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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Mar 8 1980, Page 2

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - March 8, 1980, Venice, FloridaAn editorial life s to live Don waste it Friday dawned As a Beautiful Day in Venice warm weather was Back for the second Day in a Row. The weekend was about to begin for Many people. It meant a few Days of enjoying the warmth and Good feeling of the Florida Sunshine. For one Young Venice resident it was the end of living. As traffic passed by on Venice farm Road with workers on the Way to their jobs Drivers could see the overturned car lying in a Field by the Side of the Road. Although ambulance and Rescue vehicles were at the scene there was no need for hurrying since the sole occupant of the demolished car was already dead. Life ended for a Young Man but for his family the tragedy was just beginning. The horror of the sight that greeted them As they arrived at the Accident scene will undoubtedly remain in their memories for a Long time. It was obvious the death vehicle had left the Road apparently out of control and had crashed through some wire fencing before coming to rest on its roof with the Driver still inside. Why it happened is not so obvious and probably will remain a matter of conjecture since Only the Young Man would have known All the facts. Perhaps he was in a hurry just As so Many of us Are on so Many roads everywhere today. Is haste that important in any of our lives must we get somewhere so fast that we endanger ourselves and others seeing the lifeless body of that Young Driver with All his Hopes and dreams forever ended gave us cause to consider our own Rush to take life too fast. Slow Down a arrive alive a and possibly Avert tragedy for yourself or someone else. Wherever you re going it is better to get there late rather than not at All. When we punch the time clock for the last time and get a Gold watch along with a lot of meaningless oratory at the Farewell dinner a its retirement time. Retirement usually Means doing some things that often were Only part time actions during work years. In a talking mostly about recreation things. And in these parts there is a whole bundle of that recreation stuff going on. Once in awhile folks involved in one kind of an activity get to wrangling with others engaged in different sorts of Leisure time hobbies. Anyhow where in this country has anyone seen Airport fenced in runways and of yes put Back a few Trees and everyone will live happily Ever after. A set to of this kind might be generated by an action taken from outside the groups a like from a government body with a franchised functional control Over the retirement fun activity. We have one of those Battles going full tilt right now in the recreational activity Arena. The Fly for fun Fellows Are in the champions Corner glaring across the ring at the golfers in the challengers Corner or vice versa i Haven to yet figured out which is which. That silly fuss could be settled easily and happily outside the ring. The City should Tell the feds they done to want the Freebie Hundred thousand to build a Fence Jimmy does no to need to hand out tax Money in Florida he a going to carry the state anyway. That san easy Way to throw in the Towel on this bout and make All the contestants Happy. Maybe going out on a fishing party boat once in a while is one of your planned retirement pastimes. If it is there a a Chance you and the other members of your group might be on the verge of getting into one of those Stop the fun Battles. I read recently that some Condo residents resent a Little noise coming from one of your favorite boats preparing to weigh Anchor for the daily trip to the fishing spots. The apartment dwellers done to exactly care for the momentary sleep interruption from a source other than the rising 7 . Sun. My advice to you party boat Fishers done to climb into the ring for this fun time recreational Battle because you done to have a Chance of getting beyond the first round. In this Condo town your opposition is too powerful outweighing you by a Bunch of pounds. Fight. Put the scow in dry Dock for the duration until gasohol is available or scat gives us an in City bus system. Biking can be a recreation or it can be a necessity. As of now it is mostly a fun thing. There could be a Battle maybe two looming for recreational bikers. If the new City ordinance on Bike licensing Calls for an inflation time Cash layout for a vehicle permit the bikers might select seconds and choose weapons. And then the weapons might turn out to be Only a few blunted darts thrown in the Council Chambers. You readers who during your work life dreamed of daily motor boat trips on the Lazy shimmering Waters of the Gulf might be planning to get into a recreation Type Battle too. I read that a ban on your kind of retirement fun is High on the governors list of Energy saving actions. On this one although it might be Tough not to done to Start the All through my life i frequently heard about Tom Dick and Harry but for several months now i have been actually hearing Tom Greg and Larry. To d and a of course were the figment of someone a imagination butt g and l Are the creators of what might be