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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Mar 13 1980, Page 2

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - March 13, 1980, Venice, Florida2�?Sun coast gondolier. Venice Florida thursday March 13. 1980 if the questions asked me about the National and International crises facing the United states Are any indication of the Public interest in the situation the problem must be causing most of us to worry about the future. I can to remember since i have been writing this column when More readers have contacted me in one Way or another to seek information about some aspect of the american dilemma. Also the conversation at every social event i have attended recently usually switches to Iran Russia or the state of the Economy. A few acquaintances have expressed interest in what congressman a a skip Bafalis thinks about the situation and one Reader called me to get the answer to a couple of questions which i was unable to provide. So he suggested i Call the congressman and get the information from him which i did. Everything i have heard read or seen in recent weeks has indicated that our government is in a monumental mess and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. I suggested this to the congressman and he said i was right on the Ball. A the nations capital and the entire nation is in bad shape a Bafalis told me. A what we need is a Complete shakeup in the this comment did no to Surprise me inasmuch As our congressman is a Republican and also because i feel the same Way about it. As Many of you know Bafalis has for several years been the Leader of a drive for the nation to adopt a constitutional amendment prohibiting deficit spend ing. He believes that if an anti deficit amendment can be brought to the floor of the House it will be passed overwhelmingly. He is pleased that 49 senators recently joined ranks to try to pass a Bill that would require a balanced budget each year. The congressman is very unhappy about the situation in Iran and said he has considered introducing a Resolution to have our government go before the International court to request that Iran be fined about $500,000 per Day from now until the hostages Are released. He believes Iran would respond to that kind of pressure. A Domestic problems will soon predominate in the Campaign a Bafalis said a and i expect Carters High rating to begin to drop. Right now i believe Many of the voters Are marking their ballots for Carter not because last week the folks Down South Venice Way a and there Aro a lot of us a voted in a special election. It was an important official election for off the Island residents. It. Was unfortunate that Many of t he off islanders neglected to get Over to the voting places to express their yeas and nays on getting revenues to pay the freight for an important service function. Here a what the election was All about. Out Here we have the dubious distinction of being part of one of those Florida setups which to me is a rarity a special tax District. This one is a Road and Bridge District. As liar As this memo is concerned the election is Only an elongated secondary theme leading into the primary one a Why tax districts theri2 Are 103 Miles of roads streets or lanes within the boundaries of the tax District. Only a Lousy Mere 13 of those Miles Are maintained by the county. I wish i knew what criteria determines who maintains what the Road and Bridge District does its maintaining with a couple of pieces of outdated us Sno 2?21 700 Sun coast gondolier published by Sun coast gondolier inc. Covering the entire South Sarasota county area Telephone 813 484-2611 Sam Dillon editor Derek Dunn Rankin president and publisher John c Hewens director of sales Robert a Vedder general manager Jim Dorothy Lipf Streuer social news Edito m b Macfarlane. News editor Helen port news Ned Burke news features Virginia Small news features Paul Schmidt. Photographer David Bitner circulation manager Linda Knapp. Administrative advertising manager the Sun coast gondolier is published every thursday Ond saturday by Sun coast gondolier. Inc. 200 e Miami ave p o to no. 1028 Venice Florida. Second class postage paid at the Post office at Venice f Lorida 33595 postal service regulations require All mail subscriptions to be paid in Advance subscription rates Warrior delivery $ 15-year, $9-six months $ 15-year $9-six months $5-three months advertising representatives Florida press service Tallahassee flo., american newspaper representative new York n y Atlanta go Detroit Mich they necessarily want him but instead Are voting in protest against the congressman was very unhappy when the president approved a in commission to go to Iran because two of the commissioners Are representatives of countries which Are unfriendly to the United states. I gathered that congressman Bafalis believes Ronald Reagan will win the Republican Nomina Tion and he definitely stated he believes it is too late for former president Gerald Ford to make a successful run for the presiden tial roses. The two questions one of my readers wanted answered concerned iranian diplomats and students in this country. He recalled that Carter had ordered Many of the iranian diplomats in the . Be sent Home and also wanted All undesirable iranian students deported. Since that order there has been Little publicity As to what has happened. Bafalis said the iranians Are still Here because the matter was taken to court and it could be months or even years before the court can act on the legality of the presidents order so most of the iranians Are in the . As i was finishing this column news came of the monumental Flap Over our vote in the in Security Council against Israel. Most of the big news today reads like a Page out of a malice in equipment and minimum pairs of hands. To get a maintained a the residents have been paying an annual