacity to 2 million Gallons per Day and make the new Plant on the East Side of the intr coastal waterway Large enough to handle the balance. Anderson said the Federal aviation administration would also have to approve the land spread operation since it might remove income producing capabilities from Airport land. It was decided Redington should come Back to Council with answers As to what can be designed to handle the effluent and what it will Cost. It was noted that it would be possible to get involved in further expense that the Federal government might not be willing to share. The army Reserve. Part of what you earn is Pride. City to oppose dredging permit cd Tine Fror Pagel spread Over land adjacent to the already completed parking and Lawn areas. The permit request states the mangrove Island is not to be disturbed and says the Island should provide Wake Protection for boats which would Dock at the pier. The application says a there will be no commercial activities on the pier a indicating it will be used solely for mooring Small transient boats. An environmental Impact statement is apparently not required since the dredging and pier construction will reportedly not affect endangered or threatened species or their critical habitat. At a nov. 19 meeting of the West coast Inland navigation District Board Windit was determined the Board of commissioners would submit a letter of a no objection to the application. 0 a sketch included with the application shows the deck located at the southernmost Point of the dredged area with the pier hugging the Shoreline in a northerly direction. The total area of the wooden Structure is listed at 1,385 Square feet. County blasts gds plans continued from Pagel master plan rather than on its first phase of development which includes some 2,000 acres and would provide 4,000 Home Sites. Nelson said gds officials talked at length about their a new Eye to Eye by Douglas e Williamson m l director Venice Eye clinic preb., Williamson Eye lab inc i us Illiamson it it Ino inc s<3fw<fc cr-39 plastic sunglasses .cr-39 plastic sunglasses absorb excessive sunlight which eliminates Glare and therefore they provide Comfort when you Are outside especially in our Bright Florida Sunshine. Cr-39 plastic sunglasses absorb excessive sunlight which protects a or dark adaptation mechanism. Therefore wearing it r sunglasses during the Day time especially Here in bight sunny Florida will allow you to see better at night and thus drive More safely at night. Do not Wear your sunglasses at night. Cr-39 plastic sunglasses absorb the suns Ultra Violet radiation which is More pronounced Here in Florida than up North and this therefore helps prevent certain types of cataracts which Are caused by the Ultra Violet Light found in excessive sunlight. 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Florida 33595 Telephone 813 485-4868 other locations at Englewood Englewood Eye clinic 150 s. Indiana ave St re. 775. Arad Law Arcadia Eye clinic 25 East Oak St. North port North port Village shopping Center port Charlottes Harbor Square shopping Center Sarasota Snelling Plaza 4000 s. Tamami Trail commission race Liili i arks continued from Page 1 there is also the possibility that Fischer May move to the Venice area in which Case he would be a candidate for Larry Rhodes a District 5 seat. Rhodes is already against stiff Competition from Bob Anderson a Venice City councilman who has declared his candidacy. Such a move would surely Light a fire under both candidates. Then again Fischer May opt to remain in District 3 where Tom Mcelheny Mabry Carlton and Jerry winegarten have already expressed their desire to take Over retiring James Neville a seat on the Board. Fischer appears to be in no hurry to declare where his new residence will be located. Sources admit he is possibly Savouring the sight of his opponents perplexed expressions. Fischer apparently realizes that for the time being at least he is in control of the game and that the next move is up to him. Community which in 30 to 35 years could very Well be populated by More than 45,000 people. He said the gds plan does not comply with county regulations and that members of the county planning department testified to that effect at the hearings. However gds produced its own Quot expert witnesses who supported go cd a Side of the argument. Some of these experts commissioner John Saba pointed out were on the county a Side during the original hearings and now they Are testifying in go cd a behalf. A this a Divide and conquer thing is ludicrous a said Saba. He urged his fellow commissioners to support Nelson and to let gds know that the county is fully behind its attorney. A if we need extra funds we them a he declared. Will find commissioner James Neville acknowledged that gds is a very powerful organization and that its attempts to a override Public interest Are unbelievable. M Nelson also admitted that go t is a Well organized and a very dominant organization with land holdings capable of sustaining some two million people or 20 percent of the states entire population. A the state recognizes a problem does exist a said Nelson a but believes it must be resolved on a local level. Because of the ecologically sensitive areas involved it is up to us to come to grips with them. This will be the first time anyone has attempted such a Battle and it May Cost the county More Money to do of opening free 100,000-mle/ 5-year limited factory scout Stii off Road vehicle. Travel tops Utility vehicle. Traveler family Wagon. Terra i ton up. 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