called fragments of humor nonsense trivia and at times they Are pungent pundits. They also concoct commercials which Are designed to provide Revenue for their advertisers. I might even say they Are my competitors because they can be heard Over Venice a Only radio station War every morning when i am in the bathroom taking a Shower shaving washing my Teeth combing my hair Etc. Frankly i think All three of the performers on their morning Coffee hour do a credible Job and frequently Are fast on their feet when there san opening for some one liners. I assume of course that they Are and Libbing except when extolling the wares of merchants which is Why they Are there. During my career As a newsman the paper i toiled for also had a radio station and i dabbled in that medium a bit. One program i was on was a face to face confrontation on issues of the Day with one of my associates and we were supposed to make our remarks As humorous As possible. That is important to my deductions because Many males Are known to take their newspapers in those hallowed precincts and its might difficult to read if to g and l Are drumming up some business for a downtown store playing a record made in the twenties like a Barney Google a or a yes we have no bananas Quot in addition to telling a Story which might have you rolling on the floor or cause you to switch to another station because you did no to like their viewpoints on Public issues. It Wasny to always possible to make it that humorous but i Learned if the program did no to Cut the Mustard we always heard about it but if we had them rolling in the aisles we Seldom received any recognition except Mouth to Mouth. On our radio station Back in Battle Creek we had a couple of fast talkers who handled the ads on a morning show much As they do in Venice. They had a Large listening audience which they Well deserved. To g and l might be interested in knowing that one of the pair was such a Success he was lured to was in Chicago by the almighty Dollar. I understand it did no to take too Many of those dollars to bring about the switch. But it Wasny to very Long before my Friend was really in the big time. In a sure that anyone in radio will remember Joe Kelley. While at was Joe came up with the idea for a question and answer show with children which became known As a the quiz Joe asked the questions. After a couple of years in Chicago it was put on a National network and if i remember correctly my family watched it later on to almost every sunday afternoon or Early evening. Being a sedentary setter i find it interesting to hear words and expressions used to bring laughs today that i am not familiar with although up to 10 years ago i considered myself quite if Venice a terrific Trio can to reach the big time on radio there a always a Chance that one of them could make Waves in politics and another could end up As a milk magnate. Two out of three would be a respectable average. I i letters to the editor a says South county can be proud in another fuss the bikers Are sparring around a bit with the mop eders. This morning i read in the paper that the foot dealers Are upset because the motor Drivers Are making potholes in the Bike paths. This one ought to be settled at ringside too by getting the right people to fill the potholes. After All there a no need for fighting Here. Both groups Are astride two wheeled vehicles for their fun. Arentt they at this writing in the other retirement pastime areas a Tennis shuffleboard and a lot of other fun stuff there Are no Battles brewing. All is Serene. But done to be too certain something can to get started in the squared Circle. Now in a going up and watch the White sox train. That a my kind of retirement time fun. There wont be any punches thrown there. Billy Martin Isnit at the White sox Helm. To the editor a letter to the citizens of South Sarasota county there Are times in the history of communities when the citizens have a reason to be proud of some of their neighbors this is one of those times for the citizens of Venice. Over the past if month so several leading citizens of Venice and the South Sarasota county area have been the objects of a baseless Legal action brought against them. This citizen group was composed of five of the leading medical doctors in the Venice Community As Well As the administrators and volunteers who make up the Board of trustees of the Venice Hospital. During january and february of 1980, these trusted professionals and the Public spirited volunteers who compose the Board of trustees were subjected to the Type of intense stress and jeopardy that Only those who have been sued in a court of Law can appreciate. The baseless nature of the lawsuit these people were called upon to defend involves factors much too complicated and Complex to relate in a letter to the editor. Let is suffice Here to say that the South Sarasota county Community has every reason to thank the doctors administrators and trustees of the Venice Hospital for saving your Community from an unjustified and needless injury that would have had devastating effects on the people of the South Sarasota Murph s better half thanks All who helped to the editor i wish to publicly express my personal gratitude to All the concerned