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Sun Coast Gondolier Newspaper Archives Mar 1 1980, Page 2

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Sun Coast Gondolier (Newspaper) - March 1, 1980, Venice, FloridaAs my wife and i avidly watched the american hockey team defeat the russians in the Winter olympic games i was As thrilled As a College boy after his team won the annual Homecoming game. Then two Days later As we helped cheer our team to Victory Over Finland to win the Gold medal i was actually euphoric. It seemed As though i wanted to celebrate because something historic had happened that most americans had been missing for a Long time. I confess that i Haven to cheered so much before the family television set since three years ago when my College football team won the National championship. It was As though All the members of that american team were my close friends that i was spurring them on because they were on that ice rink giving their All to win for me. My enthusiasm is not difficult to understand and i am sure that most of my readers shared the same reaction my wife and i did. After Many dark months caused by Iran Afghanistan and the collapse of the Economy it has been difficult to find anything important to make whoopee about. The Only persons who could really feel like putting one on Are the Reagan and Carter sup porters and their favourites still have a Long Way to go. Another important aspect of our olympic hockey victories was the Good sportsmanship shown by All the players. In View of All our recent problems with Russia it seemed almost unbelievable that americans and russians could be involved in a titanic tussle without somebody Sani Rosity showing. It was definitely heart warming to see our players and the russians shaking hands after the Battle was Over. Some of the soviet players smiled faintly despite the fact their hearts must have been broken. As for the americans they were magnificent in Victory. I have never seen a Large group of athletes show As much affection for one another As those hockey players did after their unexpected Victory. Some of the scenes where they were hugging each other brought tears to my eyes because it made me sad that All of us both americans and other nationalities cannot be motivated by love. This Lack of love is responsible for the sordid situation in Iran and unfortunately it is too late for love to Triumph for the american on the Light Side by . Macfarlane up until now i thought i lived in a democracy where we All shared in the benefits of our labors. A was be sow so shall be reap Quot was a great truth As far As i was concerned. No More i. V it i have definitely been disillusioned by just a Small example of How undemocratic our world has become. To be More specific the bowlers have taken Over and the rest of us Are left out in the cold. That group of dedicated sports nuts has decided to Toast its own glorious Success by holding a banquet that will be financed with your Money and mine you can wonder All you want As to How those Ball rollers got their sweaty Little hands into your Wallet without you realizing it but believe me they did. Much to the Chagrin of most of us we saw an automatic hot drink dispenser installed in the Kitchen of the Sun coast gondolier not too Long ago changing our traditional freeloading cups of Coffee into half cups at 15 cents a throw. Grumbles and gripes were heard bouncing from the acoustical tile ceiling. A bring Back Sun coast gondolier published by Sun coast gondolier inc. To w covering the entire Lov South Sarasota county area ask Telephone 813 484-2611 Derek Dunn Rankin president Ond publisher Sam Dillon John c. Hewens editor director of sales Robert a Vedder general manager Jim Dorothy Lippstreuer social news editor . editor Helen port news Ned Burke. News features Virginia Small news features Paul Schmidt photographer David manager Linda advertising manager the Sun coast gondolier is published every thursday and saturday by Sun coast gondolier inc., 200 e. Miami ave., . Box no. 1028 Venice Florida. Second class postage paid at the Post office at Venice Florida 33595. Postal service regulations require All mail subscriptions to be paid in Advance. Subscription rates Carrier delivery s 12 year s7slx months $ 12-year j7-six months a three months advertising representatives Florida press service Tallahassee Fla american newspaper representative new York n y Atlanta go Detroit Mich hostages. There seems to be More evil than Good in some parts of the world especially among those who control the destiny of their own nations and possibly civilization. One must be a hard lined pragmatist in this world Many of our International experts believe and obviously this nations Strong desire to preserve an apparently imaginary detente with the russians has placed our country in a serious is High time we started acting for a change instead of reacting to All the moves Moscow has been making. Frankly i am wavering on my original Strong stand behind the president on boycotting the olympics in Moscow. After hearing some of the objectors express their views and after learning that most members of the american hockey team were opposed to the move i can see Merit in their stand unless the russians make any additional military moves. I ardently Hope that we can celebrate soon when we see the hostages released from their unbelievable confinement. I also Hope that the american people will quickly get the True Story of Why the americans were confined for so Long. That is vital before the presidential election. Our Coffee urn a rang