special District tax of 20 cents per front foot. The election asked for an increase of a Nickel Quot for each foot. Since most of our lots out Here in the District have 80 front feet the increase would have added Only four dollars a year to the 16 Bucks each property owner currently Forks Over to the District. When you come right Down to it neither $16 nor $20 is adequate. Those paltry sums wont pave the roads necessitated by new construction in the tax District. Those few dollars wont begin to fix the potholes in the existing roads and streets which Are substandard construction by county standards. In a told there Arentt enough Revenue pennies to keep the Many ditches lining South Venice thoroughfares free from stagnant Mosquito Breeding water. Since the majority of those voting nixed the increase they must be Content to go along with the maintenance deficiencies. Or d decidedly Enison by Norah Denison a the rites of Spring who knows what the weather will be like when this column appears in print but As i write this the thermometer reads 72 degrees and its nothing Short of gorgeous outside. A climate such As this Breeds Romance let me Tell you. There a just something about sunny skies and warm Balmy breezes that brings out the Schmaltz in me. So if you have a Low tolerance level for Gushy prose skip Over the shuffleboard scores. When the weather is cooperative life a simple pleasures become even nicer. Take today for example. My Man and i threw our sweaters and Coats aside and took a stroll Over the Bridge to a local waterfront tavern and sat outside to enjoy the boats and the Birds. This particular bar offers the Best hotdogs in Florida. They re called a belly busters and Are served with a variety of condiments including a piquant relish that tastes something like Crunchy dynamite. These dogs Are about three times the size of your Garden variety sausage and i defy you to eat More than one and a half at a sitting. Accompanied by a cold Beer or soda the combination is nothing Short of sensational on a warm Day. Even the pelicans seemed unusually smug today squatting on the pilings underneath the Bridge digesting a belly Load of seafood. As we crossed the Bridge Back into town a charter fishing boat was pulling out of the wharf loaded with vacationing fishermen wearing Happy expectant expressions. You have to admit a Nice Day like today is a Cut above the q cruddy Winter weather we be been enduring lately. So i think my attack of the cutes is justified. I really had to psych myself to steer my legs in the direction of the office today much less sit Down and write something even Semi profound. Originally i had planned to Type up a scathing attack on the state of the Economy but in a 0 feeling much too genial and it la just have to wait for a Rainy Day. Can you stand All this niceness cheer up. It la pass. Letters to the editor she does t like bickering Label to the editor concerning the recent letter by Betty Stahl entitled a sick of Laurel Road bickering a i As a Laurel Road resident believe this Issue is much too serious and important to All the residents living on this Road to be likened to Petty a a bickering among neighbors. Unless someone has really been involved in an Issue such As this they really done to know what is involved with Legal procedures in solving the situation. I suggest mrs. Stahl attend More than one meeting so she can learn just what is at Issue. The things she brought out about a resident having his House for Sale or a resident pulling Marl off the Road onto his driveway Are not the Issue and this is what causes bickering. To sum it up there Are reasons other than increased property values for having paved roads. I wish to make a direct reprint of the Sarasota county Ord. No. 78-53, which regulates the operation of borrow pits in Sarasota county. Paragraph b of Section 3 and sub paragraphs 1-4 says a the county Engineer shall Issue Earth moving permits after approval by the Board of county commissioners which shall be granted after a Public hearing maybe the a a not voters applied a logical approach to their not a. That is that even a Nickel increase do the Job. In a with the latter and it prompts me to ask this question once again Why tax districts prior to collecting Sand in my shoes i had mailing addresses in several states along the Eastern Seaboard. At every one All Public services were provided by governmental bodies called villages cities townships boroughs or counties. In this Sunshine state it does no to exactly work out that Way. Yes we have cities and counties but we Are also saddled with those strange unincorporated entities called tax districts. This illogical approach to taxation for providing Public services seems to be applied at the drop of a hat. Even residents living within municipal boundaries can get tapped with a Levy thrown at them for a special service. The ambulance District overlay on the City of Venice is a prime example. There Are tax District setups like the ambulance arrangement that provide excellent service but what is provided is All out of proportion to what the taxpayer must Lay out to get the service. Then like our South Venice Road and Bridge District the service is far from adequate and the tax bite is far too Little to do the Job. In a certain these paradoxical examples Are duplicated throughout the state. No matter what adequate funding for tax District services will cause the taxpayer As much suffering As the Guy standing in the rain without a bottle of pesto Bis Mol in his pocket a Only the taxpayers suffering will be in the Region of his Check Book. In a growth climate like we have Here lets get rid of these crazy tax districts. Why not face now and future facts and have larger governmental entities a larger cities via annexation of metro areas or counties Supply All services to All citizens with All of us paying the Bill across the Board after