and caring people during my husbands sudden illness. A special tribute goes out from me to the personnel of the Venice Hospital coronary unit. The vigilant and tender care administered by them is outstanding. It is More of a a a family ministration rather than an impersonal a patient with a number Quot kind of care. I also thank our god for the help offers of help and prayers from All our dear friends and associates. Helen Murphy Venice county area in need of Hospital and medical services. Doctors Ross Sager Johnson Herron and Morrison gave up several weeks of their medical practice to be present in Couri Quot during the trial of this matter. The Hospital administrators and several members of the Board of trustees likewise sacrificed their time and private pursuits to demonstrate their sincere interest in seeing that the Venice area continues to receive the High Caliper of Hospital and medical care to which it has grown accustomed and to which a Quot it is clearly entitled. Because Venice Hospital and its medical staff were absolutely right in their concern for the Quality of health care delivery flowing from the Venice Hospital they Defeated the meritless claim lodged against them in Federal court. Now with that court Case i matter of history the Venice Hospital will be Able to pursue its plans for expansion so that it May better care for the medical needs of you the Reader and your families. Herbert t. Schwartz Gainesville Fla. Editors note the author of the above letter was one of the lawyers representing the Doc a i tors administrators and trustees in the recent lawsuit discussed in the letter Sun coast gondolier published by v Sun coast gondolier inc. A is a covering the entire South Sarasota county area Telephone 813 484-2611 Derek Dunn Rankin president and publisher Sam Dillon John c Hewens editor director of sales Robert a Vedder general manager Jim ,s Dorothy Lippstreuer social news editor m b. Macfarlane. News editor Helen port news Ned Burke. News features Virginia Small. News features Paul David manager Linda advertising manager the Sun coast gondolier a a published every thursday Ond saturday by Sun coast gondolier. Inc 200 e Miami Box no. 1028 Venice Florida. Second Doss postage paid at the Post Ohice at Venice. Florida 33595. Postal service regulations require All mail subscriptions to be paid in Advance subscription rates Carrier delivery $15-year $9-six months $ 15-year $9-six months is three months advertising representatives Florida press service Tallahassee Fla american newspaper representative new York n y Atlanta go Detroit Mich d decidedly Enison by Norah Denison the terror of business 41 has returned so put on your crash helmets and Pray for mercy after More than twelve wheelless months i once again find myself in the Drivers seat and what a Relief it is. Living without a car was not an excruciating trauma since i live right in the Center of town and everything i need is within a six Block radius. But anything outside the City limits meant a cab ride or sponging a ride from someone and that gets to be a grind for everyone involved. So once More i find myself behind the wheel joining the multitudes in the Gas lines forking out Mucho Bucks for insurance and just generally getting Back into the mainstream of our expensive free Wheeling society. On the other hand its such a pleasure to have the Freedom that Ricky the rambler affords. Not Only will i save time running my shopping errands but ill save Money on my food Bills by buying from the supermarket rather than the Corner convenience store. And no More huffing and puffing As i lumber Down to the laundromat on sunday mornings on the verge of a rupture or a heart attack. Now that i think of it ill be Able to accomplish the Wash and the shopping in a fraction of the time it took when i relied solely on my Gams for transportation. After All time is Money is it not also if i suddenly have the urge to take in a movie i can just hop in the Hulk and chug off to the neighbourhood Cinema. I can to Tell you How Long its been since in be got a beef write a letter seen a flick that Wasny to on late night television. However there Are drawbacks to owning a car besides the obvious Cost Factor. Until now walking has been my Only form of True exercise and now that my daily constitutional will be drastically reduced there a always the Chance that ill become two ton Tessie. Considering that in a already popping out of my size tens this could get to be something of a problem. I keep reminding my Honey that there simply will be More of me to love but he just Rolls his eyes and snickers. Men but when you weigh the advantages and disadvantages i still think in a better off with my Little petrol Sipper than without. Whether the environment is going to Benefit As Well remains to be a Good Breeding consists in concealing How much we think of ourselves and How Little we think of the other a Mark Twain a feel the dignity of a child. Do not feel Superior to him for you Are a Robert Henri a there is no Man so friendless but what he can find a Friend sincere enough to Tell Hir disagreeable a Bulwer Lytton a your fears do make us a Shakespeare a loss comes from chinese proverb

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