the cry from the masses but the pleas of the Downtrodden went unheeded As the lowly workers were forced to knuckle under to the demands of a few members of the a management some Consolation soon came with the Rumor that the profits from the new capitalistic Enterprise would be used to fund an employee party later in the year. Our undercover editorial staff has now discovered the same entrepreneurs of the Coffee Cartel Are planning on diverting the income from that fiasco to the Bowling banquet Bank account. An Independent audit will be demanded by the peasants and a Telegram has been dispatched to Ralph Nader with copies to Oral Roberts former vice president Spiro Agnew and the late George Meany. However it is unlikely that help from outside sources will arrive in time to prevent the Fil Ching of funds from the enslaved Coffee drinkers. Our Only salvation May come from a last minute attempt to sabotage the bowlers banquet Murph la be Back Mike Murphy whose column a memos from Murph a has appeared regularly on this Page for More than two years had a bit of a setback recently which landed him in the Hospital. We re Happy to report however that the old curmudgeon came through with flying colors and is recuperating nicely at Home. His column will appear again in thursdays Issue. D Eide Day Enison by Norah Denison whoops Norie made a boo boo my Faux Pas was failure to comment upon the most exciting event of the 13th Winter olympics the hockey game in which the United states made mincemeat out of Finland. Now i know i promised not to Brattle any More about the games but our proofreader got on me for eliminating the hockey event in my last column. So its Only fair to give those incredible kids equal time. After All the Odds against our boys winning Over the talented soviets and finns were pretty slim. No wonder the spectators went bananas. When i got my first glimpse of the . Team i gasped. They looked so Young practically babies. But what a Bunch of vicious ankle biters they turned out to be. Fortunately i could kill myself for not watching More of that final Battle Between our Guys and the finnish marauders. I was in the Kitchen making guacamole during most of the game and Ever time the announcer would Hoot a the scored a id race to the living room to catch the instant replay. This made for an exciting afternoon and the spic Iest dip in be Ever made. With All that running around i lost track of the ingredients id put in the bowl so consequently i threw in twice As much Pepper sauce As i usually do. The dip turned out to be a big hit so i think ill Christen it a hockey Guam Kyd in Honor of the dual Victory. But anyway. If the game was As thrilling to watch As it was on the tube imagine the effect it had on the folks Lucky enough to witness it in person. Ten will get you a Hundred the finns Are still wracking their brains trying to figure out How those effervescent americans ran away with the game and the Gold. The goalie must have died a dozen deaths every time the puck zipped Between his legs into the net. All i can say is a who to How and a a Hardee har hard to them. The awards ceremony gave me goosebumps and brought a tear to my naturally cynical Eye. From the dazed looks on the faces of the Silver and Bronze medal teams As they watched the yanks go bonkers with Joy it was very Clear they were thinking a mama was right. The americans Are yeah crazy like a Fox. Letters to the editor says name calling won t solve it by bribing the restaurant management to serve Coffee from the nefarious nuisance in the Corner of our Kitchen. Once the pin knockers have tasted that brew after supping on one of Venice a typical catered paper plate dinners they May think twice again before further embezzling funds that belong to you and me. An impartial Survey conducted hurriedly shows that opinion favors using the Coffee profits to finance dinner at the flight deck for the editor and his immediate staff. This seems a much More impartial solution. To the editor is the critical tone of some letters to the editor relative to Venice problems a foreboding of the self concern often associated with previous communities i would Hope the people of Venice had enough of that previously since Only a few Hundred originally lived Here a Short time ago. My own experience recalls a proposed Bay Bridge proposed by concerned people. You imagine where the opponents came from and each with a vested interest. The fishermen and slammers said it would destroy fish and clams sailors said it would change the winds for the worst boat people did no to want others to have Access to the Beach area homeowners said it would pollute the air and some said the Bridge would attract lightning and Stop cows from milking. Yet the Bridge was built the fish and clams Are even More plentiful the winds Are the Best in the Bay for sailing the boat people even drive to the Beach the cows still give milk and everyone claims they were the ones who wanted the Bridge. Venice does not have a Bridge problem just now but it does need Forward looking leaders who take Pride and Are unafraid to present what May at first look unappealing to some groups. It takes officials who can look to the future and see the entire picture much As it takes a sense of dedication even though placed in an awkward position. The City Council is faced with such awkward problems like the Airport Golf course sewers the Esplanade and others. The problems do not need name calling but solutions. It is so easy for the property owner aviation enthusiast golfer naturalist environmentalist etc., to criticize each other. Our