we receive one composite annual tax invoice. Is this a possibility or am i dreaming about something like Anita Bryant being the guest of Honor at one of Truman capote a parties Veteran Pilot airs views on Fence Issue to the editor regarding the publicity on the Venice Airport Fence i would like to make the following comments i am 71 years old and have been a resident of Florida for the past two years. I did not renew my pilots License when i came to Florida due to my age but i still think it is important to Venice to have a Well run and Well managed Airport. From my observations it is Well run and efficiently managed. However in All my life i have never seen or known of any Airport that fenced its runways. This is an impractical idea and one that is a Hazard to Landing and Takeoff of planes during crosswinds. I am astounded that the a Powers that be would Ever consider such a move. It is impossible to Fence the end of the runways and impractical to Fence out the hangars and tie Down area at Venice Airport. Therefore the argument that a Lence would keep out automobiles bicycles and children is a bit off base a unless the City plans to Post a 24-hour guard at the end of each runway. Try and think of All the airports you have been in and out of during your lifetime. Did you Ever see one with fenced runways the Only reason for this Fence i believe is that somewhere there is $200,000 your tax dollars and mine that someone wants to spend. Claris s. Persons Venice golfer asks for equal time to the editor after listening to the discussion wednesday . In the Venice City Council room i feel i have to rebut a lot of the statements made by various officers. I came Down Here to retire and enjoy playing Golf or fishing or various other things. But in All my years Down Here playing Golf at least three to four times a week i have yet to see children or motorcycles at the Airfield nor any Accident on the Field. I can to see where a Fence will eliminate any of these things. I came from Paterson n.j., and Teterboro Airport never had a Fence around it and they landed four engine Craft. Why do we want to squander roughly $300,000 for nothing William Richelshagen Venice t Venice High Roth says thanks to the editor we of the Marine corps Junior Roth at Venice High school would like to thank publicly the Venice police department and fraternal order or police Lodge 45 for their support of our program. Each year we have numerous Drill competitions and Rifle matches travelling throughout the state. Since these trips Are not funded by the Marine corps or the school we must pay for transportation and other costs ourselves. We do this by Selling various articles during the year through donations from the various organizations in Venice. The Venice police department has sponsored a pistol match at the police pistol Range with the proceeds going to help defray some of our expenses. The Venice Fop has sponsored a drawing to help also. Between these two organizations which at times Are the same they have aided our cadets in cutting costs to themselves. With this kind of support we can t lose. We will travel to our events this year with a minimal Cost to the individual student and have More incentive to win for our school and More particularly for our town of Venice. Once again a big thank you to these organizations. Maj Roth unit Venice High school capt. . Craig senior Marine instructor a sgt. . Harrison Marine instructor with written notice to adjacent property owners As determined by reference to the latest county tax Rolls if the Board has competent substantial evidence that 1. The pits excavations of filling will not interfere with the proper functioning of any sanitary storm or drainage system or natural Flowage Way whether Public or private so As to create flooding or Public health hazards 2. Public nuisances resulting from dust and noise will not be caused 3. Excessive damage not covered by the Bond amount will not result to the Street and Road system and 0 4. The pits excavations or filling will not adversely affect groundwater Levels or water those of us who Are involved in the meetings concerning Laurel Road have brought this ordinance to the attention of the Board of county commissioners and asked that this ordinance be enforced for the general health and 0 Well being of the residents and others. The Board of county commissioners has decided this problem cannot be solved without paving Laurel Road. As for the attack on or. Hurts proposal i would like to say Only one thing if someone can come up with a better idea then do it instead of attacking it. I suggest mrs. Stahl write her own proposal and attend the meetings on the Laurel Road Issue. I have gone to All the meetings and a person who has Only gone to one meeting cannot possibly grasp the magnitude of the problem and intelligently discuss it. Susan Powers embarrassed by slurs at City meeting to the editor i think we have All had enough of the a cry baby antics and tactics of that amorphous groups identified As the Lake Venice Golf association in connection with the Airport Fence Issue. The intemperate remarks and conduct of its spokesmen at the recent workshop hearing at Venice City Hall were a source of embarrassment to Council members the Faa and Florida Dot representatives and the citizens of Venice. 0 the Lake Venice Golf association does not represent the golfers of the area. If the association is incapable of hiring a manager who is knowledgeable about Golf course operation and maintenance and who can treat dues paying members and visitors with Courtesy and civility then to Sqq City should cancel its contract with the association and operate the course directly As a municipal operation under qualified and competent professionals. Wayne Miller Venice quotes Quot Art is Man s Refuge Frod imply Sinclair by Louis Sinclair

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