problems Are not for vested groups but everyone so our solution should be the Best for everyone All things considered. It is so easy to sound like a politician who can criticize gets lots of applause yet never voices a solution. This is not to say that disagreement is not necessary it certainly is. But disagreement should also offer another solution Best for All. We Are fortunate in Venice to have some concerned people who a take the Bull by the horns and present what is Best for most not just for today but future generations much As some May not like it for their own self interests. It is often too bad the armchair experts could not have led the Battle originally wed never have a failure. I dislike seeing the association of councilman Anderson As a wander Sony a Folly in regard to sincere Effort to solve a believe it takes a person with conviction and concern to propose what May be disliked by some but May be needed for the whole. Our governments already have countless officials elected by us who speak to the people but do the wishes of vested groups. So please lets not term something a a a Folly which is put Forth As a potential solution. It is not an act of foolishness immoral or criminal As Folly Means. It was unfortunately referring to a dedicated and concerned person sincere in the desire under the circumstances to provide the Best solution for All Venice. It is Good to see our Council people so oriented. Edward m. Myslivecek Venice she wants intelligent solution to the editor problems of the Venice area a Are we making them better or worse the questions that Are arising about Chuck Reiter Field the Airport property Lake Venice Golf course Are All related. I am not interested in recriminations or vindictiveness toward anyone. I am interested in a sensible intelligent solving of problems. If these problems Are shuffled along or settled by selfish autocratic interests those who will suffer will be the boys and girls of Venice and the people who live and work Here. We must consider what is Best for the whole entity of the Venice area. What do we need simply we need water food and places to live but especially we need adequate water Supply. Ecology tells us Over and Over a preserve the grass preserve the Trees preserve the Flora and Fauna that protect the land. What has happened to the county commission All Over the county we see shopping centers and building started or completed where every tree has been removed or burned including ageless live Oaks. What has happened to the county ordinance on tree removal what is our Community going to be is the next question. Will it consist of Concrete and building blocks airports and roads when we find different Energy questions Mac s own mental state to the editor m. B. Macfarlane in his column of feb. 23, wonders about a the mental state of our citizens today because a number of venetians Are disturbed about fencing at the Venice Airport and the possibility that Lake Venice Golf course will be spoiled. In my opinion or. Macfarlanee a mental state is in question when he selects the a retirement group Quot As those protesting most loudly because they have nothing else to do but hit Golf balls. Wants patrol not fencing to the editor Anchor fencing surrounding the Airport ridiculous increase Security and safety absurd ugly yes a contribution to the potent ional hazards of emergency Landing or Takeoff situations absolutely i propose a healthful enjoyable aesthetic alternate to the allocation of $275,000 for the offensive Beautiful winding lighted Bike path covering the extreme perimeter of the fitting memory am to hundreds of world War ii fighter personnel who so importantly contributed to the development of our great Little City. They a like that. Further ill be the first to Volunteer for the the Venice Airport Volunteer Bike Security patrol. Lee Patton Venice the a retirement group certainly did choose to live in Venice for its Many amenities including the Golf course. Without it Venice would still be Here As or. Macfarlane Points out but Venice be the same. I suggest that or. Macfarlane travel the length and breadth of this state As i have and discover How unique the town of Venice is. It is not those of us who wish to preserve the Golf course whose perspective is not in order or. Macfarlane but yours. Of course Golf does no to take precedence Over everything else even for retirees. It is absurd to link starving cambodians the hostages in Iran Oil shortages inflation and the drug problem to a natural desire to have Venice retain the amenities that make it such an attractive Community. Nan m. Shilling Venice sources will our Cement runways be obsolete like the canals and railroads we need to preserve protect and maintain what we have. For the future careful planning by people of judgment need first of All to remember a a thing of Beauty is a Joy Lake Venice Golf course is Scenic is an addition to water maintenance and clean air in this area. It also serves far More residents per Square acre than the Airport can Ever aspire to do a and serves area inhabitants on a daily basis year round. In the summer months people like to play Here and then shop at local merchants. True All Florida is growing but How Many Venice residents will be Happy with larger planes thundering overhead does Venice need to grow a Large Airport or grow larger Parks and recreation areas lets keep our Venice area a a thing of Beauty and a Joy Harriet f. Cooke president Lake Venice women s Golf Assn. More letters on Page 3, 8. Imply Sinclair by Louis Sinclair

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